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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  July 26, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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that wonderful aroma in the air is a annual gilroy garlic festival starts today . we will talk with the festival president about the food and fun. there's a lot at stake. it all starts today.>> a dramatic entrance for antonio brown essie swope's into training camp on a hot air balloon. >> time to get to work, baby. from ktvu news this is the 4. a housing complex under construction has been destroyed by fire in the east bay. flames tore the building and oakland last night. this was the fifth construction site fire on the oakland city line in the past three years. luckily one to the 4, the owner of the building says that he believes this was in fact arson. investigators including the atf are still working to determine the cause. henry lee joins us live from the scene of the fire.
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>> reporter: just within the last half hour we've learned that this fire him of the building behind me began on the first floor on the front, this is the latest construction fire and the building owner is convinced that this fire was intentionally set. it's happened yet again, flames engulf an unfinished building in oakland, the latest fire broke out at the three-story complex on stanford avenue near the city line at about 10 thursday night. >> all the sudden we saw that there was thick flames and, a lot of heat and we got the baby and got out on the street as quickly as we could. >> reporter: building owner tony wilson says the old printing shop was being converted to nine live working units. investigators may be setting their sights on at least one person of interest.>> the construction crew was here last night picking up tools out of the building to go do a job.
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when this started. and one of them talked to a stranger who had come up to him and asked for a cigarette. >> reporter: wilson believes this was arson. >> i'm 90% sure it was intentional. it wasn't spontaneous combustion. fundamentally it makes me very sad, i assume some, somewhat i don't know, unstable person would have done it. >> reporter: investigators are not jumping to conclusions. as they begin to pick through the charred frame and debris. >> everything is on the table in regards to coming up with inaccurate cause. >> reporter: officials are not leaking this fire with a string of suspicious fires at larger construction sites in recent years. >> as of right now, we have no information to show any type of any type of relationship with this last night and pass incidents.>> reporter: there was enough concern that oakland fire chief stopped by the scene. atf agent barbara maxwell was among those from the federal agency, scouring what's left of
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the building. maxwell investigated the deadly go shipped buyer and oakland and testified at the trial. >> reporter: they may rebuild as long as they find the funds to do it all over again and after he cleans up the mess. oakland police are investigating a homicide that happened in east oakland overnight, officers who recall that to bancroft avenue near hunters avenue after midnight, believe they found a man who was down on the ground, first responders tried to revive him. he was eventually pronounced dead at the scene. they have not released the name of the victim. sheriff's deputies are looking for the gunmen who shot and wounded a person outside of a liquor store, the gunfire was reported just before 8 pm last night in front of the liquor store and unincorporated north hayward. multiple shots were fired and
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our cameras spotted a bicycle left on the ground along with evidence markers, just outside of the store. the sheriff's office told us the victim was a young man. he was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. sheriff's office released this a photo of weapons, thieves during a bus, targeting east bay gangs. there are 25 guns in all, the alameda county sheriff's office says the weapons are tied to drug trafficking at that the recitation is ongoing. raider nation i am here in napa trying to get to work baby. like a butter by, sting like a bee. >> that's antonio brown making a scenic entrance to training camp in napa, paying homage to the famed wine country hot air balloon rides . just sort of floating in the air there. the beginning of the football season is really just around the corner here. and brown is hoping to
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highlight a high-powered raiders offense this year. >> the 49ers have high expectations, players arrived training camp in south bay and mike shanahan at an update on store quarterback so let's talk about all of this with sports anchor scott reese. >> that's how scott comes to work every day.>> all 32 teams now present and accounted for but lots of good incidents. the 49ers are considering of the story the season last year pretty much ended in week three when jimmy garoppolo tore his acl. the silver lining is because he got so early in the season, he got some work in during ota, he shook off the rust and looks great. and now he says he is fully healthy and ready to pick up where he left off.>> it's officially official, we are good to go. >> how do you feel physically?
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>> i'm happy where i'm at. thank god it was a very successful summer. i got a lot done, a lot different things he wanted to work on. it's coming together now. >> he was doing seven on seven for all the ota's so he's been pumped to get in front of the defensive line so he's more than ready to go. >> even though he's a full go in training camp, he's not expected to play in the preseason opener, jimmy garoppolo 6-2 at a starter, the 49ers gave him a boatload of money and suffice it to say, this team will go about as far as he takes it.>> what you think, not to put you on the spot but raiders, 49ers, who is much of the better season?>> you know, i think both are high beta come you could make a case for success and the other side of the coin.
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you look at the 49ers and i didn't realize it but they were middle of the pack often simply and defensively. so if jimmy garoppolo makes the difference we expect him to make, they get some production out of the running backs , all the sudden instead of 15 and your eight or ninth and then the defense gets that much better you could be playoff teams so both teams have the playoff ceiling but they both have work to do. >> back to training camp, some of the sleepers we should be looking out for, are there some on both teams that are sort of peaking people's interest? >> i think for the 49ers, all eyes are on jimmy garoppolo the guys in the backfield , mckinnon was the one they sign last year and he blew out his knee and him play so what you get there? they bring in a guy named coleman who is a timeshare guy with the falcons. a good running backs of the 49ers have a lot of bodies and matt comes back is the incumbent. a lot of guys can produce in the backfield and that can bear watching in training camp. the raiders, new receiving core and same quarterback with derek
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carr so they could put up a lot of numbers but of course, with the raiders you also have that ancillary storyline that is the last year and this college and all that so they will be playing from day one. there on hard knocks this year.>> under the microscope for sure. >> we will get a lot of good things. >> i think hbo will get some good things. thanks scott. we want to shift gears here and talk about the weather. it is mild out there today for a lot of folks but we are going to crank up the heat. outside the doors this afternoon, cooler for most, a beautiful day in and around the bay area but as we mentioned a moment ago, the heat will be on a time for the weekend. we have an advisor to talk about. here's a look at the numbers at this hour, sfo in the 60s and downtown san francisco 64, i don't know if you could see but
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if you look beyond that hillside you can see cloud cover on the west edge. that banked up on the coastline at this hour. 72 oakland, upper 80s livermore, santa rosa at 82, here's a look at the 24-hour temperature change down by 4 in napa, down by five in livermore, half moon bay a warmer day even though you have the cloudy sky out there. san francisco, and iceland for you in the 60s this afternoon. we've got a little bit of cloud cover along areas of santa cruz and capitola but mostly clear and that's been the case for we are sought along the north bay coastline along to the san mateo county coastline. we even have some right on the west edge and over areas of san francisco and daly city. into the evening, we have low clouds, they will move back across the bay and we will have cloud cover tomorrow but expected to bring away fairly
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quickly. here's a look at the onshore breeze for fairfield, 18 miles per hour. the deeper marine layer today, a stronger onshore breeze and as a result, temperatures came down. we will see the opposite tomorrow into the afternoon. the heat advisory inland east bay and these areas expected to hit in the triple digits, from 100 to 103 and 104, coming up and just a bit. here's the cloud cover tomorrow morning by 11 am it is pulling back and we will be partly cloudy at the coastline, mostly clear for everybody else the rest of the day. temperature wise we will start at about 56 degrees in san francisco and upper 50s and oakland, antioch 65 and then as we get into the afternoon here are the numbers, 74 degrees san francisco, 84 hayward and in north bay a hot day, 94 napa but again this area right in here that we have a heat advisory them i will detail that and take a look at how long this heat will last. crews in butte county say they are ahead of schedule as a remove debris from the deadly
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camp fire now. 150 ford debris removal crews made of of teams of 3 to 5 people each are clearing burned parcels and in paradise. authorities say 77% of structural debris has now been carried away and that the work is expected to be completed by september. taking a look at some of the staggering numbers, the amount of debris that's actually been carried away come officials say so far crews have removed 1.6 million tons of ash, debris and soil. was more than 518,000 tons of concrete. 446,000 tons of contaminated soil and more than 37,000 tons of metal. we are getting fired up for the gilroy garlic festival, that kicks off today in the south bay. we will talk live with the president of the festival come about this weekend's event. >> plus bernie sanders, laying out his health care plan in a one-on-one interview with alex,
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we will talk with alex about that conversation next.
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house democrats filed a petition in federal court to obtain secret grand jury material from the russian investigation. they are set to file a lawsuit next week to force testimony from former white house counsel. and fox news reports this comes as two high profile democrats had a meeting to mend fences.
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>> reporter: days after the hearing with former special counsel robert mueller, house judiciary chairman jerry nadler announcing a lawsuit for the rest investigations grand jury materials. >> the community is exercising its authority to investigate all these scandals. and to recommend and decide what to do about them. which could include articles of impeachment. >> reporter: as they head off to the six-week august recess, democrats are leaving behind questions about what direction the party will go in congress is back in town. and will they pursue impeachment?>> we may not do that, we may do that. i would say we are in an investigation . >> we know there is no big public appetite for impeachment but there is not an appetite up on capitol hill. >> reporter: nancy pelosi has said she doesn't believe the impeachment route would be productive. yet, their advocacy for impeachment only gives her leverage. >> the decision will be made and it timely fashion. when we have the best and
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strongest and possible case could >> reporter: speaker pelosi sitting down with one of the most outspoken and well-known members of her caucus. freshman from new york. in the past, the lawmakers have had public disagreements. >> it was a positive meeting and productive. >> when it comes to the house judiciary committee's lhasa, chairman nadler says it is up to the house to hold the president responsible. adding the committee will try to enforce a subpoena for former white house counsel, don mcgahn. the second round of democratic debates is getting close, they are scheduled for next week on tuesday and wednesday in detroit. of course the candidates started to set up their platforms and working to stand out from the very large crowd involved in these campaigns.
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lyrical reporter alex michelson joins us live from los angeles and alex, good to see you. you had a chance to sit down with senator bernie sanders to talk about his medicare for all plan among other issues. does he feel like his messages heading home in california?>> reporter: of course he does, of course many californians got very familiar with senator bernie sanders. you talk about the crowded field, last time in the california race it was basically just him and hillary clinton and now is competing with 24 other candidates for attention. he's is still drying big rallies and at the center of his message, which is the big debate now, is despite over medicare for all, senator sanders wants to get rid of private insurance. we talked about that.>> right now, the strongest defenders of the current dysfunctional healthcare system are the drug companies and the insurance companies because they make billions and billions of dollars from profits every single year. and they are prepared to spend hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars to maintain
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the current system. you are right, we are going to have to take on them and we want to take on trump and take of the republican party and some democrats. if you look at the polling out there, more and more americans understand that the current healthcare system is absolutely dysfunctional. we have over 80 million americans who are uninsured or underinsured. we pay by far the highest prices of the road for prescription drugs and we end up spending twice as much per person on healthcare as people in any other country. we are losing 30,000 americans every single year, who do not go to the doctor when they should because they don't have health insurance or their copayments are too high. that's insane. i think what the american people want is a simple system my system that will cost them less money, system-level guaranty healthcare to all people and that's what medicare for all does. >> reporter: not all democrats
4:19 pm
agree with that could we talked with mayor pete buttigieg yesterday and he's one of the candidates who says i would like to have medicare for all who want it. he wants to keep private insurance, joe biden want to keep private insurance come he says we need to have obama care to try to strengthen it not throw it out. so that really is the biggest policy difference between all the democratic candidates. we will see that on display. penny, bernie sanders will be on stage with them and then a night two, once again we will see joe biden and senator harris next to each other so that is interesting and we have katie porter who is become a standout member of congress for the democrats, we're talking one-on-one with her and a debate between john cox he ran for governor of california as a republican and stephanie miller, the longtime radio host , john cox gives a great to gavin newsom and how he is doing so that is interesting as well. >> i look forward to hearing that, let me go back to mayor pete because like bernie he was down in southern california yesterday and you know, a lot of folks have talked about
4:20 pm
mayor pete struggling i should take him to make inroads with the african-american community. does he feel like he's making some headway there?>> reporter: he is trying, this is something else that bernie sanders struggled with four years ago. it was probably the reason that bernie sanders did become the nominee, he struggled in south carolina with african- americans. mayor pete, we were with him yesterday at a co-working space in crenshaw, with the bunch of young african-american students who just happened to be there, it wasn't even set up and they started talking to him about facing racism and be called the letter inward. he really opened up when he was asked about that he started to tear up talking about their pain and about the fact that this isn't needed in america. he said in order to break through with african-americans he needs to spend quantity time and that's part of his plan. he talked about the fact that much of the time will be spent
4:21 pm
here in california because the primary is so important can we saw mayor pete spending time in northern california this week as well. >> all the candidates coming here and spending some quality time and some quantity time. right alex, we delete the conversation there, appreciate it and again your full interview with senator bernie sanders will air tomorrow on the issue is, at 6:30 a.m. here on ktvu and that is followed by the weekend edition of mornings on 2 , from 7 am to 10 am. we go to puerto rico where more celebrations this afternoon taken place, stemming from the resignation of ricardo rossello, he will step down next friday after days of protests following the publication of offensive online messages that he shared with top aides. the protesters in san juan are now turning their attention is to rooting out political corruption. >> reporter: having force governor ricardo rossello to resign, puerto ricans are dealing with the fallout. >> this is going to, this was you know --
4:22 pm
>> the celebrations continue here with people saying they want to clean house and go after others associated with his corrupted administration. >> the people have given a message to the politicians of our country that if you mess with us, we will get rid of you. that's the idea. >> reporter: feeling the heat, the governor and waiting, the secretary of justice wanda vasquez, she should fully investigate the trucks meant for victims of hurricane maria. she released a statement saying the desire and agenda of some to try to undermine my credibility at this moment of transcendental importance to puerto rico and destabilize the government's order is evident, which only attempts to perpetuate instability and restlessness in the country. meanwhile, fema announces that effective immediately the commonwealth of puerto rico must receive approval from the agency to draw down all grant funds for hurricanes irma and maria. in a statement, fema says additionally, the drawdown
4:23 pm
request must be accompanied with supporting documentation, to certify the amount being requested for drawdown is eligible, allowable, reasonable and in alignment with federal procurement regulations. order because governor ricardo rossello submitted his resignation letter on thursday, his last day in office will be friday, august 2. the united states economy slowed last quarter, coming up we will talk a financial analyst james mcbride about the latest gdp report and what it means for you. tune in tonight for first responders live at 8 followed by masterchef sent nine. stay up to date on all the news of the day with that 10 and 11 pm news here on ktvu. ♪
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the economy slowed do you want -- slow to 2.1% per the commerce department says gross domestic product the ease from
4:26 pm
3.1% growth in the first quarter, the government also revise growth for 2018 down to 2.5% from 3% but consumer spending last quarter jumped to 4.3% after gaining just 1% in the first quarter. wall street was back to the winning ways on strong earnings from google and twitter. the dow was up 51 points, the nasdaq gained 91 to close at a new record high and the snp finished up 22 points also sending a new record. i enjoyed by james mcbride and a little good news or little bad news in today's gdp report contacted me about the strengths and weaknesses. >> the strength was the consumer, like you pointed out, 4.3% and that makes a lot of sense. we have the lowest unemployment in 50 years. consumers are very confident, wages are rising about 3% year- over-year and consumer spending is two thirds of our economies of those numbers make sense and the consumer is very strong.
4:27 pm
>> the weaknesses? >> the weakness was business spending was down 5.5% which is troubling. a lot of manufacturing was down as well.>> okay, i want to talk about the underlying numbers in this report, what does it say about expectations, on part of the federal reserve, are we looking for the potential of interest rate cut? >> we sure are can we saw stories on the wire that said economists think there is 100% chance, and of the government seen that before, 100% chance of an interest rate cut next week, the only undecided factor is 50 basis points or 25 basis points. 3% says two more cuts this year. >> tell me why people at home should be paying attention. >> that's a great question because a lower interest rates get access to so many more opportunities to more and more consumers. for example of the interest rate is low, that puts a lot of mortgages within the reach of folks that are trying to write on the edge or maybe even buying a new car.
4:28 pm
lower interest rates are really important and very beneficial to the economy. >> released today the numbers have some factors that are weighing on the economy, what are some of those? >> trade and tariffs. the two largest economies going to head to head and is not doing anybody any good. it hurts our economy and the chinese economy and it hurts the world economy. i think we suffer less in china and china probably suffers less then europe. but it is a downward force on the market but, it doesn't seem to be any prospects for inflation. i'm sorry recession i meant to say. >> that was going to be my next question, because there was some fears out there that we are in fact headed towards recession but today's report might, ellie soft and that approach a little bit but >> right we do have an interesting account between the stun bond market is higher yield curve and the bond market saying we don't feel confident about what is going on.
4:29 pm
you look at the stock market we have the dow up 16% this year and the snp up 20%. oh my goodness, the nasdaq is up over 25% this year so, somebody is right and 70 is wrong. >> it seems that this report was just what wall street needed. >> they did and they jumped on it and that's all have these record highs today on the nasdaq and the s and p and the dow is there. >> we will have to wait and see what the fed does next week.>> exactly right.>> thank you so much. police detective is credited with going the extra mile, later on, we will see why her colleagues say she answers the call for help even in her spare time. it's one of the largest food festivals in the country, coming up next, the president of the gilroy garlic festival joins us live to talk about all things garlic. wow!
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the 41st animal garlic festival is underway. the three-day event features delicious foods, cooking demonstrations and music. the event is one of those popular food festivals in the country for more we are joined by the president sean, shawn we ask appreciate you coming on but we will start up with the confession but i was born and raised in the bay area but i have never been to the gilroy garlic festival. would you believe that? tell me what i'm missing out on.>> the garlic festival is one of the premier food festivals in the country. you are missing out on garlic
4:33 pm
food and we've got the amazing garlic ice cream come with garlic wine, we've got garlic bread, with garlic everything you can imagine down here and we've got thousands of volts coming down this weekend to enjoy this festival with their food, entertainment and hospitality of all the volunteers and it's a great, fun weekend at the park. >> we hear a lot about the garlic fries on the shrimp scampi with garlic cooked over the big walk. there's a lot of like obscure unusual dishes using garlic, what are the most obscure foods i might be able to sample down there? >> in addition to gourmet alley which is the heart and soul of the garlic festival, the garlic fries, the combo plate, we've got we've got some other food vendors that are around helping us out, from frog legs happening come in two different types of mixed drinks. there's a lot of great food opportunities to enjoy at the festival. >> i'm done eating and i've got
4:34 pm
myself something to drink, what else is going on at the festival? >> the big thing tomorrow night is we are staying open and hour later so folks can come enjoyed some dinner at the garlic festival and then we are doing it headliner concert with colby featuring don west tomorrow at 6 pm so a lot of folks come during the day near encouraging you to come to evening enjoy a great night because it's a beautiful summer night in gilroy, cools off and it's a great time do enjoy great food and entertainment. we have celebrity chefs tomorrow as well as three to other vendors. we have a lot going on down here in gilroy. >> you talk about the weather. office of the festival is known in many circles for the pyro chefs. they put on those incredible shows, over the hot flames and i mean, i feel that they are going to be extra hot, sweating a little more than usual this
4:35 pm
weekend. the temperatures are pretty warm. >> we are ready for it, it's actually really nice breeze going on at everyone is out here seeing the flames going to we have some great frozen treats. we have a cocktail and we have an adult push pop which is a frozen cocktail slushy. you come down and get a frozen cocktail to cool off. we got free water stations do keep people hydrated and cool so it's a beautiful evening, it's a great time to come. come later in the day, it's beautiful right now. >> let me ask you, this is the 41st year of the gilroy garlic festival, that's actually really incredible when you think about it. how much has this event grown and changed over the years? the decades? >> it started in 1979 and the expected 5000 people, they had 15,000 people show up to the first festival where they had to recycle food tickets and it
4:36 pm
has snowballed from there. a lot of folks don't know this is a 100% volunteer driven festival and everyone out here is volunteering for a charity or nonprofit and it is a fundraiser for all those organizations, so when you come down to support the festival with cocktails and food and all of the money is going back to fundraisers for everybody in the community. we've donated over $11 million and it has just been a great party year after year after year and people keep coming back and having a great time. >> we have to wrap up but getting down there is tough and finding parking can be a challenge but tell me really quickly about the garlic train, that can get you to the festival. how does that work? >> take a look online come you have an opportunity to hop on the garlic train from san francisco, bring you down to gilroy and bus to the festival so if you're concerned about parking or traffic, just hop on the garlic train. look at the website and it has all the details there. it is a great way to get into the festival and enjoy the day.>> we have to leave it there, shawn, president of the
4:37 pm
gilroy garlic festival, have a great time this weekend. all right, mornings on 2 was on the zip trip this morning to sunnyvale, the latest in the summer series, showcasing different cities all around the bay. while we were there we highlighted the hometown hero, a detective who spends her day tracking down predators and sexual assault cases. but as we learn, colleagues say it is her work in and out of the precinct that makes her a great officer. >> reporter: it's a chance meeting, a simple's stop by mary kay, only wanted to know if this woman needed something. >> i can give her some alleys, and it will keep her clean and cool. >> reporter: it's just what she does, something her colleagues have noticed and something that she doesn't think is a big deal.>> is one of those people in new york who pop their truck
4:38 pm
as it what you need? i got you. >> reporter: this is why she became a police officer. >> it is so many reasons, the majority is just to be able to help people. i know it sounds a the cheesy answer, but it really is just to make a difference in the community and help people that are unable to help themselves. >> reporter: maybe it's in the blood, something that was just meant to be. >> my parents are both police officers. my mother and i worked in san jose for a few years together so that was neat. and she understands that it is my calling. i enjoy my job every day.>> reporter: what all police officers do is also a firefighter and an emt. >> i noticed maybe the need and once you have been doing this job, for a little bit longer i think you have humility. >> reporter: last winter when the rains came, and the winter never seemed to let up, detective mary kay packed her bag of supplies. >> a blanket, when it rains,
4:39 pm
you know they can put a blanket underneath and they could but these little ponchos over there blanket so the blankets don't get wet. >> reporter: when she saw someone homeless, she would ask them what they needed. >> they were grateful. i would walk up and they said i would leave and i said you are fine, do you need anything can i do anything for you? the back has been refilled many times although she doesn't keep track. >> i have no idea, when i run out of something a go to target or walmart or something and buy it in bulk. >> reporter: even though the rains are gone, the bag still stays. these days, she's investigating sexual assault cases. >> someone has to do it and again, it takes a special person. i like to protect our children. >> reporter: while it is tough and complicated work, the detective still finds joy in simple things.>> hi guys. i wish i had some stickers.>>
4:40 pm
reporter: when she finds stickers, she thinks it is hard to see who is happier, herself or the kids. >> you want a sticker? can i put it on you? all right. good job. just like mine can we are twins. >> reporter: it's not part of the job but just part of how she does the job. big cases, and the little moments, all wrapped up together. >> okay, all right, good to see you. >> reporter: and you can catch our upcoming zip trips on ktvu and we are in clayton on august 9 and fremont on august 23. up next, some of the more than 90 birds rescued after a tree fell in oakland were released
4:41 pm
back into the wild today. however, there's a lot more work to be done and we will talk live with an expert from the international bird rescue, to learn more. a notable drop in temperatures this afternoon before things begin to heat up in time for the weekend, i have a look at the weekend forecast, coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the next american chinese original is here. new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express. i have heart disease, watch what i eat, take statins, but still struggle to lower my ldl bad cholesterol. which means a heart attack or stroke. could strike without warning,
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some of the egrets and herons rescued in oakland were released back into the wild
4:44 pm
today. 50 nests with the total of 89 birds and eggs were all in a tree that fell over near lake merritt. the international bird rescue took care of the birds and then rehabilitated them at their facility. >> the smallest birds will be cared for during the next few weeks but we want to find a little bit more about today's release and just what happens next. we're joined by jd with international bird rescue and thank you for being here. obviously, a nice moment today to release la's aid of the birds back into the wild. >> absolutely. the number of larger birds, the ones that would be almost ready to go was pretty small. the bigger birds were able to fly away from the tree while we were taken at the little ones but it is great two weeks and come the birds are ready to go and you saw them fly away really spectacular. >> what is the process like to rehabilitate the birds you were able to release and how do you know when a bird is ready to be back out on its own?
4:45 pm
>> absolutely, the tiniest bird, the youngest ones will be the hardest so the ones that hatched either from the egg or word tiny birds in the nest when they were captured, those birds will be with us for about five or six weeks. it is daily weight checks and blood checks making sure they have no infections and the bones are growing well. really the way that you know a bird is ready to go is that the feathers are emerging full formed and they come out in a case in that case has to disappear. a look at the end of a shoelace and when that case falls off and the bird is actually jumping around and flying, they are ready to go. >> we saw the pictures, i think a lot of us were just thinking oh my goodness, we hope these little ones make it right. is our have you seen something like this number of birds that you've got to rehabilitate and hopefully release into the mild again? >> we rehabilitate five or 600 of these every year but never all from the same tree. two years ago downtown oakland
4:46 pm
had a very similar problem, large ficus street broken half and that remaining half was able to be kept until the end of the nesting season. this is really unusual, this was the we thought this was the worst case scenario, so 90 birds coming in once is not normal. >> this seems like a lot of birds, to the average person. nesting in one particular tree. but, i don't know, maybe that's not the case. maybe this is happening all around us. >> that part is normal and talk to work and walk around downtown oakland have dodged trees and are not afraid of things. dodge what they are giving back. this was the largest of the remaining oakland heron rookery trees. and unfortunately now those birds will be displaced, we are hoping they will be drawn over to lake merritt which is a much more healthy and safer place for them to be. but birds will go where they
4:47 pm
want to go. >> i know that when this happened you were seeking out volunteers, really needed some help. how is that process going and talk with us a little bit about what the volunteers are doing. >> we work our volunteers hard. and when 90 birds come in at once like this it can really stretch things tight. we didn't extra volunteer orientation last saturday and we were stunned to have 59 new volunteers show up. this is not like filing paperwork or glorious things, you might imagine it is cleaning up and keeping the cages nice and clean and lots of fresh fish. it is not a very nice smelling job, either. it really inspires me and moves me that people would see the birds and want to do something to help out.>> sounds like a tough job but one that is very rewarding. we appreciate you coming in and best of luck to you with the rest of the birds that you have at your facility. >> thank you very much. >> hopefully we are following up when you release more of them. thanks for the great work. we want to bring in
4:48 pm
rosemary because we are about to step into some really intense heat, although this shot is a little misleading. >> yes as we talk about from time to time during the summer months, the tale of two stories, we've got some fog along the coastline and the golden gate bridge partially swallowed up by the fog out there. changes are in store. we saw a bit of a cool down today but temperatures are going to rebound in a big way in fact, we have a heat advisory need to speak of in just a moment. let's start out with the water vapor loop that does a great job of showing us the circulation in the atmosphere. this high pressure right in here has been responsible for the thunderstorms that come our way. we haven't seen any in the bay area but over the high sierra and lake tahoe we have had some of the and i will share the satellite and radar. this orange indicating the dry air that continues to move over the bay area. as we get into the weekend the high pressure will strengthen our way and that is what is
4:49 pm
going to lead to the heat up expected for saturday and sunday. take a look at all the lightning strikes, the monsoonal moisture that comes our way during the summer months over the sierra, is pretty much on the east end and over more towards nevada and if you're thinking about going to tahoe or the weekend it will push to the east and we should be mainly dry for saturday and sunday. here's a look at what we are seeing at home, fog along the coastline, everybody else clear. we started out with more cloud cover and stronger onshore breeze and as a result, we cooled down today and most areas five, 10 and 12 degrees cooler than yesterday. we are looking at a breeze at about 60 miles per hour from the northwest, sfu at 12, livermore at 13 as well as san jose. the onshore breeze will weekend and the marine layer will become a little bit more shallow into the weekend and we are looking hot weather for inland east bay as well as the north bay. 75 over napa now, 82 santa rosa, low 90s in concord, a warm day definitely but not as
4:50 pm
hot as we are going to see. here's a look at the future cast tomorrow we get started and we do have clouds along the coast line on the side of the bay is expected you to burn away fairly quickly and we are left partly cloudy skies along the coast and inland. a lot of sunshine with temperatures tomorrow 58 to start in pacifica, 56 san francisco, low 60s concord, mid 60s antioch, so some cities are off to a mild start as we get going. as we get into the afternoon that's when the temperatures are expected to soar to about 100 degrees or so and the heat advisory is for the inner east bay and it starts at 11 am tomorrow and goes all the way until late sunday night. temperatures will only be slightly better on sunday and right now saturday looks like it will be the hottest day. let's take a look of afternoon highs expected, sausalito 77, beautiful day coming your way, upper 90s for santa rosa and hot on the east bay shore, low to mid 80s warm day for the bayside communities and as we get into the inland areas 103 the high for antioch and into the south bay low 90s in san
4:51 pm
jose, 94 gilroy if you're going to the garlic festival. 81 santa cruz, 74 downtown san francisco, upper 80s expected for redwood city, you are going to tahoe mostly sunny skies, gorgeous there with afternoon highs in the low to mid 80s. for asylum, the hottest images we've seen so far this year and we knew they were coming. it's been relatively mild july so far and thankfully it lasted a few days and then we begin a nice clean trend there but just keep in eye on your pets and your children and drink a lot of water. we know how it goes. it will be hot. >> it's a good reminder. american singer asap rocky in a prison, still to come, the reason he remains in custody plus president donald trump's reaction following his request for the singers release.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
despite high-level attention, rapper asap rocky is no closer to being released from a sweetest person. the entertainer remains in custody, despite president donald trump's reaching out on his behalf. >> reporter: american rapper asap rocky remains jailed in sweden on assault charges despite an intervention from president donald trump on his behalf. asap rocky , has been in the custody of swedish authorities since july 3. for his alleged involvement in a fight in late
4:55 pm
june before a music festival.>> he feels that he acted in self- defense. he is claiming that he is innocent.>> president donald trump called sweden to attempt to secure his release but was unsuccessful . the president tweeting very disappointed in prime minister for being unable to ask. sweden has let our african- american community down. give asap rocky his freedom. stockholm residence reacted with amusement. >> this is not surprising at all, it's like a typical trump comment, very egocentric and he wants to do whatever he wants to do. >> it's laughable really, it's typical of him i would say. and not much respect in this country. >> officials doubling the incident will damage the country's relationship with the united states. >> i think it will pass and that will create a greater knowledge of our legal system and how it works. >> the trial is beginning on
4:56 pm
tuesday, charges carry a maximum sentence of two years in prison. ktvu fox 2 news at 5 is next and preparing for the heat in the bay area, what the organizers of an ironman event are telling athletes, plus we are life at the air attack base where there preparing for a busy weekend of fighting fires be people in a berkeley cafi take matters into their own hands as a thief tries to make off with the lap top near the quick action that was all caught on camera.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
ktvu -- >> a 1.2-mile swim, and 13-mile run, the half iron man will be held in sweltering heat in santa rosa tomorrow. >> we ask them to be prepared, to know how to hydrate and take salt and electrolytes. >> cal fire is also looking forward to what could be a busy weekend. temperatures are on the rise in the bay area with triple digits expected in many inland areas this weekend. and there's a spare the air alert in effected it through sunday. we're told the cause is due to the lack of breeze which allows smog to accumulate, creating
5:00 pm
unhealthy air. you're seeing that fog and smog there with these live pictures looking over the bay. we have live team coverage today. let's get started with tom who's live at the cal fire air attack base in sonoma county. >> reporter: normal, there are two fire retardant tankers and a spotter plane that are on call for fire duty. right now they're on the way back from clayton where they and another bigger tanker came from sacramento to fight a fire near clayton. and that's an important thing. they're expecting issues this weekend with all the heat. in the hot conditions, two rules: athletes and heat don't mix and wild lands and heat don't mix either. this weekend it will be very hot in santa rosa. a weekend when the iron man competition and related events will be in


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