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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  September 18, 2019 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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scared and complicit in the violence and bloodshed. >> a defiant beto o'rourke in the bay area tonight pushing for gun reform. and raising money for the presidential campaign. >> his supporters are enthusiastic as ever. hello everyone, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. now on the same day that president criticized his position on gun control. ktvu debora villalon live where they did not back away to seize assault weapons. >> and no julie, he says it is the right position with politics aside. he called him a dumpy today on twitter. o'rourke was warmly received here if marin.
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ic cheers from about 80 guests. beto o'rourke was private. she isn't discouraged by the low poll numbers early. >> there is huge room for change as people, they start to actually pay attention. and i've been going up and down the street having people say what is beto? >> yes, we will take your ar-15 and your ak-47. >> and the big impression in the last democratic debate. >> and i have that last opportunity to say the right things and while we still have time. >> reporter: now speaking before the fundraiser, o'rourke repeated his calls to not only stop selling assault weapons, but to turn them all in. >> i'm sick and tired of people in position of power being scared afraid and complicit inand bloodshed. >> o'rourke two hours, they were spent with staff and inmates, now talking to them
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about rehabilitation and race. >> and just thinking about the prison population that is 2.3 million in this country. the largest on the face of the planet, and people of color. >> reporter: he noted his youthful arrest for dui and trespassing, they did not define him. >> that has a lot to do with my race. you know a function of luck and circumstance. and privilege. >> and a place of privilege and just charged a sliding scale. neighbors not on the list, they could still listen. >> and they told police afterwards that they came to kill mexicans. >> sounds intrigued by how they are making gun reform their signature issue. >> and that is just kind of a put one foot in the water, pict from inside the fundraiser look turn districts blue across the country. i'm told he spoke on the range of topics, took questions,
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stayed an hour late and shook every hand and thanked every volunteer. now tomorrow morning o'rourke will go to oakland for a round table discussion on equity and justice. >> debora villalon, thanks. new tonight president trump took another swipe at homelessness in san francisco as he headed home from california tonight on air force one. he told reporters that waste including needles is going through storm drains into the ocean. the president said the environmental protection agency will issue a notice of violation to the city shortly. now san francisco state senator scott wiener tweeted in response epa must have a lot of time on their hands since under this president it's not enforcing actual environmental laws. the vast majority of sf doesn't have human waste or syringes. and so it is disappointing that the trump administration has
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subjected california's request for more housing vouchers to get people off the streets. >> the president of california concluded a visit to a new section of the border wall in san diego. fox news lauren blanchard has this report. >> reporter: the president showing off a section of his fewly built wall in southern california. days after customs and border protection announced a 22% decline in border apprehensions. and they say democrats in congress say the cost of the wall could hurt the u.s. military. >> and this wall could not be climbed. it is very hard. >> reporter: according to cbp, some 60 miles of new border walls have been constructed. president trump touring a section in mesa, california and meeting with border patrol. >> there is a false narrative out there. >> reporter: a new report warns of the possible negativism pacts of using the emergency declaration to move billions from military's construction
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budgets to border security. democrats are saying the president's wall will come at the expense of men and women in uniform. senate minority leader, chuck schumer writing, no surprise stealing $3.6 billion from the department of defense for an ineffective expensive southern border wall weakens america's national security and puts the health, safety, and education of military personnel and their families lives at risk. this as congress is negotiating another interim spending bill because current funding runs out on september 30. >> we wanted congress to help us. we would have made life very easy. wh it. so now we have a world class security system at the border. >> reporter: if congress could not agree on the de, of yet ano government shutdown. some more progressive democrats are hoping to add a provision to the bill to prevent the president from moving money towards the wall without congressional approval.
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in washington lauren blanchard, fox news. canadian prime minister justin trudeau is apologizing for showing up in brown face at a costume party 18 years ago. today he explained that photo was released today was taken when he was a teacher in vancouver. >> i take responsibility for my decision to do that. i shouldn't have done it. i should have known better. it was something that i didn't think was racist at the time, but now i recognize it is something racist to do, and i'm deeply sorry. >> the photo was posted in time magazine one week after the prime minister announced his reelection campaign. new tonight a brush fire in vallejo spread to a fire on rainbow court. four apartment units were damait under control an hour later and no word on what caused that fire, but they say it appears to have started at the back of the building. about a dozen people were
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forced to pick up and move their belongings from the homeless camps in oakland today. crews conducted the sweep at 6:00 tonight at the park, which is south of jack london square. now a mother and her two kids were among the people told to leave. she told us that many people would come by and drop off food, clothes, other items. she also says she has no clue where she will go next, but hoping to find a place that's safe. and a police pursuit in lafayette ended in a multi-car crash on highway 24. it happened at about 4:30 this afternoon on eastbound 24. just past the pleasant hill road exit and right before the 680 interchange. police say three people ran from the car that was being chased. two of them were detained. now last we heard police were still looking for that third person. and authorities in marin county say good samaritans pulled a mother and two young children to safety after a policing caused their car to roll over down a steep embankment. it happened at about 8:30 this morning near san rafael and highway 101 near st. vincent
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drive. all three victims taken to the hospital with serious injuries. the highway patrol says it was likely finding the three people who stopped to pull those victims out of the wreckage. now to berkeley where public schoolteachers have been working without a contract as they say they are among the lowest paid in alameda county and need a raise to survive in the high priced bay area. paul chambers in berkeley tonight where the teachers made their demands known at the school board meeting. >> reporter: frank, representatives say the salaries here in berkeley are 18 out of 20 now in alameda county. they say they deserved hundreds staffing students, all a piece of berkeley, demanding higher wages and a new contract for educators. >> we are working on an expired contract. we didn't settle. we didn't get to an agreement last spring. >> and berkeley federation of
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teachers, the union thatrepresenwere asking for more special statues of 5.75% rate for the current school year in a similar amount for next year. the district is only offering 2.25%, which some feel is one reason more than 80 teachers left the district last year alone. >> teachers, they're coming, going. we've seen a few leave. and i know it is because of the way that they are not being able to afford this high cost of living. we keep losing them, moving to fremont. they are moving out of state. we can't keep them mo money and some teachers would return both interest and i live in the city of oakley. >> we feed teachers to be able to show you that they have these strong sides. and to say in them. >> the board meeting is standing room only with 300 people attending showing their
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support for educators living without a contract since the end of june. >> we don't have a contract, then you don't get anything. >> that's right. >> it is a fair contract and a contract that we and our students deserve. >> reporter: and now union representatives say they have four for scheduled negotiation talks with the board and they say although that they will talk about strikes right now it is not off the table. as for the teachers, the boards voted tonight to go forward with putting the parcel attacks on the ballot of 2020. will salaries and retentions and recruiting the future teachers. fred? >> and teachers in berkeley tonight, thank you. and uc president janet napolitano says they have made the tough and bittersweet decisions to step down. she has led the ten campus systems since 2013. she said if a statement she worked to stabilize tuition, expand student aid and increase enrollment. now nepal that foe says she will stay on until next august. the nationwide search will
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begin for her replacement. she said she will return to uc berkeley as the tenure professor at the goldman school of public policy after taking some time off. and now an out of control police car will hit that pedestrian and what witnesses saw today on el camino real. in two minutes, flight delays, cancellations at sfo and the runway projects that will be wrapping up and why it is ahead of schedule. the showers have ended for now with temperatures the warmups. i'll have the details.
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easily find the entertainment you love with the x1 voice remote. search netflix, prime video, youtube and more, all with the sound of your voice. find your favorites today. in fact ktvu's jana katsuyama tells us the runway is set to reopen tomorrow night a week ahead of schedule. cotru
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since september 7 is wrapping up earlier than expected. the shutdown has caused delays or diversions since the project began. >> and i couldn't believe it that they did not start making plans in advance telling me just a few days before my travel that i have an option of changes airports. >> and they say they notified the faa as required by the runway closure. he says the faa is responsible for adjusting the flight landing capacity for every airport. diego says the plan was to take three weeks to repave runway 28 left where it intersects two shorter runways and scraped down to the base layer. >> we are essentially going into an area that had not been touched since the early 1960s. we really didn't know what kind of conditions that the soil boots beneath the surface will be in. >> reporter: turns out the soil
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is more stable than expected. allowing for the runway reconstruction in less time. >> if it will make it faster for everybody to get in and out of here and not have to wait so long taxiing around the runways, then a little sacrifice will go a long way. >> airline passenger advocates say sfo, the airlines, and the faa should have reduced flights to reduce the burden on passengers. and they say all parties should meet to discuss lessons learned. >> they should have gotten well in advance with the airlines and the faa to reduce the amount of traffic at that airport during that time. >> reporter: sfo officials say that the delays, they could continue even after the runway reopens at 9:00 p.m. on thursday. but they say have all operations back to normal by friday morning. reporting from sfo, jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2news. and a man was critically injured today after he was struck by an out-of-control
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police car in redwood city. the pedestrian was crossing el camino real at 9:35 this morning. the officer was responding to a call at a good rate of speed when she lost control of her patrol car and slammed right into the victim. redwood city police brought in chp to investigate to avoid any conflict of interest. >> i saw the cops hitting the guy. the guy flying up inside. >> our police, they are always very cautious. and highly respected. it is kind of shocking. >> crews prompted the evacuation of several homes. it happened just west of highway 101. puncturing half an inch of the
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plastic pipe. 16 homes were evacuated. they are working to get the repairs done, so they could get back to their homes. the trump administration setting standards. in a series of tweets, he said his action would create jobs as he predicted they would buy more new cars. the new cars would make the air cleaner by taking older models off the road. >> we cannot afford to backslide in our battle. for us, this is about survival. our communities are screaming for help to address the climate crisis. >> the administration's move is actually intended to benefit oil companies. saying many auto makers are on
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board. >> and a few showers this morning. mid-70s with a few low 80s. and here is where the system is and was and went through yesterday or this morning. it seems like yesterday. now it's kind of lingering up in the hills with snow above the high passes. scattered showers are lingering. a little bit of fog showing up here a nice day though that will be very fall like as they would go through. not looking for temperatures in the mid-90s. tomorrow's forecast with that
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fog that will go away and yellows are 60s, 70s, pardon me. and that there might be one out there east of concord and an orange or an 80. but the plan then for friday, to be a little warmer still. the day we would hit the low 90s, cooling off quickly after that. a fall weather pattern that will kind of keep going the way it is going. i mean that's really pleasant temperatures, your air conditioners are not hammering on and off in morgan hill and san jose. 80 degrees high. the very pleasant day down there. now the five-day forecast, it is just sort of, you know, flat lining if you will, warming up quite a bit over the weekend. nothing really to speak of in terms of weather stuff. but there is a tropical storm down in texas causing flight delays and it will cause the flight delays near houston and galveston tomorrow. but for us, you keep running. the weekend will be pretty warm and not hot, but enough for the inland areas as we would barbecue on saturday and
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sunday. adding more than 500 new words to merriam webster's dictionary. some of the new words include vacay, a vacation and inspell. a shortening of inspiration. adding a new definition for they. now analogying it could refer to somebody's gender non- bifary. pickle ball, dad joke, and fabulosity. >> what is pickle ball? >> it's a game. >> oh. >> but i can't remember how you play it, but yeah. >> okay. >> we need to look that one up. >> okay. >> you learn everything every day. >> yes, you do. >> the giants, bruce bochy got win number 2,000 tonight as the manager. the milestone came in the ballpark. he told his players in the locker room. that's coming up next in sports. but first a story you'll find on on the birth of a rare monkey at the san
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francisco zoo. the monkey is native to china and vietnam and endangered. the monkey was just born on september 8. the zoo is now going to hold a contest to come up with a name for it. a great song for that monkey. >> perfect. >> back in a moment. ♪ [ music ] crab!? they love it. we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. ♪
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all right, you could get enough of this story.
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and his grandson on the giants. >> yeah, it is really cool and that took a backseat tonight because bruce bochy enters the history books and it's like the way the giants played in the first two months of the season, we didn't think he would reach that milestone. only 11 managers in the history of baseball have reached them tonight and hang on to the world series. but hey there's the guy that has been on the world series with a triple crown winner. meeting his for him with his grandson making the catch at the plate and just here is steven voit ripping one down the line. they would call it the pesky pole. giants will explode with five runs to peak make sure bochy
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was a winner. just loving it. the story is bruce bochy with 2,000 wins, world series. he's going to the hall of fame. here's a little clip from what it looks like inside the giants clubhouse as they celebrate their beloved manager. >> and there is a whole thing on it. for you guys to do what you did to get back for this to happen. >> every day it seems like they have the cutest kids show up. meanwhile homer bailey, meeting on the mound with seven strikeouts. chad pinder of the stubborn royals. they didn't go down easy with the replay look at it. this game went 0-0 into the bottom of the 11th inning.
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and a shot meanwhile think of all that ste achieved. two-time mvp and, of course, the world champion with the warriors. he has never been in the olympics. with team u.s.a. and he announced it today that he will participate. assuming that he's not injured or anything like that. and in the summer games, next year, and trying to help team u.s.a. recover the championship and the gold medal. now steph curry will play. as will damian lillard by the way. now let's check this out. the theme tonight will be robbery or as the completion we'll tell you. in progress, right?
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and as they host derek fish were a nice catch. josh reddick impression with that home run robbery. that is it right now. and that big story for bruce bochy. i've always liked him. >> all right, see you later everybody. >> good night. haley, hurry up!
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