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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 26, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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a major victory tonight for president tom and finding his controversial wall on the southern border. today, the supreme court cleared the way to use my from the military for construction. it was one of two immigration wins for the image bested administration today. >> an asylum agreement was
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reached with guatemala than the supreme court gave the administration the green light to use money from the defense department for the wall. president trump reacted to the decision today tweeting, big victory on the wall. the supreme court overturned and allowing the southern border while to proceed. big win for border security and the world of law. >> even though a federal judge previously blocked $2.5 billion in funding, justices are allowing work to begin while the challenges in court. those challenging do not have a right to do so. the trumpet ministration plans to use the money to replace sections of existing barriers in arizona, california and new mexico with stronger fencing. the wall was a centracampaign b fight is not over. the aclu promised to challenge the decision. >> nancy pelosi is among the democrats expressing this up t
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court ruling allowing president donald trump to steal military funds to spend on a wasteful and effective border wall, rejected by congress is deeply flawed. our founders designed a democracy governed by the people not a monarchy. >> the decision came as the trumpet ministration signed an agreement with guatemala and are keeping migrants from making the track from central america to the u.s.. it also expands access to temporary visas to farmworkers from guatemala. bogan's live in washington with details and why advocates are concerned. back in june, the illegal border crossings dropped by 28%, according to the department of romance at 30. and light is on track to drop by another 22%. this is just another effort to knock the numbers down president trump said the new agreement will put human traffickers and drug smugglers out of business. >> we have 6000 mexican troops at the border.
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this will help. >> official said the deal was made to avoid sanctions meant  to punish the economy. >> we have to make changes. the way to do it is working together. >> they agreed to do something that is good for the united states. we will work with them also. it will be a partnership. >> the agreements focused on migrants from honduras and el salvador the past through guatemala on their way to the u.s. according to the acting dhs secretary, if immigrants arrived in america and did not lie for asylum, they will be turned around. >> when they arrive, they are in a country that has a proceeding for assessing claims. that is where they should make the claim. >> this will stop migrants from hiring dangerous smugthe earliest possible point. guatemala has its own issues, state department travel advisories states violent crimes such as armed robbery and murder is common in
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guatemala. amnesty international said the trumpet ministration must abandon the cruel and illegal plan. there are a few procedural hurdles to get over before the plan can be fully implemented. the acting secretary estimates it will be a cup of weeks and take full effect in august. immigration officials released detail today on a two- month immigration sweep across the country. ice said 899 people were arrested nationwide. ran from mid-may to mid july. the undocumented immigrants had criminal convictions, including firearms charges in domestic violence. community to bested community tonight that his office will detect the rights of undocumented immigrants.
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the sheriff is planning to tell the crowd that deputies will comply with the state sanctuary law and will not ask the immigration status of people who contact them to report a crime. >> is a message that we cannot get out frequently enough that we can't repeat more often. people need to know they can trust the sheriff's office. we will always be there to take care of them. >> the sheriff was invited by a tribal chairman. he said one quarter of the workforce is latino. we will have the sheriff's remarks in a folder or dummy 11 pm news. new at 10, a san francisco man is speaking out for the first time tonight about a violent robbery in the chinatown neighborhood. >> what is worse, when a friend tried to intervene, that man was attacked. we are living chinatown. the victim runs the business in san francisco's chinatown and has been in the
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area for more than 30 years. nothing like this is ever happened to him before. >> reporter: on this friday evening, walter wong was greeted by a friend who asked him how he is doing. is the first time he has returned to chinatown, after he was beaten and robbed along a busy court or. in cantonese, he spoke about the ordeal. >> i was scared. it is always a concern that someone can come behind me. >> reporter: on july 15, he said he was waiting for the stoplight to change at stockton and pacific when suddenly, three men came from behind and grabbed him by the arms, assaulted him and stole his watch. >> to lift me up and threw me on the ground. at that time was unconscious. >> a friend of long saw the commotion and tried to help.
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this is dash cam video showing a suspect punching a friend in the face, knocking him to the ground. he suffered bruises. as for wong, he said he blacked out for several minutes when he regained consciousness, he was surrounded by people including the police. he was taken to the hospital and treated for a fractured cheekbone and bruises to his head. >> officers responded in three minutes. >> reporter: the print police captain said he added morpho patrols that will last at least through summer. investigators are following leads, including good surveillance video that will help identify the suspects. >> we normally don't see this kind of violence in chinatown. >> reporter: six days after the attack, a man used a broom to break the wiin traffic on jackson and stockton. police in the vandalism is unrelated to the attack on wong. during a community meeting, people that live and work in chinatown expressed concern and outrage.
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city officials say they are in the process of testing surveillance cameras along stockton street which are expected to be up and running and 68 eight six a cut -- 6-8 weeks. >> to get cameras in all angles from top to bottom to really get to see what actually happens. >> the injuries are still causing him pain. the attack in broad daylight in an area filled with elderly folks in tauris is alarming. he wants the suspect shot and arrested. -- caught and arrested. >> am not able to go back to a work for a week or so. i'm hoping this never happens to anyone else. wong is asking for a stronger and police presence and more cameras throughout chinatown. on tuesday, chinatown officials are planning to meet with the candidate and district attorney
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to discuss prevention. live in chinatown, thank you. the bay area is bracing for record-breaking heat. you got a taste of the fire danger. brushfire brought about 10 acres. you can see the start hillside near marshfield road. fire officials say it appears the fire was sparked by hot round at the shooting range. santa rosa is hosting an ironman competition. organizer sabia reminding competitors to stay hydrated. they have increased the amount of water and ice available.
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today's the first of a three day spare the air alert. officials say high temperatures and light wind expected to continue through the weekend will cause unhealthy smog levels in the bay area. it can cause throat irritation, congestion and chest pain. >> let's bring in meteorologist mark tamayo who has been keeping an eye on temperatures and what is going to happen tomorrow. it will not be just a little transition. it will be a big change. especially in land. we are talking about triple digits across portions of the bay area. take a look at the high from the afternoon. actually one of the cooler days of the week. san jose 81. oakland 73. everybody going up this weekend, especially as we head into saturday. this weekend, primarily for tomorrow class you can see inland spots around 103 degrees.
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the beaches, not nearly as hot. mainly upper 60s to lower 70s. all the areas in yellow, you can't see toward livermore, pleasanton, walnut week, concord, antioch fairfield. temperatures run 98 to 103. we still have this. that will help moderate temperatures closer to the coast and around the bay. current numbers, santa rosa 56. mountain view 64. more 60s out there. we will have microclimates back in san francisco 74. warming closer to the bay, 80s and 90s. at the triple digits for concorde and livermore. for saturday, we will talk more about the forecasted highs for
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tomorrow. then sunday we could bring in relief. the full forecast, and a few minutes. straka brushfire threatening homes in southern california is now under control. the fire breaking out this afternoon in thousand oaks and ventura county. it was burning dangerously close to homes but firefighters were able to hold the fire to eight acres. no one was hurt. crews will stay on the scene overnight to monitor hotspots. >> you are good at this. >> the celebration held in his honor in oakland. how his family is reacting to the win. renters are forced to live in disgusting conditions in oakland. we investigate how landlords may be held accountable.
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back to four-legged police officers compete. all the news from overnight in your we can forecast morning sun 2 tomorrow at 7.
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a police officer was among those injured when several vehicles collided and san jose. guy fox was over the scene at north jackson avenue. police say six vehicles were involved. you can see the police car next to the median on jackson avenue. none of the injuries were life- threatening. a san jose police officer was arrested in sunnyvale for drug and gun related charges.
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officers arrested 48-year-old john thompkins after searching his home.  officers came -- it came to his attention while investigating another case. he was booked into the county jail on two felony charges of possession of narcotics with firearms and two misdemeanor drug charges. straka fire destroyed under construction housing development last night. investigators are learning if arson was to black dust explain -- arson was to blame. >> reporter: it has happened yet again. flames engulf an unfinished building in oakland. the fire broke out at this three-story complex on stamford avenue near the city line at about 10 pm on thursday. we saw big flames and a lot of heat.
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we got the baby and got on the street as quickly as we could. >> the building owner said the old printing shop with and converted 29 units. investigators might already be setting sights on at least one person of interest. been at the construction crew was here last night picking up tools when it started. one of them talk to a stranger that came up and asked for a cigarette. said he believes it was arson. >> it wasn't spontaneous combustion. >> it makes me sad. >> what unstable person would have done it. c the only begin to pick through the frame and debris. c everything is on the table in regards to coming up with an accurate cause. >> officials are not leaking the fire with a string of fires
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that larger sites in recent years. >> as of now we have no information to show any relationship and past incidents. b there is enough concern that there might stumped by. barbara maxwell was among those from the san francisco division scouring what is left. the investigated the fire in oakland and testified at the trial. the building owner said he might rebuild. after the mess is cleaned up. in oakland, henry lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. work tyou but that may cause delays. crews are working to restore the pavement. they were in that pedestrians and drivers can expect detours which runs from 7 am-7 pm.
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the san francisco mayor london reed checked out the farmers market at the un plaza. the market recently expanded to include friday's. the city said it is working to clean up the plaza. the mayor said she was happy with the progress. the farmers market upraise every friday from 7 am-4 pm. that is in addition to existing sundays and wednesdays. oakland has a rising restaurant star. a local chef was around duster crowned the champion of the new food network show. >> reporter: he is a third- generation coke and wants to use the same to help the community. >> come over here with me. wrap the butter.
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>> reporter: he runs a kitchen like a 31-year-old general. friday night, the chef rashad was doing homestyle cooking hosting family and several other desiccated friends and guess. a celebration of his fame after he appeared on the food network show. is cooking, a combination of creations and family recipes. >> i would sit in the corner and watch everyone cooking. >> reporter: he was owner of the popular pop-up called raised barbecue and opened a restaurant called graham east downtown cooking in oakland. named after his great- grandmother that was a cook and businesswoman. he never dreamed it would leave to an invitation to compete. >> i got an email monday and they said they heard about our pop-up and made it to the taping and may. the timing could not have been
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better. he was on the verge of throwing in the towel. >> i was ready to turn it in and say i would find another career. wenning that was like okay you are good at this. >> he couldn't tell even his family what happened. >> reporter: that is until tuesday when it finally aired. >> you are the champion. take a moment to savor the victory. >> i was a bucket of tears. it was amazing. told my husband, if i didn't do anything right, i raised him right. >> we saw the show. all that hard work and perseverance. it paid off. >> i was going through hard times. was one of those things, you're meant to it. >> now bigger plans.
10:21 pm
he hopes to open a second restaurant in richmond and is launching a community crowdfunding effort to help hire and mentor people. >> i believe in hiring young people. my kitchen is full of young adults. for making the end, he said that will be his measure of success. >> the next thing i could think of is by helping someone else to find out what they are supposed to be doing. that warms my heart more than money. >> reporter: he said his advice to young people is to work hard, persevere and find something that you love that gives you a sense of purpose. i have to tell you, i had to hi he has a special fondness for crab. >> there is a great story. never give thank you. straka man has been missing for more than one week in northern
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california. officials say the search to find him is growing more urgent. later in sports, the padres honor -- in san diego. how they shared in the first game of the critical series. sacked a counterfeit bill operation at the state fair. how to people almost got away with turning one dollar bills into one hundred dollar bills. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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police in the search for a missing man is growing more
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urgent. he was last seen one week ago at the sonoma county fairgrounds rv park. 's truck was located the following day in the town of hartland in mendocino county. officials are concerned that he may be suicidal. searches scheduled for tomorrow to the area where his pickup was located. anyone with information is asked to call the santa rosa police department. aviation investigators are in nebraska trying to figure out what caused a private plane to crash killing a family of three. the aircraft crashed on wednesday afternoon in the city of shattering. also their way to an aviation conference. two people under arrest for conducting a counterfeit bill operation at the california state fair in sacramento. justin vega and carissa dodger
10:26 pm
accused of buying low-cost items with fake $100 bills, netting them large amounts of change. investigators said he used household products and basic home-office equipment. to transform one dollar bills into $100 bills. >> when we opened this up, i guess you cannot say you are not doing it. then we open that up. >> once the fake bills were flagged, surveillance video helped them find the suspects. straka warning that may have you check your fridge. we will tell you which products tested. unclean and unsafe apartments in oakland. those that live in them are too afraid to speak up. >> their locking not looking into these units.
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>> the lack of sections in the effort underway to s to complia right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more. there are dirty, disgusting and dangerous rental homes in oakland. many people living in those conditions say they are afraid to complain to landlords because of the fear they could
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end up homeless. >> and his attempt to prevent tragedies like the ghost ship warehouse, the city may start a program to hold landlords accountable. >> reporter: from collapsing concrete to piecemeal doors to the downright disgusting. conditions inside rental units across oakland are unknown. officers only react when issues are read ported. the problem the alameda county homes director wants resolved. >> we are paying the price for not looking into these types of units, identifying problems that are there and coming up ways to correct. >> he has a department that focuses on eliminating lead pate from oldefamilies. >> i get to seedoesn't. >> reporter: he was part of a group that designed a pilot program for oakland aimed at
10:31 pm
proactively inspecting rental properties. as the project got off the ground in 2016, tragedy. 36 lives were taken by flames and smoke at the oak and ghost ship warehouse. >> i was shocked and away. may be embarrassed. >> reporter: those feelings have turned into disappointment. nothing has been done to proactively inspect, a study said problematic property owners were able to slip through the cracks in profit at the ends of help. >> we have an affordable housing crisis. we are not going to complain. >> reporter: we looked at other california cities and their programs. san jose checks inside rental buildings with three or more units every five years. los angeles every three years. sacramento looks inside 10% of units in each building every year.
10:32 pm
we also checked san francisco. the city only looked at exteriors and common areas of rentals. >> people are subjected to horrible living conditions. will make the oakland mayor announced a pilot program. she said it shouldn't be renters wrist aunts ability to rip or unsafe conditions. last year, $600,000 was set aside for a proactive inspection program. nothing was spent and nothing started. >> do you believe there is a lot of talk that not a lot of action? >> it is difficult in a city of need to prioritize the competing needs. >> the councilwoman said she supported the added layer of enforcement ortage, they shelve this is one that we need to get to the top of the of the back burners. >> with some community
10:33 pm
pressure, it is happening. the city council approved funding to hire a consultant for $100,000. that person will design the program, come up with an inspection list and training. then the next budget year, a half-million dollars will be devoted to staff and program itself >> we need the ability to help families keep themselves safe. supporters say it will be more cost-effective and expose slumlords, fire hazards and substandard living conditions. >> the biggest frustration is that we weren't able to do this 10 years ago. >> what would you say to the people that are not fans of the government going on and inspecting proactively. >> look at ghost ship. that should hurt all of us. that should motivate all of us to find a way to make it work.
10:34 pm
>> reporter: ktvu, fox 2 news. now to redwood city were city council is expected to discuss limiting the size of single-family home projects.ey the meeting on august 26. the measure would limit the size of single-family home projects to 40% of the lot area. or to a maximum house size of 2500 square feet. earlier this week, the council voted to limit the size and height. >> the judge has reduced the $2 billion reported to a livermore couple to $87 million. the judge said evidence supports the conclusion that in damages unconstitutional. to say that the overall rooming is a major victory. the oakland antitrust
10:35 pm
lawsuit against the nfl has been dismissed for now. a federal magistrate rejected the claim that it is unable to host another team because of the anti-competitive 32 team structure. the central argument in the lawsuit. oakland will be losing the raiders next year when the team plans to move to a new stadium in las vegas. they have been given 45 days to submit a revised lawsuit. coming up, new information about the arrest of nearly 20 marines and other california. what led authorities to the marines accused of crimes including human smuggling. in the weather, a bit of a cooldown for today. temperatures rebound quite a bit as we head into the weekend. we will talk more about a heat advisory. as warmer temperatures are getting dangerous fire of the season. of savings and service.
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a new study finds major grocery stores are selling leafy greens tainted with listeria. they sampled a variety stores l foods and costco. contain the bacteria. cc is not too concerned.
10:39 pm
they said most of the time, healthy people do not get sick from listeria. apple will not get exemptions from tariffs on chinese made parts for the mac computer. in a tweet today, the present told the company, to make the parts in the usa. they applied for an exemption from the tariff imposed on more than dozen parts used to make the computer. resident trump has denied a number of requests from other major companies like gm, tesla and for. wall street that more effort -- records on strong warnings from google and twitter. the dow was up 51, the nasdaq gained 91 to close a new high and the s&p finished up 22 nights, also setting a record. there commerce department. gdp growth slowed to 2.1% in the second quarter. that is down from 3.1% growth in the first quarter.
10:40 pm
they also revise the rate for 2018 down to 2.5% from 3%. analyst ab should all but guarantee the fed will cut interest rates by one quarter to half a point next week. nancy pelosi had a closed door meeting today with a critic from her own party. alexandria ocasio-cortez has accused the speaker of singling out her and three other minority congresswomen dubbed the squad," disrespectful way. after the meeting, speaker pelosi tweeted this photo of them smiling together. >> some personality issues and the rest minor. we have a big schism in the country. >> it could happen in congress and what is happening in the white house. >> the speaker respects the fact that we are coming together as a party. i am looking forward to us getting back to the summer.
10:41 pm
congress returned in a six week rate today. >> and officer said the phone records of two marines arrested this month led to yesterday's arrest of 17 more servicemembers. authorities say the initial 16 marines and one sailor have been accused of human smuggling and drug-related offenses. the marines were arrested yesterday at camp pendleton in san diego county. all of the marines arrested were relatively low ranked from private first class to corporal. rescued birds ready to take flight on their own. part of the tree they lived in came down. triple digit temperatures could be headed your way. meteorologist mark tamayo will have all the details of the weekend ahead.
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oakland police are asking for the public's help in finding a stolen bulldog. was last seen on wednesday on campbell street near 15th street. if you know where the dog is or have any information, call police. back to the coverage of the heat forecasted to move to the area. the hot weather comes as santa
10:45 pm
rosa hosted an ironman competition. tom vacar tells us about the precautions. >> reporter: this weekend it will be very hot in santa rosa. unique weekend when the ironman competition will be in full swing. many are well experienced competitors, he is a significant threat. iron is often forged in high heat. on saturday, ironman and iron women will be nathan as well. >> we asked them to be prepared and know how to hydrate. be ready for anything the weather or day me throw at them. >> for the afternoon, we have increased the amount of water. stations. we are encouraging them to know their bodies and pay attention to those things. >> don't go too hard.
10:46 pm
it will be hot. >> a few miles away, the cal firebase knows that high heat not only promotes wildfires now but increasingly for the rest of the year. with tanker pilot has been firefighting from the air for the last 45 years. >> at this point, it is much more active than i would like to see. that means later on, that means watch out and be extremely careful. it is too busy this early. >> everything is trying out. we can expect a busy august or september or october. >> vegetation is bone dry. we get our windy days and throw the typography into the mix and that is when we have the most large and destructive fires. >> there will be's too short
10:47 pm
distance event you can participate in to help raise money for storm recovery that is very much under way. tom vacar, ktvu, fox 2 news. we have been prepping for this forecast. especially in land. eratures up tomorrow could be one of the hottest days of the week. take a look at the temperature jumped. 80s and 90s. everyone warming up for tomorrow. some areas not so much. some areas approaching the mid- 70s. conquered in the triple digit. as a result, closer to home, and the bay area toward concorde and walnut creek, we have a heat advisory this weekend. this is targeting tomorrow. it should be the hottest of the day. air-quality will be a concern. an area of high pressure setting up of the cap and the atmosphere.
10:48 pm
all the pollutants get trapped. air-quality is impacted. unhealthy for se for the eastern district and for the valley for your saturday. here's a satellite showing you this, we still have lots of low clouds and fog offshore and pushing into the bay. we are not completely clear if this will have a big impact on temperatures near the coast and some areas near the bay. current numbers, still warm and concorde. san jose 64 and san francisco a cool 54. you can see why the fog is showing up. low visibility. you can see the lights of the south tower. >> overnight low temperatures in the 50s and 60s. fog near the coast and portions of the bay to start out saturday morning. what is happening, the layer of warm air compressing the marine layer. here is the source of that warm air. series of pressure is building
10:49 pm
and. it will continue to build in for the weekend. a big temperature range. about 35 degrees as we had into the saturday forecast. here's the deal for tomorrow morning, showing you clouds out there. then into the afternoon, clouds clear back to the coastline. the beaches have not warmed up too much. here we go with the hot end of the temperature range. 103 or 104 out toward vacaville. it will be a rapid warm-up in the north bay toward fairfield. toward livermore brentwood, antioch, oakland 84. it is warm around the bay. morgan hill, 99. gilroy will be hot copper 90s. san francisco, in the 70s. 74 degrees. it is nice to have fog around keeping temperatures and check. if san francisco goes above 85 or 90 it is a different rate. be prepared.
10:50 pm
it will really cause a fire. >> trang winds make it an extreme situation. a follow-up now to the birds that were rescued this month from a fallen tree in oakland. they were released into the wild today. they were among 89 birds today. part of it broke off near lake merritt. the international bird rescue rehabilitated them. the smallest will continue to be cared for over the next few weeks. >> it is daily weight checks and blood checks. sure they have no infections and bones are growing well. way that you know bert is ready to go is the feathers are emerging full form. the case has to disappear. it looks like the end of the shoelace.
10:51 pm
when it falls off and the bird is jumping around and flying, that is when they are ready to go. >> the bird to be ready to go in about 5-6 weeks. coming up, it is only fitting that the giants have another extra inning. scott reese on --. a message for immigrants and sonoma county. the event that connects law enforcement with the latino community. my experience with usaa
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the giants seem to be looking pretty good. they are keeping the momentum going. not displaying long game they are playing long games. the previous five all wins. >> the trend continues in san diego. the former ponder manager honored the plastic. off-the-wall. celano got himself a double. the giants are up 1-0. that lead would evaporate courtesy of austin hedges. >> i think he got it. one mistake made, hedges deposited for a homer.
10:55 pm
bottom of the ninth, will myers. centerfield. look at him going back. a terrific catch. extra innings again. they will not be talking about the home run tomorrow. they will be talking about the catch. that proved to be the game- winner. the guy in the stands, baby in one arm, catches it with the other. great catcher bad parenting? u i am putting bad parenting. c the giants win 2-1. >> you have to wonder whether the a's might go all in on a starting pitcher. even with someone i had to back, the rotation has looked fallible. >> the a's and rangers in oakland tonight.
10:56 pm
the best stash in baseball. he took the ball tonight. get a 1-0 lead in the second. looking to add on. he takes a homer away. he didn't have to go way up to get it. it still would have been a homer. a base hit left, it is to my zero a's. a similar story. it is 2-2 in the fourth. the high school grad, willie calhoun. top of the eighth, calhoun doing it himself. off of ryan buchter. the sixth homerun of the year. the rangers come from behind and beat the eighth 5-2. jimmy garoola torn acl.
10:57 pm
there healthy with the forgo for training camp. the team will be cautious with a trek franchise quarterback during the summer. 20 season games. you will be under center when it matters. >> we are good to go. >> have you feel? d good. i am happy where i'm at. it was a successful summer. i got a lot done. a lot of things we wanted to work on. it has come >> he ing seven on seven. he has been pumped. he is more than ready to go. >> then we have the raiders. the final season in oakland. the new superstar in antonio brown that made quite an entrance. >> raider nation, i am here. time to get to work maybe.
10:58 pm
float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. >> last year brown arrived at stealer camp via helicopter. this i guess is a natural progression. you may have seen social media video of the rigorous off- season workout. wouldn't you know it, we get the word today, we are on the nonfootball injury list. no word of the actual ailment. reports indicated as minor. he will be out maybe a week. hbo will have plenty of material for the hard knock series that will feature the raiders. good for the fans but not so much for the new general manager mike matt. >> the raiders did not invite the hard knocks scams and. you know that. john and i are old school. the reason to training camp is to get away from all the distractions. get together and bond and learn assignments. no distractions or intrusions.
10:59 pm
hard knocks is an intrusion. it was handed to us. it is up to us to deal with it. >> a little video eye candy called check this out. were your fans will appreciate, clay thompson not only rehabbing or working out but he has a rehab partner. rocco getting in on it. >> a cooperative work out. letting him hang out. you make the call. >> to risky. i will be the uptight mom. my husband probably would've done it. thank you so much. that coming up next at 11, >> people needs nobody can trust the sheriff's office to take care of them. >> reassuring words tonight. the sheriff telling the community that his office has there. 11 pm news starts now.
11:00 pm
the sheriff offering those words of comfort. >> the unusual appearance and it easing concerns in the community were fiercest deportation are widespread. this coverage tonight from the resort and casino. >> latinos make up about one third of the sonoma county population. this casino host a monthly concert series with bands from mexico. tonight's appearance by the sheriff was a surprise. ll you we


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