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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 11, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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find the brands you love from nordstrom. up to 70% off at nordstrom rack. ♪ that's fashion at a fraction. ♪ shop anytime at and get easy returns in store. nordstrom rack. what will you find? . this is the 10:00 p.m. news on ktvu fox 2 news. >> uber and lyft prepare to fight back after a bill that rewrites california labor law by reclassifying contract workers. >> new standard for how you classify workers between independent contractors and employees is as big as anything we have seen.
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>> a shift in state employment law. it requires companies to treat contract workers as employees. good evening. >> the bill is now on the governor's desk and she expected to sign it. it puts a target on the business models of app based companies like uber and lyft. ktvu's jana katsuyama is in the city. uber says the law doesn't apply to them? >> reporter: well, they are prepared to fight it out in court. this is a big change for the state as you mentioned and some experts say it could have impacts nationwide. drivers who work for the ride share companies say they were excited about this change but it could be setting up a much bigger battle. millions of ride share drivers navigating the fine line between called independent
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contractors and employees. on wednesday california lawmakers passed a bill that would reclassify contract workers as employees. an uber driver was thrilled. >> better than the super bowl for me. >> reporter: if it is signed into law drivers would qualify for standard employment benefits. a big shift for the state and possibly the nation. >> what california has done is going to be looked at elsewhere, looked at by other states. new york is talking about doing similar action. >> reporter: uber said that uber will continue with business as usual. >> because we continue a  believe drivers are properly classified as independent and will continue to be responsive to what drivers tell us they want most, flexibility, drivers
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will not be reclassified as employees even after january of next year. >> reporter: there will likely be court battles over a key criteria in the bill. >> the independent contractor cannot perform the same services that are the core services of the company they are providing. >> reporter: uber argues it a tech company providing a tech service and drivers are not core to the app and the coding. some worry it could limit their work hours and flexibilities. others say it could sink the companies or raise prices for passengers. >> providing less service. >> reporter: supporters say they disagree. >> if you can't figure out a business model that pays your workers fairly and provides them with benefits and protections, you don't deserve to be in business. >> reporter: and in addition to court battles, lyft issued a statement today saying it is
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prepared to take this issue to the voters of california. it is planning to partner with other companies to get this issue on the 2020 ballot. >> jana katsuyama live in the city tonight. thank you very much. ab5 carves out exemptions for a number of occupations. we will get to that in a moment. >> including many professionals. okay. we could know by tomorrow whether president trump will support legislation expanding background checks for gun buyers. the president discussed the issue during a phone call today with senators. president trump has gone back and forth on the issue following mass shootings in ohio and texas. a poll last weekend showed a majority of those questioned regardless of political party support support expanded background checks. the administration is taking action when it comes to vaping. officials want to ban flavored
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ecigarettes with an illness on the rise. ktvu's christien kafton tells us it is an issue many in the bay area agree on. >> reporter: president trump made the announcement with the first lady melania trump and the fda commissioner. the president acknowledging vaping is big business but saying the more than 450 recent report of lung ailments and six deaths are alarming. >> we can't have our youth be so affected. >> reporter: health and human secretary layed out a time line. >> it will take several weeks to announce the -- all the parameters around the enforcement policy and there will be 30 day delay as is customary. >> reporter: all ecigarettes that are not tobacco flavored would have to be pulled from shelves. tobacco makers would have until may 2020 to file for fda approval if they want to
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continue their sales. san francisco's ban on vaping products calls for the products to undergo fda approval. he co-wrote the legislation and says san francisco's ban made everyone take a closer look at ecigarettes. >> we have made sure that everyone has seen thimpacts and effects of what ecigarettes can do to harm the commuters. >> reporter: and san francisco is looking at replacing the ban with reasonable regulation. the campaign releasing a statement reading we fully support any efforts locally, statewide or federally to keep flavored tobacco products off the shelves and out of the hands of kids and we reached out to juul here in san francisco. they sent a statement saying we strongly agree with the need for aggressive action on flavored products. we will comply with the final
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fda policy, when effective. it is likely some ecigarettes manufacturers will challenge the move from the strump administration in court. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. san francisco banned the sale of all ecigarettes in june and voters way in in november. richmond voted to suspect the sale of vape products until they have been removed by the fda and livermore which banned it in july will put it on the ballot next spring. recalled santa clara county judge aaron persky said he was fired from his job as a junior varsity s' tennis coach. his termination comes amid a black lash over his hiring. new developments from ktvu's azenith smith at lynnbrook high school in san jose where judge persky only coached for a short time. >> reporter: yes. recalled santa clara county judge aaron persky was on the job for just a few weeks. his new job did not last long after the district got wind he
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was the judge persky behind a controversial ruling and later a successful recall campaign. >> reporter: recalled santa clara county judge aaron persky will no longer be seen at lynnbrook high school in san jose coaching the junior varsity girls' tennis team. the first judge in california to be recalled in 80 years. in a statement judge persky said she was mote mated by a desire to a protect the players from the media attention related to my hiring. he said although i am disappointed with the district's decision, it was a privilege to coach the team, if only for a short time. >> if someone wants to have judge persky coach them, they can figure that out on their own. >> reporter: she started a petition to remove judge persky
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as a coach. it was signed by students, parents and staff who found his hiring troubling. >> the teacher is a role model. they are someone students can look up to for safety and i think having him here sends a message we are not supporting survivors. >> what the superintendent has done and the excuse about the potential for media attention is shameful. >> reporter: she opposed judge persky's recall and opposes his firing. she doesn't understand how a society that allows criminals to rebuild their lives doesn't understand how they won't let judge persky who committed no crime to rebuild his. >> this is over the top attacking. >> the school district said judge persky was a qualified applicant who held a high rating from the u.s. tennis association and the school
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district said he completed a background check. >> i hope that the students and the parents at lynnbrook high school will come together and demand that judge persky be reinstated. >> reporter: the school district did not elaborate on the reasons for the firing, calling it a personnel matter. he was an at will employee so he could be terminated for any reason as long as it is lawful. >> s a meths, thank you. a -- azenith smith, thank you. a trial against a restaurant group. the trial ended in june with the jury clearing the group of wrong doing but the plaintiff appealed. she claims she was fired after telling her bosses she was pregnant. the ruling states there was not enough evidence to justify the verdict and it suggest there may have been misconduct by the
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injury and defense attorneys. -- the jury and defense attorneys. divers in southern california recovered the body of a final person who died in the boat fire. authorities are hoping to raise the boat in the next day or two to determine where and why the fire started. also today the coast guard issued an emergency bulletin, it asked boat operators to review hazards. there has been speculation the fire could be linked to electronic devices being charged in the galley. the next drake debate coming up. the field with all the candidates on the same stage and the poll that [bleep]s the race is tightening. >> it is warming up out there. temperatures back into the mid- 90s and friday warmer still. >> and the fall out from a controversial vote to build a homeless navigation center in fremont. why opponents aren't ready to
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♪ ♪ ♪ if you're living with a condition, kaiser permanente's integrated care team will help you get through life without missing a beat. kaiser permanente. thrive. . a new poll shows the tightening field of democrats in the race for the white house. former vice president joe biden and massachusetts senator elizabeth warren will appear on the same debate stage for the first time in houston tomorrow. joe biden supporters argue he
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is the most electable candidate against president trump but elizabeth warren is trying to draw a contrast, she won't take money from big donors and she released detailed plans on major issues. >> we start with a plan and then we get out there and fight for it. to me, that is what being president is all about. >> you can have -- plans are great but executing is a different thing. >> final preparations are underway at the debate site at texas southern university. students will be in the audience but there will be a big watch party on campus and a poll shows joe biden in the lead at 24% but that is down 5% since three weeks ago. elizabeth warren is in second place at 18%. senator bernie sanders is in third, 17%. followed by kamala harris at
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8%. and pete buttigieg at 6%. e frmount city council decided to build its first homeless navigation center on a lot behind city hall. it has been a controversial issue and ktvu's ann rubin reports, opponents are now considering legal action. >> reporter: after plenty of protests and lots of debate, a site for the first homeless navigation center has been chosen. the city council voted to put it here in the parking lot behind city hall. the homeless who already camp here say it will bring needed services to downtown. >> we all struggle without that because there are certain hours of the day where there is no restrooms open, we have showers we have to travel to get to. >> reporter: local business owners are frustrated with the number of homeless already camped here and with the possibility the navigation center will bring more. >> sleep in the tents over here and in the morning we have to pick up the human waste after that. >> reporter: with business is
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booming they worry about the impacts this will have. >> do we have a choice as business owners? we have leases signed over here. our business is going to go down for sure. it will happen. we will see difference. what are we going to do? sue the city? >> reporter: that is what one group of residents is considering. >> we have received a lot of response from our, you know, neighbors, saying this is not right. let's do something. >> we are approaching, you know, the legal firms, and legal consultants about options. >> reporter: officials hope it doesn't come to that and we will work to allay concerns. the police chief promised extra patrols and to prioritize encampments and the mayor said there will be an emphasis on outreach. she believes it will help downtown, not hurt it. >> because we are focusing on the area we will have more
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efforts within police and the community to ensure this is successful. this being the first, makes us dedicated to make sure it is successful. >> reporter: next step involves getting the design approved and submitted and to outside utility agencies. the hope is to get the project completed in a year. ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. california is poised to become the second state in the u.s. it enact rent control. they passed legislation today that would cap rent increases at 5% plus inflation and it bans landlords from econvicting tenants without just cause. only if a tenant violated terms of the lease. governor gavin newsom helped negotiate the deal that cleared a path for the bill. he is expected to sign it. oregon is the only state -- with statewide rent control. the horse that won the
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triple crown failed a drug test before the kentucky derby. justify was tested after winning the derby. the test came back positive for a banned substance. justify was still allowed to race while it california horse racing board deliberated the test results but by the time the process concluded justify had already won the triple crown. that is when the board decided to dismiss the case. a warning is out about toxic algae in the east bay. warnings are posted for big break regional shoreline, lake ansa and other lakes. the algae can make people sick and it could be deadly for pets. officials say the warm weather is leading to the toxic blooms. rangers posted warning signs at the affected areas.
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high temperatures and light winds expected tomorrow, it prompted officials to issue a spare the air day alert for thursday. residents are asked to use public transit and refrain from using gas powered yard equipment or barbecues. all right. take a look at the weather. you know it is warmer today. spare the air day tomorrow. julie mentioned that. it will warm up tomorrow and on friday. this warm up a little bit today, more tomorrow and friday and then a cool down. cool, last week, and this week, and then warmer, and cooler again early next week. so spare the air day with highs tomorrow in the 90s. we will see a spare the air day on friday as well. they have not issued that yet. we are looking for temperatures along it coast to be mild. that is because there is not lot of fog. the winds created a nice climate coast side. sunset the next couple nights, you will see them for a change this time of year. high temperatures from today.
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lots of upper 80s. low 90s. fairfield 94. tomorrow upper 80s turn into low 90s. friday low 90s turn into low 100s. real hot. it will be a shirt term deal. friday peak, cooler after that. when i come back we will look at the 5-day forecast and put it together. a new chapter for a bay area couple touched by 9/11. >> almost as if she was saying to me please love him for me. >> at 10:30 p.m. a story of loss, love and now a new life together. >> also ahead, a warning to owners of suvs and hatch backs. the common habit that could make you susceptible to a break in. reak in.
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. a fire on a jet forced the airport to reroute traffic this afternoon. the tire blue causing a fire in the wheel well.
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from sky fox 2 you can see the response. this happened around 1:45 p.m. this afternoon. we are told two people were on board and neither was hurt. a san francisco motorcycle officer is recovering after being hit by a car. that accident happened at 3:30 p.m. this afternoon. police say the driver of the vehicle made a sudden earn and hit the officer. the -- turn and hit the officer. the officer is expected to make a full recovery. the driver is cooperating with the investigation. the family of a utah firefighter who was killed last year is suing cal fire and an aircraft company. the 42-year-old was killed when a super tanker dropped 20,000 gallons of fire retardant near his position. it uprooted a tree that fell on him. investigators say the aircraft was flying barely above the
10:25 pm
tree tops after they mistakenly sent it too close to the ground. in fremont police are investigating car break ins. they say thieves are targeting suvs with retractable rear cargo covers. the suspects are just assuming there might be something of value underneath the privacy screens. to protect yourself, park in a well lit, populated area if you can. san francisco's cable cars will be out of service starting friday for a maintenance project. they will be repoliced by buss for 10 days. -- replaced by buss for 10 days. [no audio] muni is adding shuttle buses along the routes. and the opening of the city's new central subway line is being delayed. it was supposed to open at the end of the year but it is now
10:26 pm
pushed back to mid-2021. work is expected to be complete next summer but a year of testing is needing. the project runs from china tune the south of market neighborhood. comingup, 9/11, 18 years later. see how communities across the country marked the day and honored all the lives lost. >> and crooks, the search for two women who stole the wallet of an elderly shopping and it was caught on camera. >> and the a's chase a wildcard spot. mark tells us what makes him one of a kind later in the sports. ...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps...
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. twin beams of light shoot into the sky tonight marking the spot where the twin towers of the world trade center once stood. 18 years now since the september 11 terror attacks. special ceremonies tonight honor the lives lost. >> reporter: 18 years now passed since the september 11 terror attacks but the memory remains fresh in the minds of many. >> my heart is still broken but i come down here so we could
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never forget. >> reporter: this morning in new york those lost were remembered in a ceremony at the 9/11 memorial in lower manhattan. the ceremony started at 8:46 a.m., the same time the first plane struck the world trade center in 2001. those mourning their loved ones spoke of the importance of visiting the memorial and being able to grieve with others. >> and just seeing her all over >> we all mourn together for the same thing. they feel what i feel. >> reporter: president trump spoke of his feelings on that day during remarks thet pentagon memorial. >> i realized the world was going to change. and it could never, ever be that innocent place that i thought it was. >> reporter: he also issued a warning for terrorists around the globe. >> we will go wherever they are and use power the likes of which the united states has never used before and i am not
10:31 pm
even talking about nuclear power. they will never have seen anything like what will happen to them. >> the president spoke of the canceled meetwards the leader of the taliban scheduled for sunday saying the killing of an american service member in afghanistan showed unrelenting weakness. fox news. on this anniversary a new chapter is beginning for a marin county man who lost his wife on united flight 93. he will remarry this month. ktvu's debora villalon is in san rafael where there is a permanent memorial. >> reporter: they were married a decade and lived here in san rafael, this plaza and plaque honor her. they tied the knot knowing she is with them. >> we got that one person that is not coming.
10:32 pm
>> reporter: two weeks away in public beach. >> just comfortable and relaxed. >> reporter: much like the couple. sarah and jack met five years after his lost his wife and their unborn baby on flight 93. >> you can't deny something that huge. you can't pretend it is not there. you have to embrace it. >> reporter: his heart healed in time. >> i am happy to get to this point with this lovely lady who stuck by my side. >> reporter: forging a relationship in the shadow of loss but they know had they met would have been great friends. >> both feisty, energetic. list makers. fun. >> i have never been so in love and happy and content 13 years in. >> reporter: an artist works at the humane society.
10:33 pm
they have forged their own family in a home different than the one he shared with lauren. >> we have cats instead of kids but that is okay. you just have to play your cards. >> reporter: he is writing a book about his experience. his journey through grief. stories he hopes will help others. he no longer travels for the service instead watched on tv and then took a hike. >> to lauren and to all those lost on this terrible day. >> reporter: the couple visits san rafael's memorial to lauren. >> lauren has been my angel. sent me an angel. i am doing great. i couldn't be doing better. which is nice a say. >> reporter: september was always a dreaded month, now it will bring a wedding anniversary. >> happy to stay here. >> reporter: and the couple
10:34 pm
thanks lauren for that. >> sometimes i look up and go what would you do. >> reporter: looking back on 18 years, jack's hope is the nation heals as he has and recapture the unity of the early days. >> and make us realize we are in this together. we are one love. one country. >> reporter: debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. >> september 11 is a national day of service and in san francisco volunteers chose to mark the anniversary by giving back. more than 1,000 volunteers from the bay area packed 275,000 healthy non-perishable meals for those in need. organizers say the idea behind this event and others across the country is to honor those who were lost while promoting unity and peace. still to come, a homeless camp cleaned up but not gone,
10:35 pm
why officials dismantle the structures but allowing the people to stay. >> and tracking the forecast. it will be warm. spare the air day tomorrow. on friday as well. also increased fire danger. the 5-day forecast is next. >> crooks, the two women a wallet from an elderly shopper. erly shopp
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. police are looking for two women caught on surveillance camera stealing a wallet. the victim is look at items in the meat department with her purse in her cart. police say two women worked to sneak behind her and take her wallet. surveillance cameras caught the women as they walked out of the store. anyone with information is asked to contact police. the u.s. supreme court is allowing a new restriction to take effect on people seeking asylum. the trump administration decided to deny asylum to people who pass through another country on their way to the united states unless they seek protection there first. the ruling over turns a lower court decision that blocked the policy. the court is allowing the
10:39 pm
administration to impose the policy while the legal challenge continues. new information on governor gavin newsom's moratorium on execution. today attorneys for two men awaiting trial for murder attempted to convince the supreme court that jurors can't support a death sentence if they think it won't be carried out. the death penalty remains on the books and courts are proceeding with the idea that executions may resume. athletes at california colleges could hire agents and sign endorsement deals. the move sparked a show down with the ncaa. the group's board of governors is already threativing to ban california colleges from nationwide competitions because of their unfair recruiting advantage but lebron james and
10:40 pm
draymond green tweeted their support for the fair play to play bill. >> if you are a superstar athlete it will mean a lot. >> the ncaa said the legislation would impact more than 24 thundershower college athletes here in california. gavin newsom has not said if he will sign the bill. struggling business game stop will close more than 180 stores world wide. it is not clear how many of the 20 stores in the bay area will be affected. the company is losing customers as gamers move toward streaming services. the company always closed 195 stores world wide in the last 12 months. china said they would exemp some u.s. products from tariffs. the dow was up 227, the nasdaq up 85 and s&p 500 up 21. today president trump tweeted he is going to delay an increase in tariffs on $250 billion worth of chinese goods
10:41 pm
for two weeks until october 15. the tariffs were supposed to go from 25% to 30%. the president described the delay as a gesture of good will for the anniversary of the people's republic of china. it is a first, water vapor found in the atmosphere of another planet. and a homeless camp considered unsafe. why officials dismantled it today but didn't force the people to leave and our chief meteorologist bill martin dialing in the numbers. he is up next. is up next.
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. crews with the city of oakland tore down a homeless encampment. ktvu's rob roth tells us the people in the encampment can stay but they have to make changes. >> reporter: this was no ordinary homeless encampment crews dismantled wednesday. the homeless encampment
10:45 pm
consisted of 20 tiny homes made of wood and built by homeless people over the past few months. they were sorry to see them go. >> little by little, wood, nails. it is hard. hard. hard to -- to do it. >> reporter: the city said the camp was a fire trap and located under b.a.r.t. tracks which was a reason to tear it down. >> it catches on fire, it is a recipe for disaster. you at the b.a.r.t. line and it is that -- ad b.a.r.t. line and it is much worse. >> reporter: some say they don't want to move to a shelter. >> i am okay here. >> you are okay here? >> yeah. i have many years to live on the streets. >> reporter: rather than kick the folks out and watch them move to another block, it is
10:46 pm
letting them stay here, just not in wooden houses. advocates say there is a better solution. >> moving them to a safer place, a sanctioned piece of land. >> reporter: rather than taking it down. >> yeah. >> reporter: for businesses across the street it -- street it means the same old problem. >> we will still deal with their garben. i have been here 40 years and this is the worst it has been. >> reporter: workers will continue working with folks to try get them to move indoors. until then a homeless encampment not closed down, just under renovation. rob roth,. >> reporter: the rolling stones may have played their last concert at levi stadium. two members of the tour's production team say it is no longer worth the effort. last month they packed the
10:47 pm
stadium but now the crew is blasting the city for micromanaging and imposing last minute changes. such as canceling the show. the city says the 49ers who operate the stadium brought issues to their attention forcing the city to make the decisions. for the first time scientists found water in the atmosphere of an earth like planet. researchers from london made the discovery through the hubble space telescope. it is 100 light-years from worth. scientists say it is the first evidence they have seen that a key ingredient for life exists beyond our solar system. take a look at the temperatures. these were from today. it will be warmer tomorrow. let's look at them again. just to get an idea of what tomorrow will be like.
10:48 pm
tomorrow antioch 97. maybe 98. so upper 90s in the inland bay valleys. 95 in santa rosa tomorrow. 81 in downtown san francisco. from 76. that is where it was today. the trend is like this. you have seen the trend before. we are warming up today. more tomorrow. friday it peaks and saturday and sunday, it is a drop off. it really drops off and monday and tuesday. some of the models painted a chance of sprinkles in there, showers next week. we will see. the line for livermore is above average all the rest of the week as we go into, well, as we go into saturday. and sunday, yeah, yeah, sunday will be average. but you get the idea. warm. that is livermore. everybody else above average. spare the air day tomorrow. definitely a good day to get the air conditioner going and take it slow and carpool if you
10:49 pm
can. can't use the lawnmowers, things like that. not supposed to barbecue on spare the air days. the model says maybe a little fog for the coast tomorrow. tough time establishing itself. 90s coming west. 70s at the beach. it will be a beautiful day but very, very warm. friday warmer still. and then like i said, saturday and sunday cools down a little bit. 81 in san francisco. warm day. 81 in san francisco, down on the street, around the buildings, it will feel like 85 or 86. the high pressure is just reowning the area and that started today but goes off tomorrow and friday. hot. on friday especially. the fire danger comes up as well. chance of something on monday. monday showers. monday. yeah. interesting. that is the big cool down. not much but gives you an
10:50 pm
indication of the seasons. starting to feel like fall. forecast highs, vacaville 98. antioch 98. brentwood 98 for tomorrow. and then san jose downtown 91. downtown on friday 95, 96. there it is. the 5-day forecast. spare the air day tomorrow. probably again on friday. cools off quickly toward the end of the weekend. a family from central california wants to help find -- wants to find the people who helped rescue them during a hiking trip this summer. he was camping with his girlfriend and son when they got stuck. they sent an sos message and through the bottle down the water fall hoping someone would find it. two hikers did and they called for help but they didn't give their names. a helicopter rescued them the next day. coming up in sports, the
10:51 pm
a's did well in houston, taking two of three from the first place astros and getting help from one of their top pitching prospects. mark has highlights next in sports. >> at 11:00 p.m. the former judge in the brock turnercase loses his job again. a school district's reversal after hiring judge persky for a coaching job. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ if you're living with a condition, kaiser permanente's integrated care team will help you get through life without missing a beat. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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. all right. mark is here now with sports. we start with a's. >> you want to? >> two out of three. good news. let's do it. >> no idea what to expect tonight. all the home runs and such but we will come out of tonight's action talking about a pitcher. the a's are just loaded for the future. talking about the playoffs this year. yeah, the future looks great. fans in houston, you know the a's have something going. 1-0 houston in the 4th when marcus siemian, 28 on the year, makes it 1-1 in the fifth inning. the astros are on top 2-1. and looking for more. not playing center, he had foot issues. baubles it out there. he says i will sneak around and
10:55 pm
score. no, you don't. has an arm from center. from right. whatever. put it on a hop to the plate. it is still a 2-1 ball game. the a's offense takes over. murphy had a home run. and olsen scalds one. two run double they take a 4-2 lead. the night belongs to that guy. major league debut. first player born in peru to make it to the major leagues. you see friends and family there cheering him on. a great opening night effort for him. and the a's have taken 2-3 from the astros. no october baseball for the giants. september hasn't been a picnic. somebody found nice food throughout. hopefully they won't be in high school by the time the giants are competitive. pirates up 3-0. that scores a run. he gave up four runs in four.
10:56 pm
giants come alive in the fifth. that is davis. youngster. 35 homers in the minors but a single there to slap home a run. and 4-1 pitsburgh. 5-3 in the 8th. two on for the pirates. the bunt. and bearclaw, yeah. throws it away. kids are still eating. this is how the giant's night went. they go down 6-3. they finish up against the pirates tomorrow afternoon as well in san francisco. if you watch hard knox you know about this rookie safety the raiders had but they love him and he brings the hard wood, however won't be doing it from here on out. a tough break. he brings the energy. talking about jonathan a abram.
10:57 pm
an idea about this guy. he was injured in the first half. played the game and wound up with five tackles and a broken up pass. and that is considering he had a torn rotator cuff. tough but they will miss him. the 49ers, they are using the word road trip literally as they have been in ohio. youngstown, ohio all week, playing the bangles, a short trip. youngstown penguins practice field hanging out today. working out and getting ready for the bangles who lost to seattle. jimmy g looks to improve after the acl tear. there is his worse throw of the day, returned for a touched. 18-27 passing. he is aware of the fact he has stuff to work on. >> missed a couple throws i wish i could have back. little things.
10:58 pm
they are fixable too. try to break it down as much as you can. defender in your face, pocket, whatever it is. you have to make the throws. you will make mistakes but you try to eliminate them. >> mean time, it is just a hard sell talking about the san jose quakes after this one tonight. all game, four shots on goal. that was the most exciting thing to happen right there. the kid in the stands. in salt lake city tonight, real salt lake, 75th minute. 0-0. brooks lennon into the box. that is the one and only goal of the game. the earthquakes fall shy 1-0. they are 13-11 and 5. got a little bit of time, why not. check this out. former giant on the mound for the braves. and he will get help from a former oakland a's.
10:59 pm
all these games important for the braves. a nice catch to end the game. nice way to finish it up. he had a great year with the braves. check this out. a nice catch by the padres. in deep center field. taking a home run away. nice timing and rarely the two handed catch in baseball right there. yeah. check this defense out. wong bauble, bauble. shove it over to the first baseman. watch this again. manages to actually get the out. right there. making the scoop. it doesn't matter, you know, by whatever means necessary. all worth checking it out. >> thank you. >> next at 11:00 p.m. >> if you can't figure out a business model that pays your workers fairly and provides
11:00 pm
them with benefits and protections, you don't deserve to be in business. to be in business. >> a win for many gig workers in california. lawmakers pass a bill requiring companies to treat contract workers as employees. s as employees. . >> the business model of app based companies like uber and lift. hello. i am frank somerville. >> i am julie haener. the governor is expected to sign the bill but the companies aren't giving up. uber and lift are prepared to are prepared to fight back. we have live coverage from ktvu's jana katsuyama in san francisco where uber says it will be business as usual. >> reporter: uber's attorneys do not plan to comply come january 1 because they think of drivers as contract workers and


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