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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  September 25, 2019 9:00am-9:58am PDT

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down including jimmy ga garapollo. coming to fox 2 next friday night. communities rocked by tragedy after historic fewser to through the north bay. we'll talk with the director of the new film after the fire. catching up with john elway, talking about game winning plays, college days at stanford and the medical condition is he dealing with. and who doesn't like free burrito, hurry up now and how they are celebrating 10 years in the bay area. good morning welcome to the 9 i'm sal castaneda along with mike mibach and gasia. you mentioned that you were using your air conditioner on the way to work. >> i can't imagine, extreme heat warning for many of us,
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yeah. >> all right. >> air conditioner last night, crank it up and we all went to bed. opened up the windows thinking there would an draft. nothing, sal. temperatures are continuing to climb, let's get over to steve paulson, we mentioned a few times, it's going to be hot. >> we have? >> yes, we have. >> a both counts using ac on the way in. mike you are right, there was nothing. crickets. we do have one more hot day sal and i have been saying since 4:00 this morning. heat advisories now red flag warning are for the north bay hills, no longer the east bay hills even though there is still pretty good gusts there. livermore forecast high 98 that is what they were yesterday. forecast today 101. tomorrow 84 and degrees in pope valley. 80 in wood acre. bodega bay is the concord pavilion ail i don't know there is mid-70s
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danville. 8degrees. that is a rarity. 90s and 100s today. way above average. probably near record setting territory. vallejo 98. hayward 99. san carlos 99 degrees. here are some of the records today that we have to beat. santa rosa 104 is in town. ed 8 i do believe. i think we'll get one at the airport not necessarily downtown. oakland airport forecast high 99. the city at 92. that would be one shy set in 1954 and san jose 96. long shot of 97 and 2016 record big changes by tomorrow. >> gasia, thank you. mare island preserve, a wildfire doubled in size. allie important update about this fire? >> reporter:from vallejo fire, mare island preserve fire is 100%
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contained. now, the area we are talking about is directly across san pablo bay, the mare island preserve, we can give you an aerial view of the south end of the island, you can see in this picture make out the smoke from the fire. now not very much smoke visible at all that's because this fire is 100% contained. it was in an care steep of heavy brush and vegetation, it was difficult for firefighters to get to. it started around 3:00 this morning and it burned about 7 acres. now they did have fire service, that helped the firefighters, the challenge was getting fire hoses uphill and get access to that fire. telling us started by someone whthat caused power lines to come down and spark the fire. in this video, you can clearly see where someone tried to saw into the side of a power pole. saw blades were found near by.
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they had told firefighters recently about a problem they've been having. >> they reported to us they've had an occurrence of individuals a tempting to steel copper fire lines. >> it's really tragic, definitely we have lots of wild animals, we have a snake, treasured resources that we don't even know are there and that's why we call it a preserve. >> reporter: and the woman is a volunteer manager of the mare island preserve. there were people camping last night who where the fire started. she will would like firefighters to investigate who is behind this, she was amazed to hear some of the wildlife may have been impacted by this. fire investigator told us they hope to collect fingerprints from some of the saw blade that were left behind near that power pole that someone cut into.
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but again the good news right now we just got this information from vallejo firefighters this mare island fire is 100% contained and the smoke not a factor out here anymore. you can faintly smell it. allie rasmus, ktvu news. joining tens of thousands of others in the sierra fosupposed to open at 6:00 this morning. but it wednesday closed all morning long, because power has been out here since about 4:00 a.m. there are about the north bay specifically eastern sonoma county, west side to napa county lane, that are dealing with the power outage as part of the public safety power shutoff program. of they shut off power when there is high fire risk when there is hot temperatures, gusty winds and low humidity. pg&e warned 55,000 customers to
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prepare to lose power. weather conditioned improved so now only 1400 are affected here. we have alerts going on, some were still caught off guard. >> i wean expecting to lose power. now i'm trying to go to work early in the morning not sure if we are going to have power. >> reporter: there are more than 48,000 pg&e customers total without power in butte county, service, nevada are affected. the windy conditions will last until noon after the windy weather has passed, turning power back on, but it could take hours to days to get service back. it is getting pretty warm here. there is a heat advisory here that starts at 11:00 a.m. and lasts until 7:00 p.m. this morning the white house released transcripts of a
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call between president trump and ukraine's new leader in response to impeachment effort by democrats who say the president pressured ukraine on dirt on former vice president joe biden. >> the transcript of the phone call at the center of the trump impeachment inquiry has been released to the public. the transcript reveals president trump did discuss the bidens with the ukraine jan president. during the 30 minute phone call the president said, "there is a lot of talk about biden's son, that biden stoppeout about that. so whatever you could do with the attorney general would be great." >> a public servant inside the intelligence community found the conduct of the president of the united states alarming enough to file an official whistleblower complaint. >> before the call, the president ordered visors to place $400 million in military aid for ukraine, if that money was being used as leverage to pressure ukraine to
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cooperate. the money was not discussed. >> it's just a continuation of a witch hunt. it's the worse witch hunt in political history. >> the department of justice released an opinion from the inspector general which states the whistleblower complaint addresses a urgent concern. statements made could be used as soliciting a foreign campaign contribution, doj says it does not contain an urgent concern. >> the president of the united states has asked a foreign government to help him in his political campaign that cannot stand. >> despite the doj saying the complaint does not meet the bar for an urgent concern, the inspector general's letter has been referred to the department of justice for appropriate review. ray beg in, ktvu fox 2 news. we are joined by political reporter welcome to ktvu. first week on the job with us.
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what a week to start. have you seen the transcript, read the train crypt, does it help the impeachment inquiry. >> if you ask republicans and white house of no, wrongdoing has been committed. even though during the call it's clear that the president talks to the president of ukraine about joe biden and his son hunter. some would say, the democrats were saying that is them looking for dirt on a political rival. democrats will push ahead with its impeachment process. >> do you think this trump white house desensitized to with news like this, it was bigger news when it happen to bill clinton, bombshells come up all the time, we are not wall to wall with. >> sal, you talk about this only the had 4th time this has happened in the history of our republic of the united states. you talk about nancy pelosi the speaker of the house was so against this for so long, yesterday was significant because after, you know two-thirds of her caucus
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said we really need to do this that is what made this story so significant, that is why we're still talking about. >> what are the next steps here? >> normally impeachment inquiries, the house intelligence committee would look into this process, they would look into what caused these things, potential violations and submit articles of impeachment the whole house, the house would have to vote a majority to any of those articles and if they vote the majority it goes to the senate. we call it a trial, a two- thirds of the senate then deemed that the president was guilty, then he would be removed. >> talk about the senate. responding to a release of this transcript this is what he said to leaders at the un. >> the president himself came out with a statement saying there was no pressure put on him and there wasn't. what i do want to see is i want to see other countries helping ukraine also. as usual the united states helps so nobody else is there.
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so i want to see other countries help. just so you understand, it's the single greatest witch hunt in american history, probably in history. but in american history. it's -- >> so the president there remaining defiant what he is talking about is quid pro quo, many had thought perhaps he would withhold aid from ukraine a week prior so he could get dirt as a favor from the ukraine, but that was not proven in that transcript. >> mitch mcconnell is south hamilton neutral. i thought he was going to be partisan. he sounded very neutral. >> and i think across the board for the gop, and the senate and gop decided that they were going to push forward with getting that complaint released. the whistleblower complaint that this is all about and the republican held sent ate decided to move forward with that. they want to see what happens tomorrow on capitol hill as the dni goes before the house intelligence committee. >> you talked about the u.s.
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sep ate, it's all republican lead they would need 67 votes. the house can do whatever it wants. in the end it comes down to the senate whether they will convict right now. that is what everybody is saying, the motivation to do this, nancy pelosi didn't have a choice, when have you a senate controlled by the gop is going to be very very difficult to convict the president. >> nancy pelosi said the risk in doing this, now she is all in doing this, the trump base we've seen a rally before and election next year could be rally again. >> you have seen that the trump administration and campaign already sent out flyers to their base. >> raised a million dollars. >> so they are using this to in vague rate their base, the democrats are coming after the president so help us fight there. >> pleasure, welcome aboard. >> goo to have you. it's been almost two years
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since the devastating north bay wildfires and a anyone put a spotlight on the aftermath, deal be with lawsuit that go way beyond a home and its contents.
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this is part of an emotional film the document that he whos the struggle. green film festival, it tells the story of three people struggling to survive financially, emotional and in many other ways as they look at what's next. the film is after the fire. we're happy to have the director join us live. your mother lives in son only moo and you were with her during the time of the fires. at what point did you turn into a filmmaker? >> she ended up leaving -- i lived in seattle at the time this was going on. through the night, be there with her and she ended up leaving, going to her sister's in sacramento, i stayed 10 days while the fires were still burning. until they started being put on. because i had a personal
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connection to sonoma, there were a lot of people i knew before hand. >> i was there a day ever the fire started in coffee park in santa rosa i heard two things, it's only stuff, and we are going to rebuild. your film tells the story of what happens after that adrenaline rush leave your body, it's a stark reality. >> yeah, as you know there were so many different fires happening at once over this period, santa rosa was hit, you know, very significantly. and a place like sonoma was under coverage. that was a big impetus telling this film, it was a second home for me and i really wanted to etch a portrait of a place i think it's often misunderstood, it's wine country and that's part of it. but also a strong middle class community under threat in the last several years and fires
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amplify. some of those concerns for the folks in the film. >> seeing here scenes of mare a bell, a young mother, who has to ask for help. she called that embarrassingto have to reach out. gilman an artist lost everything. you profile chris a man whose father died not long after the fires. >> what struck me being in the kind of the -- climate field disaster, it affects people differently. but, everyone's trauma is personal and impactful to them. and just wanted to demonstrate that a little bit in this film and to show that, you know, the cleanup is not tidy. it take has long time. depends on who it is and the ripple effects really lasts for a long time and still there. >> at the end of the film, you talk about 2017 was the worse fire year we've ever had.
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it turns out 2018 was worse than 17, i imagine there is a warning about 2019 now. >> yeah i think 2019 it's been, you know, 0 to put it in a nice way it hadn't quite accentuated to the level -- >> so far. >> so far. but this is what we can expect to be our new normal especially a western state like california. you know i think more than ever certainly kind of technically ways we need to develop to deal with it. this looks at how we process emotionally what this does to our communities and how can we be there in support of people who are going through something that we never -- we don't want to go through. >> people who don't live in sonoma, what do you hope they take away from this film. >> i hope that they gain a little appreciation of -- of
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the fact that, you know, that trauma is something that we all deal with at some point in our lives, sometimes it's more dramatic, sometimes its a he more subtle. i hope people come away with a little more humility what we are carrying with us. >> the three people are doing everything right and they had almost everything taken from them. it's a quiet and powerful film, congratulations to you. derek mills thank you for joining us, after the fire, you can see it tonight at 8:15 at the roxy theater in san francisco's mission district head to click on web links and we have all the ticket information you need there. >> gasia, derek thank you very much. coming up next, rallying for the environment. the group in san francisco striking for climate justice and calling on the government to take action
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royal e is on his first over seas visit. royal couple met with desmond tutu. the duke and duchess of sussex. calling a tension to wildlife protection, mental health and mine clearance. masked singer reporter jake ma'am ill ton went behind the scenes who are trying to top
9:24 am
all thcraziness of season one. >> get ready masked singer fans, the long awaited season has finally arrived. hit fox series returns with bigger stars, crazy costumes, continues to be amazed he pebblely considering like the rest of america he had no idea what to expect from season one. we were sitting this, like is this career suicide? is this >> after a few seconds. >> but the one person who know the show would be a hit, kim's mother, originated in south korea rrhea. >> the masked singer is based on a show by the same name in korea, it's my mom's favorite show in korea, i don't know if i should do this or not. mark my words, this show will be so huge in america. i don't think i've ever pleased
9:25 am
her more as a son by being the youngest judge on the masked singer. spent most of the time trying to think about who the singers are, find out if then the ones singing on stage. >> if you were to be one of the masked singers what would you go through. >> my song? probably the only song i know. >> i will survive. >> i like that. >> masked singer host nick cannon will join at 10:00 two hour season premier, be sure to catch the masked singer tonight at 89:00 followed by the 10:00 and 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2. coming up triple digit
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good afternoon board members. we have some great new ideas that we want to present to you today. [son]: who are you talking to? [son]: th at guy's scary. the first item on the list i s selecting a chairman for the... for the advisory board what's this? as well as use the remaining... child care options run out. lifetime retirement income from tiaa doesn't. guaranteed monthly income for life. welcome back big stories we are following from politics in dc to a heat advisory right here in the bay
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area, a live look at the golden bay bridge. it is going to be hot, we are going to check in with steve paulson. 92, a fire broke out on the mare island, 100% contained, the fire started around 3:00 a.m. in a remote area it ofkfully somebody intentionally cut into two utility poles causing the power lines to come down. whoever was responsible may have been trying to steal copper wiring attached to the poles. crews initially had a hard time getting to the fire because of the teen terrain, they were able to get it under control, they are still be the scene monitoring the area. of the course any kind of fire will raise concern. >> you know, you guys, we are going from heat today to i mean maybe even snow in the sierra by the weekend. maybe even really really unseasonably cool temps around here. by the time we get to sunday
9:30 am
into monday. by that i mean upper 60s and low 70s, 90s and 100s these are are way above the next five days they will go way below. kentville, hayward, san carlos upper 90s to near 100 today. strong low into arizona producing heavy rain, there are a couple of isolated reports of three inches of rain where the season average is 9. in one day sending in some bans, monsoon this year, not the monsoon but the last couple days it's been extremely activity. going down there, pretty good downpours, doesn't like that low, it is filling with a north, northeast 0 breeze. vacaville is 80. concord is 81. city is almost 70. and in navado 80 on our way to what will be a record setting day.
9:31 am
on the peninsula. 82, bell month and san carlos 83. i would not -- 9ed in san carlos, this is one of those days, where san carlos is warmer than railroad city, palo alto, this could be that day. santa cruz 68, camp bell is 75. and san clara is 77 degrees. not much to stop us here today. that is no big deal. the winds all offshore and even though some of that wind is tailed off for some, it's going to be a day where temperatures are way above average and really hot today, starting tomorrow, we start to cool off, might take until the afternoon for some it will happen and friday into the weekend a tremendous drop as a low from -- pacific northwest canada is going to march in here. hazy sunshine for the weekend, 60's and 70s, there will be snow in the sierra.
9:32 am
mark this down, this is a rarity to see it to go from this on a wednesday to maybe this by a sunday on the highs. 100 to upper 60s. >> flipping the switch. >> steve, thank you. prepare for today's heat, rec and parks department is waving admission fees at 7 city run pools, people usually go to san francisco to escape the heat. this heat can be a concern for people who are not a custom today it and many people are learning that their homes are not helping them to stay cool because of the design of can hold heat for hours and days. >> we live in heavy buildings that are made of stone that heat up, then it higher than the outdoors. so an indoor temperature can be 5 to 10 degrees hotter than the outside. >> and of course many homes done have air conditioning there in the city. owe firsts are reminding people to stay hydrated and check on neighbors who might be vulnerable.
9:33 am
happening now climate change activists are blocking streets in downtown san francisco they are calling the event strike for climate justice part a week long world wide protest demanding governments take action, set to go until 5:00 this evening in areas including the financial district and brazilian consulate. they are concerned about the wildfires burning in the amazon rain forest. today california's attorney general will announce a lawsuit accusing the white house threatening environment. battles the trump administration over bay area salt ponds. a coalition of environmental groups gathered on the shores of redwood city challenge willing the epa after a decision to strip protections for 1400 acres of salt ponds. the agra grace pesto asked cargill to lift the protection. the chp is investigating a deadly crash in fairfield. multi-vehicle crash happened on interstate 80 near air base parkway. one person was killed in the
9:34 am
crash, which also involve add big rig. the solution happened overnight around 12:30 but the roadway has since been cleared. police have not released any other details. investigation is under way after someone was hit and killed by union pacific train in hayward. it happened just after 6:15 last night near hunt wood avenue in south hayward it caused problems for other train traffic in the area including the amtrak train, police have not released any information yet on the victim. the white house released a summary of a transcript of a phone call between president trump and the president oftoday. now according to a memo president trump to investigate democratic political rival joe biden, in the call president trump raised unsubstantiated allegations. the conversation between president trump and ukraine's president is one piece of a whistleblower's complaint made last month. the complaint is central to the
9:35 am
impeachment inquiry announced yesterday by house speaker nancy pelosi. we learned the ceo juul lab is resigning, kevin burns replaced. the san francisco company facing a potential ban here in the united states on most of its products. after the trump administration proposed san francisco's proposition c a ballot measure sponsored by juul. news from juul as altria and phillip morro bay issue said they were in discussions to become a single company, more than a decade after splitting into two as lawsuits mounted. shares for both companies are up this morning california's department of health is telling people to stop using all pens and e- cigarettes, the new advisory applies to all products no matter the substance being smoked, the warning in place
9:36 am
until state, federal and local officials, they advice anyone having difficulty breathing after vaping to contact their doctor immediately. at least 90 people in california have been hospitalized for vaping related respiratory problems work have died. a san francisco supervisor is calling on the city's health department to come with plan to combat overdoses. ktvu amber lee met with a supervisor behind the proposed resolution. >> a free meal at united nations plaza in san francisco on tuesday is a ritual. a nonprofit that feeds those in need. addition to food, more comprehensive help is needed. >> i've seen pthat have not survived from taking drugs, overdosing, and you get it so's lylely. supervisor describes it as a
9:37 am
public health crisis, he introduced the resolution tuesday calling on the health department to formulate an emergency plan including more outreach workers and making narcan to overdose drug more readily available. >> treatment spots are available, if we are out there and somebody wants to get off drugs and we don't have employees that is dangerous and rec bless. >> mayor london breed said in a statement that the accident of public health has outreach workers on the streets every day helping people into treatment and working to board of supervisors meeting the san francisco police and the u.s. attorney's office are targeting high level drug dealers. >> sadly what we know is happening right now, people are arrested and they are released and there are are no consequences. >> the city needs to do more. >> i don't know how anybody can say we are doing good enough when more and more people are dying. according to the department of
9:38 am
public health there was 259 drug overdose deaths in 2018 up from 222 from the year before. telling me he sees deadly overdoses almost every day. so he expects the numbers this year to surpass last year. >> i have used -- >> matt tells me he is homeless and that addiction is tough to beat. he says he is aware risks and seen drug overdoses claim the lives of many on these streets. >> there is a whole new crowd out here now. it's taking effect. >> those living on the streets say long term solution need to include counseling and housing. he expects the board of supervisors to approve his resolution when they vote on it next month. in san francisco amber lee, cal cal fox 2 news. oakland a's are cat eolaing for one of two wildcard spots.
9:39 am
five games left and every win matters after losing last night's 3 to 2 the angels at a half gain lead. tampa, cleveland the other teams competing for those two wildcard spot. tonight's game sunk a little bit after 7:00. manager before he baum garth never within there since his rookie. call that a no doubter. the game ended going extra innings and ended just past midnight. rockies win 8 to 5. it was a packed house last night for prwatching wwe smack down including of huge wrestling fans, coming to ktvu fox 2 next friday night. coming up next right here on mornings on 92, talking live with a football legend, john
9:40 am
elway, we are going to talk back to his days and thoughts on former raider antonio brown and medical condition that john elway is battling tell you how to score a free burrito.
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they rush, squeeze step up at the pocket. >> come on, jack. come on. >> head first. he slides: all right, that was john elway going out on super bowl xxxii. 21 win over the packers, i was boulder colorado when my diehard roommate took to the streets. i won't to the library. we are joined by the hall of fame quarterback and president, john elway, great to have you here in the bay area. greatest moment of your football career? >> yeah, it was. just because it got us over the hump, we got three previously. three super bowls previously, to be able to get own the hump super bowl xxxii is the highlight. >> i grew up in the bay area, big game is always here, i have to ask you about november 20s,
9:44 am
your you drive the offense down the field for what many thought it was the game winning, 37 years later your emotions as you watch that play, some say that loss cost you the heisman. >> well, you know, you never know what it cost us i think obviously we can smile about it a lot more now than we could back in 19 l 82, it's funny how it comes up can smile about it, i still wish the trombone player would have tackled him. >> good line. let me ask you something about that spin in the news in the nfl since you are the president and gm of the brown costume contest, antonio brown, yet even shorter stint with the patriots. would you and the broncos take a shot on somebody like antonio brown considering somebody he is going through or nfl days are over here? >> do you know, we'll have to wait and see.
9:45 am
obviously he is going through tough times, he is a talented football player, you know, obviously having a lot of issues off the field. so, you know i think that you know, the type of player he is, good for the nfl because he is a great football player. you hope he gets everything in his life straightened away and possibly get back in the league. >> you are a hall of famer, super bowl champion, super bowl mvp in the day you could grip that ball, rip it and do whatever you want with it, have you a tough time even grabbing the ball, what is this medical condition you are dealing with now? >> it's really a hand condition, looks like what it is pulls your fingers down toward the palm of your hand, so, just part of a wear necessary program to get it out there to people, go to facts on to find out, 16 million people have the condition out there, so i'm proud to be a part of the
9:46 am
awareness program, i've had it both my fingers, the best change to do is see a hand specialist and see with the best treatment is for you. >> before i let you go, when it comes to your current season, the brown costume contest started off slow here, do you feel like there is more pressuring about the leader as an executive or leader as a player, as a quarterback like you did leading your teams in the 80s and 90s? >> well, you know it's a game being as popular as it is today, there is pleasure on everybody, a lot of pressure on the quarterbacks to perform, pressure on the gm's and head coaches alike. a lot of pressure to go around because of the popularity of the game. we are off to a slow start and hoping to get that turned around this weekend and get on the winning track. >> a home game against the jags, good luck with that, john elway pleasure speaking with you and taking the time. thank you very much. most people never heard of
9:47 am
digging into a chicken burrito. curry up now has 6 bay area locations and a food truck, this morning to celebrate 10 years of serving their take on indian street food in the bay area and beyond. sal is the lucky duck checking it out, like this, and i want to bring you inside. i want to introduce to you one of the founders of curry up thank you for of your signature dishes, i want to ask you, what do you think this food has made such an impression on the people in bay area. >> we are opening all over. but, yeah, it's the food is authentic. yet we formatted in a way that it's easy to understand, easy to swallow, case in point, chicken salad burr read tow, -- things like easy to get to yet authentic. >> mak what we making?
9:48 am
deconstructed, party in your mouth, deconstructing it right here. i am going to get some garbonzo beans. and we are making this with indian cheese. which is sauteed with belle peppers and a curry paste. on top of that we are going to add some green chutney in house. this is a most popular indian foods. some crispy noodle which is made with now flour. then we take it up another notch. >> that looks like a substantial dish, you are not going to walk away hungry. >> you shouldn't. you shouldn't. otherwise you have a problem. >> i want to ask you, you started with one truck, now have you three but expanding your business, do you think indian food is now that it's become more accessible, do you
9:49 am
think it's gaining in popularity more than it has been? >> one of our mantras is death done it right, we meaning most of the indian brands, we are the biggest an baddest brand right now. and we're taking this, we are going to have some fun building this segment. >> we are proud of you being a bay area company and spreading out the way you have. you know this is one of the sites you are giving away free burritos, when you first started what were people saying, did people come up to the truck right away? >> we mostly had love. >> a little bit of hate. other restaurants didn't want us there. it was new. very very new. and no hard feelings, but most of it was wow, what happened here? my kids are eating indian food for the first time. we had a moment where a lot is the last time you did something for the first time? that's where we have come in, indian is , it's not hard. >> it's delicious, too. thank you for joining us, gasia
9:50 am
is -- as i go back to you, you are going to tell the folks where this business is giving away some free food. >> and you know me i love food and i love free. thank you both. get in on curry up now. 91:00 a.m. with all six restaurants and food truck are serving free burritos for the first 100 guests, download their new app. don't you worry, the chance to get a free burrito is on saturday at the corner of howard avenue and primrose road. coming up next, airbnb is taking applications, we are going to let you know with their is a bat i call program that takes place in antarctica. new line is breaking gender norms and stereotypes.
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i'm leah. and that's me, long before i had moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. i've always been the ringleader. flash forwar
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the important things. and what my doctor said surprised me. she said my joint pain could mean permanent joint damage. and enbrel helps relieve joint pain el, so you can get back to being your true self. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections tuberculosis, lymphoma other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been some place where fungal infections are common or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have persistent fever bruising, bleeding or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. visit to see how your joint damage could progress. enbrel. fda approved for over 20 years. the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using
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e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. taking a look at the market rite now. the dow here because trump and come soon. dow jones up 138, 130 points. nasdaq s&p 500 in positive territory.
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a new deal between the united states commerce could affect prices, these checks are designed to protect low quality tomatoes to come into the u.s. $200million to build a new space for tomato inspections. auto dealers are concerned about the new gm strike. close to 50,000 workers leaving dozens of gm factor reese an parts and warehouses across the country. >> most of the time we do have a stock of parts saved for oiare are not replenishing our parts in stock right now, it may cause an issue. >> madealerships are hoping they have enough parts in stock to last through the strike. analysts estimate general motors could lose $90 million for every day the strike continues. scottish company is recycling plastics and using them to pave roads taking
9:55 am
consumer plastic products and turns them into a product that looks like asphalt. making roads more durable and help them last longer. >> we process waist substance with bottles and bags, things that people throw away, we use them to replace the black oil that you get in a road. >> the new materials are already being used in the uk and under consideration for use in south africa and florida. airbnb is looking for 5 adventurous volunteers for a latest is a bat at this call program. launching research mission to learn more about antarctica join pollution has spread across the world. spend 1 taking applicatio google is releasing its own dating platform. the company is launching a new monthly subscription service
9:56 am
called play pass features more than 350 apps and games right there on your phone or device, it costs $1.09 has month for the first year, $4.99 after that adding health classes, play pass in the future. service will be rolled out to an void devices in the u.s. this week. retailer just announced the official launch of its new website, the company has more than a thousand brick and mortar stores. maitems they don't want and wipe right for products they do. customizable gender neutral dolls available in stores starting today. feminine and masculine options with a focus on breaking gender forms and stereotypes. dolls feature a combination of outfits and hair styles giving children the creativity they
9:57 am
need. >> $45. >> yes. >> i think that's what they cost these days. >> i don't know. >> do you know what found the other day, i have an old gi joe doll, do you remember those? >> yeah, they are probably more, considered an antique i guess you could say. >> i'm hungry. take a bite of that. >> i'm going downstairs right now. >> they are still in the parking lot. >> i'm going. >> i'm coming in. >> information is online, hurry up. i love when things start in the bay area and blows up. >> stay cool on this heat advisory wednesday. thanks for joining us. wendy williams is next: see you at noon. new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ now, here's wendy! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪
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