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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 2, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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36 people on board the vessel that's on fire. they can't get off. >> a tragedy on bor day off the coast of southern california after a diving boat catches fire. tonight we have just gotten word authorities have found another 17 bodies. >> we will search all the way through the night and through the morning, but we should all
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be prepared to move into the worst outcome. >> the death toll now stands at 25. nine other people still missing, but hope is fading that any of them will be found alive. good evening everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. the 75-foot commercial diving boat named conception was on a three-day excursion about 27 miles off the coast of santa barbara. it was anchored about 20 yards off of santa cruz island in the channel island when that fire broke out around 3:00 this morning. five crew members managed to escape. >> ktvu's jana katsuyama here now with more on the late word that we're just getting. >> well the santa barbara's sheriff's office says the man and woman's bodies recovered, but such a painful night for the families of these people who are on board for what was suppose to be a fun diving trip for the holiday weekend. >> and the may day call in the middle of the night was taken by the coast guard.
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>> i can't breathe. >> reporter: 39 pob, persons on board. no word if any explosion, but the coast guard says the caller told them the boat was already engulfed in flames at 3:30 a.m. when fire boats arrived, the flames had spread to the diving commercial vessel named conception. most of the passengers presumed sleeping in bunks below deck. rescuers rushed to search the warrants. but at 7:20 a.m., the boat sank 20 yards offshore. and four others seen by divers near the wreckage. >> the boat has sank inverted and on the seabed. it's on the floor and approximately 60 feet of water. >> reporter: five crew members survived. helped ashore by good samaritans on the nearby fishing boat, the great escape. that boat's owner says they
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explained they jumped onto an inflatable tender boat to escape the fire. family members rushed to the dock. >> he got off the boat and sees one of the survivors from going in here and to talk to him right now. >> reporter: on shore family and friends of the other crew members and 33 passengers waited for some word. hope of finding survivors fading. the conception was owned by truth aquatics out of santa barbara, pictured on their website. contracted by the worldwide diving adventures for the labor day expedition, which left saturday. video posted on youtube will show the sleeping quarters below deck where the divers, they were likely sleeping when the fire broke out. one spectator said he had been on the conception for previous diving trips. >> many times over 12 years i've been diving on that boat. it's a topnotch outfit. >> we will search all the way through the night and into the morning, but i think we all should be prepared to move and to the worst outcome.
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>> reporter: and the coast guard says the boat is usually required to have an emergency escape hatch from the lower level up to the deck and records show the conception passed its routine annual inspection, which requires fire fighting equipment on board, frank and julie? >> jana, thank you. turning now to tonight's other top stories. slow moving hurricane dorian continues to slam. hurricane dorian remains a category 4 storm with winds of about 140 miles an hour. the hurricane's outer ring bands are just beginning to reach the florida's coast. >> hurricane dorian has already taken a deadly toll on the bahamas, at least five people are confirmed dead as the storm pounds the area with very strong winds and a devastating storm surge. wind gusts in a part of the bahamas were clocked at 30 miles per hour. tracking the path, what can you tell us about it, the movement right now?
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>> i can tell you it is unimaginable what's happening right now. if you think about it, this hurricane, we've got the loop right now, sitting as a category 4 hurricane. the center of the eye and it has not moved. it's a 24-our loop. sitting in the me spot for 24 hours each weekend and this weekend because it is turning up the sea surface waters, turning up cooler waters, what fuels these storms. it just means it has weakened. it is forecast to move here as we get into the next six to eight hours. and it has been downgraded to the category three and that is a part of what has happened in the last 10, 15 minutes. and the hurricanes, they are winding down in terms of category. because it is pulling up cooler water from beneath and starting to slow it down. and it will be devastating. it is just not a category five.
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now listen the category three and two, those are big time hurricanes, especially when they take a path for tomorrow and just offshore had. it looks like they have a pretty good shot to come on shore, stays in the carolinas. but the bottom line here, they will have problems for the east coast of the united states. i can't imagine what it looks like. and it will be over your neighborhood or your city for 10, 12, 24 hours. and the latest models plus our forecast coming up. and in south carolina, they are under mandatory evacuation orders at this hour. >> as bill just mentioned, they are trying to figure out exactly which parts of the u.s. will be hit the hardest. in daytona beach tonight. >> and officials have florida,
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up to the carolinas, warning people don't wait for dorian to arrive and get out now. hurricane dorian will strike the bahamas with the powerful winds. and it hit the island with 12- foot storm surges and the wind gusts topping 200 miles per hour. multiple people, they have died in the bahamas including the 7- year-old boy. >> we are in the historic tragedy. and the northern bahamas. the mission and focus now, it is such rescue, recovery. >> officials say they can't even begin to assess the damage until the storm moves west. with the u.s. in their sites, expected to at least hug the coast for the next several days. >> we want to evacuate in blue skies. you have waited too long. >> reporter: people livinginland are prepared to hunker down and wait it out. >> we would get all the
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supplies, the water, food. just in case for a while. >> reporter: some areas could get ten foot gum surges. many airports, they have already closed. even disney world adjusting their hours on tuesday to keep park goers safe in central florida. because it's so slow moving, authorities warning people they could be trapped in their homes for a number of days, in florida, fox news. >> waiting to get on the flight to florida, helping local agencies provide treatments in the event of injuries from hurricane dorian. these nurses are members of the registered nurses response network. they went to puerto rico. the aftermath of hurricane maria in 2017 and they went to florida last year.
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>> that's what nursing is all about. they have a need right now. >> they are set to leave them in just a few minutes also saying they are ready to go if needed. >> continuing to track hurricane dorian. you see the latest on our website a mother of five struck and killed by a stray bullet in oakland early this morning. family members have identified the victims as 44-year-old marta casiano. ktvu's rob roth tells us the shooting happened on east 22nd street as she and her husband were returning to their car following a wedding reception. >> they were the mother of five children, the youngest of 4- year-old boy. she was struck and killed by the stray bullet early monday morning on 22nd street. she was 44 years old. her family is heartbroken. >> i never thought that this
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could happen to us. >> it happened around 1:00 a.m. near 21st avenue in east oakland. one neighbor heard four shots. her family says they had just left a wedding reception for a friend, walking to their car parked just around the corner. there had been an altercation nearby that absolutely had fog to do with the couple. >> and there was sometimes a dispute. and an argument between several people during that time someone discharged the firearm. >> oneneighbor said she didn't realize someone had been shot. >> she had says she feels so sad. just horrible because you never think this could happen in front of your house. >> reporter: police have made no arrests. >> we are looking for any witnesses, we are canvassing the neighborhoods. we are looking at any video
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surveillance that could help us. >> and casiano owned a food business named taco's marta and taco truck. >> she was very joyful and friendly. >> reporter: her daughter mercedes flores was at the gilroy garlic festival when a gunman opened fire killing three people in july. and now this. >> you can be good, but people around you, i mean you don't know what they are up to, what their intentions are. she was against guns as well. yeah. you know, this is very unfortunate that her life got taken away. >> reporter: casiano is the 48th homicide in oakland so far this year. last year at this time there were 40. police say they seized almost 600 guns used in crimes since january, but now they're looking for one more gun, the one that killed a mother simply on her way home. >> i'm the oldest, so i have to be in charge now. >> reporter: police and crime stoppers are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person who
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fired the fatal gunshot. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu fox 2news. and the new jury in the ghost ship warehouse trial will resume deliberations tomorrow. the jury had to start all over again last month after three women were removed from the panel for misconduct. they deliberated for two days without reaching a verdict and the judge then had gave them had some time off. derick almena and max harris are each charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter and in connection with the deadly warehouse fire in december of 2016. and our coverage from the courtroom will continue tomorrow. ktvu crime reporter henry lee will be there as you could read the latest on the trial at i just can't believe it. >> we are learning -- >> such tragedy. >> we're learning tonight one of the victims killed in the mass shooting in texas was a father of five who grew up here in the bay area. how friends and family are remembering him tonight.
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and also an 84-year-old man from the peninsula is missing now for a week. the message his community is hoping to get out tonight.
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this weekend's deadly mass shooting in west texas. seven people were killed and 22
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others were injured when the gunfire broke out on saturday afternoon. the gunman, 36-year-old man had been fired from his job just hours before the shooting spree. they also say he then called the fbi and local police and made long rambling statements. today they finished searching the gunman's home. >> we completed the search yesterday. going through that, i know a number of you are out there. it is very small. the conditions reflect his mental state. a postal worker, teacher, truck driver, a man visiting his participants from out of town and a 15-year-old girl among the seven people killed. the gunman was finally shot and killed during a shootout with police outside a movie theater in odessa. the truck driver killed was a man from the bay area.
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he grew up in san bruno. >> he had moved to las vegas where he was a small business owner for years, but his sister told us tonight that it was a mass shooting there in las vegas that led him to move to texas and amber is here now with more on the life. >> it was a joy to be around rudy. tonight they say they are at a loss as to how this could happen for a man who gave so much to others. >> he was a funny guy and loves music. >> reporter: rudy is being remembered by friends in berkeley. he grew up in san bruno, her boyfriend when they were teenagers. he had news on being killed in odessa, texas. angers, saddens her. >> i just can't believe it. and it is such a big tragedy. >> reporter: arco's sister tells me in 1997 he moved from the bay area to las vegas and
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opened several taco stores. but last october on the anniversary, he decided he no longer wanted to raise his family there. >> he decided that he really needed a safer place to raise his family. >> reporter: so arco moved to odessa and started a trucking company. >> he was driving on the highway when he was hit. and he died instantly at the scene. and his family and friends say they are also grieving for the families of the other victims that they never imagined this could happen to someone they know and love. >> and he came to the united states with his family when he was a child. family and friends say he loved life and had a gift of lifting people up with laughter.
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>> and that it will make people feel good and feel like there is always a possibility. it was a very positive thing. >> reporter: she had not seen him in years and had reconnected on social media as they talked about them returning to the bay area to have dinner with friends. it was a tight knit community growing up in san bruno with these words for arco. >> you will be in my thoughts and prayers always. always have a piece of my heart as well. >> reporter: and arco is survived by five children and six grandchildren. his family plans to hold a memorial service in the bay area on september 14 that will be open to the public. they say they are still working out the details. julie, frank? >> it's heartbreaking to hear his sister talking to think he moved away from las vegas where there was a shooting to be in a safer place and the this happens. >> they feel like nowhere is
10:19 pm
safe anymore. >> amber, thank you. >> thanks, amber. some democratic presidential candidates are toughening their stance on gun control after the mass shooting there in west texas. former texas congressman beto o'rourke has been calling for a complete ban and buyback of assault weapons. today in iowa south bend mayorpete buttigieg call for more background checks. joe biden called inaction from the president and congressional republicans disgraceful. new at 10:00 friends and family of a missing man in belmont held a rally tonight to raise awareness. they gathered to get that word out on paul farmer, missing since last wednesday night. farmer never returned home from a walk. his wife says he has the history of fall and many people around that community have been looking for him ever since he
10:20 pm
disappeared. >> and we have a buddy system. one person would be looking. if they see bushes and as they look, we are really trying to do the best we can to find him. >> reporter: farmer was last seen near his home. he is five feet 11 inches tall, weighs 140 pounds, has gray hair and blue eyes. he was last seen wearing a red hat, prescription glasses, blue jeans, and black shoes. all right, you probably noticed temperatures slightly cooler today. lower temperatures, 89 in antioch. kind of chilly. it is kind of mild for antioch certainly in august. 92 in livermore and september. 78 in fremont, 81 in san jose. 89 in morgan hills. the highs today a little cooler than yesterday. highs will turn down a little bit more. the trend this week if you can guess it will be for slightly cooler weather. it started today and will continue for tomorrow.
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there were some thunderstorms up around the lake tahoe area, south lake tahoe and down towards the mammoth lakes area. as we would look in close you've got the fog off the coast with a bunch of it and it will begin in the neighborhoods tonight. lightning strikes have died down in the west slopes, but they will be back tomorrow probably a little further north up around the possible thunderstorms. there's the fog. it's pretty significant for this time of the night shooting out into pleasanton, trying to get out towards the livermore area starting us off with the cooler day tomorrow, which will continue the trend of cooler weather. fog all over the avenues. it will stay that way tonight and tomorrow and all day. it's foggy out at the coast tomorrow as well. what's the plan? like today, tomorrow, same cloud cover. then slightly cooler than what we've had today. the trend this week. when we get back, the latest on dorian and the five-day forecast for you to plan out the rest of your week. >> bill, thank you. still ahead here protests
10:22 pm
across kaiser hospital. one of the protesters in oakland, a well-known actor. what hospital workers were asking for on many labor day. the new chase center downtown san francisco is complete. the big ceremony tomorrow at the warrior's new home. alright, so this is how it's gonna go down.
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danny glover gave activists a boost today as they held a rally in oakland. he said he was there to support them had. the group marched to kaiser medical center on broadway in oakland. union workers want the health care company to offer pay and benefits to support middle class families. kaiser says they are already doing that. >> kaiser permanente remains committed to providing top market wages and top market benefits for all of our employees. >> kaiser management says they are offering california workers a pay raise of up to 3% each raise until 2022.
10:26 pm
in sacramento 54 kaiser workers and supports for failing to follow orders. union workers say they want kaiser to stop outsourcing jobs and to use their income to improve patient care, not executive salaries. and if there is no agreement, more than 80,000 kaiser employees could go on strike early next month. and now to west oakland where a labor day block party was the place to be for hip-hop fans, all from a whole weekend. this is the eighth year for the labor day festival founded by their own collectives. there were food, booths, vendors along with two dozen acts on stage and post fans say it was all about the music. >> i came here last year and i saw a bunch of bay area artists, seeing all the communities come together and enjoy oakland. >> big fan, keep it coming, we will be back next year.
10:27 pm
>> we also spotted the oakland a's mascot out and about enjoying music and taking a lot of photos with fans. the golden state warriors will hold their ribbon cutting ceremony tomorrow morning. it's the latest celebration of the team's few state of the art sports and entertainment complex, which is located in the mission bay neighborhood in san francisco. executives for the warriors will join governor gavin newsome and london breed and other dignitaries for the private ceremony. the doors to the new arena will open on saturday night when they host metallica and the san francisco symphony. still ahead an apparent suicide leads to a hazmat emergency. the dangerous chemical that sent eight other people to the hospital. a crash on lombard street in the city will lead to the arrest of two car burglary suspects, but they're still looking for a third had suspect. >> the giants were sluggish in st. louis today starting off the week long road trip. joe will tell us if they were
10:28 pm
able to come back to get a win later in sports. a labor day massup after a car was knocked on highway 24. the toll on traffic and nearby homes and businesses. ♪
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new developments tonight in a hazmat incident. we have learned seven of the eight victims who were hospitalized are now back home. >> ktvu's jesse gary tells us the exposure forced a partial evacuation of the hotel happening after a welfare check of a woman staying there. >> reporter: operations are back to normal at san jose's fairmont hotel following a hazmat emergency that sickened eight staffers over the weekend. fire department investigators say the incident started with the use of chemicals inside a room on the 19th floor of the 20-story building. a staffer opened the room door, which led to exposure and evacuations. >> i was just in the hotel room. we just heard a bunch of sirens go off in the room and they were just saying please evacuate if you're in level 18, 19, or 20. so yeah, we didn't know what was going on. they said it's not a fire, but please evacuate and come to the lobby. >> eight staffers were rushed to the area hospitals after
10:32 pm
being sickened by the chemical smell. >> and you can get a chemical disease or literally where the layer of the lung and the interfaces will be damaged. >> four out of 20 floors were evacuated as first responders checked the liquid that were found at the scene and also confirmed no other guests or staff were in close proximity. we are deeply sadden by this incident. we remain steadfast and remain the security of the safety of our employees. >> they were treated in the e.r. and released, including checking their oxygen levels, running their blood all to make sure they were safe.
10:33 pm
>> and san jose police were investigating the chemical used. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2news. >> we learned the body found in the bay is out of the man who plowed through the gate and right out onto the tarmac at oakland international airport yesterday. officials say it all began when the alameda county deputy tried to stop the driver of the heavy pickup truck who had run a stoplight. the truck stopped at the runway and apparently jumped into the water. authorities say it is not clear why the man was at the airport. >> in san francisco two burglary suspects, under arrest. it happened this afternoon in lombard streets. police arrested a man and a woman after jumping out of their car and tried to run away. police say the other person in
10:34 pm
the car a man in his 30s, they got away, carjacked a woman and then sped off. authorities are still looking for him tonight. and highway 24 is back open tonight after crews are working on the upgrades. working on the track and the equipment upgrades, knocked down the power lines. cutting power to 114 homes and businesses for many hours. the chp lafayette police and they were immediately summoned. >> they needed to close all the westbound lanes early and then they were able to reopen an hour later when they were removed from the highway. >> crews, they would show up, seeing some freeway closures would be needed later in the
10:35 pm
day to strain the overhead power lines. >> and so that is very unfortunate that it would happen today. that's when enough happened. people were injured. but one thing was injured. down here, just south of the tracks. everything lost power. >> on the hurt block of labor day, they should have been popping. >> basically we grabbed the generator and came down here to save as much as we could. >> they would keep them cold. and that make the dispensing machines themselves would require a lot more power than the little generator could make, causing the loss of the product inside of them. >> there might be a thousand dollars of the product loss, but we would lose today.
10:36 pm
>> the trains were replaced for the repair period. and no bart passengers were involved. >> and we have been allowed to have the crews back into the areas. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2news. starting tomorrow, they will stop selling paper tickets to riders. and however they will still be able to use the paper tickets. powell will be the third to phase out the cards. embarcadero in oakland made the switch last month. bart is hoping to make a transition at all stations for next year. still ahead tonight a serious crash after kevin hart's muscle car was mangled after rolling down an embankment. how he's doing tonight. an update on dorian, dropping down to the category three and still will be a big
10:37 pm
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and they would subside once the students headed back to class. today's demonstrations were peaceful unlike the violent clashes over the weekend. raising the stakes if a political fight over brexit. boris johnson signaled today he's ready to call a special election in mid october if his political opponents try to block his plans for britain to exit the european union two weeks later. and a general election would be a serious gamble for johnson in the bitter brexit debate. ranging in britain since 2016 when a slim majority voted to leave the eu. and actor and comedian kevin hart expected to make a full recovery after being injured in a serious car crash in malibu early yesterday morning. sheriff deputies say he was a passenger in his 1970 plymouth
10:41 pm
barracuda when the car veered off the highway in malibu and rolled down an embankment. both hart and the driver were rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery for back injuries. the other passenger only suffered minor injuries. late today hart's wife told reports th her husband and the two other people in the car, they are doing fine. facebook users may soon not be able to see who liked their posts. tech crunch reports the social media giant may hide the like counter to take some of the pressure off its users. they want people to share without worrying if people are getting more likes than they are. instagram is already testing that, hiding the like counter in several countries although not in the united states. and instagram users could still view the number of likes on their own posts, but they won't be able to see how many likes other people got. still ahead tonight, how people pitching tents on the beach. why some local residents worry a popular tourist destination
10:42 pm
in santa cruz is becoming a tent city. and a cool down on the way. chief meteorologist bill martin will have your complete bay area forecast.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
in santa cruz the city is dealing with a new issue when
10:45 pm
it comes to the homeless population. ktvu's maureen naylor tells us that more and more homeless people are showing up on the best known beaches in the city. >> reporter: fun in the sun for many on this hot bor day in santa cruz. among all these families, life guards pointed out several tents belonging to homeless people camped here for several days. despite the fines that say no camping, life guards say between 10 and 20 tents have popped up. >> we like it so far, but there's a lot of homeless. >> reporter: and this marks freddy's first time to santa cruz. the grandfather who lives near bakersfield says when he claimed this spot around 8:30 monday morning, he was surprised half a dozen tents already set up. >> what i notice, the tents
10:46 pm
right away. i said wow they let you camp out at night and then had i found out they were homeless people that spent the night. >> reporter: there are more than 2,100 homeless people living in santa cruz county. half of which 1,100 are in the city of santa cruz. >> and they are just everywhere. there's no place that i haven't seen really. >> reporter: many expressed sympathy for those living on the streets while others including workers at one local restaurant expresses concerns about needles and safety at this popular tourist destination. >> i didn't know they were allowing them to be on the beach like this. and so yes. it is not good. and like you said, it is just families out here playing, yeah, it's kind of sad. >> reporter: they alerted park rangers and santa cruz police. calls to city officials and police were not returned before our deadline. the homeless never bothered him and this beach and weather will bring him back. >> i love it, i'm coming back,
10:47 pm
homeless or not. >> reporter: in santa cruz maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2news. two fallen california police officers were honored this weekend in a very colorful way. in sacramento hundreds of local artists spent this labor day weekend transforming the sidewalk around the park into a colorful color board of art. all part of the chalk it up festival with two squares that will sit out from the rest. the davis police officers association sponsored two squares right next to each other to honor davis police officer natalie corona and sacramento police officer tara o'sullivan. both died in separate incidents in the line of duty this year. >> fome it is just really that service that the two women gave to the community to their respected communities and departments. and gave it their all. it is really special to see them honored in this way. it's beautiful.
10:48 pm
and this is the 29th year that the chalk it up festival was held in sacramento. proceeds are put back into the community through local art grants. okay, a quick update on dorian. that's not the story here. the story is the bahamas. but imagine if that is a 12- hour loop of that hurricane sitting in one spot. it's a 24-hour loop. an entire day that a category 4 hurricane has sat over that spot and it has moved a little bit, but that is stunning what we're seeing here and so it will start to move as we go into the evening hours. at 11:00, i'll update the path on this storm and it looks like it will be offshore and definitely a story of rain and surf and water problems along the eastern seaboard and still a mess. bahamas, that will be a whole other story. okay, so for us out here, fog at the coast with some lightning strikes up in the lake tahoe area and south lake
10:49 pm
tahoe, pardon me around bishop north. and then up to the bear valley area. fog along our coast and really it's pretty deep and already in the livermore valley. that's an indication of the day tomorrow that will be slightly cooler than today when you see this much fog and you see it over the east bay hills getting into the livermore valley, okay, this will be a mild day tomorrow. you can count on that with this pattern. so fog tomorrow all day and san francisco, out in the peninsula towards the avenues, outer sunsets, the inner sunsets. 62 in napa right now. that green will represent basically the sea breeze, which is robust in going and 14 degrees cooler tonight than last fight. last night was not that warm, well kind of warm, but 14 degrees cooler in concord with a big cool down. fog is there just up over the top of the bridge, you don't see it. the fog footprint forecast for tomorrow and then you'll see the temperature footprint come in, which will be yellow and orange is 80s. so you know what we will do?
10:50 pm
see a lot of 70s with a few low 80s. then in the hot spots we'll see the 80s to the lower 90s. the trend is for cooling weather the next couple of days right through the weekend. so this blue line representing the cool down will not get cold, but it's going to become not as hot as certainly it was just a few days ago. 94 in clearlake. 87 in st. helena. the warm spots. every else tomorrow away from the inland valleys in the 70s and very low 80s. and then fog, mid-60s. water temperatures are still warm dropping off a little bit. pretty warm because of the water temperatures with that five-day forecast and then look what happens on saturday and sunday, not too much. which had is fortunate and always nice to see that in that five-day action in case of the six-day forecast. we'll see you back here at
10:51 pm
11:00 with an update on dorian. the giants were sluggish in st. louis today starting off a week-long road trip. joe will show us what happened and whether there will be any chance that the giants will make the playoffs. then on the 11:00 news, the state of labor on this labor day and how the job markets will compare to numbers just a decade ago during the recession.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
all right, joe is in for mark tonight. giants playoff hopes pretty much non-existent. >> eight games back of the wild card, about four teams between them and the last spot and it is not happening. they will be playing the last month of the season for little victories, two teams going in a different direction today in st. louis. and the giants, they are fading. the division leading cardinals, winning 10 out of 12 and no matter where you are in the standings. labor day always a good time to take in a baseball game. the giants, they would jump on the starter. that's the cardinals jumping on the starter for a couple of runs in the first inning. colten wong driving into the corner. down there allowing dustin fowler to come home with the game's first run. >> and then with paul gold schmidt in second, trickled one
10:55 pm
up into the mile. and in the sixth, alex dickerson drove one to the gap in right center and fowler could purge on the ball. who has it? the answer is fowler. dickerson, he's robbed. the giants will return the favor for the 7th. two on, two out for st. louis. wong with the drive to the gap and trying to turn out to make a diving catch. and using the opposing pitcher, could appreciate a good play when he sees one. here are the highlights for the giants in the eighth. hits a drive down the left field line. his career home run number one. and a it always remember even toe the giants have lost six out of seven after dropping this one 3-1. and nfl rosters still being tweaked with the first week of the season now upon us. some teams consider three quarterbacks and unnecessary luxury. barring a late move the raiders
10:56 pm
will go with four when they open this had season on monday night against denver. over the weekend oakland picked up kaiser after he was cut by green bay. he joins derek carr, mike glennon and nathan peterman on a crowded depth chart. crowder started for the browns two years ago and has always been on jon gruden's radar. >> he's a guy i like coming out of notre dame. he's only 23 years old. he's got 15, 16 starts. started two games in the preseason and this year for green bay. he's had a lot of reps. no reflexion derek, but i think you need to have guys developing at that position and ready to go out and play. we've got really good receivers and we've got a great group of the offensive linemen and we want to have a quarterback that could help had everybody win. >> week one of the college football season was wrapped up tonight in louisville. ninth ranked notre dame making his first trip to that city. and the cardinals would take an early lead and then all notre dame after the first quarter.
10:57 pm
quarterback ian brooks on the quarterback draw from 11 yards out. breaking the 14-14 tie. but irish in front for good. and third quarter this time it's brooks throwing the 26- yard touchdown pass. notre dame is the 35-17 winner. got a loss in his debut game. the u.s. open tennis tournament has a week to go and neither defending champions will be there in the end. djokovic retired in his match last night. all against defending champion in a fourth round match for the women. she won the first set at 7-5 and suffered from the knee that limited their mobility and away from that side and swung the second set at 6-4 and both champions are eliminated before getting to the quarter finals. we will leave you with some
10:58 pm
things to check out on this monday night in case you missed them. back to the u.s. open tennis tournament where the second seeded rafael nadal in the far court against maureen silich. nadal on the run, but take a look at the return for nadal who won the match in four sets. you have to see the replay there. it was equally appreciated by a guy in the stands about him with tiger woods. well every run will matter as the twins wrap up the tigers in detroit. ronnie rodriguez, minnesota's jake kay takes the hit away. they are now 5½ games in front of the al central. and in case you missed it yesterday, tampa joey wendell singles against cleveland. oscar mercato trying to get austin meadows. but one problem the throw hits umpire hunter wefdelsten. and the rays go on to win. they were also winners tonight as were the indians, which means the a's are now a full
10:59 pm
game out of the second american league wild card spot, but at least we do have one team that we're playing meaningful games in the month of september. >> let's go back to the raiders in a second. what do you think of them keeping four quarterbacks? i'm assuming one would suit up and one on the practice squad? >> no, they will all be on the 53-man roster which makes it unusual. but yeah, usually you only suit up two quarterbacks and, you know, three is a luxury for a lot of teams, but four. >> any idea why? >> he likes to have lots of guys around. >> a long depth chart. >> all right, joe, thank you. >> sure. coming up next at 11:00. >> and we got all of our supplies issue water, food, just in case you're out for a while, out of power. >> some homeowners in florida are ignoring mandatory evacuation orders of powerful hurricane dorian inching closer to the east coast.
11:00 pm
slow moving hurricane dorian will continue to pound the bahamas tonight. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. here's the latest radar picture. hurricane dorian has just been downgraded to a category 3 with winds up to 110 miles an hour. but it has come to a virtual standstill over the bahamas. in fact it has barely moved over the past 24 hours and still not clear where it will hit in the united states. >> nine counties in florida and several more in georgia and south carolina are under mandatory evacuation orders at this hour. >> fox news lauren blanchard is in daytona beach tonight. what's the situation like there tonight, lauren? >> reporter: well, good evening. julie, frank, here we have been noticing the temperature and the winds change a bit throughout the day. the winds are starting to gust a little bit more and the temperature has definitely dropped even hours ago. it did unusually so for florida at the beginning of september. here in daytona it is


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