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boulevard area. you can see the getting through. some people stuck on the freeway there. because they can't exit. they really can't go anywhere. southbound 680 coming out of pleasanton is open heading down into fremont. you might see some slowing at some point is people are taking a look at the crash. this is northbound 101, gilroy to san jose. that traffic is moderately heavy. also looking at a commute into the valley. heading out toward the car keenest bridge. if you are driving into san jose, this is the commute. at 430 let's bring steve in with today's weather . mentioned a little wet out there. little drizzle, first of the season. one of those hit and miss ones but it is making his move up in the mendocino and lake counties. if it hasn't yet northern sonoma that will be our system. going to move south throughout the morning. there some areas may pick up a half inch of rain. the hills, a little bit of
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convection in there. lightning strikes to the north. wanna enhance a little bit. 50s, 60s a lot of 60s, little breeze kicking in. variable temperatures south, southwest . system beginning to swing in. not getting a lot of rain out of this. could be some isolated areas. another system is going to drop in on wednesday. kind of keep a cool week going. 60s and 70s with off-and-on rain . growing list the presidential candidates want to see supreme court justice brett kavanaugh impeached after another allegation of sexual assault. judge and trump will each be the subject of impeachment discussions this week. supreme court justice and president trump are both subject of impeachment talks this morning. the question is how far democrats are willing to go? >> reporter: brett kavanaugh
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has already run the gauntlet accused that his confirmation hearing of sexual assault and now again in a new york times piece. presidential candidate stove in . >> i think he has disqualified himself for service on the supreme court. he should step down or should be impeached. >> reporter: several other candidates join. the woman involved in the latest accusation, who didn't make the charge herself has no memory of the event. which would've taken place during his college years. the president jumped to his defense on twitter. he should start suing people for libel. justice department should come to his rescue. the lies being told about him are unbelievable. >> judiciary committed he should come to order. president meanwhile has his own impeachment issues this week. tomorrow the house judiciary committee led by democrat begins what is called a presidential impeachment investigation. an awkward start to process the
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democratic leaders are not entirely comfortable with. it is not clear how far it will go ? >> he has to be held accountable. we're going to follow the facts where they take us. at the conclusion of that investigation make recommendations to the house. some democrats remain concerned that a presidential impeachment could backfire. in washington tom, fox 2 news . new this morning san jose police are searching suspects blamed for deadly shooting in the alum rock area. it happened just after midnight. police found an unidentified man who had been shot and try to save him, he died at the scene. witnesses were question. the police checked security video in the area. they think the suspect might be
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driving a black suv but they have no information about a shooter. euros a look at some of the other top stories were following fear this morning. tens of thousands of united autoworkers from general motors plants across the country are on strike. contract negotiations broke down over the weekend. the fight is for wages, healthcare coverage, job security and a share of profits. union leaders are expected to meet with general motors officials this morning to continue contract discussion . crude oil prices are rising after the attacks on saudi arabia and oil facilities. oil prices rose 10% after the attacks on saudi oil fields knocked out half the country's oil production. president trump says the united states is quote locked and loaded to avenge the attack. officials are still trying to confirm, who is responsible . 2020 presidential candidates are making their way through the be area this week. author, marianne williamson is visiting san francisco. tomorrow beto o'rourke will be at a private home for a
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campaign fundraiser. also tomorrow president trump will be in the bay area for the first time in his rally in san jose three years ago. we are learning more about a deadly boat crash on the delta that left one woman dead and five other people hurt. investigators identified the dead woman of discovery bay. family members she just graduated from college and was beginning a career in the beauty industry. the crash happened saturday night, just east of discovery bay near ski beach. we talked to investigators to still try and determine what caused that crash? >> reporter: this is video from the sheriff's office of his crime scene investigation in the delta. at 7:15 pm saturday, two bus collided near ski beach. >> we don't know how the bus collided in the water. we don't have the information.
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>> reporter: the impact was severe, five people on board suffered injuries and one woman died . she has been identified as a 24-year-old. the second button the collision left the scene the called and the accident . >> the boat left it was involved in the collision. they maintain contact with our office. they called us and said they needed to seek medical attention for boaters on that boat. it is unknown how many victims were on the second boat the deputies believe they receive medical treatment in contra costa county. news of the deadly crash served as a reminder of for boaters on the delta to be vigilant . >> especially when we heard it was over by ski beach that has a reputation for being a party place. the first thing that comes into a boaters mind is was alcohol involved ? >> we don't know right now if alcohol was a factor or speed? that is all being looked into. >> reporter: detectives are still conducting interviews.
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no word yet if it's going to be any criminal charges in this case. tragedy is a reminder everyone on the delta to stay vigilant, know your surroundings, go slow, always have lifejackets on board and if you are a driver on the boat make sure you are sober. also happening today, people in concord can start sending text the 911 to get help instead of making a phone call. it is intended for people who are voice are hearing impaired or for people who can't speak because they are either suffering a medical problem or hiding from an attacker. police say anyone using xt to 911 service should include the specific location and keep the message brief. authorities say an actual phone call to 911 is still the fastest way to get help. also happening today, lawmakers in saratoga will host a free event to help protect senior citizens from getting scammed. a congresswoman and state assembly member will host a
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senior scam stopper seminar this morning for the congressional district. it will be held in saratoga. family members and caregivers are welcome as well . the ceremony will begin at 10:00 and last until 1130 . a new bill could allow students across the state to get across this get more sleep. the senate bill would push back start times for middle and high school. the state legislature passed the bill on friday which requires middle school to start no earlier than 8 am and high school no earlier than 830. while opponents say delay in the school day could mean students will stay up later, report they most students will go to bed at the same time. research shows a later start will help students grades and health. >> students who start school later have decreased rates of depression, higher test scores, less car accidents in the community because they are
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driving less drowsy. >> a similar veil was vetoed by jerry brown last year. he said it shouldn't be up to the state to decide when school should start their day. governor gavin newsom has until october's 13 to make a decision . students and teachers of marin county public high schools will be learning how to help save lives. beginning today emergency medical service agencies will hand out 600 stop bleed kits and classrooms. the kits include tourniquets, bandages and other supplies to control bleeding in the event of a shooting, natural disaster or other high trauma incidents. students will be trained to use the supplies later in the school year. sacramento state university accidentally accepted 3500 waitlisted students for fall admission. the students were mistakenly
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invited after an email was sent in march, welcoming them to the event. officials say the school never rescinded the invitation which implied the students were accepted. not all 3500 students decided to attend, university officials says the error resulted in an additional 500 students who began classes this semester. there was room because of lower- than-expected admissions and record number of graduates last year. warrior superstar steph curry is holding a tournament benefiting the heat, learn, play foundation. they aim to raise $1 million to help support bay area programs that encourage kids to learn and play golf and lead healthy, active lives. the play starts this morning at the golf course near the san francisco zoo. a fight for teacher housing in the bay area is getting some
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new life . up next the new push to get voters to approve affordable housing construction in places where it is currently not allowed. the company that makes oxycontin, file for bankruptcy. what that means for several states and local governments that are suing the company in federal court? we do have one big problem on the sonoma grade this morning, northbound 680, all lanes close for a truck accident. this is a traditional non- commute direction but it is causing a huge mess on the freeway. our first front of the season is making a move into the north . it looks like it will bring some rain, lows are very mild, high temperatures are coming down.
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welcome back, happening today, groups for and against measure d hold a public debate. voters approve it in november, measure d would impose a business tax on rideshare services. that money would then go for improvements in beauty service and bicycle and pedestrian safety. tonight the bait is tonight a 6:00 at the northern police station on turk and fillmore . san francisco city leaders are pushing a new ballot measure to increase in affordable housing for teachers and families. proposition d, allow for affordable housing to be built on public land were projects right now are currently banned. supporters say housing for teachers is desperately needed because for every 13 new jobs
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added in san francisco, only one new unit of housing is produced. >> if you work in san francisco as an educator or teacher, you have a place to stay here, yoalued here and we are going to ensure week accomplish that . >> san francisco unified school district says two thirds of teachers been more than 30% of their income just on housing. the proposition will be on the november 5 ballot. lawmakers in sacramento defeated a bill that proposed extending last calls by one hour. state senator has been trying to allow bars, nightclubs and restaurants to sell alcohol until 3 am in 10 cities, including san francisco and oakland. he says the bill is intended to support local economy. opponents argue could threaten public safety by letting the bars out closer to when the commute starts.
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the company that made billions of dollars making the prescription drug, oxycontin, has filed for bankruptcy. after days after reaching tentative settlements local governments that are suing over the tone of opioids. the bankruptcy filing means it will probably be removed from the first federal opioid trial which is due to begin in cleveland on october 21 . in new york cuomo is regulations to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarette. if the ban is approved it would be the second state to ban flavored e-cigarette. this all comes amid mysterious vaping related lung illnesses. they killed at least six people and send hundreds of people to the hospital . a san mateo county supervisor is imposing a ban on
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e-cigarette use in unincorporated areas he wants vaping to be included in the counties smoking ordinance which prohibits smoking in public areas. he said it is clear that e- cigarette companies will go to extremes to try to hook a new generation of people addicted to nicotine. there is no word yet on whether the ordinance will be amended . big traffic news happening right now. sal has all the details. would have a traffic issue on northbound 680. this is northbound 680 on the sonoma grade. near vargas road, just coming up from fremont into pleasanton. you do not want to get on the freeway because the crash happened earlier this morning. the truck jackknifed and had a fuel spill northbound 680. traffic is going to be at a standstill. southbound, traffic is getting through. we don't have a lot of rubberneckers just yet. if this were my commute i would
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be wary of that a northbound 680, coming up through the area because there is going to be rubberneckers action. try and get yourself away from using northbound 680 at all because it is going to be a tough commute. we are also looking at other commutes, this is the bay bridge westbound traffic already a little bit slow but we arty have kind of a bigger backup. people may be getting on the road early because of a little of that wet weather? that is correct, it is raining north but the roads, lot oil on the roads, drizzle around the bay. >> it was raining when i came in. >> it's over alameda and san francisco. rain just made it to the north and it will eventually sweep through santa rosa, calistoga. it is very mild. the lows are all in the mid
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60s. fog and drizzle in the morning, first rain mostly cloudy skies beginning to make his move here. fort bragg, 56, nice 17 100s in the rain gauge, first official rain in the season for some. it's making its move to mendocino and lake county. there are some bands in this there could be some isolated areas with a quarter inch or more but moshe pick up less than that. getting in on the sonoma coast where the russian river. colder air is still pretty far away up on the north coast. that has to sweep through peer that could trigger thunderstorm activity later more likely in the sacramento valley. mid 60s here, dublin 65, orinda and walnut creek. there's a steady breeze in advance of the system. we are on the mild side, first front begins to make its move it is actually holding together. it will continue through the morning then will get some break
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later in the afternoon but some cool air is going to filter in . another system will be dropping in on wednesday. some are warm lows and drizzle is that system makes it through. should start to sweep through and get some folks here the first rain of the season. 60s and 70s, breezy on tuesday, increasing clouds on wednesday, could be some rain north, more likely a wind producer on thursday. armor temperatures on the we can . just a reminder, make sure you download the ktvu weather app. hourly updates on the 7-day forecast . has easy feature to upload your weather photos and video. the weather app is free to download for your smart phone or tablet. a well-known san francisco restaurant suddenly shut down and close their doors. after the break we will tell you why some are blaming the
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san francisco giants games at oracle park .
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the oakland a's are back at home tonight. they play the kansas city royals after successful texas road trip your yesterday afternoon they win for the series sweep against texas rangers. ended his 30th homer of the season put the a's up early.
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chapman added extra insurance in the ninth. the solo home run, it was the a's 244th homer this season. that is a new franchise record. the a's 15-1. the giants have the night off before they fly to boston. giants wrapped up a series miami marlins. to early leave with the solo run here. johnny hits five scoreless innings, second back. eighth-inning game was tied with the bases loaded when this happened. happened. in the dirt, go home, scores. >> giants scored the go-ahead run on that. they beat the marlins 2 to 1. giants manager two wins short of 2000 wins for his career.
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is still 12 games left in the season. several san francisco restaurants across the street from oracle park have abruptly closed their doors, including the giants fan favorite pete's tavern and pedro's cantina. we talked with restaurant workers who say low attendance at giants games partly to blame for those restaurants closing. until outside oracle park, giants fans were taking pictures of pete's tavern and pedro's cantina, stunned with the restaurants closures . >> this is crazy i cannot believe it. >> reporter: signs posted said they want to thank you for the last 12 years the business . we have close permanently and will miss seeing you here. the owner, declined to go on camera but told us the restaurants were on a month-to-
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month lease and the leases were up. he said the economics of today's world made more sense to move on. to check the attendance for last year's giants schedule. giants have not had a winning record since 2016. >> they haven't been doing too well. which hurts me as well . >> now that it is gone it is going to affect the neighborhood. you have the little bar on the corner down there. you still reduce the enjoyment level. >> reporter: in addition, other restaurants have all recently close. the restaurants in the south beach neighborhood fall in supervisor district . >> i'm concerned about king street, that's a really important commercial corridor that we need to have vibrant. >> reporter: fan say the city should step in and help small businesses thrive. >> unfortunately that's not what's dictating the economy around here.
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let's vacated will put a high rise here. >> reporter: they moved in on second street four months ago. general manager says the restaurant is hoping to get more business from the new chase center, about a mile away. >> we are really busy for the opening of the chase center, metallica night . we have seen the elton john foe people which we will see tonight. >> reporter: the owner also owns a couple others in san francisco. he said the focus now is on those two restaurants. many of the 15 full-time employees who lost their job have found work within the organization. in san francisco, ktvu fox 2 news . we have a major commute program after a big rig crashed on interstate 680 . coming i'm a 5:00 the very latest from the roads. this could affect your morning commute . almost 50,000 general motors workers are going on
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strike what this means for car production across the united states?
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eventually four firefighters got injured her were transferred to local hospital . >> chaos in downtown san jose
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as police and fire crews rush to control a three alarm fire will also dealing with an arm suspect inside that burning building. very latest on the death of at least one person and how the fire was finally controlled? a major oil facility in saudi arabia attacked over the weekend . how the trump administration is responding and how oil prices around the world could be affected. ktvu fox 2 news, this is fox 2 news, mornings on 2. >> thank you for joining us i am pam cook . >> good morning i am dave clark. we are going right to sell with a major crash on 680. >> all the laser open as you drive up the signal grade. a lot of folks are stuck on the freeway, no one is getting through. also have our very own


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