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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  July 26, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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on "mornings on 2", friday july 26th. i'm pam cook. >> it's your day, pam. >> i'll take it. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather. steve paulson has information for you. >> cooler, cooler. tomorrow will be a warmup. it's all about the cooldown. that's why you have the bigger fog bank. 50s on most of the lows instead of the mid-60s. up in lake tahoe, though. a little snow there, which is nice to see. mostly cloudy. there was some thundershower activity. a lot of that moisture came in from around the high. the monsoon, probably a repeat performance again. also reno, pretty good cells around reno. keep that in mind. 50s. san jose, the only one at 60. cooler for most of the day. sunny and breezy. most inland locations, upper 80s to low 90s. and the fog making a pretty good surge is more of an onshore breeze by far. compared to the last couple of days, when there was hardly any breeze at all. and the west/southwest flow.
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50s, but low 60s here on a lot of these temps. east bay temps, again, upper 50s, low 60s. livermore is down about 8 degrees compared to yesterday at this time. the fog has moved in. with that in mind, the high, though, while it backs off today, will be in for a rapid warmup. 60s, 70s, 80s, low 90s. sal, i should add, you're playing rolling stones because it's mick jagger's birthday. >> 76th birthday. >> they're on tour. their set is fantastic. >> and why wouldn't it be? >> sometimes you get bands come in and you're like, eh. but theirs is really good. we could go on. let's take a look at the commutes now. i want to mention that the east shore freeway. i have a map of it. it's looking pretty good. look at hercules, el sobrante and richmond. a lot of green there. and highway 4. here's the tell
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tale sign. there's a little lighter traffic approaching concord. special that is about all. if there is a crash. things will change. looking good. this is a look at interstate 880. in oakland. we're in good shape, heading down to the airport. and at the bay bridge, there is a little backup. but even here as i always like to point out, give away my traffic secrets. when you look at this, right there, that ramp. when that ramp isn't crowded. we're off to a good start. 6:02. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. new this morning. a fire in the east bay burned a building that was under construction. the fire started right near the boundary of oakland and emeryville. it's now under investigation. after several construction fires in the area. ktvu's cristina rendon joins us now from the scene, with the latest details. what can you tell us so far, christina? >> good morning to you, pam. we it -- can tell you, the fire crews are on scene. you can see the caution tape
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still blocking off. and really what's left of this is just a shell of this commercial building. this fire was really going strong last night. and you can see that in these social media videos. an orange glow from flames just lit up the night sky. fire crews were first called out to this commercial building around 10:00 last night. it's located on stanford avenue. near lowell street. we're told the building was under construction to become a multiunittousing complex. and one of the neighbors in the area said his dark -- his dog was barking so much. he went out to see what was wrong. >> all of a sudden, we saw that there was big flames and a lot of heat. and we got the baby and got out on the street as quickly as we could. >> we have no information to say yea or nay, in regards to this potential arson. so that's why we have crews here. i have one person in particular. we have the expertise, in terms of cause and origin. >> this fire quickly upgraded to a two-alarm fire overnight.
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but it has been put out. now, crews still monitoring any potential hot spots that may flare up. and again, the cause of this fire is under investigation. but it does bring up instances or memories of recent fires here in the area, within the last two years. there have been issues with construction units or housing under construction that have caught fire. we don't know if any of those caseless could possibly be related to this. this is the commercial building construction going on to make it a multiunit housing complex. as soon as we get more information, we'll bring it to you. and we do want to mention, pam, no one was hurt in this fire. live in oakland, cristina rendon, ktvu, fox 2 news. also new this morning. police are investigating an overnight homicide in east oakland. officers received a call to bancroft avenue, near 100th. just before 3:00 this morning. they found a person on the ground, who had died. but they do not have any other information about who may be responsible. now, we will update you on this
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story throughout the morning. as soon as we get more updates from oakland police. our time now, 6:05. the chp wants your help. they want to find a missing east bay man. 65-year-old michael head was last seen about 8:30 last night in hayward. here's his photo. the chp says he has a medical condition. he may be disoriented. mr. head is about 5'8," 140 pounds, has black hair, brown eyes. he may be driving a black 2007 land rover with the california license plate, 6zv6080. if you see him or that car, call police. a teenage girl who was the subject of an amber alert is back with her father in southern california this morning. 16-year-old laura benitez is reunited with her father, who has custody of her. investigators say alaura's mom, marcella mercado and a suspect named roman setos were wanted in connection with
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a homicide in april. authorities say the two took alorra and fled to mexico. an amber alert was issued. alora's picture was on billboard fist are weeks. authorities arrested mercado. time now, 6:06. a major drug bust was made by the alameda county sheriff's office. several weapons were seized. they're all tied to drug trafficking. involving oakland area gangs. no word about suspects. and that investigation continues. charges of felony hit-and-run, are facing a 19-year-old woman from american canyon. she was arrested after a crash, seriously injured a man. martha morales barrera is accused of running a red light yesterday morning. and hitting 55-year-old jaime rodriguez zuniga in a crosswalk, west of highway 29 at rio del mar. now, police say a tip led them
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to the car involved. a few hours after this surveillance photo was released of the car. ms. barrera turned herself in. about the same time that car was being towed for evidence. >> we had a lot of eyes and ears out, helping us out. and we were able to get a description out pretty quickly. >> now, the injured man, jaime zuniga has a broken leg and pelvis. he also has internal injuries. his family says get better. but he will need several surgeries. we're hearing from police about their search for a driver, about a search for a crash that injured several people. it happened at third street and carol avenue in the bay view district. police say the car was speeding and hit a fire hydrant. the impact of the crash caused the car to split in two. the driver was gone by the time police arrived. >> we're hope. ful that the driver will see this and come in and make things easier for all of us. and for themselves as well. they may just be scared.
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they may not know what the process is. so it's best that they come in and tell their side of the story. >> the four people injured in the crash range in age from 11 to 19. they are all expected to recover. time now, 6:08. in san francisco, police arrested a man accused of stealing a woman's golden retriever dog in japantown. 53-year-old levan lock was arrested for animal theft and outstanding warrants. police say surveillance video of the theft earlier this month, ties lock to that crime. the golden retriever, named lily, is back with her owner. a first of its kind coalition to address homelessness in san francisco, expect to find housing as soon as in a few weeks. now, hundreds of people attended the kickoff campaign at dubose park. they called their coalition all in. groups include organized labor, tech companies, nonprofits, air b&b, and the san francisco giants. they want to find housing for
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1100 people in two years. but l plan could face some opposition, as currently, nearly all homeless programs near the tenderloin, bay view or south market area. all in promose poses low-income housing in all 11 districts, which could include some of the most affluent areas in the city. >> people say, i don't want homeless people living next to me. well, guess what. if they are housed, they're no longer homeless. they're just your neighbor. >> a recent homeless count in san francisco found the number of homeless jumped 17% since 2017. time is now 6:09. still ahead. governor newsom, supporting tough new emission standards. coming up, we'll tell you about a new deal between the state and four big automakers that bypasses the federal government. also the changes b.a.r.t. is rolling out to try to increase security and cleanliness at its stations in san francisco. well, a week where
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temperatures started out cool, went up hot. now they're down. we'll take a look and see what is in store. cooler for your friday.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 6:12. bernie sanders, the democratic presidential candidate is here in california today. due to speak later today at santa monica high school in southern california. notice, he held a town hall meeting yesterday in l.a., focusing on universal
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healthcare and medicare for all. >> poll after poll after poll shows that the american people believe in medicare for all. and they building in medicare for all bass they will have freedom of choice, regarding the doctor they go to. they will no longer be doctors outside of their network. they will have freedom of choice, regarding the hospital that they go to. the clinic that they go to. >> now, in the polls, senator sanders is running in second place behind front runner joe biden. and a recent survey, elizabeth warren and kamala harris are close behind sanders. he's leading them each by a few points. senator kamala harris is in indiana today, speaking at the national urban league convention, about systemic racism and, well, inequality. last week, senator harris hosted a round table discussion in iowa about issues facing women of color. and back in may, she delivered
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the keynote speech at the detroit naacp annual freedom fund dinner. as for the front runner, ge joe biden said he will be done being mr. nice guy at the democratic debate next week. >> what did you mean when you said you're not going to be as polite in the next debate? >> we'll see. [ laughter ] >> now, biden is hinting that he will challenge kamala harris, like she challenged him in their first matchup. telling donors, she's the same person who asked him to come to california and nominate her for the senate race. two nights, tuesday and wednesday. bernie sanders and elizabeth warren will headline tuesday night. biden and harris will appear together on wednesday. bernie sanders and mayor pete buttigieg will appear on our
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weekly show "the issue is." that airs saturday at 6:30. folder ford, bmw, honda, they've all reached a deal with the state of california to toughen the standards for gas mileage and greenhouse gas emissions. now, this bypasses a trump administration's push to relax mileage standards all over the country. the new rules call for increasing fuel efficiency by 3 1/2% per year. that would set a new nationwide standard. the trump administration responded saying the federal government should set the requirements not a single state. san francisco has named a new director. nadeem tahir is the third project manager. he has worked with dc metro, honolulu transit; he took reporters underground to show the project. the $1.6 billion project will connect chinatown to south of
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market. it was supposed to be complete late last year. but it is now expected to open sometime in 2020. slowdowns include construction delays and a contractor who initially installed the wrong type of steel tracks. >> my first priorities beside everything else is to look and see how much time it will take to finish this job. and start running the trains. >> tahir says he will need six weeks to evaluate the project before he can announce exactly when it will be complete. it's unclear if this project is still on budget. but an independent federal monitor says most of the federal money has already been spent. time now, 6:16. b.a.r.t. has a new general manager. the new g.m. comes from within b.a.r.t. powers becomes the new general manager to replace grace croniggen who retired earlier this month. he joined b.a.r.t.
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seven years ago. one of his main goals, increasing rider satisfaction. that includes going out on a listening tour to hear what passengers and employees say about b.a.r.t. and b.a.r.t. is making some system changes as well. expanding its elevator attendant program. adding to its homeless outreach team. and awarding a contract to upgrade the 19th street b.a.r.t. station in oakland. administrators say the elevator program started last year. it is credited with getting rid of inappropriate behavior. at station elevators. attendants will now work at the montgomery street b.a.r.t. station and the embarcadero stations. >> all right. speaking of b.a.r.t. and transit. let's check in with sal. what are you keeping an eye on, sal? >> the bay bridge, first of all, pam. because that's the most crowded commute we have. it's not very, very slow. it's just kind of routinely slow for a friday. and it is likely to get better. i can always tell by looking at our approach ramps.
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they're not very crowded. once you get down to the flats. there is some crowding here. but that's about it. it's about a 10 to 15-minute delay. before you make it onto the span. interstate 880 looks good. let's say you're going from sunnyvale to oakland. let's see what that commute looks like? it looks good down to the silicon valley. it's a lighter-than-usual day. there have been no problems on the peninsula or san francisco, 101-280 interchange. looking good. 6:18. let's bring steve in. >> thank you, kind sir. >> we have a cooler pattern. very foggy for some. it will be cooler for everybody today. tomorrow, though, we'll start to warm it up. a friend of the show here, pamela. you know her. stephanie. morning, steve. thanks for making it a cooler day for my 29th birthday. and sharing a birthday with mick jagger is not bad either. >> she's still coaching ballet. that woman is a go, go, go
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girl. >> stephanie, happy birthday from us. >> happy birthday. and i'm glad she's a big fan of cooler. we delivered. 50s on the temps for most. high clouds. cooler for most. very, very foggy, though, for some, coast, bay and in the city. so watch out for that. the fog has returned. fog, sun, breezy in the afternoon. nice day, compared to a couple of days ago. that hot is coming right back on saturday. it's amazing the turn around here. from one day to the next. tomorrow, not today. excessive heat watch. temps inland get back into the 100s. these are some of the forecast highs. i have to be honest, though, some of the forecast projections have been underperforming lately. underperforming. so there might be a degree or two to some of these. but that looks to be the forecast for now. singers can change in 24 hours. but it's going to warm up rapidly. fog makes for an onshore breeze. there's a southeast wind in the santa clara valley.
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that's a cooler direction. if you're heading to tahoe. look at the moisture up there. that did fire up big-time around reno. they calm down a little at night. but there's still cloud cover there. and i think over to reno. could be another active day. picking up over the weekend. 50s on most of the temps. or 60s. but we are noticeably cooler compared to 24 hours ago. 61, stanford. 60 in los altos hills. but atherton is 55. and san mateo is 56. 59 up in ukiah. dropping one at 58. higher clouds are gone for thou. might see an increase in that over the weekend. but they are to focused on the sierra. for us, the high backs off for a day. it will be here for another warmup. today, 60s, 70s, 80s. upper 80s to low 90s for those away from the coast. but down from a few days ago, when we had the 100s. but they'll be back tomorrow. still pretty toasty.
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much cooler. >> a man jumped into action. to save a young boy from a dog attack. up next, we're going to show you the video. tell you how his quick thinking may have saved that boy's life. plus, new numbers are out on homeownership rates here in the bay area. the trend many communities are seeing.
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♪[ music ] mick jagger is 76 years old today. and the early traffic jams for those of you who get up early with us. i hope you appreciated it. i'm going to be leaving soon. so we'll do traffic jams next friday. again. but you can always hit me up with your theme ideas. just go ahead and hit us up by using the hashtag, #ktvu on facebook, twitter and instagram. >> and sal is not just leaving. he's zipping. >> i'm zipping to sunnyvale for our zip trip. pg&e signing onto a
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multibillion dollar state fund. pg&e says it will pay about $4.8 billion after it emerges from bankruptcy. southern california edison and san diego gas and electric will also contribute. for a total of $10.5 billion. customers are expected to pitch in another $10.5 billion over the next 15 years by extending an existing $2.50 fee on their bill. in san jose, a project is in the works to build more affordable housing for those with disabilities. dozens of people attended a meeting last night about the kelsey air station. it's a proposal to demolish a commercial building and build a six-story building with 115 new apartments. it would include units designed for adults with disabilities. special features include buildings designed for people with wheelchairs. and two full-time, live-in support staff. >> a huge housing need in our community, that often is lost in the affordable housing
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discussion. that this population of individuals is not served. >> people with disabilities. i feel are underrepresented when it comes to not only housing, but just things in general. >> if all goes as planned, it could break ground next year. homeownership in much of the bay area, hit a seven-year low last quarter, as high prices continue to make it difficult for many people to buy. according to a new sense us data, 51.7% of people who live in san francisco, east bay, samarin counties owned their home. that's the lottest since 20 -- lowest since 2012. it also compares to nationwide homeowner rate of 61.1%. analysts say the low homeownership in the bay area is because who can't afford to buy end up renting. and many who already own homes are cashing out. some moving away. a late-night fire in
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oakland, at a building that was under construction. we have more as crews continue to put out hot spots this morning. and soccer play are, megan rapinoe scored a book deal. a look at what she will be writing about. but first. let's take you to new york this morning. nice skyline there. it's been pretty hot, though, in new york, i believe. steve is checking it out. it's cooling down a bit if you're heading in that direction. you're watching mornings on 2. ♪ [ music ] ♪ higher
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well, good morning to you. thank you forin jog us here -- for joining us here on mornings on 2. friday july 26th. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. caltrans is closing the lower half of the mans nita -- manzanita park and ride. that's highway 101. you know it in the area. it usually floods during the winter. but high tides are forecast, along the pacific coast for the next few days. in area is definitely known to flood during heavy rains or high tides. and for now, that parking lot could stay closed. the lower part, all the way through next sunday. >> wow. >> august 4th. >> you know that area well.
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>> i do. and i don't remember the last time it closed during the summer. >> no marine advisory. just high tides. >> seems pretty unusual. but people count on that area to park. park and ride. >> yes, they do. we'll give them a nice forecast. today it's going to be cooler because of the wind direction. instead of northwest to southeast. when you get nasoutheast breeze, you get a certain aroma. our good friend john. cooling off nicely. strong aroma of garlic. that's how i know we're close to august in the south bay. that's true. you get that southeasterly breeze. and there it is. coming up from the santa clara valley. san jose is at 7 miles per hour. it's been northwest most of the week. temperatures, 53 in gilroy. a little cool there. 55, san martin, morgan hill. then upper 50s, low 60s. around san jose. also towards saratoga and campbell. mid-50s. santa cruz and santa cruz
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mountains. it will be cooler for all today. sunny, breezy. very foggy for some. coast, also in san francisco. the higher clouds have pushed off toward the east. they're over the sierra. there's more of an onshore breeze. haven't had hardly any breeze at all. overall, cloud cover will focus on the sierra nevada. if you're going to tahoe or mammoth. keep an eye on things. 50s for most. 60s for a few. look for a cooler pattern today. and again, the activity, though, in the sierra, will probably pick up again. and the high will be back tomorrow for a warmup. but not today. 60s, 70s, upper 80s, mainly low 90s. i think allie is here. >> i am. stepping in for sal as on his way out. i've been listening to sal. there is a problem to tell you about on westbound 580. this is at fruitvale avenue, off-ramp. there is a two-vehicle collision. and one of the vehicles is facing the wrong way. doesn't look like it's slowing
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things down too bad ye just yet -- badly just yet. but something to be aware of. just 19 minutes. this is a nice, quick drive in from that part of the east bay towards the macarthur maze. and elsewhere in oakland. 880 in oakland. traffic moving smoothly. north and southbound. and richand toll plaza, a little sluggish as you make your way to san rafael. new information from oakland. about an apartment building that was under construction. it happened at stanford avenue. i want to show you video posted on twitter. you can see the flames yourself. firefighters were able to keep it from spreading. and no one was hurt. firefighters say it's really too early to know if this was arson. >> there was smoke and fire showing. so they quickly went in. saw the flying water. initially, from the interior. and then due to the structural instability.
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the building is under construction. also, there was some visible signs of instability. then we regressed to the outside of the structure. and continued applying water. >> neighbors say that building had been under construction for at least a few months. there have been at least three construction fires near the boundary of oakland and ermer -- emeryville in the past few years. now, one ktvu viewer sent us this drone video of the firefighters at work. at that scene. you can really get a bird's eye view of what is left of the building. firefighters worked to finally put those flames out. and just a reminder. you should only fly drones, a safe distance away from an active fire or crime scene. and never while the active conditions are under way. alameda county sheriff's deputies are looking for the gunman who wounded a person outside a liquor store. gunfire was reported just before 8:00 last night. right in front of the m&m liquor store in front of hayward.
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deputy told us, multiple shots were fired. a bicycle was left on the ground. along with evidence markers, just outside the store. the sheriff's office said the victim was rushed to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. today on cal top hill. -- capitol hill. there is an effort to heal what is a growing rift. it comes as democrats who are supporting and impeaching president trump are running out of time. ktvu's doug luzader has more on this situation. >> democrats are really split over this. and other issues as well. a big meeting today will try to bring both sides together. >> they cul it a summit under the dome. with a divided democratic party watching closely. in a highly-anticipated meeting today, house speaker nancy pelosi, will sit down with congresswoman alexandria ocasio- cortez, who has been a persistent thorns in her side. they will struggle to hash it out. republicans have been happy to
6:36 am
sit back and watch it all play out. >> it's more than internal fight. this is not a family fight. this is a war and a feud. the socialist democrats inside that party are taking the party over. >> no president, not this one. certainly not the next one, is above the law. so that's why i came over impeachment proceedings. >> massachusetts democrat lori trahan joined the pro-impeachment movement yesterday, after robert mueller testified. but she wasn't twl part of a new ground swell of support for removing the president. democratic leaders are afraid of a public backlashlash. >> you look at the calendar. they're about to go away for a month. they come back in september. that's practically a year from november. and the impeachment could take months. >> the ultimate impeachment backstop is control of the
6:37 am
senate. in washington, doug luzader, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> thank you, doug. sonoma county sheriff, mark essex will appear at an event, featuring mexican music tonight. to reassure that the sheriff's office will protect the rights of immigrants. the sheriff's office says he wants people to know his deputies will not assist authorities. and will not ask anyone who is reporting a crime, about their immigration status. the sheriff is expected to appear at the grayton resort and -- graton casino tonight. demanding answers after a report revealed federal immigration officials used the oakland airport as a hub to remove thousands of undocumented immigrants. a meeting was held yesterday at the portland board of commissioners which operates the airport. it follows the report from the university of washington that says 27,000 people were deported through a private charter out of the oakland airport, between 2010 and 2018.
6:38 am
>> and we want some tranparency, what happened. what they knew happened from 2010 to 2018. and what they're going to do to try to stop it moving forward. >> the port said it was unaware that these deportation flights were occurring. according to i.c.e., they stopped conducting deportation flights at the airport in october 2018. how about good news for a san francisco couple who had really bad luck. the dow family will not get a ticket, after all four of their tires were stolen from their parked car on street sweeping day. tuesday morning, they woke up. they found the wheels on their toyota corolla were gone. the car was propped up by milk crates. and things got even worse. the parking meter person gave the dalles a $79 ticket for not moving their car on street-sweeping day. >> i was livid. i was completely livid.
6:39 am
when i walked outside. i was holding my son with one hand. and i was carrying his backpack and all this stuff. and i tried to call my husband, while i was trying to chase my son up and down the street to try to come outside and help call police. >> ever had one of those days. >> a toyota dealership lent the family four wheels so their car could be towed. the dalles will have to pay the $1,000 insurance deductible on the $5,000 repair job. now, mini -- muni did issue a response late last night. quote, we idea the ticket be adjudicated. and the vehicle owner will need no further action. we have all the necessary details and further documentation to dismiss the citation. >> happening today. international bird rescue in fairfield. will release baby birds that were rescued in oakland. you might remember these birds were in a large tree that fell down early this month. there were 50 nests in that tree, with 89 young birds and eggs.
6:40 am
the rescue center said some of the birds are ready to be released. the smallest birds will continue to be cared for, though, over the next few weeks. >> still can't have them, pam. the police in mountain view want to know, are you missing a guinea pig? >> oh, no. >> i want to show you a photo, tweeted out by the police department. look. the police officer, holding this guinea pig. it was found by city staff at the center for performing arts yesterday morning. the department says they're going to take care of the guinea pig, until its family is found. ask anybody who knows who it belongs to, give them a call. and pam, i know, you have a guinea pig. >> that looks like to few. >> that look -- tofu? >> that is not tofu. tofu is much bigger than that and would be biting his hand. >> tofu is -- >> she's a big girl. well fed. that's not our tofu. but hopefully they reunite that little guinea. well, we hope you'll be
6:41 am
joining us during our 8:00 hour. we're going to have talk show host, wendy williams in our studio here. in addition to her tv duties, wendy is also kicking off a standup comedy tour tomorrow in oakland. to see how you can get a couple of tickets to the show again, coming up this morning at 8:00. hey, wendy. how are you doing? >> super exciting. we'll get to see her. but first, the reason amazon starting to suffer from offering free one-day shipping to prime members.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:44. the u.s. justice department announced plans to resume executions of federal death row inmates for the first time since 2003. attorney general william barr says a review of death penalty policies and use of lethal injection drugs has been completed. and that it cleared the way for federal executions to continue. barr ordered the bureau of prisons to schedule the skewings for five men, they are among the 61 federal inmates on death row. >> there aren't that many federal death penalty cases. most death penalty cases are on the state side. there are 29 states that have
6:45 am
the death penalty. and 21 states that don't. >> president trump has spoken several times in favor of the death penalty. the change puts the issue into the national dialogue, ahead of the 2020 election. many democratic presidential candidates issued statements, opposing the federal execution. governor gavin newsom issued a statement saying, quote, the intentional killing of another person is wrong. and our death penalty system has been a failure. back in march, governor newsom signed an executive order, putting a moratorium on the death penalty here in california. the federal government restored the death penalty in 1988. since then, federal authorities have executed only three people. the most recent execution was in 2003. the justice department has continued to prosecute death penalty cases, and the courts have sentenced defendants to death. time is now 6:46. president trump expected to sign the 9/11 first responders
6:46 am
bill today at the white house. that bill supplies money for a composition fund for first responders who suffered injuries, illnesses and other problems after the 9/11 attacks. the bill passed the senate earlier this week. now, the president will sign it into law, and the ceremony which will have dozens of first responders there. in dollars and cents today, amazon reported worse than expected profits last quarter largely because of its efforts to cut delivery times down to one day for many items. amazon's shipping costs rose 36% to more than $8 million in the second quarter. that compares to an average of 20% increase in shipping cost negligence the previous three quarters. now, in april, amazon announced it would offer free one-day shipping, instead of the two- day shipping it has long offered. an online petition now to change the date of halloween. it already has more than
6:47 am
63,000 signatures. a petition started last year by the halloween costume association. it wants to move halloween to the last saturday otober. and most of the reasons, for child safety. to make it easier for parents to go off with their kids who were trick-or-treating. halloween falls on a thursday this year. the goal of this campaign is to collect 75,000 signatures and then send it to president trump. well, the giants are about to begin a 17-day stretch, that will determine just how legitimate their trade chances are. at the start of the mont, it looked like giants would be sellers of the deadline. but now, the team has won 17 of the 21 games. and trade candidates and giants' ace madison bumgarner will stay with the team. >> what a great job they've done. i can't tell you. first of all, how much -- how hard they have been fighting. but i mean, they gotta be running on fumes.
6:48 am
their work loads. the innings that they have played. this day off is coming at a good time. and no question. it's changed a bye. they all know how important each game is. there's a little different attitude now. >> the giants start a series tonight, away in san diego against the padres. the 49ers start training camp today in santa clara, they have all their rookies under contract. first round draft picnic bosa signed a four-year, $39.5 million deal. they hope for big things from bosa. now, along with signing bosa, the 49ers also signed their second round pick, receiver debow sam wel. raiders training camp starts today in napa. the raiders added some big names during the off season. including all-pro wide receiver, antonio brown. coach jon gruden wants to reenergize the offense.
6:49 am
it ranked near the bottom in scoring last season. and with all the personalities on the team combined with the big move to las vegas, the raiders are going to be profiled on the hbo show, hard knocks. soccer star, megan rapinoe, turning her success at the women's world cup to a new book deal. the 34-year-old from reading led the u.s. to an exciting championship this month. she has now agreed to write not one but two books. the first to be published in fall of 2020. and she will also author a book for middle school students. shooy hopes to inspire young people with what they can do. her focus will be on her athletic career along with her focus with lgbtq rights, equal rights for women and her feud with president trump. looks pretty good. sal is heading down to
6:50 am
sunnyvale. and i was checking the south bay commute. because there are a couple of crashes to tell you about. doesn't look like it's tying things up too badly. let's show you the map so we can point out what we're focusing on the northbound 101 at mckie. this is a truck and a motorcycle. and it is blocking the far left lane. be aware of that. 680 in milipitas. there's a reported crash there. otherwise, most of the south bay, things look pretty good here. here's a live look at traffic moving smoothly there. highway 24 through lafayette looks good. there is something to tell you about, though, in the eastbound direction. if you're coming eastbound highway 24 in bora 1, there is a stalled vehicle there. so something to be aware of. and i'm having a bit of trouble with this camera here. so let's just move to the next one. we want to show you the bay bridge toll plaza. as sal likes to point out, if the ramp you see in the middle of your screen is pretty open. that's a good sign things are
6:51 am
moving okay at the toll plaza. which they are here. a little sluggish to get through there, but then it opens up. i will send it over to steve. a lot of fog today. >> is that correct. you probably won't say that tomorrow, though, allie. sometime, it takes a little more. but most locations will drop off a little bit today. fog returns. very foggy for some. fog, sun, breezy this afternoon. looks pretty nice. upper 80s, very low 90s. but a warmer weekend. saturday looks to be the warmest. that's when the heat advisory and excessive heat watch is out for inland areas. payment saturdays. these are the forecast highs. might go up one or two. but these are close. not today. today being we have an onshore breeze, which has been missing the last 48 hours.
6:52 am
but it's back now. and the southeast breeze in the santa clara valley is a cooler direction, compared to that northwest. and the moisture we had over us yesterday is now focused over the sierra. and boy, the thunderstorms light up over reno. just a lot are show than go. and along the crest of the sierra. 50s for many. or low 60s. novato, 52. livermore is 9 degrees cooler than they were yesterday at this time. fairfield, minus 7. mountain view, minus 3. around the bay. berkeley is 56. 55. there you go. 55 in el cerrito. up in the oakland, berkeley hills. low to mid-50s as well. berkeley lab. we're 55 as well. we have a little activity up over the mountains. that moisture has been pushed up to the west and southwest. fog is in place. high backs off for a day. tomorrow will start to jump back up. and i don't think -- the lows
6:53 am
will be all right. the fog will be there. but boy, it will get wiped out pretty rapidly there. coast and bay, though. today, 60s, 70s. mainly mid80s to upper 80s to a few very low 90s. overall, a cooler day today. back up we go on the weekend. and cooler. >> all right, steve. mornings on 2 is hitting the road today for a summer zip trip to sunnyvale. the ktvu team is taking over historic murphy avenue for a live broadcast this morning at 9:00 a.m. mike and gasia will be chatting with mayor larry kline about sunnyvale's place in the heart of silicon valley. and sal had the tough job checking out some of sunnyvale's great restaurants. like the italian restaurant, il postale. >> i know most of our regulars. and our kids and staff probably averages 15 and 20 years. our wait staff, 10 years. so everybody knows everybody. we've always had the policy that you say hello to everybody
6:54 am
who walks in the door. >> and we're also going to introduce you to some of sunnyvale's hometown heroes. like public safety officer, mary peery. >> there's so many reasons. the majority of it is just to be able to help people. i know it sounds like the cheesy answer. but it really is. it's just to make a difference in the community. and help people that are unable to help themselves. >> yeah. we're going to show you how detective caory goes above and beyond the call of duty. as mornings on 2 take you on a zip trip to sunnyvale. if you can't come down to murphy avenue today to say hello. we'll be live at 9:00 a.m. on ktvu, and streaming on time is 6:54. still ahead. the alternate meat company, beyond meat, wants nonmeat eaters to bring home the bacon, too. coming up in the next hour. details of the next plant-based meat substitute that's on the way. plus, a police officer in
6:55 am
ohio, working hard to free two young girls from a very hot car. right now, though. a live picture. san francisco international airport today. as we speak. you're watching mornings on 2 on ktvu fox 2 news.
6:56 am
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 6:57 am. caught on camera in texas is a pitbull attacking some kids in a brave man saving the six-year-old boy from the attack. this happened sunday in conroe, texas. the boy and two neighbors were playing in the driveway in the people came up and attacked him. two kids ran away and a man comes running up trying to distract him and the dog goes after him and attacks him as well. incredible. the man and little boy were hurt and the dog was turned over to animal control, and the owner was cited. the body cam video from ohio showing a police officer rescuing two small children from a very hot car. >> thank you. >> the police say that the parents accidentally locked
6:59 am
their keys in the car. the two three-year-old girls were inside and the parents immediately called the police for help. witnesses tried to break the car windows themselves but could not. the kids were checked out as a precaution but appear to be in good health. it is 6:59 am. the homeowner and arizona had quite a surprise in the backyard and terry dewald lives in tucson, arizona and used to seeing wildlife but wednesday morning was different and he saw three cougars drinking water from the backyard fountain. they were drinking all that they could as they were waiting for the monsoon rain to fill the natural watering holes. >> they just drank and drank and i don't know how long they were drinking before i got up year. it was a mother and twins about a year and a half old. >> how about that for rake up wake up call. he says it's rare to see this kind of wildlife drinking from
7:00 am
his fountain but that the reluctant monsoon weather means more animals may be coming into his neighborhood. it is a massive fire in the apartment building in the east bay under construction. on tt federal investigators may be called in to look at the cause. underestimated the hit-and- run crash that left the man in the hospital and we will tell you how the police managed to find the suspect. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> good morning and welcome to a brand-new friday and it is july 26. i am dave clark. i am pam cook and i am here because gasia is on the way to sunnyvale for our is it trip and sal is also on his way. already down to 9 degrees r


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