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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  September 2, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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slow moving hurricane dorian will continue to pound the bahamas tonight. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. here's the latest radar picture. hurricane dorian has just been downgraded to a category 3 with winds up to 110 miles an hour. but it has come to a virtual standstill over the bahamas. in fact it has barely moved over the past 24 hours and still not clear where it will hit in the united states. >> nine counties in florida and several more in georgia and south carolina are under mandatory evacuation orders at this hour. >> fox news lauren blanchard is in daytona beach tonight. what's the situation like there tonight, lauren? >> reporter: well, good evening. julie, frank, here we have been noticing the temperature and the winds change a bit throughout the day. the winds are starting to gust a little bit more and the temperature has definitely dropped even hours ago. it did unusually so for florida at the beginning of september. here in daytona it is virtually a ghost town. people have gotten out of here
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boarding up their businesses. there's really not anyone around because this area, officials have warned us here in volusia county while it may not make landfall here, the eye of the storm will only be about 30 to 40 miles off the coast, which had means we here will most likely get some of that  real devastating wind and rain over tomorrow afternoon and then going into wednesday. hurricane dorian strikes the bahamas, hitting the island with 12-foot storm surges and winds gusts topping 200 miles per hour. multiple people have died in the bahamas including a 7-year- old boy. >> we are in the midst of a historic tragedy. in parts of the northern bahamas. our mission and focus now is search and rescue and recovery. >> reporter: officials say they can't even begin to assess the
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damage until the storm moves west. with the u.s. in its site, dorian is expected to at least hug the coast. prompting evacuation orders. >> we want to evacuate in blue skies. if you waited when it was raining and storming, people are living too long. >> and they are prepared to hunker down and get them all there. >> just in case you're out there for a while. >> some areas could get the storm surges. in addition to the destructive winds. many airports have already closed. adjusting their hour on tuesday to keep park goers safe in central florida. and here is the problem with dorian because it's moving so slowly. officials are warning people if you have decided to stay behind their evacuation zone, you better be prepared to the area
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with that wind and rain, it means it could sit over the area and, of course, julie and frank, that's when we start to see the flooding and, of course, that could be very dangerous in itself. >> yeah, it sure can. lauren blanchard, thank you. ktvu's key coo meteorologist bill martin is tracking dorian's tracks, hitting the baa >> and i'm hearing stories. it is a, it has topography with the whole lots and just depends where you are as you're thinking about it. as you look at dorian here and i could put my finger on the eye wall there and you can see how it is just not moving, right? it's stuck there. that's six hours. and that is 24 hours that it will just sit there and i don't think that many people have.
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120 miles sustained wednesdays. not moving right now. so as it sits there, that's why it's weakening. i mentioned this earlier and then the cooler water turns up into the system. but it will move and keep its strength. that's why the forecast is for the some to continue to be a cat three. this will be about water and storm surge and feet and wave as this skirts the east coast of the united states. and this is the consensus, not the consensus, but the general me line. you can pick the line between all the forecast models. they have all merged together and basically the path of this forecasted to take all the strong models.
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nine people will remain unaccounted for tonight. the deadly fire broke out at 3:30 this morning while passengers on board for a holiday diving trip were likely asleep. the 75-foot boat was anchored about 20 yards off the santa cruz islands. and they reached it in the early morning hours. >> and more on tonight's developments. she kind of got sense, and they were not going to find ansurvivors. frank and julie, the santa barbara sheriff's office says the coroner is using dna now to identify the bodies recovered from the boat. it was a diving excursion with ties to santa cruz. >> reporter: the may day call in the middle of the night was
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taken to the coast guard. 39 pob, personon board. no word if any explosion, but the coast guard said the caller told them the boat was already engulfed in flames at 3:30 a.m. the flames had spread throughout the 75-foot commercial had diving vessels named conception. most of the passengers, they will presume sleeping in bunks below deck. rescuers would rush to find the waters. the boat sank about 20 yards offshore. four bodies were pulled from the water and four others seen by divers near the wreckage. >> and now it's inverted on the seabed and approximately 62 feet of water. five crew members survived. on the nearby fishing boat. the great escape. and that boat's owner says the survivors explained they jumped onto an inflatable boat.
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family members rushed to the dock. >> sees one of the survivors, going in here to talk to him right now. >> reporter: an ambulance at the pier took one man to the hospital and another survivor limped away with a bandage over his right ankle. on shore family and friends of the other crew member and 33 passengers, they waited for some word. hope of finding survivors fading. >> to be in a remote location and to have a fire that occurs and to have limited if any fire fighting capabilities that could address that and then to have a fire spread rapidly. >> reporter: the conception was owned by cruise aquatics. contracted by worldwide diving adventures for a labor day expedition, which left saturday. video posted on youtube shows the sleeping corridors below deck where the drivers were likely sleeping when the fire broke out. >> we will search all the way through the night and the morning and that we should all
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be prepared to move in and to the worst outcome. >> reporter: among those apparently waiting for word tonight is brett haralin posted on facebook that his sister, christy, was leading the diving tour. christy's picture is listed as a guide on the worldwide diving adventure's website. she's resident of santa cruz along with her husband, dan, also a diver, but tonight the coast guard sate the currents were going wet and they wanted to get in west. they don't hold out a lot of hope. >> we don't know too much about either than that one woman was a part of the group or signed up for the holiday weekend dive trip, right? >> they do have a list, but right now they're going through trying to make sure the fake find. so they will be having another news conference at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow to give them some updates. >> jana, thank you.
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>> thanks, jana. tonight new information about the deadly mass shooting in texas this weekend. seven people were killed, 22 others were injured in the gunfire on saturday afternoon. investigators say today the gunman had been fired from his job just hours before the shooting began. and they say the gunman also called the fbi and local police and made long still trying to determine the motive after searching the gunman home. he grew up here in the bay area. >> and he had moved to odessa, texas. amber is in the -- describing him as fun loving and caring. they say they grieve for the victims of other mass shootings. when it happens to someone close, they say the pain is unbearable. >> it's a fun guy. he loved music.
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>> reporter: rudy arco is being remembered by friends in berkeley. they grew up in san bruno, her boyfriend when they were teenagers. news that he was killed in a mass shooting in o december that, texas anchors and saddens her. it is such tragedy. >> reporter: his sister tells me in 1997 he moved from the bay area to las vegas and opened several tacorias. last october on the anniversary of the las vegas mass shooting, he decided he no longer wanted to raise his family there. >> and he decided he really needed a safer place to raise his son. he had two younger daughters. >> reporter: and so he moved his family to odessa and started a trucking company. >> he he was driving on the side. >> reporter: arco just
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celebrated his 57th birthday in april. his family and friends say that they never imagined that could happen to someone they know and love. >> reporter: arco came to the united states with his family when he was a child. his sister says they were refugees from cuba. family and friends, they say he loved life and had a gift of lifting people up with laughter. >> and it makes people feel good and to feel like there was always a possibility. he's a positive, very positive man. be missed. >> reporter: receive had not seen arco in years and had reconnected on social media. they talked about him returning to the bay area to have dinner with friends. and it has these words for arco. >> you will be in my thoughts and prayers always. i always have a piece of my
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heart as well. >> reporter: arco survived by five children and six grandchildren. his family plans to hold a memorial service in the bay area on september 14. that'll be open to the public as they say they are working out the details. frank and julie? >> yeah, what more can you say? it is just so awful. still ahead in oakland, a mother of five killed by a stray bullet. the investigation now underway. a military treasure found in had an abandoned storage container. so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside.
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an oakland mother of five children was struck and killed by a stray bullet early this morning. marta casiano and her husband were on east 22nd street walking to their car after a wedding reception when she was struck. she was 44 years old. police say there had been an
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altercation nearby that had absolutely nothing to do with the couple. so far no arrests have been made. we are looking for any witnesses, we are canvassing the neighborhoods. we are looking at any videos, surveillance that could help us. >> reporter: and casiano's killing marks the 48th homicide in oakland so far this year. police say they are doing all they can to stop the violence. they say since january, they had seized fearly 600 guns used in crimes. but now they're looking for one more. the one that killed a mother on her bay home. a labor day is the day for a barbecue, but labor day represents the hard fought battle to recognize the vital role that workers play in the u.s. economy. especially to the importance of the middle class. >> and the darkest days a
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decade ago. centerly bar day it would establish $25 years ago. celebrate the sacrifices they will continue to make across the fashion. and labor lawyer michael burnett at the law firm and a former director of the employment, says today is far different than those in 2009 and 2010. >> we were looking at unemployment rates in our state of over 12%. but today our unemployment rate, it's 4.1% and it's the lowest since the new methodology started in 1976. we have gained since 2010. we have gained over 3.3 million jobs, payroll jobs, so it's a much different environment. >> for the bay area, labor day is more remarkable. >> not only the lowest unemployment rate virtually all of our counties under 3.5%. some of our counties, that's
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unheard of. >>eporter: during thereception of the property losing their side and what had a difference a decade has made. what is different in the strong economy today is that you have more people moving on a voluntary basis. and that is what we have seen over the past four or five years. people moving among jobs. we are talking about 300,000 plus people moving in and out of jobs each month in our state. >> reporter: all of this has lasted for a long time. >> we are now completing 113 months of employment expansion. that's the longest, tieing up the longest employment expansion we've had in california since world war ii. >> they would break the extangs record this year. i think the than issue, as well as outside, the tariffs with
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china. >> still with all of this many businesses are barely squeezing by. tom vacar, fox 2news. all right, keep an eye on dorian. it is stationary right now. it should start moving here in the next few hours and start turning to the north, but not before the bahamas have been riddled with heavy rain, wind, storm surge, waves. and now soon to be translated to the east coast as this thing moves from florida up into the carolinas. and so watch the development on this as you wake up tomorrow morning. you will still be seeing many miles off the coast of florida. and it a is a very slow moving storm. 86 degrees today in santa rosa. temperatures tomorrow will be a little cooler. this is the trend. this cool down of the mild, you
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know, last, temperatures coming down quite a bit and will continue to each a few degrees in the 80s on their weekend. pretty good news if you. to me right away yeah, you're already in the living room with a big de, getting rid looking around fall out here as we move along with the season. the green would represent a lot of receive breeze. they were nice, which means we were showing this and things at this time of the night in the 70s, upper 7 0s. concord cooler than it was last night. fog is up over the golden gate bridge. you can't see it because it's not down on the deck. it's deeper with the low clouds if you will. the fog tomorrow morning, burns off. a lot of 70s and 80s for the
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bay. the trend is for a slight cool down over the next few days into the bay area weekend. and as you look at the forecast highs, you can see 95 will be the warm spot in vacaville and 77 in richmond. 75 in sausalito and 94 in brentwood. the five-day forecast, there it is. there it goes. look at the weekend. you can see the top tier numbers, staying on the mild side. look at next weekend, 85, 86. that's livermore valley. when we come back, we will see you tomorrow with the updates on dorian. a man from davis is hoping to find family members of the soldier who was killed in world war ii. brian cox buys the contents of the abandoned storage lockers, then sells what he finds. when he's open, he found hump l heart inside and a note 1994 and it says son had been killed. he tries to contact the former owner of the locker and hasn't
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had few luck. >> i know if it is my family and something like that was out there, they may not even know about it. and that will be something that i would want. i definitely don't want to try to toss them out or anything. i want to make sure that it gets back to where it belongs to. >> and cox says his father and grandfather both served in the military, so making sure the medal is returned is especially important to him. the giants were sluggish in st. louis today starting out the week long road trip. joe will tell us if they still have a shot at the playoffs. that's next in sports. ♪
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all right, giants looking like not a big shot. two teams are going in different directions today for st. louis and the fading giants. the now division leading cardinals who have won 10 out of 12 no matter where you are in the standings. always a good time to take in a baseball game. the cardinals, they would jump on the starter for a couple of runs in the first inning. the cardinals also got a run in the third for the 3-0 lead. and the teams kept the game close with outstanding defense
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in the sixth. he drove one to the gap in right center and harrison from center, fowler from the right converges on the ball. who has it? the answer is fowler. now the opposing pitcher, adam wainwright appreciates the play. and in the eighth, he hit a drive down the left field line to the state fair. career home run number had one. he will always remember even though the giants, they have lost six out of seven after dropping the next one 3-1. and nfl rosters, still being tweaked with the first week of the season. over the weekend they picked up
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kizer after being cut by green bay. this is no reflexion derek, but they need to have guys ready to go out to play and we got good receivers, and then we've got a great group. we need to have a quarterback that could help everybody win. >> and the u.s. open tennis tournaments, still have a week to go and neither defending champs will be there in the end and they would retire in his match last fight. today it was belinda of switzerland against the defending champion in the fourth round match for the women. and he is in the far court. she'll win this point decisively. she wont first set 7-5. he was suffering from the cranky knee that limited her mobility. and the match point now.
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puts osaka away with the match and wins the second set at 6-4. both defending champions eliminated before getting to the full-times. the men's tonight, rafael nadal in the far corner will get them going and nadal on the run. now take a look at the return for the winner to see it in slow motion and to truly appreciate it. it was equally enjoyed. by the guy in the stands by the name of tiger woods. cardinals with the early lead and then all notre dame after the first quarter. that's the quarterback on the quarterback draw from 11 yards out. the big tie putting them out in front and also two touchdowns as they would win 35-17. and that is a great story. he started the third game last year and the rest is history. >> good for him. >> the smaller guys could do it when they get a chance. >> see you later everyone. good night.
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