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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  July 26, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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atf investigators called to a housing project under construction in oakland. neighbors want to know if it was arson. the sheriff of sonoma county wants to risher latinos that his office will work with ice. the event he is attending tonight that is expected to attract a large crowd. their firing up the grills at the gilboy garlic festival. the aroma is part of the attraction. ktvu fox 2 news, complete bay area coverage. i am alex savage. and i am allie rasmus. let's show you a live picture over walnut creek, highway 24, looking toward lafayette. beyond the hills is the fog. it has burned off and it will not be back tomorrow. rosemary is going to tell us about our weekend weather. no matter what your weekend plans are, you can expect high temperatures, right rosemary? >> record-breaking heat expected for saturday and into
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sunday. as you mentioned, it is the inland areas that will suffer the worst. given you a look at what we expect before the weekend. a heat watch will be in place over areas of the central valley . for us, closer to the bay, we look at an excessive heat watch. that is a heads up. you can experience illness from that type of heat. you want to avoid the outdoors during the afternoon hours. have some of the hottest temperatures we have seen so far this year. that is what is coming our way for the weekend. in the meanwhile, around the bay area this afternoon, we are getting a bit of a break. take a look at this 24 hour temperature changes. down 16 degrees in fairfield. down by 10 at santa rosa and 12 in areas over livermore. lisa current conditions in santa rosa. 71 and 80 degrees in livermore. 75, san jose. a warm day coming our way.
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not as hot as yesterday. the heat will be on as we get into the weekend. more on the heat watches and numbers expected to come our way, coming up. we are learning more this afternoon about an overnight fire in oakland. the building was under construction. the owner says, it was supposed to be a mixed-use building with homes and businesses. >> reporter: videos on social media show flames lighting up the night sky in oakland. this commercial building catching fire on sanford avenue near lowell street on the oakland border. >> we saw there were big flames and a lot of heat. and we got the baby and got out on the street as it is we could. >> reporter: at daybreak, the building owner inspected the damage. he said the old printing shop was under construction since 2017. they were converting it to live/work units. >> the construction crew was in last night to pick up tools to do a job. one of them talked to a
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stranger who asked for a cigarette. >> reporter: yet another fire at a house and veltman under construction. the seventh in the east bay in the last three years. some of which have been under investigation. because of pacifiers that happen at construction sites they brought in atf and the alameda county task force to help determine a cause. >> i will not make a >> elation and say that is the case. regardless of whether it was arson or not, it is unfortunate that homes for oakland residents and those who see to work in oakland, have been delayed. >> reporter: it is unclear if they will rebuild the site again. there hoping surveillance video for next year next door will shed light on what happened. >> i'm 90 percent sure it was intentional. it was not spontaneous combustion. fundamentally, it makes me very
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sad. i don't know. a somewhat unstable person would have done this. i doubt it was malicious. fire officials are not confirming anything at this point. only saying the fire is under investigation. it is red tagged and it is unclear the amount of damage that was caused. in oakland, christina rondon. police are investigating an overnight homicide in east oakland. officers were called to bancroft avenue near 100 avenue. police say, that is where they found a man on the ground. he was later pronounced dead at the scene. investigators are trying to figure out the circumstances surrounding his death. anyone with any information should put in a call to the oakland police department. alameda county sheriff deputies are looking for the gunman who wounded a person outside a liquor store. and fire was reported just before 8 pm last night. in front of the letter in m liquor store in north hayward.
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multiple shots were fired. a bicycle was left on the ground, along with evidence markers outside the store. the sheriff's office says the victim was rushed to the hospital non life threatening injuries. alameda county sheriff deputies say they conducted a weapons and drug bust targeting several things in the east bay. they ceased 25 firearms, including several automatic weapons. assures office says, the weapons were tied to drug trafficking by oakland area gangs. deputies have not released information about the number of people arrested or detained. their investigation and continues. a 19-year-old driver from american canyon faces felony hit-and-run charges, following a crash the series the injured a man. he is accused of running a red light yesterday morning and hitting 55-year-old, hymie zuniga, who is in a crosswalk at real delmar. police say a tip led them to the car involved in this crash. a few hours after a surveillance photo was released of the car. barrera turned herself in
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around the same time the car was being towed for evidence. >> we had a lot of eyes and ears and were able to get a description out quickly. >> the injured man, jimmy zuniga has a broken pelvis and internal injuries. his family says he will recover. any several surgeries. police arrested a man is still in a woman's golden retriever from japan down. lease of arrested lead cloak on animal theft charges. police say surveillance video of the theft earlier this month, ties him to the crime. the golden retriever, named lily, is back with her owner. sonoma county sheriff is attending a concert tonight to reassure latinos that his office will protect the rights of immigrants. the event at the casino in were not part kicks off at 8 pm. it will feature live music by a artist from x ago. the sheriff wants latinos to
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know his deputies will not assist federal immigration authorities. and will not ask anybody reporting a crime about their immigration status. and begins and writes group revealed ice used oakland airport as a hub to hold several of undocumented immigrants. the board of oakland commissioners which operates the airport, say 27,000 people were deported through a private charter, out of the oakland airport between 2010 and 2018. >> we want transparency. what they knew happened from 2010 through 2018. and what they will do to try to stop it, moving forward. >> the port says it was unaware of deportation flights. according to ice, they stopped conducting deportations at the oakland airport in october 2018 . new at noon, birds that were rescued in oakland have
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been released back into the wild. 50 nests with 89 young birds and eggs were in a tree that fell earlier this month. the international bird rescue took care of the birds and rehabilitated them. some of the birds were released an hour ago. the smallest birds will be cared for over the next few weeks. happening today, the aroma of garlic will be filling the air in the south bay. it is the 41st annual gilroy garlic festival. the three-day event features delicious food and captivating music. this year's attractions include singer colby calle and it is one of the most popular food festivals in the entire country. it features fan friendly events, such as the great garlic cookoff. and the famous chefs that create the spectacular flame shows, as they cook up things like garlic calamari and scampi and another of other tasty treats. we now know who will be performing at the bluegrass little in golden gate park.
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coming up in october, the free, three-day music festival is in its 19th year. this year's lineup includes the milk carton kids, calexico, jackie greene, margo price, steve earle and the water boys. among many others. the festival is scheduled for october 4 through six. >> that is a nice lineup. coming up, federal regulators get the green light to a contested merger between t- mobile and sprint. customers need to know about the merger and how it could impact competition in the market. house speaker nancy pelosi discusses next steps for democrats. and whether impeachment is in the cards. in washington d.c., with more on her meeting this morning with a member of the squad. a bit cooler today across the bay area. do not be fooled. we are getting ready to heat things up, time. coming up this weekend. rosemary has a look at the triple digit heat will be hitting parts of the bay area this weekend.
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federal prosecutors have subpoenaed longtime pilots as part of their allegations of sex trafficking against jeffrey epstein. the wall street journal said testimony from the pilots could be used by investigators to cooperate accounts from his accusers. according to court
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filings, some of the pilots kept flight logs with the names of passengers, who flew with him on his private jet. he has pled not guilty to charges he recruited and sexually abused dozens of girls. he was denied bail and remains in federal custody. in the wake of robert mueller's testimony before congress this week, house democrats remained divided over whether to begin impeachment proceedings against president trump. house speaker, nancy pelosi and congresswoman alexandria ocasio- cortez met a few hours ago. ktvu lauren blanchard experience how they discussed their differing views on impeachment. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi discussing next steps for the democratic party. and whether her party will now move to impeach the president. following the former special counsel testimony before congress can on wednesday. >> we will proceed when we have what we need to proceed. not one day sooner. >> reporter: she also discussed her morning meeting with congresswoman alexandria ortez. the two sat down after a particularly tense season but
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in house speaker and freshman lawmaker. >> the congresswoman is a very gracious member. it is like you are in a family in a family, you have differences. you are still family. >> reporter: meanwhile, the president weighing in on allegations of obstruction during an exclusive interview wednesday night with boxes sean hannity. >> first of all, they create a phony crime. which was a terrible thing to say about somebody. especially somebody that loves the country as much as i do. >> reporter: the president's remarks coming after former special counsel, robert mueller, warned congress that russian election interference is still happening. a new report from the senate intelligence committee concluding, all 50 states were targeted in 2016. >> it has not been proven by every metric, that russian meddling had no effect on the outcome of the election. >> reporter: it is about to get pretty quiet around capitol hill after today. as house lawmakers leave for the six week summer recess. and will not be back until early september.
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in washington d.c., lauren blanchard, sayyadina thomas fox 2 news. president candidate, senator kamala harris is at the national urban league conference. she is outlining policy proposers that she says, will address systemic racism. >> the america we believe in. we have a right to vote and it is sacred and privileged and protected. and where opportunity is not determined by your race or zip code. took senator harris unveiled a 60 alien dollar proposal to find scholarships and every structure at historically like colleges. she graduate from howard university and the funding is needed to create new opportunities for people of color. another presidential candidate, senator bernie sanders in california today. he will be speaking tonight at santa monica high school. he is expected to addresses plans to provide free public tuition at college and universities. as well as his plans to increase the minimum wage.
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the vermont senator spoke last night at a town hall in los angeles. where he touched on his plan for universal healthcare. >> poll after poll after poll shows that the american people believe in medicare for all. and they believe in medicare for all because they will have freedom of choice, regarding doctor they go to. they will no longer be doctors outside of the network. they will have freedom of choice, regarding the hospital that they go to. the clinic that they go to. >> reporter: in a poll, sanders is running in second place behind frontrunner, joe biden in a recent national survey. elizabeth warren and kamala harris are close behind sanders. leading each by a few points. democratic front runner, joe i-10, will meet with advisors today. he reportedly told donors in indianapolis that he is done mr. nice guy. at the next democratic debate next week. >> what did you mean when you
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said you would not be as polite in the next abate?>> we will see. >> biden has been hinting he will challenge kamala harris, but she challenged him in the first matchup. telling donors she is the same person who asked him to come to california and nominate her for her u.s. senate race. next week's abate in detroit will be divided across tonight on tuesday and wednesday. bernie sanders and elizabeth one headline tuesday night. joe biden and kamala harris will be together on wednesday. pete buttigieg will appear on a weekly political show, the issue is. it airs tomorrow at 6:30 am. let's shift gears. and talk about weather in the bay area. a mild date right now. things are about to change in a big way. >> over the last few days we have done the roller coaster ride. temperatures warm up one day and cooler the next. this is one of the cooler days. as we get into the weekend, as
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we mentioned at the top of the show, excessive heat advisory for some of our east locations. some of the hottest temperatures we have seen so far this year. here is a look from san francisco as we stretched to the east. we are looking at mostly clear skies. here is another view. as you look over the hills, we have cloud cover along the coastline. the marine layer is deeper today. as a result, if you are just joining us, we should you five, 10 and 15 degrees cooler at this hour that we were 21 hours ago. 71 degrees in santa rosa. low 60s, san francisco. 80 degrees, livermore. san jose at 71. a pleasant summertime pattern setting up for the bay area friday. we will be a little bit breezy at times. here's a look at the three hour time lapse. you can see how over the last hour or so we have seen cloud cover erode from the north bay. along with inner areas of the east bay. we start out with more cloud cover this morning than what we had yesterday.
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and now for the afternoon, we will go partly sunny at the coastline. mostly clear for everybody else. the onshore breeze at fairfield is 20 miles per hour at this time. a little breezy. when the winds get that strong financial breeze, when our inland cities are going to benefit by way of a cooler day. oakland reporting northwest breeze at 10. napa, southerly breeze attend as well. for the afternoon today, partly sunny for the coastline. a little breezy out there for the coasted inside the bay. temperatures falling for one day before things start to heat up once again. getting into the bay area weekend. east bay looking at triple digit heat. expected to hear 100 degrees to 105. we talked about it a little while ago. excessive heat watch for the inner east bay. we start tomorrow morning and go all the way until sunday night. we are looking at two very hot days. saturday looks to be the hotter day. i will show you that in a moment. let's take care of that it numbers. 85, novato. as we head to the east bay, low
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70s for alameda. low 90s for danville. low 90s in antioch. 83 for san jose. the afternoon high over gilroy, a warm day for the garlic festival. be prepared for that. 81, redwood city. 66, san francisco. here is the extended forecast. attend a great job on saturday. the bayside community will be warm as well. a lot of beside folks need to be aware of this. temperatures drop off on sunday. better relief coming our way on monday. is headed to tahoe, it will be gorgeous. will is about forecast, coming up. sunnyvale police detective credited with going the extra mile. how her colleagues say she answered the call for help on the job and in her spare time. at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most.
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and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more.
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let's head to wall street and take a live look at the board. the dow jones is up this afternoon. and so is the nasdaq and s&p 500. a lot of this is because of strong earnings reports from a number of tech companies. including google's parent company, apple bed, intel and san francisco east do not twitter. amazon missed projections as it ramps up spending on faster delivery. in the market is set to close in half an hour from right now. this morning, federal regulators approved t-mobile's 26 billion dollar takeover of sprint. 13 states sued to block the merger. saying it will reduce cell
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phone competition and drive up prices for consumers. t-mobile and sprint argue the merger was needed for them to compete with verizon and at&t. the two companies will sell off certain assets to dish network, to build up a new national carrier. mornings on 2 is on the road for a trip to sunnyvale. the city is highlighting the work of a detective, who spencer day tracking down predators and sexual assault cases. >> it is important work. her colleagues say, it is not just her hard work and her investigations that make her a great officer. as claudine wong tells us, it is what she does on her own time to help others . >> reporter: it is a chance meeting. a simple stop by detective mary kay, who only wanted to know if this woman needed something. >> i can give her some wipes. it may keep her clean and cool. >> reporter: it is just what she does. something her colleagues have noticed and something that she doesn't think is a big deal.
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>> like those people in new york who pop the trunk and say what do you need?>> reporter: for her, this is why she became a police officer. >> there are so many reasons. the majority of it is to help people. it felt like a cheesy answer, but it is to make a difference in the community. to help people unable to help themselves. >> reporter: maybe it is in the blood. something that was just meant to be. >> my parents are police officers. my mother and i work at the san jose police department. it was neat when we worked together. she understands it is my calling. i enjoyed my job every day. took like all sunnyvale police officers, she is a firefighter and emt. >> i think i noticed the need more. once you do this job for a little bit longer, you have humility. >> reporter: last winter when the rains came in the winter never seem to let up, she
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packed her first bag of supplies. >> a blanket. for when it rains , they can put a blanket underneath and are but these punches over there blanket. soap lake it does not get wet. >> reporter: when she saw someone who was homeless, she asked them what they needed. >> they are grateful. start walking up and they say i'll leave. i say no, you are fine. you need anything? can i do anything for you?>> reporter: the ballad has been refilled many times. she had thought kept track. >> have no idea. if i run out of something, i go to target or walmart and purchased in bulk. >> reporter: even though the rains are gone, the bag stays. these days, she is investigating sexual assault cases. >> somebody has to do it. it takes a special person. not a lot of people like to do it. i like to protect our children. >> reporter: while it is tough and complicated work, she finds joy in the simple things.
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>> hello. i wish i had my stickers. >> reporter: when she finds stickers she did not think she had, it is hard to see who is happier. the detective or the kid. >> and i put it on you? all right. good job. just like mine. >> reporter: it is not part of the job, it is part of how she does the job. big cases and little moments all wrapped up together. >> is this okay? you are welcome. took in sunnyvale, claudine wong , sayyadina thomas news. we are looking forward to our other upcoming road trip. going to the town of clayton august 9. and a trip to fremont will happen on august 23. >> we are looking forward to all of those. the president is criticizing apple's plans to move some production from the u. s. to china. how the president is taking
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exception to the plan for trade negotiations resume next week. s.e. cupp at the california high- speed rail authority. how managers are reorganizing the project in an effort to get it on track.
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at least 150 migrants are believed to have been killed after two boats capsized in the mediterranean sea. they think off the coast of libya. they were headed to an unknown port in europe. more than 300 people were aboard the two ships. the united nations is calling it the worst tragedy in the mediterranean so far this year. at least 130 migrants were rescued and returned safely to libya. more than 160 have died in the mediterranean this year. that was before yesterday's boat capsized. the u. s. state department is grappling with how to handle situations in north korea and iran. north korea is vowing to carry out more missile tests. while i ran is launching a test of its own. benjamin hall explains the actions the u. s. may take. >> reporter: north korea is concerned missile launch a warning to south korea. to stop importing weapons. and holding joint military drills with united states. the regime directly calling out south korean warmongers on friday. according to state media, kim jong un claims north korea is
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developed in superpowerful weapon systems to remove the potential a direct threat. the regime testfired to short- range ballistic missiles on thursday. for the first time since m and trump agreed to revive denuclearization talks. the president telling fox's sean hannity, we are on the right track. >> they have only adjusted smaller missiles. which is something. with north korea, we have been doing very well. it doesn't mean it will continue. took a day earlier i ran tested a medium-range lithic missile. a comes after iran shot down a u. s. drone. and most recently captured a british will tinker. secretary of state, mark pompeo says iran's actions will determine how the u. s. response. >> they continue to build up their missile. they continue to work on the nuclear systems. and yet, they want to tell the world they are just defensive
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and being a normal nation. we all see it different way. president trump has been very clear. we are watching their actions. it is not with a telescope it is what they do that is our policy. >> reporter: a senior administration official says they were aware of reports on a project oh launch in iran and had a for the,. benjamin hall, fox news. president trump is expected to sign the 9/11 first responders bill at the white house on monday. is a place money for compensation fund for first responders, who suffered illnesses, injuries and other medical problems as a result of their service after the 9/11 attacks. the bill passed the senate early this week. earlier reports that the signing what happened today. the white house now says a ceremony is planned for monday. and there will be dozens of 9/11 first responders in attendance. president trump is vowing to take action against france for its tax on american tech companies. lawmakers recently approved three percent tax on revenue within the country. in the meantime, the president
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said apple will not be granted waivers for tariffs from the upcoming high end mac pro computer. apple announced it is moving final assembly of the computer from the u. s. to china. the cupertino-based company applied for an exception on tariffs for more than a dozen parts used to make the computer. the president were on twitter this morning, indicating the exemption would be denied. pg&e is joining a multi- billion-dollar state fund to pay for catastrophic wildfires has its equipment. they will pay 4.8 billion dollars after it emerges from in see. seven california edison in san diego gas and electric will contribute 10.5 billion dollars . customers are expected to pitch in as well. another 10.5 billion dollars over the next 15 years. a man is in custody this afternoon in connection with a series of shootings across los angeles. at least 40 people were killed. police say, a man shot them all across the san fernando valley
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yesterday. william la jeunesse shows us more about the hours long manhunt. >> reporter: 26-year-old gerry zaragoza is in police custody. after allegedly killing 4 in los angeles. the shooting spree began around 2 am saturday. he is suspected of killing his father and brother and injuring his mother. an hour later, police say, he sat in his excavate at a gas station. and critically injured an employee. then, around 8 am, he attempted a robbery at an atm. >> he tried to rob a guy at gunpoint. apparently, the individual who trying to rob did not have money like he did. he fled. >> reporter: later, he boarded a bus and fatally shot a passenger, or for running off. >> i saw the guy who was shot. he did not do anything but sit on the bus. >> the bus driver opened the door. once he did, everybody started running. i wondered what was going on.
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all you see is a splatter of blood dripping all over the ground. >> reporter: police tracked him by his cell phone. he was brought down with the taser when he refused to surrender. shackled to a stretcher, he was taken away in an endless. he is currently held without bail. police have not determined a motive. reportedly, he had a drug problem. in los angeles, fox news. this weekend, caltrain's caltrans is closing a large area of a train. the 60 freeway will be closed between riverside and chino in the san gabriel valley from tonight until monday morning. other parts of the freeway will be shut down and similar 55 mile per hour periods due to september. caltrans says if you is in need of surfacing. some people compared to the 405 closure seven years ago. what is often referred to as armageddon. >> i'm so glad it is happening. it is about time. have you tried to drive on the 60? a bunch of potholes. it is like driving to michigan.
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>> it is really bumpy. the repairs are needed. it is a long time. >> the project is expected to cost $134 million. other improvements to the 60 freeway are scheduled to continue to the year 2021. major minimum changes are reportedly coming to the california bullet train project. the los angeles times says it has learned of three specific management moves. the real authority ceo tells the times he a starting reorganization and they're going to be a lot of changes in the next few weeks and months. this would be the latest change to the project management, which has been restructured several times. after numerous setbacks in meeting construction schedules and budgets. the goal is to eventually build a high-speed train, connecting los angeles and san francisco. the new general manager of bart wants to improve writer satisfaction with the transit agency. the board of directors selected an insider to lead the
12:38 pm
transit agency. tom vacar reports that with the new manager wants to accomplish. >> reporter: engineer robert powers, after seven years as an executive and 20 years in the industry, was named the system's new general manager. replacing the employee who retired this month. he trusts there is a deficit. >> are low customer satisfaction numbers are unacceptable. we can do better. we will do better. and we must do better. >> reporter: the plan, increase customer satisfaction on all fronts. >> a new suite car replacement program. a new train control system. rebuilding our infrastructure. reducing crowding, increasing service and a fully staffed bart police department. >> reporter: to deal with the complaints, he will install the successful elevator attendant program to montgomery and embarcadero stations.
12:39 pm
customers appreciate the feminist and security the attendance provide. bart says, there is a virtual nomination of inappropriate behavior in the elevator. the safe and clean state level toilet program will continue at powell, 16th and 24th street stations. when we arrived unannounced, and attendant was finishing up a recent cleaning. bart is it spending the homeless outreach team already in service in contra costa county . to san francisco, san mateo and alameda counties. to connect the homeless folks with shelters and services. bart also voted to spend was $33 million to fully modernized oaklands 19th street station. with better access, better lighting, elevators, isolators and public restrooms. to continue on the fair evader resisting gate. their sun controversial. the problem is been studied. do not expect any action
12:40 pm
anytime soon. all of this will be done under the watchful eye of the new inspector general of bart . who reports not to management, but to the bart board . >> i think it is important that we have an independent look at the bart books. and how resources are being allocated. i am not afraid of that. >> reporter: the writers are watching. tom vacar, ktvu fox news. there are new concerns about the effect of the change on california's ecosystem. >> researchers believe changes are threatening joshua trees in the mojave desert. this afternoon, a cooler one around the bay area. it is not going to last. a big heater coming away. and advisory for the enter east bay. details coming up.
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in san francisco, a first of its kind coalition has launched an ambitious new effort to get more than 1000 homeless people off the streets over the next two years. rob ross spoke with the leader
12:44 pm
of the new initiative called, all in. >> reporter: joe wilson knows what being homeless is like in san francisco. he used to sleep on a sidewalk south of burkett street. >> i felt that i was worthless. it was hard to maintain a sense of hope. >> reporter: when he got help from a nonprofit called hospitality town, years later he is the ceo of this agency. first and foremost, it was people taking an interest. >> people feeling you are worth something. >> reporter: is more than one hundred people to kick off the new campaign to create more housing for people, currently on the street. it is simple. it is clear. >> the problem is lack of places for people to live. >> reporter: the group leading the charge is called all in, a coalition that includes organized labor, tech companies, nonprofit services, airbnb and the san francisco giants. they are looking for local support from the public.
12:45 pm
>> tell me where you have seen an array of companies, nonprofits and labor coming together in support of solution. we have not seen this before. >> reporter: it is ambitious to create housing for 1100 housing people within two years. the group is promoting a plan that could cause pushback. currently almost all homeless programs and low income housing are in the tenderloin, south of market. he wants housing and services in every district in the city. that would include pacific heights. one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the country. >> people say i do not want homeless people living next me. guess what? if their house, they are no longer homeless. there just your neighbor. >> reporter: neighbors view the proposed about the center. they gone to court to try to stop it. >> we see a community meetings as the vocal minority that comes out. which we are trying to build is a vast majority. a loud voice so people do not
12:46 pm
say no to solutions. >> reporter: to begin to excite housing in a matter of weeks. in san francisco, rob ross, fox 2 is. caltrans is closing the lower half of marin county park and ride lot. due to possible flooding. high tides are forecast along the pacific coast for the next few days. the parking lot is known to flood and heavy rains or high tide. for now, expect the lower to stay closed until sunday, august 4. a new study is blaming time and change for killing joshua trees in the mojave desert. uc riverside researchers examined the history and size of the joshua tree national park. as i it is found the between 1981 and 2010, the identified 8700 acres around the park, or younger trees could thrive. researchers are warning that unless something is done, climate change will reduce the area to just a fraction of territory by the end of the century. >> what we have seen so far, is
12:47 pm
a 5 degrees increase from the average temperature overall. just since 1980. >> scientists say, the only way these trees will survive is at higher elevation. joshua tree has existed as a species of tree a few million years. people across europe are experiencing record-breaking heat. how people are trying to state cool in the scorching triple digit heat. >> reporter: things are heating up. much of europe is hit with its second oppressive heat wave of the summer. temperature soaring thursday. shattering record highs across the continent. >> we have to slow down. and keep drinking water. >> reporter: paris seen the hottest day since records began in 1873. the thermometer reaching a dangerous 108 degrees. despite government warnings to stay indoors, residents and tourists
12:48 pm
alike got relief in any water they could find. turning the eiffel tower fountain into a free swimming pool. >> i would say is the hottest i've ever experience. you can feel the heat on your face. took over in london, the city recording the hottest day on record for july. scene 102 degrees fahrenheit. sending folks from the sultan heat into nearby ponds and pools. >> i have not experience did this hot. >> reporter: humans are not the only ones expected to find the dog days of summer tough. this colony of penguins at bristol zoo, keeping cool by flocking to the speakers. well birds enjoyed frozen treats. meanwhile, the high heat impacting commuters and travelers. as the weather disrupted real service thursday. brussels saw similar issues, sending crews to inspect the tracks. at 112 with rising mercury. folks in geneva, switzerland trying to eat the heat by spending the day in the water. some relief may be insight for
12:49 pm
cities like london and paris with rain expected today and saturday. others will get showers over the weekend. likely, we do not have weather like that. not 109 110. it is supposed to get warm closer to home. >> about 100 for inland cities. with that comes and advisory for your weekend. we will detail that in a moment. let's talk about what is happening outside our doors at this hour take a look at the beautiful shot into san francisco from the east bay. you can see the low cloud deck and marine layer, just hovering along the west edge of san francisco as well as the coastline. the marine layer is a lot deeper. we are looking at mostly cloudy skies for the coastline today and lens, we did turned mostly sunny. clouds burned off from earlier today. write about 11 am or noon. mosley sunny for the rest of us. the onshore breeze is blowing. the cooler temperatures are already settling in.
12:50 pm
if you're just joining us, we are 5 to 15 degrees cooler that were reworked 24 hours ago. is not going to last. temperatures will surge again. not quite 110, but perhaps 102 degrees is what we will see for the inland communities. with that, comes a warning for heat. i will detail that in a moment. let's take a look at the bay area at this time. you clouds along the coastline. inside the bay mostly take a look at what is happening over the sierra. we watched this the entire week. usually at this time of year the monsoonal moisture pulls into areas of california. we have not seen any lightning n see how it is lighting up over areas of lake tahoe. for today, the possibility of scattered showers and thunderstorms is there. expected to move out for the weekend. if thinking of heading to that area, i will have the forecast for you coming up. here is a look at the cloud cover in place over the north bay. stretching down toward monterey. santa cruz capital, getting a
12:51 pm
little thinning. perhaps a little blue sky at this time. for the afternoon, partly cloudy over areas like santa cruz, capital and south facing each is like stenson beach and melina. for the west coast areas of ocean beach, and half moon bay, likely to remain mostly cloudy. the insured breeds and hayward is nine. temperatures on the mild side. by july standards. 68, berkeley. 76, novato. southbay, 75. upper 60s for sausalito. upper 80s expected in santa rosa. low 90s for the hotter locations like antioch. 72 for alameda. low 80s for san jose. upper 80s. here is a look at the peninsula. 81, redwood city. 66, san francisco. for tahoe, mostly sunny and low 80s. dry conditions expected. the excessive heat watch is for inland cities. it will start tomorrow morning and go all the way until sunday
12:52 pm
night. here is a look at the temperatures expected. close to 100 degrees for the inland cities. east bay tomorrow nearing 90 degrees around the bay. low 70s at the coast. only a tad better on sunday before a bigger cool down comes our way next week. a new push to change the date of halloween. with some parents are signing a petition to try to move the holiday. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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let's take another look at wall street just before the closing bell. stocks set to close up today after several major companies including starbucks and mcdonald's reporting better-than-expected earnings. the dow is up 66 and 27,206. the nasdaq is up significantly about one point 25 percent. snp also on track to close in positive territory.
12:55 pm
there is an online petition to change the date of halloween. it has more than 35,000 signatures. a edition, started last year, by the hollowing and custom association. at once to move hollowing to the last saturday of october. most of the reasons are for children safety. to make it easier for parents to company kids, who are out trick-or-treating. hollowing falls on a thursday this year. the goal is to get 75,000 sutures and send it to the president's desk. >> let's see how that goes. the 49ers are starting training camp today in santa clara with all of the rookies under contract. first round draft pick nick osa signed a 4 year $33.5 million deal yesterday. the 49ers are hoping for big things from bosa. at ohio state he had 70.5 sacks in 29 games. in addition to the signing of nick bosa, the niners signed their second round pick receiver deebo samuel. oakland raiders training camp
12:56 pm
starts today in napa. the silver and black added big names to the off season. including all-pro wide receiver, antonio brown. coach jay gruden was to energize the team that was in the bottom for scoring last season. with the big personalities, combined with the move to vegas, the raiders will be profile on the hbo show, hard knocks. talkshow host wendy williams is in the bay area. hosting a committee show with other comedians at the paramount in oakland. we spoke with her on mornings on 2. >> i am hosting. in between doing this set, i'll be changing into another ridiculous ensemble. when i am off the talkshow, even on the talkshow, at the >> it is not right a ridiculous, the entire show is a mess. and i love it. all of us have messy lives. in a good way. >> much the wendy williams show weekdays at 10 am i ktvu. we appreciate you making ktvu the choice for your news.
12:57 pm
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