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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 10, 2019 12:00pm-12:58pm PDT

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plar just flight delays and cancellations piling up in a san francisco international aithe latest on the major runwa closure. a proposal, hospital beds for people that are homeless, we'll tell you about the new idea after mentally ill patients were removed from the hospital residential facility. good afternoon everyone i am mike mibach. i'm gasia mikaelian, a lot of eyes on apple as the tech giant unveiled its latest generation of iphones , watches and ipads. >> apple holding its biggest event at its cupertino headquarters, elissa harrington joins us from apple park, new upgrade to these next-generation of phones. >> reporter: that is right the iphone got a whole new look, this style you will not see anymore, the iphone 11 will have three cameras, or two cameras depending on the style you might get. it's also coming in different
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colors like yellow and green. i want to show you part of the announcement, it is clear apple really took photography into consideration when developing this latest version. >> reporter: iphone is the most popular camera and it gets even better with iphone 11. we have an amazing dual camera system, with an all-new white camera with a new sensor, 100% focused faster autofocus, three times faster in the light. and we have a new ultra wide camera with 120 degree field of you letting you capture we more on your photos and videos. >> iphone has incredible capabilities and puts in people's hands, it's change the way we live our life's in ways we never imagined. it's become so essential for hundreds and hundreds of millions of people all over the world. >> reporter: there were also be night mode and that
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automatically turns on when it gets dark, the iphone 11 has facial audio to create theater -like sound when watching movies or listening to music, apple executives say the latest model will have one more hour of battery life, the phone will start at $699. the c.e.o. introduced the iphone 11 pro, that differs from the 11 because it has a three camera system, new versions of the ipad and what i watch unveiled, the seven generation ipad has a larger, brighter display, the apple watch five includes new health features including hearing study. >> emergency s.o.s. could be life saving could do needed so we wanted to make it more capable. now with serious five every cellular model has international emergency calling so you can call emergency services and over 150 countries around the world, just by pressing and holding the side button. even without your iphone. >> the watch tells time, turn
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sunlight, and opens doors. >> the event is still going on inside the steve jobs theater, there's plenty of surprises we are waiting to hear about, starting today, if you buy an iphone and ipad or an apple tv you get one free year of apple tv plus. reporting live in cupertino elissa harrington , ktvu fox 2 news. thank you. another day of flight delays and cancellations, a live look at the san francisco international were work is being done to one of the airports most used runways. so far 185 delays and 103 cancellations at sfo, passengers continue to be frustrated, sarah's and is on has the story. day four of the 20 day runway repair project at sfo
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and track to finish the work by september 26, but passengers are losing patience. different plans, same frustration, carlos wanted to explore the city. >> they messed up a little. >> reporter: julie was going to take a tingle class per >> where we going to go, we have six hours. >> reporter: two of many passengers forced to change their plans because of flight delays and cancellations at san francisco international my dog to the vet and i do number of things to accommodate the change. >> reporter: 40s a major issues in 16 days left until work on one of the major runways is finished. runway 28 left is the second longest runway, it intersects with two other runways. the subbase later feeling at the crossway causing pavement cracks in unpaid closures, it's shutdown to create a new closure for drainage infrastructures. the work is necessary even if it's frustrating. >> we are looking to go to the ma dsee if they can make up for
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something. >> some airlines are waiting change fees to help passengers, something julie is considering before heading back to southern california. >> i probably will try to reschedule out and maybe, i don't know, make another accommodation. i feel there will be the same possibility of a reschedule or cancellation of flights. >> reporter: at sfo sara zendehnam , ktvu fox 2 news. santa clara about a board of supervisors set to vote on a plan to increase funding for crisis centers to help survivors of sexual assault, the plan calls for spending $600,000 to support operators of rape crisis centers, the bulk of the money would go to silicon valley and the rest community solutions without, with locations in san jose morgan gilroy. it provides $5 million for rape crisis centers, supervisor says the money isn't forthcoming this year.
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we will end up spending enter county close to a little over $2 million. the state of california should be funding these, if they were to fund these programs we will be able to use the $2 million for other kinds of treatment, counseling, job placement, all the stuff victims need after something so horrific happens to them. >> next year the county plans to open sexual assault forensic exam clinics in gilroy and palo alto. following developing story out of washington as president trump tweeted this morning, he fired national security advisor john bolton. in the tweet trump said he informed bolton last night his services were no longer needed at the white house. the president went on to say he disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions, president trump and bolton have been at odds over the presidents diplomatic relationship with russia and north korea, the president tweeted he name a replacement for bolton next week. to alameda where woman had to be rescued from the waters,
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seaview parkway, audio shows the response from firefighters and other emergency crews, two divers went into the water to reach the woman and she was treading water, 25 yards offshore, they haven't yet said how or why she was in the water to begin with. she was taken to the hospital and checked out for hypothermia. happening today the san francisco board of supervisors will consider whether to back a proposal to buy pg&e's power lines and other infrastructure in the city for $2.5 billion. the mayor made the offer and a letter sent to the utility, it would include buying all lines, poles, towers, transformers, buildings and trucks. we assumed rates equal to or less than pg&e is to determine whether we could provide the service at a price that is more affordable than pg&e and we conclude, yes we can. pg&e release a statement in response to the city's proposal saying while they don't believe selling its assets to san
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francisco is in the best interest of its customers and stakeholders it remains open to communication on the issue. also at the meeting to san francisco supervisors plan to introduce legislation that would require the cities to inform the public health to fill all 55 as a long-term facility at san francisco general hospital, in response to plan announced by the health department to use some of the beds for patients were homeless and in need of short-term treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues. critics of that plan say the city needs the long-term care beds for people with severe mental illnesses. happening today the fremont city council voting on the location of a new navigation center for homeless people in fremont, there is been strong opposition from the north fremont neighborhood consider the most likely location for the center, more than two dozen people showed up at a city council meeting last july to express their concerns, they said they're worried the city the center will draw more homeless to the area which they say could lead to more crime and lower property values. the council meeting is at city hall tonight at 5:30 pm.
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a san francisco judge what the construction of the homeless navigation center continue along the embarcadero, ardex of the center were in court yesterday asking the judge to appr center. the judge declined the request but agreed to have both sides returned september 23 to debate the issue, london breed has been pushing r and helping city's homeless, for people in the neighborhood, they are worried about an increase in crime. >> my concern is it will accept the mentally ill, drug users, sex offenders. >> it's about identifying places we can use for this purpose, if they are available it makes sense economically, we should hopes to open the doors to the shelter in december. the biggest fire burning in california right now has grown by 10 square miles since yesterday, it is now 69 square
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miles, the walker fire burning north of the town of quincy and south of steubenville, the us for service says it's 10% contained, public access roads and trails in the fire zone have been closed and their evacuation orders are in place. so far no one has been hurt and no buildings damaged. crews working to contain the walker fire are getting help from the bay area, teams are alameda county fire department heading to assist crews on the ground there. e-cigarette company juul back in the spotlight, what the fda is demanding from the san francisco based company. trapped crewmembers finally free after cargo ship capsized, the links rescuers went to finally get them out a live . >> reporter: a pretty day shaping up around the bay, clear skies away from the coastline, mild temperatures in store, look at what you can expect for today in the warm up coming our way, coming up. >> ew $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, comes with... 100% beef and hickory smoked bacon, plus fries and a drink
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my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, deal talk! comes with fries and a drink. all for just the change in your couch. what... mr. wigglesworth? i thought we lost you. kevin?! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo. family members of the young man who died in june after being held in alameda county jail cell plan to sue the sheriffs d the parents say they told place officers and sheriff's deputies about their son's mental health issues but they say the warnings were ignored, their legal claim accuses the place of beating the 20-year-old man and says deputies at the jail left him chained and a restraint device that he used to try to kill himself. he was hospitalized and died several days later, the family has hired civil rights attorney
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john burris. >> even this young man's condition he should've been taken to medical care. >> fremont police say madrigal didn't meet the criteria for psychiatric hold, the alameda county sheriff's department in the da office are investigating the incident. an investigation continues in rohnert park into the death of a man deputy say managed to escape fwhile handcuffed and jumped off ge. sheriff deputies received a call yesterday morning that a man wanted to jump off the fifth floor of the garage a great and casino, they say 24- year-old man was the spotted and deputies grabbed him and put handcuffs on him but then 10 minutes later as deputies walk him to patrol vehicle he broke free and ran towards the wall and jumped. >> we had a chance to talk to them for a few minutes, we felt seem to have some revolution to the keys to clear their there was not. he turned at the right time, he twisted at the right time and got away at the right
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time. i am sure the sheriffs did everything they could, this was just a fluke accident. >> authority say it appears the man struggled with depression and drugs, the sheriffs department violent crimes unit is investigating. search crews will return today to try to salvage the wreckage of a dive boat that caused fire killing 34 people at the coast of southern california. they are trying to find the body of one final victim, criminal investigation is underway into the owner of the bone, authorities are hatch, if the watchman was on duty when the fire started. they also want to know if the fire may have been caused by an overloaded electrical circuit from too many cell phones being plugged in, charging at the same time. the national transportation safety board wants caltrans to move faster when it comes to repairing highway safety barriers damaged by vehicles. the ntsb says caltrans failed to fix the barrier before a deadly crash involving a test log on one-to-one in march of
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last year, the barrier had been damaged 11 days before the crash , the ntsb says the barrier had been involved in more collisions than any other in that caltrans district including a crash that killed a tesla driver. it is about having a system in place that allows both caltrans and chp to work together to ensure they are reported and repaired. >> caltrans says safety is its top priority and it is reviewing the information to determine its next steps. coast guard crews rescued to all 24 crewmembers from a container ship off the coast of georgia, for the men spent a day and a half trapped in the sweltering hot ship, the final crewmember was lowered from the vessel into a boat yesterday afternoon, he was stuck behind glass and the ships engineering compartment, rescuers located the crewmembers by tapping on the hold of the ship.
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there was a system of tapping, three or four tabs or more, eventually they got taps back. >> the ship was carrying thousands of cars when it capsized saturday, it is unclear why the ship turned on its side and caught fire, authority say skies were clear and the water was calm when it happened. the government and the bahamas says the death toll from hurricane dorian now stands at at least 50, steve here again reports from n.a.s.a. were survivors are
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investors a back away from tech companies, the tech sector led losses and the s&p 500 for second straight day, nasdaq down by just one half of 1%, the dowon the better side of losing if you well, down by less than a quarter of a percent, s&p down by half, apple seen the slightest of all bums based on perhaps it's releases today of its new product. huber adding 2000 new jobs in chicago as it opens a new office there, the expansion plan over the next few years, the new office would be in chicago's old post office housing their freight business and related engineering hub, they link with trucking firms, the freight unitbetween san francisco and chicago, executive say they want to consolidate in chicago because of the transportation logistics in the area. a federal appeals court ruled a san francisco-based startup has the right to collect information from people's public profiles on linkedin. yesterday the u.s.
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court of appeals for the ninth circuit and san francisco upheld a previous ruling, the company makes software that helps employers determine whether employees will stay or quit. the hiq showed irreparable horror harm because it might go out of business without access by critics and silicon valley say taking data from social media counselor websites can acquit to theft or violate can equate with after violet uses privacy. ups gearing up to hire thousands of seasonal workers will pay the more compared to last year. they expect to hire 1000 100,000 workers to handle the packages shipped between thanks living in christmas, the same number people they hired for last year's holiday holiday season but this year they are getting more in their paychecks, under a new label contract pay ranges from $14 an hour for package handlers up to $30 an hour for truck drivers. an eight-year-old boy with millions of followers on d of t
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preschoolers into watching ads. the child behind ryan's toys reviews is a youtube channel which shows a boy on boxing and playing with toys before reviewing them for his 21 million subscribers. the boy and his family a family didn't disclose the toys are from companies that sponsor them. last year the child's are brought in $22 million of revenue from videos and his product line at walmart. a new book and stores about the sexual abuse and harassment allegations against former movie producer harvey weinstein, the book title she said. it is by two new york times reporters who talked with several people at or near the center of the scandal, and includes weinstein's brother who said he thought harvey weinstein suffered from a sex addiction and told him to get medical attention. the book includes weinstein's lawyer saying she could discredit his accusers including a smear campaign against rose mcgowan one of the most vocal
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actresses to step forward. a busy night in san francisco, two big events happening, one right down the street at oracle park, we will take a closer look at the expected traffic jam and what you need to know before you head out tonight. a look at why victims of recent wildfires are upset about pg&e's latest settlement proposal.
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if you're heading to san francisco for one of two events happening tonight you should take public transit because the streets will be packed. this is the first time there's been too big events at oracle park and the chase center on the same night, allie rasmus explains what people should be prepared for. >> reporter: taking public transportation is strongly encouraged if you're headed to the dave matthews concert at chase center tonight or the giants game at oracle park, tonight is the first time there are two major events scheduled to happen in the same area round the same time center opened a week ago. the first concert at the venue was on friday performing with us and physical symphony. no major issues or problems this the usual people living and working run here are used to. >> we were pleased by the number of people who listen to us, heard us and took the lead, and took public transportation. we think tonight will definitely be a new set of challenges, we think the city is up to it and we think we done what we can to encourage people and give them the opportunity to take other modes
12:31 pm
of transportation. >> reporter: some of the people who live and work near chase center in the mission bay neighborhood hope that's the case, they tell us they are working to see how crowded it can get around here tonight. >> i will leave about 3:30 pm, 4 pm. probably won't be a problem. i see people walking around, but it isn't gridlocked until 4:30 pm, 5 pm. can't even get out of the building. >> i know there was a metallica concert the other day, i did notice more but we shall see. >> i have one colleague who ended up renting a parking space because she couldn't deal with street parking any longer. it is definitely busy around here. what can you do? it san francisco. we wait in lines and we get stuck in >> reporter: early th mooney sc display for everyone to see, complete with departure times in round numbers making it clear public transit is a priority, and another incentive, anyone with a ticket to any event at chase center can use the ticket to ride
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mooney for free to get to the venue. for tonight concert they also offer free shoddy rights from the bart station to chase center, the concert starts at 8 pm and the giants game at 6:45 pm at oracle park. in san francisco allie rasmus ktvu fox 2 news. and today oakland welcomed its new indoor football team, the franchise, the oakland panthers founded in part by former reader in oakland native marshawn lynch, the panthers team name chosen in part because of the city's history in the 60s with the black panther movement, it will be part of the indoor football league in place seven home games a year at open arena ste sprifengring nearly $18 billion to settle claims from the devastating wildfire started by the quitman. the amount criticized by fire victims that said part of the plan to exit chapter 11 by next year, they filed for bankruptcy in january saying they couldn't
12:33 pm
afford billions in liability from wildfires in 2017 and 2018. among those was the campfire and view county that killed 86 and destroyed the town of paradise. in the butte county sheriff's department identified three more victims of the wildfire, and 81-year-old, 68-year-old and a 79-year-old. they all live in paradise. 86 people died in the fire, at this point two of them remain unidentified. san pablo police taking action to try to solve a four- year-old homicide case, they released these sketches of two men and they want to talk to about a deadly shooting october 4, 2015. schedules the sketches created from witnesses who saw the shooting on staten avenue, one place arrived the men were gone but a 31-year-old had been shot several times. pronounced dead atif you of information about this homicide call san pablo police. the ongoing backlash continues with the controversial mural at
12:34 pm
washington high school in san francisco, one group calling for the speedy placement of signage to explain to students the history of the murals. the school board voted to spend $850,000 to permanently cover up the murals, the united public workers for action group will hold a press conference tonight at 5 pm about their plan at district headquarters. uc berkeley pushing forward with plans to develop housing of the site of people's park, one home for antiwar actors of them in the 50s and 60s, critics say the land should remain a sanctuary, supporters say the university's plans for student housing in more than 70 apartments for the homeless are badly needed. these the times reports they still need approval for the project from the board of regents and the board will hear arguments until next spring. even if it wins approval it is unlikely anyone would be able to move in before 2023. today the antioch city council is expected to vote on whether to allow our ed cannabis farm to operate in the city. contra costa farms plan to run
12:35 pm
the business on 9.2 acres of land at 3400 wilbur avenue near highway 160. according to the east bay times the proposal includes for new buildings and a parking lot, the demolition of one building in the renovation of two others. the business would include cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and a retail dispensary with delivery.alady three cannabis dispensaries and this would be the only cultivation business. tonight city council meeting starts at 7 pm at the antioch community center on lonetree way. starting today new battle against fruit flies starts in santa clara county. officials will start treating part of saratoga with pesticides after two oriental food fruit flies found two weeks ago, the pesticides applied in areas with a mile and half radius of where the fruit flies were found, they are a threat to 230 different california crops including apples, pears, citrus and avocado. they often come from california through fruits and vegetables illegally brought into the country by international travelers. a national raffle association suing san francisco
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after the city's resolution calling the nra a domestic terrorist organization. its pos propaganda that leads to and his lawsuit the nra says the city is free-speech rights. the city attorney's office responded saying, it's unfortunate the nra would rather run to court than do something about the epidemic of gun violence in our country. american people would be better served with the nra stopped trying to get weapons of war intra-communities and instead actually did something about gun safety. with congress back in session democrats are pushing for action on gun control. lauren blanchard reports from washington, president trump may be nearing a decision on what legislation he would support. >> i am always optimistic. >> reporter: democratic senator joe mansion saini's hopeful the president may be close to signaling what sort of gun reform legislation he would
12:37 pm
support. saying, white house aides tell him a draft of a potential gun control plan is expected to be presented to the president sometime this week. >> we are still talking. he has among a group of senators and talks at the white house, he's been working to strike a deal to expand background checks, it's been a priotytus from summer recess. having left washington days before more than 30 people were killed and back-to-back mass shootings last month. the president looks at the problem and wants to find a solution. >> the president previously signaled he is open to new background check laws, he is also held talks with leaders from the national rifle association who oppose stricter rules. still lawmakers say they expect the white house to rollout its own gun reform proposal, as top gop leaders meet with the president today to discuss the fall agenda. >> we are talking about the
12:38 pm
entire agenda, how do we do the bill and gun legislation, ways we can make sure these horrific things that take place will never happen again. earlier this year the house passed a bipartisan legislation to strengthen gun background checks but the senate majority leader said he will not bring it to the senate for a vote without the president indicating his support. in washington lauren blanchard, ktvu fox 2 news. san francisco mayor london breed's office announced the results of the 2018 annual hiv report, the mayor's office said the report shows a trend with a record-breaking decline in new hiv diagnoses and improvements in hiv care outcome. he was join she was joined by the san francisco department of public health, she's in the first of her for your demonstration program called project up and designed to improve the outcomes of hiv patients in san francisco. a new warning federal
12:39 pm
health officials to the e- cigarette maker juul, and a lot of the fda said the san francisco based company illegally told people its products work much safer than cigarettes. during a congressional hearing the summer students from new york state said a juul representative said their products were totally safe, the fda is asking the company to turn over documents on its marketing educational programs and nicotine formula. meanwhile health officials and merrick county warning the public to stop vaping altogether until the cause of a mysterious lung illness is found. porter 50 cases reported across the country in at least five people died from the respiratory illness. it isn't clear what is causing tobacco or both, is related to victims mostly young, healthy men, 57 cases of the respiratory illness have been recently reported in california although none of them were in m
12:40 pm
learning about more people suffering lung injuries as a result of vaping, 17-year-old missouri girl said she thought she was having an asthma attack over the weekend, when she tried to use her and nebulizer things got worse. >> it's terrifying. >> do you think you are dying? >> yes. >> i really did. way different than an a regular asthma attack. >> catherine began smoking cigarettes which is 15, six months ago she switch to vaping as a way to quit smoking. after winding up in the hospital with severe lung damage she is hoping her story will be a lesson to others. >> me thinking vaping was a goal a good alternative because they they show it in the commercials and all the stuff. >> i am worried that people inhale this, and a 20 or 30 years we will recognize that we ty-createdhe problem with f kansas says s ggest talking t doctor to find other ways to
12:41 pm
quit smoking cigarettes. doctors are saying that right now is the best time to get a flu shot, the centers for disease control and prevention recommends people get the vaccine before the end of october, it takes at least two weeks for the antibodies to develop protecting you from the flu, if you missed the window the cdc says the flu shot can be beneficial as late as january. governor newsom sign a controversial set of vaccination bills, the first? on a doctors who provide fraudulent medical exemptions from the state vaccine requirements for school children, the companion bill allows grace periods for schoolchildren with existing a medical exemption, several people arrested at the capital yesterday as they protested the bills. >> i don't believe we should be forced to put anything in our bodies. we are here to protect our medical freedom. right now we are experiencing the largest number of cases of measles in over 25 years. we had a pertussis outbrein 2010, in california 10 infants died, we need to keep our kids safe in school. >> at least seven people arrested during yesterday's demonstrations. a successful first week for bay area nfl teams, the raiders
12:42 pm
primetime performance against the broncos and watch and what coach gruden had to say after the win. >>
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the california state senate expected to vote on a bill that would allow college athletes in california to accept endorsement money, the state assembly gave its approval of the bill yesterday, the pay to play act would let college athletes be paid for the use of their name, image and likeness, the bill is expected to pass the senate and if governor newsom signs that it will become year and it would become law 2023. charter schools from suspending young students for so-called willful defiance, it's a broad category that includes disrupting class or will fill you in defined teachers, students can still be removed from the classroom under the new law. broncos on the ground and in the air. >> to jacobs. a shot, williams, he's got it.
12:46 pm
>> tyrone williams, six catches for 105 yards and one touchdown, two days after antonio brown released and signed by the patriots, josh jacobs had a big game as well, running for 85 yards and scored two touchdowns in his professional debut, raiders win 24-16, after the game jon gruden was asked if the antonio brown drama was a distraction for his players. >> what happened here the last couple of days may have been big news for some, but you can tell our team was ready to roll . >> raiders have another division rival coming to town, patrick mahomes and the kansas city chiefs at the coliseum sunday afternoon. the countdown on for raider nation, six regular-season home games on the schedule for the oakland coliseum, one of their home games played in london, last night a bittersweet home opener. >> i am hoping the stadium will
12:47 pm
be built in time for next year, i'm hoping we get one more year out of it. come on 2020 right? >> fans packed the parking lot for the final home opener in oakland, many fans we met said they will miss the camaraderie and the lifelong friends they made will take while tailgating. they said they can't think about silver and black plane in las vegas this time next year. >> i've been a season-ticket holder for seven years. i don't know if i can go to vegas. maybe one-game. >> i had a deposit for las vegas and i went through. going to vegas thing, i don't like it. i just don't like it at all. i will just miss all this. >> to get still available for sunday's game against the chiefs, the raiders stadium expected to open in vegas in july. the san francisco giants played in front of the one of the smallest crowds ever, the attendance at last night game in their 6-4 loss to the pirates, the lowest and close
12:48 pm
to nine years and the fifth lowest in the ballpark's history. th are reducing season- ticket prices next year, 80% will be offered aas 20% lower. a reminder, expect heavy traffic around the giants game tonight, there is a concert going on at first pitch of the giants game 6:45 pm at oracle and it epm the dave matthews band performs at the chase center, public transportation the safest that to avoid traffic and people have tickets at the show at the chase under can take muni for free. madonna will perform in san francisco next month but there are special rules, anyone going to one of the three shows at the golden gate theatre in san francisco will be required to put the cell phone and a pouch that will be locked. the pouch will be unlocked when the show is over, there are exceptions to the rule, there will be a special cell phone use area of the venue, this is a growing trend at concerts and performances to get people to enjoy the moment instead of trying to capture the show for social media. back to rosemary, feeling
12:49 pm
like fall this morning that there is a warm up later this week. >> reporter: for the afternoon today, a mild one, even below average for some. as we get into the next few days summer makes a comeback in a big way. some of our inland cities could get close to 100 eventually. a look at what we are expecting today, 60s at the coast, 70s around the bay, 80s inland and even the hotter spots getting to 85 for your afternoon today. mostly clear skies around the bay area and even the coastline hitting in on sunshine today, look at the north bay coast, clear skies there, santa cruz, clear skies, just a little lingering fog. the usual places, areas near pacifica, areas over my terrace, and half moon bay covered in it, and stretches, over towards south san francisco as well. cloudy for the coastline, everyone else mostly clear. into your numbers when it comes to the wind onshore breeze at
12:50 pm
sfo picking up again, 20 miles an hour. a little brisk this morning and then it comes down and now it is back up. the onshore 20 or so. for some of our inland cities, dropping by a few degrees over yesterday's highs, 73 novato right now, upper 70s over santa rosa, inland 76 concorde, 76 brett what, those are to the bay 72 over areas like fremont, 60s, low 70s between san mateo and belmont and 76 right now stanford. one worship inland, looking at some of these numbers, 75 outside your door pittsburgh, 76 lafayette. beautiful weather at this hour climb a few more degrees into the second part of the day, 70 degrees for sausalito, upper 70s expected over areas of novato, for the east bay shore, 72 san leandro, 81 walnut creek, 81 danville and 83 expected for pittsburgh. into the south bay upper 70s for san jose, 81 morgan hill, a
12:51 pm
nice mild 73 by the water in santa cruz, upper 70s palo alto, 73 san mateo and 68th afternoon high expected downtown san francisco. for the giants game temperatures cooling off by the gametime 6:45 pm, breeze to 50 miles an hour or so, bring along your jacket, as usual you are likely to needed at oracle park. look at the extended forecast temperatures warm a few degrees tomorrow and then the big jump comes thursday. low to mid 90s for inland cities and low 80s around the bay, even hotter friday, tempter's peak near 100 inland, upper 80s expected around the bay and nice weather along the coastline, and the cooling back into the weekend with temperatures in the 70s around the bay, upper 80s inland, back to you. a resilient young girl and officers who helped her, the visit from santa rosa police and how the toddler is doing now a few months after she was hit by a hit-and-run driver. >>
12:52 pm
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taking a look at the market, not a huge day for the dow jones, you can see a little movement, the same could be said for the nasdaq and s&p 500, keeping an eye on apple, the company holding its big event in cupertino unveiling new products including iphones, apple stock is up half of 1%. is city of oakland employee help choose members of the police commission in trouble with the law herself. coming up, information about the thousands of dollars she stole from home depot, a place she also worked at. after a seven-year-old boy used his disney world fun for food on hurricane dorian evacuees the company stepping in with a surprise birthday gift for him. jermaine bell had been saving money for disney trip for his birthday and instead decided to buy food for dorian victims in the bahamas and because of that disney found out and paid it
12:55 pm
forward by gifting a vacation for the entire bell family. >> mickey mouse and his gang heard your original plan was to spend your birthday at walt disney world. as a gift to you we want you to come, enjoy a getaway at the walt disney world resort leader this month. >> bell had saved up $500 for the trip and he said he is very excited about the upcoming trip to disney world. >> a two-year-old sonoma county girl hit and a hit-and-run got a visit from the police officers who saved her. the santa rosa police department surprised her with giftly after running into the street, she spent 23 days at oakland she came home from the fully recovered. >> a photographer in vienna, austria captured a curious squirrel on camera as it took a moment to stop and smell some flowers. he was apparently trying to find out which one would taste the best, photographer spent
12:56 pm
two hours and took roughly 200 photos to capture the moment, but says, it was great to witness and very satisfying. >> very sweet. >> the squirrel seems very happy. >> i usually take 200 photos to get one good one in which we are all looking at the camera, no stupid faces from the boys, it takes that many for one good picture. a lot of squirrels around our home and our dog loves to chase after the squirrels. >> we are glad you're joining us, continue to followday coming up at the 4. have a gr >>
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dr. oz: jeffrey epstein, was his death a massive cover-up?
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