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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 29, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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were also monitoring individual with three victim's car. daniels was a six-year-old kid. the third victim was a 25-year- old. he was originally from upstate new york and was at the festival yesterday with his girlfriend letting others were.
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at this hour, there all processing the suspect vehicle. today we have the police chief about how three officers opened fire on the suspect within one minute. >> i cannot tell you how proud i am of the officers. as quickly as the day. thousands of people were there. in a very small area. they could have gotten so much worse. so fast. the site of the garlic
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festival remained a large crime scene on monday. including fbi and exhibits. her boyfriend also saw a gunman opened fire. i just kept thinking.
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all those people are in the open letter. back in the truck. there's to be sort of seventh graders. is dead, not living with traumatic memories of process. >> the a the people there but on
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the limits awareness is starts the basis of anything to and is illegal. let's shot and killed in about
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1.5 miles away. that is only a short drive or short walk from the festival ground. our reporter is learning more about sales. is like in politics.
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coming up with bags of evidence in what appeared to be a rifle case. >> just pure shop. >> the believe the house is connected to a shooting suspect. police say he purchases that have always been a very high stanley.
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the fbi is helping police figure out the suspect. there looking at possible affiliations and ideological connections. they are not releasing any more information about the. the resilient men they claim he is the shooting.
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the only honest people who believed to be outstanding citizens. he has more on this origin story. we have more formation about one of the victims. the youngest victim was here.
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>> the six-year-old was with his mother and grandmother senate. the owner had a duty to speak with his grandmother and others robberies. the 14-year-old daughter, 11
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people suffered gunshot wounds. five of people that were still at the methodist hospital. ages 12 through 69. three out of four in north mission be provided. is one of our patients have been in critical condition and is in serious condition. >> this book of the other survivors who gave them. people in the community jumping into action.
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people were actually administering cpr to some of the victims. wishing you a speedy recovery to those people. thank you so much for that report. stay with us. continuing coverage of the festival. coming up we will hear from a vendor that describes the terrifying moments as the gunfire erupted. future eyes included today at the closing arguments in the case is done. that is going to be the way goes for the next couple of days. to make teenage arrested in the deadly stabbing of a police officer in world. it would take you 41 minutes to get from fm to hayward. the news at 6 pm will be right back.
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) misguided went today in the case. the prosecution was first up and took the court phot of 36 people who dad. our reporter was in the and tells the communication but it's really in tenants.
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is the worst please they can be suspended in small. >> it is just not easy to here.>> he lost a sister in the fire. listened as the basket it so the jury why they should be guilty of involuntary manslaughter.>> after a really good job at defining what a jury is supposed to consider. >> the defendant acted with criminal negligence. the da says they failed to give proper permits to avoid inspection. they held parties and violated the fire code. estate, they said they jammed the building with rvs and panels.>> about the disregard for human life.
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it is such a kind word in this case. >> we played this clip from a jailhouse interview. attended escape from the far end of the trial is the da of milan in the defendant.>> just felt like we were never really interested in figuring out how the fire started. the defense had mixed reactions to the das argument.>> hearing on the evidence. in the fashion secution. really depressed at this moment. >> the deathly want someone convicted of this i think it is obvious we are reports. >> what he called the emotional happiness, he will give his
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closing argument until tuesday. he says he acted in self- defense in the deadly stabbing of a police officer. a judge says the 19-year-old said he thought he was being strangled during a drug deal last friday and put on is not. the judge also wrote the team had no marks on his neck indicating strained relation. his friend also leslie told investigators that he told him that he had used a knife and washed her. a government official visited with him today.doing with the consulate possessing. >> what about teenagers to remain in custody. the slain officer was member does a hero. he had been married in the same church just six weeks ago.
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police are looking into the possibility of a man arrested for sexual assault. police arrested him in connection with the sexual assault that occurred july 19. the 16th street. he grabbed a woman from behind and pushed her against a parked car and sexually assaulted her. she was able to get away and call police. thanks to witnesses and to members, they were able to make an arrest. looking into the temperatures from today. certainly cooler by about 20 degrees. a significant go down today. that is the number today. 85 in morgan hill. this temperatures were in the triple digits two days ago. now they're down in the 70s. deathly into a pattern that
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we get the same day electrical bill. that is kind of the ridge. the lowest out of here. there is the low-pressure. because it is getting closer, the interaction between the low and the hard. that is the opposite. is actually colder. the fog will be back. temperatures tomorrow. this pattern holds for a couple of days.
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we will see you back here. layoffs coming to huber. how many employees are expected to cut. we will go back to gilroy and from residents and what they're saying about the shooting. here's one you guys will like.
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burnout and today it is laying off 400 workers. the move comes one month of the company's ceo combined the teams. they have struggled with profitability. the company blames his losses partly on the marketing department. the will collectively pay california and that they delayed drugs to keep prices high. the attorney general said today that the bulk of the money would come fromindustries. is accused of paying a generic drug manufacturer to keep a
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cheaper version off the market for several years. the entire process for consumers.>> the first to skip. that they need. especially for any reason you are doing the rationing. because you cannot afford the medication that the prescribed for you.>> they said the money will come from a fund that was created as part of an early federal settlement. a second settlement. of her keeping a generic alternative off the market for 2 years. the news starts next with continuing coverage of the deadly shooting. we will hear more from that man who describes seeing the
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gunman was before he opened fire. the 49ers practice with the pads onto the for the first time. will check in on the action and the raiders training can. plans for a new navigation center. we will tell you where the location is.
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investigators account to the social media pages. yesterday's mass shooting. the fbi is trying to determine what motivated the 19-year-old to open fire. investigators searching his car. there were shot and killed by three police officers soon after he started shooting at the club. he purchases ak-47 star rifle three weeks ago.
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the youngest victim. the 13-year-old died in the gunfire as well. you're watching the news at 630. vendor working at the festival spoke to us about the terrifying moments when that gunman opened fire. >> is part of the man in the creek. the shooting unfolded within seconds.>> it did not hear yelling at all. it was really a matter of about 30 seconds. was not in a half a minute. i did not hear any yelling. >> to just anybody? >> i saw her go down.
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i was thinking for the first responders. there were there for about the first minute or two my. merely had her in the back of the truck.>> he says they had in the and up to has down during the shooting. others said underneath the stage and even in part upon his. >> residents are struggling. with the population of 59,000, gilroy is not a place where everybody knows everybody. it is also a building community for silicon valley.
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>> it really is kind of like a family reunion. yesterday showed the child to its very poor.>> the family lives one mile from the festival. >> we are just holed up in the house. hoping nobody barged in the door.>> you never expected. we cannot control craziness. >> you cannot plan for it.>> even youngsters worry about their town and their own safety. >> we really hope it does not become a thing. it would just be awful. so many people think it is okay
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to be doing this to. >> people will sell want to go to the garlic festival anymore. there was shooting. people may see that on television. people may go back and do it himself. >> gilroy is hardly alone. this could happen again. >> we have already gone through 210 days so far this year. have only been 239 shooting. that means more than one mass shooting each and every day. was to have more than five must ago.>> i think it creates fear. >> to people here, it seems there is no refuge in america.>> the amount of hatred and anger. this kind of environment.
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of course the shooting has taken emotional toll on the community. they were available every day. to help those traumatized by this tragedy. a team of mental health experts were there to help students and staff and committed to members. >> we have been working last night. as well as supporting our employees.>> there at the same today. vendors were not able to return to the cars after the shooting. when we came in this morning, we had him set up.
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we have the help staff that can help them get medications. the classes refilled and stuff like that.>> he also spent the day helping others reconnect with their families using social media sites and other methods. >> resident trump offered condolences for the families who lost loved ones in the shooting.>> while families were spending time together, a water open fire. we ask that god will comfort them with his overflowing mercy and grace. we are praying for those who are recovering. he also thanked the police officers responded and quickly shot and killed the gunman. the california senator also weighed in on the shooting in regards to gun control. the assistance of senate republicans to block the bills
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is infuriating. we know these weapons are falling into the wrong hands and we know there are ways to prevent this from happening. we have show you how he met with some of the survivors today. >> these are weapons of mass destruction. as much as possible. they have no place in our society. stay with us for updates on the shooting. you can also follow us on twitter and facebook for any new details. coming up, as the candidates get ready for the second round of debate, senator
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kemal harris look at the healthcare plans.
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she about a healthcare proposal today that would give role during a 10 year transition. her plan was criticized by some of democratic rivals. >> today the california democrat is being called out
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for distancing herself from this.>> even though she raised her hand, and the healthcare plan lets people keep private insurance or buy into medicare. >> the respondent with the blistering statement. she just released a healthcare plan that backtracks on her long promised. while at the same time committed to unraveling the affordable care act that they're trying to undo righ the bernie sanders campaign cal it anything you want. you cannot call this plan medicare for all.
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>> what was your mission in this debate. there is progress tonight. on the first night, the on i include senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. on the second night, senator kemal harris and vice president will face each other for the second time on the debate stage. there also expected to appear on wednesday. a big cool down today. not right away. all the details on the rest of
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the week. this is particularly shooter used a weapon that he purchased in california but rather out-of-state. how one state lawmaker is calling for changes at the federal level. it has been, the largest data breaches ever. how one woman ministry still personal information for more than 100 million credit card applications. the stories and a lot more. after the break, it may not be planted in the bay area. today a parting gift. a somber monday evening.
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the have announced plans to open a homeless navigation center. the son is on evans avenue. that will replace an existing structure that operated by uld for a total of 200. this it open more than 280 beds out of it's 1000 bingo for the
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end of 2020. the city has not yet given a specific timeline for when this navigation center will open. the most support today for a planned. the proposal comes amid growing complaints about the utility. the now appear to be inching closer to a multibillion-dollar attempt to take over part of the power system in san francisco. the committee still wants to know how much the transaction could cost and how the new electric service would be overseen. switching gears to look at our forecast. we had that hot weekend. after big hot weekend. a few watches and wanted. today, temperatures just really came down. the high temperature from the
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national weather service. the savior up. 87. the numbers move around. those are the official places. there is the low up. that has allowed a lot of cool air to push him him. that is not how this works. it gets blown out. the fog is gone. all that cool air pushes inland.
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>> the winds is blowing. you see what looks to be a little bit of a haze. i think we will see some tonight. the pattern is such that the hot weekend is gone. the low pressure was in. you have seen this all summer. have a couple days of mild weather. not a heatwave but a warm-up. tomorrow morning temperature footprint starts with the fog all the way to the livermore valley. yellows are seven is. into 60s. we will not see anyone hundreds. we will see upper 70s. mid to upper 80s inland. lots of 70s. upper 60s. mid-seventies. 86 in gilroy.
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70 in woodside. that is tomorrow. wednesday is going to look a little bit like this. and we will start to get a little warmer. there it is. you will notice these top 10 numbers are not out of control. are going to see any heat advisories. it does warm-up. fired and will be back on the table. we will see you back here at 7 pm. the valley playground has a new colorful basketball court thanks in part to kevin durant. the playground was renovated.
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the giants were off today.
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the preseason is around the corner. teams are trending right now. there is always something up with the raiders. guarantee not to be in training camp this summer. some projects on the roster. the fact it is all being recorded by hbo's hard knocks cameras. the ministry find themselves as must-see tv. derek carr is expected to play the role of experienced hand a quarterback. coming out there spot on the team. the plays on the other side of the ball.>> that guy works is
6:54 pm
bubble. if you watch them, that will not be the reason. i will take i will 11. the 49ers opened the camp this weekend. he was there today. the dynamic change. >> day three of training was actually day one in full pads. that of course wraps things up another watch. he got plenty of work in with his receivers. including marquise goodwin. preparing to be the team's number 110.
6:55 pm
that you get to hit each other. we got a look at some of the newer players. like linebacker dee ford. tom traffic who feels pretty good about conquering the learning curve of the nfl. there was a shock to me how long it has been. since i was seven years old. it was different. is the best feeling ever. >> what you get it down, it is pretty much to stomach as much again. >> one important and we know. jerick mckinnon is getting close. the coach saying he could be back on the practice field as soon as this thursday. both baseball teams are off today. the wood for their number 2 wild-card spot.
6:56 pm
buster posey. that's 18 pictures as well. you know a team is winning what it is having that kind of fun. we will see if they're still happy when they get back from six more games on the road. the monte morris double 18. a swing and a high deep drive.
6:57 pm
reaching fort at the wall. tumbles over the wall. he has done it again. the double 18. yesterday the giants players scored in all three outs. the second out of the evening. he was about to be taken out of the game. he just about a two run single. he just he's the ball the center field fence. obviously not please. after the game, he apologized and said he was just frustrated. thank you for joining us.
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