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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 26, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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sizzle continues tomorrow. that area expected to hit temperatures in the triple digits and right now, we're dealing with this. fire crews are getting a pretty good handle on a grass fire in clayton. this was video shot about an hour ago from sky fox. cal fire says about 10 acres burned near the marsh creek detention center. and the fire about 90% contained right now. for more on the lite warnings and fire concerns, -- >> temperatures, there will be a sudden bump in those numbers for tomorrow. thankfully, we're not talking about any red flag fire danger. we're not talking about a heat advisory for the entire bay area, it's for the inland spots. 90s out toward concord and livermore. santa rosa in the upper 80s. here is a heat advisory for the inland east bay, also up toward
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lake county. tomorrow will be the hottest day of the weekend and temperatures easily going up above 100 degrees. on the satellite, it is nice to show you low clouds and fog. with that, we'd be concerned if the entire bay area is warming up, but we will have the microclimates in force this weekend. san francisco in the upper 50s. here's the plan tomorrow morning, still showing you fog. that could be locally dense, maybe sneaking under the golden gate bridge. as we take this into the afternoon hours, the clouds clear back to near the coastline. look at all those colors. temperatures the 68 to 103 degrees. temperatures in those two spots, 102, 103 degrees. still warm -- san jose 93. and the beaches, mainly in ths tomorrow afternoon. changes though in the 5-day
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forecast. we'll eventually bring in cooling. we'll have that in a little bit. this weekend's hot weather comes as santa rosa hosts an iron man competition. the precautions being taken this week. >> reporter: this weekend, it will be very hot in santa rosa. a weekend when the iron man competition and related events will be if full swing. though many of the entrants are well experienced competitors, heat is a significant threat to them. iron is often forged in high heat. and on saturday, iron men and iron women will be bathed in it as well. >> yeah, need to be prepared. know how to hydrate and take salt and electrolytes and be ready for anything the weather or the day may throw at them. >> for those out there in the afternoon, we increased the amount of water we have out there. we're going to be providing ice to the athletes. we're encouraging them to know their bodies, pay attention to
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those things. >> not go too hard, really. that's probably primary focus. not to go for your record; right. because it's going to be really hot. >> reporter: a few miles away, cal fire sonoma air attack base knows high heat -- increasingly for the rest of the year. bob has been firefighting from the air for the last 45 years. >> at this point, it's much more active than i would like to see, tom. which means later on in the year, we're going to have to watch out and be extremely careful. it's way too busy this early in the year. >> everything is drying out. so we can expect through august, maybe september, october. >> vegetation is bone dry, baked by the summer time heat. we get our windy days and topography, you throw that into
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the mix and that's when we have the most large destructive fires. >> reporter: in sunday, there will be two family-friendly short-distance events you can participate in. the proceeds will help with fire recovery. new details from butte county where crews are ahead of schedule as they remove debris from the deadly camp fire last november. 154 debris removal crews made up a team of 3 to 5 people. 77% of structural debris has been carried away. it added up to 5.3 billion pounds of ash, metal and concrete and contaminated soil too. the work is expected to be completed bee an overnight fire -- tonight, investigators are working to learn if arson is to blame. the building owner says he's already convinced. investigators say the fire
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started on the first floor toward the front of the building. >> reporter: it's happened yet again. flames engulf an unfinished building in oakland. the latest fire broke out in this three-story complex at about 10:00 thursday night. >> all of a sudden we saw that there was big flames and a lot of heat and we got the baby and got out on the street as quickly as we could. >> reporter: building owner tony wilson says this old printing shop was being converted to 9 work-live units. >> construction crew was here last night picking up tools out of the building to go do a job when this started and one of them talked to a ranger who had come up to him and asked him for a cigarette. >> reporter: wilson says he >> i'm 90% sure it was intentional. it wasn't spontaneous
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combustion. it makes me sad that -- assume some somewhat, i don't know, unstable person would have done it. >> reporter: but investigators aren't jumping to any conclusions as they only begin to pick through the charred frame and debris. >> everything is still on the table in regards to coming up with a accurate cause. >> reporter: fire officials are not linking this fire with a string of suspicious fires at larger construction sites in recent years. >> as of right now, we have no information to show a relationship between this incident that occurred last night and past incidents. >> reporter: but there was enough concern that oakland fire chief darren white stopped by the scene. and barbara maxwell was -- investigated the deadly ghostship fire in oakland and testified building
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might rebuild. in oakland, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. a man was left to die in a street in oakland overnight and now police are trying to find the killer. officers were called to ban croft avenue just after midnight. they found the man lying on the ground. first responders tried to revive him, but he was pronounced dead at the scene. police in el cerrito are asking for the public's help. investigators released this photo they believe was used as the get away car. it's described as a white, 4- door actura. when officers arrived, the man was gone. no property was taken the 's ho we go now to berkeley where two would-be tried to ipfrom a coffee
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shop. but quick acting employees were able to tackle them. >> reporter: surveillance video taken from inside romeo's coffee shows the moment two teenagers swipe laptops off tables and make a run for it, only to be taken down seconds later. >> i was making coffee. i heard a scream. i looked up and one of them was running out the front door with a customer's laptop and she was chasing after him. >> reporter: the pair came in just before noon thursday, asked for water, but didn't order anything. they stayed for about 5 minutes, then made their move. brower is seen in the video running to the door way to help. >> i saw them wrestling on the ground trying to get out the front door. i ran over and tried to help hold both laptops were recovered. police arrested one of the suspects, a 15 year old. employees say the design of the front entrance also helped stop
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the thieves. you pull on the door to exit, but the suspect pushed. >> our door, because it's handicapped, doesn't push out, it pulls in. it was that hesitation, that quick second that allowed everybody to get them. >> reporter: he's proud of the way the whole cafe came together to help protect the patrons and their property. >> our motto is you allow everybody one chance. we have a real good group of people and they are loyal here. and that reflected on the incident right here. if you look -- no hesitation. everybody was doing good for a common cause. >> reporter: business owners in this area are proactive in preventing crime. he says this is the first attempted laptop theft at romeos since they opened two years ago and better be the last. >> i would recommend people that have that agenda don't come here. we will push back on that. >> reporter: in berkeley, ktvu
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fox 2 news. coming up, easing fears over immigration status. what the sonoma county sheriff plans to do tonight at a latino music festival at the resort and casino. the house is out for the summer, but what direction will the democratic party take when they come back? why the speaker of the house says right now impeachment is a waiting game. >> also ahead, bernie sanders jumping for votes here in california. we'll hear what he said about his medicare for all plan. >> and a look at the friday evening commute on the east shore. you can see traffic is jam packed in both directions tonight. ktvu news at 6:00 will be right back. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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sonoma county sheriff is set to appear at a latino music performance to reassure the community his office will protect the rights of undocumented immigrants. the sheriff says his deputies will comply with the state's sanctuary law. the sheriff is scheduled has given the trump administration the green light to build wall a border with pentagon money. 4 contracts were arded using funds from the defense
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department. the trump administration is tapping nearly $2.5 million to -- new mexico with stronger fencing. the trump administration today signed an agreement with guatemala to restrict asylum applications to the u.s. from south america. it would require migrants who cross into guatemala to apply for protections in guatemala instead of at the u.s. border. the plan is seen as a means of easing the strain on the u.s. immigration system. today, house democrats filed a petition in federal court to obtain secret grand jury materials from the russia investigation. this comes as two high-profile democrats had a meeting to mend fences. >> reporter: former special counsel robert mueller, house judiciary chairman jerry nadler
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announcing a lawsuit for the russia investigation's grand jury material. >> exercising its authority to investigate -- >> reporter: as the house heads off to their 6-week august recess, democrats are leaving behind questions about what direction the party will go when congress is back in town and will they pursue impeachment. >> we may not do that, we may do that. >> we know there's no big public appetite for impeachment, but there's also not an appetite on capitol hill. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi says she doesn't think the impeachment route would be productive. yet. >> their advocacy for impeachment only gives me leverage. this isn't endless. and when we have the best, strongest possible case. >> reporter: mean while, speaker pelosi sitting down with one of the most outspoken
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and well-known members of her caucus, alexandria ocasio- cortez. in the past, the lawmakers have had public disagreements. >> it was a positive meeting and productive. absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: when it comes to the house judiciary committee's lawsuit, chairman nadler says it's up to the house to hold the president responsible, adding that the committee will try to enforce a subpoena for former white house council don mcgahn. in washington, fox news. california senator kamala harris took her campaign for the democratic nomination this morning. harris graduated from howard university in washington, d.c. she also took a swipe at the president's tweet telling 4 u.s. congress women of color to go back to where they came from. >> and when he looks at women
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of color who are serving their country in the united states congress, women who chose to become public servants and he tells them to go back to where they came from. what do we say? we're not going back. >> harris also proposed a grant program for minority businesses. she was among 10 presidential candidates addressing the urban league conference in indianapolis this week. bernie sanders is in southern california for a second straight day. he's scheduled to speak tonight. earlier, he held a town hall meeting in los angeles. >> 30,000 americans every single year who do not go to the doctor don't have health insurance or their copayments are too high. that's insane. i think what the american people want is a simple system, a system that will cost them less money, a system that will
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get healthcare for all the people. >> he appeared at a grass-roots fundraiser in hollywood where tickets ranged from 27 to $2,800. we're following breaking news right now involving a series of earthquakes in the northern philippines. the largest struck about 90 minutes ago. that earthquake measured a tag tude 5.9 and was preceded by a 5.4 in the same area. a local mayor says at least 5 people have died from those earthquakes. a much warmer forecast will top our weather headlines as we head into the weekend. today, one of the cooler days of the week. temperatures will be soaring, especially inland as we head into the weekend. at least the entire bay area is not under a heat advisory.
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also you will notice the change to the air quality. a spare the air alert has been in place all weekend long. the forecasted levels for tomorrow. unhealthy for sensitive groups for the east district and the santa clara valley for your afternoon. here's a live camera. we still have dense fog hanging out near portions of the coastline. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow as you can see across portions of california. and a big range from the low 70s all the way to triple digit territory as you work closer to sacramento. showers and thunderstorms out toward the sierra right now. as we come in closer, chilly out toward half moon bay. current numbers, san francisco, 59. 80s in livermore, concord. santa rosa currently checking in 75 degrees. forecast highs for tomorrow, everybody up, especially inland.
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we're talking about more triple digits for concord, antioch and livermore. santa rosa in the upper 90s. that's for your saturday forecast. a few changes coming up sunday. we'll have the update in a few minutes. a police officer was among those injured when several vehicles collided in san jose this afternoon. san jose police say 6 vehicles were involved here. you can see the police car next to the median on jackson avenue. so far there is no indication as who that led to the crash. we're told none of the injuries are life-threatening. traffic subbing affected in that area. new technology to help slow down speeders on a stretch of road. how it works and why officials say it's not only easing traffic, but also saving money. >> a beautiful summer day for a farmer's market.
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with this special offer. need another reason? no annual fee. to apply, visit new at 6:00, a legal setback for oakland tonight. the city's lawsuit against the nfl has been dismissed, at least for now. a federal magistrate rejected oakland's claim that it's unable to host another nfl team because of the league's 32-team structure, a central issue in the city's anti-trust suit against the league. oakland has been given 45 days
6:24 pm
to submit a revised lawsuit. one northern california city is using technology on some of its traffic lights to ease traffic and save money. the system can also enforce speeding to force them to slow down. >> reporter: you may have an uneasy feeling you're being watched. that's because you are. at least your car is. >> we're using video detection systems out there. they're relatively new for the city of folsom. >> reporter: the city of folsom has put in high definition cameras in at some intersections. >> when the green box is indicated on this screen, it means there's a car or vehicle present in the zone and it will send a signal to the controller to switch, to give the phase a green light. >> reporter: empire ranch road, the city has historically had issues with speeding. >> two and a half mile long
6:25 pm
stretch of road with no traffic controls. speeds getting up in the 55, 60 mile-per-hour range. >> reporter: now with a push of the button from city hall, they can change the timing of the light. drivers going the right speed will never have to stop. >> that's the goal. know when a car's coming and switch to the green light. >> reporter: this system costs about $20,000 per intersection. same as the older loop center technology, but the loop centers require the crews to cut into the streets and install them. the camera detection system can be changed remotely and they're cheaper to maintain. >> we've already retrofit east bidwell street. we'll be looking at folsom boulevard. >> reporter: don't worry, the cameras are not being used to issue speeding tickets. >> no long term recording or
6:26 pm
archiving. they are also not used for enforcement. they're not snapping people's license plate numbers. >> reporter: in folsom, fox news. an effort to stop problematic properties from slipping through the cracks. >> we have an affordable housing crisis here. people are afraid of retaliation from their landlord, so they're not going to complain. >> what's now being done in oakland to protect tenants from slum lords. >> the raiders' antonio brown arriving at training camp in napa in a hot air balloon. he also landed on the injured list. the details later in sports. >> plus massive traffic delayed just steps from oracle park and the giants aren't even in town. we'll tell you what's causing the delay.
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the top stories right now.
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triple digit temperatures are expected in parts of the bay area over the next three days. a heat advisory has been issued for some areas through sunday. while santa rosa will not be under the heat advisory, soaring temperatures could play a role in the event. competitors are being told to hydrate, take salt and electrolytes. investigators are trying to determine if arson is to blame for an overnight fire that destroyed a housing development under construction. it was being converted to 9 live-work units. the fire is the latest in a string of suspicious fires at larger construction sites in recent years. in berkeley, employees stopped thieves trying to steal laptops from a coffee shop. you can see bystanders and an employee jump into action here. both laptops were recovered. police took one of the thieves, who isyear old, into
6:31 pm
custody. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news there are dirty, disgusting and dangerous rental homes all across oakland, but many of the people living in the deplorable conditions say they're too afraid to complain to their landlords. >> now in an attempt to prevent tragedies like the ghostship warehouse, the city is developing a plan to hold landlords accountable. >> reporter: from collapsing concrete to piecemeal doors to the down right disgusting. conditions inside rental units across oakland are widely unknown. code enforcement officers only react when conditions are reported to them. >> right now, we're paying the price types of units, identifying the problems that are there and then coming up with ways to correct them. >> reporter: brooks heads up the department for the county
6:32 pm
that focuses on eliminating lead paint from older homes to protect children and families. >> i get to see what the public doesn't get to see. >> reporter: he was part of the group that 4 years ago designed a pilot program for oakland. just as the project got off the ground, 36 lives were taken by flames and smoke at the ghostship warehouse. >> i was shocked in a way. maybe somewhat embarrassed in a way. >> reporter: but those feelings have turned into disappointment. nothing has been done in oakland to proactively inspect. 2017 study says problematic property owners are able to slip through the cracks, profit at the expense of people's health. >> let's face it, we have an affordable housing crisis here. people are afraid of retaliation from their landlord, so they're not going to complain. >> reporter: we looked at other california cities and their
6:33 pm
programs. records show san jose checked inside rental buildings every 5 years. los angeles does it every three years. sacramento randomly looks inside units in every building every year. we also checked san francisco. >> people are subjected to horrible living conditions. >> reporter: a year before ghostship, the oakland mayor announced the pilot program. she said it shouldn't be renters' responsibility to report unsafe living conditions. last year, $600,000 was set aside for a proactive inspection program, but nothing was spent and nothing started. do you believe there's a lot of talk and not a lot of action? >> i think it's difficult in a city of great need to often prioritize and see the needs we
6:34 pm
have. >> reporter: council woman lynette says he's always supported the -- oakland shelved the idea. >> this is one that we need to get to the top of the list and off the back burner. >> reporter: and with some community pressure, it's finally happening. the city council approved funding this month to hire a consultant. that person will design the program, come up with an inspection list, standard operating procedure and training. then next budget year, a half million dollars will be devoted to staff and the program itself. >> we really need the ability to help families keep themselves safe. >> reporter: supporters say it will be more soft effective. >> the biggest frustration for me is that we weren't able >> r to the people who are not fans of the government going in and
6:35 pm
inspecting proactively? >> look at ghostship. ghostship. that-- that should hurt all of us. and that should motivate all of us to find a way to make this work. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news. new details now on the san francisco couple we told you about yesterday who had the wheels stolen right off their car. the thief left their car propped up on milk crates. after ktvu reported the story, muni said it will dismiss a $79 ticket that they received for not moving their r on street sweeping day. a local toyota dealership also loaned the family a car. crews are working to restore the pavement near the station at 4th and -- warns pedestrians and drivers can
6:36 pm
expect some detours. some areas may also be blocked off overnight while the concrete sets. san francisco mayor london breed checked out the un plaza farmer's marketed it. the city has been working for several months to clean up the area. the civic center and united nationy plaza have been hampered by crime. >> i just think that, you know, a compassionate approach, but also making sure we have more restrooms, more trash cans and we also take a no tolerance approach to some of the things that happen, the illegal activities that take place on our streets. there's a balance to all of this. >> the mayor went on to see she is optimistic about the future of san francisco. the new un plaza farmer's market is held every friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and features local vendors, artists and musicians. coming up, now that the
6:37 pm
governor of puerto rico has announced his resignation, what's next? hear from puerto ricans who have a strong message for their leader. >> the people have given a message to the politicians of our country that if you mess with us, we'll get rid of you. that's the idea. tomorrow, 4-legged police officers compete to see who's top dog. plus your bay area weekend forecast.
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6:39 pm
puerto rico is rejoicing after governor ricardo rossello agreed to resign. >> the protestors are now --
6:40 pm
>> reporter: having forced governor rossello to resign, puerto ricans are now dealing with the fall out. >> it was like this was, you know -- >> reporter: but the protests/celebration, continue here with people saying they want to clean house and go after others associated with rossello's corrupted administration. >> the people have given a message to the politicians of our country that if you mess with us, we'll get rid of you. >> reporter: already feeling the heat, puerto rico's governor in waiting, secretary of justice wanda vazquez. aid supply trucks meant for victims of hurricane maria. vazquez releasing say statement: the desire and agenda of some trying to undermine my ability -- and to destabilize the governmental order is evidence which only attempts to perpetuate instability and restlessness in the country. mean while, fema announcing the
6:41 pm
commonwealth of puerto rico must receive approval from the federal agency to draw down all grant funds for hurricane maria. additionally the draw down requests must be accompanied with documentation. puerto rico's governor ricardo rossello submitted his resignation letter on thursday. his last day in office will be friday, august 2nd. in san juan puerto rico, fox news. little bit cooler today across portions of the bay area, but this weekend, we're going to be soaring up. could be talking about up above 100 degrees for the hot spots. we'll have more details with the forecast. let's go down to heather with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the 7:00 news. >> an american rapper remains behind bars in sweden. the democratic presidential
6:42 pm
candidate weighs in on the controversy. >> and there are new problems for the promoters of wood stock 50. we'll tell you about that and more. it's all live at 7:00. first, after the break, rehabilitated and ready to take flight on their own. the egrets and night herons just released back into the wild. >> we're taking a live look across the bear area on this friday evening. it's going to be hot tomorrow. take it all in while you can tonight. we'll see you back after the break. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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so 8 of the egrets and herons rescued earlier in this month were released today. 89 birds were resting in trees that fell over. the international bird rescue took custody of the birds and rehabilitated them in fairfield. >> it is daily weight checks, daily blood checks, making sure they have no infections, their bones are growing well. and the way you know a bird is ready to go is the feathers are emerging in full form. they come out in a case and when the case falls off and the bird is jumping around and flying, that's when they're ready to go. >> the smallest birds should be ready to go in 5 to 6 weeks. let's bring in mark who's keeping an eye on the
6:46 pm
temperatures that are going to change drastically tomorrow. >> it's not going to be a settle change, especially inland. hopefully you'll be warned after today's forecast. temperatures expected to jump quite a bit. a warm to hot weekend. we have been cooling off a little bit over the past couple days. today, temperatures bottoming out and then we're going to be soaring. right around 70 to 103 degrees. the heat advisory posted for the inland east bay, concord, antioch, brentwood, pleasanton. this is really targeting tomorrow. tomorrow should be the hottest day of the weekend. close to 100 degrees on sunday. thunderstorms drifting out to the east of the sierra. we have this, the low clouds and fog still hugging our
6:47 pm
coastlines. pretty chilly out toward half moon bay. and you see those numbers showing you just 50s for san francisco. santa rosa, 75. 80s out toward concord, livermore and san jose in the upper 70s, a fairly pleasant -- comfortable range. here we are tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 50s to 60s. as we put this into motion, the clouds pull back to near the coastline. the beaches close to 70 degrees. the inland spots, 98 to about 103 degrees tomorrow afternoon. all because this guy, this area of high pressure wants to build in. that's been sinking there, that's compressing air and it warms and that's the process for tomorrow. very hot inland. thankfully we still have the fog and an on-shore breeze. this will help moderate the temperatures near the coast and the bay. if we didn't have that fog, we would be talking about a big heat wave across the entire bay
6:48 pm
area. fire dangers will be on the rise this weekend. oakland, 84. drk rmore, 102 degrees. lots of water and if you want to go for a jog or bike ride, mike it tomorrow morning before the temperatures really heat up in the afternoon hours. san francisco, 74. and the coast mainly into the 7070s. still close to -- we finally cool things off in a big-time way as we head to monday and tuesday of next week. there's a reason we have all those numbers on the graphics. it's just amazing here in the bay area. you have all the microclimates you can choose from. >> that's why have all those numbers, so you can a there's a light at the end of the tunnel.
6:49 pm
41st annual gilroy garlic festival got under way today. we spoke to the festival president today. >> yeah, it started in 1979 where they expected 5,000 people. they had 15,000 people show up through the first festival, where they had to recycle food tickets and it snowballed from there. >> the festival runs today through sunday and is 100% volunteer driven. tickets are $20 for adults, 15 for seniors and kids ages 9 and under get in free. the series between the oakland a's and san francisco giants is still a month away, but the tickets are in such high demand, they are expected to open mount davis. that's the seats in upper field. the rest of the stadium is out game. tickets will cost 20 bucks.
6:50 pm
mount davis is named after al davis who insisted on the extra seats for agreeing to bring the team back from l.a. in the mid-90s. speaking of the raiders, they're already dealing with theatrics. plus why 49ers fans might have to way longer to see jimmy garoppolo in game-time action. scott is up next in sports. oft as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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we know the players and now they get a chance to show us what they've got. training camp. everybody reported; right. all 32 teams. of course, we only care about two of them. three games into his new $137 million contract, jimmy garoppolo's season ended with a torn acl. that was last year. 49ers expect to get more of their money's worth this time around as jimmy g is healthy and a full go for training camp. the team will be cautious. won't play in the first preseason game against dallas. there's a possibility garoppolo won't play in any of the preseason games. >> it's officially official. we're good to go. >> how do you feel physically?
6:54 pm
>> good. i'm really happy where i'm at. it was a successful summer. got a lot done. a lot of different -- just things we wanted to work on and it's really coming together now. >> i mean, he was doing 7 on 7 for all the ota's. he's been pumped to -- defensive line. now he's more than ready to go. then we have the raiders. last season in oakland, for sure this time. the new superstar in antonio brown who made quite entrance to training camp. >> float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. >> see what he at steelers camp ve seen social media video of brown's rigorous off-season work outs, unorthodox training method.
6:55 pm
we get worded it begin the season on the non-football injured list. hbo will have plenty of material for its hard knocks series that will feature the raiders. >> the oakland raiders did not invite the hard knocks cameras in. that's where we are. don and i are kind of old school and the reason you go away to training camp is to get away from all the distractions, get together, bond, learn your assignments, no distractions, no intrusion. hard knocks is an intrusion. >> but whether the raiders like it or not, it's going to be a good season. it remains to be seen whether the giants will be buyers or sellers. san francisco sends pitcher derek holland to the cubs in exchange for cash
6:56 pm
considerations. holland was recently relegated an unslightly 5.9era. on the off chance -- you missed a bit of history. baltimore outfielder stephen wilcarry son, first position player ever to record a save. he retired the angels one, two, three in the 16th inning. all right, stage 19 of the tour de france. supposed to be 126 and a half kilometers. i say supposed to be because they didn't quite make it long. hail storm, land slides, ill advised for cycling. so the tour officials shorten the stage. no official winner. heading into stage 20, leading
6:57 pm
by 48 seconds. and finally video eye candy we like to call -- everybody loves a gender reveal. smith of the steelers -- this is how he opened training camp. gender reveal. it's a boy. now we all know and can get on with camp. not only does he dunk on a kid, but watch this. oh, get out of here. i mean, it's bad enough. you dunk the ball, let it go, be done. this is unnecessary. >> at least it will make him tough. >> it might make him cry. >> find the positive in all this. it's his first challenge. >> goodness. >> don't leave alone with > tha >> good night.
6:58 pm
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two one six four two zero one nine eight nine. and that, little lady, is pi to a thousand places.
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i'd say i'm sorry i asked, except i didn't. oh, look, it's the scientific american oh, let me see. i have mixed feelings about doing interviews. i like the part where i talk. i do not like the part where the other man talks. sheldon, this article doesn't mention leonard at all. well, that can't be right. it only refers to "dr. cooper and his team." did you even talk about him? all i did was answer a few questions about the theory. and then expressed my gratitude that scientific american doesn't include any of those smelly perfume cards. poor leonard. why? the theory he came up with just got mentioned in scientific american. he ought to be thrilled. he might not be. oh, maybe you're right. he is kind of a lump. think about it. how would you feel if you were referred to as part of leonard's team?


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