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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  October 23, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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there will also be blood drives around the bay area in the coming weeks. >> and we intend to begin the d energization sequence 3 pm. thousands of pg&e customers in the north bay could start losing power this afternoon as a measure to prevent wildfires. we are live in santa rosa with how many people could be affected. the better address the needs of local communities. particularly those of those memorable, our seniors and elderly. >> the governor did not back down when it came to calling out pg&e. complete coverage of today's planned power shut off. good morning and thank you for joining us here, wednesday, october 23. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. because of the wind and other fire danger's today, we are paying close attention to what steve paulson has to say.
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>> it will pick up this evening. very warm today. nationally if it's quiet here it must be active everywhere else and that's about the case. you could see how everything goes up in over the ridge of high pressure and drops down. montana and north dakota into the plains and look at the low in the great lakes. most of the country has very active weather and as you can imagine, cool temperatures. some very cold ones as well. a lot of snow coming in over the next 5-7 days. not here. its record heat. we seen this so many times. sfo, 87 yesterday breaking the old mark of 85 in 1965. 80s for the forecast highs today. near 90. they are all away above. 82 and 60 for the city. they hit 60 and are now at 63. way above average on both. it looks like a pattern were not much will change but as that system digs into the intermountain region, the wind will pick up later tonight into tomorrow. not too bad now but it is a north, northeast direction from many locations around the bay already.
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40s, the fees and 60s on the temperatures. sunshine and warm temperatures. one today and tomorrow with record highs possible as well as high fire danger into friday and probably saturday even though the wind will be decreasing 70s for a few. 80s to near 90 for many. sal is here and you would like to focus on what? east bay. we have a couple of items that may slow you down. let's take a quick look at the east shore freeway and show you they will take about 22 minutes to drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze and that is about a typical nutemior so to wait until you make it onto the span. all very typical. interstate 880 will be okay in oakland but southbound 880 dropping down to hayward is going to be slow because of a crash with a truck that spilled some debris in the lanes. southbound 880 him anytime after marina you will notice slow traffic heading to hayward.
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this is a good time for you if you know your way around to avoid the freeway until after highway 92. if you can get on the freeway on 880 south after highway 92 him it will be much better. if you know those side streets, do that instead. also looking at 580, slow traffic from tracy over to livermore. the big story today. fire danger. look at the numbers. more than 180,000 pg&e customers waiting for pg&e to say if there will be public safety power shutoffs today. here in the bay area people in napa, sonoma and san mateo county anxiously waiting to hear pg&e's decision. cristina rendon is in santa rosa and pg&e is reminding customers a power shut off is to prevent wildfires. >> reporter: good morning. that's exactly right. they want to mitigate the threat of a wildfire. that's why they are considering
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this public safety power shut up. the latest information pg&e is they have reduced the number of people that would be impacted by this across northern california but if it is a go, sonoma county would see the most outages in the bay area. you mention it already. 27,000 customers and that includes santa rosa and tense around the communities. pg&e closely monitoring the weather models and watching those weather conditions to make the determination. if they decide the wind is too strong and the weather poses a threat to the utilities, the rolling blackouts would begin at 2 pm in the sierra foothills. then here in sonoma county as well as napa county. 3 pm as the time the blackouts would happen. and for san mateo county, 1 am the thursday. they emphasize that shutting up power is the best way to prevent a fire during high wind events and they will work as closely as possible to restore power. >> we are looking to increase our ability to restore quickly
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and perform patrols more rapidly . we primarily perform these patrols during daylight hours. that is our limiting factor with helicopter resources. can't fly at night. >> reporter: in napa the la fiesta village retirement community is resident. residents tell us they lost power two weeks ago and may do so this time around they're not too worried. >> i've got everything ready. i've got food that does not need to be cooked. and plenty of lights. >> reporter: pg&e has not said when they will make an official decision but we expect an announcement this morning and if it does happen, a reminder to drivers to treat tersecons as four-way stops if you come to an intersection because there were so many accidents in the last time around when the first outage happened two weeks ago.cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. we are also checking this
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morning and so far pg&e's new outage alert website is working. it had major problems yesterday hours after promising things would be better this time. when customers heard about the possibility of another power shut off, they flooded the website to see if they would've be effective. that caused the website to slow down and in some cases it did not load at all. governor newsom says pg&e needs to do a lot better than that ? >> to the extent that they move forward they better address their website. the better address their call center. the better address their communication strategy. they better address the needs of local communities, particularly those most vulnerable. our seniors and elderly and others. and they better do it in a judicious and targeted way. >> the governor also says pg&e should update and maintain its equipment to minimize this kind of problem in the future. our coverage continues online at you will find more from the governor as well as
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more from pg&e as we wait for today's announcement . later today the california public utilities commission will meet to talk about the pg&e bankruptcy. yesterday angry pg&e customers and activists protested against the state's plan to bail out pg&e. at their rally outside the cpuc they set a $21 billion wildfire fund approved in july shields pg&e from future wildfire liability. that fund would help the utility company payout damages to victims of wildfires caused by the utility. >> i'm super frustrated. we are having to pay for bailing out a criminal corporation and at the same time they have the audacity to literally leave people in the dark through these plan power outages. >> another demonstration is planned for tomorrow at the state public utilities commission meeting in redding where the cpuc is due to
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consider a final approval of that wildfire fund. closing arguments begin today in the murd trial of the hillsborough real estate li is accused of killing keith green, the father of her children. her boyfriend is also on trial for the death of the 27-year- old victim. prosecutors say li was afraid she would lose custody of r daughters so she and bayat plotted green's death. jury deliberations are expected to begin tomorrow. there is a new report saying san francisco police officers are issuing half the number of tickets for dangerous driving behavior than in past years because of extra paperwork. according to the examiner the head of the sf pd miscible transportation agency says extra paperwork needed for each stop is needed for each stop and puts extra burdens on the police officers and that led to the drop in those tickets. this comes as the city pushes its focus on the five initiatives targeting drivers
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who are speeding, running red lights and stop signs and people who don't yield to pedestrians. safety advocates say the police need to invest time required to issue those citations. the city of richmond is switching its counsel races from at large streets to district representation to avoid a very expensive civil rights lawsuit. in walnut creek lawyer is threatening to sue the city on the grounds it at large council elections violate the voting right act by diminishing the influence of latino, asian american and african-american communities. the lawyers arguing a district based voting system is more representative of predominantly minority committees. 6:09 am. contra costa county is considering major changes after last week's tank fire. next, the additional steps it's calling for to increase safety at facilities around the county.
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thousands of kaiser permanente healthcare workers are getting ready for a strike. we are live in oakland. moments ago, many are gathering , calling for action from kaiser permanente. good morning. you can see this commute is getting busier in many areas. temperatures will be warming up. fire danger will also go up. it looks like a pattern we've seen many times before. i will show you the detas coming up.
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welcome back. dozens of kaiser mental health care commissions are starting a candlelight vigil this morning. their message, to remember patients who have died of suicide while waiting for mental healthcare treatment. allie rasmus joins us live outside the oakland headquarters where this vigil is about to get underway. >> reporter: yes. people here have just started to light some of their candles. the people you see here, 50-80 folks out here this morning, they are psychologists, therapist and mental healthcare workers with kaiser and they said they are holding this vigil to remember the patients who have died by suicide while waiting for mental healthcare treatment. they also have a memorial while they set up behind them. this is happening directly across the street from the kaiser headquarters in oakland. on the memorial wall are the names and faces of patients who have died and the family
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members have shared their stories to highlight what they say is the problem of not enough access to mental health care at kaiser. the kaiser mental healthcare union members, about 4000, have been without a contract for a year and at an impasse with kaiser because the worker said they want the healthcare company to hire more mental health care commissions. one doctor is a clinical psychologist with kaiser and i will bring him in to interview him. and talk about the challenges you face treating her patients. >> first let me say that we are out here today to honor the memories of kaiser patients who have taken their lives. >> how long will the wait-times ? >> my patience, is typically an average of five weeks and it can fluctuate 4-6 weeks throughout the year. sometimes even up to keith weeks. >> reporter: why is that so
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problematic for people getting mental healthcare treatment? >> evidence-based practice suggest that for therapy to be effective patients should be seen at intervals of no less of one-2 weeks between sessions. we are unable to do the necessary work and help the patient through their despair and anguish when we can only see them every month or two. >> reporter: and you all are preparing to possibly go on strike for five days next month . if you're on strike for five da, noveer 11 through the 15th, you concerned that would delay access to care for your patience even more? >> we are out here to advocate for better access to that care. we will be out here today and every day including and leading up to a strike if we have to. the vast majority of my patients who understand that we may go out on strike or who have been
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affected by previous strikes have been in support of our actions and often ask how they can help because they are the ones affected by this lack of access. >> reporter: thank you so much, doct you can see the vigil going on here this morning. they will be out here for the next hour or so. there are about 4000 mental healthcare workers with kaiser who are planning to go on strike. they rejected kaiser's latest offer last week. the preparations are underway for a possible strike. we have also reached out to kaiser spokespersons this morning and have been told they will get back to us shortly so we will have that update in the next hour of the show.allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. more than 20 san francisco cabdrivers say they need help paying for the permits that have allowed them to drive their caps. the taxi medallions cost about
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a quarter million dollars. most of the cabdrivers took out loans with the san francisco federal credit union to pay for their medallions. the cabdrivers aren't making as much money as they used to because ridesharing services are so popular. cabdrivers say the city's transit agency promised to back their loans but muni officials denied that. the cabbies say they will ask the board of supervisors to step in and help them. facebook is pledging to spend $1 billion to help resolve california's housing crisis. plans to help build 20,000 units of new housing for the large portion of that here in the bay area. urban planning analyst say the bay area has created just one new housing unit for every 10 new jobs. facebook executive says that statistic is one reason why the company decided to pledge the money. >> the urgency to step up now to solve the big problem really
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felt real. we felt we could help in here we are. >> facebook's plan calls for a quarter billion dollars to pay for mixed income housing on what is referred to as excess state land. $150 million to go toward affordable housing projects. and another $225 million is specifically targeted at affordable housing in menlo park where facebook has its headquarters. $25 million is set aside to build homes specifically for teachers and other essential workers in san mateo and santa clara county. the remaining money will be held aside for future projects. after the last big pg&e power shot off, californians started looking into off the grid options to power their homes. bay area solar panel installers for website visits increased by 1500% in the days following the power shut off. solar panels in the energy storage can help our homes in the event of a blackout. tesla dropped prices on its solar panels and power walls which stores energy for later use. sal is back watching the commute.
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everybody behaving out there? so far although we do have some problems out there with some debris on 880. there was a crash and there's a lot of debris approaching eighth street in hayward and heading south. the flares are out and you can see they are trying to clean it up. meanwhile traffic is backing up on interstate 880 as you leave oakland. there is some of that debris. traffic is back into san leandro. you can see is going to be quite a bit of a delay. if you can get on the freeway after 92 you will save yourself a lot of time by doing that. it looks good after that to give fremont. as we look at the altamont pass we have slow traffic in the peninsula traffic looks good. the south bay commute, north bay 101 north of the capitol expressway there's been a crash but the rest of the south bay commute looks good. here is 280 in downtown san jose and we need to check in with the bay bridge toll plaza. at 10-15 minute wait. and easy forecast. maybe not one that everyone
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will like because of the high fire danger which will pick up tonight into tomorrow but we had a record high yesterday at sfo. 87. the old record was 85 from 1965 and a possibility again today could have a wide-ranging w we amount of record highs. the wind is offshore. the fire danger goes way up. breezy and warm into friday. i will be not as windy. mainly wednesday night into thursday morning for the north and east bay hills. the strongest one will be late tonight and tomorrow morning as another system digs in north east of us. that will trigger the wind machine. 80s on the forecast high. al st 90. all well above average for this time of year. rutherford, antioch, morgan hill, 86-89. burlingame, fremont and emeryville, 84. 80s except fohalf moon bay. 80s in stinson beach, san francisco and santa cruz. ridge of high pressure is parked over us. it likes to do that now and then and when it does it can
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hang around for a while. the wind is norta loire north east from black diamond. near clayton and also in the oakland-berkley hills. northeast and north. and what acre as well. north wind at 1400 feet. 40s, 50s and 60s. berkeley, 66. the city, 63. san leandro, 53. napa airport, 47. berkeley lab, almost 70. the same and the oakland hills. 63 in the city. 65 in kensington. it is one for some and will be a sunny day for everyone as well. get ready for another round of high fire danger most of this week but it looks like it will be critical late tonight into tomorrow as we have low humidity and a strong northeast wind. 70, 80s come almost 90. 90 in brentwood. close for others. temperatures will be above average until sunday where we may get some cooling but it will be windy again. a stunning move.
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the fda has approved a new form of tobacco. next, the tobacco product that will be advertised as less harmful than cigarettes. the trump administration is making more water available for california farmers but we we hear what environmentalists have to say about that change.
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welcome back. just in. president trump's is planning to make a statement today about the situation along the turkey- syria border. this comes after the president's order for u.s. troops to leave the area. those troops spent the last five years helping kurdish led fighters bring down the islamic state militant group in syria. we will monitor the president's comments when he makes the statement. that is expected at 8:00. a new poll this morning finds former vice president joe biden remains the front runner for the democratic presidential nomination. the cnn poll finds biden's lead in the primary has hit the widest margin since april. recent polls have senator elizabeth warren closing the gap or even passing biden however it appears biden still has momentum on his side. biden, warren and bernie sanders are the only candidates to hit double digits in this poll. the ninth circuit court of
6:26 am
appeals is a party ruling to prevent employers from refusing birth control coverage. the three-judge panel in san francisco upheld a preliminary injunction against the trump administration's policy. the trump administration wants to allow employers to be able to refuse providing birth control plans to employees on religious grounds. yesterday's ruling applies in california and 13 other states. farmers in california will be getting more water under a new plan from the trump administration. the plan allows farmers who to have greater access to dams and canals but environmental groups say this will impact endangered fish populations such as the delta smelt. an analysis by the federal government said the plan will not jeopardize any species. in addition the plan includes spending $1.5 billion to support endangered fish. still environmental advocates say it's likely they will challenge the rules in court. power in many homes and businesses today.
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>> 10 years of this cannot happen, will not happen. i sleep with one eye open when it comes to pg&e. >> harsh words from the governor as many people prepare after shot off's in many communities two weeks ago. harry potter and the cursed child is coming to san francisco. behavior preview of the broadway sensation that is now at the curran theatre. first, we want to take you to the always magical golden gate bridge. a steady flow of cars moving along. looks pretty clear out are watching mornings on 2. ♪
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taking you live to the opening bell. american express ringing the bell to celebrate a new corporate card. tesla is set to announce third- quarter earnings after the closing bell today. the company struggling to reach profitability. wall street responding to big earnings at caterpillar and boeing and we will have your business news coming up in today's dollars and cents. good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. wednesday, october 23. >> thank you for waking up with us. the middle of the week. let's check in with a steve paulson. >> caterpillar and boeing come a good result? >> kind of next, actually. you have to wait for my business report.
6:31 am
>> i will be waiting with baited breath. it will be a warm day with temperatures above average. the wind will pick up tonight. kathy says i'm sick of it being warm and dry. i miss the fog and wonderful chill in the morning when i'm walking the dog. kathy, tell us what you really think. i understand. is nothing i can do. i look at the global models in a try to find something. there's nothing out there through november 7. that could change. that's a long way out. again, we've seen this pattern before. usually when things lock in, they lock in for a couple of weeks. high pressure is our fair weather friend or foe depending on how you look at it because it will be very warm.  the days are not as long. that high fire danger is the bad news and it will be with us. red flooring is out. it starts later. 80s and low 90s possible. very dry conditions. like unity in the single digits for some. you can see the direction of the wind flow . it's off shore.
6:32 am
and not daily breeze has kicked in for many. not that strong but marin county to the peninsula and east bay hills, it's all north or northeast. 40s and 50s, 60s for some. morgan hill, 49. upper 40s and boulder creek. look at sunol, 70. 50s around the santa clara, campbell, saratoga and cupertino. sunny and warm today. 80s on most of the temperatures, near 90.6:32 am. sal is here. the bay bridge? bay bridge and richmond bridge. the bridges at this time start getting crowded. we start with the richmond bridge. we will talk about the bay bridge because that is the workhorse of the bay area. richmond bridge, we do have slowing coming up trying to get over to marin county. nothing out of the ordinary but there is slow traffic care. also as you look at the commute on 24, it is getting more crowded in lafayette and in orinda as you drive to the
6:33 am
tunnel. all within the realm of normal. westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze is a 30 minute drive and on the san mateo bridge, traffic is going to be busy. at the bay bridge, we've had a backup since just after 5 am. but we have not had any incidents on the bridge unlike yesterday. today, i think if things keep going this way come expecting normal commute. thousands of pg&e customers are still waiting for pg&e to tell us if there will be public safety public power shutoffs today. p. diddy believe shutting off power lines is the best way to reduce fire danger during hot, dry, windy conditions like we expect later this afternoon. 184,000 customers in 17 northern and central california counties could lose per today according to pg&e. in the bay area, sonoma county may be hit the hardest with almost 27,000 pg&e customers possibly losing power today.
6:34 am
in napa county, 7500 to lose power and in san mateo county almost 400 customers could lose their power. pg&e is not saying when it could announce which customers will be affected but people we talked with at the la fiesta village community in north napa safe they expect to be in the dark by tonight. and they say they learned a lot when their power was turned off two weeks ago. >> this time i took a lot of bottled water and froze it ? >> i've got everything ready. i've got to the does not need to be cooked and plenty of lights. >> workers at a nearby outdoor supply store say they've seen a difference in how people are preparing. they say last time there was a run on emergency supplies but this time people buying batteries, lights and water but there does not seem to be a sense of panic. our coverage continues
6:35 am
online at where you will find information about the shut off as we wait for today's official announcement from pg&e. starting today, closing arguments begin in the murder trial of hillsborough real estate heiress, tiffany li. she is charged with putting the murder of her ex-boyfriend who was also the father of their two daughters. sara zendehnam said the san mateo county courthouse right now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the jury trial continues today at 9 am and at some point we are expecting to start hearing those closing arguments and once the closing arguments are done, the jury will decide. the defense rested itcase and we are expecting the prosecution to present rebuttal evidence this morning before closing arguments. the defense about a motion to dismiss all charges against tiffany li and kaveh bayat and a motion for acquittal. both were denied. the trial finally started last month after multiple delays. here is background. keith green was the father of ellen zhou's two kids and was reported missing april 28,
6:36 am
2016. his body was found may 11 of that year in sonoma county. prosecutors say li and her then boyfriend, kaveh bayat, arranges marta because li was worried about a custody battle. a third suspect was also charged with murder although he is not involved in this current trial. li on house arrest after her family posted $35 million bill. both are still behind bars. the jury trial starts at 9:00 this morning. they will continue and then we are expecting closing arguments to begin sometime later this morning and after all of that, the jury will deliberate. sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. a safety cleanup contains continues and oklahoma's can. the city said the not taking anyone out but wants to clear up debris, letter and the wooden homes built because they pose a fire hazard. the campus located near the home depot in the fruitvale
6:37 am
neighborhood but the city's attempt to make the area safe, the homeless people who live there worry the plan may backfire. >> they are tearing down my house. this is my house. i lock my door at night and i'm safe. this is my home. >> the cleanup is good. now as far as losing the homes, i don't think that's a good idea for anyone because, for one, it's about to be cold and it's about to be raining. >> reporter: last month a fire at the camp burned two rvs and took out a power pole. this is the type of damage the city is looking to prevent. about 150 people are currently living at that camp. a young man from oakland is accused of robbery and assault in san francisco's chinatown has been arrested. police say he surveillance video help them identify 19- year-old deshawn pierson of oakland as one of three suspects who attacked and robbed a victim in july. a friend of the victim he ran over to help out was also punched in the face and knocked unconscious.
6:38 am
since the attack the police say they have been trying to bring more resources to that neighborhood. >> since then we have stepped up our efforts and increased patrols hours in terms of our foot beats and i've added to the complement because i want people to come and patronize in chinatown. >> two other suspects are still on the loose and have not been arrested. police want you to take a close look at the video and the photos. maybe you can help identify them. they are also saying the suspects should be considered dangerous. more than 100 people attended a candlelight vigil in san francisco for a man shot and killed in san jose. 21-year-old savion hollingsworth for weapon the bayview neighborhood and graduated from san francisco's lincoln high school. his family says hollingsworth was a carpenter he was always willing to help others. >> his last words to me, we are supposed to live our best life. whatever makes you happy, be happy while you are here. you never know when someone
6:39 am
will be gone. you never know when you will have a last conversation with somebody. >> my nephew was only 21. i'm 35 and he protected me as if he was older than me. >> hollingsworth was killed saturday at a party near san jose state university. a witness said they heard gunshots after a fight broke out. san jose police are still looking for suspects. contra costa unty officials may change its policy about fuel shortage after last week's fire and explosion at nustar energy and crockett. the county supervisors will consider whether fuel storage facility should be regulated like refineries and chemical plants. that would mean they would be required to follow county protocol for an emergency. the move to consider all that came after supervisors were told the county's hazardous materials team found out about the fire from the news media instead of serrano itself.
6:40 am
in a statement to the east bay times, serrano said it followed protocol which is to protect life and ensure safety of personnel . then contact emergency responders. the alameda county sheriff's office bomb squad had to remove 30-40 pounds of old gunpowder kegs from a home. authorities told east bay times the gunpowder was found yesterday and a house for sale in elderberry drive in the oakland hills. the powder was 40-50 years old. police and fire had to evacuate nearby homes as the gunpowder was safely removed. hikers who want to tackle the full pacific crest trail, you will have new guidelines to follow beginning the season. the trail runs 2600 miles from the mexican border to the canadian border. land managers will now allow hikers 35 days tot through the southern section, that's five days longer than before. hikers who did not complete the entire trail will not be allowed to restart their journey anywhere they like.
6:41 am
they will have to apply for a local hiking permit. the pacific crest trail has become more popular in recent years after mmr was published called, wild, about a journey on the trail. the movie adaptation was released almost 5 years ago. business is and napa county are struggling to find employees. next, the problems they face even as unemployment rates hit record lows. the sunnyvale police department is dealing with its own hiring problems. we tell you about a high-tech approach in recruiting new officers. first, let's check in with what's coming up on mornings on 2. when i join you in minutes, a first of its kind first for 49ers season-ticket holders that could help them save a lot of money at home games next season. the new plan just unveiled by the team that furthers the 49ers goal of having levi's stadium bring an experience that is unlike any other and all the professional sports.
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also, face scanning technology could determine if you will get your next job. coming up, how artificial intelligence could decide who is best for a position. we will be right back. take the floor.... somewhere unexpected. everything you need is at your fingertips... and at the he depot. on-trend styles, with innovations
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say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. new this morning the bodies of 39 people have been found inside a trucking container in the united kingdom. investigators believe the truck traveled from bulgaria to southeastern england where it was discovered this morning. a 25-year-old man from norther iranhabeen arrested, suspected of murder. investigators are still trying to identify the 39 victims. police in the uk will travel to the united states to interview an american diplomats wife involved in a crash that killed a british teenager. 19-year-old harry dunn died after his motorcycle collided with a car allegedly driven by anne sacoolas. the crash happened in august near a u.s. airbase in north hampshire new gland , england. the woman left the country after invoking diplomatic immunity despite telling local police she had no plans to
6:46 am
leave. investigators say she is not cooperating and she requested to be interviewed by british police in the u.s. >> lawyers have clearly stated the suspect wants to be personally interviewed by officers from the police in order for them to see her and the devastation this has also caused to her and her family. >> the young man who has been killed's family has been urging the woman to return to england to face the family and the uk legal system. in today's health check, for the first time the fda is endorsing a brand of tobacco saying they are less harmful than cigarettes. their pouches of ground tobacco , popular in scandinavian countries. the food and drug administration will go as far as endorsing the swedish pouches as safe but the company will be able to advertise them as posing a reduced risk of certain diseases than cigarettes. the product can still cause mouth cancer.
6:47 am
gum disease and also tooth loss. critics like the american lung association claim it's irresponsible for the fda to endorse any kind of addictive products. in dollars and cents, a tesla is reporting third- quarter earnings after the market closes today. the company missed wall street estimates last quarter. tesla announced earlier this month that it delivered 97,000 cars in the third quarter. skincare brand, sunday riley, has settled with the ftc on false review allegations. the allegation stayed sunday riley employees wrote the false reviews on the sephora website to boost sales for two years. in the settlement the company promised to not write fake reviews but did not admit wrongdoing or receive any punishment. napa businesses are having a hard time finding workers even though the jobless rate continues to drop. according to the state on employment development department napa county's unemployment rate 02 .2% in september, of the lowest on appointment rate in nearly 30
6:48 am
years. an estimated 300,000 people did find jobs, 300 people come i found jobs this september compared to the same time when year ago. today facebook ceo mark zuckerberg will be testifying on capitol hill before congress. the house financial services committee is expected to ask about facebook's planned digital currency, libra . facebook said libra could make online purchasing available to people who don't have access to bank accounts and it will reduce the cost of sending money across borders. mark zuckerberg says facebook will not launch libra until u.s. labor leaders prove it. there is a new tool to help attract new police officers and firefighters in the south bay. the sunnyvale department of public safety is turning to technology, hoping to fill open jobs. it's the latest agency to sign up for a new service through an app called, interview now.
6:49 am
the text message-based service uses artifial intelligence to interact with a recruit and then filter them based on job requirements. >> you want to make it as easy as possible for people. you don't need to download an apical tool of address. >> we are in the heart of silicon valley. were hoping we can use this technology to our advantage. >> sunnyvale will pay $9000 for one year of interview texting service. the city says it could extend that would spend that on one recruiting there. a special program what your tomorrow night right here on ktvu fox 2 . mike mibach will sit down with the police chiefs from gilroy, san jose and hayward to hear what they are sings about the challenges of policing in the bay area. on the record will air tomorrow night after thursday night's sportswrap. make sure you stick around for the 10:00 news with julie and frank. today, harry potter and the cursed child begins
6:50 am
performances at the current current theater in san francisco after a nearly 5 month transformation of the theater, they will open the doors to more than 1600 fans to commemorate the event the city will illuminate san francisco city hall and the colors of the four hogwarts houses. harry potter and the cursed child will have its official opening on sunday, december 1. >> i may need to go see that. >> you should. and like magic, sal is here to talk about -- >> you don't think that will be popular, do you? >> i think there were presale tickets. >> good. good morning, everyone. let's take a look at highway 24 westbound drivin through the lafayette area. the traffic is going to be busy . what we have going for us this morning is a lot of routine commutes. we don't have a lot of unusual items. a couple things. 34 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. that's about normal time. when you get to the bay bridge
6:51 am
you will see slowing. san mateo and dumbarton bridge commutes are moderate and the bay bridge just looks normal. we've not had anything unusual on that span and hopefully it will stay that way for the entire morning. coming up we will take a deep dive into the silicon valley commute which is beginning to wake up. let's get to it. we have sunshine and warm temperatures. has this happened before? it happens. don said california between heat wave 54 years ago, october 24, 1965. the thermometer bubbled up into the 90s for three straight days in santa cruz had a lot of records set on this date in 1965 including san francisco's record high of 88 and sf record high of 87 yesterday broke the old mark of 85 set in 1965. yes, we were. it does repeat itself. that's we are looking at.
6:52 am
80s on the temperatures. 82-89. would not be surprised if we saw some 90s as the high has kicked in and it looks like it wants to stick around. subtle changes. nothing until the weekend where we back off a little bit but the wind will pick up again by sunday. we're not out of the this year. the red flag warning kicks and later on but we mention it right now. 80s and 90s. 40+ mile per hour gusts and higher elevations with dry conditions and single digits on the relative humidity. everything continues to drive into the intermountain region and we get an offshore event. easterly breeze coming over the oakland-berkley hills and over to san francisco and toward santa cruz as well into monterey bay. there is your north or north easterly breeze at black diamond and above the oakland hills, what aker and on the peninsula. very warm air around 1200 feet- 1500 feet. 40s, 50s and 60s. a 20 degrees spread between the napa airport and berkeley. the city is already at 63. redwood city, 54.
6:53 am
low 50s and 40s for some. rohnert park in the north, wind at 61. cloverdale and hillsburg at 64. hope valley, for today. american canyon in vallejo at 54 and 56. sunshine and warm temperatures. oakland titer record high yesterday of 85. close again today on many of these temperatures. warm on the coast and warm inland. tomorrow will be the warmest day. 70s for a couple. 80s to near 90 for some. windy and hot tomorrow. high fire danger late tonight into thursday. not as breezy but still warm on friday. mild on saturday. cooler but above average but the wind will pick up again on sunday. a possible measles exposure at disneyland. coming up, when the person with measles was at disneyland and another popular location and how many people could have been exposed to it. plus, chipoltle is running out of a popular meat option. coming up, when they carnet asada is expected to run out
6:54 am
and the other options they may be adding to the menu. new charges in the college admissions scandal. the extra allegations against lori loughlin as well as two marin county parents. right now. is this a beautiful picture? that is a live picture of the bay area, santa fram with a little elton john in the background. we are still standing and you are watching mornings on 2 on ktvu fox 2 news.
6:55 am
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welcome back, tray charges facing 11 people in the college admission scandal. new indictments accuse lori loughlin and her husband of trying to bribe employees at usc. the bribery charge carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a fine up to $250,000. in sports, a new face on the 49ers practice field today. the 49ers traded two draft picks to the denver broncos to get emmanuel sanders. he's 32 years old, has 30
6:58 am
catches for 367 yards and two touchdowns in seven games already this season. he may play this sunday when the 49ers host the carolina panthers. the warriors' regular season starts tomorrow night at the chase center against the l.a. clipper and looks like the warriors will be without klay thompson for the whole season. he tore his acl during game six of the nba finals and had surgery on it. he was hoping to come back after the all-star break but the head coach is not so sure about that. >> generally acl for basketball players, it's a full year recovery. if it's a full year, that puts him out for the season. we have kind of left the door open in case rehab goes perfectly. april will be nine months post- open, and it's unlikely play this year.
6:59 am
>> some doctors say thompson should take two years to recover . the astros made game one close in the world series but the nationals won 5-4. coverage begins this afternoon at 4:30 p.m. for game two, first pitch at 5:00. watch the regularly scheduled newscasts on ktvu plus. thousands of pg&e customers in the north bay bracing for another round of power shutoffs. we are live in santa rosa with could cause pg&e to make and
7:00 am
that decision. and closing arguments start today in the murder trial of tiffany lee. what the prosecution is expected to present before the jury deliberates. and one student arrested, another detained after a shooting at school and why investigators can't find the weapon. good morning, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm dave clark. we need to listen to steve paulsen because of today's fire danger. >> sfo on its own hit 87 sogrees, possible again today.


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