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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  September 10, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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until the repair work is complete. we are watching cupertino as apple prepares to unveil lin other gadgets. good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. tuesday, september 10th. >> let's talk about tuesday weather. that rock and roll weather forecast. steve is off. but rosemary's here with the details. >> it's something you will enjoy, i think. especially if you enjoyed the last few days. we're going to continue with this pattern for one more day. then we're going to heat it up and summer makes a comeback. giving you a look at sfo. upper 50s in areas over sfo. san francisco. low 50s outside your door santa rosa. temperatures from oakland towards livermore and san jose. upper 50s to low 60s. temperatures arewithin a few
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degrees. we do have a cover. partly cloudy for the rest of us. as we get into the afternoon, mostly sunny away from the coastline. the on shore breeze through es it's a calm start over areas like napa. oakland reporting 14. concord reporting a southerly breeze to 10. here's a comparison to where we typically are and where we'll land for today. we're right in there. santa rosa, 83. 66 in san francisco. a few degrees cooler than what we would consider average. oakland as well. 72 your afternoon high. low 80s in livermore. upper 70s expected in san jose. temperatures begin to rebound. take you into tomorrow and the warmest day, which looks to be friday. more on this in the extended forecast. 5:01. let's get to the highways with sal. >> did i hear you say it's going to be 100 inland? >> byfor the
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weekend. >> thank you. we got some of that indian summer going sounds like. thank you. let's go out and take a look at 580 westbound as you drive over to the altamont pass. 205 is backed up and 580 are slow. slower than yesterday. kind of a big log jam here coming into the altamont paz. i can't say it's unusual. i wish it was better. once you get to livermore and dublin it looks better. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland. traffic moving well here. no major problems at the bay bridge toll plaza. little bit after backup at 502. this morning a woman had to be rescued from the water off bay farm island in alameda. it happened about 4:00 just off sea view parkway. we have new video showing the response from firefighters and other emergency teams. they sent two divers to reach
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here. she was treading water about 25 yards from the shore. they have not said how or why she ended up in the water in those early morning hours. she was taken to the hospital to be checked for hypothermia. our time is now 5:03. want to take you live. this is live at san francisco international airport where we're expecting even more flight delays and cancellations today. ktvu is out there right now. and the problems are caused by repairs on that airport's busiest runway. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are just four days in with 16 days to go until this project wraps up. i'm sure a lot of travelers cannot wait until this project is over. as of 5:00 this morning sfo is reporting 14 flight delays and 62 cancellations for the day. now that's really not too bad considering by the end of the day yesterday more than 100 flights were canceled and nearly 300 delayed. issues really start picking up later in the day.
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that's something to keep your eye on if you have a flight in or out of sfo over the next two and a half weeks. the reason for this major traveling headache is runway repair work. sfo's second lodgest runway and intersects with two shorter runways. the subbase failure is failing. sfo says the project is necessary. >> original flight was 11:15. got notice it was going to be changed to 4:30. got a different flight. that flight also got delayed. >> reporter: president of flyers rights says passengers rights should be protected. the faa has emergency powers to limit the number of flights coming in and out of sfo. flights have been reduced to
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accommodate the work. the faa should step in. >> i would urge the faa, the airport authority and the airlines to have an emergency meeting as soon as tomorrow. and fix this situation. it should not go on. >> reporter: now work will last until september 26th so hopefully by september 27th everything at sfo will go back to normal. the airport does suggest you looking into your airlines and there are some airlines who have waived those change fees. if you have flexibility in your schedule, look into that. at sfo this morning, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> thank you. also today, the fremont city council will vote on where to create a housing navigation center in the city. the center will help homeless people as they look for permanent housing and jobs. but there has been strong opposition from it the north fremont neighborhood considered the most likely location for
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the center. more than 2000 people showed up to express their concerns. they're worried the center will draw more homeless people to the area, which they say could lead to more crime and lower property values. the council meeting will be at city hall at 5:30 tonight. time is 5:06. a san francisco judge will let the construction of a homeless navigation center continue along the embarcadero even though neighbors are fighting it. critics were in court asking the judge to approve a restraining order to temporarily block construction on that 200 bed navigation center. the judge said no. declined their request. he agreed to have both sides come back on september 23rd to debate the issue. san francisco mayor london breed has been pushing for this navigation center saying it's necessary to help the city's homeless crisis. people living in that neighborhood worry about crime. >> our concern is that it's a low barrier shelter, which means it will accept the
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mentally ill, drug users, sex offenders. >> it's about identifying places that we can use for this purpose and if they're available, if it makes sense economically then we should do it. >> the city of san francisco hopes to open the doors of the navigation center in december. the long term plan is to eventually build housing on that location. today is apple's annual unveiling event for new products at the steve jobs theater in cupertino. apple will reportedly update its ipad and mac lineup. according to tech expert, early predictions say the new iphones will look a lot like the old phones. the new iphone 11 though will reportedly have faster processors and new camera features. >> they will say it's the best iphone yet, and of course it will be. otherwise why bother. but i think we'll see a bigger development the following year when we're going to see the 5g
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and maybe a complete redesign. >> the industry is affected by a couple of things. consumers are keeping their phones longer and new tariffs imposed on products are slated to hit iphones and other electronics. time is now 5:08. google is the target of a new bipartisan investigation conducted by the attorneys general of 48 states. now the initiative will examine whether google is engaged in anti-competitive behavior. california and alabama are not part of this investigation. the california attorney general's office says it is committed to fighting anti- competitive behavior but made no further comments. google says its investments in this research and development spur innovation and the company's free products provide benefits to consumers. we are learning more about the jury in the ghost ship warehouse trial which ended last week. the jury voted to acquit max
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harris. we spoke to a juror who started as an alternate but was put on the panel after three women were sent home. the jury almost deadlocked on max harris as well saying one woman on the panel insisted that harry was guilty. >> one woman who felt strongly that she said that she felt, she didn't think that him getting off without anything was right. >> but after a 12 daybreak he says the woman changed her vote to not guilty and harris was acquitted. as for derek almena. the jury foreman revealed that ten on the panel, himself included were convinced he was guilty. two women held out for acquittal. ktvu crime reporter henry lee has been reporting from that courtroom since day one. you can see all of his reports online. you can find more interviews with attorneys in the case and
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read hen re's daily blog. the biggest wild fire in california grew by 10 square miles to 69 square miles. we're talking about the walker fire burning north of the town susanville. the forest service says it is now 10% obtained. public access roads and trails in the fire zones have been closed, evacuation orders are in place. so far no one's been hurt. no buildings have been damaged. crews are trying to contain the walker fire. getting some help from here in the bay area. strike teams on the alameda county fire department are heading out to help the crews on the ground. up next, the raiders primetime performance against the broncos and you'll hear what coach jon gruden had to say. madonna heading for san francisco for series of
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smaller intimate shows. when and where you can catch madonna.
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welcome back. derek carr and the raiders beat the denver broncos on the ground. >> give it to jacobs this time.
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taking a start. tyrone williams. he's got it. >> quite tyrell williams ha rookie running back josh jacobs brown was released and signed p scored two touchdowns in his professional debut. raiders won. after the game head coach jon gruden asked if the antonio brown drama was a distraction. >> what happened here the last couple days may have been big news to some but we're no distractions. i think you can tell that tonight. our team was ready to roll. >> yeah. the raiders have another division rival coming to town, the kansas city chiefs will be at the coliseum on sunday. countdown is on for raider nation. just six regular season home games for the oakland coliseum. one of them will be played in london. last night it was a bittersweet home opener. >> i'm hoping the stadium will
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be built in time for next year. i'm hoping to get one more year out it have. come on, 2020; right? >> fans packed the parking earl opener. many fans say they will miss the life long friends made while tailgating and the thought of the silver and black playing in las vegas this time next year has people with mixed reactions. >> i've been a season ticketholder for seven years. i don't know if i can go to vegas. may one game. >> i had a deposit for las vegas and i grew it. >> this going to vegas thing, i don't like it. i just don't like it at all. the raiders $2 billion vegas stadium is scheduled to open in july. time is 5:15. the oakland a's bounce back against the houston astros after getting blown out 15-0
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last night. there weren't a lot of good things for the a's last night. the astros hit a major league record six home runs in the first two innings while the a's only had three hits in if the game. the a's hoped for better results when they play the astros again tonight at 5:10. the san francisco giants continue a home series today against the pirates. last night kevin pollard showed off his glove in the fourth inning. watch his catch. preserve a one run lead. you have to see it again. right there. way to go. brandon belt gave the giants insurance with this smash off the wall. but the pirates came back with four runs in the ninth and the giants lost 6-4. the giants will try to get revenge tonight. today's game begins at 6:45. now expect heavy traffic around the giants game because there will also be a concert at the chase center in san francisco. we just told you the giants
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game sta6:45 at oracle park. at 8:00 the dave matthews band will have a concert chase center. public transportation's probably the best way to get around. if you have tickets to tonight's show at the chase center you can ride muni for free. and then sal was saying earlier at the coliseum, iron maiden is performing. >> i'm surprised they aren't playing together. dave matthews and iron maiden. >> now the reason why you know we're making kind of a bigger deal about the dave matthews concert is because there's also a giants game tonight. >> so this is the first real test of both venues. >> it's the pittsburgh pirates. it's better it's the pirates and not the dodgers, but still. >> and the giants aren't doing so great. so maybe not as crowded; right? >> still going to be a stress in the area. everything's going to be going.
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my advice is if you're healthy and able, if walking and take transit. all right. let's go out and take a look at some of these commutes. i want to start here in the tracy area we have a problem on vasco road. it's a motorcycle accident with pretty serious injuries and now i'm hearing that vasco road is closed for a long stretch here. and they have chp in the area trying to get the exact boundaries of the closure. vasco road is something between brentwood and tracy area. i would avoid it if i could. 580 at 205. you'll see slow traffic there. that traffic is going to be okay. please give yourself extra time if you use that road. let's talk gilroy northbound 10 through gilroy is okay. you'll see some slow traffic
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getting up in the san jose. by the time you reach the valley, things are doing all right. here's downtown san jose. eastbound commute on 880 in oakland looks okay. at the bay bridge toll plaza we do have the metering and lights have been switched on. traffic is okay. i'm going to get you more detail on the closure. it's going to be a tough commute there. 5:19. let's bring rosemary in. >> we have a good day coming our way. temperatures will be similar to where we've been. that means 60s at the coast. 80s inland. mid80s for our hotter spots. the heat will be on getting into the coming days. i'll detail that in just a look cover along the coastline. we are partly clear. partly cloudy for the rest of us. we'll go mostly sunny away from the coastline for your afternoon today. the winds are generally light. we do have a bit of after breeze in hayward. reported 12 miles per hour. on shore breeze at sfo.
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20. gusting stronger earlier. it's calmed down some. calm conditions reported over the north bay. temperatures are within a few degrees in most areas of where we started yesterday. 50 degrees to start your morning in napa. upper 50s for downtown san francisco. upper 50s to low 60s for the inner east bay as well as into the south bay. we have 57 degrees outside your door san jose. getting into your santa rosa forecast for today. temperatures will be nice and mild by lunchtime. mid70s in the forecast for you there. into the low 80s for the second part of the day. we begin to see those temperatures drift down by the 5, 6:00 hour or so. into the north bay, upper 70s expected for nov ato today. by the water, upper 60s. 60, sausalito. into the east bay, low 70s for alameda and oakland. low 80s expected inland. areas like walnut creek. mid80s for our hotter spot well inland. 77 sfor today.
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along the peninsula, enjoyable here as well. 73 san mateo. temperatures begin to heat up on wednesday. the hotter days look to be thursday, friday. we're into the out. even upper 90s for the iland communities. upper 80s around the bay and then cooling it off in time for your weekend. we'll go mid to upper 70s around the bay. mid to upper 80s inland. >> thank you. 5:21 is the time. we are hearing some new details of the incredible rescue effort on an overturned cargo ship. coming up, how crews were able to get to the members who were trapped inside.
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leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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search crews will try to salvage the wreckage from the dive boat. they are trying to find the body of one final victim. authorities are looking into various safety issues, including whether the divers were told about an escape hatch. and if a watch nba was on duty when the fire started. they want to know if the fire may have been caused by an overloaded electrical circuit from too many cell phones being plugged in charging at the same time. > crews have rescued all 24 crew members from a capsized container ship off the coast of georgia. four of those men spent about 35 hours trapped in the
5:25 am
sweltering hot ship. the final crew member was lowered from the vessel on to a boat yesterday. rescuers located the crew members by tapping on the hull of the boat. >> there was just a system of tapping where they would do three or more taps and eventually they got tap backs. >> the golden ray was carrying thousands of cars when it capsized on saturday. it's not clear why the ship flipped on to its side and caught fire. authorities say skies were clear and the water was calm when it happened. an investigation is underway into the death of a handcuffed man who deputies say managed to escape from them and jump off a parking garage at the graton casino. received a call that a man wanted to jump off the fifth floor of the garage. they say the 24-year-old was despondent. deputies were able to grab him
5:26 am
off the wall. he was briefly distracted. he was handcuffed. but about ten minutes later as deputies were walking him to a patrol car he broke free, ran toward the wall and upped to his death. >> we had a chance to talk to him for a few minutes and seemed, we felt seemed to have some resolution to the case. clearly there was not. >> he turned at the right time. he twisted at the right time. he got away the at right time. i'm sure the sheriffs did everything they could. this was just a fluke accident. >> now authorities say it appears he struggled with depression and drugs. the violent crimes unit is investigating the case. 5:26. a special election out of north carolina is getting national attention today. coming up, the reason the results may help forecast the political landscape for 2020. and arrests at the state capitol during demonstrations over a controversial vaccine bill and the decision by the governor.
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we have a couple of different crashes this morning. now there's a new crash on byron highway, the alternate. so we're going to have to tell you how to get around it. i have a feeling it's going to be a long morning for people out there. this is a look at the mcarthur maze. seeing crowding here too. our mild pattern will remace in place. we'll check in on the current conditions and show what you can expect for the afternoon, coming up.
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it's tuesday, september 10th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. rosemary is here saying if you liked yesterday think we're going to like today. >> we're starting out the gate similar to yesterday. we'll land into the afternoon similar to yesterday. then we'll heat it up into the rest of the business week. let's enjoy what we have in front of us. outside our doors, we have partly cloudy skies. around the bay area, partly clear along the coastline. sfo, a mix there. upper 50s right now reported in san francisco and sfo. low 50s to start your morning santa rosa. areas of the east bay. oakland, livermore. 60 degrees. far south bay, upper 50s to low 60s as well. 57 reported in it san jose. there's a look at that cloud
5:31 am
cover out there. along the coastline, inside the bay. we have a little bit as well. mostly clear away from the coast for the afternoon. partly cloudy at the coast for the second part of the day. the on shore breeze at oakland is 12. fairfield reporting 15. light to calm conditions over the north bay. breeze over sfo. generally light in and around the bay area. how about those afternoon highs. here you go. 66, san francisco. a lot of 70s around the bay. 80s inland. hotter spots getting to about 85 for today antioch. into the south bay, 77 for san jose. temperatures will be climbing to about hundred degrees by the end of the business week. details in the extended forecast coming up in just a little bit. 5:31. any traffic trouble out there this morning, sal? >> oh yeah. unfortunately there is a big problem. that has people using the
5:32 am
highway. we just got an accident call on another motorcycle accident on the byron highway. you temporarily stopped traffic there. the closures right between these two points here. then we just got another one. if this is your commute you need to give yourself plenty of extra time because of just trying to get out. people probably have to go the long way around. maybe some people will be on highway 4 getting out to 680. that freeway is getting more crowded. at the bay bridge toll plaza it is moderately heavy coming into the bridge. 5:32. back to the desk. here's a look at some of the other top stories. more flight cancellations expec while a major runway is
5:33 am
repaired. hundreds of flights have been affected. the repair work is expected to continue until the end of september. the fate of a new navigation center in fremont will be decided. the city council is expected to vote on a location at tonight's meeting. the location has been the topic of debate as people believe the center will draw more homeless and crime to their neighborhood. the council meeting begins at 5:30. apple expected to reveal its new tech gear. we're expecting new models of the iphone 11, along with updated ipads and mac books. we'll bring you a full preview of today's big event coming up during the 6:00 hour. cal trans is coming under fire for not making repairs fast enough on a broke. safety barrier. the driver of a tesla was killed in that crash last year on highway 101 in mountain view. the ntsb is now involved to keep people safe. ntsb investigators say th
5:34 am
broken freeway attenway tore made a march 2018 crash worse. >> when rr this crash attenuator was not operable. >> monday the ntsb issued a report as part of its investigation into that fatal accident that killed engineer walter hong. the agency calls on cal trans to repair damaged equipment more quickly and better track repair work. operating his tesla model x on auto pilot crashed on southbound 101 at the 85 split in mountain view. >> the vehicle got confused not trying to find the lane on the left hand side and veered towards the middle of the road. that's what caused the crash. >> ntsb officials say this has been involved in more crashes.
5:35 am
on that day maintenance supervisor and crew were off work. according to the ntsb. the report says the supervisor worked to coordinate a replacement. that was too late for hong. >> that's going to benefit everybody. not the guys driving auto pilot vehicles. it's going to help anybody. >> safetied remains cal trans priority. we're in the process of reviewing the report to determine the next steps. ntsb officials say they haven't determined problem cause in the 2018 accident and they will complete their investigation until next year. they do want cal trans to implement a corrective plan to guarantee that highway safety equipment is repaired. in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu,
5:36 am
fox 2 news. a federal judge in oakland is reinstating a nationwide injunction blocking the trump administration's new restrictions on migrants who are seeking asylum. now just last month the ninth circuit court of appeals limited the impact of the judge's injunction to cover only california and arizona, which are states that fall under the ninth circuit's jurisdiction. the administration's policy would prevent people who travel through another country on their way to the u.s. from claiming asylum here. the trump administration has asked the supreme court to lift the judge's order and allow the policy to go into effect. time is now 5:36. national rifle association suing san francisco over its resolution calling the nra a domestic terrorist organization. supervisory katherine stephanie wrote the resolution after the gilroy garlic shootings in july. she says the francisco is infringing on its
5:37 am
free speech rights. san francisco city attorney's office responded saying it's unfortunate the nra would rather run to court than do something about the epidemic of gun violence in our country. the american people would be better served if the nra stopped trying to get weapons of war into our communities and instead actually did something about gun safety. now that congress is back in session, democrats are pushing for action on gun control. house speaker nancy pelosi is increasing pressure on mitch mcconnell to put a bill up for a vote. the bill would require background checks for all gun purchases. >> we will make this issue too hot for him to handle. >> mcconnell says he won't allow a vote until he knows what president trump is prepared to sign. a usa today suffolk university poll shows 9 out of 10 voters support background
5:38 am
checks for all gun sales. the same poll found only 23% believe congress will pass any significant gun control legislation over the next year. time is now 5:38. the polls are now open in north carolina for a special election today. doug luzader joining us from washington, d.c. on why this race is getting national attention. doug. >> reporter: there are two special elections in north carolina today. one of them is getting a great deal of attention because of what it might tell us about the race for the white house in 2020. >> who voted early for dan bishop? >> reporter: president north ca pushing his own reelection, but also the candidate he hopes will win a special congressional race today in that state. republican dan bishop. >> and i share your values. i'm not ashamed of your values. i'm going to defend your values in washington, d.c. >> reporter: bishop is running
5:39 am
against democrat dan mccready after an earlier election was mired in fraud allegations. this is a district that the president won by more than 11 points in 2016. it'spart because mccready posit himself as a moderate. open to working with the president. >> if i have the honor of serving i would like to work with the president on lowering prescription drug costs. >> reporter: but this is a bell weather race that may be a preview for 2020 because it will be a test of democratic appeal in a traditionally republican state. for the president the gop seat in congress is critical. >> tomorrow we take the first steps to firing speaker pelosi and winning back the house in 2020. >> reporter: and speaking of congress, lawmakers returned to work yesterday with democrats in the house judiciary committee moving ahead with an cautiously backs. >> do you support the resolution that chairman nadler has put forward?
5:40 am
>> yes, i do. >> reporter: the president does not want to hand democrats another seat in the house. which explains why he may be taking a risk politically to wade into this contest. will the founder of the world's largest e-commerce company is stepping down. jack ma started alibaba as a way to connect chinese exporters to american retailers. the company made him one of china's best known and richest entrepreneurs. ma announced he would give up the title of chairman on his 55th birthday, which is today. ma will remain part of the partnership, which holds the power toal nail the board of directors. 5:40. stunning video showing a driver who looks asleep at morning com
5:41 am
up next, you'll see this video. it's gone viral. a driver and his passenger, their car on auto pilot. we have serious trouble on vasco road. it's closed between the alameda county line because of a motorcycle accident. helicopter has to land to get this person out and right now there's a big traffic jam in the region. outside our doors this morning, partly cloudy skies. temperatures on the mild side. we'll check in on your current conditions tracking your afternoon highs for today and a warmup for the day's ahead.
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5:43 am
an ohio state trooper had
5:44 am
to leap to safety as he was helping a driver. his patrol car dash camera recorded him waving down a u haul driver then yelling watch out. the truck hit his car and kept going. the truck did stop 8 miles down the freeway. the woman behind the wheel says she fell asleep and thought she hit a guardrail. state officials are not saying what, if any charges she may face. this is going viral. look at this video of a tesla driver in boston. the driver looks like he's asleep at the wheel. a boston driver shared this cell phone video of the sleeping driver and his passenger. the man who took the video says he drove alongside the tesla for about a minute beeping his horn. the tesla driver never budged. madonna will perform in san
5:45 am
francisco next month. there will be special rules for the show. specifically for cell phones. anyone going to one of three shows at the golden gate theater will be required to put their cell phones inside a pouch that will be locked. that pouch will then be unlocked once the show is over. there are exceptions. there will be special cell phone use areas of the venue. this is a growing trend at concerts and performances in an effort to get people to enjoy the moment instead of trying to capture the show for social media. san francisco south of market and mission bay neighborhoods will be packed tonight. it is the first time major events are scheduled for both oracle park and the new chase center. ktvu's allie rasmus joins us to talk about the events and how the city is preparing. >> reporter: city officials hope people are prepared to take public transportation if they plan to go to either of these events at oracle park or the chase center. offering free shuttles from the
5:46 am
16th street bart station to the chase center and as always any time you have a ticket to an event that doubles as your free ticket to ride muni. there are two major events happening in san francisco expected to draw large crowds. one of them a dave matthews concert at the chase center and also a giants game down the road at oracle park. it's expected to test the public transit system and the level of congestion that happens around the new chase center since it's been opened. it's been opened just about a week. chase center had its first ever event on 8:00. the giants game is also this evening. giants will take on the pittsburgh pirates at 6:45 at oracle park. the recommendation is take public transit even a better option than trying to take a ride share, lyft or uber. drop off space is limited at
5:47 am
the chase center. allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. we're going right to sal. we have a major crash. you're still talking about vasco road. >> it's closed now. this is a long closure from the alameda county line. it is closed. i'll put it on the map for you. and what happened rather unfortunate, this was a motorcycle crash. a vehicle made a u-turn on vasco and a motorcycle did not see. t-boned the car with serious consequences. they have a medical helicopter. a sig alert. due to this collision they have chp out there. people are on byron highway. another crash with a motorcyclist. that one doesn't sound as serious. but injury accident with a
5:48 am
motorcycle. that motorcyclist is also injured. this is a region that's going to experience a lot of slow traffic. on 580 at 205 we have slow traffic as well this morning. if you're getting on the freeway in livermore. livermore to dublin. that looks okay with no major issues. and intertait 880 is off to a nice start here in oakland. if you're driving to the bay bridge the traffic here is okay. very normal, which is to say it's 15 to 20 minute delay before you make it on to the span. it's rosemary. >> thank you. good morning to you. we have another nice day shaping up for today. temperatures seasonal to slightly below what we would consider average. not going to last though. we begin to heat it up as early as tomorrow. giving you a look at y. temperatures this morning very similar to what we had yesterday. so widespread low 50s to at sfo
5:49 am
20. livermore reporting 8 through the delta, fairfield area. not bad at all. light to calm conditions over n upper 40s in napa. bit of a chill in the air if there. stake a look. going to be nice. mid70s expected. hover in the low 80s for most of the afternoon. begin to cool it back some getting into about 5:00 or 6:00. we are going to continue with this mild weather for just this one more inner east bay, warmer spots. looks like 84 for brentwood. closer to the water, low 70s
5:50 am
for alameda as well. for the south bay, today, 78 los gatos. 73 by the water, santa cruz. along the peninsula, low 70s. 66 expected in san francisco. then low 60s expected. here's a look at your extended forecast. temperatures will bump into the upper 80s for inland cities on wednesday. we don't stop there. we're into the 90s by thursday. upper 90s by friday. doesn't last though. temperatures do begin to drop once again. we'll go upper 70s around the bay for our saturday and sunday. upper 80s inland. 60s at the coast. dave. >> thank you. just a reminder, make sure your download the ktvu weather app. it has interactive radar, hourly updates and the seven day forecast. it also has an easy feature to upload your weather and video. the ktvu weather app is free to download for your smartphone or tablet. it is 5:51. the city of san francisco still
5:51 am
pushing to buy pg&e's power lines in the city. how pg&e is reacting and what it says about the idea of selling its assets during its bankruptcy. a warning for a popular e had-great company from the food and drug administration. up next, what the fda is demanding from it juul, the san francisco-based company, while the investigation into vaping continues. but first, we want to take you out live, live picture looking down at the golden gate bridge. the fog is moving right before your very eyes.
5:52 am
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welcome back. our time is 5:54. san francisco mayor will ask for the release of the hiv annual report from the san francisco department of public health. now the mayor's in the first of her four year program called project opt in to improve hiv patient results in san francisco. there's a new warning from federal health officials to e-cigarette maker juul. in a letter the fda says the san francisco-based company illegally told people that its products were much safer than cigarettes. during a congressional hearing
5:55 am
this summer students from new york state testified that a representative from juul told them that their products were totally safe. the fda is asking the company to hand over its documents on marketing, educational programs and nicotine formulas. health officials are warning the public they should stop vaping altogether until the cause of a mysterious lung illness is found. 450 cases have been reported around the country. at least five people have died from this breathing problem. it's not clear what's causing it or whether it's related to vaping of tobacco, cannabis or both. the victims are mostly young healthy men. >> more than doubling young peo started vaping in marin county. we think we're ularly vulnerable to this. >> 57 cases of the breathing illness have been reported
5:56 am
recently in california. although none of them were in marin county. our time is 5:56. apple expecting to announce new iphones later today. coming up in the next hour, we're live in cupertino from the steve jobs theater. we'll take a look at today's big event. in the raiders final home opening game in england. big problem out there. for one of them, vasco road is going to be shut down because of a serious motorcycles accident. we'll update you on that and the east bay commute. the extended forecast coming up.
5:57 am
5:58 am
good morning. first responders were in action early this morning after a woman was in the water and a proposal to use hospital beds for the homeless we tell you about this new idea after mentally ill patients were removed from a hospital
5:59 am
residential facility. good morning. thank you for joining us. tuesday morning, september 10th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. rosemary is in to talk about somewhat cooler weather. >> i'm kind of enjoying it. >> so am i. >> yes. although i do realize that our days are numbered when it comes to that summertime warmth. we've got some summertime warmth returning to the bay area eventually. for today though we are going to be right about where we should be. even a tad below the seasonal average for some. rosa. ght. we do have a breeze through the delta. breeze reported at sfo. we do have a lot of cloud cover there along the coastline.
6:00 am
mostly sunny into the afternoon away from the coast we'll go partly cloudy at the coast. the on shore breeze reporting 15 miles per hour through fairfield. lighted to calm over the north bay. east bay, oakland reporting 8, as well as concord. here's a comparison for today. what we typically get this time of year. 83 the afternoon high for santa rosa. 66 for san francisco. a few degrees shy of where we typically are, as well as oakland into the low 70s for your afternoon. livermore at 81. san jose, 77. these temperatures are like yesterday. hopefully you enjoyed yesterday. you'll enjoy again today. we do have a heat


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