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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  September 8, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> another rope resembling a noose is found in oakland, this one was discovered not far from chevelle elementary school. >> the city of san francisco takes a major step forward in its quest to form its own public utility. >> this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6 pm. >> good evening. i am julie. >> i am frank, a rope resembling a noose, found near chevelle elementary school in oakland, and now the fbi is involved.'s practice is the second time in less than a month something like this has been found. lee, joins us now with reaction from parents and what the oakland school district has done to address the situation. >> parents of course were very emotional but they are glad
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that the school district is taking these cases seriously, now the district officials now say that the first incident that happened on august 21 was an accident, but this new case had them elevate the case to the fbi. at three weeks ago a rope presenting a noose was found hanging from the front thence of chevelle elementary. school district believed this first incident was an accident. >> my family contacted the police department and told us that their child had found the rope and just attempted to throw it over the fence. and it apparently landed on the fence in a way that brought about these feelings that maybe it was a noose. >> reporter: on friday, a school staff member found another rope. this time it was tied tightly at the top of the baseball batting cages which sit above the school on city property. >> being an african-american woman and knowing you know, the history of this country it looks like a noose to me. that was the first thing i thought when i saw. if there is anything resembling a noose, i think the best thing
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to do is take it down. >> reporter: the school cut it down immediately and contacted the fbi. >> the fbi did come in and investigate, they talk with our police department and in both cases they determined that based on their standards, neither one was a hate crime. >> reporter: the school district says it is investigating all possibilities. >> there was someone who told us that they believe that the rope was placed there perhaps as a way for kids, teenagers, to get up on top of the batting cage to possibly just hang out. >> reporter: parents say despite the intention, it harms the community. this family says their nine- year-old understands the history of violence against african-americans, a noose represents. >> i have to warn him, we have to warn him about so you can see these signs. so that if you do see something like a noose, you know not to go there. not to go close to that or not to involve yourself with something like that. because it can be dangerous to you. >> this is something that like in my household we have to talk about things like this. this is a reality and is an unfortunate conversation that you have to have with an
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elementary school child. >> reporter: the school district email parents and plans to hold a vigil against tate. >> even if it was not a noose, there's this perception that it might've been. i really am supportive of the idea of the vigil to deal with the hurt. >> to spread the knowledge and to let people know and have more people say that this is not okay. that is one of the things, one of the great things that we all can do together. >> reporter: oakland police say that they are aware of the incident but the school district police are the ones that are handling the investigation, a vigil against tate was originally planned for this friday but it has since been postponed while the investigation is ongoing. >> lee, thank you. the city of san francisco has made a 2 1/2 million dollar offer to pg&e, to buy power lines, that serve the city. in a statement, mayor london, and city attorney, dennis, called an important depth toward energy independence. the city began looking into possibilities of buying pg&e quitman to take over providing
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electricity to the city after pg&e file for bankruptcy, back in january. in response to the offer, pg&e released this statement today, reading in part, pg&e has been a part of san francisco since the company's founding or than a century ago. while we don't believe that civilization is in the best interest of our customers, and stakeholders, we are committed to working with the city and we will remain open to communication on this issue. a pedestrian was struck and killed overnight on a south bay freeway, it happened just before midnight on southbound interstate 680 south of mckee road in san jose. all lanes of the highway were blocked until 4 am this morning. the chp says before the accident, it received reports that a person was walking on the right hand shoulder against traffic, near the slow lane. firefighters in butte county continue to battle a wildfire tonight that is forcing people from their homes. the swedes fire started yesterday afternoon, east of orrville. the flames have burned about 400 acres and destroyed at
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least one home. firefighters say they made good progress overnight, and have been working to improve containment lines today. and steep and rugged terrain. evacuation orders have been issued in several areas including old olive highway, to oro quincy highway. at last check the fire was 20% contained. a kidnapping and rape suspect is behind bars after a six-hour standoff today. police received a call from a woman who said she had been kidnapped and sexually assaulted at gunpoint yesterday afternoon. when officers went to the house on willow street, they say the suspect ran out and hid in a nearby home. investigators say 41-year-old, coal, refuse to come out several hours, he was eventually taken into custody at about 8:30 pm. rainbow floats and music, and thousands of people filled the streets of downtown oakland today, for the city's 10th pride parade and festival. >> where is your pride? >> it is right here!
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those chants came from teachers and students at oaklands private park day school. the school says the group marched in this morning's parade to celebrate diversity and show support for the lgbtq+ community. they were a hit among parade goers. >> they had all of the independence elementary schools and stuff like that to see all of the families out here doing pride, it was great. >> dozens of students and educators from the oakland unified school district were also in the parade, waiting rainbow flags and carrying signs, promoting diversity, the festival is set to wrap up in just about an hour. at a humanitarian crisis is developing in the bahamas after hurricane dorian ripped through the island chain living a catastrophic path of destruction. >> allison barber has more now from nasa with details on the recovery effort and how cruise lines are playing a key role. >> we just thank the lord that he is still here with us.
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>> reporter: it has been a week since hurricane dorian brought terror to their islands. 70,000 people are set to be homeless. on sunday morning, a moment of normalcy for some, as churches started holding services. the government says at least 43 people are dead because of hurricane dorian. 35 and abaco island and eight in grand bahama. they admit the number will likely rise. survivors say the current official poll, is far less than reality. on grand bahama in a neighborhood of about 300, resident told foxnews, 17 people died. >> >> gone. >> 17 people out of my tone is dead. that is unprecedented. >> as for the survivors international aid efforts are underway, and the red cross has
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38 tons of aid materials that have arrived in nassau that were trying to get to people who really need it. >> officials say bahamas paradise cruise picks up nearly 1500 hurricane survivors and took them to the port of palm beach and florida, on saturday. some say despite the best efforts of some nonprofits, most people are still fending for themselves. hundreds are still said to be missing on the island and grand bahama reporting in nassau, i am allison, foxnews. hampton university in virginia, is stepping up to help students in the bahamas who were affected by hurricane dorian. students from the university of the bahamas, will be able to attend classes at hampton this semester for free, along with free room and board for one semester. will have the option of staying at hampton once the semester is over at regular tuition rates. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration is coming under fire after its
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weather forecasters defended president trumps claim that hurricane dorian had threatened alabama. and former top officials from noah say this risks the credibility of the nations weather and science agency and may even risk lives. the critics served both republican and democratic presidents, you will recall on friday, a statement from an anonymous spokesperson let's support to president trumps warning, days earlier that alabama faced danger from dorian. alabama had actually never been included in the official hurricane advisories, and a national weather service tweet from sunday, that alabama would see no impact from dorian. four crew members of a cargo ship in the waters off georgia are missing after a large ship caught fire over and overturned. the coast guard was called out this morning after the golden ray cargo vessel was lifted heavily near brunswick georgia. there were 23 crew members and a pilot on board. all but four were safely
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evacuated from the ship, after rescuing the 20 people officials say it became too risky to go further inside the vessel. rescue teams are now trying to stabilize the 656 foot vehicle carrier, so they can continue to search for the missing crewmembers. agents with the fbi and the atf join sheriff's deputies served search warrants today at the company that owns a scuba diving boat that caught fire, and killed 34 people last week. they searched the truth aquatics offices in santa barbara, and the company's two remaining boats, this morning. the warrants are part of the ongoing investigation into the tragedy investigators are trying to figure out whether any crimes were committed. the bodies of all but one victim have been recovered, the search for that fiwind and roug dive teams are hoping to get back into the water on tuesday. coming up on the president is facing sharp criticism today for the now canceled meeting with taliban leaders at camp david. runners laced up their shoes for a special half
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marathon today, it started and ended at oracle park. we're back in with the forecast, temperature is definitely on the cooler side, we'll talk about what you can expect this week.
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>> a pro-democracy protest in front of the u.s. consulate in hong kong today, devolved into chaos, thousands of people marched through the streets, they want the u.s. congress to pass a bill, that would penalize officials in mainland china, and hong kong, who suppress freedoms in hong kong. president trump today is facing a ba alabama leaders at camp david this weekend.
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>> members of congress including some republicans say a that they are outraged over the thought of taliban members being invited to the united states let alone camp david. and so close to the anniversary of the september 11 attacks. today secretary of state mike pompeo defended the plan. >> we concluded this was a perfectly appropriate place. you know the history of camp david. a lot of bad folks have come through that place, there have been a lot of peace negotiations, it is almost always the case that you don't get to negotiate with good guys. >> president trump tweeted at the meetings, that they had been canceled after the taliban took credit for fresh attacks in afghanistan last week, including two suicide bombing attacks, one of which killed a u.s. army sergeant. >>: a governor, mark, announced today he will challenge president trump for the republican nomination for president. >> i think we need to have a conversation on what it means
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to be a republican. i think as a republican party we have lost our way. once every four years we have a chance to have a national debate on where we are going next. publicans and democrats and as americans. the thing that has been lacking in this debate, has been an earnest and will conversation on debt and deficits. >> he joins to former illinois congressman, joe walsh and former massachusetts governor, bill, and challenging the president. his home state was among four last week that decided to cancel their gop primary leaving any trump challenger out of luck. democratic president of candidate, tom, has qualified for the october debates following new polling numbers. to make the cut, candidates must have donations from 130,000 people and logged 2% support and for qualifying polls. today, a new poll showed him with 2% support in nevada. the billionaire businessman however was one pole short of qualifying for the debate in houston this thursday. new polling numbers, will allow him to compete in the mid october debates in ohio, with 10 other democratic candidates.
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>> runners crowded in front of oracle park this morning for the annual san francisco giant race. sarah, tells us that this year's race honored a special milestone. >> the san francisco giant race is celebrating 10 years of about 18,000 people showing up for this weekend's event that ends right here on the baseball field at oracle park. >> reporter: a chilly san francisco morning, is no match for thousands of runners, as a sea of orange and black took over in front of oracle park for the annual san francisco giant race. >> i love the san francisco giants because of the race. >> is celebrated 10 years with a weekend full of events including a kids run and yoga. all leading up to sunday's race with a half marathon, 10k, and 5k. >> fantastic time. it was also a treat to go inside the giant stadium at the end. >> one of the best parts is the roof. it takes runners from oracle park along the waterfront and wraps up on the baseball field.
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>> runners can hang out on the field, grab some food. watch their family or friends finish. and then check out all of the exhibitors here. >> it is a popular event people from all over come to including kristin downey sister from the east coast. >> she comes out to visit me from new jersey. every year to do this and we get to hang out and visit and i get to see her run. >> whether you are running for fun, to beat your personal record or to get a workout in, the giant race has a little something for everyone. >> i have been running since i was 14 to change my health and it has been a lot easier. my son is running a 10k right now. i am waiting for him. and then >> organizers are already starting to plan next year's events. all we know so far is that it will happen in the beginning of september. at oracle park, sarah, ktvu fox 2 news. >> we at the temperatures from today, those numbers were warmer than yesterday but still kind of mild. wasn't really that warm of the week and especially yesterday
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with temperatures in the 60s and 70s. today, fairfield was the warm spot or the hotspot, 87 degrees. 84 and antioxidants -- 77 in vallejo. >> temperatures kind of chilly. kind of mild. it is because of this weather system to the north. that is kind of you know what happens as we get into the fall and we get closer to fall and winter, there is the jet stream. let's trot in. this guy starts to drop down. wherever that goes, if that is the jet stream here, wherever it is right now it is up over seattle, that is kind of where the weather goes. the jet stream as the days get shorter, the jet stream gets closer to us. i.e. winter and fall. rain in the pacific northwest, maybe you saw that saddle game, it was a wet one for a couple of quarters there. wendy around here, windy down the coast and that fard had trouble establishing itself and staying put. you have some fog along the coast but is not really pronounced and then there is the current temperature, 75 in livermore, 80 in fairfield and these temperatures are running warmer than yesterday even
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though we visit those temperatures, these are kind of mild for this time of year. 76 in napa. and that is running six degrees cooler, or six degrees warmer today and that still seems kind of mild. beautiful day the winds keeping things clear. there is the camp there. the air quality is great. you can see the blue out on the bay. as we get big wind which we didn't have skewed wind, but it turned different color, right? because the sediment is on the low tide and all of the sediment is getting kind of wrapped up in the waters. today it is pretty blue. here are the overnight low forecast temperatures, mostly in the 50s and mid-50s and upper 50s. kind of a cool night because of the pattern we are under because of that lower to the north of us. this whole week, we sort of stay in the same. it will kind of be more of the same. that means mild weather which is brought to us by this low pressure center. they brought the rain to the pacific northwest and it will kind of hang around so today we did warm up, but you will see tomorrow and tuesday, this low
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comes back, when you the guys park offshore you will lose some numbers. you will lose some heat. that is what happens. starting to feel like fall in this pattern. forecast for fog tomorrow morning. not much. kind of fractured. comes back to the goes. yellows are 70s. oranges are 80s. there you go. >> that is how the pattern looks. kind of mild pattern. the forecast highs for tomorrow, 71 in richmond. tomorrow and monday, and tuesday, numbers will be very similar. you will see in the five day forecast, you are thinking okay we are kind of may be getting a good little weather pattern in terms of what we care about. air quality and fire danger. this pattern is going to stick with us really right through much of the early part of this week. you will see that in the five day forecast. you just have to look at that top tier number. it is warm but that is not baking. as we get toward the weekend,
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you see temperatures come up but is not a heatwave by any means. there is the five day forecast, we will see you back here tonight at 10 pm. starting tomorrow, some transit bus stops in downtown oakland will be temporarily relocated, bus stop on broadway between 12th and 20th streets will be shifted to franklin street for the next three months, during the construction of new bus station platforms. those platforms will be part of the east bay's first bus rapid transit system, the temporary bus stops will start at franklin and 12th street and continue through 15th street. coming up next year, the a's go for their fifth win in the past six games. >> the 49ers kick off their season on the road against the buccaneers in tampa. we have all the highlights, right after the break.
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>> the music industry is seeing a big change of direction in a sales trend, industry analysts say vinyl records are expected to top sales of cds this year. that would be the first time that would happen since 1986. vinyl record sales grew 13% this year compared to last year and fans say the richer warmer sound makes up for the inconvenience of needing a record player and a record needle. obviously that is not the issue
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or not the case for people who stream music which brings in a whopping 80% of all of the revenue from the music industry. >> i don't think any of our kids would have any clue how to operate a turntable like that. to go like this. like this it would not happen, right? >> jason is here now, starting with the 49ers, i have never seen this, five touchdowns called back by penalties. >> it was a really bizarre game. their defense played great but the refs almost overshadowed their opener today, as the 49ers were trying to snap a 12 game losing streak when playing in the eastern time zone, it was hot, and it was muggy, in tampa. temperatures in the 90s, 93 degrees at kickoff, jimmy, back from his torn acl. first quarter, here is one of them. frank, after a 49ers block pond, dropped below to george. niners are on the board. no, offensive pass interference called on kyle. one of five touchdowns called back in the first half alone.
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no! picked off by vernon. he goes the other way for the touchdown. they led 7-6 at half. opening drive for the niners in the second half. perfect pass as he stands in the pocket, and finds richie james of all people, 39 yard touchdown. less than a minute later, oh, great play by richard sherman. kind of had a rough day. three pass interference calls on him. pick td for him and the niners are up 20-7. buccaneers down. winston throws it up for grabs and it lands right in the hands of witherspoon who goes the other way, for the touchdown. to pick td's for the niners today. they only had two interceptions of any kind in 16 games last year, but they win, their road opener, vinyl, 31-17. >> talk about owning 18, the a's have now beaten the tigers 19 of the last 20 times they have played, and that is bird,
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throwing out the first pitch. 1965 on this day he played all nine positions. that is why they had him throwing out the first pitch. up 1-0 with two on and chris david not a home run, but good enough to score, mark and chad, a's went 3-1, easy when kind of over the tigers. they are a season-high, 25 games over 500, they have their eyes set squarely on the postseason. giants, dodgers. giants fans and dodger fans, they can get along i guess as long as they are wearing goofy hats. still scoreless in the fourth when derek rodriguez gives it up to matt. that is a two run shot. that is really all the doctors would need. they had three more, dodgers six pictures would combine for a shutout, 5-0 final, the dodgers with twentysomething s their magic number is 2. to win the west. the dodgers are cruising toward the playoffs again. the a's look pretty good.
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the giants, not so much. >> thank you, jason. >> coming up tonight on the 10 o'clock news, the latest on the delays at sfo. there are a lot of them all due to repair work on the airports main runway. >> take a look at this, new video of a close call, a very close call in san francisco bay as that sailboat comes very close to hitting a will, we will have these stories and much more all coming up tonight at 10 pm and then we will be back at 11 pm. >> have a great night everyone. see you later! >> good night. >> warnings with ktvu means more power to you. >> the power to know before you get up and go.
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>> we are monitoring big development right now on capitol hill. >> the power to conquer your commute. >> dress for success. >> rain is on the way and it will start picking up in the north bay. >> the power to seize the day. >> welcome back to warnings on 2. >> more power. >> more power to you. >> warnings on 2. only on ktvu. fox 2.
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