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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 11, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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including here in the bay area. also fremont city council chambers packed late last night to decide where to build a new navigation center for the homeless, we now know when and where it will be built. these are live pictures, we are in pennsylvania in shanksville, pennsylvania, that is where 18 years ago on september 11, flight 93 smashed into the ground. the famous words of one of the passengers, let's go. the passengers attacked the hijackers on the plane, one of those planes th believe this particular one was possibly heading to the white house or the u.s. capitol, it is part of the ceremony that will be taking place later today here at at the pentagon and of course, in new york at ground zero and around the country, remembering september 11, 18
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years ago. >> thank you for joining us this morning. pam cook has the day off, i am dave clark, here in the bay area we are talking about the weather which is expected to get warmer. >> starting today, more so as we head into thursday and friday, the warmest days, the warming begins today, just a little bit above average today, by tomorrow, i think you notice the warming kicks and for many today and carries into at least friday for the warmest and saturday still pretty warm, i think the trend after that will be to start to bring, stone, sunday it really starts to come down and monday a huge drop, we talked about the roller coaster writings of temperatures, yesterday 70s for redwood city, fremont and gilroy, that is cool for gilroy, 78, upper 70s today low 80s, 79, 79, 86, probably about 90 for tomorrow for gilroy, a little bit of rain in parts of northern california, not here but pretty good build up, napa valley yesterday afternoon also
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northern in sonoma county, 50s, 60s, few 40s, lakeport 47 on the peninsula, low 50s, danford 51, los altos 52, appleton and menlo park 52. so, it feels a little cooler and it is, the funds won't have much of a chance to come it burns off, high-pressure building in and that equals warmth, 60s, 70s, upper 80s with a few 90s. 2 after 6:00, we will talk about the commute with sal. >> i will say it is very typical. >> i like no surprises so it is about the same on east shore freeway and yes, there is slow traffic out there, let's start there, 22 minute drive , not a lot of slow traffic which is good, there are not any surprises along the way, you don't like surprises when it comes to the morning commute, look at the bay bridge, you can see traffic here is okay, no major problems on the span going into san francisco, you
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know, when i'm talking to you may not be to see me but i am looking at my computer to make sure nothing has popped up in the last few minutes, nothing is new here on interstate 880 and nothing is good on or new, on the 92, no stall vehicles, this is 880 south, you can see traffic getting a little bit busier and still silicon valley off to a good start. let's go back to the desk. thank you, 9/11 ents being held around the country today marking 18 years since the 9/11 terror attacks, earlier this month, this happened, an american flag was unfurled down the side of the pentagon in arlington, virginia, cristina rendon is with us in the studio to tell us more about the 9/11 memorial events taking place righnow. >> good morning dave, can you believe it? today marks 18 years since the terror attacks that killed nearly 3000 people, the 9/11 memorial ceremony in new york began just about 20 minutes ago, it is happening at the 9/11 museum built at ground zero, we understand belt rain
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to mark when the hijacked planes crashed into each tower of the world trade center, you can see military lined up, hundreds of people were out there this morning, this is also the first moment of silence being held, the names of nearly 3000 people killed on 9/11 are being read aloud as we speak, you can see the crowd there, this is a live look now from the moment of silence happening at the pentagon in arlington, virginia, another big crowd there, this is where the president and first lady will attend the ceremony, they will later be at the pentagon memorial and apparently, they already held a moment of silence on the south lawn of the white house about 50 minutes go, they're en route to the pentagon for the other ceremony, we understand the chairman and joint chief of staff of the defense secretary will be at the event. vice president mike pence will speak at a memorial ceremony near shanksville, pennsylvania. that is where the first hijacked plane crashed into an
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open field, flight 93 was heading to san francisco from newark when a group of passengers fought the hijackers and prevented them from crashing the plane into their intended targets which may have been the white house or the u.s. capitol. again, today is not just about remembering the victims of 9/11 but honoring the first responders who showed up in the days, weeks, and months following the attacks this year, the fund was extended for decades many 9/11 first responders still suffer cancer and respiratory diseases. cristina rendon, ktvu, mornings on 2. especial september 11 honoring those that died of those that save lives. that includes a ceremony and san francisco for the annual flag raising ceremony. the mayor london breed will enjoy other city leaders and first responders at the church street fire station at 6:45
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this morning, 343 firefighters were killed about 11. we will have a live report at the bottom of the hour. there will also be remembered ceremony at memorial at oak hill park dental. the event begins at 5:30 tonight. fbi special agent who investigated the attack will be the keynote speaker. many across the area across the country are using the stay for service, they will pack 275,000 meals for people in need. make sure you stay right here with ktvu fox 2 news for events in the bay area around the country. the next hour, we will talk to the san francisco mayor london breed about the memorial service in san francisco, then on the nines, we remember the flight attendant who died on flight 93, the plane that crashed in pennsylvania. we will be talking to her
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brother. new this morning, the city of fremont will build a homeless navigation center on a block behind city hall. we go live for the decision city council made last night. >> they decided to put the homeless navigation center in this lot we are standing in directly behind fremont city hall, that made one group happy because they did not want the center at another location on dakota road, still there are plenty of people against any center being built in fremont. hundreds of people showed up to the meeting last night holding signs and expressing opposition to the to landowner plan to build a homeless navigation center in the city, ultimately the fremont city council voted 7-0 at 11:00 last night to build the 45 shelter behind city hall but we heard the
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input from the community and thought about the fact that it is here and closer to the axis of the services, it had been originally when you looked at the rubric, the highest scoring and so, based off of that information, we decided to make a motion to move it to city hall. >> they just totally ignored our concerns. then, they're going to do this expensive experiment, does not accept. >> reporter: rest assured for every opposing voice there are two or more voices that support you and have your back. truck as you heard there, there were people who came to the city council meeting to express support for the construction of the navigation center, city leaders say homelessness has increased in fremont by 20% in the past two years and they would risk losing vital stated county housing funds if they do nothing about the problem. the police chief try to to alleviate the fear by pointing out there's a similar navigation center in berkeley. the police, there does not see any uptick in crime the city
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hopes to have the navigation center operating in fremont by the middle of next year and you can see from the signs of the meeting last night it says no navigation center or recall. that is some of the signs they were holding last night. we will be checking in with some of the groups this morning to find it with the next steps are. live in fremont, allie rasmus, ktvu, fox 2 news. more than a year after voters recalled judge aaron persky, he's now working as a high school tennis coach. the fremont union high school district confirmed aaron persky was hardly the junior varsity girls tennis team. at lynbrook high school in san jose. the school district says aaron persky was graded highly and highly qualified having attended several tennis coaching clinics at a high rating from the u.s. tennis association. aaron persky was voted out as a superior court judge because of the handling of the brock
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turner sexual assault case. critics say he handed down a sentence too lenient in the 2016 sexual assault case. new this morning, two tech companies in san francisco were stepping up trying to help solve the city homelessness problem, last november, voters passed proposition c, the facts of corporations, the money would fund city programs for homeless people, the measure is currently being litigated. today, near london with post mates delivery service voluntarily contribute to the liability to programs for homeless people, even though the referendum has held up in court. assay parking site for people living in rvs expected to open in november on san jose avenue near the bart station, has spaces for 30 vehicles to park overnight up to 90 days while people living in that will receive services at help transitioning to housing. the site will have around-the- clock security, restrooms, a solar power generator and lighting. the board of supervisors
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unanimously approved the project yesterday, final vote is such next week. the trump administration considering a sweep of the homeless here in california. according to the washington post, officials reportedly want to round up the homeless from the streets of california and move them to unspecified government buildings. administration officials meeting this week in southern california, the san francisco mayor says that the president is serious about addressing homelessness and the root causes and is willing to look for viable long-term solutions, she would welcome federal help. >> the decline in the amount of federal resources for affordable housing in san francisco and california in general has been significant. so, the need is great. >> back in july, president trump talked about homelessness here in california, specifically in san francisco and hinted is a ministration take some kind of action.
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critics say there is no specific legal authority for doing that. the time is 6:12, people who live in east and the community are being told to move, the reason they are being forced out of the property owner says he wants to stay. he has been the most talked about athlete over the past two weeks, we are talking about him, that is antonio brown. he is back in the news and now being accused of rape. we have the details, straight ahead. good morning, we do have a commute getting easier although we have had a relatively quiet week, especially compared to the first two days of the workweek, we tell you more outhe commute we come back.
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get through life without missing a beat. kaiser permanente. thrive. welcome back to mornings on 2, the time is 6:15, new controversy around antonio brown, accused of rape it, a former trainer claimed he sexually assaulted her on three occasions in 2017 in 2018. antonio brown's lawyer denies a. brown was released by the raiders last week after disputing with the riders raiders management he's due to take part in the first practice with them. a man hit by an suv in the
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tenderloin district, it happened around 4:45 yesterday afternoon at the intersection of golden gate avenue and leavenworth. police say the boy was rushed to the hospital with life- threatening injuries. the driver of the suv was arrested later for dui. other charges are still pending. the time is 6:16, richmond police chief alton brown resigned after a no-confidence vote, less than a week after the police officers union announced 86% of the members joined in on the no-confidence vote, the union blames chief brown for what he calls a lack of vision and leading the department. the assistant police chief was named the acting police chief last week. open police want to to take a look at a surveillance photo and a person of interest the mother of five. she was hit and killed by a stray bullet last week. the photo shows a man in his car moments after she was shot. investigators are asking
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anybody to know the manner and what all about the shooting to come forward. a $50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. the time is 6:60, two big events last night in san francisco the mission bay area, a real test of traffic. the giants were playing oracle park against the pirates and right on the street at the same time, the dave matthews band had a big concert at the new chase center. there were worries it would be a traffic nightmare and mission bay but most people said traffic was not that bad. people use public transportation and also the two events started about an hour and a half apart. we came pretty early so we got a good spot, so, it was happy. >> i expected a lot of traffic coming in to both events. it was pretty easy. but the chase center could hold more than 18,000 people but there is only parking for 900.
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nights, eric clapton performs at the arena on the giants play the pirates at oracle park. check with you at the door, we are approaching the heat, aren't we, sal? >> we are, we're looking at commutes beginning to wake up so to speak, the only difference today is so far, i don't want to change what we are having, it is pretty good at the morning commute for interstate 80, only a 23 minute drive for this time of morning, that is pretty good. heading out to the macarthur bay, at 15 or so, 15-20 maybe. at the toll pleasant, clear weather, i assure you steve is listening, sometimes you can see that, there's the radio tower, it is pretty clear, this is a look at interstate 880 north and south, no major problems, san mateo bridge getting busier. you know, looks like maybe a month or another half ago already sunshine at 6:18 in the morning but now it might as
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well be nighttime, right? this is a look at 880 hayward heading south, off to a good start. 6:18, let's get stephen back in. let's go to a live shot, how about that. i don't know. >> there we are. hardly noticeable. carlos says we had a snow yesterday. on the highway. they say 10,000 feet but i think it fell a little lower. there is also rain in parts of the mountains as well. right there. thunderstorm activity, on quincy, maybe a dusting of snow at 10,000 feet but for some, the first raid of the season. the radio, not the water your, 28 in truckee, 28, 32 south lake tahoe, we are going into a
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warming pattern, temperatures start doing that today, they kick into high gear thursday and friday, saturday still pretty warm but then, cooler sunday. increasing clouds monday. the first rain of the season looks possible for some county, napa county and more. i know a lot of people do not want it but it takes a long time to iron out the details, we have a lot of warm weather anyway before that. canfield, redwood city, fremont, gilroy up 82, 79, 79, 80 6f a very old date yesterday for some, teachers will rebound today, they really kick in tomorrow as we get more of the offshore breeze, fog is there but not much, seven lakeport, 58 san jose, tracy 58 and 51 and gilroy. 49 and feldon. santa clara little cooler but more sunshine today, we begin the warm-up, as i have been
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talking about everything is progressing, nothing is locked in, 60s, 70s, 80s, upper 80s on temperatures near 90 for a few. overall, warmer weather the next three days, warm saturday and cooling kicks in big time sunday. a new episode of the bay area podcast, alex michelson set out with comedian margaret cho. she spoke about everything about being bullied as a child to being an asian american woman in the entertainment industry, to listen to the interview by searching for bay area people wherever you get your podcast. coming up, putting a limit on rent increases, we breakdown the proposed state laws stopping rent from soaring out of control. first, a warning today in the north bay after a dog died after being exposed to toxic algae.
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6:24, a woman facing deportation after undergoing life-saving medical treatment testifies before a congressional subcommittee. the 24 year old has a rare potentially fatal genetic disease, she and her family were originally from guatemala and came here at seven years old for treatment at the antioch children's hospital in oakland, last month her family was notified there stay had expired. the trump administration says it will review the case but there are no guarantees how long she can stay.
6:25 am
cal fire continues to battle the largest wildfire so far this year in california, the walker fire burned 74 square miles in the national forest and the vatican the fire is currently 20% contained. so evacuation orders were reduced to evacuation worries, it is still too dangerous to go home for people living at the lake to the county line. fire crews setting fire breaks to prevent the flames from spreading, so far, no one has been hurt or no buildings destroyed. a close call in marin county where a brush fire burned right up to some homes, the fire started yesterday afternoon near highway 37 in the black point neighborhood of nevada, people who live in the area were told to evacuate as crews from a number of agencies in the north bay fought the fire, residents told us they were relieved to see firefighters attacking the flames both from the ground and the air. i was standing right here and the plane came by and dropped the red mist right there, right on their doorstep. it was pretty crazy to see. yes. but it worked.
6:26 am
>> the fire burned about seven acres, no homes were damaged, crews spent last night hotspots. pet owners in santa rosa being warned about toxic algae after the death of the dog. a couple was playing fetch with her dog at the park sunday when a dog chased a ball into the creek, did not take long before the dog became lethargic and started vomiting. the next morning, the couple rushed the dog to the vet, ultimately the dog had to be put down. >> there's nothing they can do. her liver was gone. >> she had a lot of toxins in her body and her liver and was not able to clot her blood so -- >> the new warning signs are posted at the park, toxic blue- green algae can also be dangerous for people, especially young children. today the country is marking 18 years since the september 11 terror attack, we will have a live report from ground zero in new york city as the nation remembers the thousands of people who died and honors those who helped save lives.
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a summer morning at the near extract exchange. in your city fire and police chief rank the opening bell, the country marking 18 years since the september 11 attack. also honoring all of those who helped save lives we monitor the stock markets for you as well as what else is happening in business news on this important day, summer day, many people said they cannot believe it has been 18 years. >> they always remember where they were. >> 100%. it is interesting, babies born that day are adults they come eight years old. >> yes, yes they are. >> is good to be with you. this coming friday, there will also be something very special, a rare sight in the skies, full harvest moon, just in time for friday the 13th. the meeting will have a dramatic shade of orange after the sun sets.
6:31 am
the farmer's almanac says a harvest moon on friday the 13th has not happened since october 2000. it won't happen again until august 2049. >> i'm sure the harvest moon will shine on. >> there's a song there somewhere. >> i will not sink. we are concerned about the sunshine we will be getting. >> i thought was also today. yes. friday think it 9:32? i believe. plan quarterly. we do have a good morning for you, the leo 58 a little rain would freshen things up thank you. i appreciate it. it's true. it would freshen things up and maybe monday night and tuesday, until we get there we have, is on the way, it takes a ride up that they peek out friday, still warm to hot said, big- time cooling looks like it is
6:32 am
on its way into sunday and monday, the average to above, making the move and it continues to make the move all the way to at least friday when we get upper 90s for a few, many were offshore breeze but his of that is the high goes in as well, 40s, 50s, 60s on the temperatures, it won't last very long, shallow in the high will chew it up pretty rapidly as a low from yesterday, and northern california kicks out, new wednesday and even were conditions thursday and friday. 60s 70s and 80s near 90 for a few, 632, sal is here he will tell us about the commute. >> at the bay bridge it is moving along a little slowly there. but, it is not out of the ordinary, no crashes to tell you about, let's go to the bay bridge, you can see traffic moving along pretty well, you still have to wait to get yourself tuesday. this is a look at the interstate 880 north and south
6:33 am
you can see traffic is okay, westbo as und 92you head to the hi-res, southbound 101 near palo alto, clearing exit, got moving off to the side, traffic is little slow. so far so good. 6:33, let's go back to the desk. >> back to coverage of this mornings 9/11 observances here in the bay area, just a couple minutes from right now. the city of san francisco will hold the annual flag raising ceremony, we go to san francisco with more and how the victims and first responders will be honored. >> good morning, this event starts in just about 10 minutes, something the san francisco fire department does every year to honor lives lost on september 11. if you take a look behind you can see there are officials, san francisco fire cars are beginning set up for the event.
6:34 am
we take you to your from last year and tell you what they expect to hear. london bridge will be joined by firefighters, officials and first responders. temperatures at fire station number five to recognize 18 years since the attack. trucks will pull out of the station information and at 6:59 am, firefighters stand for a ceremonial bell rang. the exact time the south tower of the world trade center collapsed 18 years ago. three sets of times they will ring bells and then they fled will be lowered to half staff. just after 7:00 am, 343 names read so far, actually firefighters who were killed in the line of duty that day. mayor london breed and the supervisor are expected to speak just about 45 minutes an opportunity to take pitches with personal. about 645 this morning, we will be here to have all the sights
6:35 am
and sounds of this event. for now, sara zendehnam, ktvu, fox 2 news. right now there is an emotional ceremony under way at the pentagon. where the plane crash in the building, minutes ago president trump said heart and the laying of the reefs during the observance ceremony, reporter shows us what is planned for the memorial pleasant. truck it has been 18 years. since the 9/11 attacks still the lives of nearly 3000 people. 18 years since the worst act of terrorism our nation has ever seen. today, the pain is still rock. hearts will be heavy as we mourn, remember and reflect the horrific loss of september 11,
6:36 am
2001. like in years past, the 70 will take place on the 9/11 memorial plaza and had to. all morning, names of victims will be read by loved ones. as the names are red, half- dozen will quietly salute the salute the names not on the list. and recognizes firefighters police and others with the attacks exposed to toxic material unleashed to the wreckage. also new this year, a permanent extension of funding for the victims compensation fund. president trump's signed into law this summer, they would otherwise run out of money by december 2020. while the most common killer has been cancer, new research suggests cardiovascular disease is significant the higher 9/11 first responders. heard of vascular care is not
6:37 am
part of the victims condensation fun. >> we ask all of those that gave their lives that day and all of those that are still fighting today remember their families and children. >> we go live to new york now. can i ask you, so much focus on new york city in these morning hours. from your experience, once the ceremonies are over, does it turn into a typical next the day or is it staying long after the ceremonies are over? >> reporter: you know, a fascinating question and it depends on the person. and mike's parents, covering the ceremonies for the past three years, the motion is so raw for the families and friends and once of nearly 3000 people that perished here 18
6:38 am
years ago people going to the museum. those are the only people allowed inside. for the average never, sure, people go back to the hustle and bustle, there's a sense of stillness and somberness you don't typically get here in the city specifically for the people that live in the five boroughs around here, the family and friends of loved ones taking the day. feels it was yesterday. tracker time is 6:38, back at home, this morning, a decision by the fremont city council about dealing with the homeless crisis, they voted unanimously to build the homeless navigation center behind remodel city hall. two locations on the table, on dakota road or right behind fremont see how. they were here to speak on. one crew proposed building the 45 navigation center near their
6:39 am
homes on dakota road. another group hated the idea altogether. saying the $2 million cost of the project should be spent elsewhere. >> they just totally ignored her concerns. and they're going to do this expensive experiment, is not acceptable. >> we heard from the committee and thought about the fact it was here and closer to the axis of the services, it had originally when you look at the rubric, the highest scoring and so, based on that information what we decided to make the motion to move it to city hall. >> see officials argue there is an urgent need for a homeless navigation center is lawlessness and fremont has jumped 21% in two years. the city hopes to have the navigation center opened by the middle of next year. and a kennedy, a private property area in manioc will be evicted. he has allowed people to stay on his property for $625 on.
6:40 am
the city told him his place does not meet the standards of an rv park. if residents are not by october 1 to be fined $14,000 a week. 60 people at the park and many say they don't have anywhere else to go >> it is close to work the tents are nicer. is affordable. >> i have everything here, serenity, i guess to feel like i am living. >> i never wanted to promote it as an rv park. i see it as an interim solution to a big problem california has, the housing crisis problem. >> the city council was set to meet tuesday night to talk about the issue and try to find solutions. the time is 6:40, still ahead, major progress reported in san francisco in the fight against hiv. new numbers out showing the double-digit drop in newly
6:41 am
diagnosed cases.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, the time is 6:43, today is september 11, several events taking place across the country marking 18 years since the 9/11 terror attacks. this is one of them, near shanksville, pennsylvania, memorial ceremony will be held where the fourth hijacked plane crashed into an open field, united flight 93 was on its way to san francisco from newark, new jersey when some of the passenger spot the hijackers in the plane from crashing into what is believed to be the intended target, lived to be the white house or the u.s. capitol. vice president mike pence will be speaking at this ceremony in shanksville, pennsylvania. in dollars and cents, alowemer has laid off hundreds of network is at a struggle to make my. the, says the layoffs affected over 500 workers in the global product groups. the ceo says bigger teams don't
6:45 am
make bigger results. they struggle to go public since may. new bill giving new wage and benefit protections to so- called good workers. on-demand delivery and ridesharing companies, this becomes state law, the bill would require companies that use independent contractors to classify more workers as employees. the companies would have to pay workers and provide them with benefits. goes back to the state assembly for state approval. the state senate also proves a rent control bill, one that will annual rent increases at 5%, plus, inflation for the next decade. bill also bans landlords from evicting tenants without just cause. exams most single-family homes and housing built the last 15 years, critics of the rent control bill say it will reduce
6:46 am
the supply and the quality of rental housing. the bill goes to the state assembly, governor newsom says they would sign into law. >> apple has revealed the newest iphone, this time, there is a lower-priced option amid the thousand dollar plus line, we were able to test out one of the high-end models and show you the new feature. permission and apple has always been to design products that empower people and enrich lives. >> three new iphone models, the entry-level iphoto letter with two cameras and the 11 pro and pro max with three cameras. apple showed some of the ways you can use the three cameras on the new iphone 11 pro using a third-party app, you can actually look at multiple vantage points and record video the same time. the fallon apple 35 years and called the entry-level iphone
6:47 am
11 at $699 a phone priced aggressively which would be the most popular but while the pro series starts between 1000 $1100. >> i think they are in a good position going into the holiday and for all of us, especially analysts watching going further and really what will happen with the tariffs. >> reporter: the company also announced apple tv launching in november and a new ipad and i watch. >> a leapfrog game, soon they try to leapfrog apple and the next generation. that is good for consumers. because it means it is always pushing the edges and consumers will benefit. the time is 6:47, construction underway on treasure island for a new ferry terminal. on the western shore of treasure island, expected to provide easy ferryboat access
6:48 am
to san francisco's financial district. this is all part of the redevelopment plan to both treasure island and will include 8000 new homes, open space, new roads and is misses. the redevelopment is expected to be complete by the year 2035. 6:48. i imagine this is when the rubber hits the road. things are starting to get serious traffic wise. we do have the starting about now to 7:00 or maybe a little before until about 8:00. so, i don't know, maybe 6:32 8:00, you know i mean, this is where we dry big bell curve, we are almost right in the middle of it, the westbound 80 coming around to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see there is traffic here waiting to get onto the bridge, goodness today is visibility is good and also we have not had a lot of major crashes, it has been slowing, the 880 here in the coliseum,
6:49 am
traffic on the freeway looks good in both directions, if you are driving on the san mateo bridge, there is a stall but it is off to the left-hand side and maybe causing a slight rubber neck or delay but not much. other issues with slow traffic on the southbound 101. i'm surprised the back up is a bigger but there is a back up about a half-mile, six, 49, let's bring steve and 40 weather. >> high is kicking in and smashing down the deck that is exactly what is happening. the first rain for some, for the rain your. for mount shasta reading, susanville, quincy, out to reno also towards tahoe, a couple reports coming in about third of lightning and then pushes off, mostly clear skies except for patchy fog, start warming up, kicking into high gear if
6:50 am
you will, that is thursday, friday, friday and saturday sti turning cloudy with a possibility, possibility, the first rain for some, i would think north of the golden gate monday afternoon and evening into tuesday, fore models usually fast and that the next couple of days is all about high pressure in women, so 60s to 80s and upper 80s, the city warming up after a pretty cool day yesterday, only 72 with gilroy, it will be 86 today, mostly clear but except the patchy fog and against them of that might stick around a little bit, i don't think it will stay very long. 50s and 60 some temperatures here, not warming up yet but there are a few 40s in the valley, 47, pub family 49, i know kelsey and lakeport also 40s, close for some, a cool morning and water temperatures coming down except for one at moderate which is coming out there, 56, 54, also san francisco bay, 27 now and
6:51 am
truckee, 28 monday, 20 this morning, 27 in reno 46, ukiah 53, arcata 52, coolness there is a lower temperatures and they start a little bit today, fog getting smashed everything up and over right now, a pretty good system coming in early next week, the locus out the high kicks in, temperatures as you might expect in september, they can do a roller coaster, that is exactly what they're doing this time, first rate next week, possibility with a friend, sunday we transition, there is monday morning, northcoast, it doesn't look like much, but we mention it for now, certainly a lot change, monday night in the mountains, maybe a little lower snow levels and they had yesterday when it was up around 10,000 feet. 60s, 70s 80s, upper 80s near 90 degrees, is have been very cool the last couple of days according to the average as their other way. >> big-time cooling start
6:52 am
sunday. we will take you live, a live picture of the salesforce tower building in san francisco, take a look, it appears there is smoke or steam coming from the roof of the salesforce skyscraper, at this point, we do not know the source of what you are looking at. is it steam? is smoke? we're calling the salesforce tower management company and also checking with the san francisco fire department but we see what you are looking at as we get more information, we will let you know. the time is now 6:52, it looks like videogame stores may be pulling the plug on some of the stores. coming up in the next hour,, stores will be closing and when. and, with weather salinity midwest. we take a look at what is left after a tornado spins through the town.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. this morning, in sioux falls south dakota, people are waking up after a tornado hit last night and slammed the seven -- seven part of that area. heavy winds and rains dropped out wins and power lines, leaving 13,000 people with no electricity. the mayor of sioux falls is telling everybody to stay off of the roads for now because of the damage and because of severe power outages. struck more than week after hurricane dorian slammed into the bahamas, recovery teams are still finding victims. at least 50 people now confirmed dad.
6:57 am
officials expect that number to go even higher. hurricane dorian was one of the strongest hurricanes on record when it hit the northern bahamas. it was the worst, -- disaster and bahamas history. struck a woman from sacramento was in the hospital after using a skin cream she bought in mexico that was laced with mercury. a 47-year-old woman went to the hospital back in june. she was having problems walking and her split speech was slurred. her face cream had high levels of mercury. she brought that face cream home from mexico. and officials say the mercury was not put there by the manufacturer. >> she does not speak and we don't know she is fully focused looking at us. she cannot get up and stand or walk. >> health officials are urging people to not use similar skin
6:58 am
creams imported from mexico. struck in the fight against hiv, san francisco mayor london breed and public health officials say for the first time numbers of new hiv cases have dropped below 200. last year, there were 197. a 13% drop from the year before. the health department is allocating $8 million to help the city reach a goal of zero new hiv infections.>> a fast food employee in the south bay has lost a job for allegedly refusing to serve a hearing impaired customer.>> i am deaf. i cannot hear you. >> i know.>> i am deaf.>> this happened back in august 31st at a jack-in-the-box drive-through on hamilton avenue.
6:59 am
renie jensen, the lady, said she bypassed the speaker and try to order directly from the drive-up window. in the video, miss jensen tries to tell the employee that she is deaf, but she was still refused service. the confrontation and the drive through went for two hours. that is when she said the worker really got hostile.>> i just got mad and started screaming and saying go, go, go. i was, like, i am deaf.>> she never got her order. she said she only wanted to get the same service that customers with hearing get. the lawyers specializing in disability cases say she is protected under the americans with disabilities act, and she is filing a lawsuit. jack-in-the-box responded to all of the attention with a
7:00 am
statement that reads, in part, we do not tolerate the mistreatment of any customers and expect employees to follow all training procedures, be respectful, courteous, and accommodating to all guests. the employee and the video has been terminated. today marks 18 years since september 11th attack. people across the country and bay area are remembering those who were killed and those who saved lives on that day. >> east bay city is getting its first homeless navigation center. we are live in fremont. we will tell you when and where it will be built. struck more than a year after b ring called -- being recalled by voters, a controversial judge has a new job. we will tell you what he is doing at a southview high school. this is mornings on 2. thank you for joining us. it is wednesday,


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