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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  September 13, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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ramp, flames engulfed an suv in that crash, also near by brush. the driver of the suv reportedly was going the wrong way when the car crashed into a monday da civic. the driver of the honda was a man in his 30s, we have no information yet about the driver of the suv. these pictures you're looking at came from the fire associates of santa clara valley, they say one of their volunteers saw the crash after 1:00 a.m. while heading home from work. and with the help of an off duty san francisco k9 unit they blocked off the area until firefighters arrived. no one else was in those cars. the note bound lanes of highway 85 are still closed, sal will tell you more, we'll bring you more details as we get them in. all right. there is sal, let's check in with him now. >> all right. i want to go to pictures of the cleanup scene on 85. where we are at least an hour away from getting these cleaned
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up. this is what is left of the vehicle, as you see the white suv that was reportedly going the wrong way on the freeway, honda civic in the front here and you see they are trying to get these really what looks like they are trying to scra vehicles off the freeway and get them out. as the investigation and also the cleanup fohours now. the fire department is still there, you can see fire department engine 52 from mountain view fire on the scene. >> be outer side of the freeway, those freeways are getting by, northbound 85 still completely shutdown here and it doesn't look like they are close to opening it. so, let me put it it on the map here for you just to show you where we are. that is northbound 85 coming up on the area, pardon the arrow should be farther north, north of fremont avenue. getting up to sunnyvale. this short free would that we have between it 280 and 101 i wouldn't use it, use another
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freeway to get over 101 or continue on 280 north up to san francisco or peninsula instead. it is not going to be open for a bit. let's talk about the tracy commute westbound 580, a little bit of slowing. it's lighter than usual today, no major issue and this is a look at interstate 980 in oakland, that traffic looks okay past coliseum and over to the bridge where it's light so far. let's go to steve with today's weather. it is going to warm to hot for everybody. the only saving grace for the coast might be a light sea breeze. i don't think it will get there soon enough to stop the temperatures in the 80s and 90s. everyone is way above today from santa rosa, livermore, by monday below. big swings over the next 48 to 72 hours. 50s, 60's. 68 in berkeley. so there is some warm readings
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already. some locations even, pacific there was an observation yesterday, 90 at that site. a slight offshore there. 66 hillborough, 78 in the los altos hills. 58 in town. 20degrees spread that tells you how much warm area loft. offshore breeze in oakland. every are everything is still in place, start warming up, it won't take long, i don't think the fog will be there soon enough. but they will tomorrow, pretty strong systems on tap for sunday to monday. hot today and temperature also fall off the table as we head towards sunday and monday. more on that with possible rain for the north bay on upon day as well. today 80s, 90s and 100s. thanks, steve. spare the air today with high temperatures and light winds steve told you about, you are being asked to use public transportation and avoid using gas powered equipment and firing up the issues.
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immigration, gun control and healthcare, facing off in their third debate. 10 candidates were on the same stage, with more on the issue that dominated the debate, ali. >> it was a debate that became heated and personal times. castro 0 suggesting that joe biden has problems with his memory. one of the debate moderators asked kamala harris to explain why she reversed her position on legalization of marijuana and police use of force investigation. >> i made a decision that if i was going to have the amount to reform the system i would try to do it from the inside, i created first in the nation requirement that a state law enforcement agency would have to wear cameras and keep them on full time. i created one of the first in the nation trainings for police officer on the issue of racial
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bias. >> replace everything that has been cut and -- >> public immigration biden was defend the increase of deportation, here is what he said. >> are you prepared to say tonight that you and president obama made a mistake about deportations, why should latinos trust you. >> comparing this president to the president we have is outrageous, number one. we didn't lock people up in cages, we didn't separate families. >> on the issue of gun control candidates agreed for the need are for strengthening the background check process. beto 0 o'rourke wants mandatory buy backs for assault weapons. >> the other of 15-year-old girl shot by an ar-15 that mother watched her bleeding to death over the course of an hour, so many people were shot by that ar-15 there weren't enough ambulances to get them
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to in time. yes we are going to take your ar-15, ak-47. >> in this debate this third of the season, the candidates on stage focused more of criticism on each other than on the man in the white house. we expect that criticism to go on. time is 5:06 frustrated crowd at sfo may be getting some relief. we are at sfo right now. live pictures, construction crews repairing a busy runway, and now they plan to reopen part of that runway tomorrow. again these are live pictures, administrators say the repair work is ahead of schedule, allowing them to reopen that part of the runway urs earlier than expect. wrapping up father than the
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original estimate. date of 27th. after an amtrak train nues in hit and killed two people last night just after 8:00 on the union pacific tracks near 4th street and bane croft way. the passenger train was near the berkeley station when two people walk along the tracks were hit by the train. we do not know their names but no one on board the train was hurt, 4 train were delayed and the investigation continues. bart service is back to normal this morning as trains are starting to roll for the commute. service was interrupted for hour last night when a person died on track at the 24th street mission station in san francisco. bart evacuated and shutdown the station for 3 hours as part of the response to the medical emergency. time is 50:07 starting this morning, san francisco's famous cable cars are out 0 of service because of a maintenance
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project. buses will replace the cable cars for the next 10 days. added shuttle buses along the three cable car routes. actor felicity huffman will find out if she will go to jail, scheduled to appear in boston, her attorneys are asking the judge to sent hence terrified to probation and community service. prosecutors are recommending one month behind bars, a year of supervised release and $20,000 in fines. she admitted to paying $15,000 to raise her daughter's sat score. now ghost ship warehouse trial in oakland with one of the three jurors dismissed is now speaking out. ktvu aliana gomez is speaking to the juror. >> strong minded meghan ferry
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opened up about her 5 month serving as juror number 1 of the manslaughter trial of two departments a deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. >> it would have been a hung jury for both, would not have let them acquit max. >> the loan holdout in the fate of max harris, she was dismissed after 12 days of deliberation for not reporting jury misconduct. >> i received something from another juror that was base telling me she didn't agree with my stance and it was day 10 i believe of the deliberations and that based off of her life history, i should reconsider my position. >> she tells me she i go noired the message sand avoided that female juror until the next day of deliberations when the woman reportedly admitted talking to the firefighter about codes and process of which a code violation is reported. she and other jurors came clean, three were dismissed. she is disappointed with the outcome. the jury acquitted max harris
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but deadlocked. >> he still did it. to me that's guilt.other le in harm's way. >> 10 i don't remembers thought almeda was 0 guilty. 0. >> 36 lives are lost, somebody has to take responsibility. >> ferry has been and will be watching closely what happens next and says she hopes a retrial bricks about a guilty verdict for almeda. i'm. time is 5:10, still a head, dive boat that caught fire killing 34 people in the channel islands has been brought to the surface by salvage teams coming up what federal investigators say may be to blame for those deaths. plus no more late night visits to popular tourist spot in santa cruz, imposing a cure few in main beach. morning commute for the most part is light. like here on highway 24.
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looking good all the way to oakland. there is a problem in the south bay, we'll get to that coming up. temps are set to warm up here on this friday, the hottest day of the week, if you thought today was hot, many changes, i don't say that very often, sunday into monday. this is the nimble chevy trax.
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2019 equinox models. plus seven hundred and and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes? objection! overruled. one hour. sweeten the deal by doing the dishes and i'll consider it. i wouldn't do it. i hate the dishes. one hour with the tablet, you walk the dog and do the dishes. if you insist. congratulations. only xfinity xfi lets you take control of your family's online time. that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today. getting information about the fire that killed 34 people on
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board a dive boat off the santa all six crew members wereen the and there was no nightwatchman as required. however, the sheriff of santa barbara county says there are no plans to file charges now. >> no, can i not. the investigation is on going and with no indication that there are any criminal charges eminent or -- i can't give you any information about that. >> the cost of the fire has yet to be determined but investigators are looking into where it may have started in an area where electronic were charging. now the santa barbara county sheriff's office says all 3 people killed in the fire have been identified. they released the names of 7 more victims including a 16- year-old girl from santa cruz,
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two people from the south bay, one person from fremont and person from half moon bay. we're learning about a fremont cheaper among those killed in boat fire, scott chan, as ktvu the. >> the classroom where scott taught ap physics. the 59-year-old and his 26-year- old daughter kendra were among those killed in the conception boat fire. >> the school is still suffering through shock. students miss him dearly. >> many remember chan's excitement, excited the scuba dive a trip.
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>> it's kids are saying, goodbye to him, he never came back again. >> as i look out here i see many many people that have been impacted by mr. chan. >> the loss for some student whose expressed their grief on post-it notes. >> love you mr. chan, you are one of the greatest teachers i ever had. students painted this tribute in his honor. >> a lot of people tell you that the teacher makes the subject, in this case that was true. >> as chan's family listed, teacher wanted to give back, remembered for his unusual teaching style that got students excited about physics. >> mr. chan was an unconventional teacher and i know for sure i would not have taken physics without him. >> learning how fragile life can be. >> you don't know when you are going to see folks again.
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you need to love and respect those people that you have in your life. >> for mr. chan, part of his legacy is his students. >> mr. chan will always be alive and inside of us based on the lessons he taught us about honesty, passion, work ethic, loving what you are doing. >> in free month, ktvu fox 2 news. bart is moving its headquarters in downtown oakland, the bart board approved spending $227 million to purchase and refurbish a building on wester street. the new headquarters will be a few blocks from the space at the keiser center. bart is facing a rent hike in two years, a sales tax bond will fund the move. time is 5:17. the latest on that bad crash in sunnyvale. >> that's right. this is northbound 5, north of
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fremont avenue between there and highway 101 there was a deadly crash overnight. chp says one vehicle was going one way and hit another vehicle with deadly results. it looks like they have finished getting up on to flat bled trucks, they are doing the cleanup work. their aim is to get the freeway open by 6:00 a.m. and you can see still fire presence here as they are moving away some of these cars, those are evidence tow truck, trained in preserving evidence here. it looks like they are making progress. northbound 85 on the way to 101 can't get through at the time. let's take a look at other commutes ash the bay. that is where the crash is 85 nort it's lighter than usual. they will been looking at the bay bridge, this seems lighter and usually by now but we
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are going to go ahead and go go to be doing traffic jams today. >> yet. >> coming up after the next break and theme is. guilty pressure. there is a song you play in the car somebody shouted rhinestone cowboy, don't play that one. we have a hot friday forecast, and temperatures will be well above average. time we get to sunday and monday, they are going to drop off, in fact it is going to be a dramatic change in 48 hours. today though 101 in river more. 94, hottest day about be today. heat advisories including parts of the coast, just about santa cruz coast up to 90 for some. also 60 in walnut creek right
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now. 101 later, that is a big swing, yes, i expect 99, 100 sounds right. so it's cool 1 degree. so there are warmer temperatures closer to the bay than there are inland. sure sign temperatures are going to be warm for everybody. menlo park yesterday all mid to low 90s. bumping up everyone 3 to 4 degrees. berkeley 68. sfo 56. very warm conditions here. monte ray almost 70 already. we'll know by 9:00 in the morning if it is going to be similar to yesterday. watsonville in the 90s. it was offshore. not much of a breeze, so does hayward and so does livermore. high pressure there. now the fog is trying but too much resistance today. late sea breeze but not -- the
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damage is done as we say, robust system is set to make an appearance here late sunday into monday. we are going from the hottest deon friday to a cool day by the time we get to monday, would not be surprised if rain makes it from golden gate north monday, we'll deal with it then. forecast models cut back a little bit. still projecting some rain. 80s, 90s to 100. it doesn't matter whether it's coast, bay or inland. temperatures are coming down saturday. they'll come down sunday. clouds windy, cool, possible rain on monday, p.m. 52:91. a man is cueing the city's police department. the reason the family says the officer's negligence is to blame. and a balcony collapse, we'll hear from one man who said he felt it as it was happening.
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songs that are guilty pleasures, this is the way i describe it, pull up to our secure facility at ktvu in the morning, i'm blasting a song, the guards at the gate, i'm playing this song, gotta turn it down. hi, good morning!
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drive through. turn it back up. bonnie tyler total eclipse of the heart. working in one of the back rooms at ktvu. >> is he our producer. >> if you have -- that was a great example. thank you. showing people what we want. we want songs that you love but maybe they are guilty pleasures for you. hit us up on social media, fast pace -- facebook, instagram and witter. thank you, sal. new developments in the case where 2 investigates has been following more than a year. a concord man filed a lawsuit against the city of vallejo, he said the officer beat him and beat him at gunpoint in walnut creek. 2 investigates learned the violent confrontation happened while the officer was off duty and followed a minor argument.
5:26 am
now mclaughlin is the same officer, you might on leave, he recorded a plan on a traffic stop while porch. and hired an independent firm to assess the police department. the family of a man shot and killed by walnut creek police filed a civil rights lawsuit against the police department. people held a rally last night for 23-year-old miles hall hours after the lawsuit was filed. hall was shot and killed on june 2nd after his family called police saying he was having a mental break down and threatening them with a metal pole. police say hall was shot when he ran toward officers with the pole. the family's attorney says officers should have responded differently to a situation involving someone with a mental illness. >> more in culting part about this is the family looked to
5:27 am
the police to protect them as an organization to help them, to protect their son. and instead of protecting them they went ahead and killed them. >> family members say they had a working relationship with police before the shooting and that they knew about his mental health conditions before the call. democratic presidential candidates debated in houston while supporters held watch parties. what people here say about the top 10 candidates running for the white house. and it's a big money for local schools, donations from sales force. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is friday the 13th. of september. i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. unfortunately our top story is a fatal accident, we are going to take you to sunnyvale. two people died. this is northbound highway 85. the driver of an suv was driving heading in the wrong direction when that driver crashed into another car, a honda civic. the driver of the honda a man in his 30s. no information about the driver of the suv. but the northbound lanes of 85 are still closed at this hour.
5:31 am
again, bus drivers died at the scene, we do not know if the wrong way driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. we did speak to a member about the dangers of driving at night. >> when driving at night try to stay out of the fast lane, number one. because when somebody is driving the wrong way they think that is the slow lane. and you might collide with wrong way driver. >> ktvu's sal castaneda on the crash, when 85 could be open. >> thinking about 6:00. right now clearing up debris. the vehicles have been towed away and most of the crash itself is gone. so what now what they are doing is to clean up work. you can see here that they are out here just kind of scrapping things off the ground and they have a sweeper in the area. once they do sweeping and cleaning up the debris, these
5:32 am
lanes on 85 getting up to mount view should open. i will say this, it's been closed for awhile but the traffic lightly traveled overnight. and we haven't had too much of a traffic jam. some slow downs, it wasn't been as slow as it would be if it happened later. right now a slow down approaching the closure near 9237. this is northbound 85 coming up toward 101. some of the other freeways are decent alternates for your commute. let's talk about solano county. slowing on 37 heading west toward highway 121, bay bridge toll plaza and macarthur maze it's been okay. a crowd arriving at the toll plaza for 5 to 10 minute wait. today's weather here is steve. >> thank you, sir. looks like we are on our way to warm temp, probably the hottest for many will be today,
5:33 am
cooling trend saturday. a big cooling trend on sunday. heat advisories 90s to 100s. 93 oakland. santa rosa 99. temperatures you see well above average. 50s, 60's, 68 in berkeley. san francisco sitting at 67 warm degrees. santa cruz at 606789 upper 90s yesterday. it looks similar today. campbell 62, look at monterey almost 70. and carmelite 6. you don't get that in june, july and august. it's still in place, highs parked over us today. might be late sea breeze, i don't think it will be there enough to save us. that is a strong system coming in. 80s, 90s to 100, you guys. >> steve, thank you. well starting today, famous cable cars will be off the tracks for 10 days undergoing
5:34 am
repairs. ktvu alyssa harrington you are at the [ null ] turn around at park and powell. >> reporter: i spoke to one man, he took his wife to the cable cars they will not be running during the duration of their trip. one of the turn arounds on market and powell, usually we see a line of cable cars waiting here in the morning. today the tracks are empty. there are signs posted at the ticket booth to let people know the cable cars will not run for 10 days. what is happening is the cable cars are undergoing repairs including rehabilitating the gear boxes that power the cars. people hoping to navigate up san francisco's steep hills can take a bus instead. we are told there will be shuttle service and it will travel that same route. these repairs are the final
5:35 am
stage of a $6 million project. so certainly going to cause a little bit of a headache for tourist whose are hoping to take the cable cars during their trip and some other people around the city who rely on cable cars. but again should he wills in place starting at 5:30. reporting live in san francisco, alyssa harrington. >> thank you, alyssa. democratic candidates are back on the campaign trail today after last night's fiery debate in houston. doug luzader live from washington d.c. with key moments and particular aways from the debate stage, good morning, doug. >> reporter: this got rough as expected and former vice president joe biden took some. >> are you forgetting what you said a few minutes ago. are you forgetting already what you said just 2 minutes ago? >> tinthe front runner, former vice president joe biden taking heat in what may have
5:36 am
been at a shot at his age. biden got in lick the. >> for a socialist you have a lot more confidence in corporate america than i do. >> one stage one night. senator elizabeth warren on the rise but playing it safe taking on familiar targets. >> those at the very top, the richest individuals and the biggest corporations are going to pay more. >> joe and i strongly disagree on trade. >> senator bernie sanders went after biden as well. other were hoping to break through with new proposals. >> yes we are going to take your ar-15, ak-47 not allow it to be used against fellow americans anymore. >> my proposal is that we give every american 100 democracy dollars. >> in fighting that made the headlines here even if some thought it went too far. >> this is why presidential
5:37 am
debates are becoming unwatchable. reminds everybody of they cannot stand about washington. >> reporter: this was a single night debate. the next one because more candidates have qualified may take place over 0 the course of two nights. back to you guys. >> thank you, doug. as he was mentioning the next debate will be in ohio on october 15th and extend into the second night. sore far 11 have met that threshold of donations from 130,000 people and 2% support in four polls. political analyst says he does not believe this debate will have much of an impact on the poll numbers adding that their healthcare plans may be deciding factors. >> joe biden wants to say he was one of the architects of
5:38 am
obamacare and he believes in a program that has allowance for choice and some other sanders want medicare for all and actually to do away with choice or private insurance. those are dramatically different points of view. >> he add that senators corey booker and amy klobuchar while not strong in the polls right now had good performances last night. 5:38, san francisco about 100 people watched that third debate in the mission district. they were at manny's restaurant listening to the debate that was nominated early by a focus on healthcare. some told us they were hoping to hear solutions to mass shootings. >> kamala harris had good points. i feel like joe biden i want to root for him so badly, i know
5:39 am
that obama saw something in him but he struggled this evening. >> in the end viewers said they did find the debate watchable even if it wasn't groundbreaking. time is now 5:39 other news overnight camping at santa cruz's popular main beach won't be allowed anymore. city council approve add curfew about dozens of homeless people camping in tents. the beach will be closed from midnight until 1 hour before sunrise. it's 5:00 president, well known football player from the east bay was gunned down in richmond, what investigators say terrell roberts was doing before the shooting. also today today is the day you can get tickets to see oprah. we have all the details. it looks like we have a new crash on interstate 880 this time that has actually made things slow. we are getting slowing as well, the commute is beginning to heat up little bit. and our temps are beginning
5:40 am
to heat up a little bit. well not so much right now. but they will later. the full moon is 9:35 tonight. but heck, it's easy to see right now.
5:41 am
5:42 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. a sad story, police in richmond searching for the person who shot and killed former nfl cornerback terrell roberts it happened wednesday afternoon about 4:15 at roberts' home on fascination circle. his grandmother and family members live there as well. roberts was involved in some kind of confrontation outside the home with someone he knew before that gunman shotlearned that terrell roberts' 13-year-old son was
5:43 am
home at the time. >> an excellent father, great guy. loving grandson, loving son. i don't -- i don't know, he just a good good good person and this should not happen to him. >> terrell roberts grew up, played football atel cerito high school, before getting a scholarship at oregon state. played with cincinnati bengals from 2003 to 2005. several people were hurt when a balcony collapsed, the second story porch separated and came crash be to the ground. ktvu ann rubin reports all the balconies are being inspected. >> first came the sound of cracking, then the screams, it was you are real watching nher 0 deck just went from us -- we just tumbled down.
5:44 am
>> it happened at the field mountain view. firefighters responded. three suffered minor injuries, one needed surgery for a fractured pelvis. >> i was shaking, yeah, it was my scary fear i had ever had. >> the about connie crashed right down on her patio. >> >> the fire department is looking into how this could have happened, so it's a complex management company. >> we are working with the board and the local authorities to investigate the cause of the collapse. >> in 2016 the homeowner's association got permits to replace some decks due to dryrot. this one was not earmarked for here and knowing that people were injured, is a wakeup call.
5:45 am
>> today work crews pulled are safeguarding the area, told the residents to stop using the balconies. ian newbury wants that, too, the next people might not be so lucky. >> they need to be checked because people need to know it's safe to go outside. >> california actually has new legislation signed last year requiring about connie inspections for multiunit apartment complexes, it comes in response to a deadly collapse in berkeley in 2015. however the city of mountain view says there is different rules for condo nexts that put the burden of inspection back on to hoa,. well a plan to learning several he will he will harold tree schools in oakland is not sitting well with parents, students and teachers. but the oakland school board voted to appr
5:46 am
north oahills and san copa academy will emerge at 61st, and middle schools, frick impact academy and the school of will emerge o campus. the changes are set to take effect next fall. time is 5:46, sales force ceo wants to improve bay area schools. sales force has pledged $17 million to schools in san francisco and in oakland. half the money will be spent in san francisco, the other half goes to oakland. being used to fix up playgrounds, train teachers and pay for math and classes. yesterday a big celebration was computer science is such a big class right now, i don't think
5:47 am
it would have been as big right now and all the have, we are so lucky we got this to happen to us. >> sales force says over the years it has provided $70 million in funding as well as 45,000 volunteer hours to schools in san francisco and oakland. happening today, latest iphones available for preorder. the iphone 11 starts at $699. the iphone 11 pro at $9.99 and the pro max at 1099 doll are largest schools. preorders tart today, available online and in stores next friday. we'll see if people are lining up they feel like they need to get that new phone. sal's right over there. and you have been busy, it's been an incredible morning in our commute. >> yeah, we have another crash in a different spot. northbound 880 near marina boulevard, suv that was pulling a boat and got affic is
5:48 am
stopped, this is one northboun 80 on the left. let's go to my map here, i will show you where that slow traffic we just saw was, right there. no one is getting through. you hearing about this, you need to do is you are coming through on castro valley. just stick on 580. that actually looks good. and if you are driving on 880 north if you want to get through here, what i would do is come up here. now you are going to see some slow traffic, get on 238 and go on 580 that way. or just get on 5080 somehow. maybe if you are from hayward you know the way. mission boulevard will get you on to 580 you know that way, use that way. you don't want to be doing this right now because it is going to be a mess. southbound is open by the way, but we'll let you know about this serious accident. so two serious accidents, the one on highway 85 and mountain
5:49 am
clear, was a deadly crash that happened about 1:00 this morning. hoping to have the lanes completely open by 6:00. and it looks like they might make thaople are beginning to g ready to open up the freeway northbound at 85 before 101. westbound 580 slow traffic on the altamont pass. bay bridge toll plaza is filled in. boy, very a busy morning on friday. but, steve. >> yes, sir. >> what about the weather? >> warm to hot, sal. i would be hard pressed to see santa cruz get hotter than 98 yesterday. took this police commissioner tour from my pat toe in campbell. high clouds cruising by. on. clouds, some are drifmorning, s
5:50 am
badger the scoot is ready to soak up the 80-degree plus heat and sun today on knob hill. well thank you badger and brian. cats do watch me. look at the one observation in the city, 70 degrees. officially at 67. 72 at the berkeley lash. kensington 70. that is pretty warm. hottest day today for many heat advisories out, temperatures go way above average. san rafael, menlo bark, head up and move them out. 194 today. so up from yesterday. 55. there are many 60's including berkeley. 68. sfo 66. slight offshore breeze, san jose with a east, southeast kind of see the higher clouds. there is enough there, high pressure aloft. what look to be a very warm
5:51 am
day. but change is on the way. and that will start tomorrow for some. and then for everybody on sunday into monday, hottest day will be today temperatures close, not much of a spread. much cooler possible rain north of the golden gate on monday i think santa rosa, napa and points north. 80s, 90s to 100s. temperatures will be still warm on saturday, but they are coming down and really come down sunday, monday we start to cloud it up. rain makes it to the north. >> all right. steve. time is 5:51 sentencing today for the college admissions scandal, we'll tell what prosecutors are roaming ahead of her sentencing. first we want to take you out live. looking at the oaklandest rarely, live pictures and it's a beauty shot as well. you're watching mornings on 2 from ktvu fox 2 news. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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guilty pleasures. come on now. you know you have sung along to this song. miley cyrus party in the usa. another song that maybe i won't play when other people are
5:55 am
around, maybe you won't either and maybe marcie won't either. that is her guilty pleasure. give us a song that is your guilty pleasure, you play in secret. facebook. twitter, instagram. use the # ktvu. >> sal, thank you. time is 5:55, tickets to see oprah going on sale at 10:00 for her tour stop in san francisco. oprah will be at the chase center next february, it's part of her your life info cuss tour. the tickets go on sale at 10:00 this morning on ticket master, the price is starting at $70. oakland a's continue their texas road trip, they have a series with the texas rangers starting tonight. the a's finish again the astros in housing demand an and beat them 3 to 2. justin verlander early. seth brown doubles knocked in a on the first. two run homer giving the a's a
5:56 am
2300 run league. astros came close to running back. bullpen held them off. and the a's won 3 to 2. tonight's game starts at 5:05. the giants hosting the miami marlins. they wrapped up against the pittsburgh pirates yesterday afternoon in san francisco. the pirates took a 3-run lead pitcher, first couple of innings. long gorilla chief n ings longoria. that is all the giants would score. tonight's game with the marlins begins at 79:15. it is now accuser 56, trump administration may ban many popular vaping flavors, coming up for you at 6: 00 the reason san francisco based juul may support the president's decision. but first, a recap of last night's democratic presidential
5:57 am
debate in houston, talking about the key topics that were we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
5:58 am
and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes? objection! overruled. one hour. sweeten the deal by doing the dishes and i'll consider it. i wouldn't do it. i hate the dishes. one hour with the tablet, you walk the dog and do the dishes. if you insist. congratulations. only xfinity xfi lets you take control of your family's online time. that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today. over night there was a deadly crash in the south bay
5:59 am
in sunnyvale. it's still affecting traffic. we'll tell you what first responders saw when they arrived and how long the backup could last. people want cost effective healthcare. >> we need to -- >> one shot to make donald trump a one term president and we cannot lose it. >> democratic candidates for president went head to head at last night's presidential debate in houston, we'll show you some of the top moments that stood out. good morning thank you for joining us, it is friday, september 13th. i'm dave clark. pam cook will be here momentarily. i 85 and new veil lanes will be reopened after a deadly wrong way crash. both drivers involved were killed in the crash.
6:00 am
it happened near the fremont on ramp, flames engulfed an suv. and near by brush. you can see these pictures here. look at them. the driver of the suv reportedly was going the wrong way when the suv crashed into a monday da civic. the driver of the monday da was a man in his 30s. we still don't have information on the driver of the suv. these pictures came in from the fire associates of santa clara valley, one of the volunteers saw this just after 1:00 a.m. after heading home from work. there were no other victims in the crash and the investigation, as can you imagine continues as we speak. now let's check in with sal, you have the latest on that and everything else happening in >> that's right. just about getting ready as you said to open up the lanes but they still haven't done it yet,


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