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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 26, 2019 10:00pm-10:44pm PDT

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mm-hmm. okay. any suggestions? i usually go with earrings. [ slurps ] this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2. we are under a red flag warning for the north and east bay, a weather system bringing dangerously high wind which will fan the flames of the kincade fire. it comes as authorities order more people to evacuate. >> we cannot fight this, please evacuate. if you are under an evacuation order, you people in the bay area either are or will be in the dark tonight.
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pg&e turns off because of the dangerous winds headed for our region. >> we begin with an urging warning from authorities, the winds could gust 80 miles an hour. i am andre senior. >> i am alayna gomez. firefighters worked to get the upper hand on the kincade fire, it is burning out of control. the latest numbers, cal fire said it has burned nearly 26,000 acres and the fire is only 11 % contained. authorities say 77 structures have been destroyed, that includes 31 homes. >> the spike in the number of people forced to leave their homes or businesses. earlier today, 44,000 people were under evacuation orders which affected the residents of windsor and healdsburg. mark essex said another 100,000 people under the evacuation order, that brings the total ,0 people in these communities are
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ordered to leave. >> we have team coverage of the fire. tonight wind event, meteorologist, mark tamayo monitoring the conditions. we go live to an evacuation shelter. greg talked to thousands of people evacuated. >> reporter: indeed i did, i can tell you tonight, the widespread evacuations are unprecedented in this area. that is because with tonight's wind event, kincade has the potential to spread southwest. officials are urging anyone under a mandatory evacuation order to get out. >> this is family is talking up what they can from there windsor apartment and heading out. estrada planned to stay until a friend nearby gave her call. >> and move away. >> i took my pictures and my laptop, it has most of my memories.
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>> reporter: emergency officials state in in an evacuation zone planning to stay home put selective risk. >> fire is not something you can fight. october 2017, we lost 24 lives in sonoma county because we did not have a warning, we now have a warning. >> this will be potentially unprecedented event. >> reporter: many heinund drivid as evacuees left evacuation zone that stretched from geyserville the windsor. tonight, officials expanded those evacuation zones. >> zone four is the dry creek valley including the upper portions of westside road and mill creek road. zone five is lark field and mark west drainage. zone seven is all areas west of niels burke and windsor to the russian river valley. >> reporter: all afternoon, evacuees flooded into shelters like the veterans hall in santa rosa and the petaluma veterans
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building where we found jennifer, who left her place. >> i got a text from some website that tells you warnings going on in your area. it beeped like three times in three minutes sing to get out. >> reporter: officials state anyone ignoring a mandatory evacuation order is making a mistake because what kincade could bring tonight maybe a match for those paid to put their lives on the line. >> the problem tonight, what we potentially see, the conditions of 60 miles an hour wind, it does not how much gear we have on our equipment we have on it, the fire intensity has the potential to overwhelm even the professionals. >> reporter: in addition to the s, there are also new warning zones, they include calistoga road and petrified forest road all the way to the napa county line as well as areas west of fulton, south.
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i can tell you, some people are heeding that warning tonight and getting out of their homes and arriving here at the shelter in santa rosa. live in santa rosa, greg livins. >> obey those evacuation orders. thank you. santa rosa regional hospital evacuated tonight as the fire burned dangerously close to the facility. here's a live look, it is quite now, the buses just left 20 minutes ago to take the patient's evacuated, they will be taken in and treated at sutter health facilities in nevada and the california medical center. a spokesperson said in a statement, our first priority is the safety of our patients. employees and clinicians. the weather offering no help to firefighters, the winds forecast to reach up to 80 miles an hour. meteorologist, mark tamayo with more on the red flag warning.
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>> it is not a gradual increase, it will be a sudden jump, expecting the jump over the next 2 to 4 hours, especially in the north bay. there's a strong went out to the north, more north and east, as we hit passed the midnight hour into sunday, you will notice the strong uptake. notice those errors are contouring the hills. the hills could actually increase those wind speeds or amplify the wind speeds, that is a key concern as we head into sunday. once again, the red flag warning , all the areas of red, strongest wind in the north bay hills where the peaks like mount st. helena will be gusting at 70 miles an hour. this wind will affect the north bay and portions of the east bay at 8:00. in effect from 11:00 monday morning and into the coast of the santa cruz mountains, 3:00 tomorrow morning, a few hours, same expiration time but 11:00. look at the fires and conditions
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as we come closer, the weather not bad today, we cooled off a bit, moisture levels up around 30 to 56 %, that's a good time, the wind speeds have not picked up yet, that will be changing. looking at more wind speeds, mount st. helena showing 16 miles an hour. here is the forecast as we put this into motion, the brighter colors to reflect the stronger wind speed. with what happens, dramatic increase early tomorrow morning, 8:00 tomorrow morning, this is the valley toward geyserville, windsor, healdsburg, the winds up to 40 miles an hour, the hills have stronger winds. notice how long it is through sunday afternoon, the strong winds developing, not just focuthis will be bay area wide. we talk about those conditions headed our way with more on the forecast in a few minutes. thank you. the massive power outages beginning to impact more than 2 million people across southern
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california. pg&e cutting power due to the h look at how many customers are expected to be affected in each bay area county. >> moran, sonoma counties started losing power around 6 pm this evening. 250,000 customers affected in this areas. it started at 8 pm in the rest of the bay area, 237,000 customers in santa clara and santa cruz counties. >> we go to lafayette, power went out at 8:00 tonight. >> reporter: that is exactly right. this is mount diablo boulevard, normally it is bustling on a saturday night. tonight it is dark, they have reflective stop signs in the intersections because there's no power for the streetlights. the streetlights are all out, people out walking tonight, they are using ell phone so the see what they're doing and not
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trip or fall on the curb. this is after r in an attempt historic winds from creating disaster. >> the difference from light to dark took seconds for portions of the east bay saturday night. the main thoroughfare through downtown lafayette was like a halloween free creation as the streetlights went dark. party of four at this restaurant became a foursome in search of other plans. >> we did not know the lights are out, reservations were at 8:30, they can't do anything for us, not even a drink. >> reporter: saturday afternoon, pg&e officials announced a new wave of power shutoffs affecting 2 1/2 million people across northern and central california. this after forecasters predicted historically strong winds with gusts upwards of 60 miles an hour. e conditions nee for significant fires this even >> reporter: seven geographic zones impacted with the north bay saturday afternoon and
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ending in madera countyy it tak hours to restore service after the all clear. >> safety is always a primary incineration. what we work hard at every day, 24 hours a day in the eoc, emergency operations center is try to figure out how we protect the public with the least amount of disruption. >> reporter: unfortunately, disruption is what is happening for the owners of this burger restaurant. they cannot afford a generator and food supplies could spoil if the power is out until monday or longer. >> i have a lot of meat and bread that will go bad. you know, i don't know how long this will be i have no generator. this is the second time they are shutting me off. they should be responsible for something. >> reporter: pg&e will not take on that burden. officials at pg&e say just as the starts the end in the early
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next week, there could be another one because they forecast another wind event next week. live in lafayette tonight, jesse gary. plunging into darkness. thank you for that report. ppo living without electricity. five location for charging services. this can be done from 8 am to 5 pm. the locations include facilities in antioch, pleasant hill, richmond. they will have a community research center at st. mary's research center in morocco. there will be a charging station at the lafayette police station from 9 am to 5 pm. the tom lantos tunnel was closed. caltrain is using a generator. > om met with at home healthcare nurses and brief them on the new tools
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and resourto help medically vulnerable people cope during the outages. partnerships with companies like walmart and safeway. many companies taken measures to remain open during the power shut off. the government urged residents to be kind to utility workers and not take their frustrations out on. he told residents to listen to warnings from officials. >> when someone asks or hears there's been an evacuation order, go means go. do not put your life at risk, trust the experts. trust the assessment that has been made by those whose entire lives are consumed with keeping people safe. >> yesterday, the governor at $75 million for local and state governments to mitigate the impact of the power shut off. the governor called the pg&e shut off a new reality , one
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that everyone must learn to live with. our coverage of pg&e power outages and the kincade fire continues tonight after the break. we speak with the california office of emergency services. >> the fire prompting unhealthy air across the bay area. warning from officials after the break. circulator in sports, we wrap up how the houston astros blasted off in game four of the world series.
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pg&e outages age of the because of this weekend's fire danger. over half a man pg&e customers
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expected to be affected. >> joining us not to talk about the outages is justin jacobs with the california governor's office of emergency services. thank you for joining us. what do you want folks out there tonight watching as we are now in the red flag warning in the midst of these power outages, what do you want people to know? >> thank you so much for having me on tonight. i appreciate being able to share the message. be prepared, stay tuned in your local governments and the local channels to get your information and hopefully they went over those procedures with their families and have a bag and kicked prepare, if you don't, stay tuned into those warnings and heed the evacuations, that is first and foremost for safety. >> two years ago, so many people said my neighbors knocked on my door, i had minutes to get out. how is the notification system working right now for the kincade fire?
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>> we have been activating the last four days working with cal fire, the national guard, all of the other state agencies, we coordinate with and reached out into those local communities and local partners and emergency service communicators to see what is needed and assess those needs on the ground and here at the 30,000 foot level from those experiences in this past years and how to best support moving forward. the big cord needed effort, there's a lot going on at the local level and the state level, the easiest way for people to stay tied to that information, pay attention to news channels and heed warnings from cal fire and the sheriff's office, it is extremely important. >> what is being done differently? >> it is unprecedented event we are having, you have man-made
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disaster situation overlaid from actual national disaster of a wild fire. it is unprecedented territory there, the first operation center, get the coordination done ahead of time. that is gained momentum. at the same time, the high winds coming, more natural challenges, created a new element we have not dealt with yet. we will work through it together and coordinate on the ground at the state and local level. >> with the fact the number of evacuations have gone up and the red flag warning where winds could gust up to 80 miles an hour, do you anticipate anymore evacuations? >> that is kind of hard to say at this point. that is why we are operated, activated and operating 24 hours a day right now to continue to monitor the situation..way, if there needs
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possible. pg&e coordinate that stuff and makes those decision, they're here with us and coordinate them with the locals. >> justin jacobs with us from cal oes. thank you for what you're doing. fair alert issue warning today, an order not issued tomorrow. the other issue today was the third we have seen in three days. due to the wildfire smoke and unhealthy air. air quality officials say if you smell smoke, avoided by staying inside or limiting the time you spend outside. smoke will be moving through the bay area, air quality officials said it is not expected to exceed unhealthy levels. sensitive groups like children, elderly, and those with respiratory issues should remain inside if possible. >> we have the high winds, what does that mean for us?
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the wind could mix out some of the smoke. unfortunately, it could lead to new fire starts and increase smoke for a lot of us, a lot depends on the fire activity tomorrow as we head into this major wind event across portions of northern california and the bay area. the red flag fire warning in place, long-duration, strong wind event, extreme fire behavior and low moisture levels, low relative humidity, very dry, setting the stage for the peak of the fire season right now. this is a live camera, show you the flag in the foreground, not moving around too much yet, it will change quite a bit after the midnight hour. on the satellite, you can see what is happening, this little circulation in the pacific, area of high pressure, the low pressure developing here. we see those winds develop just offshore, we are expecting twins to continue to increase as we head into the overnight hours. current numbers, there's a bit of a chill in the air, that is the first change, a weak front moving through the bay area, santa rosa 50 degrees, oakland 59, san jose checking in at 60.
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as far as the wind speeds for that 10:00 our, not bad, calm reports toward santa rosa, sfo 12 and san jose calm. the winds increase, you will see a high wind warning for portions to the north and northbay hills. that is in place until 11:00 monday morning. wind advisory for the northbay valleys, portions of the east bay until 11:00 monday morning, the bay shoreline, coastal areas, santa cruz mountains, 3:00 send it until 11 am monday. we have been focusing on the northbay, we want to let you know, this will be a bay area wide wind event. this is 8 am tomorrow morning, the problem will be this is a long-duration wind event dressed today sunday and into monday morning. we will talk more about this on the 5-day forecast coming up in a little bit. things. now for an update on the massive fire that continues to burn in southern california
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tonight. it is 55 % contained, it burned over 4600 acres since raking out thursday afternoon. governor gavin newsom declared a state of emergency that frees up more resources. 18 structures destroyed, another 16th damage. those numbers to drive, three firefighters injured, the cause is under investigation. coming up, more coverage of the kincade fire continues. we take a look at the fire from the ground and the air. president trump takes aim at house speaker nancy pelosi and san francisco. what he had to say after the break.
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new at ten, police in santa rosa investigate a stabbing that sent three people to the hospital early this morning. officers responded to mendocino avenue and bicentennial parkway at about 12:30 am. economy and suffering from multiple stab wounds. he was rushed to a nearby hospital. a short time later, two other victims walked into area hospitals. officer say none of the victims could say who attack them or what happened. all the victims expected to survive. anyone with information is asked to contact santa rosa police. a man pulled down his an 11- year-old girl. investigators said a man was and what is sketchy about to see committed the act on that child as she walked down the street late wednesday afternoon. that man is described as 5'10"
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between 25 and 30 years old. he was driving a black older model mazda sedan. if you recognize them in the sketch, call the police department. president trump continues his attack on speaker of the house, nancy pelosi in a series of tweets early this morning. the president said speaker pelosi's district of san francisco is in horrible condition. hazardous waste needs to be cleaned up. all she can focus on his impeachment. more vietnamese families came forward today to say their loved ones may be among those found dead in a container truck in england. the bodies of 39 people found. the vehicle traveled from bulgaria to southeastern england and part of a human smuggling operation. british authorities are investigating what happened and who was involved. a father in the vietnam police that his son was a victim. he went to ukraine, he joined a group in france trying to reach
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england. coming up, more coverage of the kincade fire burning in sonoma county. how thousands of evacuees resulted when officials told them to get out fast. >> as long as the community involved, we are taking care of, you have your family and loved ones, that is the really important thing here. in weather, you hear about fire danger and red flag warnings. coming up, we have a live interview with a meteorologist from the national weather center to talk more about this major event headed our way. closed captioning for the 10:00 news brought to by mancini sleeper. rest easy with huge savings during the tax-free mattress sale. visit
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much of the bay area without electricity tonight due to a major pg&e planned power shut off as firefighters battle to gain ground on the raging kincade fire in sonoma county. nearly 26,000 acres have earned, the fire broke out wednesday night before 9:30. >> 77 structures destroyed, that number expected to rise. the fire is 11 % contained, residents in healdsburg, windsor, and the river valley have been told to get out. >> fire is not something you can fight, in october 2017, we lost 24 lives in sonoma county because we did not have a warning. we now have a warning. >> meteorologist, mark tamayo has been monitoring the red flag ones that went into effect
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warnings, especially with the peak of fire season, these are issued by the national weather service. they research and prepare and type them up. they get more information on the red flag warning in effect right now, we have brian garcia, the coordinator for the bay area, thank you for joining us tonight. >> my pleasure. >> will start off, you have rapidly issued dozens of red flag warnings. why is this one exceptional, the one in effect right now? >> this red flag warning has all the markings of being a truly historic event, it is exceptional not just because of the wind speed, wind speeds will rival that of what we saw in 2017. it will also stretch across three northbay counties including marin. we also have very strong winds over 24 hours, generally we get the winds 6 to 8 hour window, 24 hours of 35 to 40 miles an hour, that is unheard of in our
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area. >> do you and your team brief the public officials and if you do, is the resulting sweeping evacuation orders sneak up with the briefings you had? >> that is correct. we brief the officials throughout the counties leading up to the event. this event, because of its potential historic ramifications, we have meteorologists in each of the northbay counties, sonoma, marin, napa , we have meteorologists in alameda and contra costa counties helping officials with decision-making processes. >> with this event right now, it might be hard to pick out, is there one critical time you're really worried about, like a 3 to 4 hour period over the next 24 hours or so? >> honestly, the critical period for me in my mind will be overnight tonight, pretty much from 12 am until 8 am, that is where we see the highest winds come in and hang
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on as they cross napa, sonoma, and marin counties. spent for those tempted not to abide by the mandatory evacuation orders, do you have one final message for them, let them know what is headed our way ? >> listen to your local officials and heed all evacuation orders, heed them now and make sure you're out of harms way. it is better to live to see another day than to brave this dangerous situation. >> thank you so much for your time tonight. kudos for you and your team for getting us ready for this event. sonoma county residents east of highway 101 all the way west of the pacific ocean are ordered to evacuate because of the kincade fire. tom vacar caught up with people under evacuation orders and takes a look at how firefighters are getting by. >> reporter: this is as far as we could take way up the line flat road where firefighters
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are standing by in case the fire starts to run. they are setting backfires to deny fuel. the goal, keep the fire high above the mountains, not in the towns below. >> there is a lot of grass to get into it lower, we are trying to keep it away from their best we can. >> reporter: just as the last two days, the main action an aerial wore against the main body of the fire in hopes of slowing it down as well as ground crews putting up as many hotspots as they can't before the winds whipped them into a freebie. windsor, a town of 28,000 people was in replay mode from previous wildfires that have threatened it. because the kincade fire is about to be bathed in a historically large windstorm, the chances of going outside the current boundaries is very high and getting higher which set off the mass evacuation. >> everybody
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exodus goes, that is pretty much what this is out of the town of windsor, almost all of the traffic headed south away from the fire. contrast that to this, 101 north headed up toward geyserville, very few cars. many more on the other side going south. >> we will go to the central valley and escape the fire as far as we can. >> have you ever seen anything like this? >> yeah, a few years ago. we evacuated and left and came back two days later. >> you know, if you've got control of what is in here, you are all right. everything else is just stuff. >> reporter: healdsburg, population 12,000 and further north to the current evacuation join the slow-moving highway
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wagon train. >> personally, it does not make me nervous. my family gets nervous, i'm not a really nervous person. for the safety of my family. >> reporter: the usually town w the locals and visitors long gone. this art gallery on the square could not haul everything inside to safety, they elected to save the works of a well- known sculptor. >> i have a personal art collection at home, and here i represent leo, one of the top wildlife sculptors nationally and internationally. he has been known for carving. >> this is stuff, great stuff and we love it. that's why we are here. as long as the community survives, we are all taken care of, you have your loved ones, that's a really important
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thing. >> reporter: for now, it is a matter of waiting, watching, dare i say wishing it will not be a behemoth. tom vacar with ktvu fox 2 news. we are getting school closures, santa rosa set all schools will be closed monday because of the fire danger. that district has 24 schools with 16,000 students. all novato unified school districts will be closed. more evacuation centers for the family or safe places to take your livestock and road closures and updated information from cal fire on our website, or download our free mobile app. still to come tonight, how firefighters around the bay area help fight the kincade fire. a live look at the bridge, busier than normal. meteorologist, mark tamayo will give us another look at the wind conditions and your forecast after the break. i am gasia mikaelian. we had a great time at the making strides breast cancer what. together, we have the power to fight breast cancer. thank you for joining ktvu fox
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♪ do you recall, not long ago ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows
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♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all we need is someone to lean on ♪ crews with several bay area apartments went to sonoma county, alameda county has 60 assets that headed north to help out with the kincade fire. two engines from san francisc county. they left at 4 am. firefighters working to contain the fire, four t in safety. the firefighters working on an active portion of the fire when it came across two people
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trying to leave when the fire activity intensified. the firefighter deployed his fire shelter to shield them from the flames. all three transported to the hospital for non-life- threatening injuries. everyone expected to be okay. here's mark again with a look at the red flag warnings. >> typically, we talk about that like warnings and wind advisors, this i cannot forecast an event like this developing right now in northern telephone and the bay area. this is an extended period of potentially damaging winds in the bay area. the red flag warning already out for portions of the north bay and east bay. the north bay peaks like mount st. helena, we could have a gust of 70 miles an hour, especially as the wind goes down the hills, that dries out and warms up. here is the information, the north bay and east bay, already out, 11:00 monday morning, it begins in a few areas in the coastal areas in the santa cruz mountains, that begins at 3 am monday until 11 am monday. the gusts going above 45 miles an hour, the hills jump upwards
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and topping 60 miles an hour. as far as the wind right now, portions of the north bay not too strong yet. mount st. helena, usually the indicator of wind right now, showing a gust of 13 miles an hour. portions of mount diablo, 10 miles an hour. the middle pick from mount tam, these wind values will jump up quite a bit over the next few hours, between now or 2 am to 3 am tomorrow morning because of this, this big defined u, this trust will set up and move east of the bay area, that is the key trigger for those winds. the mid to upper levels, it will set up a pattern at the surface to set up the wind event. temperatures have cooled off, you might notice a chill in the air right now, right now santa rosa 50 degrees, san jose 60, fairfield 56. the live camera look toward san francisco bay, the flag not moving around too much, as we mentioned, we are highlighting
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it will bit as we head into early sunday morning. rowinds developing, downed tree branches or trees out there, valley locations, the winds going above 40 miles an hour tomorrow morning. it will be all day sunday into possibly early monday morning. here is the system we're tracking, this area of low pressure has been developing, it heated us up a couple days ago, even yesterday. here is the eventual track of the system, it sets up the wind event for sunday, extreme fire danger. take a look at the forecast model, the brighter colors indicate the stronger wind speeds. with how quickly they move in, 2 am sunday and how widespread this event is, 7:00 sunday and this is 12:00. notice, not backing up too much, sunday 5 pm and sunday night into monday morning, still sticking around. we will gradually scale back on wednesdays by monday afternoon, that is why most of the
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advisories and watches end on monday. forecast highs maine in the 70s across the bay area. here's a look ahead at the 5- day forecast, we will continue to watch the winds developed overnight and possibly, i hate to say this, maybe another red flag warning tuesday night into wednesday. we cannot get a break, no raindrops in sight and we have to keep an eye on our friends and neighbors tomorrow. >> absolutely. thank you. we have another college football upset. >> joe fonzi up next in sports wrap.
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