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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  July 31, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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that she was in the situation where she felt homeless. >> a sad discovery, twins abandoned hours after they were born. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. good morning, wednesday july 31st. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. steve paulson is right over here we will have nice weather. temperatures, which have been trending down, they will bump up a little bits near average as we -- looks quiet. low clouds are in place. burning off sooner. moisture down in the four corners. fairfield picked up on the delta breeze, 18.22. on shore breezes but not that
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strong as it was yesterday. low clouds retreat. 50s on the temperatures. 50s to a few 60s. 40s as well. 50 for some. santa cruz 57. cupertino, 54. not bad. this system to the pacific northwest, more likely dipping in tomorrow. subtle changes, if you are away rom the coast, a bump up in those temperatures, maybe 3 or 4 degrees. warmer today, cooler tomorrow. back up on the weekend. not the upper 90s or 100s, upper 80s and low 90s. 60s and 70s, 80s, few pushing the upper 80s. if you are driving in from tracy, as steve mentioned, it's time to update you on this commute. it's down to pretty slow speeds here, 17 miles an hour, i love this tool, can i point although something and get you the speed. it's down to 10 if some areas. no problems once you get to
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livermore but a typical commute on monday we had one of those things where it was unusual today, typical, driving in the dublin hayward, looks pretty good. no problems on interstate 880. more people get on the road, when you get to the bay bridge, getting more crowded now as you come to the toll plaza. back to the desk. there are now 8 victims from the gilroy garlic festival shooting who are still in the bay area hospitals. five are at valley medical center in san jose, a trauma center. stanford has two patients and one person is at regional medical center in san jose. many more are suffering from emotional pain following the trauma of the shooting. they are toning to the crisis counseling offered at two locations in santa clara county. the group community solutions will hold two meetings tonight to help people reconnect with the community and offer each other emotional support. the meetings will be held at the same time and offered in both english and spanish.
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one is at the community solutions office on murray, the other held at rebecca childrens services near south valley middle school. both are scheduled to run from 6:00 until 7:30 tonight. find all of that information on under web links. bay area police and the fbi say the search for evidence at christmas hill park after the gilroy shootings may go on until this weekend. it appears the shooter san santino legan acted alone. investigators checked video from the stores santino legan went in to before he slipped in to the garlic festival and he is not seen with anyone else. they say santino legan planned the attack but the reason why, that is still a mystery. >> we continue to try to understand who the shooter is, what motivated him and if he was aligned with any particular ideology.
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>> police found a second weapon, a shotgun parked northeast of the festival grounds. they found a bag filled with ammunition along ubis creek. investigators in nevada are telling us what they found in the home santino legan had been living in. they found a bullet proof vest, a gas mask, empty ammunition boxes and empty bottle of valium, found inside the try plex in walker creek, south of reno. the sheriff says his department never had contact with santino legan while he was living there. we will tell you how police have been helping people stranded after running away after the shooting. how a victim is being remembered by her family and friends. the first of the 20 candidates sparred on issues from health care to gun control. allie rasmus joins us now from the newsroom with the highlights from the first night. >> reporter: the candidates on
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stage were united on one thing, the need to beat president donald trump in the next election. what they disagreed on was the best way and policies in order to do that. the first night, 10 democratic candidates took the stage in detroit and brought up issues and reparations for slavery and immigration and gun control and at one point the shooting in gilroy. make sure we get univl background checks past, the assault weapon ban and do something about magazines and understand when that little six- year-old boy died, steven romero when his dad said he only 6 years old, we have to remember that. >> pete buttigieg supports universal background checks and a ban on assault weapons. >> an end to assault weapons. things like what i carried overseas in uniform that have no business in american
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neighborhoods and peacetime. >> the topic that revealed more of a disagreement was the issue of health care. elizabeth warren and bernie sanders defended the idea of medicare for all. a tax system would cover all americans. >> the democratic message is going to be, we are going to go in, the only thing you have left, we are going to take it and the do better. i don't think that's a recipe for success. >> we are democrats, we are not about trying to take away health care for any one. we should stop using republican talking points to talk with each other about how to best provide that health care. >> tonight second group of candidates take the stage in detroit to debate including former vice president joe biden and kamala harris. allie rasmus, ktvu, fox 2 news. fairfield, a heart breaking
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story this morning. newborn twins found abandoned behind a strip mall, one baby is still in the hospital right now but the other baby died. police were called yesterday afternoon, they were told a woman was wondering around with two babies she had just given birth to along pitman road off of interstate 80s the first officer found two newborn babies in distress. the officer performed life saving measures but one of the babies died at the scene. the other baby was still alive and rushed to the hospital. later they found the mother bleeding, a 10 minute walk away, she was also rushed to the hospital. >> it breaks my heart. it really does. i feel for the mother. she felt hopeless obviously. >> the mother has not yet been arrested. police have not given us any extra information about her. the social service os officials
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will determine where the baby who survived will go once the investigators know more about the mother. california has a safe surrender law where a mother can drop off newborns at a hospital or at a fire station within 72 hours of birth. a san francisco police officer will return to duty after suffering a gash to his head while making a drug arrest. he was chasing a drug dealer in the tenderloin district yesterday. the officer tracked down the suspect but suffered the head injury in the process. closing arguments in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial are ex-pegged to wrap up with the prosecutor addressing the jury. defense delivered his arguments. he said the landlord ander h family are not on trial and firefighters did not tell the truth. harris' attorney said there was enough reasonable doubt to find harris not guilty. >> i kept talking about the
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ironies and contradictions in this case and pointing them out. they want to convict max harris. >> the case cob in the hands of the jury by this afternoon if convicted on all charges, derrick almena and max harris could each receive 39 years in prison. as jury deliberations this a verdict draw closer, stay with us at ktvu and henry lee for continuing coverage. wealthy financier jeffrey epstein is due in court after he was found injured in his jail cell, facing sex trafficking charges with girls as young as 14 years old. last week he was found with neck injuries after a possible suicide attempt, he was put on suicide watch. it's not clear if the bruises on epstein's neck was self inflicted or came from an assault.
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a pair of hulks, eric and flossies could affect hawaii over the next few days. eric is now a major hurricane. it's this the central pacific ocean, forecast to approach hawaii by the end of the week. forecasters say it could start losing strength and gradually weaken back down in to a tropical storm before sliding south of hawaii tomorrow or friday. >> i have been talking to steve about. a lot of people travel to hawaii. the governor of california says he is demanding transparency from presidential candidates. the reason there is a chance president trump may not be on california's ballot in 2020. have you seen the seesaw at the u.s. boarder with mexico. an art installation and two bay area professors put it together. on the road, the east shore freeway traffic looking pretty good. it is getting more crowded on the way to the bay bridge.
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the alameda county drones office received the report from the sheriff's office about last month's incidents involving the
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president of the toronto rafters during the mba finals. he is accused of shoughing a deputy while trying to join a team on his court. the da will only say the case against the rafter's president is still under investigation and there has been no decision involving charges. a millipedes woman is facing state charges of posing as a pharmacist and illegally filling more than 745,000 prescriptions. investigators say kim lee worked for nearly 11 years as a pharmacist at walgreens. she used the license numbers of registered pharmacists to dispense drugs including powerful opioids such as fentanyl, oxycodone and morphine and booked in to the santa clara county jail last week. it's unclear if the state will go after walgreens. the air force general nominated to be the number two military officer, denies allegations of sexual
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misconduct. general john hiden faced tough questions from the senate armed services committee during two hours of confirmation hearings. his former aid, army colonel catherine said the general made several unwanted sexual advances while they worked together. >> it has been a painful time for me and my family. i want to state to you and to the american people in the strongest possible terms that these allegations are false. >> it was painful to listen to several senators accuse me of being a liar. it was sort of a hit job. >> arizona senator martha mc sally, a republican, was among those defending general hiden. senator mc salary revealed she was raped by a superior officer while she was a pilot in the air force. there is a chance president donald trump may not appear on
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the california ballot in 2020. the governor required candidates and gubernatorial candidates to release tax returns to appear on california's primary ball hot. most of the top democrats have already done so. an attorney for president trump hinted that a lawsuit was forthcoming. the aclu is accusing the trump administration of still separating children from migrant families ignoring a court order. aclu says 911 children including babies and small children were removed from their parents at the border over the past year. most of the parents went for weeks, not knowing where their kids were. the aclu wants a judge to rule on whether separations were justified. no comment yet from the justice department. at a time when tensions over immigration are so high, two bay area professors put this together. a few moments of joy here. they set up three new bright
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pink sea saws at the border seesaws at the border barrier between new mexico and mexico and came up with this idea 10 years ago and it became real this week. the kids are playing with the seesaws on both sides of the border. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. any problems we should know about? >> there are slow spots. for the most part, it's nice, nice and quiet. there are just a couple of things i will let you know. let's go to gilroy and talk about the super commute and the traffic is moving along well. if you are driving from gilroy to san jose or farther than that, it's not much of a delay at all. there is just a little bit of slowing in morgan hill, that's about it. there have been no issues in san jose and traffic continues to look good on the east bay commute. southbound 680, pleasant hill at the scales, there is a new crash reported a few moments
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ago and that is going to be a slowdown. we will get more information on that next time. bay bridge is backed up for a 20, or less than that, a 15 minute wait before you make it onto the span. let's bring steve in. thank you, kind sir. temperatures are nice since the weekend when it was hot. they will bump up a little bit today. really, it's not that much. getting your average, we have been above. a little bit warmer. near 9 for a few. 60s, 70s 80s around the bay. rutherford near 90. pleasanttop 86. saratoga 86. navado 83. bellmont, piedmont, in the 70s. mid to upper and on the coast, half-moon bay, san francisco, 60s to mid-70s. plenty of low clouds in place. they have been retreating rapidly. it may take a while on the san
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mateo coast. sunshine and the highs nosing in a teeny bit. it's compressed the fog. the delta breeze is not that strong. there is an on shore breeze at napa and cop ford and buchanan. half of what it was yesterday. low clouds and fog. no reports of drizzle yet. mainly 50s on the temperatures. sunnyville 52. oakland airport is mild, 61. 60 ukiah, 58 bookend. one better for bakersfield, california. 37 up in truckee. monsoon moisture confined mostly down to arizona. southern utah. some sneaks in to southern nevada and southern california. the bulk is well to the east and south of tahoe as well. again, it doesn't take much to get it up there but quiet for now. most off to the east. the fog burns off. temperatures, a little bit up
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today then they will take a dip tomorrow. back up on the weekend. we will see upper 80s to lower 90s the to the weekend. not the upper 90s or 100s like we saw last weekend. 60s and 70s and 80s, near 90. temperatures where they should be this time of year. cooler thursday, back up from id and looks nice. warmer inland, pam, for your weekend. thank you very much. we you would would like to remind you to download the ktvu weather app, it has interactive radar and updates and the 7-day forecast. the weather app is a free download. changes at the sanoma county fair. actions event organizers are taking to keep people safe following the shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. dave clark sat down with actor, director and activist danny glover, talked about movies and politics and what
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inspires him today. search for bay area people in the body cast section, look for bay area people on as well.
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federal reserve is expected to cut interest rates at the meeting today. president trump has been urging the fed to lower rates to give the economy a boost. federal reserve is concerned
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about the trade war with china and inflation. governor newsome signed a bill allowing opposite sex couples to register as domestic partners. it will give up married straight couples the same tax and financial benefits associated with being registered as domestic partners. california recognized domestic partnership for nearly 20 years, but the law only applied to same sex couple whose at the time were not allowed to get married. analysts were talking about the security systems of capital one after the breach that affected 100 million customers. the solen information includes names and social security numbers and personal information. the company says it will notify everyone affected. the hacker is a former employee of amazon's cloud computing division, which is used by capital one. she faces five years in prison and a quarter million dollar fine. >> it's not as though this a
5:25 am
infinitely sophisticated person. she gave herself away online. i think we need to see more serious penalties for companies that mishandle your information or fail to protect it adequately. that's the bottom line. >> experts recommend freezing your credit profile until you temporarily unfreeze to get a loan but a car or a home or a credit card, you can do that temporarily. in a statement, call tall one said based on our analysis we believe it is unlikely the information was used for fraud or disseminated by this individual however we will continue to investigate. the sale of levis plaza in san francisco for more than $800 million makes it one of the largest deals in city history. james town bought the property, 930,000 square feet of space and spans 9 buildings near the embarcadero. levis has been headquartered in the property since it opened. the lease was set to expire in
5:26 am
2022. delta airlines making a ig beer effort to communicate with travelers who are deaf or hard of hearing. the attendants will wear name tags if they do sign languagech we think it's important that the community knows who keyla is and how important she is to us. >> to the heartfelt vigil and also a look at how last weekend's shooting is affecting plans for future festivals and fairs around the bay area. good morning. we have traffic that's getting busier all over the place. that would include on highway 2, heading to the tunnel. temperatures have been on the nice side, below average, today looks like near average to above. a look at those coming up.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2s wednesday morning, july 31st, pam. >> yes. >> i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. i'm sad, july is done. steve and i, we have been talking about that hurricane that's making its way towards hawaii.
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>> category 4, now it's three. it's going to weaken rapidly. it's running in to sheer and slightly cooler ss temperatures, sea surface temperatures. there will be a quiz on that. it is going to weaken rapidly. higher surf. some rain for the islands. there is one behind that, flossie, that might drift a little more. that's about a week away. let's get to it here. warmer pattern for those inland, fog and sun nice, fog is there, temperatures today will be near average for this time of year. close to it. we have been below for the last couple of days after being above for the weekend. temperatures on their way up. santa rosa 81 to 83. san francisco, concord, 84 to 84. san jose 78 to 80. i should add that the forecast models i use, called the moss, model output statistics, have been under done on concord lately. it says 79 to 82, it comes in
5:31 am
84 or 85. maybe add one or two. low clouds are there. they will come back a little bit to the coast, sooner today. the high, pumping in moisture to the four corners but not here. not even the sierra, it's towards the lee side. the breeze is okay. about 15-20 miles per hour less than yesterday when it was roaring. a little bump up. a lot of 50s. couple of 60s. mainly 50s and a few 40s navado 49 degrees. leama valley 50, also for -- pen grove 47. look for a nice day. tomorrow looks to be a teeny bit cooler. 60s, 70s, mid to upper 80s. sal is here. so far, so food or something new? so far, so good. things are getting more crowded, steve. good morning to you. interstate 80, westbound, through fairfield, vellejo and coming out to the hercules
5:32 am
area, crowding there. southbound 680, truck scales, they had problem with a minor accident or injuries, pleasant hill, a little bit of slow traffic there. the rest of the commute looks all right, bay bridge toll plaza, a 15-minute wait. gilroy strong, the message on t-shirts designed to support the community after the mass shooting a at the garlic festival. proceeds will benefit the victims and families, the shirts are $20 each, sold at several stores there in gilroy. devastated parents from girl roy to new york are dealing with the tragic losses of their children and entire community is still reeling from the mass shooting. sara zendehnam at christopher high school with the support services that are available for families. >> reporter: good morning, pam. christopher high school is where people can come and get that counseling services
5:33 am
support services, anything they need, they can find here. whether people are walking away with physical scars or emotional scars at the gilroy garlic festival. there is help out there. experts say you don't want to go at this alone or isolate yourself. this is something that you should be asking for, for help and like i said, christopher high school is one of those locations that you can do that. how you move forward from something like this, may seem impossible. emotions are understandably raw right now. we saw that firsthand at a news conference yesterday held by keyla salazar's family at her middle school. the 13 year old was one of the three killed at the festival sunday. keyla's aunts spoke before a private vigil. >> keyla was a beautiful child, that cared for other people and she cared about animals and was our motivation. we are in pain. we loved her. thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. >> reporter: take a look at the
5:34 am
list on your screen. christopher high school will provide services today, tomorrow and friday, all starting at 9:00 this morning. there are two community meetings happening at community solutions and rebecca children services at 6:00 p.m. the addresses are on your screen. there will be small group discussions and one on one support held if english in english and spanish. they will stay open until 5:30 this evening. if you have issues or questions or concerns, come on by here, there is a lot of help out here. sara zendehnam, ktvu, fox 2 news. later today, some of the vendors and volunteers at the garlic festival who abandoned their cars to get away from the shooting can go back and get them. only the cars in two parking lots will be released today escort beside i the police and only with proper proof that you own it. you won't be able to get in to other parking lots today or in
5:35 am
to the park itself. we talked to one garlic festival vendor who abandoned her suv in the main parking lot after the shooting. >> i'm not trying to get it back. i wanted an eta. >> authorities hope to have the vehicles back the owners by the end of the week. the garlic festival shooting has events organizers around the bay area taking a second look at their security plans. the sanoma county fair opens tomorrow for an 11-day run. police have increased security especially around the perimeter of the fairgrounds because authorities in gilroy say the gunman cut a hole in a perimeter fence to get inside. >> the next day we started having conversations to make sure we are addressing the conditions. we are going the modify part of our operational plan to make sure we are paying attention to the perimeter. >> police say they will be visible throughout the
5:36 am
fairgrounds and they have under gone active shooter training. private security will be on the grounds 24 hours a day. san francisco police also will tighten security for the upcoming outside lands music festival. a 3-day weekend event starting august 9th that attracts 200,000 people to golden gate parking. in a statement, the sfpd said outside lands is an annual event and there will be a big presence at the venue. with any enclosed outdoor event we plan for public safety including perimeter security. . a look at the other top stories we are following for you this morning. we are learning new details about the case of two marin county teenagers arrested in italy accused of killing an italian police officer. investigators if rome say the 5 year old officer who died did not have his gun when he was called this to work. authorities say the officer's partner did have his weapon but quote there was no time to use it before they were attacked.
5:37 am
the next court hairing for the man accused of murdering sacramento police officer o'sullivan june 19th will be in october. sacramento police department packed a courtroom yesterday for a hearing for adele ramos, his lawyer asked for more time to prepare the case. he is facing four felony charges for the murder of officer o'sullivan. closing arguments in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial are expected to wrap up later today. the district attorney will have one last chance to address the jury before they begin deliberations. if convicted on all charges, defendants derrick almena and max harris could receive 39 years this prison. the other half of the democratic candidates for president will take the debate stage in detroit tonight. last night centered on the two most progressive candidates. bernie sanders and elizabeth warren defended free college and medicare for all. for some of the candidates last night may have been their last moment on stage, the
5:38 am
qualifications for the september debate are twice as high. ktvu political analyst says the two major candidates at the debate appeared to team one a common goal. >> bernie sanders and elizabeth warren teaming up a little bit. if you watch the cut aways, they were talking to each other. the idea is, we have to move the party to a more progressive stance which would be the way you would do it in a primary mare and come back in the other direction. >> around the bay area, many gathered for watch parties like this one at the starline social club on martin luther king way, a big crowd was there last night and say they are going to do it again tonight. california senator kamala harris and former vice president joe biden will headline night two of the debates. it will be the first time the two of them have met after clashing over the issue of race during the first debate.
5:39 am
corey booker, kerstin gillibrand tulsi gabbard will appear. projectiles presenting questions for president trump's push for denuclearization. north korea fired two short range ballistic missiles a as a warning to the south korean military. this comes after the president met with kim jong-un at the demilitarized zone, they agreed to set up negotiates teams aimed at talks to dismantle the weapons program. paris, environmental group is suing the city of paris over april's huge fire at the notre dame cathedrals the lead roof of the church melted in all of the heat. an environmental group says the city didn't do enough to protect residents and workers and visitors from being exposed to lead particles disbursed in to the air. investigation by a french news
5:40 am
site found a month after the fire, lead levels at nearby schools were still 10 times higher than what is considered acceptable. the clean up at the cathedral was stopped earlier because of concerns about lead poisoning. a drug fueled rampage was caught on camera, up next , the shocking surveillance footage taken on the 4th of july in bodega bay. in san francisco, a goal of zero homicides. very ambitious plan laid out by anti violence advocates and the families of victims. good morning, we have traffic that is going to be busy all over the place as we get to the southern marin portion. it looks okay here heading to san francisco.
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new video from the sanoma county sheriffs office. a man went on a drug fueled rampage. coffee was renting a home in bodega bay with five friends and took four doses of lsd, he became violent and stabbed a friend with a pencil, punched another and stabbed a security guard with a metal stake. he is accused of stealing a truck and running down two pedestrians, those two people survived. a deputy shot coffee as he rammed in to a patrol car. he was hospitalized with critical injuries. police in berkley searching for three burglars, they targeted the office of award winning film maker ross mary rawcliff. images show two men and a woman they broke in monday morning.
5:44 am
they stole several acclaimed documentaries including a feature film on the dalai lama and his family. she says the thieves stole valuable equipment used to make her films. >> represents 20 years of work. everything, i can't run my business without my server. it's all gone. we are at a standstill. we are about to premier a film later this year. we have no way to finish it because we were a picture lock and everything is gone. >> berkley police are searching for leads. if you have information, call berkley police. san francisco police need your help to identify three robbery suspects who assaulted two men in china town. police say the men approached a 56 year old man, lifted him up off of his feet and threw him to the ground. another man tried to intervene but police say he was knocked unconscious. this happened at stockton and pacific at 1:00 in the afternoon, july 15th, the suspects got away with a watch,
5:45 am
the victims have been released from the hospital. a couple from hillsborough will be sentenced today for taking part this the college admission bribery scheme. isaksons plead guilty. they admitted to paying $600,000 to a middle man to get their daughters in to ucla and usc. bruce also plead guilty to conspiracy to launder money and conspiracy to defraud the irs. the department of home land security has a security alert if you own a small plane. plane owners and pilots were warned flight systems are vulnerable to being hacked if someone gets fiscal access to your plane. readings can be manipulated to give false information. that alert says plane owners should make sure you don't allow unauthorized physical access to your plane. advocates in san francisco, they want city leaders to adopt
5:46 am
a zero tolerance policy towards homicides. anti vie license advocates got together on the steps of san francisco city hall to say even one homicide is too many. they want the city to work towards a goal of zero homicides in san francisco. this year in bay view alone as of july 19th, we had 7 murders. 17 shootings involving injuries and 5 shootings without injury. >> i don't know how to describe this feeling. nobody will explain what happened to my baby. >> i'm crying and it's been 13 years for me. it still hurts. it is still yesterday for me. >> san francisco police says the homicide and violent crime rate is trending down. the board of supervisors, they are on recess now but may take up this issue when they come
5:47 am
back in september. back over to sal. how is the commute so far? seems like it's been light still. people are on vacation in some areas. >> it hasn't been plagued by serious crashes. we had commutes that are normallish, the tracy commute comes to mind. we have traffic that is slow there. we haven't had major problems. you will see slow traffic. it doesn't look like it's lighter than usual. no major problems getting to dublin which is good. northbound 238, 880, clearing a crash. that's slowing traffic on 238. this is 880, it's moving well in both directions. the bay bridge toll plaza, 10- 15 minute wait. some of the problems we have had have been minor. no problems on up the bridge itself. let's bring steve in with today's forecast.
5:48 am
trade deadline today, sal. what do you think? don't think the giants will do anything. the a's might. >> might get a pitcher. a starting pitcher. low clouds are back, they are making a good move here. it looks -- a teeny bit warmer today. slightly cooler tomorrow. high pressure will build back in, not super strong. it does look warmer inland towards saturday and sunday and back to cooler again for next week. that seems to be the pattern. rutherford, 90 degrees today. shout out to everyone at the rutherford grill. pleasanton 86. saratoga 86. bellmont, piedmont, union city and -- low clouds disappear and come right back. they will disappear again. maybe earlier burn off today.
5:49 am
the highs pumping in moisture but not in tahoe. it's to the east, not in central california. it's down in southern california. the on shore breeze is there but not the on shore wind as we have seen the last couple of mornings. only 22 this morning. west, southwest, napa and concord, quiet everywhere else. low clouds doing their thing , the water temperatures are cold. 52, 53, 55, bodega bay point rays and san francisco buoy, one monterey, buoy is 57. the other one i hope works soon. i'm giving up on this. 51 santa rosa and novado. there are other locations on the cool side. rio vista and fairfield, 57. concord buchanan is 60. by the pavilion it's 60. that's a 10- degree spread and slightly over miles. 52 black hawk. san ramone 51.
5:50 am
livermore 50. pinole 56. 34 truckee. 60 ukiah. flagstaff getting monsoon. phoenix didn't have much yesterday. see how it starts to rotate northward. this is las vegas and the desert of southern california, maybe going to palm springs, they get the clouds but not much in the way of thunderstorm activity. the system in the northwest, pacific gulf, continue to be a fight between that and the hay in the four corners. one day we cool down and one day we warm up. today we warm up. we warm up on the weekend as the high builds towards the west but not as hot as last weekend. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90 for some. most locations where they should be on the high temperatures. cooler thursday, looks warmer in to the weekend away from the coast. active shooter training a t a high school on the peninsula. how long will the training go on at mills high school in mill
5:51 am
bray weeks before the new school year begins. get ready to see baseball players traded today around the major league baseball teams, we will see where the giants and a. s are standing on this last day of the trade deadline. first, it is a foggy morning in san francisco. there is the sales force tower building. you are watching mornings on 2 from ktvu fox 2 news. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service.
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5:54 today is the major league baseball trade deadline, the last day players can be moved before the playoffs. the oak land a's have shown they are buyers. they made two trades. oak land has a half game lead for the final wild card spot. all of baseball is watching the giants to see if they will be buyers or sellers. they haven't shown how they are leaning after starting off the month with one of the worst records if baseball, now the giants are hot. they are 2.5 games out of the final wild card spot in the national leagues there are rumors -- trade deadline is today. the giants are on the road today, they are in philly
5:55 am
playing the philadelphia phillies, important series for the giants. they trail filly for a wild card spot. it was a tough start for the giants, pitcher tyler beady allowed five runs and four innings, the hitter struggled to get much going at the plate. brandon belt and boat hit pinch hit homers in the 8th inning. that wasn't enough, the giants lost 4-2, today's game starts at 4:05. the oakland a's continues big home stand today against the milwaukee brewers. they played last night in the second, chad pender made a great catch right there. kept the game scoreless. mat olson hit a double and put the a's up in the third inning, milwaukee tied it up later. 17th homer of the season gave the a's the lead back,
5:56 am
milwaukee tied the game at 2. mat olson did it, his second career walk off homer, giving the a. as 3-2 win in the 10th inning. tonight's game starts at 7:07 at the colosseum. the oak land a. s are helping the people affected by sunday's mass shooting in gilroy, during the game, all of the sales of garlic fries and the gilroy garlic burger, both benefit those affected by that tragedy. we are waiting to see how much money was raised during last night's game. time is 5:56, still ahead, remembering a 13 year old who was killed at the gilroy garlic festival, hundreds of people showed up at keyla salazar's school to support her family. plus, going back to the scene
5:57 am
of that deadly shooting when people who ran for their lives out of the garlic festival can go back to get their belongings.
5:58 am
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hundreds of people gathered in gilroy to show support for the family of keyla salazar , the vigil held for the 13-year- old girl shot and killed at the gilroy garlic festival. a heart breaking story from fairfield, where babies, newborn twins were found abandoned behind a store what we know about the mother and those babies. good morning. thank you for joining us wednesday morning, last day of july. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's going to be a nice day. steve paulson is here, he has your forecast. >> it should be nice unless you don't like it over 75. >> 75 is good. >> fog is there. it will burn off sooner today. how old is your son, ali? he does his own little weather
6:00 am
forecast now. the fog has come down a little bit. that will burn off sooner. there is a good blanket out there. inland temperatures jump up. 80s for some, mid-80s, 60s, where we should be about. slightly below for some. temperatures look to be normal for this time of year. bumping up from 80s, and 60s, we will see 3 or 4-degree jump. fog is there in place. low pressure pacific northwest, high pressure desert southwest. today looks like the high will win out but not an extreme. west, southwest breeze, 22. yesterday it was 35. that's down at travis. fog retreating sooner. water temperatures are cold, 52 to 55. 50s on the temperatures, few near 60 degrees. 51 at atherton, 48 woodside.


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