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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 29, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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festival. a gunman opened fire on the ground. he killed three people including 2 children. the community is coming to gripwiright now. my people are dead including the gunmen. 19 others were injured. 11 them from gunshot wound. on this one is in critical condition. the number of victims could have been much higher if not for the quick action by three of the officers shot and killed the suspect. >> the youngestwas a he was at the festival with his mother and grandmother. his mother was also shot and wounded. a 13-year-old girl and a recent college graduate. we are also learning more about the suspect. police identified him as the 19- year-old.
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we have 10 coverage from the area on the deadly shooting. we begin tonight. late details of the investigation. >> we just got an update from police and the fbi. they now say that they're doing a social media scrub of the 19- year-olds facebook account. they still do not have a motor. there in the process of serving a search warrant. that some of the car had been located and that is why the bomb was brought in. you see the fbi is calling it a complex crime scene. you can see evidence along with the bounce house. the fbi released information last hour saying this crime will take a while to investigate.
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>> we systematically methodically and deliberately process an extensive and complex crime scene. that will take several more days to complete. >> what investigators continue to go to the crime scene, witnesses are still dealing with the aftermath. today we spoke with several members of one family and here is what the experience. >> the side of the garlic festival remains a large crime scene monday with have been offered the presence. including fbi and atf agents. a man was in front of us with a gun. people were screaming. >> she was one of many people who witnessed the carnage sunday evening.>> the government stop. just started shooting again. >> burford also saw the gunmen
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opened fire. >> i waiting to see. whatever we have to do. >> it's a cover in his truck. i just kept thinking. he is the 11-year-old twin daughters within his truck when the shooting started. >> they were yelling at him to get back in the truck. i do not want to die. i was so scared. >> i thought he was a boy scout. he had a fisherman's hat. he had khakis. i thought he was walking in.>> the soon-to-be seventh graders excited to get docs.
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instead, now living with dramatic memories of gunshots. >> all i remember is him coming down. they were everywhere. i keep replaying in my mind. >> thank goodness we are all a lie. it is horrible. they were up all night last night. it was going to take some time. >> they have set up some grief counseling and services. we mentioned the fbi says there still asking for help and tips. they set up a website where people can upload those. there also asking for patients from the public as the process the crime scene.
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they have to get people back their personal items including cars, cell phones, and other personal items that were left behind. what can you tell us about the suspect vehicle. they said they did locate the vehicle and were getting the suspect. have you heard anything new about that?>> i know they told me they had mentioned the bomb squad was called in as a precaution. the fbi and please confirm the did find the suspect's car. this it was parked there. the do not have much information of where he drove from. law enforcement is still trying to figure out more news. there trying to figure out. the fbi did add another call. they got the search more. they were in the middle of processing that. she will have that tonight. i also want to mention that the
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families are cooperating. the fbi is about doors -- doing interviews. a former chief and core data for fema and he joined us live last hour to discuss why it is important to understand why there was not a second suspect in this case.>> unfortunately seems like there is. they are moving in that path. it is important there not be a second. and lone wolf type of individual. that is not positive in the sense people were killed. i think what we are hoping for is that this is not part of a larger plot.>> he says it likely saved many lives. as we have been reporting, the three people killed were all under the age of 30. >> they have been speaking with
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family members of the victims. he joins us live from the medical center with the governor stop by this afternoon. >> the press conference wrapped up here about 20 minutes ago. we do not verify victim still in the hospital. three are in very serious condition. it cannot be given at this time. as you said, the governor was here earlier today. he talked about how courageous everyone was. he said he came. they were actually giving him the support. >> she was on a jumpy house. a 12-year-old was shot. us and how are you smiling you were just shop. she started describing the courage as she was running away after she was shop. >> the governor speaking. she is in stable condition after being shot in the letter.
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there were four people killed including the shooter. here from the east coast. where he recently graduated. the six-year-old shown here with his grandmother. the governor had a chance to speak with her and another woman. both of whom were shot and survived this dramatic ordeal. >> describing how he was running towards her. >> she lost a six-year-old grandson. she was in the hands of her daughter. she thanked me for visiting her.>> those are extraordinary human beings. >> 21 people taken to the area hospital. 11 with gunshot wound. coming up you will hear more
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from him and his father. the six-year-old who was shot and killed. also learn more about the 25- year-old man who was shot and killed. the doctor said it was actually already at the festival to help triage. three people in their cars. to make sure they were okay. thank you so much for that live report. we want to give you a closer look at where the suspected governments home is in relation to the festival. want to show you this map. it is over 1.5 miles away. here is the garlic festival. the garlic festival is in its 41st year. that is where the festival is held. again just over 1.5 miles away. according to google maps, that is about a four minute drive and listed a 30 minute walk.
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this is the actual festival map. we want to focus on the bottom right-hand corner. this is where the bounce house is. this is where the six-year-old boy was shot and killed. right near this bounce off. here is the stage where the band was playing. that was near the concert stage. was to heard the gunshot the study running towards the white tent. drawing your attention to this. this is the great. police say the gunmen came. across this great. go through a hole in the fence and get access to the fragrance. that is where that little boy was shot and killed right next to the soundstage. they join us live. we are spending the day learning more about his background. what have you learned? >> this is where the 19-year- old suspect lived all of his life. in this house behind me. in the middle of this cul-de- sac. members tell me it is like any other teenager.
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>> family friends. less than two months from the garlic festival. it is a home that officers rated monday morning. first going through multiple calls and searching the house coming out with bags of evidence in what appeared to be a rifle case. >> just pure shop. >> was put in the house is connected to a shooting suspect. a high school graduate is accused of opening fire at the festival killing three people including to my children. police say he purchases ak-47 type rifle three weeks ago in nevada. >> there have always been a very nice family. another dad really well. he has always been such a nice guy. >> they know the suspect's father and older brother. they do not know the suspect well. is now deleted the instagram account. where he described it as overpriced.
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they also posted about a book from 1896. it is going to be anti-somatic and misogynistic. he spoke with him only a few times. >> the conversations i had with him. just a normal everyday young kids. >> the fbi is helping police figure out the suspect motive. there looking at possible affiliations and ideological connections. never said there cooperating with authorities as well. all the while absorbing the shop.>> it is just crazy to think this would happen here.>> we have reached out to the suspect's family. we just learned today that authorities have searched an apartment there. they believe the suspect in the used or lived in. the owner where the gun was
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purchased released this statement. we feel so very sorry for the families. i am heartbroken that this could never happen. people have been hurt. this goes against everything i believe in. have always said that we sell to good people. we have done everything we can to make sure this happens. officials released this statement this morning saying that the garlic festival association it the entire community are devastated by the shooting yesterday. on the last day of the garlic festival. our hearts go out to the victims and their families and everyone affected by this horrific event. their offering any and all resources available to support the community. we asked for your prayers and understanding at this incredible difficulty. our coverage continues with more life coverage and details on the investigation. we have also posted more on our website. we are updating our twitter and facebook pages. coming up,
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closing artemis begin today. details from inside the courtroom coming up. what big drug companies agreed to pay the state of california tens of millions of dollars. a teenager accused in the death of a police officer and what they say about the killing. we are tracking the forecast which does include some cold around here. what is the rest of the week want to be like? i will let you know.
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one of the 2 teenager arrested in italy police that he stepped a police officer in self-defense.
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>> in a court ordered that the 19-year-old believed he was being strangled. our reporter has a detailed. >> in an act of self-defense, he says he stabbed a plainclothes police officer during a drug deal gone wrong. an italian judge said he thought he was being strangled so he put on his not. the judge says the 19-year-old had no marks indicating's regulation. the teenagers friend leslie told investigators that he informed him back to hotel the hinges the knife and then washed it. investigators also allege he repeatedly pushed the other officer during the altercation. all of this as a lead photo shows him in police custody with a scarf covering his eyes. he was restrained with handcuffs. police say it was a mistake. they do not want to visit documents related to the investigation. in order confirms the 2 teenagers are still in prison while authorities investigate. he expects to meet the
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teenagers family soon. >> we are working with the consulate. we made herself available to the consulate. before we are doing what the consulate is estevez. >> the plainclothes officer was hailed as a hero in his hometown. >> it did not have to happen. the feeling is that what happened is so unjust. >> an autopsy showed he had been stabbed 11 times. an update from the county. the road partially reopen. fields in overturned yesterday. chris had been on the scene since 9 pm sunday cleaning up 200 gallons of fuel. they said the taker exceeded the size limit for that section of road by 14 feet.
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no word on when booklets will be reopen. looking at the forecast for the next couple of days. and mild pattern sticking with us. as much as 20 degrees. a big drop in temperatures today. do not really see much in the way. you see some showers up. some showers up around boise. that is the sole reason that temperatures have dropped as much as 20 degrees. this pattern has been repeating itself all summer. uses this with us a couple of days. the fog is pretty fractured because of that love. because of the fluctuation. we do have fog out.
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the end result of all of this is a much cooler temperature footprint. that is where we are right now. nearly 20 degrees colder. 13 degrees colder. it was pretty warm today. the seabreeze represented by the green. wind gust along the coast. 20 miles per hour at napa. gusting up to 32. we see what is going on there. even though it is not fog, that is just moisture flowing in the delta. getting a lot of cooler pushing in. helps your utility bill. not many air-conditioners to
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have to click on today. the marine layer. that is the bottom line. that is what the loan comes in. as we move forward with the pattern that is pretty mild. instead of being 100 in some places, they to be those low spots. they going to be in the 80s the next couple of days. air quality not so great. it looks a little donkey at the retina. wind blowing out on the bay. the high temperatures from last week. this pattern states. 72 hours. this pattern being fluctuated of that. kind of a mild pattern. better air quality. the weekend is coming. will talk about that when i see you next. as president trump
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soldier killed two men american servicemembers today. officials released more information once family members of the 2 serviceman are notified. today deadly attack comes one after a powerful bomb damage the offices of the president's running mate. 20 were killed. then reportedly escaped injury.
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there trying to determine if it is tied to the election. president trump signed a bill to provide billions of dollars in healthcare compensation for first responders. he signed a bill at the white house. many first responders were at the white house this morning for the ceremony. the benefits first responders who developed respiratory and other illnesses from the toxic fumes. president trump and his allies are denying accusations that racism is behind the president attacks. today the president met behind closed doors with a group of about 20 african-american pastors. one pastor said the meeting was not damage control. is of the president could do more to address racism.
5:26 pm
this comes after he tweeted this weekend about the congressman following -- calling his district gross and disgusting. there leading multiple investigations.>> for him to be angry at this government. mr. cummings has the moral standing to question how migrant children are being treated at the border is an abomination to me. >> is trying to say this us versus them.>> the republican governor called the president's comments outrageous and inappropriate. >> the directors live in the trump administration. he tweeted he would step down on august 16. is argued with the president of russia and north korea. he reportedly announced his resignation after seeing repeated warnings about russian election meddling water down by the white house. he announced his nominated
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texas congressman to replace them. has been an outspoken defender president trump. the president and this will go head-to-head in the second debate starting tomorrow night. they will be divided across two nights in detroit. the amount of includes senator bernie sanders. on the second night, senator kemal harris and joe biden will face each other for the second time on the debate stage. cory booker and congresswoman are also expected to appear on wednesday night. coming up we go back to our top story. the mass shooting. we will have an update from police headquarters on the investigation. the community is coming to grips with the violence that erupted at an annual event. the closing arguments. it brought some in the courtroom to tears.
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there was a vendor working yesterday. recounting the terrifying moments a gunman defense and open fire. >> they join us with the search of a car going on right now.>> we do have some more information to pass on. listed announced they have located the vehicle. they say they're currently in the process of serving a search warrant on that.
5:32 pm
us for that suspect's car, we have just learned where the drug is up to the festival was about a half mile away. they said the dog actually got a hit on the dog. it could be anything from an explosive. because of that, the sheriff's office bomb squad was brought in. here is what the police chief said we have located the suspect vehicle. >> we have obtained a search warrant for that vehicle. in the process of serving that one. >> we spoke with several
5:33 pm
witnesses joined in their own aftermath. they were taking cover in the car with the different >> all of us were yelling at him. i did not want to die. i was so scared at that moment. i did not want to get shop. he was like 50 feet in front of us. >> the district attorney to the red cross. meanwhile the investigation continued. we do have an update in another half hour. back to you.
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they saw their dad tried to run to help. you have talked to so many people. how did they seem to be processing dealing with everything. >> i have never seen so many people in shock. you see people trying to process something essentially horrific. the father of those gross spoke up saying i don't know how to do. they all slept together in the same bed last night. up to 100,000 people could attend. have o have lost loved ones including to my
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children. i think we are just starting to see some of the impact.>> it is just a hard situation for everyone. it is taking a tremendous toll on the community. they were there available at all day today to help those traumatized by the tragedy. this was the scene today. mental health experts were there to help manage to members begin the healing process.>> we have been working since last night with local law enforcement. to find out the best way we can all come together to support our community. members of the red cross were at the same school today. shelter. were not able to return to the car after the shooting.>> we came in this
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morning, they showed up. is that we have the staff that can help get medications. stuff like that. >> they also spent the day helping vendors and others reconnect with their families using social media sites and other methods. people in gilroy are struggling to come to grips with the violence that erupted. our reporter went to gilroy today to talk to people to see how their processing what happened. >> gilroy is not a place where everybody knows everybody. it is also community for silicon valley. the world-famous festival has bonded the telephone. those who live in the garlic capital of the world.>> it is
5:37 pm
really kind of like a family reunion for this time. >> yesterday she did talk to very poor.>> the family lives one mile from the festival. >> we were just holed up in the house. holding our guns and hoping nobody bars in the door. >> we never expected. you had to be prepared for it today. we cannot control craziness. you cannot plan for. >> if youngsters worry about their town and their own safety.>> we hope it does not become a thing. that would just be awful. so many people think it is okay to be doing all of this to. >> people will say i do not want to go to the garlic festival anymore.
5:38 pm
people may see that on television. they may go back and do it himself. >> gilroy is hardly alone. >> this could happen again. >> we have article 210 days so far this year. that means more than one mass shooting each and every day. we still have more than five must ago.>> i think it creates fear. >> it seems there is no refuge in america. >> the amount of hatred and anger that is prevalent right now. it is terrifying. >> individual is being held tonight in response to the tragedy.
5:39 pm
the service begins tonight. president trump offered condolences for the families who lost loved ones in the shooting this morning.>> one they were spending time together at a local festival, a murderer open fire and killed three innocent citizens including a young child. we grieve for their families. we ask that god will comfort them with his overflowing mercy and grace. we are praying for those who are recovering right now in the hospital.>> he also thanked the police officers responded and quickly shot and killed the gunmen. our coverage continues on the mass shooting. with baltimore on our website and we are updating our twitter and facebook pages. not to the warehouse trial. they gave its closing argument today. it brought me the victims families to tears.
5:40 pm
>> they join us now with what was said in court today.>> just as they did in the beginning, the das of the names and pictures of each victim. the prosecutor summarizes the case to the jury. many of the victims who died in the fire were trapped on the second floor. he says that nearly suspended in smog. is the worst place they could be in that building.>> is just not easy. >> he lost a sister in the fire. they should be guilty of involuntary manslaughter. >> they have done a really good job of defining what the jury is supposed to consider. >> the defendant acted with criminal negligence.
5:41 pm
the das says they fell to get proper premise to avoid inspection. held parties there and failed to install safety devices. instead, they jammed the building with rvs. and other things acted. >> talk about the disregard for human life. the indifference. such a cutting word in this case. >> the plate discipline from a jailhouse interview. >> they accused the da of alignment the defendant. >> it just felt like they were never really interested in figuring out how the fire started. there are looking for people to blame. >> hearing all of the evidence
5:42 pm
in the fashion. they decided that it is there at this moment. >> we want someone convicted of this crime. i think it is obvious. he will give his closing argument on tuesday. >> they began building to them whether or not they will strike. what it could been for members in california. a manhunt is underway in canada to catch 2 teenagers.>> we will tell you what is behind a major settlement that has companies paying the state of california tens of millions of dollars.
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4 supervisors voicing support for the plan to buy apple local and powerless. the city appears to be inching closer to that multibillion- dollar attempt. the proposal comes among complaints about the utility. they still want to know how much the transaction could cost and our service would be
5:46 pm
overseen. >> they were allegedly paid california nearly $70 million. that they delayed drugs to keep prices high. the bulk of the money would come from pharmaceutical industries. it is accused of paying a drug manufacturer to keep the cheaper drug of the market for all the market for several years. >> no one in america should be forced to skip it. especially the free reasons you are doing the resting. the said the money will come from a fund that was created as part of the federal settlement. today workers begin voting on whether or not to authorize a nationwide strike.
5:47 pm
they said they have been without a contract for nearly one year. they say talks. in july. this video is from a one-day strike of mental health workers under this month. in a statement to union workers were compensated above local market rents. the strike would go on for about a month. it could begin in early october. coming up, the new warning from law enforcement to those who are in the search area. >> we tell you about this woman. what she is planning to do with 1500 pairs of shoes. a big off today. there is some clearing. i will have the details on what you can expect. now, that's yes for less. nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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and realize you can get youeverything you need...oss oh, yeah. yep. yes! feel like a boss? that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. police in area are searching for to my teenagers suspected of killing three people. authorities have been searching door to door in the northeast province. canadian police believe they killed a 63-year-old man last week. and an american woman and her australian boyfriend on july 15. have been more than 2000 miles away in british columbia. >> we are making it free for the public to send in tips and
5:51 pm
collars. if someone does see something or know something, definitely give us a call. >> people in that remote area are being urged to stay inside their homes with their doors locked as the search is underway. they brought all the inventory from a payless shoe store to help kids in me. she plopped down about $20,000 to purchase 1500 pairs of shoes. she had been subbing at the store with her daughter when she asked the clerk the price of all the shoes. the clerk barely took her seriously. original manager reaching out and the deal was done. the plan to distribute dishes other back-to-school events or other donated items will also be handed out. you certainly noticed the significant down. hundreds yesterday. today they were in the 70s and 80s. the trough of low pressure is
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on us. it is close enough. we did in the broken areas. will see more fog off the coast. right now we have the fog in daly city. that is it. i suspect a roman that they will check in. look at the temperatures from today. they are way cooler than they were yesterday. law that has to do with the strong sure wind. we have kind of okay air out there. despite the winds and the change. we do have that increases significantly. a lot like today. that is being replaced. they
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keep bumping into us. we get these drops in temperatures. it helps the fire danger. in a slightly unusual. the persistence. of his low pressure center. every week and a half. the drops temperatures significantly. there is tomorrow's forecast. you will see most of the temperatures in our great. 60s and 70s. 87 tomorrow. and one day there. very mild. the top the numbers typically representing more than one in one spot. the bottom number is the coast. because to the temperatures really a mob pattern. about 88 for livermore. 89 for the antioch area. that is not really all that hot for this time of the year.
5:54 pm
your weekend is going to warm up nicely. a few days in a row. >> thank you so much. nfl training camp is getting underway around the country. we will tell you how the 49ers are getting ready for their first preseason game. coming up, more on the deadly garlic festival shooting as the father was shot and killed speaks out. layoffs coming. we will tell you how many hundreds of employees are expected to be cut. ♪
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the services and supervisor have announced plans to open a homeless navigation center. the site is located on evans avenue. they will replace an existing shelter that was operated by providence church. it would add 75 bids to the site for totaled 200 beds. other proposed sites for the navigation sensors in front of the challenges from neighbors. the city still has not given specific timelines for when that navigation center mail. nfl training camp of folds today. >> denver three of drinking. that of course always raises up
5:58 pm
and over. >> the quarterback up there working with receiver. the linebacker dee ford in action. in my belly but on the pages filled by this coming thursday.
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a deadly messaging at the gilroy garlic festival in the life of 10 children and a recent college graduate. and local emergency has been declared in the world.
6:00 pm
were also monitoring individual with three victim's car. daniels was a six-year-old kid. the third victim was a 25-year- old. he was originally from upstate new york and was at the festival yesterday with his girlfriend letting others were.


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