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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 29, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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notice. >> new evacuation warnings in lake fire county after the kincade fire grew and another windstorm may make it even more difficult. another round of pg&e power shutoffs is under way in the north bay and what other parts of the bay area will go dark. this is ktvu fox2 news at noon. good afternoon and thanks for joining us. i'm frank mallicoat in for mike. >> i'm gasia mikaelian and we heard from cal fire where the kincade fire is now burning 118 square miles inside with containment at 15% and they've been able to increase the lines after winds died down but strong offshore wind will have the crews focusing on the west side of the fire and the 101 corridor to keep it from jumping the highway.
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124 buildings have burned including 57 homes and 90,000 buildings are still in danger. crews remind anyone in sonoma county who didn't have to evacuate to stay vigilant and be ready to go at a moments notice. we have sara zendehnam on the eastern front of the fire in lake county. >> reporter: we are just off highway 29 right next to butts canyon road in middletown. behind me, not something we want to see with smoke pouring from the side of that mountain and earlier, we were at the top and we caught a devastating view of the eastern side of the kincade fire. this video shows how intensely the fire was burning before the sun came out. at western mine road and 29, it's an access road for file vehicles and dozers. this is where the kincade fire group, on the eastern flank
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and pushed into lake county, causing cal fire to issue evacuation orders. when we got to the top at about 5:30, we didn't notice a breeze but by 8:00, the wind picked up and it is expected to get stronger. that will create a tough day for firefighters and this is what they are up against. >> it's a challenging afternoon was strong and dry offshore wind impacting the fire area. we are in this critical 24 hour window and we hope the wind will he ease off after midnight tonight. tomorrow, humidity will be incredibly dry for the region, on the order of 5% to 15%. >> reporter: the air attack is under way in lake county with large aircraft dropping retardant well multiple helicopters made a water drop. the fire on the eastern side burned through a rural area with limited access and critically dry vegetation. flames rolled down the hill but the air attacks helped
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keep the fire from spreading further. dozers worked with containment lines to put down more lines and back out there live, more smoke from the kincade fire and this is all too familiar for those who live here in middletown. their town was ravaged by the valley fire in 2016 and the hope is that firefighters get a handle on this despite the intense wind and low humidity. in middletown, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox news. let's talk about the changing bay area weather. the wind is picking up and it will remain fairly steady as we get through the first part of the afternoon and then the strongest wind will move in tonight. we have a live look over the kincade fire where the wind has shifted offshore once again with northeast wind blowing that smoke over areas of the north bay, as well, toward the
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pacific ocean. for many of us today, the air quality will improve over the central and south bay but for folks downwind of the fire, air quality looks bad. the red flag warning is in place for the area where the fire is burning and for the coast and the valley and the hills. by tonight, some of the winds gusting will reach 65 miles- per-hour over the peaks in the critical fire weather is expected until wednesday afternoon with the expiration at 4:00 for the red flag warning. looking at current conditions, the amounts have been consistent and actually the wind is still on the eastern edge and you can see areas over copper ridge reporting 26 miles-per-hour with healdsburg reporting 35 mile-per-hour gusts. further west, the winds are really, really light and that will remain the case of the first part of the afternoon. by tonight, it becomes very widespread. let's move areas over st. helena, the further east you
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go, the stronger the winds are. in the east bay hills and areas over there, reporting winds gusting 223 in mount diablo reporting 33. anywhere from 25-35 for the first part of the day and the futurecast model, would make it past 5:00, we are now into 9:00 in the winds are shifting to 30 and 40 miles-per-hour and the winds gusting will be stronger than that and by midnight, not much change with the wind blowing quite strong and into tomorrow morning, it begins to back off by about 7:00 but the red flag warning remains in place until 4:00 in the afternoon. when i come back, the better details will be hitting different peak times and as far as how powerful the wind is expected, and the air quality check coming up in a bit. the wind is coming through
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with another round of pg&e safety shutoffs taking place all around the bay area. some customers in sonoma county have been without power since last weekend and that will continue through at least thursday. the shut off has begun in the north bay with the east and south bay bracing for shut off tonight. we have cristina rendon in rohnert park. they lost power this morning? >> reporter: yes. good afternoon. we are in an area with patches of power. one part where we are has power across the street and a few blocks away they are without power. it's all part of the pg&e plan and the utility company is really watching the wind and how it could interact with their power lines and they want to prevent a wildfire and that's why they are shutting up parts of power to parts of the bay area. depending on where you go in sonoma county, lights may be
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on or off with patches of power outages part of the pg&e fourth round of public safety power shutoffs. >> it's hard getting up in the morning and not having lights. you go to bed at night with no lights. >> reporter: they have more than 86,000 customers without power. napa and solano counties have 15,000 to 20,000 in the dark and parts of marin, santa clara, san mateo, santa cruz, alameda and contra costa county will have power cut off at 11:00 tonight in an effort to prevent a fire. >> considering we are sitting in a fire zone, it's preemptive and they wish it wasn't happening in our state. it brings up a lot of feelings of is this where i want to stay? you know, i can certainly have compassion for people that don't want to live here anymore. we never expected that after two years of having a huge fire we would be here again. >> reporter: the latest power shut off comes as pg&e works
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to restore power to customers with planned outages this past weekend and all this, while the kincade fire has destroyed more than 100 structures and burned more than 175,000 acres in sonoma county. >> it's an inconvenience but we are watching homes burned down. that's where my heart is at right now. a lot of people are displaced and it's inconvenient. but, it is what it is. there's a lot of people out there hurting right now. >> reporter: people say whether you have electricity or not, the community is feeling the impact. >> our hearts go out to the first responders, our heroes. >> reporter: pg&e urges you to have a plan and know where you will go and what you would do if impacted by these power shutoffs later today or if you are already in the dark. pg&e meteorologists are stating that they hope the wind will die down after midnight and then things look
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pretty good for the week ahead. live in sonoma county, cristina rendon, ktvu fox news. a new state website was launched with tools and resources for those impacted by the wildfires, as well as power shutoffs. combines local and state resources, services, shelters and housing information. you can get more information on the fires and evacuations and much more on our website at and follow our social media platforms to download the ktvu news app. san jose mayor, sam liccardo, is in washington, d.c. testified before congress on california's clean vehicle emission standards. he spoke to the oversight committee on environment in response to president donald trump's actions revoking california's authority to restrict emissions. he said the federal government shouldn't make it harder to be green. >> sensible environmental
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regulations helped to prod many silicon valley breakthroughs and green tech. whether tesla or the hyper- efficient solar panels or charge points for the infrastructure, california has environmental regulations and peak growth. my own area has a 2.2% unemployment rate. >> the mayor said estimates show that revoking the waiver would reduce zero emission vehicle sales by up to eight percentage points. new at noon, the ncaa will allow student athletes to be compensated for their names and images and likenesses. they demanded approval of the rule change and the board has directed the separate divisions of college sports to immediately begin figuring out how to update their rules in a
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way that maintains a distinction between college and professional sports. the board wants to implement the new rule by 2021 with a new state law passed last month. in california, schools are prohibited from punishing athletes for accepting an endorsement money. high wind makes the kincade fire more unpredictable. it led to the largest evacuation in sonoma county history and people that have been evacuated are now coping with it. people in the north bay may be without power still. that is coming up. s personal s. so sports clothes sit around growing odors. that's why we graduated to tide pods sport. finally something more powerful than the funk. tide sport removes even week-old sweat odor. it's got to be tide. sleep this amazing? that's a zzzquil pure zzzs sleep. our liquid has a unique botanical blend, while an optimal melatonin level means no next-day grogginess.
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more coverage of the kincade fire is from up above, thanks to skyfox. it shows the aircraft in the air and any time the wind kicks up and things get serious, firefighting aircraft has to be pulled down and
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lists one is still flying but all morning long we've been seeing the scenes of thick smoke pouring from mountains with a shift in the wind affecting the fire fight. 75,000 acres or 118 square miles have been burned and it's 15% contained. the strong wind is another red flag warning today, the third in a week, unprecedented with 124 buildings burned including 57 homes. 90,000 buildings are in harm's way. cal fire warns anyone in sonoma county to be prepared to leave at a moments notice. >> strong wind and as allie rasmus explains, thousands have been allowed to return to their homes but thousands more are in shelters. >> reporter: nearly two dozen shelters across sonoma county will leave doors open for another day as fears about the massive kincade fire keeps the
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evacuation orders in place. >> the danger is not passed, yet. sonoma county residents should consider what they would do if a warning or evacuation order came. >> reporter: after sleeping at the fairgrounds shelter in sonoma county, this family went to their car to crank up the heat and get privacy with their young daughter and newborn baby. >> it's crazy. they need heaters in there. they could plug in some heaters. i don't know what is going on but i want to go home. >> to scoping the best i can and don't know when i can go back to my apartment. just have to wait. >> reporter: there are about 460 people staying at the shelter at the sonoma county fairgrounds, 100 fewer compared to 24 hours ago and the red cross shelter supervisor said a lot of people left yesterday after evacuation orders were downgraded to warnings. communities in sevastopol, kernville and bodega bay.
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>> we were thanked profusely but now, it's wonderful because they are going home. >> reporter: 30,000 and in western sonoma county were able to return home but they are now told to stay on alert and vigilant because if conditions change in the fire changes directions, they may have to evacuate again. allie rasmus, ktvu fox news. chefs from restaurants and sonoma county are preparing meals for first responses and people are evacuated from the fire. they are serving meals at the county fairgrounds using tons of fresh produce and meat from local family farmers who said they lost their entire income this week do to farm markets being closed. >> it's a farm to emergency pipeline we are facilitating and it's been quite a couple of days but the farmers have been incredibly generous and more are arriving today. >> reporter: some of the food is being donated by chefs that
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had to empty out there walk-in freezers due to the power shutoffs. >> everyone is pitching in. mother nature is about to throw another curve ball. looks like one more round of strong offshore wind and then we will settle in to a very tranquil pattern. through the next several days, we have a live look over the fire as it begins to push out that smoke over areas of the north bay and over toward the pacific. let's spend a moment talking about the air quality. with the offshore flow returning and the wind picking up, you can begin to see how that smoke is drifting in this direction and it's easy to see how these communities downwind have poor air quality. here is a look at santa rosa with visibility reported at four miles. i saw it dropped to about two and you can see the smoke is very widespread.
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it's over the north bay counties and the air is expected to remain unhealthy for pretty much everybody, not just sensitive groups, but everybody in the northeast breeze is taking this way along the central bay and over areas of the south bay and we could get that drift if the shift in the wind is not coming our direction and we may actually remain with fairly moderate air quality for the day. another thing is the wind remains fairly strong on the east edge of the advisory area. 39 miles-per-hour with hawkeye reporting 23 and both of those areas are over and geyserville and over alexander valley, with four miles and five miles-per- hour. the wind is not widespread but into the afternoon it becomes more widespread by tonight and here's a look at the wind we expect, expecting to peak over the north bay hills at 65 and
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later tonight and into the early morning for the valleys and the north bay and east bay we could see 35 mile-per-hour gusts and the coastline will be very windy. the wind is expected to be 40 in the santa cruz mountains and east bay, closer to 50. we will focus on the kincade fire area and into the afternoon, not much changing but by 5:00 or 6:00, it becomes breezy air and by 8:00 and 9:00, the darker shades of orange and purple indicate when strong wind will move in. for the early morning, it remains and then things get much better by 8:00 and then by noon time, 24 hours from now, light wind with the advisory going until 4:00 for those areas. 61 degrees in san francisco and upper 60s in oakland and for the afternoon, mild. low 70s for the bay area and in the extended forecast, we
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have lighter wind and dry conditions that will remain through the weekend and we will have a look in just a little bit. classes at chicago public schools were canceled for the ninth straight day today as the teachers strike looms on. there are negotiations between the teachers union and chicago schools that are ongoing. they said progress was made on the issue of class size and additional staffing. the chief operating officer said the two size have yet to agree on paid preparation time before class and there is an agreement with a union representing support staff. a local lawmaker introduced a bill to penalize pg&e for cutting large bonus checks for executives while failing to invest in new infrastructure.
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legislation is being finalized in finalized in washington, d.c. to penalize pg&e for giving out big executive bonuses while the
12:25 pm
ratepayers face black codes. the bill to be was introduced by modesto representative, josh harder and would revise the alternative minimum tax, eliminated in 2017 that would affect utilities offering executive bonuses but had failed to invest in climate resilient infrastructure. the bill specifically targets pg&e, which has not paid federal income taxes in the past decade. the boeing's that you apologize for deadly crash is linked to their max 37 jet and admitted to mistakes being made before the 346 people were killed in the two crashes. >> on behalf of myself and the boeing company, we are sorry, deeply and truly sorry. >> dennis muilenburg was grilled during a senate hearing about a key flight control system implicated in both crashes and about delays in turning over internal
12:26 pm
messages describing the software's erratic behavior in a simulator. >> one is crystal clear. if you want to be the leader in aviation manufacturing, you have to be the leader in aviation safety. the public needs to know and fully understand what testing, what review and what processes were conducted both by boeing and the faa before this plane is put back in the air. >> the planes flown in the u.s. by southwest, american and united have been grounded around the world since march. indigo airlines has placed an order for 300 airplanes worth billions of dollars, the biggest ever order from a single carrier. they are the a320, and it would make indigo the world's biggest customer for this type of airplane. indigo said the deal is a milestone for the company and
12:27 pm
the deal came after fierce competition between airbus and boeing, looking for new endorsements for the 737 max. stock indexes are edging higher as there is a mixed earning report with boeing doing poorly and the s&p is close to a record high with the nasdaq down almost one half of 1%. next, the kincade fire has now burned 75,000 acres and how another windstorm will affect firefighting efforts over the next 24 hours. officials warned southern california residents to prepare for anything as firefighters continue efforts to prevent the getty fire from destroying more homes. with my hepatitis c, i felt i couldn't be at my best for my family. in only 8 weeks with mavyret, i was cured and left those doubts behind.
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welcome back and we are watching the kincade fire. our chopper, skyfox, is over that fire in the north bay, and sonoma county with a big plume of smoke and a lot of work to do. it's burned over 75,000 acres or 118 square miles, nearly the size of san francisco times three. >> we see a firefighting aircraft in the air and we've been able to see lines of bright red fire retardant carving out the outline of where the firefighters hope the flames do not progress. a lot of good work, even though the wind has picked up. rosemary, the firefighters did the absolute best they could during that nice period of very light wind. the entire day is tracking the winds from 5-15 miles-an- hour and thankfully they gained some ground. the northeast wind, the offshore breeze, a third time
12:32 pm
within a week or so and we were talking with officials and they said asked if there was a benefit to the offshore flow, meaning, could the fire burned over areas that have already burned? they said that could happen. at the same time, all the wind needs to do is shift further north or east and now we have a new fire and a new growth area. we will track this over the next 24 hours and it looks to be the hardest part for the firefighters when it comes to those winds but we watch them picked up over the east area of the advisory and i expect them to be on and off for most of the afternoon before they ramp up. looking at the current conditions, we have areas on the west edge with geyserville, and you notice the wind is 4-5 miles-per-hour but
12:33 pm
on the eastern edge, copper ridge is reporting 30 miles- per-hour and we lost the reading over healdsburg hills but reporting 25-35 mile-per- hour winds at times with relative humidity in the 20s and expected to drop to single digits and be critically dry in the second part of the evening and into the overnight hours. looking at mount saint helene, wind is from the north and though the flow is primarily this direction, someone is coming in with atlas peak reporting 18 miles-per-hour breezes. it's not just the north bay that has the advisory. is the east bay and the santa cruz mountains with mount diablo gusting up to 36 miles- per-hour. into the morning, we will see the strongest wind with the peak hitting at about 60 miles- per-hour, especially over the north bay and it doesn't only include the hills, it's the north bay valley locations, east bay owned along the san
12:34 pm
francisco and san mateo coastline. looking at the next 24 hours, notice we have darker shades of yellow and orange over the area right now on the eastern edge and if i stop it for you at about 7:00 or so, now, we've got red and purple indicating stronger winds moving in with the wind more widespread and the whole entire area is color-coded at that point. at 9:00, the wind is 43 miles- per-hour and and cloverdale and geyserville and windsor, the hills are expected to hit 50 or 60. at midnight, the winds are no better and could be worse and into the overnight hours, not much changes at 4:00 a.m. a better trained by 7:00 and by 10:00, they are out of there. hopefully not too much trouble but that's what we are looking at right now with the wind blowing through tomorrow morning and the advisory goes until 4:00 in the afternoon and
12:35 pm
we will track that for you with the air quality and in the extended forecast, if we see any rain and more on that and a little bit. struck the destructive kincade fire lead to the largest evacuation in sonoma county history and changing conditions forced people from evacuation centers. >> rob roth reports from petaluma where they actually had to turn people away. >> reporter: typical days and disrupted lives at the petaluma community center. >> it's really hard. i haven't cried, yet. >> reporter: victoria and her family of extended people all got the word to evacuate their homes early sunday. >> we had 10 minutes to get out. >> reporter: they came to the center but were told there was no more room so they slept in the parking lot overnight. >> they said they would keep the doors open and there would be bathrooms available.
12:36 pm
that was pretty much it. >> reporter: they had just caught a break with a nearby church having room for all of them but the grown-ups worry about the homes they had to leave but not nearly as much as how the kids are handling this. >> we don't want them to get scared or have to sleep in the car. we are doing what we have to. >> reporter: when the kincade fire broke out last week, healdsburg was the closest evacuation center. petaluma is a focal point. >> petaluma has a lot of folks and we are at capacity all over. >> reporter: this man was evacuated from his home in bodega bay on saturday and he is angry that the power was shut off and just angry at the whole situation. >> i'm concerned about my refrigerator and my freezer. we have a lot of food and i'm
12:37 pm
on a fixed income. how will i replace that if it is spoiled? >> reporter: many asked the same question. if yearly power shutoffs and evacuations and the fear of fires is a new normal, is it worth staying? >> i don't want to go through this every year or even again. >> if i had the money, i'd move from california tomorrow, tomorrow. >> reporter: there is space left and some local churches but for many people, the question is, how long is the evacuation going to last? in petaluma, rob roth, ktvu fox news. the getty fire in l.a. is growing and tens of thousands are under mandatory evacuations they are, as well. started early yesterday west of los angeles on a hill along the 405 freeway and there is incredible video with a smoke tornado. take a look because they're battling the getty fire burning in l.a. county with smoke lingering in the air and many people are
12:38 pm
concerned about air quality and yesterday, the management district issued a smoke advisory warning of elevated pollution that will last through today. officials said the fire burned 40 more acres and 600 overall with only 5% containment and at least eight homes have been destroyed. the mayor of los angeles, mayor garcetti, is looking for a silver lining in a press briefing today. >> that is a good sign that it didn't grow by more overnight. we continue to have helicopter drops and they are using what we can and we will have assets and resources today. >> firefighters have made good progress and slowing the spread of the fire with 1100 people fighting that fire with at least 11 helicopters making air drops. senator kamala harris' home is in the evacuation center for the getty fire.
12:39 pm
she was not home when the fire broke out but confirmed her home in brentwood was evacuated yesterday and there's no word on whether there was damage. the brentwood homes of arnold schwarzenegger and lebron james were also evacuated as a result of the getty fire. the death toll is climbing from a devastating earthquake in the southern philippines this morning with the government now saying at least six people have died from the quake measuring 6.6. two of the victims were a father and child hit by a falling boulder and the quake struck a region still recovering from a strong quake just two weeks ago. the local mayor estimates that 90% of the homes in these rural villages were all damaged today. strapped a judge blocked an abortion ban in alabama that would have made the procedure a felony and almost all cases. an injunction blocked alabama from enforcing the law which would have called for 10 years
12:40 pm
to life in prison for an abortion provider with no exceptions for rape or incest and the law is set to take effect next month. president donald trump is being investigated and officials in the impeachment panel said that an official heard the ukraine phone call and reported the concern. ray bogan has the very latest on the impeachment inquiry. >> reporter: arriving on capitol hill, the first witness on the president's now infamous july 25 call between the president and the ukraine leader. it was alexander vindman, the national security council leading ukraine expert and he is expected to tell lawmakers he expressed concerns to superiors after listening to the conversation from the situation room. he said in his prepared opening remarks, i did nothing was proper to demand a foreign government to investigate a u.s. citizen. he added this would, quote, undermine u.s. national security. >> the evidence of wrongdoing is hiding in plain sight. we will continue to proceed in a serious and solemn fashion.
12:41 pm
>> reporter: 's testimony comes as house speaker nancy pelosi prepares for a full house vote thursday and if the resolution passes, it will formally authorize the impeachment inquiry. >> i applaud the speaker for admitting it is a sham but you can put the genie in the bottle. >> reporter: the president, and a series of tweets this morning, again, questioned the whereabouts of the whistleblower saying, supposedly, according to the corrupt media, the ukraine call concerned today's never- trumpers witness. was he on the same call that i was? can it be possible. please ask him to read the transcript of the call. witch hunt. and alexander vindman said he is not the whistleblower and emphasizes that it was important to report his concerns through his chain of command, adding anyone serving in the military should and would do the same. in washington, ray bogan, ktvu fox news. san jose leaders are set
12:42 pm
to vote on an ordinance banning natural gas in most new homes and it follows the action in which the council approved new building codes that will favor electric stoves and water heaters. cupertino launched a service that starts with vans taking people in cupertino for rides booked through the company app and they cost $5 each or you can get a monthly pass with unlimited rides for $60. pg&e power shutoffs have not prevented evacuations in lafayette with a new report revealing more about the fires that may have been caused by faulty pg&e equipment. we are tracking the latest from the kincade fire and there is six smoke billowing from the mountains and far northern sonoma county and creeping into lake county with wind pushing the smoke aside
12:43 pm
and we can see bright orange flames. this is terrain that has not burned in decades or more and you can see a line of reddish fire retardant. let's hope that fire stays behind that line. more on the firefighting efforts in the kincade fire when we return. hey there, california residents on medicare. it may come as a surprise... but medicare doesn't pay for everything. so help bridge the gap with a medigap insurance plan, like an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. medigap plans help pay some of what medicare doesn't, reducing your out-of-pocket costs. there are also zero networks and zero referrals needed. call or click now to connect with unitedhealthcare insurance company. find out about the range of aarp medicare supplement plans and rates available...
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welcome back to the kincade fire with coverage in the minute or so we've been away, we've been watching it and saw a water drop. it looks like dropping a symbol into an ocean but anything will help the fire crews with a lot of smoke and plenty of active orange flames with firefighters saying the wind is picking up again and the wind is a big factor with humidity very, very low and if there is any good news, in some cases, the flames are being pushed back by wind in the areas that have already burned. i
12:47 pm
don't know if this is a dc-10 but it might be fire retardant dropping planes. the precision is admirable. incredible work. >> especially with an airplane that big because when they drop the payload, they need an airplane in front of them because the flaps are down and it forces the nose up and they can see what is in front of them. they are putting their lives on the line and doing remarkable work. the precision of dropping the retardant, we've been watching that and it really is something. right now, it seems to be holding in the wind is blowing the proper direction, very nice. some incredible but terrifying video because look what firefighters are going through battling the kincade fire. this is the san francisco fire group posting this video and the caption reads, front windshield view of what our firefighters are faced with. they had to drive through flames and smoke covering the hills in the road and there they go.
12:48 pm
we are sharing other video from crews doing something that you don't normally see. we had tom vacar near the town of windsor and they were cleaning up hotspots. tom said you missed one and went over to the tv truck and pulled out a fire extinguisher and gave him a bit of a helping hand so it would not spread. nice job. many immigrant families have been displaced by the fires, including those in the vineyards. some are staying at st. mary's cathedral. they are offering help for evacuees and they say it's the best option they have. >> we don't want to spend the money we have saved for a hotel. so, we like it there. it's okay. >> there is room for more evacuees at st. mary's cathedral, expected to stay open as long as needed.
12:49 pm
the next 24 hours will be crucial and all eyes will be on that wind, rosemary. >> it will be fairly steady through the afternoon. it will ramp up and cost to 60-65 miles-an-hour and not nearly as strong as the event we saw over the weekend but strong enough to create damage. it is a look at the red flag warning in place and the wind is already increasing over some of the north bay locations and the east bay and it will continue into the evening. the red flag warning is for our coastline and you can see the north bay coast was san francisco, san mateo coastline not including the san mateo post but the santa cruz mountains and does not include the peninsula or bayside communities but includes our valleys, east side and north side and all of our hills in that area. this red flag warning goes until 4:00 tomorrow afternoon and the wind is expected to peak in the late evening and
12:50 pm
overnight hours. the north bay is where the wind will be strongest with valleys expected to hit at about 35 miles-an-hour for the north bay and east boy and santa cruz mountains, 40 and the east bay hills, 50 miles- per-hour. in addition to the wind, we have air quality we are dealing with and the offshore polish is pushing poor air quality in and it should remain most of the day with santa rosa having visibility about four miles or so and smoke is all over the area. it's dropped down to about two miles or so. a spare the air alert is in place and our central bay and south bay is expected to remain moderate and we could see that drift our way but for the most part, it's going north-northeast and we are looking at light wind and the valley and at the moment, over
12:51 pm
hawkeye in the hills, 24 miles- per-hour. over healdsburg, gusting to 25- 30 miles-an-hour and the wind will pick up tonight and last into tomorrow morning before it finally dies down. temperatures outside, 62 in san francisco, 64 in livermore and cool to mild and then into the afternoon, low 60s to low 70s across the entire bay area with numbers not changing into the days ahead and we will be slightly warmer into the weekend but the dry forecast is what we are concerned about, 1-2 weeks out before a hint at rain coming our way and back to you. the california public utilities commission is investigating the pg&e power shut off as newer reports filed with state regulators show the two fires near highway 24 and the one in lafayette may have been caused by pg&e equipment. >> the first fire was in lafayette. >> reporter: fears flames moved quickly on sunday and
12:52 pm
the fire is now linked to electrical equipment from pg&e. >> the huge power lines came down and there was a big boom and then the fire started. >> reporter: planes destroyed the lafayette tennis club and the owner's 20 years of work. a report said the broken transformer may have caused the ignition. >> this fire was in our backyard. >> reporter: on the other side of 124, neighbors are dealing with another spot fire and both of them are happening not far apart, about the same time in the afternoon. >> 75 feet below me is pleasant hill road and the power pole carries a line that pg&e said could have come in touch with a communications line and sparked this fire. >> it looked like it was snowing leaves and it was so windy. i've lived here my whole life and never seen wind like this. >> reporter: and both of the
12:53 pm
fires, the power was on, unlike other areas. pg&e said neither fire location was in a higher fire threat district. specter you wish your power was off and you didn't have to witness this? >> yes. i can survive a couple of days without power. i could stay with family somewhere else. whatever it is to keep people safe. >> reporter: the pg&e ceo tried to defend the utility. >> if we went into a mode to prevent everything from happening, then would have to shut the whole system down and that's not acceptable. >> reporter: these two fires on the latest reported in the last few days and possibly linked to broken pg&e equipment on last week the utility admitted that a broken jumper wire on a transmission tower could be responsible for sparking the massive kincade fire in sonoma county. all of it is under investigation. >> we have confidence in our protocol and we learn from
12:54 pm
every event and as we gather the information we need, we will assess the need to adjust protocols to take care of that. >> reporter: it's criticism for the managing of the public safety power shut off that pushed the california public utilities commission to open an investigation investigation, and regulators demand the utility do a better job to keep the public safe. >> i've got a lot of sprinklers. >> reporter: for now, neighbors are taking matters into their own hands, hoping to prevent uninvited flames at their doorsteps. in lafayette, brooks jarosz, ktvu fox news. regional parks will remain closed because of the extreme weather conditions and the park district closed all the parks in contra costa and alameda county but thought they might reopen some of them today. now, they remain locked up at least until 9:00 thursday morning when the wind dies down. many state parks are closed because of the kincade fire. mt. tamalpais, and sugarloaf
12:55 pm
ridge, petaluma adobe and some area parks have been shut down thus far. state parks are affected. some are open with restrictions, angel island, no ferry service and china camp and samuel p taylor in lagunitas and tomales bay but power is off. struck first responders and the north bay are taking a short break to fuel up for the week with the firefight ahead coming up next. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less.
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12:59 pm
checking in at $4.95 per share. the euston astros will win the world series for the second time, astros up three games to two against the nationals and tonight's game is at minute maid park. the home team has not done very well, they have not won a game in the series. game six tonight and game seven both in houston. our coverage starts at 4:30 with first pitch by 7:00 and you can get all the local news on ktvuplus from 4:30 until 8:00 tonight. our coverage continues ahead of game six of the world series. will have the latest for pg&e and when they plan to restore power for the planned outages and we will take you live to lake county where residents are on edge ready to evacuate, if necessary with complete coverage of the fires tonight.
1:00 pm
emergency operations staff are being served burritos for free. dr. oz: the preppy murder. >> he was my first love. >> when they saw the bruises on his face, they knew they came to the right apartment. >> her bra was wrapped around her neck. >> he claimed it was rough sex. >> she had scratches and black eyes. dr. oz: the story you thought you knew. coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: seasonally live in -- season 11 starts now. i became a doctor


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