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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 30, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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sweep of the creek uncovered a bag of ammunition. it is likely that there was not a second person involved. >> we have been able to track his movements around town leading up to the incident. this includes multiple different stores and locations that he visited in the shooting incident. in every single one of those, we have been able to retrieve video and he was by himself. he was not with anybody else . >> reporter: authorities are urging any witnesses with information to come forward. investigators have scoured the area looking for clues. >> people are still waiting to get back inside and retrieved their property. we're joined live from outside the crime scene a christmas help park with that part of the
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story. jesse? >> reporter: julie, good evening to you. officials are saying anyone that has a vehicle parked in the main lot will not be able to get their vehicle and maybe not tomorrow. it could be thursday or friday. that is creating a strain for attendees who had to run for their lives. >> reporter: jessica spent part of the afternoon asking a question echoed by thousands of others. when can i get my car? her car was inside the parking lot after shots were fired at the gilmore garlic festivals. >> i do not expect to get it anytime soon. i just want to find out how long i need to rent my car for . >> reporter: people separated when the 19-year-old allegedly opened fire killing two children and one young adult. bread was cooking in gourmet alley. >> it is sad that one person
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can do this much damage. >> reporter: fbi agents are only letting people in an overflow lot collect their vehicle. meanwhile, officials opened the family assistance center on monday which started leading and families on tuesday morning. >> victims of this horrible tragedy will be able to seek services and start the process of recovery. >> reporter: the site is a one- stop shop for resources and behavioral health, red cross, and victim services stretching across county lines. >> we will help people with their reports, medical expenses. >> people process grief and tragedy in different ways. it is a good idea to talk to a counselor. >> reporter: more than one
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dozen people have come in so far with thousands of others have another need which is when to know when they can retrieve their possessions. >> i will let them to their job and take it day by day. >> the word two support minutes tomorrow morning in the book begin at 8:00. we will put the information as a worthy are taking place at the center will be open for the remainder of the week . the headline of the hour if you have a vehicle and the main parking lot, not today, not tomorrow, hopefully thursday or friday. we will head back to you. >> jesse, we saw so many people running for their lives. do we know how many vehicles are still there in the area? >> reporter: i do not, andre. there are so many vehicles. it is hard to sit and count.
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i would say that thousands in the stories. and then there is more at the overflow lots although that is more of a sparse number and you can come and pick those up. the main lot here, not today, and probably not tomorrow. nearly 10 victims are still in bay area hospitals. >> we're joined live from valley medical center with an update on the condition. >> reporter: eight people who were victims in the gilroy garlic shooting remain and three bay area hospitals this evening. the majority are at santa clara medical hospital. officials tell us that many of the victims conditions have improved. >> reporter: as santa clara valley medical center encouraging news about the five gunshot victims being treated
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here after the festival shooting. >> they range in condition for good to see areas. that means are all doing better. two patients avast no relation, information be released about them. >> stanford hospital has two and regional medical center is caring for a man in serious condition. >> we are a trauma center and we have seen gunshot wound's. we have not seen seven in one day. >> reporter: there were other victims not with physical wounds but emotional wounds including the san jose athlete and her mother. >> i was still freaking out. >> reporter: this 14-year-old was volunteering at the festival sunday selling garlic bread at a tent with nine members of the high school wrestling team. she wishes she could remember like this snapchat video she
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posted from earlier sunday. she cannot get the shooting out of her head. >> last night i woke up crying. i just thought of it. >> reporter: her mother decided to seek professional help for her daughter. >> i am worried because when she hears the helicopters stick wires or reload noise, she cries. >> it is important for people feeling the effects of this event to seek help. we want them to get better and we want them to know how to deal with what they are feeling. >> reporter: the free help is being offered in san jose and gilroy. this is first staff including hospital staff in here valley men who dealt with the aftermath. >> marine, you have been
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covering this since it happen. have you heard about whether the suspects family or anyone has issued a statement in regards to what happened? >> julia, i know that our colleagues were at his home yesterday in gilroy were people were not talking. we have not heard from his family at this point. mostly we have been talking to the people who ran for their lives and were dealing with the aftermath. >> terrible stories of what happened. thank you. two therapy dogs are offering assistance at rucker elementary school. one of the organizers told us they are asking people to fill out forms that might trigger unpleasant thoughts and memories. having a therapy dog can provide a calming presence in those highly emotional moments. t-shirts are being sold that say gilroy strong.
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proceeds will be given to victims and their families. they are being sold at several stores. the downtown business association is organizing the t- shirt fundraiser. we are all falling apart on the inside. but we will get through this together. >> organizers say there has been a steady line of people wanted to purchase the gilroy strong shirts. the oakland a's are also pitching in to help those affected by the mass shooting. thursday night games, all cells of garlic fries and garlic workers will go to those affected. the garlic fries are sold at the uptown grill in section 132 and 211 as well as the tavern. is located outside of the tavern above the left field
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bleachers. that game starts at 7:07. we are going to modify part of our operational plan to make sure we are paying attention to the perimeter. >> our coverage of the aftermath continues to 5:30. how organizers of fairs and festivals are addressing security concerns following that deadly shooting. another data breach involving capital one. there has been and arrest. it has affected more than 100 million people. more details on a woman who died in a crash. her connection to another deadly crash almost 20 years ago that resulted in the death of an intern here at ktvu. we are back here with the forecast that includes a significant warm up. your five day forecast coming up. humira patients, you inspire us.
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don't start humira if you have an infection. ask your doctor about humira citrate-free. here's to you. san francisco police have identified three robbery suspects a result the two men in chinatown at stockton and pacific street on july 15. police say men approached of 56- year-old man and picked him up and threw him to the ground. a 69-year-old man tried to intervene and was knocked unconscious. both victims were treated and released for head injuries. authorities say a woman killed in the crash last week also caused the death of a former ktvu intern nearly 20 years ago. investigators say the 39-year- old ramped a stolen car into two fremont police cars. she
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sped away and crash into two other vehicles. she was pronounced dead at the scene. back in 2000 when she was by nine the wheel of a stolen fan when karen gordon was hit and killed as she drove to work on her 19th birthday. she was an intern and also worked as a life chart, lifeguard. melissa diamond served time for manslaughter in karen staff. two teenagers were injured in an accident. it happened shortly before noon in soda springs road. the teens were hurt after falling within 20 feet from a rope swing. what teenager has been hospitalized with major injuries. new information involving two bay area teenagers jilted italy for killing a police officer in rome. the uncle of one of those teens says today that fight night in
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the san francisco park resulted in many injuries. the 19-year-old and were arrested on friday in connection with the fatal stabbing of a police officer. authorities say the slain officer forgot his drug, gun the night he confronted the teens. police and antioch are searching for clues after the employee was shot allegedly by a coworker. it happened on hillcrest. the victim was flown to a hospital but his condition has not been released. san francisco's leaders have taken a zero tolerance he and her seeking the same approach to homicide. we are at city hall for leaders are talking about a resolution for homicide. >> the homicide resolution is
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being introduced today and the goal of that resolution is direct city funds to end homicides in san francisco. anti-violence advocates gather at city hall and say even a single homicide is too many. they call on the city to work toward the goal of zero homicides in san francisco. no mother should have to go through what she is enduring. >> i do not know how to describe it. nobody will explain to me what happened to my baby . >> reporter: paula bronson was killed more than a decade ago and the pain of losing a loved one to violence never ends. >> i am crying and is been 13 years for me and it still hurts. it is still yesterday for me. >> the supervisor spearheaded the call patterned after ending pedestrian and bicycle desk in
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san francisco. neighborhood violence prevention coordinators and video cameras and some hot spots. >> this year as of july 19 we had seven murders. 17 shootings involving injuries and 55 shootings without injury. although these are not the high numbers we used to see, the senseless violence must stop. >> any homicide is an acceptable. the homicide rate in fact all violent crime is trending down due in part to ongoing work already underway including a dedicated gum crime violence. that she was a credits officer visibility hoping to drive down homicide rates >> we cannot be everywhere, but we can be and a lot of places. >> the supervisors are set to
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go on recess. they will likely get to that resolution some time in september. we're live in san francisco, ktvu fox2 news. >> losing someone like that is never easy. the san francisco board of supervisors is considering 21 escalator canopies apart day since. it will cost more than $91 million. critics are complaining about the cost but supporters say it provides extra security for passengers and workers. canopies will allow them to close each night. of approved, bart expects to complete the project by the end of 2025. we are checking in on the weather out there we've got a little bit of wind on the coast but not as much as yesterday. the fog will come back tonight as it did last night. we've got a little bit of
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everything going on. temperatures were below where they were the day before. temperatures were in the 80s inland. fog and low clouds and pacifica moving into daly city. right now the fog is fractured. it was fractured yesterday too. it will get right inside the bay tonight and start of the off with a lot of fog in the morning. and a similar day tomorrow, and then the heat is on. we will talk about that when we look at your five day forecast 83 in fairfield. yesterday was cool as well. that is cool from yesterday by a degree. napa is cooler today. concord is 4 degrees warmer. it is hit or miss. today will be similar and
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tomorrow will be similar too. and then things even out as a high pressure comes in and we get a bit of compression and the fog will set up at the coast and we will get a traditional sea breeze and by saturday and sunday mid-90s. other than that, fog coming in over the sam brenner gap. you can see that tower there at sfo. a beautiful day today in sfo. this morning, it was foggy. that is how and will be tomorrow morning but temperatures slower to warm and when the sun comes out, they will warm up. lots of 70s and 80s tomorrow. if you 90s will pop up. down towards san jose a red dot right there. 80s again tomorrow. around the bay, 60s and 70s. air-quality is good and friday not so bad.
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so monday, tuesday, all three of those days very much look the same. thursday and friday temperatures will start to warm up. this is the plan as we go into the weekend. a slow warm up into saturday and sunday. we could be in the mid-90s by the weekend. air-quality concerns are a potential as well. when i come back we will look at your five day forecast and get you going for the rest of the week. a bill signed into law today in california could have major repercussions for the presidents reelection campaign. have a can keep the presidents name off the ballot. concern and fear and new details about the reaction from relatives of the suspected gilroy gunman moments after learning about the deadly shooting. a shoving incident
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sausa4 donut holes. for just a dollar. dang!! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box. we've got troubling breaking news out of fairfield right now. police and fire iran seen after finding two babies near a dumpster. we are told one of those babies instead. you can see the police presence in the parking lot. this is east of i-80 on the tiffin road offramp.
5:24 pm
police will be releasing more details. today governor newsom signed a bill requiring presidential candidates to release her tax returns if they want to appear on the state primary ballot. most of the major democratic candidates have already publicly disclose the personal income tax. president trump has refused to do so breaking with tradition. the tax returns are being audited. a lawsuit was forthcoming. in an email to politico the attorney said the state of california cannot circumvent the constitution. president trump elaborated on his comments about the city of baltimore when he returned to the white house today. residents of baltimore are living in . this after his tweet last week calling the
5:25 pm
city a disgusting rat and rodent infested place where no human being would want to live. he placed blame on elijah cummings. coming suis black has drawn reaction from trump for his criticism of the trump administration's policies dealing with immigrants at the southwest and border. the president says african- americans have done well under his administration. >> african-american employment is the lowest in history. obama couldn't do it and i got it done. he didn't even come close. they are very thankful about it. >> maryland lawmakers have blasted president trump baltimo cummings. the aclu has said more than 900 children have been separated from their parents. about 20% of those children are under the age of four.
5:26 pm
>> the children were taken away for neglect or other conduct. lawmakers grill officials about conditions and those border facilities. we have more from capitol hill. >> the fate of thousands of migrants at the southern border has greater uncertainty saying family ties will no longer be considered grounds for asylum in the u.s. it will result in thousands of children being separated from their parents. the white house says it is needed to improve dire conditions. >> the democrats want open borders. open borders me tremendous crime . >> reporter: lawmakers are grilling officials on those conditions today. >> it is impossible to ignore the reports and the images regarding substandard images and unacceptable treatment and tragic deaths of children.
5:27 pm
>> reporter: on your mark, get set, go! and pushing back telling lawmakers more resources are needed at the migrants shelters and the nine allegations of abuse among order patrol officers. >> your demonizing law enforcement professionals and it must stop. these false attacks are demoralizing. >> along the southern border there is widespread confusion about who is eligible for asylum at this point. migrants say they're being bussed back to mexico and dropped off in border towns. >> we have been walking on the streets for three days because we were turned away they said there's a shelter but that is not true. >> the white house says is considering a travel ban on guatemala unless they take more action to stop the migrant flow. fox news. a number of bay area festivals are planned in the coming days. how organizers are taking another look at their security
5:28 pm
strategy following the awards garlic festival. how the defense attorneys have summed up the client's case in the ghost ship warehouse fire.
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in just a few days tens of thousands of people will be heading to county fairs around the berra including santa clara and sonoma county. we spoke with first responders about how they are reacting to the shooting in gilroy. >> while crews are getting ready for the opening of the sonoma county fair, those in charge of security had a meeting to discuss plans. the shooting deaths of three people at the gilroy garlic festival has caused police to take another look. >> the very next day we had conversations to address those concerns . >> reporter: they will be five security around the perimeter because the gunman cut a hole in the perimeter fence there.
5:32 pm
>> we're going to modify part of our plan and make sure we are paying attention to the perimeter. >> reporter: the county fair will run 11 days with 20,000 people a day passing through. security planning began long before gilroy. >> gilroy took some air out of the balloon. >> it is disappointing and so tragic. that is why we put so much time, energy and money into the security protocol. >> police say they will be visible all having undergone active shooter training and private security will be on the grounds 24 hours a day. more firefighters and paramedics will be present and there will be medical kits to treat potential gunshot victims. >> triage tape. if there are multiple either injuries or victims we can start triaging the level of the injury. >> for concessions and vendors
5:33 pm
no one we met seem concerned. >> this is a public place like an event. >> this mother of five who we found online purchasing tickets said gilroy has not forced to to consider going. >> you've got to keep living life and trusted everything will be okay. i'm getting tickets. i guess i'm not that concerned about it. >> police will study the details of what happened in gilroy as soon as they are available and they are asking people to come to the fair and report anything that may look suspicious. ktvu fox2 news . in san francisco, the event brings more than 100,000 people to golden gate park. police issued a statement which reads in part outside land is an annual event and there will
5:34 pm
be in san francisco police presence. we plan for public safety including perimeter security. they remind the public if you see something, say something. they cortez is concerned about festival and fair safety and he is requesting information on the security plan for the upcoming santa clara fair. our coverage of the gilroy garlic festival shooting continues online. we have more on and we are updating our facebook and twitter pages. it was a defenses turn to address the jury with closing arguments. henry lee was there and he joins us with more on what happened there. >> the defense raised the issue of reasonable doubt saying there is not enough evidence to convict derick almena and max harris . >> grateful. we feel that his story was told
5:35 pm
and he feels very connected with the jury. >> the defense attorney blasted the das case against us client and said there's enough reasonable doubt to find him not guilty. he said harris never signed a lease and did not promote the music event and did not design the layout of the warehouse. over and over bricks pretended to be the da saying convict him anyway. >> i kept talking about the ironies and the contradictions in this case but they want to convict matt harris. >> he reminded the jury that oakland police and firefighters all visited the ghost ship. of trained professionals do not see a problem, how would harris be expected to know? ago ship tenant who testified about how she escaped agrees. >> they all seem to think it was safe. if the standard of guilt is
5:36 pm
what a reasonable person would do, are the police not reasonable? are the firefighters and social workers not reasonable? >> he accuse firefighters not doing enough. he said that harris was the scapegoat for the prosecution. briggs said a person not a human not an artist, just the reason. >> in his closing argument he called the prosecution a sad miscarriage of justice because the landlord and her family are not on trial. he said up and firefighters were not telling the truth when they said they never went in in the years before the fire. sarah said, call it what it is, they lied and this is their way to protect oakland. he ended by showing the journey this picture of al mena and his family not to generate sympathy but to remind jurors he would never jeopardize his family safety if he thought living there would be unsafe. >> the way i view it now, we are neck in neck and it will be
5:37 pm
a close case. >> they will get one last chance to address the jury and afterwards this case will be in the hands of nine women and three men who will sit in judgment. >> is a rainy estimate on how long the jury could go want to liberating? >> at least two or three days is a conventional wisdom. they will not meet on fridays. costco is rolling out his new digital membership card. instead of digging through your purse or wallet, shoppers can access the digital card through the app on your cell phone. it can be used when entering the warehouse and checking out but not a costco gas stations. it may become more difficult to take him those little hotel soaps and bottles of shampoo. the parent company of holiday inn announced there will be converting to refillable glass dispensers by 2021. the company says they were two
5:38 pm
big benefits to this plan such as the elimination of plastic waste and is less expensive. they estimate it uses 200 million miniature bathroom items per year. construction will begin on a new mixed-use housing and retail complex in the downtown area of san jose near south market not far from the san jose convention center. the fire so project will include 130 residential units and there will be street-level shops, restaurants and a rooftop garden. no word on how much the homes will cause. the project is set to break ground next month. a new twist on wealthy parents trying to get their children into high-end colleges. struck with the california state university system is doing to bridge the gap in math and science teachers. capital one always asks what is in your wallet. it turns out they just got picked rocketed for millions
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visit, to learn more. another database. this rain impacting 100 million americans and another 6 million
5:42 pm
canadians. as tom reports the company is fessing up to customers, shareholders, and the media. >> what is in your wallet ? >> reporter: at the capital one cafi established to create an ultra-friendly experience, we spoke with two credit card holders that responded to the mega hack. >> i been trying to work on my credit score right now. and so a lot nervous. >> jean abernathy says capital one has always responded quickly on other issues and hopes they will do so on this one. what they told us is a will notify us directly in the event is applicable to any of us if it has affected our account. they really don't have all of the information themselves yet. >> reporter: it included 140,000 socials to purity numbers of particularly dangerous problem according to comer action. >> they are at greater risk of
5:43 pm
having their identity compromise. >> their stock lost 6% today small considering the legal jeopardy at faces. a former employee of amazon computer services used by capital one has been caught and she faces five years in prison and $250,000 fine. >> is not like this is a sophisticated person. she gave herself away online. it's reasonable whether they were doing enough to protect. we need more serious penalties for people who do not protect your security. >> only freezing your credit profile until you temporarily and freeze it to get alone, car, home, or credit card will protect you. based on our analysis to date we believe it is unlikely the information was used for fraud are disseminated by this individual. we will continue to
5:44 pm
investigate. >> it's ironic whose in my wallet. >> cyber hacking has been a technological game of cat and mouse that's been going on for decades. it is fair to ask how can so much data be so readily available to hackers? ktvu fox2 news . apple reported earnings for its june quarter beating analyst expectations. revenue of $53.8 billion which is an increase of 1% from the quarter one year ago. international sales accounted for 59% of the revenue. tim cook says this was the company's biggest june quarter ever. the federal reserve board appears ready to cut rates since the start of the recession. president trump has been urging the fed to lower rates and now jerome powell has indicated he
5:45 pm
supports an interest rate cut to head off an economic downturn. the fed is expected to announce his decision at 11:00 our time tomorrow morning. stocks were down on interest rates and the dow fell more than 23 points and the dow dropped 17 and the s&p lost date. the department of education is saying parents are transferring guardianship to relatives or friends so they can qualify for college financial aid. according to the wall street journal something being recommended by one college consultant company. only the earnings are considered inner applications and not the family's income. the education department is looking into changing those guidelines to stop this practice. the cal state university system is increasing the amount of money and spends to prep math and science teachers.
5:46 pm
it will dedicate an additional $10 million to its mathematics and science teacher initiative. according to csu california will be short 33,000 math and science teachers in the coming decade. 46% of millennials admit they still get help paying their bills for mom and dad. the survey for money under 30 says they had help with phone payments, purchasing groceries and paying rent. they struggle because of lower salaries, high cost of living and student loan debt. roughly half of them say they have no savings. a new warning for pilots of small planes. the alert from the department of homeland security about hackers targeting the flight systems of private planes.
5:47 pm
a grant worth almost $1 million for those dealing with the aftermath of the campfire in paradise. temperatures are on the mild side again today. details some what you can expect coming up.
5:48 pm
5:49 pm
the department of homeland security issued an alert for small planes and warrants owners and pilots of modern flight systems are for honorable to hacking if someone
5:50 pm
manages to gain physical access to their aircraft. engine readings, compass data and other readings could be manipulated to provide false measurements to the pilot. plane owners need to make sure they restrict and authorize physical access to their aircraft. a wildfire in modoc county has exploded to nearly 20 were miles. the tucker fire broke out near highway 139 and it has been going ever since. at this point the fire is not burning close to homes. representatives from butte county and the town of paradise could receive a $475,000 grant from golden state finance authority. it will assist victims of the camp fire. it was the most destructive wildfire in california history. nearly 14,000 homes were destroyed and 85 people were killed. we are checking in on th
5:51 pm
weather. we got a bit of a break this afternoon and the fog cleared out. it came back last night and it will come back again tonight. temperatures will be similar today which were not that warm. it was not 90s or 100. tomorrow an average day maybe a little below average tomorrow. and then may gradually warm up. you can see the fog and half moon bay and it will be patchy in sunset. it will fill it significantly tonight and you will see it makes a big play for the in the day valley late tonight and early tomorrow morning. you can see the seabreeze and look at the green. not necessarily the seabreeze, but it is. temperatures are dropping and those grades represent where the cool air is infiltrating those valleys. temperatures are cooler tonight than last night. last night was not all that
5:52 pm
warm. as you look at the live camera shot you see parts of fog and the air quality looks pretty good to me. you can darnell nurse see the campanelli from here. just a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine and there is the fog. the fog will be a player over the next few days. that will give us something like this tomorrow morning. there is your footprint for fog in the morning areas. online counties will have some fog. that is the temperature footprint we saw today and yesterday. 90s inland and most of us are in the 70s and 80s. this will hold for tomorrow and that will be the last day we see temperatures begin to warm. the last three days are very similar counting tomorrow. the last two days have been almost the same.
5:53 pm
here is the forecast as you go into the weekend. you see the warm-up for the bay area and that is when things change. tomorrow will be a lot like today. not effectively for two of them. 87, brentwood. 87, livermore. air quality is good. fire danger is always bad but not off the charts. here's your five-day forecast. and then they start as the graph showed it will come up on saturday and sunday. warmer for the weekend and certainly barbecue whether. see you back here at 6 pm. heart f human dna. according to researchers a chain and a dna strand likely makes humans more than step you will to clogged arteries. the gene which reduces clogged blood vessels does not function. they believe roughly 2 million years ago the gene was switched
5:54 pm
off because of a deadly malarial parasite. coming up, gunfire erupted a mississippi walmart. >> powell, powell, paul and people started running. >> a gunman opened fire living two dead. what police are learning about the shooter. artwork at the us-mexico border allowing children on either side of the barrier to interact. we will tell you about the connection to the bay area. a quentin tarantino movie receives harsh criticism from the daughter of bruce lee. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service.
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57 inmates are dead after a grissom riot inside of a brazilian in prison. relatives have gathered at the coroners office to identify their loved ones. is started between rival gains and 16 victims were decapitated. they set fires to block police from entering the facility for over five hours. more than 55 people were killed in a series of riots back in may. two walmart employees were fatally shot at a store in mississippi. the shooter was a former coworker who work for the company for more than 20 years. >> reporter: doubly gunfire draws police and first responders to a mississippi walmart. a lot of people started rushing out. >> reporter: it happen in south haven south of memphis. a former employee shot and killed two coworkers.
5:58 pm
one of the victims was found dead inside of this store and the other in the parking lot. the shopper says he saw the gunman running into the building before shots rang out. >> we saw two people running out of the store. >> one officer was injured. his vest likely saved his life. another officer shot the government twice sending him to the hospital. the mayor assures the public there is no larger threat. >> this is an isolated event and not something that involved a mass of people. it was a disgruntled employee and someone with a personal grievance with his employer. that is sad enough but not something the city should be alarmed about. walmarts president and ceo said the entire walmart family is heartbroken by the loss of two valued members of our team. we feel this personally and our
5:59 pm
hearts go out to the families of our associates and the officer wanted. 60 workers were inside at the time. the alleged shooter was recently fired after 25 years on the job. fox news. this is ktvu fox2 news at 6:00. a flurry of new details just released by gilroy police. the chief of police now says is becoming more clear that the gunman acted alone. >> our investigation is leading us more and more to believe there was not a second person involved. >> the chief discounting suggestions of an accomplice. >> at a briefing this afternoon the chief said it appears the shooting was preplanned but he did not speculate about a motive. they believe the government did act alone based on their work retracing the steps of 19-year-
6:00 pm
old . police have completed a search of the suspects car. officers located a second weapon and a shotgun the purchase earlier this month. a sweep included the back of ammunition and the three officers who engaged are now on administrative leave . >> i think it's a very emotional thing for them. they were in the middle of the carnage of the people that were shot and immediately went into rendering aid. those two things combined for anybody is a difficult thing to go through. >> all three were uniform veteran officers assigned to the garlic festival grounds in case of trouble. investigators were back today looking for additional clues. the fbi says it will take another three to five days to process the scene and many are waiting to


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