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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 21, 2019 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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f0 fire officials could be look for an arsonist after six fires in the south bay burning more than 120-acres today. cal fire has the fires 40% contained. they broke out east of millipedees. investigators are looking for
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someone they believe intentionally set the fires. cal fire was one of several agencies participating today. but halfway through the event cal fire took off. >> a plume of smoke started. >> corey johnson took pictures of this. >> two of the larger planes dropped retarget. a lot of equipment responded quick. >> cal fire is investigating six fires in the hills as arson. fire crews saw a honda suv
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leaving the area. calaveras road closed throughout the night. predicted high temperatures and gusty winds prompted pg&e to warn customers of potential power shut offs. the utility raised the likelihood of power should off to elevated. forecasters are predicting hot, dry and windy conditions for monday and tuesday. the shut off program has grown to 30,000 miles of power lines in high fire risk areas. kyle will have more on the fire danger coming up. the pentagon is deploying military forces to the middle east a fields were bombed. bia
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>> the pentagon said this is just the first step in response to these attacks, iran is likely responsible for. defense officials are saying this is defensive in nature and meant to deter additional attacks. exact details are being worked out. it will include hundreds of u.s. soldiers. >> president trump says he wants to avoid war with iran and he said he hopes iran will take steps to change its behavior. >> the easiest thing would be go do it. knockout 15 different major things in iran. kai do that. it's set to go. but i'm not looking to do that.
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>> the latest move is raising concerns at home and abroad the u.s. is moving closer to a war with the iranian regime and lawmakers are urging the president to be cautious. >> the united states needs to be weary. this is saudi arabia's fight. this is an issue we can support them in. >> my concern is they are a trip wire. they may be deployed in saudi arabia and the u.a.e. and draws us into a fighting war with iran. >> this is days u.n. general assembly next week. the highway patrol has issued an amber alert for a 2-year-old boy. john was last soon with his
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father at 7:00 last night. authorities say weir is considered armed and dangerous, 5'10," 300 pounds. the two are believed to be in a hundred day elantra. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> two vehicles collided in sacramento but one of the cars slammed into a restaurant. it happened in front of a can clock bangkok 12 restaurant. six people in the cars involved were injured. >> i was in the back trying to get my i heard the accidents before,
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this was really bad. >> look at the damage. this is the second time a car hit that same building in six months. police in san francisco are looking for a man who hasn't been since yesterday morning. the 52-year-old suffers from depression. he's a retired member of law enforcement. he was last seen wearing a played a plaid shirt and khaki shorts. police got a a fight on kansas and 15th street a man in custody tried to run away. the second man died from his
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injuries, police are looking to gather more evidence. good news, thousands of school children received a new pair of shoes. the back to school shoe give away was held and distributed 3100 pairs of school. organizers say it's making kids feel good about themselves. parents who brought their children appreciate going to the event each year. >> i'm excited the different events and resources they provide for the community to enroll in and take advantage of the resources. >> the kids they have distribut shoes since it began. a retirement took place at the a's game.
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it was a man you probably never heard of but you're familiar with his work. i can tell you the timing could not be better. look over my right shoulder. it's happening before our very eyes. his work appeared all over the work, from new year's eve to the 4th of july be professional sporting eventeds. he's mesmerized people with his work and tonight was his last show. >> this is the area areaial art work. jeff thomas has been partly responsible for lighting up the skies and faces of crowds as he produced pyrotechnic shows. as he prepared for the show at saturday's
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a's game it was his last. >> sad, yeah. i like to do this forever, but i'm trying to be real about it. i have a family and go out and enjoy life. >> he's worked for pyro spectaculars, after seeing thousands of shows the job is a blast. >> the rewarding part is entertaining, seeing the smiles on kid's faces. >> technology had a small influence helping with timing and precision. >> i don't know the answer, it touches all your senseses. you can it, smell it, hear it, there's a bit of magic involved. >> these displays have taken him around the world but there's been lots of stress. he's proud of the work bringing
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flashes of entertainment and briefly lighting up lives. now it's his turn to go out with a bang. >> i want to get out and enjoy the world and travel and have a good time while i'm healthy enough to do that. >> once again a live look at the fireworks show at the oakland coliseum. the fireworks treated the crowd to a kaleidoscope of colors, he's enjoyed all the shows, if he had to pick a favorite it would be the millennium show in san francisco. that one is hard to beat. >> what a spectical and amazing way to go out. i'm glad i'm here to help
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and clean up our neighborhood and city. >> cleaning up the coastline is important. doing that came with a twist. how it prompted a competition among local mayors. >> san jose state did something they haven't done since 2006. the details are later in sports. the floodwaters are starting to recede in texas following tropical storm imelda. up next, why locals are not out of the woods just yet. a weather fire watch set to kick in next week. when the hot, dry wind will start blowing. the juul record.
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they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with
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misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. . police in alameda need help identifying this guy, a burglary suspect. video shows the man outside of a home around 6:30 yesterday morning. he's described as 35 to 45-year- old. 5'10," 170 pounds. he was wearing a white hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. police arrested a sex offender after he approached two young girls. hassan met two 12-year-old
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girls at creek side park on thursday and convinced 1 to leave with him. he's accused of buying canty for the girl. no sexual assault was reported but he was arrested for annoying and harassing a minor. texas has flooded. 40 inches of rain came down on the houston area. water levels are starting to go down. >> you don't expect it to flood this soon when it never flooded before. >> one of the wettest tropical cyclones in u.s. history is blamed for at least five deaths, hundreds of homes and businesses have been damaged. >> at a section of interstate
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10 shut down after two barges collided with two bridges. >> once the water recedes we'll assess the damage. there could be damage under the water d barges that could cause or show damage. >> more than 1700 rescues or evacuations were carried out. >> brought people out first that were calling 911. had medical conditions. we went door-to-door and asked people if they wanted to come out or stay. >> if there's a bit of a silver lining, the sun is shining and we have blue skies, which is happenthe region that's so terribly waterlogged. not that kind of weather
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here, houston keeps getting hit. interesting, when he shows you, they may have sunny skies but it takes a long time for the water to recede. >> here we're warming up. that's what we have time to look forward to. >> a little bit of a break tomorrow. we were talking about the tropics, very busy. we have not one, two, three, but four tropical systems and a disturbance with a chance of being the next named storm. one in the atlantic and three in the pacific. rain in baja, california and into mexico. not causing us problems here. it's sending moisture, there's nasty storms in texas and oklahoma. we don't have that to deal with, we're under the influence of high
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pressure. we had 84 degrees in san francisco. the average normal thtime of the year is 70 degrees, a big difference. 63 in san francisco, 62 in santa rosa and 71 in shows. it's -- san jose, it's a mild night. we have the cooler moisture area from the ocean. 50 miles an hour wind at sfo. a night similar to last night. comfortable. mid- to upper 50s in most spots. few cooler than today. if you're at the coast 69 for the high. upper 80s for those of you inland. things are about to change, we have a fire weather watch kicking in monday night. dry, hot air will roll offshore.
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that brings fire danger with it. we'll talk more about that. >> the san francisco cable cars taken off line for maintenance and upgrades will roll again on monday. refurbishing the gear box. transit managers say the repairs are inconvenient especially for tourist. the moving landmarks have been shut down since the 13th and replaced with shuttle buses. >> to eat real festival oakland and people visited the jack london square. cooking demonstrations by bay area chefs and menu offerings. people tried everything including peach cobbler egg rolls.
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>> there's something for everybody, vegetarian, vegan, something for everybody. come down and get yourself something to eat. >> this is the 11th year, it resumes tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. >> always something cool going on there. honoring our nation's heroes. >> so many of the veterans were forgotten. >> people came together to honor veterans who never had their remains claimed. >> which candidate has pulled ahead in the polls. ♪
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. a proper burial for america's heros. dozens of people showed up to
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bury more than 30 veterans. >> their remains were unclaimed for family members or didn't have anyone to claim them. today they got a time resting place. >> behind every name, a story. sad, because so many of the veterans were forgotten. >> veterans from world war i to vietnam to correa. cremated and stored in mortuaries. >> we go in to mortuaries and find and identify any veterans that are on the shelf that nobody removed. >> ronald went through 1600 remains. >> i've been working on this for three years, we can follow a history
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through computer system and social networks and find out when they served. where they served. that's the important part. >> identify 30 veterans to bury with honors. >> and it doesn't matter we didn't know them or they didn't have family. they now have a family. >> a final salute to the men and women who sacrificed everything for our country. >> you are given the opportunity to live in the freest country in the world thanks to them. >> the work to identify the veterans is far from over. it's worth it to give the veterans the honors they deserve.
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self rat presidential candidates were in iowa. the state will play a keel role in determining the winner. the caucuses are the first to take place in february. kamala harris will visit iowa every month. elizabeth warren is leading in iowa. the poll found warren was the first choice for 22% of likely caucus goers, biden was second followed by sanders. cory booker and klobuchar 3%. >> allegations that the president sought help from ukraine is overwhelming abuse of power. president trump is said to have
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called the president of ukraine urging him on the investigation biden's son. the president insisting there was no wrongdoing. >> let me begin with a message for our house democratic friends. it is time for you to do your job and impeach president trump. >> julian castro was in iowa and repeated his calls for impeachment. still to come, protests continue for another weekend in hong kong, hundreds of people come together for a coastal clean up. youth leaders at the united
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nations demand action on climating change.
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. keeping the bay area beautiful is the goal of an annual event. there was a friendly competition to see whose city is the cleanest. >> this the coastal clean up day. events are happening across the world. the bay area is making it more interesting. three bay area mayors, one goal. are we ready to clean up. >> san francisco mayor, oakland mayor and san jose mayor put a twist on the coastal clean up day the world's largest
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environmental event by competing against each other. >> are we ready to beat oakland. are thousands of volunteers spent the day cleaning neighborhoods, parks and beaches, and doing beautification projects. >> i'm glad i'm here to clean up our neighborhood and city. >> the city with the most volunteers that pick up the most trash has bragging rights. the losing maires have to wear jerseys from the winning city's sports teams. >> we don't care what that garbage human being in the white house says about san francisco. the city is investing millions
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of dollars toward clean up efforts. >> we're seeing a decline in 311 calls for clean up. >> volunteers of all ages know the importance of keeping each city clean. >> the amount of trash has been appalling, and so every year we're like let's come back to the same place. >> they say more than 469,000 pounds of trash was picked up in california. 33 pounds of recyclable trash was picked up. no word on which bay area city picked up the most trash. the mayor says east oakland has a big
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problem with illegal dumping. >> the battle for the bay everyone wins, no matter which mayor wins the whole bay wins. when we have clean neighborhoods it happens the environments and the waterways. it's good for everyone. >> the last saturday of every month is free dump day. residents are encouraged to bring their unwanted items on the edge water bay and get rid of them. youth climate leaders took their message to the united nations. >> environmental activist taking over the united nations saturday and demanding swift action to combat climate change.
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greta spearheading the global movement. she reflected on the global march. >> yesterday millions of people across the globe marched and demanded real climate action, especially young people, we showed that we are united and that we young people are unstoppable. >> the summit is the first of its kind for the united nations. speakers invited to talk. >> the climate crisis the political crisis of our time. the economic crisis of our time and the cultural crisis of our time. >> activist presenting the
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solutions to climate change. >> i know and hope they will be successful. >> she's been invited to speak monday where she's expected to bring her pleas to global leaders. it's a peaceful protest in hong kong turned violent today. today. that was the peaceful part of it and this is where the comes in. began with the song "glory to hong kong." police responded by firing tear gas. the dem stations opposed a
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proposed extradition law. fired tear gas in paris where protesters are trying to restrive the yellow vest program. police tried to disperse the crowds by throwing tear gas. police detained 39 people. the primetime emmy awards are tomorrow night. the final prep is underway in los angeles. we have a beautiful day on tap tomorrow, then dangerous weather as a fire weather watch kicks in. we'll talk about it.
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. crews are wrap-up the finishing touches for the emmy awards. there won't be a host on stage. that's meant to give the performers and winners more time on stage. the walk up music will be a cure rated list. >> we hope you will join us, the red 0. the celebrities arrive at 4:00. >> it does not end that. stay with us after the award show. we'll have a post show.
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at 9:00 we have back-to-back primetime specials. a behind the scene look at food and quake country preparing for the next big one. that sounds like a party. >> tune in. that sounds like a good time. we're going to have a lovely day tomorrow, this is what we have to worry about. we're under a fire watch. the east bay hills and north bay mountains, sacramento to redding. the danger is that we'll have dry air that will roll offshore. we'll see the windy down through the mountains and hills. that will increase fire danger.
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be on the lookout. if a fire starts it could spread quickly. highs today, we were warm today. yow in san francisco, 92 in vallejo. oakland 63, concord 71, redwood city 61. a few clouds throughout the night. fog should be contained tomorrow morning, overnight lows in the mid- to upper 60s. we've been under the unfines -- influence of high pressure. we'll see more of that, slightly cooler temperatures as we have low pressure moving in and slide to the east of us and head to nevada. we have high pressure here, low pressure there, in between a pressure
10:40 pm
gradient. you have wind funneling around high pressure. and the two of them send that dry, warm air offshore. that's why monday night through wednesday morning we're under the fire weather watch. it beautiful. the clouds are staying away. as we get into tomorrow we'll see a few clouds, coastal fog as we look at futurecast. a few high clouds. it will be gorgeous and sunny. the highs tomorrow. we're looking for a high of 72. 88 in santa rosa. 80 in fremont. look at the 5-day forecast. fall officially begins on monday. we're going to warm up. look at tuesday. see the inland high. 100 e the dry, hot air, we'll have low relative
10:41 pm
humidity. these make it dangerous. just a heads up. that's it for us, sports wrap is next. we have a complete day of college football. >> the a's inch closer to the playoffs. ♪
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is 5 to clinch a wild card berth. it was fireworks night.
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huge 1st inning for the a's. olsen smacks the rbi to right. rbi double to right. 3-0. phegley the blooper to left. 5-0 oakland. chapman up the middle. that brings home a pair of runs. the a's up 7-0. top third, watch this catch, i got it. he flies down by the bullpen. a's up 9-0 when simien goes deep. that's home run number 32. 10-0 oakland. mark dana, that home run makes it 35 homers against the rangers this year for the
10:45 pm
a's. that sets a record. a's win 12-3, improve to 94-61. >> ladies and gentlemen, mark mcgwire. mark mcgwire one of five inducted into the a's hall of fame. walter moss accepted the honor for his father. campaneras got the green jacket with vida blue and that's the last a's manager to win a world series, tony la russa. they will join last year inductees to be enshrined in the a's hall of fame. rays down to boston, nate lowe just fair and just over the wall in left. it's a walk off 2 run homer for
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