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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 24, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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i'm announcing the house of representatives is moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry. a seismic shift after months of caution. nancy pelosi decides to pursue an impeachment inquiry. >> president trump had this response. it was two political reporter
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greg lee with the story. >> the president must be held accountable, no one is above the law. >> reporter: facing mounting pressure, nancy pelosi announced a formal impeachment inquiry of president trump. the action comes into response to allegations that during a phone call, president trump pushed the ukrainian president into an investigation by the biden. there was no official wrong doing by the bidens. >> the actions of the trump presidency reveals dishonorable fact of the president's betrayal of his oath of office. betrayal of our national security and betrayal of our
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integrity of our elections. >> reporter: today president trump doubled down into the need to look into the bidens. he has tweeted he has authorizeed the release of the entire transcript of the call. former vp biden respond first- degree the president refeudss to come -- if the president refuses to comply, impeachment will be the only resort. >> the president believes he is above the law. pursuing the leader of another nation to investigate a political opponent, to help win his election is not the conduct of an american president. >> reporter: about a week before the call, president trump withheld $391,000 of aid to ukraine. today president trump said he did it because he wanted other nations to help. and said the money was later released. house democrats are calling for impeachment. the administration has refused
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to release the whistle blowers complaint. >> especially when the president says article two says i can do whatever i want. >> reporter: before speaking to the united nations general assembly the president remained defiant when asked about the potential probe using a familiar defense. >> i think it's ridiculous. it's a witch hunt. i'm leading in the polls. they have no ideas how to stop me. the only way is through impeachment. this has never happened to a president pw-frp. >> reporter: on wednesday, the acting director will go before the house intelligence committee. that's also when speaker pelosi has set a deadline to release the entire presidential hopeful elizabeth warren tweeted, the t move forward with efficiency and seriousness. i will do what the constitution requires when it comes to the
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senate mitch mcconnell issued a statement today he said quote the rush to judgment comes just hours after president trump offered to release the details of his phone conversation. it comes despite the fact that committee level proceedings are under way to adder the whistle blower allegation through a fair and bipartisan process. >> coming up at 10:30, the political ramifications of pelosi's decision. we will examine how the impeachment inquiry could decide the 2020 presidential election. now to pg & e's decision to cut service because of safety concerns. those shut offs will begin at 2:30 tomorrow morning. the bulk of the shut offs are in butte county including chico, oroville and paradise. portions of yuba, nevada and placer county. the list includes 700 customers
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in santa rosa and another 700 in nain one of the affected communities, calistoga. >> reporter: for the mother bay, pg & e pulls the plug a little later around 4:30 a.m. fortunately though, not the downtown core or most neighborhoods here in calistoga but near lake bariesta hundreds of customers will wake up without power. >> reporter: ice, four pallets ready to go at cal mart. the come wednesday, there might be long lines for ice. those hit by the power outage may need to keep their food cold. >> last year it was everybody in
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the night because it's going to be hot tonight. >> reporter: most in the hills spanning napa and sonoma county. it's just a fraction of those put on watch. triggers energy response by officials. >> we decided we didn't want a power safety shut out to as many customers. as you know weather changes. we cast a wide net early on. >> reporter: the town's location near high risk transmission lines made it one of the first places to go dark. under pg & e's power shut downs last year. heavily criticized here as two abrupt and two long lasting. >> i think especially 10,000 tourist in town right now for crush. >> we certainly don't want to repeat of the tub's fire or any
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fire as far as that goes. you know, a little extra precaution if it's needed. then we support that. >> reporter: cal mart already has one generator and a second arriving any day now. and the stark reaction to pg & e's plan ranges from skepticism. >> they're going to do whatever they're going to do. it's kind of getting old. >> reporter: to annoyance. >> i have food in my fridge that's going to go bad. and is pg & e going to pay me back for that, no. >> to amusement. >> it's like camping. you have your candles and everything. it's kind of fun. brings you back to the olden days. >> reporter: pg & e is opening two centers for customers to go to. one at the veteran's building in santa rosa. the other at the fairground here in calistoga. they expect to start restoring power about noon if wind cooperate. reporting live in calistoga,
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deborah villalon. the second night in a row red flag warning in effect in the north and east bay above 1,000 feet. the rest of us may not notice much at all. a heat advisory tomorrow again. temperatures around 100 degrees. also a spare the air alert second day in a row on that one. we're looking at a situation where we're going to see significant changes as we go through the next couple of days. so as we look at the heat advisory here. help me move this forward. and you'll see we have heat advisory here and then here is the red flag warning. these are the areas we're talking about. and the winds and the hills some what relatively light. but they're going get going here. not broadcast to go as strong as last night it was close in bay as well. we get this big heat up. red flag warnings. watch what happens on thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. a significant drop in weather and temperatures. when we come back we'll explain
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that and a look at the wind speeds in the bay. people often go to san francisco to escape the heat but that strategy didn't work today. that type of heat can be a concern to people who aren't used to it because most homes don't have air-conditioning. the design of buildings means they can hold on to heat for hours even days. >> we lived in heavy buildings that are made of stone that heat up and then that heat traps in the building. and it goes higher than the outdoors. so an indoor temperature can be five to 10 degrees hotter than the outside. >> san francisco's rec and park dministration fees at the seven run pools for both today and tomorrow. our coverage continues on our website where you can get weather conditions any time as well as the latest on power shut offs from pg & e. new tonight a san francisco supervisor is calling on the city's health department to come up with an emergency
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response plan. the goal to combat the increasingly high numbers of deadly drug overdoses involving opioid such as fentanyl. amber lee joins us live. she's live at city hall after speaking with the supervisor behind the proposed resolution, amber. >> reporter: supervisor matt haney says not enough is being done to save lives. >> reporter: a free meal at united nation's plaza in san francisco on tuesdays is a ritual. curry without worry is a nonprofit that feeds those in need. in addition to food some say more comprehensive help is needed to help those with drug addiction. >> i've seen like two people. two to three people that have not survived from taking drugs overdosing. and you get it so easily. >> reporter: super
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>> reporter: supervisor haney calls for having an emergency plan. it would make narcan more ready available. >> we need to make sure treatment spots are available. if we're out there and someone wants to get off drug -- drugs and we tell them we don't have anything for you. that's reckless. >> reporter: brandon reed said in a statement the department of public health has nurses and outreach workers out on the street every day. helping people enter treatment and working to prevent overdoses. during a previous board of superv and the u.s. attorney's office are targeting high level drug dealers. >> sadly what we know is happening right now, people are arrested and they are released and there are no consequences. >> reporter: haney says the city needs to do more. >> i don't know how anybody can say we're doing good enough when more and more people are dying. >> reporter: according to the
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department of public health there were 259 drug overdose deaths in 2019 up from 222 from if year before. the head of san francisco general hospital's emergency department tells me he sees deadly overdoses almost every day. so he expects the numbers this year to surpass last year. >> i've used heroin and meth. >> mark tells me he's homes and -- homeless and that addiction whole new crowd out here now. it's definitely taking effect. >> reporter: those living on the street say long term solutions need to include counseling and housing. expect the board of supervisors to approve the resolution when they vote on it next month. live in san francisco, amber lee,lu deaths
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here in the bay area. what health officials are revealing as they encourage everyone to get a flu shot. banning rv parking in mountain view. city leaders considering what streets rvs and campers could park. we'll have more on the rallying cry against a ban. >> and chief meteorologist bill martin is back with tomorrow's forecast. show us when we can expect the changes. this is the chevy silverado,
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer. new at 10 clock, city leaders are considering an outright ban on parking trailers and rvs. >> reporter: within the last two minutes we learned city leaders voted 4-3 for a ban on oversized vehicle parking on most residential streets. also they voted to ban oversized parking on streets with bike lanes. critics of this ban say it would force rv dwellers and campers into industrial and commercial areas and the parking there is limited. >> i've got the cooking right here. okay. i just cooked up my dinner. >> reporter: dave bengel on a
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fixed income unable to afford rising rents lives in his rv parked the last two months in this industrial area in mountain view. only a handful of rvs are there now. soon there could be a lot more. >> please come over and form a line. >> reporter: on tuesday night, city leaders are considering outlying the parking of oversized vehicles. essentially all residential streets. >> the second highest concern we had from resident it is first one big waste and spills. the second highest one when we surveyed all the residents we had over 1,200 responses in january was obstruction of site. >> reporter: residents call it a upcoming traffic. over 2,000 people live in rv vehicles. those against the move rallied outside of city hall and in the meeting. >> it's likely the way they
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treat the kids at the border. they're trying to tell people they aren't welcomed in mountain view. >> reporter: rv dwellers will be left with few options. the streets would be restricted in some industrial areas signs are already posted restricting parking. >> my friends are here, every association i have is here. >> reporter: the law foundation of silican valley says the ban violates civil rights. >> it's cruel and unusual punishment for cities to criminalize parking when there are no shelter bed available. >> reporter: city leaders are also looking to expand their parking program. housing advocates want them open around the clock. well again city leaders voted four will -- 4-3 on a ban on narrow streets that included residential streets. they voted just after 10:00.
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this will go into effect june 30th of next year. we spoke to some rv dwellers who said if this does go forward they will ask voters to put this on the ballot. they will gather signatures for a referendum. julie. >> azenith smith thank you. last week local residents asked for an injunction saying they are losing sleep and that the noise is harming their quality of life. their attorney tells the marin independent journal they're not giving up their fight. meantime overnight testing will continue friday night starting at 11:00 p.m. and saturday night if needed. supervisors in marin county took another step tothe county's wildfire prevention campaign. they agreed to form a new super
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agency. that would include vegetation management to improving evacuation routs in the event of a fire. >> we want to get people out alive first and foremost. we want to protect their homes from fire second and we want to create a landscape that tolerates fire sr-z marin county's 19 fire agencies need to approve the plan. the county would then put a partial tax to fund the super agency. the red flag warning in effect through tomorrow in the mid-morning hours. we are going to see a massive cool down after tomorrow though. tomorrow is going to be a hot day just like today. red flag warnings, spare the air day. once we get past tomorrow where the temperatures peak, look at the drop off here. temperatures really go downright through the weekend and to the point where we might see a little snow up in the mountains as well. it's definitely going to be a big switch kind of a 180 from what we're seeing today and tomorrow. the current temperatures 80 in concord. that tells you something right.
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the air is comeing in from the north and it's northeast and it's sinking and compressing and at 80-degree this tile of night is pretty impressive. patchy fog. but the model says it's going to happen. it's a spare the air day to so car pooling. you're not supposed to be using lawn mowers. 67 when you wake up in antioch and fairfield. that's a concern for fire when you have warm daytime highs or morning lows. fire the next day is really a problem. it can be much more aggressive when you have these warm overnight louse. when we come back we'll get more -- overnight lows. when we come back we'll get more specific on the cool down. still ahead tonight, a new warning about vaping. the latest from state health officials as a bay area county considering banning e cigarette sales. >> up first, an out of control
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driver slams into parked cars in san francisco. more video from the scene right after the break. the juul record.
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they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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new video tonight of a police chase that ended in a crash and sent one person to the hospital. police said about 7:30 officers tried to pull over a vehicle that was wanted in connection with a robbery. they say the driver took off and ended up crashing into a parked car on mccalister near polk near city hall. the driver was taken into custody and taken -- taken away by an ambulance. and it happened just haywar pacific train conductor says a person was on the tracks when they were hit. it caused some problems for other train traffic in the area including the capital corridor amtrak train. the environmental protection agency is threatening to cut off transportation funds to california if the state fails to clean up what the agency says is the dirtiest air in the nation. the epa is accusing california
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of ignoring several requirements of the clean air act. ironicically it was just last week when the epa joined the transportation department in revoking california's right to set stricter pollution limits on cars and light trucks. the california attorney general along with a coalition of environmental groups filed a lawsuit today challenging the trump administration's decision to end productions for bay area salt ponds. the suit seeks to overturn a decision made earlier this year by the epa that removed the salt ponds from redwood city from protection offered under the clean water act. cargill has been trying to develop the 1,300 square foot property for years. >> cargill wants to build homes and other development on them. redwood city said no several time sos they went to the trump administration and they got to waiver from the clean water act. >> so far cargill has not
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commented on the deal. stocks dropped when news broke that an impeachment probe is moving forward. the dow is down 142, the nasdaq was down 118 and the s & p500 was down 25. traders also reacted to a decline in consumer confidence from august. there are calls tonight for british prime minister boris jackson to step down following a key ruling from britain's supreme court. the court ruled that his move to suspend parliament for five weeks was illegal. johnson was trying to keep parliament from continuing to bait on brexit which was set to happen on halloween. the president was in new york as the ruling came is london to parliament reconvenes. health officials in the south bay announce two flu deaths including a child. what they say makes these deaths unusual when it comes to this flu season. >> also ahead, the a's are in anaheim needing a win or else
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they'll lose ground in the play off race. who came out on top, the a's or angels. the impeachment inquiry for president trump. >> ♪ ♪ ♪
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the actions of the presidency reveals dishonorable facts of the presidents betrayal of the oath of office. betrayal of our national security. >> that is nancy pelosi announcing her decision to pursue an impeachment inquiry of president trump. >> will the presidents base be reenergized to defend him? we have some early thoughts on the political calculus of the house investigation. >> this adds a new twist. a top california republican thinks this will unify republicans behind president trump. the majority of americans do not feel impeachment is a high priority. the uc berkeley professor said the impeachment inquiry unifies factions within the democratic party that have been divided.
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>> reporter: hours after house speaker nancy pelosi announced the impeachment inquiry, the trump 2020 re-election campaign countered. soliciting supporters to donate to his official impeachment defense task force. the impeachment inquiry is adding another divisive issue to the 2020 presidential race. congress questioning whether president trump committed a high crime or misdemeanor as the same time voters decide to keep him and or vote him out. >> it support for the president. >> reporter: she believes impeachment proceedings will help unify republicans. >> even those who are semi- lukewarm about the president will find it unjust that democrats are such sore losers that three years after losing the election, they are still trying to supersede the people's views and get the president removed from office. >> reporter: many of the democratic primary candidates tried to remove the president
10:32 pm
and support the impeachment inquiry. it brings added attention to joe biden who is try to position himself as the most electable alternative to trump. >> we think people will see biden as a victim of the president's actions and will think it shows the president is scared of biden as an opponent. you could see that helping him on the margins. >> reporter: the codirector of uc berkeley institute of governmental studies says biden should not expect a long-term boost. with strong challenges from senator warren and bernie sanders. pelosi's announcement indicates a tipping point for the democratic party and the nation. going into the presidential election. >> i think it is mobilizing and substantive. on the mobilizing side, everyone will use this to raise money. substantively, we are at a point where these accusations against the president are
10:33 pm
extremely serious. >> he also said the inquiry puts pressure on moderate republicans up for re-election next year. congresswoman tulsi gabbard of hawaii has qualified for the next democratic presidential debate. that brings the number of candidates who will be on stage 212. they had to reach 2% support and at least four polls to make the cut. and they have to receive donations from at least130,000 individual donors. the banning the sale of all vaping products. the board voted unanimously on a referral to consider options for banning the sale and distribution of e-cigarette's. if it is approved, it will follow san francisco, livermore and other counties. a final vote is november 5.
10:34 pm
the state department of health issued an advisory warning people to stop using all vaping pens and cigarettes. the warning applies to all users no matter the substance or source until investigations are complete. anybody having difficulty breathing after vaping should contact their doctor immediately. they also say 90 people in california have been hospitalized for vaping related respiratory problems. two have died. health officials in santa clara county have two flu deaths. these deaths come much earlier in the flu season than usual. >> we can say that flu is here. >> reporter: the flu is here and it can be deadly. that was a message from the top health official on tuesday who announced two recent flu deaths in santa clara county. an adult and child. >> one adult passed away. the adult had an underlying
10:35 pm
chronic illness that put them at risk for severe flu. i can tell you that the child was otherwise healthy and most likely became infected while traveling overseas. >> reporter: they marked the first flu deaths in santa clara county this season and occurred earlier than usual. >> what we know is we don't see flu deaths in september. today we are reporting two flu deaths. whether this indicates an early season, we don't know. >> reporter: health officials did not say if the residents have received a flu vaccine. according to the cdc's latest statistics nationwide, eight out of every 10 flu deaths were people who were unvaccinated. this pediatrician advises everyone six months and older get the flu vaccine. people 65 years and older and children under the age of two are especially at risk. >> last year when we had a significant flu season, what i saw was kids that had gotten the vaccine were not nearly as sick as the kids that had.
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>> reporter: the flu vaccine is readily available and there is plenty of supply. it is too early to say which flu strain is circulating or how effective the vaccine will be. health officials say a vaccination is still the best protection. >> it is important for people who are traveling to get a flu vaccine prior to travel. that is highlighted by the child that died in our county after international travel. >> reporter: in addition to the vaccine, health officials advise regular handwashing and staying home if you are sick. margot sobel they ate, smoke and showered in the homes they broke into. one woman's exchange who walked into her house and sat down on the couch. a heat advisory and a red flag warning for wednesday. we will talk about the major cool down coming our way. the latest bay area county
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to ban styrofoam items. what is out and what is okay? the juul record.
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they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san fran say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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supervisors approved a ban on styrofoam food and drink containers at certain restaurants, cafis and two trucks. the ordinance will go
10:40 pm
into effect in may in unincorporated areas of the county. trays that are used to package raw meat and reusable foam ice chest will be allowed. styrofoam is not biodegradable. experts say it can fit in landfills for up to 500 years. the vote was unanimous. oakland is considering adding bus only lanes along stretch of broadway. the public works committee announced a proposal to the full city council today, more transit buses run on broadway than any other street in the east bay. officals say adding bus only lanes will mean up to a 30% time savings for riders. dedicated bus lanes would run on broadway be to lean 11th and 20th streets. a judge will say there is enough evidence to order sergeant with the alameda county sheriff's department to stand trial that he secretly recorded interviews between four teenage subscripts and their attorneys. the sergeant seen in the brown suit allegedly recorded
10:41 pm
confidential sessions inside an interview room last year. the judge also reduce the felony charges to misdemeanors. the former google engineer charged with stealing trade secrets appear in court today. he said he was innocent. federal prosecutors say he stole thousands of files filled with confidential information about google's self-driving car program. he quit informed his own self- driving car company which was later acquired by uber. he is due back in court on october 29. the young woman who was sexually assaulted by a sanford student on campus in 2015 released her memoir today. her book about her experience is called, know my name. she released a short animated film today. reflects on the shame she felt during the trial and the support she received after her
10:42 pm
victim impact statement. >> survivors will not be labeled , boxed in. we will not be isolated. >> the case created a national uproar after brock turner received six months in jail. the sentence was cut in half. a boulder burglar with distinctive tattoos was one of several cases that had police sending out warnings to residents. we will update the forecast. we will go through hit and the big change be on that.
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at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more.
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["white rabbit" by ♪ one pill makes you larger ♪ and one pill makes you smaller ♪
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♪ and the ones that mother gives you ♪ ♪ don't do anything at all ♪ remember what the dormouse said ♪ welcome aboard. ♪ feed your head burglars breaking into homes and hanging out. making a sandwich, smoking pot and taking a shower. there has been a series of break-ins in alameda. some residents have come face- to-face with the intruders. >> i was sitting read about here . >> reporter: she was in her home
10:46 pm
when she was surprised by a stranger. >> when he came in, he was at the edge of this rug. >> reporter: not wanting to provoke him, she began talking to him. her 12-year-old daughter was sleeping in the next room. >> he started asking me questions about my art. that was when he goperverse.g, front door which she left open because her husband and son were about to come home. >> i the couch and went on the steps. >> reporter: the intruder escaped but a neighbors surveillance camera caught these images. he has distinctive tattoos near his eyes. in a separate case another burglar slipped through an open side door at this apartment complex and when past a sleeping resident he made himself a sandwich and smoke a joint. >> he had taken food items and smoke some marijuana.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: the residents roommate came home at 2:00 in the morning. found everything in disarray and heard the shower running. he assumed it was his roommate. >> i knock on the bathroom door and here a voice. i knock again. he opened it. he jumped into the shower. >> reporter: he backhanded the suspect and held him until police arrived. officers arrested this man. he been charged with burglary. in a third incident, she was outside gardening when someone slipped past the gate and snuck in a side door. >> he had got into my purse which was on the washing machine. he took $100 out. fortunately, he >> reporter: the common thread is te left unlocked and the residents were home. police say in the warm weather, people need to stay alert. >> they leave doors and windows unlocked.
10:48 pm
you have to be aware that these things will happen. >> reporter: you have to keep the bad guys out. we talked about a record at sfo today. in the 90s. the temperatures around the bay was 103 in santa rosa. 101 in fairfield. sfo was 90 the record. 98 in livermore. 101 in concord. tomorrow will not be different. we get numbers several learn to these. we have numbers like this. we are seeing offshore wind. nothing extreme. a little like last night. until late in the evening. the
10:49 pm
red flag warning in effect. the wind will develop in the morning. about 1000 feet. many folks will not notice. the red flag warning will be mild and warm. there have been studies done on the overnight lows. and fire danger. when you have high overnight lows, the next day the fire danger is greatly increased. the air is dry. fire danger already up. it will be warmer overnight and it increases the potential. high pressure, that is where we are today. that is where we are tomorrow. everything switches around. the low drops in. and completely changes the forecast. it drops the temperatures out of 100. and back into the 60s and 70s toward the weekend.
10:50 pm
tomorrow, just like today. a little bit of patchy fog. i suspect there may be some in the morning. it will be back in earnest as we get into thursday. these are forecast highs tomorrow. another hot day. another heat advisory for everybody. and the red flag warning about 1000 feet. tomorrow night the wind should start going onshore quickly. look at this drop off in temperatures between wednesday, thursday and friday. that takes the pressure off cal fire. i know they are looking forward to that. one more day of high fire danger. then we get a significant break. coming up in sports. the a's are playing the angels. who came out on top? on the 11:00 news, a live report from the north bay is residents is for a power shut
10:51 pm
off that is set to begin in a few hours.
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10:53 pm
for a while it looked like the a's were in the wildcard. now, it is close. >> i think it will go down to the final days. you cannot blame the fans at all. five games left.
10:54 pm
one game separating three teams for the wildcard spot. it is a feel-good story until it is not. in anaheim. all the a's games left are on the road. chris davis gives us plenty of reason to smile with his 23rd home run. in the 5th inning, all three runs for los angeles. even the golden glover cannot get it. it is an rbi single. it is a tie. that is the way it would end in the 9th inning. the a's had only six hits in the evening. the 100+ win yankees could not lend a hand. in the 12th inning, a walk off
10:55 pm
and a 2-1 winner. they are celebrating. they are a half-game back in the top spot. cleveland also won their game. they are only one back. for the second spot. no pressure on the giants as they go down on the walkoff. a little pride at stake. the giants and rockies are in extra innings. as everybody says goodbye. talk about a feel-good story. they are down in the first. pose still has a home run left in him. this is a to run shot. it is the seventh of the year. this is deep and gone.
10:56 pm
3-1 leave. the giants are down 5-4 in the eighth. they have a tie and right now they are in the 12th inning. at five a piece. a week from tomorrow, they will open it up. tonight exhibition hockey. 30 days until the warriors in anaheim, they are down in the second. what could he be fighting for in an exhibition game? two preseason games left before the sharks open it up. keep an open mind.
10:57 pm
it will be happening on friday night. something they call, the smack down. 49ers seem interested. gropper low at the chase center tonight. it is a new day of a wrestling group. having this information sent to me. new day gets out, with george kittle. he is a huge fan of the wwe. they are happy to be there >> reporter: let's go. >> it is friday night smacked down the starts in a couple of
10:58 pm
weeks. check this out. this is not a good throw to first base. he tries as hard as he can to get out of the way. he scores a run and everybody is smiles. i love this catch.ey are go this is a great catch. they do have a shot at postseason play. that is a nice diving catch. we have to show you this from last night. vernon davis a fan favorite of the 49ers.
10:59 pm
if you know him, he is a great guy. trying to do that, will not work. he is still having fun. >> he is a good artist. it is 11:00 and time for more news. coming up next. >> everybody knows and they are getting ready. >> pg&e made it official. in a few hours it is shutting off power to 10th of thousands of people due to high fire danger. >> pg&e said it will cut power to customers tonight. >> the shut off to begin at 2:30 tomorrow morning. this
11:00 pm
time some of them are in the bay area. most of the power shut offs, 22,000 are in butte county. also on the list portions of you that, nevada and placer county. there are 700 customers in sonoma county and 700 in napa county. >> reporter: from about 4:00 a.m. until noon, pg&e is pulling the plug.


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