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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  October 24, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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overnight and is at 10,000 acres continuing to grow. that is roughly 15.5 square miles and containment is still at 0%. >> let's go over to steve paulson talking more about the wind and the danger. >> it's been windy overnight with gusts over 60. some reports of 70. it looks like it's decreasing a little bit. i'm seeing 58 miles per hour at mount st. helena. that is a 4300 feet. good gusts and warm temperatures. give me some time and i can probably get a geyserville temperature in there. bodega bay, 76. penngrove, 77. the wind direction is north, northeast and that is funneling in these very strong gusts. copper mountain, 27. 28 at ridge ranch. 29 miles per hour . with 10% humidity. geyserville coming easterly and 77 degrees with 10% humidity. healdsburg, 17 miles per hour out of the northeast and 11%. nothing good there as far as
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anything positive to help. the winter decrease later on. the strongest gusts are in the sonoma county area. more coming up later. here is sal. all rights. right now we do look at the commute that is going to be busy if you were driving on 80 westbound. i want to show you that the traffic is beginning to wrap up a little bit heading out to the macarthur maze. 22 minute drive. right now the bay bridge is a typical commute. if you're driving on interstate 880, this traffic is beginning to ramp up. we are getting into the ramp up stage of the morning commute on all the freeways in the bay area including the east bay although you have an opportunity to jump ahead of the crowd, especially for the silicon valley commute. you can see 87 has a problem northbound but the rest of that is easy. use 101 or 85 to 17. let's go back to dave.
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complete coverage of this out-of-control wired fire.cristina rendon is near the front lines of the kincade fire. give us the latest from where you are. >> reporter: good morning. take a look at the image behind us. you can see that glow on the ridgeline. he pulled over because we thought this was a good vantage point. we would try to get closer after this live shot but we wanted to give you a perspective of what it looks like from where we are on alexander valley road off of 101 heading toward red winery road. we're close to the 128 interchange. i should say 128 highway. there are a lot of people pulled over on the side of the is a man from healdsburg. his name is stephen. i want to bring you and if you don't mind. share with us what you have been seeing. you have been out here for 30 minutes. >> it's growing quickly. the fire spread quite a bit in
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the last half-hour. >> reporter: are you part of the evacuation order? >> no. not yet.we are still safely on the other side of healdsburg. i don't know yet, actually pick >> reporter: give us your thoughts on why you came out this morning to take a look ? >> i don't know. the fire is in the last few years have been scary when you live here. to have it this close, i feel like this one is closer and the wind is coming our way so i decided to come out and make sure that it's going in a different direction. i think his going toward healdsburg. >> reporter: your thoughts when you look at these flames and how big the glow is and all the smoke and ash in the air? >> it's big. i don't know how you can't see through the smoke on the other side but looking at it from here , it looks like a pretty big fire. >> reporter: do you know anyone that lives in that area that may be affected ? >> yes. my dad's on the other side in
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cloverdale. yes. we know a few people that live appear. they made it through the other fires. so, yeah, it's scary. >> reporter: very scary. to see it and be in the thick of it again. any final thoughts for people who are watching? how would you describe what it looks like out here? >> pretty ominous to see it this close. yeah. >> reporter: thank you so much. we will give you another live look of the ridgeline and what exactly it looks like from where we are. not only can you see the orange glow off the ridge, you can see how black the smoke is in the air and that's because it's night time so you can imagine how big and dark and difficult it is for the firefighters working in really tough terrain to get a handle on this fire. last check 10,000 acres. 0% containment. burning out of control and from where we are the wind is moving
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rapidly. the keep swirling in different directions. that is one of the challenges for firefighters when they try to battle this kincade fire. we will keep moving up the road to try to give you a better vantage point of these flames as they are growing and spreading. we will check back in with you in about 30 minutes. >> thank you for that. be careful out there. we do know the river rock casino has been evacua homes are threatened. allie rasmus spoke with people who evacuated overnight. for some of them it was an all too familiar situation. very scary. tell us where you are and what people are saying. >> reporter: we are at the healdsburg community center and this is one of the designated evacuation centers for people fleeing the kincade fire. it's been ops at midnight
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and you can see the front doors behind us. they have the american red cross out here assisting people with one of their trailers. we turn the camera around and want to show the parking lot because it has filled up in the last 15-20 minutes or so. we've seen people driving and you are in the evacuation area for the kincade fire. that includes residents on red winery road and the latest reports we have are that some structures have been lost on red winery road. this also evacuation orders for people on alexander mountain road and state highway 128 from geysers road to river road including the red rocks casino. also under evacuation orders and there are reports of the chp sent out an alert that highway 128 is shut down in both directions because of the fire between geysers road and downtown geyserville. windsor high school was also in evacuation center this morning. we went there and spoke to a couple who lives on river road, a quarter mile outside geyserville and said the smell of smoke woke them up around 11 pm. he saw an evacuation text alert from sonoma county. they survived the tubbs fire two years ago. >> flashbacks for us. going through it all over again.
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we are hoping this time that when it's all done that we still have a place to live. this is the sixth place we've lived in since the tubbs fire. >> the wind was rolling around. there was ashen the year and it was hot. >> reporter: windsor high school was one of the evacuation centers for the kincade fire. according to a tweet from sonoma county, that will be close at 7 am and they are moving most people to the healdsburg community center which is where we are. i want to bring in the healdsburg mayor. you guys opened around midnight last night and started bringing people in. how many people are you prepared to welcome ? >> we have about 10. we can accommodate quite a few at this location so we are not concerned about that. the other thing that is unique about our in evacuation center is that we can accommodate small animals and we have a parking area. i know you should the parking
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lot. have plenty of additional parking so we can accommodate livestock trailers and that is something we learned two years ago when we were preparing the evacuation center. people can bring their pets, that was a big thing. we also have the red cross here which offers mental health services. obviously this kind of thing triggers a lot with people so we are open and we have power and healdsburg which is another thing that is important to a lot of people who can come to healdsburg. >> reporter: how many people are inside so far ? >> probably 10 or 12 but as you can tell the cars are starting to come in now. >> reporter: thank you so much. the mayor talking about the evacuation center at the healdsburg community center . it's open now. there are people coming in. i'm watching cars pull into the parking lot as people flee the kincade fire.
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>> thank you. 6:08 am. as expected early this morning pg&e shut off power in san mateo county as part of the public safety power shut off. so far 195 customers have lost power but if the strong wind continues, that number could go higher. in napa county more than 6000 homes and businesses have no power and sonoma county has the most people with no power. more than 27,000 customers have no power this morning. the people we talked to in santa rosa say the power outages now seem like the new reality. santa rosa officials say they are working with pg&e to help keep people safe and are using generators out there to keep traffic signals going at the busiest intersections. the sonoma county emergency operations center has been open since tuesday. their workers say they are coordinating the countywide response and they are also seeing many people helping each other. >> we are prepared to send any kind of notifications we need
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to during this time but one of the things that sonoma county does really well is come together. >> at the county operations center the workers say they are happy to answer any questions about the power shut off. they just remind you that if you need nonemergency help, call 211, not 911. the county is also opening three community resource . they will provide water coming air-conditioning and a place to charge your cell phone batteries. those centers are at these locations. the santa rosa memorial veterans building on maple avenue, the cloverdale citrus fair, and the hanna boys center on arnold drive in sonoma. the power shut off has led to several school closures and sonoma county. all the schools in the alexander valley school district and the geyserville unified school district are closed today. that is also in the area of the fire. the santa rosa city school district has canceled classes at hidden valley elementary, rincon valley middle school, maria carrillo high school in
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santa rosa accelerated charter school. the rincon valley union school district is shutting down five elementary schools. they are austin craig, sequoia, binkley, madrone and the sequoia campus of rincon valley charter school. you can go to anytime where we will continue to have the latest information on the power outages as well as the fire and the evacuations as we have crews monitoring that situation as well. . in minutes we will bring in the latest on the kincade fire burning in the north bay. also, those power shutoffs have more cities trying to figure out how they can break away from pg&e. we tell you a body plan by san jose to try to become energy independent. we have a lot of serious news today but we also have some fun. it is opening night for the golden state warriors at chase center. we will take you inside the warriors' new arena for a look at what is in store for fans today.
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red winery road area. the fire has burned 10,000 acres and is still at 0% containment.wind was clocked at 60 miles per hour at the peak. steve paulson saying he is hearing that wind may be as strong as 70 miles per hour but could be dying down as the sun comes up. we will continue to update you on this story. we have crews in the area. allie rasmus at an evacuation center at the healdsburg community center. cristina rendon getting closer to give us a vantage point of the fire. stay with us online as well and our social media accounts. we will continue to update that story. in the meantime several people in oakland could face criminal charges after chaos broke out at a school board meeting last night. [ crowd chanting ]
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>> look at the pictures. parents say they were trying to get past barricades to reach the stage of the school board meeting when they were confronted by oakland unified school police and security guards. the school district says those barricades were brought in for safety because of takeover- style protest at earlier meetings. six people were detained. >> we are pleading to them. pleading to them. we are trying to get on stage to get your attention. and, still, our parents of been arrested. our teachers have been bruised. hurt. we've been threatened with mace and wooden clubs. and what is the school board doing now? they are having their meetings upstairs where parents can even make public comments. >> angry parents have been protesting planned school closures and the mergers of several schools next school year. the school district in oakland plans to hold a news conference later today. also today the bart board
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of directors we hear from their legal team about a possible ban on panhandling. the directors will be talking about the potential ban at a meeting in oakland this morning. the bart attorneys say in order to avoid infringing on first amendment rights, free-speech rights, they believe the panhandling restrictions could only apply to the trains, the station platforms and places inside the bear gates where people have already paid to enter. bart riders we spoke to this week have mixed feelings about the idea. >> it's a difficult spot to be in when it comes to what you have to do to eat. >> as riders we are caught in the middle because you don't want to be an compassionate but at the same time you have things to do. you need to be somewhere. >> did a's meeting will include a discussion of proposed surveillance technology and a public hearing on lighting at the parking garages. the warriors are opening
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their 2019 season tonight at their new home in san francisco, the chase center. we have on our warrior colors today. the chase center hosted 20 event since it opened labor day week but this will be the warriors' first regular-season game in san francisco since 1971. frank mallicoat already there at the chase center in san francisco with a preview of what to expect tonight. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, elton john has played here. metallica has played here. the symphony has played here. even though who has played here and is finally warriors turn. the played a handful of preseason games but tonight is the night they open up this beautiful $1.4 billion arena as the warriors play a game for keeps. they take on the clippers. 18, by the way, that has already won their opener. they beat the lakers on tuesday night. lots of new faces.
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only five returning on the roster including of course steph curry in draymond green. tonight the battle kawhi leonard of the clippers. the guy they know too well from last year's final against toronto. he is off to a hot start with 30 against the lakers on thursday night. it should be a fun night tonight. even the warriors' brasler feeling nervous energy in anticipation of tonight's big opener. >> we've been lucky to have a month to get to know the building and staged 20 events and to be able to get feedback from fans and get everything working in a perfect way before we welcome our first regular- season crowd for the warriors. that's been a real benefit. >> reporter: tickets for tonight's game are here hot commodity. resale, two courtside seats fetching $35,000. that $70,000. if you poke around a little bit, ticketmaster has some tickets for $137 and if you wait a week, the phoenix suns
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are here and those tickets right now on ticketmaster are only $61. but it's the opener. is the opening of a new chase center and of course everybody wants to be here tonight. by the way, that new look warriors team is a two point underdog tonight. that's the latest outside the chase center. frank mallicoat, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. we will check in and a little bit. unfortunately as we go to sal, you are starting with a grass fire affecting one-to-one? >> yes. we do have traffic that is getting a little better on 101. i was watching 101 and the fire department was out there but now they put that fire out. this was a small grass fire and you can still tell it's a little slow but the good news is the fire department got on it rather quickly and put the fire out. let's talk about the bay bridge getting over to san francisco.
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you will see that traffic is backed up here at the bay bridge toll plaza. there have been no major issues. and this morning's commute on 880 will be busy if you are driving through. no problems on westbound 92 heading out to the highrise and this morning's commute will be okay on 880. 6:21 am. trying to put together a forecast and it does not look promising. maybe later this afternoon the wind will tail off. it looks like the strongest gusts were overnight in as we go through the day. the fire forecast is really hot. starting off, 72 with 8% humidity. the wind will turn more north, northeastern easterly or east, southeast by this evening. 88-95. the only good news is maybe the wind speed will come down but it's going to be really warm. 76 degrees in bodega bay.cristina rendon -- healdsburg, 71. 75 in napa.
6:22 am
all this is wind-driven out of the north northeast. everything is coming in from higher pressure in the battle with lower pressure here. kelsey be coming east, southeast., bridge, northeast. ridge ranch, northeast, 29. 74 and 10%. one observation in geyserville ranch, 80 degrees. 9% humidity. 13 miles per hour out of the east and healdsburg, northeast , 77 degrees and 11% humidity. some are not reporting. windsor has an east wind at 4 and a napa county in parts of sonoma county, not too bad but out of the north or northeast around 12-25. you can see the airflow. some of this is being funneled around where the fire is. the kincade fire.that's just south of healdsburg. and also from petaluma over to bodega bay and north of inverness. humidity has gone up in santa rosa. it was at 11% and now at 20%.
6:23 am
still very low. concord, 17%. fairfield at 14%. red flag warning is out. 80s and 90s. this will be the hottest day of the week. gusts about 3500 feet at 50-60 miles per hour . though should start coming down. relative humidity mainly in the teens. sully says good morning. 74 and breezy and shelbyville. is the coolest is been all night. >> i believe it. 80s and 90s today. santa rosa, 95. oakland, 90. san francisco, 88. the record is 90. it would not be surprising if they flirted with that. my forecast high is close enough. there could be some high clouds spilling over the ridge. a warm day with temperatures starting in the 60s and 70s and there's no sign of any rain or good news right now except decreasing wind throughout the day. 80s and 90s on the temperatures. a break with temperatures coming down on saturday.
6:24 am
not as hot on sunday but we could have a bigger wind event if it all comes together. >> thank you. 6:24 am. big changes could be coming for dog owners. we will explain the changes coming next week to the golden gate national recreation area. the investigation underway after a string of laptop thefts at east bay schools. the impact it's having on classrooms.
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welcome back. new test results reveal two oakland high school have soil contaminated with lead. the elevated levels were found under pavement at the ralph bunche academy in west oakland and street academy in the neighborhood. officials say the soil does not pose a health risk to students because it's under the blacktop and is entirely contained. police in the east bay are looking for thieves who stole computers from an elementary school. workers boarded up the doors yesterday after burglars shattered glass to break into four classroom and ruby bridges elementary school in alameda. this happened tuesday night when the campus was closed. two laptops were taken and students were temporarily relocated to other classrooms as the mess was cleaned up. >> it's disappointing when people break into schools and
6:28 am
take property. we are here to educate and take care of children and these are public resources. >> several campuses in the east bay have recently been burglarized where computers and tools were the tens of thousands of dollars have been stolen. police are investigating whether the incidents are related. right now it's 620 getting them. our top story continues. that big fire burning out of control and sonoma county. we have an update on where the fire is heading and just how big that is. here is a live look at that fire right now. many communities around the wildfire area are in the dark this morning because any pg&e plan power shut off. we are now hearing about a new shot off could come this weekend. long for. w and a place, a feeling, a moment. but only kerrygold can take you there. to ireland's lush, green pastures. where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk
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good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. thursday, october 24. i'm dave clark . >> i'm pam cook. we are talking about this fire in sonoma county. >> moments ago the entire city of geyserville was put under a mandatory evacuation for the first time we are getting official damage numbers from the kincade fire. this is burning out of control near geyserville. >> cal fire now telling us that two structures were damaged. they are not saying it their homes. evacuated areas include cloverdale, geysers road, alexander mountain road, red
6:32 am
winery road and all roads east of highway 128 all the way to geyserville. >> these flames jumped highway 128 and are getting closer to river rock casino. right now this fire henz burned more than 15.5 square miles. >> our team coverage continues. cristina rendon instead of frontlines where crews are working to protect homes and property. first we want to go to to allie rasmus at the evacuation center in healdsburg. >> reporter: yes. the evacuation center and healdsburg where a few minutes ago everyone standing here got the emergency alert. this one is in spanish but a few minutes ago it was in english, warning about everyone in the town of geyserville to evacuate and shortly after the lights here in healdsburg, the power had been on up until five minutes ago. the lights went out. you can hear generators behind us. it's completely dark at the healdsburg community center . we will talk to the mayor here shortly to find out if he knows
6:33 am
anything about what happened. the power is cut out in healdsburg. we are talking to people who are coming here to the healdsburg community center . this is one of the evacuation centers for people fleeing the kincade fire. evacuation orders for red winery road, alexander road, geysers road to river road , that has been shut down by the chp because of this wildfire. early this morning pine flat road, homes there were also evacuated. i want to bring in tom, what was the situation like this morning when you were told to get out ? >> the fire moved pretty darn fast down the hill, down the mountain. and once it got that when there was not to be stopped. >> reporter: and we can feel the wind right now. >> its heaviest i've seen it in a long time. >> reporter: how did you find out you had to leave? did you wake up and see the fire
6:34 am
? did you get a notice? >> i saw the fire about 9:00 last night. it was a big red glow from a distance. and i kept watching it and watching it. eventually it just got closer and closer and closer and, so, i went on my motorcycle to see how close and here comes all the sheriff's and they were going house to house. >> reporter: okay. >> we are having a problem getting that signal through. as you can imagine. mandatory evacuations. we're talking about that. she is at the healdsburg community center. they are accepting horses which is great news. we understand that sonoma county fair grounds also accepting horses because that was a big problem two years ago.
6:35 am
a lot of people in that area do have horses and livestock, also erned out their pets. >> we've heard some people who do not want to leave their properties because they did not want to leave their animals. >> that is good news. the community center in healdsburg. we want to get another update from cal fire. we are doing on the phone by cal fire spokesman jonathan cox. good morning. and you hear oh? >> can you hear me ? >> yes. we can. thank you for joining us. we know it's a very busy out there. this fire pretty much doubled in size overnight. what can you tell us about the conditions and about any homes burned or threatened at this point. >> yes. the fire made a significant run last night after it started around 11:00. this is a completely wind- driven fire. the fire is moving at a critical rate of spread. our objective not to evacuate
6:36 am
people out of the area and make sure they are out of harm's way and then defend structures as much as we can, on an incident basis based on the conditions. we are really trying to hold the russian river valley right now. the fire is making a westerly push in the geyserville area. and obviously we are at the mercy of the wind at the moment. the advice we have now is if you were in the area that is being evacuated, evacuate immediately. this fire is moving with significant speed and if you need extra time and you're out in front of the fire, think about evacuation and grabbing belongings as quickly as possible. we do have large resource orders from throughout the state placed in mutual aid systems and we will be getting people coming in throughout the day. as well as the incident management team, cal fire incident management team will assume command of the incident due to the size and scope.
6:37 am
>> if i could break them because this time we are looking at live video and it looked like a home was burning and we did get an update that two structures, not confirmed homes, but can you tell us how many homes if any hepburn? it looks like a home we're looking at right now and how many others or threatened? >> yes. it's too early to say exactly how many. we know it's impacted neighborhoods and structures. we do have reports structures are involved. those numbers will come out as time goes on. right now our triage is really getting people out of the way and to take action where we can. >> what neighborhood? can you tell us ? >> the red winery road area off 128 is the more impacted area the fire has come into and obviously the additional evacuation orders in place or forthcoming will be more toward the russian river valley area. >> a quick question. does cal fire have all the resources it needs right now or are you guys overwhelmed? how would you describe it?
6:38 am
>> yes. we order resources until we get control of a fire and we are still in the ordering phases. real ordering resources from throughout the bay area northern california and dipping into southern california. when those resources are exhausting begin go out of state to a larger pool. right now there's a lot of resources and route and until we get that number to a level where we can control the fire, we will continue to order. >> can you tell us more about the location? as we are looking at this we are hearing reports it's moving in the direction of the river rocks casino. however, the russian river is in between. it sounds like in between the fire. could that possibly provide a break before it gets over to that area? >> yes. you know, i can't get too specific just because of the size and scope of what's going on in the exact locations. we will get it mapped out as soon as we can and better
6:39 am
information we can get to the public anymore centralized format. in general terms, it is making a push from east to west down toward the river rocks casino area. and the russian river valley. >> all right. it's heartbreaking what we are looking at right now. my video and it does look like a home is burning. jonathan cox from cal fire. also, one more thing. can you tell us, it doesn't look like it's that far from highway 101. any concerns about the freeway being affected? >> our incident commander and law enforcement are side-by- side at the incident command post and they will continue to evaluate as the fire progresses what actions need to be taken and that includes road closures if it were to get to a highway. obviously highway closures as well. it's not out of the realm of possibility but it's not occurring at this time. >> all right. jonathan cox with cal fire. thank you for taking the time to talk to wes. the latest from cal fire.
6:40 am
let's go to cristina rendon. you are right there and you are seeing and hearing and smelling a lot. talk about the situation where you are right now in your geyserville. >> reporter: good morning. you have been seeing those live images of what appears to be a structure burning behind us. to give prospective, what we are looking at and the direction, that is red winery road in the distance along the hillside is where we see the structure burning and we been here for about 30 minutes, 45 minutes already and i can tell you the fire keeps inching closer and closer to us and the flames keep growing bigger and bigger. in terms of hearing things, we've heard a few explosions, likely some propane tanks going up as we speak and we will pan over to the left. you can see this fire is not just on the ridge line. if we go to the left you can see an orange glow in the distance. we believe that is 128. even all the way around it appears the fire has reached the valley floor.
6:41 am
between where e two orange close from the left and the rights, in the middle of that where it's dark thick smoke we believe that direction looking toward river rocks casino. that could give some perspective. we are on alexander valley road. we try to get closer to the fire. it was simply too dangerous. we had to stand where we were just to be safe and bring you these images. i will say we've seen a lot of fire crews, cal fire, sonoma county sheriff speeding by on alexander valley road. does a lot of cars on the side and yet they are still speeding down trying to get to another location. that shows the urgency of the situation and this kincade fire started behind the ridge line, i would say another eight miles back near kincade road. what i was talking to residents who live out here they said it started near the geysers. very deep and steep terrain in those mountains back there and then
6:42 am
it just moved and it moved quick. we spoke to one man who said he woke up with the smell of smoke. he had no idea there was a fire pit looked outside and comes to where we are and said here we go again. another woman just left a few minutes ago because now the city or the town of geyserville is under a mandatory evacuation. she lives near jim town store. she said that she grabbed everything. she put everything in her car and left but she has no idea that this was going to move so quickly. as always is the case with fast-moving fire, high wind where we are. the wind keeps swirling and changing in different directions. she said near her house there was no one and and a matter of 20 minutes it was armed with and it shows the unpredictability of this fire. we will give you another image and another live look and it appears structures are burning on red winery road. we heard early this morning that everyone was safe and no one had been injured but it does appear that this fire has claimed a few structures. no reports of any injuries.
6:43 am
hopefully it does stay that way. we're waiting to get word from cal fire but at this point kincaid is 10,000 acres and growing. 0% containment and moving fast. if you have not gotten out from this area where you live near geyserville, you need to get out now. >> cristina rendon. thank you. once again all of geyserville is being evacuated because of that big wildfire. >> for the latest on the kincade fire, sergeant juan valencia of the sonoma county sheriff's office is on the phone with us again this morning. sergeant, we spoke to you shortly after 4 am. what can you tell us in the couple of hours since we spoke last? >> the fire has begun moving in a western direction toward the town of geyserville. so, we have a mandatory evacuation. the fire is burning west and it jumped over highway 128 and now is burning toward the city or the town of geyserville.
6:44 am
what we did is with the department of emergency management, the issued a wireless emergency alert and we issued a nixle for a five mile radius for a mandatory evacuation since the fire is moving so fast. we want to try to get ahead . >> what areas are you recommending now for people who are joining and if they are not getting those nixle alerts, who should be evacuating right now, where should they go and what direction? >> right now they are concentrating in the geyserville area. they are going pretty much door- to-door, a couple of deputies are driving up another street with the high low assignment. they're doing a lot of door-to- door contact. so that's our primary goal right now. to evacuate the entire downtown area and have them hopefully go southbound toward the town of windsor into the windsor high
6:45 am
school. >> sergeant, what are you hearing about evacuating senior citizens or chilen and vulnerable people like that? >> we ask that if neighbors are aware of that, for neighbors to help them assist and if they can't assist, to call 911 and let us know. we will be more than happy to send a deputy over the to assist if we can. >> what about the conditions this morning? the wind, does it appear to be dying down? is a strengthening? and what about embers? >> that is always a concern. i'm not out there right now but the information that i have gathered is the wind is blowing pretty good in the direction of the fire is moving in the wind is very unpredictable so it could be blowing west one minute and the next minute could be blowing north or south. >> all right. sheriff, sergeant juan valencia, thank you for being on the phone with us. the latest from you.
6:46 am
we will go over to steve paulson now for the latest on the weather. more in depth about the weather, the wind and the fire danger. it's very warm already. two sites in geyserville are 80 degrees with an east wind. gusts at 58. at 2500 feet in healdsburg hills. 80 degrees, going for it 97 today. the wind will decrease throughout the day but it's still very strong. 45-55 in higher elevations. and it's warm. healdsburg, 74. bodega bay, 76. 70s for many including windsor and into napa this an observation of 75. airflow is strongly offshore from easterly or north east. it has turned more easterly as that of north. we are seeing that now it, bridge. ridge crest, 1300. the humidity, geyserville ranch at 9% and 81 degrees. and healdsburg hill, 75 degrees, 32 miles per hour with gusts of 38.
6:47 am
11% humidity. mount st. helena had accosted 58. there is a pint flat road, 31 miles per hour out of the north. wind has picked up north east at 9. not as bad in parts of napa county and sonoma county but still 20-30 miles per hour out of the north and northeast and you can see how everything is being funneled between santa rosa and cloverdale. you can see why it's so strong coming off the mountains heading over 128 and also around petaluma through the gap over to bodega bay which is why bodega bay is so warm at 76. the humidity has gone up a bit. santa rosa was 11% and now 20 but nobody was at 15% now 27 but still teens and concord and fairfield. the red flag warning is out today. another strong wind event looks to be on tap for sunday. today we get about 20 miles per hour wind at the valley . 45- 55 in the hills around 1500- 4000 feet. sunday could be even stronger.
6:48 am
possibility of gust to 75. we have one today and another on sunday. now we go to sal. we have a problem on the golden gate bridge. i saw emergency vehicles heading up there on the span. northbound 101. it looks like a medic vehicle is trying to get through and it looks like there's an injury accident. northbound 101. here come the medics on northbound 101. it looks like the crashes somewhere on the span. if you are driving north out of san francisco, give yourself some time. southbound traffic may also be affected. we are also looking at the bay bridge backed up as it normally is and so is 880. it's getting slower. and if you're driving into the east bay the commutes are starting to get backed up on 880 and 680 heading south. we also have slow traffic on the altamont pass and we've had a lot of crashes on northbound one-to-one, 85 in saratoga. it's very slow because of the wreck.
6:49 am
now let's go back to the desk. more than 33,000 pg&e customers in the bay area have no power right now. after pg&e turned off power in san mateo county early this morning. right now, 195 customers near woodside and le honda are all fine but if the wind stays strong that number could go up later this morning. and napa county, more than 6000 homes and businesses have lost power. and sonoma county, they have the most people with no power. more than 27,000 customers. pg&e says it has been taking steps to limit the number of customers affected by the power shut off. one way is doing what it calls segmenting parts of the service system. it also is using generators to keep other customers online. >> we were also able to secure backup generation for if you communities, specifically em nguyen, plasserville, calistoga and grass valley. altogether
6:50 am
slightly above 5000 customers are able to be reed via backup generation. >> pg&e says as soon as the meteorologists say it's safe, ground crews will be sent out to check the power lines for damage. the utility's ceo was asked if the product wildfires can be blamed on pg&e's failure to maintain and upgrade its equipment. >> the fire risk has grown exponentially, particularly in this region in the last couple of years. 2012, 15% of our service area was designated high fire threat. this year, 52%, more than a threefold increase in the geography of risk in that period of time. >> pg&e says it expects to get the all clear from the current shut off by noon today. once crews have inspected each powerline segment, that part of the system can be reenergized
6:51 am
but pg&e also said it could take up to 48 hours to get everyone back online. pg&e will closely watch the weather conditions today to decide whether they can start restoring power. but now there are new concerns about another that may be an even bigger round of power shutoffs as soon as this weekend. pg&e's forecast shows more fire danger with strong wind on sunday and on monday. the forecast shows a higher risk of power shutoffs and almost all service areas. >> some of the forecast models that we look at, such as the european models, suggest this could be the strongest wind event of the season. >> pg&e says the strong wind is expected to dry out the grass and brush even more. that would increase the already high fire danger but pg&e says no decisions have made been made yet about more power shutoffs for this weekend. you can go to our website,
6:52 am, at any time. we continue to have the very latest information on the power shutoffs. the city of san jose is moving forward with possibly cutting ties with pg&e. mayor sam liccardo is considering the proposal to create the city's own power grid by buying assets from the utility. san jose's rules committee discussed the plan to create a local customer owned utility. the city would start by building microgrid's throughout san jose and then eventually take control of pg&e transmission lines but it's a plan that pg&e already rejected in san francisco. >> although pg&e has stated that the company assets are not for sale, in fact, they are in bankruptcy court. they are for sale and whether they like it or not, they are at the mercy of a bankruptcy judge and ultimately the cpuc so this is the time to talk about how pg&e gets reorganized in a way that will fulfill the public interest and hopefully
6:53 am
do a better job in providing reliable power. >> the full council will discuss the pros and cons of the proposal next month. the city also plans to get feedback from customers to see where they stand on the matter. it's a very busy morning at 6:53 am. we are staying on the kincade fire burning out of control and sonoma county. the latest on evacuations and the firefight, plus, with christmas two months away, big retail stores are getting ready for the holiday shopping season. coming up on the next hour, when the deals will really start at walmart and target. and it was the new menu item that sent the country into a frenzy in august and it's make a comeback. find out when popeyes is bringing back the coveted chicken sandwich.
6:54 am
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weome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:56 and we are following breaking news of a huge wildfire burning along the sonoma and lake county lines and right now, all of geiser bill is under a mandatory evacuation with about 900 living there. you are looking at a time lapse video of the fire that has burned at least 10,000 acres and it is 0% contained and that fire jumped highway 128 and is headed toward river rock casino. officily, two buildings are damaged but our ktvu camera crew recorded buildings being engulfed in flames and we
6:57 am
talked to cristina rendon a few minutes ago and she was speaking to a spokesman from cal fire. >> the wind is a big factor in pushing the fire, as explosive as it's been. >> reporter: what can you say to people watching this and saying, here we go again. what do they need to know right now? >> you are in one of the mandatory evacuation zones and haven't left, we urge you to leave. >> will have complete coverage of the kincade fire in sonoma county as it is growing in just minutes. 6:57 and in other news, a coalition of outdoor recreation groups are suing the u.s. or forest service to try to stop it from allowing electric bikes on trails in the tahoe national forest in the group's claim that the rules and regulations were changed to allow e-bikes on nonmotorized trails without first getting input from the public and the groups hope to prevent other national forests
6:58 am
in california from doing the same thing. the golden gate national recreation area is considering a similar e-bike plan but it's letting the public comment on it until the end of the month. we hope you will join us tonight for a ktvu special with mike mibach sitting down for his roundtable discussion, on the record, bay area police chief and during the first part of the report, you will hear from gilroy police chief scott nitpick and he is talking about his coverage on the shooting at that garlic golf festival. >> when the shots rang out those people started running and didn't stop running. as i was coming in, the streets were filled with people running from the venue. >> the emotional part for me was the emotion of the families of the people that witnessed it and the officers that try to save their lives and you could feel that emotion. >> the police chiefs of
6:59 am
hayward and san jose were also in that conversation and one part of the discussion focuses on mass shootings. the police chiefs talked about whether assault weapons should be banned. >> is banning guns the answer? >> especially on the record i will tell you i don't believe assault rifles, ar-15s should be in the hand of anybody but military or law enforcement. that was the whole invention of that weaponry to begin with. back on the record, bay area police chief will air tonight after the sports wrap. join us for the 10:00 news. breaking news with an overnight wildfire exploding inside and burning out-of- control near geysers fill. we have more on the firefight and the mandatory evacuation for all of geiser ville. >> lights out for thousands of
7:00 am
pg&e customers still without power as part of a plan shut off and we have details on the affected areas and a warning from pg&e. >> the golden state warriors take on kawhi leonard and the clippers for tonight's home opener and we tell you what to expect for the first regular- season game in san francisco in nearly 50 years. from ktvu fox2 news this is mornings on 2. it's thursday, october 24 and i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm dave clark. breaking news with a wildfire sweeping through an area east of geyerville and the kincade fire is now at 10,000 acres and as we reported, all of the community is under vacuum where he orders. flames have burned through more than 12.5 squarle


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