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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  August 8, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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. from ktvu fox 2 news. this is mornings on 2. >> good morning to you. women come back to mornings on 2. thursday morning. august 8th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. let's check in with steve for the thursday forecast and then into the weekend. how does it look >> cooler. >> okay. >> saturday at least. sunday. >> i heard you say rain >> the -- looks like another system dropping in next week. each much these are getting a little deeper. this is unusual for us. >> very early. >> again, you know usually september, october okay but august no but it looks like a series of these are on the way. the one that's coming in on the weekend is weak but it could bring rain up to lake county. not a lot, maybe a little. highs today inland continue to come down. coast they have said -- we have come down on the temperatures. it's inland that are now in the 80's. low 80's unless are you really far inland. you may get mid80's. this is first upper low right
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there. lot of that monsoon moisture is just moving off to the east as that low comes in. it pushes it out of the area. the low clouds are there. there's enough kuehling aloft but there is plenty there this morning. pretty good lightning show in the sierra yesterday. mainly toward the reno side. carson city side. there is an on shore wind in place for some. water temperatures continue to be cold, 52 to 57 degrees. 50's, 60's on the temperatures. east bay temperatures, upper other's, low 60's. not a big difference here. 43 in truckee. they had a big thunderstorm in las vegas. again a lot of that is pushing out of the area. you don't have to worry about anything here in the sierra looks to be toward the east. the fog and low clouds, that system will impact us over the next couple days. a cooler pattern in place and look for a temperatures to be in the 60's, 70's and 80's. 4:31. sal is here and he will talk about -- i noticed -- one of the off ramps was a lot
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of police activity. looked like a car stalled. does that make sense >> yes. that is true. we have -- a bigger crash steve and this one -- actually a very serious crash. i want to bring up the pictures san jose fire of a fiery crash near bailey. this is going to be there for hours and traffic will be backed up. these pictures are fantastic. northbound 1o 1. we saw this happen at about 3:45 this morning. we didn't know what it was. then san jose fire tweeted a picture. northbound 101 is essentially shut down. you can see how traffic is building. first started off with a small back up and now it's slowing down. if are you driving in from gilroy and morgan hill this means you. you may want to get on the road early. you may want to use a different route. you may want to give yourself the morning off so to speak. work from home. whatever have you to do to deal
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with this. this won't clear any time soon. let's talk about the solano county commute. 80 westbound. you can see traffic moving along well. no problems in the east shore freeway and getting down to the mcarthur maze. it's still light though some of the outside lanes are getting full. the lobbying effort is heating up for new gun control laws. the president now said he is willing to consider expanded background checks for gun buyers. as doug reports, activists still face an uphill battle. >> reporter: the president said he is even willing to call congress back to town if both sides close in on a gun control deal. marine 1 with a late night landing at the white house. the president and the first lady returning to washington after a very long day. spending time in both dayton and el paso, meeting victims, first responders and hospital staff and the president apparently
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earful on gun control. >> telling me let's see if we can get something done and republicans want to do it and democrats want to do it. >> reporter: how far is congress willing to go democrats have been wanting expanded background checks. he has received death threats. the president spent time with democratic senator brown who said he pressed him on it. >> the mayor and i asked the president to call the senator to bring the senate back in session to tell the senate that he wants the background checks. >> reporter: what may be more likely is an expanding red flag law that seek to identity individuals who may be a threat and take their guns and that has been proposed in ohio. >> we think it's well thought out. we think it respects the constitution and will save lives. >> reporter: none of this is going to be easy. these proposals raise second
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amendment concerns. in washington. fox news. the white house is inviting internet and tech companies for a round table discussion on violence online. it's set for tomorrow but there'list of participants. the president isn't expected to attend. earlier this week he directed the justice department to develop tool that can detect mass shooters before they strike. the owner of the online message barred 8chan where the el paso shooter posted anti immigrant writings is traveling to the united states to testify before a committee. the site is owned by jim watkins, a veteran in the philippines. members of the house, homeland security said he needs to address efforts to battle extremist content. an east bay congressman hosted a town hall. he has been speaking out about the need for more gun
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control. >> worked very hard in the midterms to change the constitution post parkland. we won 17 seats where an nra endorsed member of congress had held the seat. we passed background checks and now it's time for the senate to act. >> at last night's town hall there were a wide range of opinions on how to stop mass shootings. >> we don't want to take the gun away from home who hunt or the pistols from people who want to protect their home. assault weapons, most of the people weren't in the military who have them. >> the congress ma'am said he wants the senate majority leader to call a vote on the two bills passed by the house. one on background checks for private and online gun sales and another giving the fbi a longer period of time to investigate potential buyers. the congress ma'am said congressman said he wants to see the president support an assault weapons ban and a buy back program for the 15 million assault weapons on the streets.
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the nra sent us this response to the congress ma'am's town hall saying in part the nra welcomes calls to address the root causes of horrible acts of violence that have happened in the country. unfortunately, anti gun politicians are focused on scoring political points by pushing legislation that only restricts the rights of law abiding americans. tonight we will take a look at mass shootings in america. we will look at current gun laws, mental health and what lawmakers doing to prevent more mass shootings. we hope you join us for a ktvu special report, gun guns in america. that's tonight at 10:30. more than 100 bay area women are flying out of oakland in two hours to kick off the civil rights tour. highlights include birmingham's 16th baptist church, a trip to group called
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started 23 years ago with 30 women who supported each other as they survived breast cancer, widowhood or the loss of loved ones. we will have details on the tour that starts today. reporters who work at the usa today in virginia are back to work this morning. that's after a report of a gunman forced an evacuation. s.w.a.t teams say they searched every inch of that building yesterday following a report that a former employee was spotted with a gun. no gun was found and the former employee was found elsewhere. nobody was hurt. there is no indication of a crime. time is 438c. canadian police believe they have found the body of two teenage fugitives wanted for killing three people. they were found yesterday. police say they are confident of the teenagers wanted for killing three people in british columbia last month
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including a north carolina woman and her australian boyfriend. the police aren't saying how they died, saying that they will have to wait for the autopsy to confirm the names and identities and the cause of death. meantime puerto rico has a new governor, the third to have that job in the past week. the former justice secretary took the oath of office yesterday. the supreme court ruled her predecessor was sworn in on unconstitutional grounds since he had been confirmed by only one of two legislative chambers. before the swearing in vasquez said that they need stability after the corruption scandal that brought down the governor and other top members of the government. hundreds of people are in custody there morning in mississippi after the nation's largest ice raid in ten years. immigration agents targeted several food processing
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plants in and around the state capitol of jackson. 680 people were taken in to custody. they are being processed for alleged immigration violations. no word what penalties if any the food companies will face for employing undocumented workers. a bay area man is planning to speak out after he was held in ice custody for three months. he was turned over to immigration by daily city police after a traffic stop in may. he was released on monday and will be free while his case moves through the courts. activists say his transfer was a violation of the state's sanctuary law. he said he will talk about his experience at a vigil tomorrow outside ice offices in san francisco. we are hearing more opposition in modesto against plans for what's called a straight pride rally scheduled later this month in the city park. many people packed last night's city council meeting calling for that event to be
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called off. organizers say that the straight pride rally is to celebrate traditional gender roles but critics say they spread a hateful anti gay message. >> when you invite terrorist hate groups to an event and then the city stamps that approval that's no longer protecting their first amendment. that's hate speech. >> everybody is trying to make it sensational and it'll be like a church service. >> the straight pride rally is scheduled for august 24th. it's another day of deliberations in the ghost ship warehouse trial fire. jurors asked for an i-pad to let them view 3d images of the ghost ship warehouse. the defense said that they are confident their clients will not be found guilty. >> this case is the second largest homicide case to go to trial in american history
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with 36 counts. its been a great tragedy. >> the largest homicide case was the oklahoma city bombing with 168 counts. henry lee has been in the courtroom since day one and will help lead the coverage as soon as the jury reaches a verdict. you can reach his blog on the website time is now 4:42. why you may want to plan extra time at the airport in september if you plan to fly out of sfo. >> i love it to be where everybody comes back together as a community here. >> gilroy's second largest event is underway for rally around the gilroy rodeo and not letting the shooting ruin the good times. . >> we have a pretty serious crash in san jose. we will talk about. we are looking at the east bay commute and how that's starting to wake up.
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we have a full plate now for this early morning commute. . >> and we have a full weather plate on the upper level low dropping in which is giving us cooler temperatures. we will look at those coming up.
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. welcome back. time is 4:45. happening today in gilroy, grab your cowboy hats and boots. the rodeo is back. events kicked off yesterday with barrel racing. tonight there will be a team
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roping event. organizers say that a fun event is just what gilroy needs right now after the deadly mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. they are hoping for a big turn out and so far they have sold three times more tickets this year than last year. >> it's a new -- a new event that you can come together and make new memories to have fun. its going to -- hopefully take your mind off what happened. >> there will be increased security at the event, private guards and sheriff's deputies will patrol the grounds. the proceeds from this year's rodeo will go to local youth groups, a cancer charity and to the victims of the gilroy festival. a san francisco high school for at risk students has opened a do treasure and of say that it's the first of it's kind in the country. more than two dozen high school student also live in that dorm as they attend school
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at life learning academy. it's a charter high school for at risk student who struggled in traditional schools. it's for those who are homeless, live in shelter or don't have stable living conditions. >> i'm so excited. this is like a dream. >> reporter: it's not just a dorm. it's a home where skies can thrive. this will save and change lives for future generations. >> there's a community room with a chef preparing meals, school officials will spend $800,000 a year on the dorm. the students are expected to be moved in by sunday august 18th and start school the next day. if you plan to fly in or out of sfo next month, get ready for some major delays in september weeks repairing on of its runways. the crews will work on a new base for runway 28l. you are looking at video of that very busy runway in april when crews had to make
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emergency repairs after a pot hole was found. the airport expects delays between 30 minutes to two hours. we hope you will we with us tomorrow morning to gone on another zip trip. this time we are heading to clayton. population 12,000, mount diablo just steps away from the small community. we will show you how people in clayton rallied to build everything from a new library to a bochi ball court and will take you inside the great downtown restaurants where neighbors run into other neighbors on a tomorrow we take you on that zip trip to clayton. you can watch it live and we will stream that live on that should be nice. time is 4:48. sal is going on that but you are covering something serious right now in the commute. >> that's right.  a deadly crash. northbound 101. happened about 3:30.
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northbound 101 before highway 85. between bailey road and 85. these are pictures tweeted by the san jose fire department and the pictures just say it all. look at all this. look at these cars on fire. we have confirmation from chp that there has been a death involved in this crash. this is northbound 101 just before 85 and the entire direction northbound 101 is closed. this is another picture, just -- i mean just a horrible looking scene. the fire department is out there with several units. we have a crew on the way. we will let you know more but this is going to have a major effect on your drive northbound 101. it is so early in the morning that we haven't seen it yet. this is going to be backing traffic up soon from morgan hill. it's not doing it yet but it'll do it at some point if they don't open those lanes and probably won't be able to because when there is a fatal accident it takes them a while to do the investigation as well. first of all they have to put the fire out and then they will do the investigation.
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let's talk about some of these other commutes. westbound 580 at 205. slow traffic there and photograph take will be okay traffic that will be okay into dublin. no problems on interstate 880. the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is getting busier. let's string steven. >> someone just said what did he say san jose again >> it's northbound 101 right before -- right between bailey and 85. there is a deadly crash. its going -- affecting 101 for a long time. >> thank you. we will get to it here. the cooling started yesterday it. will continue inland today. temperatures got out of the 90's. settled in to80's. no change there. 60's. inland temperatures, instead of the low to mid-90s. now mainly in the 08's.
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probably bottom out on friday and then the system scoots through on saturday and then with a rebound on sunday. kempfield coming down. palo alto 80 and san jose from 78 to 75 and that's the source of our cooldown. there are two systems but that's the main one. the low dropping down. doesn't have a lot going for it but it's starting to tap in to the moisture. not much there but look at the bottom end of the system. see the moisture starting to move in possibility. maybe late friday, saturday could get rain out of that. advance of that there's plenty of low clouds. the sierra was on the lee side yesterday. reno, carson city, topaz lake. that is being pushed off more toward the east due to a west southwest flow. that will do it and there's no doubt about it a delta breeze. 50's on the water temperatures. bodega bay. that the cold. san francisco 57. what's the temperature in downtown 57. see how that works in berkeley
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57 as well. mill valley 51. more 60's down toward santa clara. east bay temperatures. truckee at 45. the monsoon moisture which was all over las vegas, continues its trek toward the east. more so now that high is moving and the low is beginning to make its move inland. that push itself out of the way. look for temperatures to be on the cooler side here. below average for this time of year. it's a cooler pattern and will take news to saturday. low clouds, sunny and breezy and watch here to the north. just -- may fine tune this more on saturday morning. right there. maybe a little splash and dash early, early saturday. santa rosa, 60's, 70's to mainly low 80's and not much change into saturday, sunny and breezy. >> all right.
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honoring a 49ers legend. we will take you to dwight clark day at the 49ers training camp and the message from his former teammates in his memory.
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. throughout the coming nfl sea season the 49ers will celebrate dwight clark who died
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last year from the complications related to als. what he still means to former current players. >> reporter: on the 7th day of the 8th month the 49 man to wear their red number 87 jersey. >> lookthe end zone. just caught it. dwight clark. >> reporter: dwight clark, part of the most iconic moment in 49ers history. since his passing he has become the symbol of something else, the effort to combat als, the disease that took his life. attendance at practice today demonstrated what clark continues to mean to this franchise. the sidelines were crowded with 49er alumni most of them his former teammates. >> he is helping you knowing that you are trying to take his spot. >> yeah. >> but that didn't matter because he was a team player. he felt like this.
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if you succeed the he succeeds. it helped me for ten years. >> i think that's why we were so good. our receivers, dwight being one of them had to go against our secondary and i think we were one of the best in the league. makes you appreciate the time you have and some of the things that i learned from at which time as a player. really important but i just miss him as just -- always a smile, of the embrace, no matter what it was hey, will. >> reporter: the current generation of 49ers is too young to have a personal memoryst catch. it's something that still goes throughout the organization. >> joe to keep it alive first and then to give dwight the chance on the back of the end zone put it in the only spot you could put it. it's a once in a lifetime play. >> reporter: it's still hard to believe that dwight clark is no longer with
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us but even if you don't remember the catch today was a reminder how important that moment and that guy are to this organization. in santa clara. ktvu fox 2. >> great story, joe. the president is back in washington this morning after traveling today to dayton and el paso. these are live pictures of the white house. at five what the president said lawmakers can and should do about gun violence. that's unfair. phenomenal! that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo.
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persons living and visiting the tenderloin shouldn't be required to run a gauntlet of crime. >> nouning a new push to crack down on crime in san francisco's tenderloin. what the new united states attorney plans to do to make it a more liveable community. >> and several democratic presidential candidates weighing in on the president's visit to dayton and el paso. why they say he partly to blame for the violence. >> from ktvu fox 2 news. this is mornings on 2. >> thank you for joining us and waking up on mornings on 2. >> good morning. we have a major traffi


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