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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  November 4, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PST

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from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. welcome back to mornings on 2, monday now. it is november 4. >> good morning. a lot of fun over the weekend and hopefully people are getting back home and now we have some moisture in the air. did you feel the phrase in your hair?>> to tell you the truth, yes. we have had such dry air and we are so happy to start to see a little bit of moisture in the air. it comes with a side of fog this morning in the sonoma valley serve your drive and you may notice that. if you look at this you may
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look at the lights and you see a little moisture around here. san francisco 52 some 30s in the north bay, santa rosa 44 oakland, wind is calm miles per hour at sfo but look at the direction of the wind, a little bit of an onshore flow this morning and that is bringing in moisture and unfortunately causing some visibility issues in petaluma. down to zero so be careful there. foggy into marin county. the onshore flow will stick with us today and that means relative humidity levels are pumped up and that is great because we have high pressure in control and that high- pressure is going to keep us dry and not letting any rain in over the next week and a half. today will be warm with lots of sunshine again today and low 70s at the coast so very mild. low 80s as we head inland. after another sunny day let's head over to sell to see how the traffic is. so far it
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doesn't look too bad if yowestb highway 580. pardon me a little tickle in my throat. 80 from fairfield all the way up to vallejo looks okay, 680 traffic as well. no problems on the bridge, 37 looks good and this is a good start to headed south or west technically. south on 680. west on 80 around the macarthur bridge. the bay bridge the traffic is mostly light as you drive towards san francisco. let's go back to the desk. the communities of nevada city in grass valley con for more oversight during the pg&e safety shut off. leaders with the california public utilities commission to step in and require pg any to require future shutoffs. >> reporter: plenty of customers in nevada city today but over nt weeks business
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has beenf the pg&e shutoffs. the ring of the registers is music to chris kaiser's ears. >> we are glad to a slow back up to where it was before the chaos happened. >> reporter: the grocery store and restaurant, is back open after pg&e power shut off closed the store over the last month. >> we've lost more money we can estimate to lose.>> reporter: around $130,000 between lost business and spoiled goods. >> it is devastating.>> reporter: the businesses in the area altogether are losing roughly $400,000 each day of the shutoffs. inspiring nevada city, grass s job. the councilman explains they want the cpu to hold some at & e accountable.
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starting with ensuring land lines and cell phones are up and running. >> many of us with t-mobile had six hours of coverage and once the batteries died, we were down for multiple days. we need that.>> reporter: there asking the commission to offer subsidize generators and oxygen for people with mexican -- medical needs. finally requiring the safety shutoffs to target more precisely event outages across the area. >> make sure they put the citizens, the citizens other customers, customers come first you have to put them first before you do the stockholders but would lders when it comes like to sereimbursement for thousands of dollars lost. if something doesn't change soon he doesn't know if his business will survive.>> we are trying to figure
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here is a look at some of the top stories this morning, the kincade fire is now 78% contained it is burned more than 121 square miles. four firefighters have been hurt battling it and 374 buildings including 174 homes have been destroyed. later today and assistant center for fire victims will open up at the community center at 10 am this morning. it will stay open until 7 pm every night at least through wednesday. the president is ates wild come he accuses governare backi the presidents tweeted statements false. a new nbc wall street urthey've alreadnald trump in 2 46% said they would vote against president donald trump
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and 34% said they would definitely vote for the president. 17% said there waiting to make up their mind until it democratic nominee is selected. the original whistleblower at the heart of the impeachment inquiry now says they are willing to answer written questions from republicans. we have the details from washington. >> reporter: we have the whistleblower offer but likely to fall short of what republicans would like to see. for president donald trump, returning to the white house yesterday it all comes down to the whistleblower. >> the whistleblower should be revealed. because the whistleblower give false stories. >> reporter: an attorney for the whistleblower who first exposed ce says his client has agreed to publicans in congress.>> we need him to testify. >> reporter: the ap says
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congressman jim jordan says written responses won't be good enough. either way, democrats in congress want to hear from more witnesses this week including energy secretary rick perry and former national security advisor john bolton assuming they show. soon democrats promised the process will become public. >> my best guess is in the next two or three weeks there will be televised hearings. >> reporter: 49% of registered voters support impeaching and removing the president from office. it shows the recent rise in support they have leveled off making public hearings critical.>> this open phase will remain to be seen as the move at 49% number. >> reporter: support for impeachment among republicans have dropped 8%. happening today in palo alto facebook ceo mark zuckerberg will meet with leaders including the executive director of muslims advocates. that organization accused facebook of allowing bad actors
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to dehumanize muslims on facebook. the meeting is scheduled with markberg and other senior officials that attorney general will announce the results of an operation to eradicate matter room marijuana grown on public land. the department of justice worked with agencies to locate and remove illegal cannabis grow on public land. he will hold a news conference at 10:30 am in los angeles to announce the results of the enforcement efforts. tomorrow concord city council will change the cannabis regulations to allow up to two retail storefront businesses and two locally- based delivery businesses. cannabis related businesses will be allowed in certain parts of the city including the industrial area that is north industrial way and west of port chicago highway. today santa clara supervisors will push for
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passage of her proposal e cigarettes in unincorporated saclara county. now she will be joined by two teenagers from san jose's lincoln high school talking about teen vaping. the board of supervisors are due to take some action on the proposal at their meeting tomorrow. the event today is set for 11 am at the county building in san jose. tomorrow, two san mateo supervisors will introduce an ordinance to ban the sale of electronic cigarette products in unincorporated parts of that county. supervisors are sponsoring it. they say electronic cigarettes offer death in a pod and they must be banned. carjacking victims left on the side of a busy highway, coming up, the search for the man who caused multiple crashes in one stolen car after
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another. we will tell you what 49ers order back was doing in the east bay during his birthday. over the weekend. we have a nice start when it comes to the morning commute interstate 880 traffic in oakland is off to a nice start. a little fog in the north bay and i will show you where you need to look out for that and also we will talk about the upcoming week. in the human brain, billions of neurons play in harmony. for people with parkinson's, some neurons change their tune, causing uncontrollable tremors. now, abbott technology can target those exact neurons. restoring control and harmony, once thought to belost forever. the most personal technology
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is technology with the power to change your life.
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welcome back, fire crews have contained a fire near big sur, the fire started at 6:30 and bernie near the resort. guests at the resort were evacuated as a precaution and the fire did not get close enough to cause any damage. a car fire on highway one may have caused the fire. this friday is when you're since the camp fire started in butte county. it started november 8 of last year and killed 85 people real many of them lived in the town of paradise. a day of remembrance will honor the victims on friday. people will come together to reflect on the lives lost as well as healing and rebuilding. they will pay tribute to the firefighters and first responders as well. we are planning a special coverage of the one-year mark of the camp fire later this week. a man was arrested suspected of starting several small fires in two east bay regional park street
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arrest and now is facing charges of arson and failure to register as a sex offender. the fire started just before 5 pm saturday night at the regional park and dry creek regional park. firefighter spotted the man who matched the description of a suspicious person near the fires and that led them to roman montalvo. no homes were damaged. two men accused of murder escaped from a jail in monterey county and they have not been recaptured. the inmates both are 19 years old. they escaped the monterey county jailay morning. they've been in jail since last year waiting for trial. if you have any information about them call the police and the sheriff's office as they should be considered armed and
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dangerous. an armed carjacking on a popular freeway and chp is looking for the suspects. it happened early sunday morning on the eastbound side of interstate 580 near park boulevard. the suspect crashed into the victim's car and the victim, and two men and a child were headed to a shing trip and the driver of a chrysler sedan crashed into their toyota highlander did when officers arrived they only found one vehicle on the victims say the suspect became hostile. >> the occupant of the chrysler 300 exited the vehicle and the people that were in the highlander advise they were going to get it traffic report from the police. when they did that he pulled out a black semi automatic handgun unknown caliber. pointed it at them and then fired one shot in the air.>> the suspect then got off into highway where he crashed again. authorities say the suspect's car was stolen from richmond earlier that morning.
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officers are reviewing surveillance video from the area. a series of carbon degrees and police believe there connected, there are 15 car burglaries. it is likely that they are the same group of people who carried out similar crimes ificers have not release g people to remove all your valuables from your car. another 37 racehorse death as the breeders' cup's and's. it is number 37 of the horses to diet the track since december. the horse had to be euthanized after fracturing the leg during a race. that death is the first during the fall meet which began in september the california horseracing board said it will issue a report next month to try to come up with a way to prevent any further injuries or deaths to raise resources.
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the mojave dam has been heightened from low to high urgency flood risk. the army corps of engineer says the dam could fail in the next extreme storm and threaten 300,000 people. an experienced storm is unlikely to occur but there is a possibility they may be prepared for it. they say it is the evaluation of the tradition of the risk going on. we are watching the early morning commute, how is it looking? >> it looks all right and it is a nice drive, not seeing anything on the roads yet. as we look at 580 and 205 it is slow traffic approaching the altamonte pass. it is within the realm of normal and this is what we expect at this time of the morning. driving over to livermore.
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once you get to livermore it looks better. there has been no major issues on interstate 880 in oakland and at the bay bridge we get a little bit of a crowd coming up to the bay bridge toll plaza. good morning, we are doing okay this morning as well for weather. we have seen relative humidity rise. every project did by high pressure. this is basically going to keep us warm and cloud free over the next couple of days however, this morning we've seen a return of onshore flow and that has infected some moist air in and we have some fog in the north bay. visibility is nothing in petaluma to be careful down the 101. this whole stretch from santa rosa down intomarin county that you want to work for. everywhere else looks okay. ire
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were talking that levels in the single digits and now you see this in santa rosa 86% and 93%. that is great i love to see that we have moisture. i will take a little fog and moisture in the air that helps out. 60 in san francisco you can see we have cooler temperatures and places like napa 40, 42 in walnut creek. about 49 in san jose and another warm day because of the blocking high so i do this high- pressure breaks down we are dry and warmer. we will see that today the sinking air of high pressure compressing the molecules and allows the air to heat up. low 70s at the coast day that is warm and low 80s inland. near the bay about mid 70s and here are the actual temperatures, 72 san francisco but a few 80s on the map in santa rosa and concord and fairfield. an awful lot of 70s also so another nice day. you look avages,
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check this out in santa rosa and san francisco and oakland we should be in the 60s. these are temperatures today, 70s and every d's so everybody is running 5 to 12 and 13 degrees above where we should be. is there any chance of rain in the forecast? we are in the fire season. as you can see future cast shows you it is not there now. take a look at your extended forecast. warm today like yesterday and as you can see it stays that way as we roll through the week. a few clouds into the weekend to the north of us but it doesn't deliver any rain and that is the story as we go forward of the next 5 to 7 days. a reminder, download the ktvu weather app it has interactive radar, seven day forecast. a really easy feature to upload your weather photos and videos. it is free to download three or smart phone or tablet. california's wildfire fundingab
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governor gavin newsom and why fire officials are defending the governor. new short-term rental rules may be coming to the city of orinda after a party turned deadly. we hear from the raters who survived their game against the detroit lions in the oakland coliseum. you look good,
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welcome back. the raters have a short week, they are hosting the charges thursday night after they beat the lions yesterday.>> in the backfield. there is a touchdown on a raiders win.>> they took the lead with two minutes. the lions had a chance to tie the game but watch. okay. watch. will they, will they? no. they were turned away so there raiders won 38-24. they improved their record 4-4 and scott has the postgame reaction from the coliseum. >> reporter: the world's longest road trip is officially
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over.>> to be home and sleep in my bed was nice. >> reporter: the rest paid off, he was really good throwing for 289 yards and two scores although the best thing he did was hand the ball off to josh jacobs.>> that boy is the future, he is incredible. we are going to run through him and that's what we do.>> the game plan was to be who we are and dominate and run the ball. we know it will open up everything else. >> reporter: jacobs may have gotten the raters to the precipice but hunter got them to the promised land for the career-high six catch was the game-winner.>> something we are big on is making plays from the pocket. he did that so it is cool to watch that. >> hunter is smart and knows how to get open. high effort. sneaky athlete. all those things. he's a good football player.>>
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fires, touchdown. >> reporter: the raiders scored four touchdowns all of them by rookies.>> coach you are not alone, the first time since the merger the raters have gotten four touchdowns from rookies in single-game. >> this foundation is pretty good, to watch the rookies to be able to play big roles and not just packages of plays. they can play everything.>> reporter: what does that mean in the here and now?>> a big rookie dinner.>> reporter: jacobs is halfway through his first nfl season and has past the marcus allen for rushing yards. he takes great pride in his rookie explosion on sunday. he said the players are trying to build culture of dynasty playing. the 49ers right now are the only undefeated team in the nfl
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after the ravens beat the patriots last night 37-20. the ravens rushed for 213 yards against new england. the 49ers 8-0 record will be put to the test monday night though when they host the 7-2 seattle seahawks. colin kaepernick, he celebrated his 32nd birthday in oakland. i giving back. the former quarterback was out in the streets early sunday helping the homeless. mario woods his mother and brother also took part in the event and colin kaepernick passed out backpacks filled with snacks, socks and soap with help from his know your rights camp foundation he even called in a food truck and paid for everybody to get something to eat. colin kaepernick hasn't played in the nfl since he left the 49ers three years ago the same year he made headlines around the country by protesting police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem.
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oakland is getting a new pro sports team. the oakland panthers indoor football team is about to kick off, next year. almost 200 athletes tested their skills at oakland tech football field. the panthers are co-owned by oakland native and former nfl star lynch. and with the city of oakland losing the warriors and about to lose the raters the coaches and players are excited about representing oakland.>> it is going to be us in the oakland a's, we are excited. >> is an exciting time come it is fun and i know i will have a lot of people rooting for me.>> the coaches are out scouting the prospects. the team will be cut leaving room for 25 player roster to kick off the first game in march 2020. the oakland panthers will play at the oakland arena which used
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to be known as oracle. how did this happen and why did this happen and how long was the blackface happening?>> a teacher now on leare putting on the administration demanding answers. with wildfires burning in california president donald trump andtrading verbal punches. what firefighters we talked to said about the presidents angry comments. comments. . >> we have to this in the
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right direction a little annoying there's fog but to me moisture into the air and we need that. so, i would rather have a nice nice soaking in there. but not the case. so let's start off with temperatures a little chilly in the north bay. petaluma at about 44 degrees. let's head over to the east bay. 39 degrees but that's a couple degrees warmer than this time yesterday. 45 in martinez and 45 in lafayette. livermore at 4 3. good morning to you. and if you are in sun vaiyvale wake up to 47. 49 in san jose and 39 in morgan hill. places will see 08 likely. it is ight onshore 's helping t helping to bring fog in as well. if you are near petaluma


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