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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 26, 2019 5:00pm-5:59pm PDT

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unhealthy over the the cal fir attack base in sonoma county. >> reporter: normally, there are two fire retardant tankers and a spotter plane that are on call for fire duty. right now they're on the way back from clayton where they and another bigger tanker came from sacramento to fight a fire near clayton. and that's an important thing. they're expecting issues this weekend with all the heat. in the hot conditions, two rules: athletes and heat don't mix and wild lands and heat don't mix either. this weekend it will be very ro a weekend when the iron man competition and related events will be in full swing.
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the entrants are well-experienced competitors, heat is a significant threat for them. on saturday, iron men and iron women will be bathed in it as well. >> we ask them to be prepared, to know how to hydrate and take salt and electo lights and be ready for anything that the weather or day may throw at them. >> reporter: for those that are out there in the afternoon, we've increased the amount of water they've got out there. we're just encouraging them to know their bodies, pay attention to those things. >> mainly not go too hard, really. that's probably the primary focus. not to go for your record. it's going to be really hot. >> reporter: a few miles away, cal fire sonoma air attack base knows that high heat not only promotes wildfires now, but increasingly for the rest of
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the week. cal fire tanker pilot bob has been firefighting from the air for the last 45 years. >> at this point, it's much more active than i would like to see, tom. which means later on in the year, we're going to have to watch out and be extremely careful. it's way too busy this early in the year. >> everything is drying out. so we can expect a busy august, maybe september, october. >> vegetation is bone dry, baked by the summer time heat. you get the windy days and topography -- that's when we have our large, destructive fires. >> reporter: the fire retardant tankers have not returned which suggests they may have been called to another incident somewhere. in case you don't know, a fire tanker -- there's so many fire tankers, they can get to any place in the state in about 20
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minutes. this weekend on sunday, if you want to go to the iron man event, they have many iron man events that are good for families. that will help raise money for wildfire recovery, which is still on going. ktvu, fox 2 news. you just heard tom mention that fire in mount diablo and sky fox is over that fire now. it's about 3 to 5 acres right now with the potential to spread to 20 acres. you see these live pictures on the scene right there. it's charred several acres of landlord. it started at a shooting range. contra costa fire all working to contain this fire right now. stay with ktvu through the afternoon as we learn more. we have the heat advisory, but we don't have the warning.that's a concern when y have the dry winds that could
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turn a 100-acre fire to 3,000 acres in a few hours. that's not the case, but fire danger is high. temperatures will be soaring tomorrow. today was actually not too bad. right around that fire zone, we had temperatured in the upper 70s to mid-80s. heat advisory, all the areas in yellow. this includes the east bay up toward pleasanton, livermore, concord, antioch. san francisco is not under this heat advisory or even the bay shoreline. but the entire bay area will be heating up this weekend. showing you this, our live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge. the fog is hanging out. if the fog cleared out, we would have temperatures soar across the entire bay area. the real intense heat is for the inland spots. thunderstorms moving out hot to the warm spots, upper 80s to
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lower 90s. by tomorrow, a big surge in temperatures. we'll look at the triple digit heat with n the forecast coming up in just a little bit. new details out of oakland where a fire broke out overnight at a housing development under construction. oakland fire investigators and atf agents are working side by side to determine if arson is to blame. the fire was reported late last night in a building on stanford avenue. our crime reporter henry lee is live at the scene. the building owner is speaking out tonight. >> reporter: yeah, the building owner is convinced this is a case of arson. this is the latest bay area construction site to go up in flames. this building is now fenced off and we learned late this afternoon that the fire started on the first floor the front of the building. it happened yet again. flames engulf an unfinished
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building in oakland. it broke outlet in this three- story complex at about 10:00 thursday night. >> all of a sudden, we saw that there was big flames and a lot of heat. and we got the baby and got out on the street as quickly as we could. >> reporter: building owner tony wilson says his old printing shop was being converted to 9 live-work units. investigators might be setting their sights on at least one person of interest. >> picking up tools on the building to do a job when this started and one of them talked to a ranger who had come up to him and asked for a cigarette. >> reporter: wilson says he believes this was arson. >> i'm 90% this was intentional. it wasn't spontaneous combustion. it makes me sad that an unstable person would have done this. >> reporter: investigators aren't jumping to any
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conclusions. >> everything is still on the table in regard to coming up with -- >> reporter: with a string of suspicious fires at larger construction sites in recent years. >> as of right now, we have no information to show any type of relationship between this particular incident that occurred last night and past incidents. >> reporter: but there was enough concern that oakland fire chief darren white [indiscernible] max welwas among those from the federal agency's san francisco division scouring what's left of the building. maxwell investigated the deadly ghostship fire in oakland and testified in trial. it started on the first floor, but the cause is yet unknown. live in oakland, ktvu fox two news. >> it's sad to see these fires keep breaking out when so little housing is available. the u.s. economy slowed
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last quarter. gross domestic products grew 2.1% in the second quarter. that is down from the first quarter. the government also revised growth for all of 2018 down to 2.5% from 3%. slower growth increases the odds that the fed will cut interest rates by a quarter to half a point y week. >> the lower interest rate gives access to more opportunities for more and more consumers. if the interest rate is being low, that puts a lot of mortgages in the reach of folks that are right on the edge. or maybe even buying a new car. lower interest rates are important and beneficial to the economy. >> consumer spending was a bright spot for the economy. spending jumped 4.3% last quarter. consumers are feeling confident with low unemployment and rising wages. president trump said he will not be giving any waivers
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on tariffs to apple for parts made in china. trump told apple to make the parts in the usa. the company applied for an exemption from the tariff. president trump has denied a number of exemption requests. wall street set more records on strong earnings from google and twitter. the dow was up 51 points. the s&p finished the week up 22 points, also setting a record. washington, house democrats filed a motioned it to obtain secret grand jury information fromrussia investigation. this comes as speaker nancy pelosi met with one of her democratic critics. >> reporter: house judiciary chairman jerry nadler announcing a lawsuit for the
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russia investigation's grand jury materials. >> the committee is exercising its authority to investigate all these scandals and to decide who to do about them, which could include articles of impeachment. >> reporter: as the house heads off to their 6-week august recess, democrats are leaving behind questions what direction they will go when congress is back in town. >> we may not do that, we may do that. >> we know there's no big public appetite for impeachment. but there's also not an appetite on capitol hill. >> reporter: nancy pelosi says she doesn't believe the impeachment route would be productive. yet. >> their advocacy for impeachment only gives me leverage. the decision will be made in a timely fashion. this isn't endless. when we have the strongest possible case. >> reporter: mean while, speaker pelosi sitting down with one of the most outspoken
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and well-known members of her caucus, alexandria ocasio- cortez. in the past, the lawmakers have had public disagreements. >> it was a positive meeting and productive and -- >> reporter: [indiscernible] >> absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: when it comes to the house judiciary committee's lawsuit, chairman nadler says it's up to the congress to hold the president responsible. in washington, fox news. these people are clowns. the democrats are clowns. they're being laughed at all over the world. >> president trump you heard there dissing democrats and dismissing -- ahead at 5:30, dangerous, disgusting, deplorable, people forced to exist in substandard
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living conditions in oakland and now showing us how landlords may soon be held accountable. >> i was making coffee. i heard a scream and one of them was running out the door with a customer's laptop. >> still to come, team work inside the coffee shop leading to a recovered laptop and arrest. >> you may not see the raider's antonio brown on the field right away. we'll have the latest on his injury designation. ♪
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like a bee. >> talk about a view. that's a great way to get to work. look at that. new oakland raider's wide receiver antonio brown floated into training camp this morning in a hot air balloon. but it wasn't too long after that that the raiders put brown on an injured list. although it's reportedly just a minor issue. scott rejoining us now. the 49ers and raiders' players reported to training camped it. day 1 of training camp, it is not going to be dull with the oakland raiders. >> yes, it won't. >> don't know how good the team will be, but we do know they will be fascinating to watch. you have the gruden factor and now we have the new superstar making his grand entrance from the air. there is precedence for this by the way. brown descended from the heavens last year from a helicopter when he was with the
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steelers. we're heard so much about his vigorous off-season work outs. so naturally today, after his grand entrance, word that he's already hurt. no word what his ailment is and reports indicate it is minor. be out maybe a week. still, day 1 of camp and all this is going on. >> on one foot? >> not as much drama on the 49er side of things. one massive story line with the health of jimmy. now it's time to ramp up the normal football activities. good news is jimmy g is a full go for training camp. >> pressure as a coach, it doesn't matter if it's year one or year three, i want our players to feel confident and i think they do. i know i do. you go into every year confident. there's reasons to be more confident this year than the previous two years. we're excited about our draft
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picks. i think our guys are excited to get going. i think our guys work their tails off and we're excited to going to be cautious. won't play in the first preseason game. and if left up to shanahan, he might not play him in the preseason. year three pressure. could we see a loll more turnover from the 49ers if they don't win games? >> i don't know that he's on the hot seat. i don't think her 6 and in with this guy. but they're 10 and 22 in two seasons. that's not good enough. lot of reasons, built-in excuses if you will.
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but this team has the will to succeed. a lot of shanahan kind of guys. so they need to take a step forward. i'm not going to sit here and say if they don't make the playoffs, shanahan's out. i don't think that's the case. but i think you need to see marked improvement with the 49er team and i think you will. let's go to baseball now. the oakland a's are doing something that doesn't happen very often. they plan to open mount davis with a -- mount davis is the upper deck in center field. it's usually closed and off limits, but the rest of the stadium is sold out for that game. you should be aware the view of the outfield is obstructed. mount davis is named after former raider owner al davis who insisted on the extra seats
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before agreeing to bring the team back from l.a. all things garlic, plus cooking demonstrations and music. we to the festival president. >> yeah, it started in 1979 where they ed 5,000 people. they had 15,000 people show up to the first festival where they had to recycle food tickets and it has snowballed from there. >> the festival runs today through sunday and is 100% volunteer-driven. tickets are $20 per adult and 15 for seniors. children ages 9 and under get in free. and if you plan to heading to the garlic festival, plan on high temperatures for tomorrow. temperatures back up into the mid to upper 90s. excessive heat watches for places closer to fresno. up here in the bay area, that's
5:20 pm
the heat advisory. saturday will be the hottest day of the weekend. up toward contra costa and alameda counties, for the inland spots, 98 to 100 degrees. really surging this weekend. as you can see. on the satellite, we have the other extreme, the fog on the coast side. that's a good sign. we'll have low 70s all the way to triple digits for tomorrow afternoon all in one forecast for your saturday. current numbers, currently we -- actually mild. upper 80s to near 90 in fairfield. san francisco, 60 degrees, a bit of a chill out in the immediate coastline. this area of high pressure wants to build in. as that high builds in, this will be the plan this weekend. morning fog and mild conditions
5:21 pm
coast side. temperatures near 70 degrees or 68 to 72, 73 degrees. but then the hot end of the temperature range, temperatures soaring for tomorrow. temperatures inland in the upper 90s to right around 100 degrees. temperatures warming up a good 10 degrees at least. here is the forecast model still showing you the fog in the coast. the heat wave is mainly for the inland spots. for the afternoon hours, clouds trying to clear near portions of the coastline. with that, the beaches not warming up too much. triple digits out toward clear lake, fairfield and vacaville. and a few more spots for you, checking out oakland, 84 degrees, triple digits toward livermore, antioch and brentwood. it will be a quick rapid warm up tomorrow. if you want to do any outdoor activities, a jog or bike ride, best timing would be for the
5:22 pm
early morning. i don't want to schedule your saturday for you, but san jose, forecast high of 93. san francisco in the 70s. here's a look ahead, plan on warm to hot temperatures this weekend. then the cooling you really will feel, that will be into early next week. >> big drop-off. >> yeah, take it easy tomorrow. it's going to be heating up. well, the governor of puerto rico is stepping down. it doesn't mean the protests are over. we have more on that and coming up at 6:00, trying to quell deportation fears in the north bay. >> and the ruling in the city of oakland's antitrust lawsuit against the nfl over the raiders' move to las vegas. what a federal magistrate has decided at least for now. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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>> reporter: having forced govern roout. >> it's like this was -- >> repothe protests/celebration continue
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here with people saying they want to clean house and go after others associated with rossello's corrupted administration. >> the people have given a message to the politicians of the country that if you mess with us, we'll get rid of you. >> reporter: puerto rico's governor in waiting -- critics say she -- meant for victims of hurricane maria. vasquez releasing a statement saying, quote, the desire and agenda of some trying to undermine my credibility -- is every dent which only attempts to -- mean while, fema announcing that effective immediately the commonwealth of puerto rico must receive approval from the agency for grant funds. additionally, the draw down requests must be accompanied with supporting documentation to certify the amount being
5:27 pm
requested for drawn down is eligible, allowable, reasonable and in alignment with federal procurement regulation. rossello submitted his resignation letter on thursday. in san san juan, puerto rico, fox news. unclean and unsafe apartments, but renters are often too afraid to complain for fear of getting kicked out. the efforts underway to force landlords to clean up their act. >> plus customers jumping in to take down a laptop thief inside a coffee shop. why the business owner wasn't surprised by the courageous action. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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%f0 we've gotta see what's out there and then start figuring out ways to solve the problems.
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>> it's unbelievable to see let alone live it. dirty, disgusting and dangerous apartments and rental homes. but many of the people living in these conditions say they're too afraid to complain to their landlords because of fear they could end up homeless. now the city may start a program to hold oakland landlords accountable. >> the problem -- brooks is here now. you found that unlake major cities, oakland has no program to inspect these properties. >> there was a pilot program put in years ago and there was money set aside to protect renters, but all the talk about looking for code violations and citing landlords before anywhere moves in went nowhere. behind closed doors, there are awful conditions that no one should have to pay to live in. >> reporter: from collapsing
5:32 pm
concrete to piecemeal doors to down right disgusting. conditions inside rental units across oakland are widely unknown. code enforcement officers only react when issues are reported to them. the problem, alameda county -- >> right now, we're paying the price for not looking into these types of units, identifying the problems that are there. and then coming up with ways to correct them. >> reporter: he heads up the department for the county that focuses on eliminating lead paint from older homes to protect children and families. >> i get to see what the public doesn't get to see. >> reporter: he was part of a group that designed a pilot program for oakland aimed at proactively inspecting rental property. but tragedy, 36 lives were taken by flames and smoke at the oakland ghostship warehouse. >> i was, you shocked in
5:33 pm
a way. i was maybe somewhat embarrassed in a way. >> reporter: but those feelings have turned into disappointment. nothing has beenin oakland to proactive inspect. a study says problematic property owners are able to slip through the cracks. >> we have an affordable housing crisis here. people are afraid of retaliation from their landlord, so they're not going to complain. >> reporter: we looked at other california cities and their programs. records show san jose checked inside rental buildings with three or more units every 5 years. los angeles does it every three years. we also checked san francisco. the city only looks at exteriors and common areas of rentals. >> people are subjected to horrible living conditions. >> reporter: a year before ghostship, the oakland mayor announced the pilot program.
5:34 pm
she said it shouldn't be renters' responsibility to report unsafe living conditions. last year, $600,000 was segram, do you believe there's a lot of talk and not a lot of action? >> i think it's difficult in a city of great need to often prioritize the needs we have. >> reporter: council woman lynette says she's always supported the enforcement. but because of the housing shortage, oakland shelved the idea. >> this is one that we need to get to the top of the list and off the back burner. >> reporter: with some community pressure, it's finally happening. city council approved funding this month to hire a consultant. that person will design the program, come up with an
5:35 pm
inspection list, and training. then money will be devoted to staff we really need the abili to help families keep themselves safe. >> reporter: supporters say it will be more cost effective. fire hazards and substandard living conditions. >> the biggest frustration for me is that we weren't able to do this in the year -- >> reporter: what would you say to the people who are not fans of the government going in and inspecting proactively? >> look at ghostship. yeah. ghostship. that-- that should hurt all of us. and that should motivate all of us to find a way to make rental inspection program would be a joint effort between the oakland fire department and the department of planning and building. two years ago at a national conference of code enforcement officers, there was a panel
5:36 pm
discussion about the lessons learned from ghostship. since then, several cities across the country have implemented some sort of proactive inspection program. >> is there any evidence people living in these conditions will be put out on the streets? >> i spoke to many cities who say they haven't seen that. but cities will also pay to put people up in other housing or hotels while those corrective actions are made and will sometimes put liens on property and those property owners will then have to pay off the lien, which will recoup the money for those programs and keep proactively inspecting and everyone will live a little safer. that's the hope. >> thanks so much. sky fox is over more breaking news. this time in san jose. that is where 6 cars including a san jose police vehicle were involved in an accident. police say several people including an officer are being
5:37 pm
taken to a hospital, but we're told they have non-life- threatening injure is. we're told one car crashed into the police vehicle. police in oakland are investigating an overnight homicide. officers were called to ban croft near 100th avenue just after midnight. they found a man on the ground. he was pronounced dead on the scene. investigators are trying to determine the circumstances. anyone with information is asked to give oakland police a call. a judge has reduced a $2 billion reward to a livermore couple to $87,000. it-- round-up weed killer was a substantial factor in causing the couple's non-hodgin's lymphoma. the lawyer says the couple had the overall ruling is a major victory. this is the third round-up case where the judge has reduced the
5:38 pm
award. it's a story we report on far too often. laptops stolen from customers at coffee shops and restaurants. at one berkeley cafe, patrons and employees tackle the suspect to the ground. >> reporter: surveillance video taken from inside romeo's coffee shows the moment two teenagers swipe lap taps off tables and make a run for it, only to be taken down seconds later, an ending rarely seen with this type of crime. >> i was making cough arey. i heard a scream and looked up. >> reporter: the pair came in just before noon thursday. asked for some water, but didn't order anything. they stayed for about 5 minutes, then made their move. brower is seen in the video running to the door way to help. nd trying to get outhe footprin
5:39 pm
i ran over and tried to help hold him down and take the laptop out of his hands. >> reporter: both laptops were recovered. police arrested one of the suspects, a 15 employees say the design of the front entrance also helped stop these thieves. you pull on the door to exit, but the suspect pushed. >> our door doesn't push out, it pushes in. it was that hesitation that allowed them to get him. >> reporter: he's proud of the way the whole cafe came together to help protect the patrons and their property. >> our motto is we allow everybody one chance. we have a good group of people and they are loyal here. i think that reflected on the incident right here. if you look at the video, there was no hesitation. everybody was doing good for a common cause. >> reporter: business owners in this area are proactive in preventing crimes. he says this is the first
5:40 pm
attempted laptop theft at romeos since they opened two years ago and it better be the last. >> i would recommend people that have that agenda don't come here. we will push back on that. >> reporter: ktvu, fox 2 news. a marine officer says the phone records of two marines earlier this month led to the arrests of 16 more. they are accused of human smuggling and drug-related oftentimes. all of the marines arrested were relatively low rank. one of the leading democratic candidates in the race for the white house is in california for a second consecutive day. coming up next, bernie sanders chats about his healthcare plan as his campaign raises money. >> wood stock 50, two big artists have pulled out just a
5:41 pm
week before the anniversary concert. we'll tell you about that.
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5:43 pm
democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is in southern california for a second straight day. he's scheduled to speak tonight. earlier, senator sanders held a town hall meeting in los angeles focusing on a plan for universal healthcare and
5:44 pm
medicare for all. >> 30,000 americans every single year who do not go to the doctor when they should because they do not have health insurance or their copays are too high. that's insane. i think what the american people want is a simple system, a system that will cost them less money. that's what medicare for all did does. >> the reason he was there, sanders is also raising money during his california trip. he appeared at a grass-roots event in hollywood where tickets ranged from 27 to twit hundred dollars. president trump says china and other -- today, the president called on u.s. trade representatives to use all available means to get the wco to revise its standards. if there's no progress, the u.s. says it will unilaterally stop treating such countries as
5:45 pm
developing. rapper jay-z is the latest performer to pull out of the wood stock festival for next month. the anniversary concert has faced a series of setbacks, including the loss of a financial partner and permit denial. a$ap rocky remains jailed in sweden. the rapper has been in the custody of swedish authorities since july 3rd after his alleged involvement in a fight. the charges carry a maximum years in prison. a police officer any department would love to have in their hometown. still to come tonight, we talk to this hometown hero trying to make sunnyvale a better place
5:46 pm
to live. >> in weather, actually a bit cooler today, but this weekend eric completely different story. more details coming up on a heat advisory. your forecast after the break. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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need another reason? enjoy an introductory no annual fee. to apply, visit we have an update for you. 8 of the egrets and herons rescued in oakland earlier this month were released back into the wild today. 89 birds and eggs were nesting in a tree that fell over.
5:49 pm
the international bird rescue took custody of the bird and rehabilitated them in fairfield. it is daily weight checks, daily blood checks, making sure they have no infections, their bones are growing well. and really the way you know a bird is doing well, the feathers are emerging full form. they come out in a case. when the case falls off and the bird is jumping around and flying, that's when they're ready to go. >> there's your science lesson for the day. the birds should be ready to go in about 5 to 6 weeks. good for them. today felt a lot better than the last few days. this morning was actually pretty cool in the east t that last. >> yeah, things will change. typically we'll talk about a gradual change. tomorrow is going to be instant. like what happened. temperatures near 100 degrees
5:50 pm
for the saturday forecast. highs from this afternoon, actually not too bad. san francisco, only 66 degrees. lower 90s out toward concord, livermore and san jose, maxing out in the lower 80s. heat advisory is posted for the inland east bay. also toward portions of lake county. that's in place this weekend. although this is mainly targeting saturday. saturday should be the hottest day of the weekend. also air quality will be impacted as you can see here with the spare the air alert in place through saturday. make sure that area of high pressure -- unhealthy for sensitive groups for the eastern districts and the santa clara valley. that is for tomorrow. once again, thunderstorms out toward the sierra. look at the lightning strikes and then back out to the west, we have low clouds and fog just off shore. the beaches on the cooler sided
5:51 pm
it. we have upper 50s in san francisco on half moon bay. san jose has cooled off just a little bit, 79 degrees. as far as overnight lows, mainly in the 50s and 60s. we still have fog. fog near the coast and portions of the bay tomorrow morning. clouds will -- patches into the afternoon hours for the beaches, but inland, temperatures easy low topping 100 degrees for the hot spots. all because this guy, this area of high pressure wants to build in. it will be the source of heat into the weekend. the beaches near 70, very hot inland, near 100 degrees on saturday and sunday we'll cool things off by just a little bit. more pronounced warming is expected into early next week. showing you some of the fog and clearing out near the coastline into the temperatures warming rapidly. fairfield, 102 degrees. if you're going up to wine
5:52 pm
country, drink lots of water as well. oakland, 84. down in the south bay, san jose 93. gilroy and morgan hill in the upper 90s. gilroy garlic festival this weekend. 74 in san francisco. here's a look ahead. little bit cooler on sunday, but it will still be hot. that heat advisory is in place until sunday evening. if you want to go outside, next week it should be nice. >> gilroy garlic festival, drink water. we hope you were with us today for mornings -- on location in sunnyvale where we met a hometown hero. up next, we'll introduce you to that officer. >> on ktvu news at 6:00, this massive traffic delay just
5:53 pm
steps from oracle park and the giants aren't even in town. >> change the light cycle depending on how fast traffic is moving. so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spennging them to . crab!?
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on the road this morning for a zip grip in sunnyvale. it's the latest in our series of broadcasts show casing communities around the bay area. mary is a sunnyvale detective tracking down predators in sexual assault cases. >> it's important work, but that's not the only thing that makes her a great officer.
5:56 pm
it's also what the officer does on her own time with her own money simply because she wants to help. >> you okay? >> reporter: it's a chance meeting. a simple stop by detective mary kay ori who only wanted to know if this woman needed something. >> i can give her some wipies at least. >> reporter: it's kind of just what she does, something her colleagues have noticed. >> kind of like one of those people in new york who pops their trunk and they're like what do you need? i got you. >> reporter: this is why she became a police officer. >> there's so many reasons. the majority is just to be able to help people. i know it sounds like a cheesy answer, but it's to make a difference in the community and help people that aren't able to help themselves. >> reporter: maybe it's in the blood, something that was just meant to be. >> my parents were both police officers. my mother and i worked at the
5:57 pm
police department in san jose together. it was kind of neat. she understands it's my calling. i enjoy my job every day. >> reporter: like all sunnyvale police officers, she is also a firefighter and emt. >> i maybe noticed the need more and i think once you've been doing this job for a little bit longer, i think you have humility. >> reporter: last winter, when the rains came and the winter never seemed to let up, she packed her first bag of supplies. >> a blanket. so for what it rains, you know, they can put a blanket underneath and they can put these ponchos over their blanket so their blankets don't get wet. >> reporter: when she saw someone who was homeless, she'd ask them what they needed. grat i'd start walking up and they'd be like hey, i'll leave. no, you're fine. do you need anything?
5:58 pm
>> reporter: the bag has been filled many times. >> i have no idea. when i run out of something, i'd go to target or walmart or something and buy it in bulk. >> reporter: even though the rains are gone, the bag still stays. these days, she's investigating sexual assault cases. >> someone's gotta do it. it takes a special person. not a lot of people like to do it. i like to protect the children. >> reporter: and while it is tough and complicated work, she still finds joy in the simple things. >> hi, guys. hi! i wish i had my stickers. >> reporter: when she finds stickers she didn't think she had, it's hard to see who's happier, kaori or the kids. >> do you want a sticker? can i put it on you? all right! good job! just like mine, okay? >> reporter: it's not part of the job, but it's just part of how she does the job. big cases and the little moments all wrapped up
5:59 pm
together. >> okay? okay, all right. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: in sunnyvale, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> little bit of kindness goes a long way. you can catch our upcoming zip strips. we'll be in clayton on august 9th and fremont august third. area is bracing for record-breaking heat this weekend and that means a spare the air warning, excessive heat watch and elevated fire concern. >> our vegetation is bone dry, baked by the summer time heat. we get our windy days and that's when we have our most large destructive fires. >> today was warm for most of the inland cities, but things are about to really heat up. good evening. >> now, taking a live look at walnut creek toward mount
6:00 pm
diablo, where it was up to 90 degrees today and the summer sizzle continues tomorrow. that area expected to hit temperatures in the triple digits and right now, we're dealing with this. fire crews are getting a pretty good handle on a grass fire in clayton. this was video shot about an hour ago from sky fox. cal fire says about 10 acres burned near the marsh creek detention center. and the fire about 90% contained right now. for more on the lite warnings and fire concerns, -- >> temperatures, there will be a sudden bump in those numbers for tomorrow. thankfully, we're not talking about any red flag fire danger. we're not talking about a heat advisory for the entire bay area, it's for the inland spots. 90s out toward concord and livermore. santa rosa in the upper 80s. here is a heat advisory for the
6:01 pm
inland east bay, also


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