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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  September 17, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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going to get a lot of support except financially. >> the president making a rare appearance. we have some details and what some activists groups plan to do while he's here. tuesday morning, september 17th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather. it lookings not too bad. >> for this time of year, i think silt pretty nice. any more rain tomorrow. we'll deal with that. today the breeze is pretty good. showing up after yesterday's first rain of the season. pretty quiet here on the west coast as that system is pushed out. now, the system to the north. but overall, much quieter today, and a little bit more drier air coming in. so 40s already popping up for a few. napa airport at 49 degrees. i'll see if they will fill in or not. probably not. they are not awake yet. to the north, let's see if
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anything shows up. kelseyville, 46. 489 penn grover and pope valley is 47. a little cool there. otherwise, we are looking for sunshine today and temperatures which will be pretty nice which translates to a lot of 70s. 60s closer to the coast. 401. sal is here and hope will talk about hopefully it is all quiet. >> right now, we have had a cou of things. for the most part, we are looking all right. let's take a look aon the tracy super commute. it starts off very nicely and it continues out to dublin and hay january ward. certainly nothing like we had yesterday in this region. hopefully, we'll stay around for a good commute. we do have some road work on northbound 880. they are restriking some of that nice new pavement they have put down. and that is putting some more slow traffic here on northbound 880 areproaching marina boulevard. if you want to stay away from
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that -- from that, use 8580 as well. at 4:02, let's go back to the desk. president trump is scheduled to fly in mountainview. he will make a fund-raising spot. no other details are being released. ticket prices ranging from $1000 per person up to $100,000 per couple cop which comes with a seat at the president's table and a photo. republicans are excited about mr. trump's first visit to the bay area as president. we are a minority here so we often don't get to see the president on television. we don't get to see it in person, so that is exciting. >> we are one of the most influential places in the world. and even though the political energy goes in a different direction here, it is important for the president of the quite to come to the area. >> sources say that will be a
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very quick trip, and president trump will early afternoon. he does have a fund-raising dinner scheduled in beverly hills tonight along with two more in los angeles and san diego. that could pull in as much as $15 million. now, the president's last trip to the bay area was in 2016 while he was still on the campaign trail then. he was met with some large groups of protesters, and today, antitrump activists are planning to fly a large baby trump balloon to protest the visit. while a location for the luncheon fund-raiser has not been announced, activists with the backbone campaign say they will be in los altos between 10:00 and 4:00 for an antitrump rally. president trump's former campaign manager is due to testify today. it is the first house hearing to investigate calls for impeaching president trump. he was subpoenaed by the house
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judiciary committee last month alock with rick dearborn. and the white house is reportedly sayot to answer questions about events that allegedly occurred after president trump was elected. and a big rally is planned today outside the offices of kaiser permanente protesting about what they call a broken mental health system. and they have not contract for 11 months and want kaiser negotiators to come back to the bargaining table. protesters want keyes tore hire more full-time mental health workers. workers say kaiser has silt today as a deadline for them to accept the company's last proposal or they could lose the retroactive 3% payraise that was offered. 92% of workers turned down that off in june. next month, almost 08,000
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are expected to go on strike. on october 13th, the walk-out is expected to last several days. that will include california, oregon, and the state of washington. union leaders want kaiser to stop committing to unfair labor practices and ensure safe staffing and picket lines are expected outside kaiser hospitals and medical offices. time is now 4:05. happening today in concord. renters are launching the first tennis union in contra costa county. the goal reportedly is to have renters working together to stand up against unfair landlords. they'll be getting support from the tennis union. concord city council has refused to consider rent control or protection against some evictions. the group has support from several church leaders, the california nurse's association, and renters from around the country. and the county. the san jose city council is
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phasing out the natural gas. supporters say moving to all electric. if it is approved, this plan beginning in january would affect single family and low rise residential buildings. now, berkeley passed a similar ordnance earlier this year. if the san jose approves this, san jose all electric buildings a priority. the weekend attacks on the large saudi arabian oil field. an intelligence report indicated that iran rated the oil field with at least a dozen missiles and 20 drones. however, an unnamed source told the paper that the u.s. did not provide enough evidence to saudi arabia to prove without a doubt that iran was involved. president trump says he believes iran is responsible but that u.s. military retaliation is not an option right now. >> there is nobody that has ef
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35. the government called the attack. sabotage. stopped short. iran has denied involvement. just checking this morning looking at a downed day on wall street. that is after a big day on the south side. yesterday, as you can see, 2 it goes down. the nasdaq and s and p 500 responding. the heaviest buss and companies dependent on fuel including the airlines and cruiselines. energy companies will actually move a bit higher. drivers are bracing for pri because of further price
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quickly thesudis restore production. one week's worth of preserve. that creates another set of problems. how quickly they can start pumping the oil. for the next few weeks or so, it is not going to have any effect. >> investors also worry about the future security of saudi oil operations as well as other political hotspots. more than one-third of the world's oil comes from the middle east. our time now is 4:08. the polls are open in isreal today. they are voting for the prime minister for the second time this year. this do overelection was called because the prime minista marii
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in another stalemate and there may be a third election. outsid vincent austin is facing charges of attempted robbery, false imprisonment and battery. now, he was arrested after this surveillance video of the assault on the woman was released. she also identified austin as her attacker. opening statements in the trial of tiffany lee and letter former boyfriend have been delayed. that trial was supposed to begin this morning. the key witness in the case is now in custody for allegedly using instagram to contact a defense witness. that violates a judge's order. lee ting death of lee's father two children. adella cult a deal and was supposed to testify against the other two. prosecutors now say he will not
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take stand and they are revoking his plea deal. it seems the bay area is held in connection with the killing of an italian police officer back in july will remain in custody. those two teenagers, gabrielle, natally have dropped a requester if their clients rney need time to study new evidence that emerged recently. he and his friend, finnigan lee elder are accused of fatally stabbing a plain clothed officer during a drug deal in roam. our time is now 4:10. still ahead, neighbors call it a ticking time bomb. frustration with pg ande across part of a gas pipeline that is exposed to the elements. and a father now being charged in the death of his son. gel island that landed one of the wealthiest families in a bay area jail. good morning. we're off to a nice start when it comes to the morning commute
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as you are iv interstate 880. it looks good in oakland. and our weather looks good. temperatures last week. remember we had anywhere from the 70s to 90s and 100. this week looks a lot of 70s. let's look at those forecast temperatures coming up.
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welcome back for mornings on 2. back in court for a schedule hearing to look into claims utility failed to trim thousands of trees near powerlines. a court-appointed mob or the told a federal judge in san francisco that the trees are a fire hazard. there are record-keeping problems. that monitor is overseeing the probation in a criminal pipeline safety case stemming from that fatal explosion from a pg ande natural gas pipeline in 2010. victims of the 2017 cubs fire in santa rosa will have a chance to persuade a jury that pg ande is to blame for that fire. a superior court judge in san francisco ruled that 18 plaintiffs can go to trial. they will argue that pg ande powerlines started the fire. cal fire says it was caused by a privately-owned electrical system. that trial is expected to begin january 67th. service at south hayward bart station is back to normal. that is after a fire there. pg ande says debris near a
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powerpole caught fire last night on industrial parkway. the utility shut off power to the station because the powerlines were down on the ground. bart was running buses between south hayward, hayward and union city stations for a certain amount of time. now, when service resumed at about 6:30, bart saw some big crowds and delays until things cleared up. our time is 4:15. people in the east bay city of late yet worry about a 40-foot section of pg ande natural gas pipeline that is exposed to the elements. now, the pipeline is at the regional park in late yet.along trail. well, now, a top fire official in contra costa county getting involved here. the 12-inch pipeline is a key part of the infrastructure serving several east bay cities including late yet, and walnut creek. some residents including one couple who sit on the city's gas safety task force believe that pipeline is badly maintained and they call it a ticking time bomb.
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>> we want to figure out what are the ways that you can mitigate this whether it is chopping on the trees, barring pipe, doing something that addresses the safety issues that we see here today. >> it is something that we want to protect our community. we want to protect the safety of our families and neighbors. >> now, contra costa county fire and deputy chief sent a letter to pg ande demanding answers. he wants to know how pg ande will secure that pipeline which has several large trees hanging ore it. pg ande says all of its tests so far verifies the pipeline is safe. he also said they will cob to leaders updates on maintenance activity. all right. it is 4:17. let's check in with, isal. the commute is off to a much >> yes, sir, both of you. it is a better commute. >> good. >> we're going to go to the
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gilroy commute now in northbound 101 driving up into san jose. it looks pretty good. yes, it is better than yesterday when we had the commute. we had some issues right now. no major problems. 280 and 85. in 280 in downtown san jose. and right now, there is just a little bit of line in the cash lanes. it is a walk in the park. what about today's weather. >> a nice walk in the park. >> let's get to it here. first rain since may 26th. maybe some more tomorrow morning. everything is pushed to the south. mostly clear. we'll have mostly sunny skies
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today. the next system is carving itself out across the pacific northwest. 50s. castro valley. alamo, and livermore. 51. cool degrees. all 50s on the waterfront. 59 sap francisco. i expect these to stay pretty cool here. not much of a breeze yet. variable. might pick up a little later, and overall, though, we see a few clouds. generally speaking a dry day. that next system is going to take more of a track. it is close enough. napa county. and eventually sweeping into
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marin by 10:00 a.m. and the other areas from oakland by aboutnot a lot. there is enough. 60s and 70s. it is nice. temperatures below average for most. a little bit of morning and breezy on thursday. another low is going to drop in sunday into monday. time is 4:19. another death blamed on vaping here in california. coming up, the governor's latest cap palm -- campaign to fight against this. the company behind oxycontin is in federal court today. the pushback it is getting for
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2. today's hearing will focus on the bankruptcy. helping reimburse state and local government and clean up the damage caused in the opiid crisis. powerful prescription pain skillers and illegal opioids have been blamed for more than 400,000 deathings here in the
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u. s. >> i think justice would be them losing their company and their money. >> now, perdue prharma reached a tentative settlement with sta representing governments that signed on to the deal. the family which owns perdue pharma will pay $3 billion of that settlement and give up ownership of the company. a man died from complications related to this i comes with a new effort to crack down on va vaping. the latest action against e cigarettes. >> we need to do more. we need to do better. >> california governor garvin newsome handing down an executive order targeting fail
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fake and altered vaping products. >> these vaping tools and technologies. we have seen a significant increase in the use and abuse of vapi in actionerg products particularly now with these flavored e liquid with products. he did not ban all products. he outlined a plan to combat the crisis that includes cracking down on counterfeit products, review and increase of warning labels and packaging and launching a $20 million campaign using proposition 56 and 64 money. >> we also are reviewing our tax policies. i know there is a legislative effort on taxes. i want to see how far we can go administratively. >> reporter: following the announcement. state senator jerry hill issued a joint statement saying in part, we lowill bring an end to th pthe youth in our state.
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the center for disease control and prevention stated cause cases of lung disease associated with e cigarette hearsay been identified in 36 states with six confirmed deaths including one here in california. this a large black market in california as well. taxes. the taxes at dispensaries are high. and there are still people selling these products on the streets. we have seen it. >> of those who got sick have used black market cannibus products. he hasn't pulled anything off his shelves because according to him, everything he sells is regulated by the fda. >> these are not products that are made in somebody's home. a lot of these products are regulated by the fda. they visit these manufactures and make sure they are following good practices. >> while no exact causes of deaths have been determined, the american medical association is urging consumers to stop using e cigarette
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products until a cause has been discovered. alisyn rodriguez, ktvu, fox 2 news. well, still ahead, digging more into the health effects of vaping and signals doctors are leaking into devices. joining us later with more of what the cdc is doing. the first steps toward recommending the president be impeached. what we can expect to hear on capitol hill today. >> if you are watching the commute right now on the way to the tunnel. highway 24 looks pet the i good and we'll tell you about the morning commute. >> we'll about the weather which doesn't look too bad. what about those temperatures? we'll take a look.
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it is september 17th. >> and good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us this morning. a sign that summer is coming to an end. we had our first sign, and our first rain fell on the bay area yesterday. prosecute at the soggy. the first rain didn't stay long. mostly dry by mid-morning. >> you know, that same cold front dropped the first snow of the season in the this video sent to us yesterday from north star. the snow fell between the 7 and 8000-foot levels. here is another video. is treated out by alpine meadows. i can see you out there. just a reminder the first day of fall is next monday. >> it is so crazy because i
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was just in tahoe over the weekend in the water. on a boat. enjoying the sun. enjoying the water and everything. bedid see a little bit of snow last season in the top of the mountain. >> we'll take it as a good start. >> it probably won't stick. >> remember, it is still pretty warm. it drops fast up there. >> right, it does. on the way. especially for the sierra. we might get a little bit. today looks pretty nice. mostly sunny. the breeze will kick up a little later. it looks like there is a series over the next seven or eight days. ifer what it is worth, the european forecast model has us off to a very cold start at the end of september and early act. we'll se


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