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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 30, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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old . police have completed a search of the suspects car. officers located a second weapon and a shotgun the purchase earlier this month. a sweep included the back of ammunition and the three officers who engaged are now on administrative leave . >> i think it's a very emotional thing for them. they were in the middle of the carnage of the people that were shot and immediately went into rendering aid. those two things combined for anybody is a difficult thing to go through. >> all three were uniform veteran officers assigned to the garlic festival grounds in case of trouble. investigators were back today looking for additional clues. the fbi says it will take another three to five days to process the scene and many are
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waiting to retrieve their cars. jessica's been part of the early afternoon asking a question echoed by thousands of others, where can i get my car? her car is in the main parking lot on sunday after shots were fired. >> i don't expect to get her back anytime soon. i'm not trying to get it back i just need an eta so i know how long to rent my car. >> people separated when the 19- year-old open fire killing three children and one adult. >> it's very sad that one person can do this much damage. >> fbi agents are only leading drivers who parked in an overflow lot retrieve their vehicles. others must wait. officials open a family assistance center at rucker elementary school on monday and started leading in families on
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tuesday morning. >> victims are going to be able to seek services and start the process of recovering. >> reporter: the site is a one- stop shop for resources like behavioral health, the red cross and victim services. >> a victim can apply and we help pay for the therapy and we pay for relocation assistance and medical expenses. >> people process grief and strategy in different ways. it is often a good idea to talk to someone like a counselor after a situation like this happens. >> more than one dozen people have come in so far, but thousands need to know when they will be able to retrieve their possessions. >> i'm going to let them do their job and take it day by day. >> there a two community support meetings taking place
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wednesday night. bow starting at 8 pm. that information is on the family assistance center will be open for the remainder of the week. officials hope to have vehicles back to their owners by the end of the week. ktvu fox2 news . family and friends are remembering the three young victims of the shooting. later tonight the family of six- year-old stephen romero are planning to hold the private service. also a vigil is set to get underway an hour away for this young woman, 13-year-old kayla salazar. she would've celebrated her 14th birthday on saturday. people are gathering where she recently graduated and kayla is remembered as the client did open ordered young women. she looked mario brothers and pokimon and wanted to become an animation designer. and 25-year-old trevor irby is being reminded he moved to california after graduating
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with a degree in biology in 2017. he was attending the garlic festival with his girlfriend when he was shot and killed. the superintendent of his high school said he was a role model to others. smile smile and as well and you can still hear him if you know him. never malicious and always caring and one of the types of role models young people looked up to. >> his family has traveled to california entered trying to support each other during this difficult time. eight of the people shot at the garlic festival are still recovering from their injuries. we are live with a progress report. >> officials told us that all of the conditions for the victims have stayed the same or improve. a people who were shot at the gilroy garlic festival are being treated across three bay
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area trauma centers. the majority of valley medical center . >> reporter: and santa clara valley medical center encouraging news about the five gunshot victims being treated here after sunday's shooting. >> they rain to condition from good to serious which means they're all doing better. two patients of esto information be released about them . >> reporter: it victims remained hospitalized. stanford hospital has two and regional medical center has another man in serious condition. >> we are a trauma center and we've seen gunshot wounds. not seven or monday. >> there were other victims not with physical wounds but emotional wounds including ms. san jose athlete and her mother. >> i crawled under the table and i couldn't move.
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>> reporter: she was volunteering selling garlic bread at a tent with nine members of the andrew hill wrestling team. shsnapchat video. instead, she cannot get the shooting out of her head. >> last night i was crying. i just thought of it. >> her mother decided to seek for professional help for her daughter from the counseling being provided. >> i am worried because she doesn't sleep at night and she cries and if she hears a helicopter or loud noise she cries. >> it is important for people feeling stress and anxiety to seek help. we want to to get better and know how to deal with what they are feeling. >> in addition to the free
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counseling, today the greek community solutions is having a community support meeting in roy tomorrow evening. we put the information on our website and you can find it under the how you can help tab. we are learning what the family of the alleged gunman was going through when they first heard shot were fired at the garlic festival. a family friend said he was concerned that 19-year-oldcould be a victim of the attack. he called 's older brother searching for his younger brother. they later learned that cory bookers had been identified as the shooter . >> the 75th annual county fair is scheduled and safety there will be a top priority. the county supervisor says he wants to safety and strategy the plan in place. he sent an email to the sheriff
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asking for details of the security plan prior to the fair opening and that is not the only big event sparking concerns. we will tell you what is being done ahead of the sonoma county fair. we're following breaking news in solano county. a tragic story unfolding in fairfield this evening. police confirming two babies were found near a trash container behind the building on pittman road. one of those babies has died. from sky fox you can see police have an area cordoned off under some trees. this is east of i-80 in an area of fast food restaurants and motels. no official word on the condition of the other child or the whereabouts of the mother. san francisco police need the public's help in identifying robbery suspects. police say three approach of year-old man lifting him up off of his feet and throwing them on the ground.
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police say 69-year-old man tried to intervene and he was knocked unconscious. this happened at stockton and pacific street on july 15. the suspect got away with a watch. the victims were treated and released. san francisco city leaders have adopted a zero tolerance policy for pedestrian deaths and now they're taking the same tack with homicides. a new resolution with a lofty goal. >> violence advocates gathered at city hall and said even one single homicide is too many. they work toward the goal of zero homicides in san francisco. this mother says no mother should have to go through what she is enduring. >> i do not know how to describe it. no one can explain to me what happened to my baby.
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>> paulette brown's son was killed more than a decade ago and she says the pain of losing a loved one to violence never ends. >> i am crying and it's been 13 years for me. it still hurts. it is still yesterday for me. >> the supervisors spearheaded the call and its patterned after the vision zero plan to end pedestrian and bike riding death in san francisco. neighborhood violence prevention coordinators and even video cameras in hotspots. >> this year in bay view alone we had seven murders. 17 shootings involving injuries and 55 shootings without injury. although these are not the high numbers we used to see, the senseless violence has to stop. >> chief bill scott says the homicide rate in fact all violent crime is trending down due in part to chief says the ongoing work already underway
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including a dedicated gun crime investigative unit targeting the most dangerous criminals in the city. he credits officer villain, visibility. >> we cannot be everywhere but we can be in a lot of places and we will do our best to engage with the public. >> the board of supervisors will likely take up the resolution regarding vision zero homicides some time in september. ktvu fox2 news . police in hercules say an officer shot at a suspect who pulled a gun on officers at a traffic stop. it happened on willow avenue. the driver pulled a gun and pointed it at the officer prompting him to pull out his own gun and fire in the drivers direction. the suspect was taken into custody. sacramento police officers packed the courtroom for a hearing involving the accused
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killing of carol o'sullivan. the showed officers leaving after the hearing. the suspect faces murder with two special circumstances including murder of a police officer. tyra o'sullivan who grew up in the bay area was killed while responding to a domestic violence call. taking a shot president trump. the new california lot just signed by governor newsom that could prevent trump from being on the states primary ballot. is having incident involving the president of the toronto rafters is not complete. the fog is coming back to e be similar to today and then the changes come. we will talk about that next. the new artist almond that
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will help children and adults on either side interact and the local connection. are taking a live look at the tuesday evening commute. traffic is moving smoothly. right now it will take you 28 minutes to get from san rafael to the bridge. ktvu news at 6 will be right back.
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governor gavin newsom signed a bill into law that
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requires presidential candidates to release her tax returns an order to appear on the states primary ballot. most agree the move is directed at trump but there is a question if that will stand up in court. here's what liberals and conservatives are saying. >> reporter: a presidential candidate wants to be on the ballot they must submit their tax returns for the past five years to the secretary of state's office 98 days before the primary vote. >> i think it is great. any pressure to put on the president to tell the truth is great. >> it will likely be challenged by the administration. >> i think at this point governor newsom needs to put a marker down and this is a great one. >> it strikes me as petty and pure partisan politics. former republican congressman doug kgosi says he thinks
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this law he believes is unconstitutional and will likely be overturned in the courts. the law will not change the 2020 election results. >> he gets all the delegates and goes wherever were going and he's got 500 dilettantes and trump crushes him 3700 to 500. >> jerry brown vetoed a similar bill claiming it was a slippery slope. >> are you so insecure in the qualities of your own candidate you have to deny accent to the other candidate? >> it doesn't affect the fall ballot because that could be considered unconstitutional. trump will has got to make a decision. i believe he will go to court. he loves to sue ndsue their and i think that will be his first step. if he's not on the ballot, so much the better.
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>> that was doug johnson reporting. 10 years ago two professors had an idea for artwork at the border with mexico. this weekend has become a reality. you can see children playing on the teeter totter set someone park in new mexico. ronald riel san jose state design professor virginia came up with the concept back in 2009. he wrote it shows the recognition that the actions that take place on one side have a direct consequence on the other side. looking at this hurricane that was once a tropical storm it will miss hawaii, but it is a category for and it's a pretty good-sized hurricane. you can see the islands of their toward the north and you
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can see by thursday and strapping down and goes from a category 4 to a category 2 on thursday and then that hole in the middle says tropical storm the islands will get a drive by which is now a powerful storm. you get into this cooler weather and this will die down. were pretty sure it will miss the islands. you will see some cloud cover certainly on the southern islands or the eastern islands. for us we got the fog is gone away but it will come back. just like last night. it's making a comeback. fog in half moon bay in fog wil significantly tomorrow morning. you can see the green areas and by tomorrow morning it will be in their. that's a horrible drawing.
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you will wake up to low clouds and fog. temperatures tomorrow will be a lot like today's temperatures. one of the things you can tell is the depth of the fog. the tower coming up on 1800 feet. the marine layer is 1800 feet deep. with that you've got good potential for cooling moist air. tomorrow morning there is the fog footprint. we will take a more focused look and the warm up coming this weekend. ktvu hazard the alameda county sheriff's office has submitted its case to the das office and last months incident involving the president of the toronto raptors. is accused of shoving a sheriff's deputy while trying to join his team to celebrate their nba championship at the oracle arena. at this point the da will only say it's under investigation and no charges have been made
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at this time. reasonable doubt. that is a message from the defense attorney. we will have the latest on closing arguments coming up. new details about one of the teens jailed in italy. what the young man relative say about his fighting.
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at the goshen trial today the defense delivered is
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closing arguments. they said that derick almena and max harris escape codes. the defense maintains there is a reasonable doubt and not enough evidence to convict. >> grateful. we feel like a story was told and he feels very connected with the jury. >> reporter: the defense attorney blasted the das case against his client, max harris and said there was enough reasonable doubt to find him guilty. he said that he did not promote the music event and did not design the layout of the warehouse. over and over bricks pretended to be the da saying convict max anyway. >> i kept talking about the ironies and the contradictions in this case and pointed to max and saying but they want to convict max harris. >> he reminded the jury that police and trained professionals visited the
6:25 pm
warehouse. ago ship tenant who testified about how she escape from the fire a great. >> they all seem to think it was safe. if the standard of guilt is what a reasonable person would do, are the police and firefighters not reasonable people? >> executes investigators of not doing enough. he said that harris was escape goat for the prosecution. brick said he's not a person human and artists. he is just the reason. and then the prosecution was a sad miscarriage of justice because the landlord and her family are not on trial. oakland firefighters were not u testified they never went in in the years before the fire. call it what it is, they lied and this is their conspiracy to subvert the real facts to protect oakland.
6:26 pm
the not to generate sympathy but to remind people that he would not jeopardize his family safety if he thought living in the warehouse would be unsafe. >> it's going to be a close case. >> the da will get one last chance before they begin to liberation. ktvu fox2 news . new emphasis on security preps at an upcoming county fair. were going to modify part of our operational plan and make sure were paying attention to the perimeter. whatisousands of people get rea for the sonoma county fair. >> we will hear about antonio brown and check in on the niners camp later in sports. capital one always asks what is in your wallet? it turns out the capital one
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got pick pocketed for millions and millions and millions of pieces of private information.
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cannot do our top stories. gavin newsom signed a bill into law which requires presidential candidates to release her tax returns in order to appear on a primary ballot. if they do not, they will not be listed. the move is directed at trump. some wonder if the law will stand up in court. advocates called on san francisco for zero homicide. suit supervisors have made a resolution for funds to pay for more officers on foot patrol and neighborhood violence coordinators and videocameras. gilroy police say it appears there was only one person involved in the deadly shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. they have a taste his footsteps and decided he was alone.
6:31 pm
research at the suspect's car turned up a shark can be purchased earlier this month. the mass shooting in gilroy has event organizers around the bay area taking a second look at their plans. we spoke with organizers of the sonoma fair and first responders on how they are preparing . >> reporter: while workers are getting ready to open the sonoma county fair, those in charge of security had a meeting to discuss plans. the shooting deaths of three people at the gilroy garlic festival has caused santa rosa police to take another look. >> we are having conversations to address those concerns. >> reporter: they will be fab security around the perimeter because the gunman cut a hole in the perimeter fence in gill rory. >> we will modify part of our plan and pay attention to the perimeter.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: the fair will run for 11 a days with an average of 20,000 people running through. security planning began long before gilroy. >> did gilroy take some air out of the balloon? >> obviously, it is very disappointing and tragic. that is why we put so much time and energy into the protocol so people feel safe . >> reporter: police will be visible all having undergone active shooter training. this year more firefighters and paramedics will be present and they will have medical kits scattered around the fairgrounds to treat potential gunshot victims. >> tourniquets, bandages, triage tape, if there are multiple injuries or victims, we can triage the level of the injury. >> reporter: know when we met seem concerned. >> this is a public place like
6:33 pm
the mall is a public place. >> reporter: this mother of five purchasing tickets said gilroy has not force her to reconsider going. >> you've got to still live life and trust that everything will be okay. i don't know. i am here getting tickets so i guess i'm not really that concerned about it i guess. >> reporter: police say they plan to study the details of what happened in gilroy and they are asking for people to come to the fair and report anything that may look suspicious. ktvu fox2 news. in san rk is just 10 days a it can draw as many as 200,000 people over the course of the weekend. san francisco police issued a statement reading in part, it is an annual event and there will be a san francisco police presence at the venue with any
6:34 pm
enclosed outdoor event we plan for public safety including perimeter security. if you see something, say something. another data breach impacting as many as 100 million americans. a hacker got personal information from capital one. here is the story. >> reporter: at the capital one cafi in walnut creek, established to create and alter friendly consumer financial experience, we spoke with two credit cardholders who responded to the mega hack. >> i'm very concerned and i've been trying to work on my credit score. and so i'm a lot nervous. >> reporter: jean abernathy says the capital one has responded quickly on other >> a little bit they have told applicable to any of us and if it's affected our account.
6:35 pm
they really do not have all the information themselves yet. >> reporter: it included 140,000 social security numbers which is particularly problematic for those folks. >> they are at greater risk than the average person of having their identity compromise. >> their stock only lost 6% which is small considering the legal jeopardy it faces. a former employee of amazon use by capital one has been caught and she faces five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. >> it's not like this is a sophisticated person. she gave herself away online. it's reasonable to question whether they were doing enough. we need more serious penalties for companies that fail ecinfor >> reporget
6:36 pm
alone, home, or credit card will protect you. capital one issued this statement, we believe it is unlikely that the information was used for fraud or disseminated by this individual. however, we will continue to investigate. >> it's ironic that a company with the slogan what's in your wallet is now wondering who's in your wallet. >> reporter: this is been going on for decades. at this late stage in the game, how can so much data be so readily available to hackers? ktvu fox2 news . coming up, new details about the bay area teenagers arrested in italy for killing a police officer and how one of them was in a fight club in san francisco. the trial of an american rapper started today in sweden. president trump's comments may affect the case. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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happening now, family and friends are remembering one of the victims of the garlic festival shooting. 13-year-old kayla salazar was one of the three people killed on sunday. you're looking at her mother live on your screen. this is happening at her school were kayla recekayla's mom wrot from the bottom of our hearts
6:40 pm
we would like and we are grateful for all of the friendships, family and the whole community for their support. the support that they are bringing me and our family in this difficult time that we are experiencing. kayla was a beautiful child that really cared for other people and heard about animals and she was our motivation. we are in pain that we lost there. thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. >>foreign language ] >> the family told amberley
6:41 pm
yesterday they went back looking for her and did not learn until 2:00 on that monday morning that she had passed away because everyone was evacuated. >> you can see the console and her mother. she is grieving the loss of her daughter. they describe kayla as a warm and kindhearted young woman. she was about ready to celebrate her 14th birthday. kayla was one of three people gunned down at the garlic festival. this is going on at the school, one of many vigils. another vigil will be held for six-year-old stephen romero. a relative of a bay area teen jailed in italy for killing a police officer said the teen had a history of fighting. the uncle of said he took part in organize fights. he said today those fights in a
6:42 pm
city park apparently resulted in many injuries. and were both arrested in italy on friday in connection to the fatal stabbing of a police officer. the officer had forgotten the gun the night he was confronted by the teens over botched drug deal. american rapper a$ap rocky pleaded not guilty on assault charges in sweden. the wrapper in two associates were involved in a brawl that injured a man. the 19-year-old plaintiff took the stand today and he accused the artist of the telling him to the ground and hitting him with a bottle. prosecutor showed footage of the incident but it does not tell the whole story. >> i am sure when we are done we are going to show -- not in the way the prosecutor is
6:43 pm
claiming anyway. >> the attorney said he did not think the president tons attempt to get rocky release from jail would affect the case. a verdict is expected on friday. lots of fog coming back to the coast tonight. it will be around your neighborhood tomorrow morning. the details in the five day forecast. let's go to heather holmes with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the 7:00 news. we continue to follow the investigation into the gilroy's shooting. what authorities were covered in an apartment in nevada the suspect had rented. a lawsuit filed over a massive fire in notre dame. concerns about people being exposed to toxic levels of lead. the story is coming up live over on ktvu plus. strong words from the daughter of martial arts legend was three. criticism of the new quentin tarantino film.
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teachers are being sold as a gilroy strong. the proceeds from the sale of their shirts will be given to the gilroy garlic festival shooting victims. the shirts are $20 each are being sold at several stores in gilroy. the downtown business association is organizing the fundraiser and contacted local businesses to have their shirts made. the sheriff's office and is being strong and the community together. we together. >> organizers say there is been a steady line of people wanting to purchase the gilroy strong t- shirts and give back anyway they can.
6:47 pm
>> bill martin is here with the look at your forecast for this tuesday. >> the fog is coming back in. of went away for a little while today. a nice day but after the triple digit heat a very different day. the fog went away and now is coming back. tomorrow morning it will be pretty much everywhere in all counties which will start you off with a cloudy day like this morning and then daytime highs like what we had today. monday, tuesday, and wednesday are similar. things will warm up quite a bit and we will see the numbers go back into the mid-90s by the weekend. running a little behind from where we were last night. you can see the fog off in the distance. you can see the tower in the district to get a dips of the marine layer. a little bit of went but not as
6:48 pm
much as last night. we had wind gusts to 40 miles per hour. tonight the wind is blowing a lot less but a strong seabreeze that will produce the standard for tomorrow morning. palo alto, you are out of it. fremont and san jose could see some fog. most of the bay area will have some cloud cover tomorrow morning. monday, tuesday, and wednesday. the greens are the 60s and the yellow is 70s. after that, we start to increase the numbers. thursday through sunday, not a heatwave but it warms us out. so the weekend has the potential for good barbecue weather. chili at the coast as it is with the and what have you. it will be a more typical summer break and i suspect. 81, sonoma. eddie, napa. forecast highs tomorrow are not
6:49 pm
that hot. a lot like today. i've said that three times. thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday, temperatures will, but the more typical summer weather pattern. 65, daly city. there's or five day forecast. a little fog nights and mornings and there saturday and sunday. we will see you back here at seven. the daughter of bruce lee said she's not happy with how the martial arts star is portrayed in the new movie by quentin tarantino. she says her father comes across as arrogant and full of hot air. she told the website it was hard to sit in the theater and listen to people laugh at him. she said he at the fight against cultural stereotypes for his entire career. he was born in san francisco before coming a child star in hong kong. antonio brown was
6:50 pm
attracting a lot of attention. we will have the latest on the 49ers camp that's all next in sports. tune into night for spin the wheel at 8 pm followed by first responders live at 9 pm. and then the 10:00 news and 11:00 news.
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mark is back from vacation and we are talking raiders, 49ers, and antonio brown on the practice field. >> a whole lot of fans and not just rater fans are looking forward to the hbo show which will make its debut. the cameras were up in napa and will be for quite some time. joe fonzi was up there. antonio brown will be collecting a lot of attention. here is the report from the wine country. >> reporter: the headline was a participation by receiver antonio brown and regular practice. it wasn't quite a regular day. he left rl
6:54 pm
unspecified injury. >> i'm not going to get into the day-to-day. is not serious but it will take a couple of days. hopefully after tomorrow he will get closer. we need him on the grass. we need him to get going. he is chomping at the bit . >> reporter: not just the offense benefits from brown being a practice. it can help the young and relatively inexperienced secondary get better. >> i think he's going to help parse all of us to get better once he comes back out here. >> i try to go against him every time and i always ask him questions about when he breaks and what he's doing at the line and down the field and how he plays against the receivers. he will make me better. >> antonio brown is an important part of this team. this is about bringing together a largely made over roster and the timeline they are concerned about is that monday night opener at home against the denver broncos. in napa, ktvu fox2 news.
6:55 pm
joe was making his way home in a hot air balloon. he will be here as soon as possible. we do our best to make it a full time for both the raiders and 49ers. and they are hard at it in training camp. they got one of the most useful rosters and olive football. to illustrate that point, one of the elders state when is marquise goodwin who's 28 years old. he's the old guy. seven years in the nfl. he missed five games last year, but he is more than willing to pass on that veteran knowledge to the kids he is surrounded by . >> i take it upon myself, yes. i want them to have the best career that they can. if that means me running with them you got to be willing to sacrifice what you've got going on to help those guys and bring them along so we get the whole team going in the right direction. >> is funny to hear one of the
6:56 pm
old guys who's 28. the giants have been red- hot and playing some of the best ball on the road. i would not say it came to a grinding halt, but they did go down. madison bumgarner is a giant with the trade deadline looming. this time tomorrow we will know if he still a giant. the giants with the 2-0 win. this one was way out. a 4-0 lead. the giants were shot out into the eighth inning. a solo shot. and then one better later on when chen, pinch-hit to make a 4-2. the giants were not able to get anything going in the 9th inning and they fall side, 4-0. believe it or not, basketball is still the thing. check this out. how would you like to be one of
6:57 pm
these kids in and adidas shores, store shows up with a credit card? check this out. >> five pairs of shoes each. >> no way. >> how about that. four kids get five pairs of shoes, anything they want. and then how about this, this is lebron james son between the legs with the fancy assist. do you think lebron got a kick out of that? he is like any parent. i think a lost issue. he's coming to an nba court sometime within the next 10 years. here is demarcus cousins. he's averaging 40 points and 14 rebounds. that is a sporting life. >> thanks, mark. thank you for joining us. here's one you guys will like.
6:58 pm
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