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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  November 4, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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escaped from the jail in salinas yesterday morning. that is right off of highway 101, about 60 miles south of san jose. >> the suspects are identified as 21-year-old santos fonseca and 20-year-old jonathan salazar, most men are from silliness. both are said to have gang ties and both are said to be charged with murder in two separate cases. how the two were able to escape and the efforts to get them back in custody. >> reporter: a manhunt is underway for these two inmates who escaped from the monterey county jail over the weekend. 20-year-old santos fonseca and 20-year-old jonathan salazar, both awaiting trial for murder charges in separate cases and being held at the jail in salina. >> we consider them both to be armed and dangerous. please do not try to apprehend him. please dial 911. >> reporter: the two inmates escaped sometime between a headcount between 6:30 and 8:15 sunday morning. ies released ne inside the jail saying the man
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exploited a surveillance blind spot in the units where they slept. inside the bathroom, you can see on the ceiling where authorities discovered a hole less than two feet wide cut out saying the inmates climbed up and out through this narrow maintenance area about 11 inches wide. >> it goes up the ceiling where the pipes are. there is a little bit of room for maintenance purposes, plumbing, pipes all run through there for various reasons. this is the area were able to exploit. >> reporter: the inmates then managed to escape the jail building through this hatch authorities believe they kicked out. while most of the jail is surrounded by barbed wire, authorities say the inmates were able to escape into a hatch into a construction zone where there is not any. the fugitives were both born in salinas, and both affiliated with different gangs. investigators are looking into if other inmates helped them escape. >> we will do everything we can
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to see how it happened and what we can do to make sure does not happen again. >> reporter: authorities are offering a $5000 reward to catch the inmates. in the meantime, they say they are making repairs to make sure this does not happen again. in salinas, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. state with ktvu for continuing coverage of this developing story . we will bring you updates on all of our newscasts and on and our new mobile app. new at 6:00, a federal judge wants pg&e to explain what role its equipment may have played in sparking the kincaid fire in a court order filed today. the judge overseeing the criminal probation asked if it was possible the fire was sparked by a broken jumper cable found on a transmission tower near the fires ignition point. i jumper cable is the wire that connects to high-voltage lines which are held alive by the powers arm. the judge wants to know if a break in and enter jazzed jumper cable could spark and when the wire in question would last. he has given the utility until november 29th to answer.
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this, as firefighters work toward full containment of the kincaid fire. the latest numbers from cal fire show the acreage unchanged at nearly 78,000. it is not 80% contained with full containment expected late thursday. four firefighters have been hurt 374 buildings, including 174 homes, have been destroyed. tonight, pg&e says it is nearly done restoring electricity service to the last few customers who have been without power now for more than a week. big mac thousands are still without a gas. tom baker tells us the pg&e crews in the town of windsor are helping people relight for their pilot lights. they will be doing so until 10:00 tonight and they will be back out again tomorrow. >> reporter: for the last few days, windsor and healdsburg have resembled a pg&e parking lot as their utility restores post fire service to the town. the shanties were without power and gas for an entire week, a week the family spent away from home. >> i did not even know we were
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going to be evacuated that saturday. i was busy doing laundry and my usual saturday activities. my husband called and said they will start evacuations at 10:00 a.m. we began packing up. big mac we are expecting a lot of electric customers to have power by the end of today. i can't say 100% will have power by the end of the day. >> >> reporter: gas restoration will take longer. all the facilities above and below ground were isolated and purged of any natural gas. after the fire danger past, pg&e recharged the entire system. then, 400 workers went door to door, still doing it now, safely relighting power late lights. >> pg&e actively shut off gas to about 200,000 gas customers in the fire footprint, near the fire footprint, or those in the predicted path of the fire for safety. for safety of the firefighters, safety of the community, and the integrity of the national gas system that
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runs through there. >> reporter: of the 24,600 gas customers, all but 3700 customers have been restored. of those not yet restored, many were not home as yet. example, the just returned to bowens went to spend time with family in the central valley. >> there was a tag on the door, i called pg&e, i got home at 2:00, is about 2:00. you can see the pg&e truck is here, turning on the gas and lighting the pilots. they have been so responsive. what back as supportive of forced outages as people are, many are concerned about too many repetitions. >> i absolutely support it. i am happy our am thinking had they not turn off the gas and electricity we would have been a lot worse. it is definitely an inconvenience. my amenities. >> reporter: in fact, the number of people without power or without gas, or both, the clients every hour.
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of course, that is until next time. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. and assistance center open today for people affected by the kincaid fire. it is located at the hillsboro community center with a variety of resources are being offered. more than 20 state and county agencies are helping people with housing, food, unemployment, and insurance among other things. nonprofit organizations are providing counselors for anyone who needs mental health services and spanish translators are also available. >> our goal is to make it easy, simple for people to come into one place and touch all the resources that are available to them. >> the county hopes to help people get back on track as soon as possible and leaders believe the new assistance center will help people do just that. as progress continues with the kincaid fire, there is a new threat for the state, a potential cut in federal funding. >> president trump hinted at pulling the funding and a twitter fight with gavin
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newsom. greg lee now here to recap the war of words and recap what the experts are saying. >> just last week, the governor was thanking the president for federal funds to help with these fires. the good feelings was short lived as the president went online to tell newsom to get his act together. the experts we talked with says public safety and fire prevention should never be a part of an issue. >> reporter: in a string of twins, president trump threatened to cut federal aid in california while criticizing governor newsome's forced management, blaming her for recent wildfires. in one, mr. trump writes, quote, i told him from the first day we met he must clean his forest lowers, a reference to some of the comments the president made in paradise last year. he threatened to stop federal payment then too. >> the governor does not know, he is like a child. he does not know what he is doing. >> reporter: the governor jumped in a twitter fight with his, quote, you don't believe in climate change, you are excused from this conversation.
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>> extreme heat events, wind events that are frankly caused by accelerating conditions from climate change. >> reporter: j ziglar, director of policies for nature conservatives in california argues it has done a good job in reducing fire fuels. hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent to limit fire risk. the state manages about 2% of california's forest, compared to the federal government's 57%. >> we are doing more under governor newsome's leadership than any other state in the country to address fire threats as well as fires in the sierras. >> reporter: the president also contacted the state's water re desperately needed water to fight fires now. he says this was close to a record water year for the state. >> there is no connection between a lack of water to fight fire and any action the
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state is taking. >> reporter: the president's comments received widespread criticism. the president of the firefighters association writing this, quote back, as with last year's fire, any assistance for fire victims and firefighting efforts could be withheld because of the states forest practices is ill- informed, cruel, and dangerous. >> reporter: the latest cal fire numbers year-to-date show a drop in numbers from last year. 126,000 so far compared to 632,000 at this point last year point >> so, the president is very critical about how california is managing its forest, with these fires, how much forest land is burning? >> with the kincaid fires, some of the force the burn, it eventually made its way down to sonoma county, those wildland areas, near the vineyards that burned a lot where we saw some of the most destruction. what the firefighters association is saying, this is a multi-approach. yes, we need to work at mitigating the forest threat, we also need to deal with
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climate change and make sure we are covered in those areas. we are getting a look at what was said behind closed doors in the impeachment inquiry. i am lauren blanchard in washington with the latest on what was released in the transcript. it is going to be a cool night this evening. when i come back, we will take a look at the five-day forecast and what we can expect. first, and a credibly close call caught on camera. we will hear from the bart worker whose quick thinking helped save that person's life. >> it really feels awkward to be called a hero. it is what we are supposed to do. taking a live look right now as of monday evening commute. it is dark out there after that time change. this is 880 in oakland by the oakland coliseum. it is slow going in both directions. we will be back with more after
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san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. caught on camera, if you have not seen this, it is an incredibly close call on a platform of the busy oakland coliseum bart station. a passenger falls and is pulled to safely literally within a fraction of a second before he would have been hit by the train. an employee is being called a hero and tonight is also sharing his story. rob ross tells us all he wants now is for the man he saved to pay it forward. >> i just looked like he is not
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going to make it. >> reporter: supervisor john o'connell said he would not call himself a superhero, it appears he is about the only point who would not. i do not think it is anything special, honestly. it is what i am here for. >> reporter: bart surveillance video captured what happened on the oakland coliseum station platform just after the raiders game let out. a man holding his cell phone calls on the track and a train is fast approaching. o'connor says he saw it and just reacted. >> he came from here and went into the trackway. when i looked up, i saw the train coming. there was not a lot t thindown in slow motion. for next later, a passenger videotaped the two men hugging and posted it on twitter. >> after i got him out, i was a little angry because that is why we are here. i spoke to him later and told him pay it forward. >> reporter: the rescued man
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described as being in his 20s was taken to the hospital, but not for any injuries connected with the fall. >> he was intoxicated. >> reporter: o'connor says he is not sure we found the physical strength to pull him out. >> i don't know if i could pick him up now, he did not feel very heavy at that moment. >> reporter: bart employees to get safety training, but nothing that could have prepared o'connor for what happened sunday. >> it is not in the training manual. john acted on peer, natural talent. he is a great employee. he works from the heart. >> reporter: incidents of someone following the track is rare, less than once a year on average. bart is considering a plan to install barriers, but that is at least five years away. until then, wayward passengers may have to rely on guardian angels such as john o'connor. >> it fes hero. that is what we are supposed to
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do. >> reporter: at the oakland coliseum bart station, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. >> an incredible story. tomorrow, santa clara county supervisors are set to decide on a proposal to ban the sale and distribution of e- cigarettes. supervisor, city shabbos, is behind the plan which would prohibit all sales of e- cigarettes in unincorporated areas of the county. during a news conference today, she was drawn by two high school students who spoke of the effects of vaping among young people. one teenager described how easy it was for him to get addicted and how difficult it was for him to quit. >> during class, i would pretty much everything i vape. that means it was more nicotine and more time. it was so easy. >> as a community, we have to address this as a team. we can't just address this on one parents with their children. this has really got to be not
6:17 pm
okay for young people to play russian roulette with their health. >> she pointed to figures from the cdc, which has reported 37 deaths and more than 1800 cases of lung injuries stemming from e-cigarettes use. she also said figures show about one in three teens in santa clara county has reported trying vaping. also in the subway, a push to get as many homeless students as possible into housing. they are calling it the 100 day challenge. local community colleges and universities along with the county board of supervisors and shelters are all taking part to identify and help students in need of housing. they say the 100 day deadline isd to focus all of these efforts in a short amount of time to keep students in school. >> we have cash to give out to homeless students to keep them in their housing and for them to get into housing.
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>> officials say back in january, they counted 1800 homeless youth and young adults on the streets in the south bay. the fog is starting to roll in to san francisco. a live look here at city hall. if you look here, you can see the fog. you can barely see it, but just now you are starting to see fog pushing across here. fog coming in off the beaches across 19 avenue. for the first time in a while, it has not been a very foggy month. it typically is it, honestly in september, october, november, really not that foggy. now, it is back. the winds are up there. they are offshore. the surface is slightly on shore. tomorrow, the winds will be slightly offshore of the surface. the fog, i've got to tell you, it is pretty thick out on the great highway down by pacifica. the visibility is maybe not so great. it is pretty shallow, which
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means the fog is pressed dosee current temperatures, 65 in fairfield, 66 in concord. this is the forecast for overnight lows, it will be on the cool side. a little bit warmer than some places last night, 38 in santa rosa, 46 in vallejo, 47 in livermore. san jose is one the sticks out to me. 45 degrees is chilly in the morning. i think the kids will notice as you push them out the door. here is the fog footprint for tomorrow morning. the forecast highs pop in, lowest is 70's. i think we will see a lot of upper 70s with a few low 80s. that is your tuesday forecast. it kind of follows suit in the next four days. the five-day forecast, we will continue to see this pattern. fog at the coast and mild for the week. we will see the next five-day forecast and some other stuff. see you back here. questions five
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people dead. >> it is scary, no matter how you look at it, es next and i, what we are learning from city officials. new developments for a bay area teacher accused of wearing black face on halloween.
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in orinda, a lot of questions remain after a shooting at a halloween house party left five people dead. four days later and there have been no arrests. authorities have been tightlipped about the investigation. as henry lee tells us, the investigation will include a review about white officers did not respond to noise complaints about the party at the airbnb rental earlier in the night. >> reporter: it has been four days to since the holiday halloween massacre in orinda that left five people dead. many are still unsettled. >> when it comes to things like this, is scary, no matter how you look at it, especially knowing there is somebody still out there and they have not been able to catch them. >> reporter: orinda police have not made any arrest or discussed a motive for the mass shooting. on monday, police told this car from the home and we saw a crime scene technician analyzing offense apparently hit by a bullet. steve solomon says the investigation will take some time. >> there is a very complex investigation that is going on and our hope is obviously to hold the people who did this accountable. >> reporter: more than 100 people attended what was billed as an airbnb mansion party on halloween night when someone started shooting. police say they recovered two guns at the scene and are trying to determine if either were involved in the gunfire.
6:25 pm
a key question remains unanswered, could the shooting have been prevented and had police responded sooner to noise complaints about the airbnb rental? city officials confirm neighbors complained about the noise twice at 9:19 and again at 10:25 thursday night. the officer headed to the home until 10:48 p.m., two minutes before the shooting was reported here. police chief, david cook, will be asked about that timeline at tuesday's city council meeting and will answer questions as to why the offices weren't released sooner. >> i am asking the police chief to give a report on where they are and give them an update , obviously that is a question that they will have to address. >> reporter: memorials for the victims at the scene and your orinda theater square to remember the four men and on woman who were killed. >> i want them to know that their lives matter and we care about them and we are morning with them and their families and it is tragic.
6:26 pm
>> reporter: as the the police chief will provide an update on the investigation and they will discuss the future of the airbnb rental at a meeting tuesday. live in orinda, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. a teacher is on administrative leave after he was captured on video wearing black face to school for halloween. carrington kenny is the vice president of the black student union and she posted a video on twitter that shows the teacher in a classroom dressed up as the wrapper,, and. the school district has not released the teachers name. they say it is a personnel wrapper matter. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next with new developments in impeachment inquiry against president trump. this will only further add to the body of evidence on a potential obstruction of congress charge against the president. >> next, details from the first
6:27 pm
transcripts in the investigation into the president's dealings with ukraine. the giants have made a qualifying contract offer to madison gunfire. later in sports, what this means for possibly kthe giants also, apple taking a bite out of the bay area housing crisis. the companies two and half billion dollar commitment just announced today. there are those who will say that you're: too fat. too skinny. too hard. too old.
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now to our top stories, to inmates who escaped from the monterey county jail in salinas yesterday still on the loose tonight. 21-year-old santos fonseca and 20-year-old jonathan salazar were waiting for their upcoming trial on murder charges in separate cases. authorities say the men got out a bart employee is being called a hero tonight for saving a man's life. it happened yesterday on the
6:31 pm
open colosseum platform right after the raiders game. rity vi employee pulling that man from the tracks, preventing what would have been a likely collision with that oncoming train. and and assistance center opened today for people affected by the kincaid fire. it is located at the hillsboro community center. more than 20 state and county agencies are helping people with housing, food, unemployment and insurance. the kincaid fire is now 80% contained. full containment is expected on thursday. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. new developments now involving the probe with president trump's dealings with ukraine. >> tonight, we are getting a look at transcripts from the key witnesses in the trump impeachment inquiry. lauren blanchard with the latest information tonight from washington. >> reporter: democrats opening a new public phase of the impeachment inquiry. the house intelligence committee releasing the first transcripts of closed-door depositions from key witns at t
6:32 pm
were targeting her in a smear campaign. she was recalled from her post by the president. >> is someone who served the country with distinction for decades. it is someone who also was the first witnesses to this irregular back channel that the president established with rudy giuliani. >> reporter: former advisor, michael mckinley, told investigators he resigned in part because he felt the state department was being used for political purposes. the presidents gop allies denied president trump held back military aid to pressure ukraine to investigate his political rival, joe biden. >> we have seen the transcript, everyone has been able to read that. that is the best evidence of no with corporal. >> reporter: monday, officials summoned to give depositions were no-shows. >> wl only further add to body of evidence on the potential of obstruction on congress charge against the president.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: and attorney for the original whistleblower says his client is willing to answer written questions submitted by house republicans. representative jordan and others want the anonymous source to appear publicly before congress. house democrats say long-awaited public hearings may begin as soon as next week. in washington, lauren blanchard fox news. a federal appeals court has ruled that president trump tax returns must be turned over to a state grand jury. the three-judge panel in new york ruled the president is not immune from investigative steps taken by prosecutors. the decision is a setback for the president who is seeking to block his accountant from letting a grand jury see his tax records from 2011. the president's lawyer says the president will ask the supreme court to overturn today's ruling. on wall street, the major indexes all set records today. the dow was a 114 points, nasa gained 46, and the s&p wrote
6:34 pm
11. investors are optimistic about easing of trade tensions with china, low interest rates, and the continued economic strength at home. tomorrow is election day, voters in san francisco will be getting the first look at a new ballot. christien kafton tells us a new method of counting those ballots will allow everyone to verify the results themselves and check out every ballot cast in the city. >> san francisco's department of elections is already starting to process ballots feeding vote by mail ballots into the cities machine, which are counting the ballots but will not release results until after every ballot is cast onto the. >> when people see votes tomorrow night, those votes will be the vote by mail ballots received as of today. imaging system looks a lot like a scanner because it acts a lot like a scanner, taking a photograph of each ballot. on tuesday, tabulating the results. the computers are encrypted to protect the vote and the entire system is disconnected from the internet to reduce chances for
6:35 pm
interference. the system is better at catching irregular ballots. once all personal information is removed from each ballot, there will be an unprecedented opportunity for voters to verify the results for themselves. >> the department will host those ballot images on our website, that means that the voters will actually see the votes that were cast in san francisco. >> reporter: instead of connecting lines, san francisco voters are circling ovals. they're using a grid system to pick their favorite candidate, second favorite, and so on. the system aimed at avoiding costly runoff elections. with the mayoral election on the line, the department of elections says it sees about 55% voter turnout's, so far, they are seeing about 13% voter turnout with the ballots turned in so far. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, big losses for uber, the company ceo has hope for the future. new at 6:30, when uber can see
6:36 pm
a profit. weeding out illegal pot. how california's attorney general is cracking down on unsanctioned marijuana farms throughout the state. >> we are united in this fight because illegal planting of public land hurts everything. in the human brain, billions of neurons play in harmony. for people with parkinson's, some neurons change their tune, causing uncontrollable tremors. now, abbott technology can target those exact neurons. restoring control and harmony, once thought to belost forever. the most personal technology is technology with the power to change your life.
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new at 6:30, uber ceo says the company hopes to be profitable soon. he told reporters the company's goal is to reach probability for the full year of 2021. uber lost nearly $1.2 billion
6:39 pm
last quarter, extending its streak of losses. the company continues to grow in revenue, racking up more than $3.8 billion last quarter. that is 30% more than the same time last year. more than 1 1/2 billion dollars the illegally grown marijuana has been seized in california as a part of an annual eradication program. today, attorney general, xavier becerra says they rated nearly 950,000 plants and resulted in the arrest of 150,000 people. it consists of local and federal agencies in an effort to curb damage to the states protected lands and ecosystems. he said illegal growers, who reroute water waste to their growth sites will be prosecuted. >> individuals who poison our waters, damage our public lands, and webinars the illegal cannabis black market must and will be brought to justice. >> more than hundred 68 weapons were also confiscated from suspected illegal growth sites.
6:40 pm
becerra says more plants were seized in this year's operation compared to 2018. operations are underway for the funeral of an el dorado county sheriff's deputy. he was killed in the line of duty. brian ishmael was escorted from an oak grove general home today one day and will say goodbye at his funeral service tomorrow. he was shot and killed nearly 2 weeks ago while responding to a call about stolen marijuana. during today's procession, businesses along the route decorated their stores in blue to show their support. micmac these guys have a very dangerous job and they are protecting us. >> volunteers plan to distribute cars and snack bags who will be attending the funeral. 2100 law enforcement officers are expected to attend tomorrow's service. fog back at the coast.
6:41 pm
temperatures warming up in lent tomorrow. feels more like late summer none the fall. we would have temperatures to talk about when we return. kb homes is in the music newsroom with stories we are working on for the 7:00 news. crab season is officially underway, but with a warning. what public health officials want you to know about this seasons crab harvest. we know the harvard holidays are a busy time for deliveries. while ups says it expects to handle a record number of returned packages this year. though stories and a lot more coming up live at 7:00 over on ktvu plus. first, after the break, rising rants being blamed on growing tech companies. apple is hoping to be a part of the solution. the two and half billion dollar commitment announced by apple today to help ease the bay area's housing problem. taking a live look right now conditions outside. you are looking at the skyline of san francisco. a beautiful night, mild in the bay area. we will be back with more after this. ♪
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it's one of the biggest problems plaguing the bay area, a lack of affordable housing. now, >> apple announced today i
6:45 pm
getting to have billion dollars to help ease the housing shortage. ktvu's jesse gary tells us how all of that money will be used. >> it is going to create a lot of housing and hopefully inspire a lot more people to get involved too. >> reporter: housing plus silicon valley, stated to get $150 million as a part of apple's record-setting gift. executives hope to infuse ongoing efforts with more working capital to make a larger impact in areas afflicted with a lack of affordable housing and rapid homelessness. >> you can't throw money at a problem. this is what i am saying with homelessness particularly and not follow where it is going. >> reporter: the complete breakdown is as follows, $1 billion for an affordable housing fund, $1 billion for first-time homebuyers assistance fund, $300 million and apple owned land that will be developed into affordable
6:46 pm
housing, and aforementioned $150 million for the housing trust, and $50 million to support vulnerable populations. that money goes to the san jose- based destination homes and it's 30 plan project. >> is going to help us prevent 1500 families from ever having to live on the streets. it is going to let us look for new and innovative solutions to get people housing as quickly as possible. >> reporter: political leaders from sacramento to the capital of silicon valley held the corporate algorithm, which comes on the heels of google and facebook's billion-dollar pledges. governor gavin newsom called the donation unparalleled and says apple is serious about solving this issue. san jose mayor says apple brings the same innovative thinking to improving communities that they commit to everything they do to the great benefit of the people of san jose. apple's comprehensive approach will help kickstart important developments. >> employers are saying it is in their interest too to help solve the housing crisis. >> reporter: some who stand at the front lines say tech helped create the shortage, and it is about time it did the heavy
6:47 pm
lifting toward a solution. >> is google or apple want to turn it around, they have to contribute i think more and have to see how the economics work. >> reporter: officials say this problem is decades in the making and it won't be a fab fix, but with take digging deep into its pockets, it could get there a lot sooner. how much sooner? not next year or the year after, possibly by the middle or end of the next decade. downtown san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. time to get a check of the weather. a mild, beautiful day around the bay area. i'm trying to get used to it being dark now with the time change is happening. a little m folks driving home, be safe. different schedules, things change, kids are still walking around the early hours. it is dark out and vote is like a little bit of fog showing up in san definitely around the co if you come in closer, you can
6:48 pm
see it. you can't really see it. it is that dull area, all along the coast, all down to the north end of monterey bay, down toward steamers lane. 65 in fairfield right now. 59 in napa. an interesting pattern, it is a whole lot different than the last month. fog back at the coast, kind of malt mild temperatures. we are not looking at any wind events or anything like that that could create what we saw last week or the week before, or even the week before, which would be red flag warnings and air-quality issues. overnight lows, cold amma chili in the morning when you get going. san jose, 45, 44 in fairfield, it is not icy, but chilly. that is tomorrow mo there is not enough of an offshore flow to really blow it out. the water temperatures are really cool right now. i was out there the other day,
6:49 pm
it felt like it was 49. it was 52 degrees, but cool. the fog forms quickly along the coast. that is what we are seeing more readily. this high-pressure center is going to dominate and it is going to dominate differently than it did two weeks ago and last week when we had the red flag warning. dominate with less of a pressure. we will see the storm track going up and over and away from us. rain, not happening. dry conditions continue through the next week or so over the next 10 days or so. maybe a little patchy fog here and there, very classic fall weather. here are the forecast highs for look a lot like this too. thursd like each day. pardon me less fog each i know you are thinking about that. upper 70s and the warm spot. along the 70s in the coast. classic fall pattern for this
6:50 pm
whole week. facebook's logo is getting a makeover. the company said this new look is meant to represent the company's broad bands including facebook, instagram, whatsapp mack, and more. it fades in and out for different colors. blue for facebook, pinkish for instagram, and so on. the logo will be put into use within facebook products and marketing materials in the coming weeks. still to come, world series mvp. in a moment, the giants qualify contract offer to keep the pitcher. details and what it could mean for next season. ok, network inspection. -ok. connected to wifi, protected from threats. thermostat - connected, protected. speaker, but, that's a family heirloom. and, it's a family security breach. it's gotta go. with xfinity xfi, if it's connected, it's protected.
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mark is here now. raters god by the lines and playing this thursday against the chargers. >> halfway point in the season, they are in its. did you see any of the game? >> i did. i thought detroit was going to come back. >> made it pretty much everything they could to almost let it get away as we take a look at some of the final moments of the game. detroit coming down the field and trying to get
6:54 pm
touchdown. they had the ball at the 1 yard line, but it was fourth down. they had no timeouts left. complete chaos, inexplicably, the raiders called a timeout. did jon gruden do that, or maybe one of his players mark it worked out all right as they get a play, detroit's effort is incomplete. in the end zone, of course jon gruden was asked the wise and what concerning that event. >> we had a chaotic situation. they were substituting from 11 personnel, three receivers to goal line personnel. a little bit of a fire drill there. one of our players, secret player actually took that timeout. i will take credit for it because it worked out. >> not everybody saw that becauspeople-->> i know! i turned it off on a minute and a half to go. >> the giants kind of reached
6:55 pm
out in a way of speaking and let madison bumgarner know we would like to have you back if it works out. as of today, they sent a message and sending a $17.8 million qualified offer his way, which also means, however, that any team that signs him as a free agent in the off-season would have to part with a draft pick that would go to the giants. madison bumgarner, 9-9 does have season with a 3.90 e.r.a. we will have to see what kind of interest there is on the free agent market. marcof the east bay, the american league mvp, the award season approaches and marcus simeon, who just finished up an incredible season, just some of the stats he played in all 162 games, hit 33 homeruns, 43 doubles. he is a gold glove caliber shortstop if you have seen him play at all. he is one of three finalists for the american league mvp, which will be announced later
6:56 pm
this week. that would be great to see and well deserved. meanwhile, out of the rubble that is so far the golden state warriors' season one or two good pieces of information floating out. one of them confirms villanova, liberty, eric pascoe is getting 20 of playing time with all of these unbelievable amount of energies injuries the warriors sustain. eric pascoe was the 41st pick in the draft. saturday, he had 25 points, averaging 13.8 so far in shooting, 61% from the floor and he did not see all of this playing time coming. >> i did no one wishes any of the guys got hurt or anything like that. just go out there and have fun, especially as younger guys knowing we don't get this opportunity much to prove ourselves. just go have fun and see what we can do. >> they play portland tonight and still looking for the first win by the way.
6:57 pm
in case you missed it over the weekend, how about going to your old school? jerry bridgewater it just that. his high school in miami, he promised an old teacher of his that he would participate in some of the pregame activities. in case you missed it. >>,, come on! that is right! yes, yes! >> being the fine quarterback he is, they call that the super stretch! dynamic doesn't is the name of the group. that is miami northwestern high school. this happened in the rivalry game. it is the water boy, aiden blaine, getting a chance. he was borna form of cerebral palsy. in that big game up there in the north back on my alma mater, by the way. they let him get on in and score his first touchdown! he is a senior up there
6:58 pm
now, this is unbelievable! this is a sixth grader from little rock, arkansas carrying the ball. he is 6'3", 363 pounds! he is in the sixth grade. >> you have to let them play. >> 363 pounds! >> i don't think the whole team could bring him down. >> look to that guy in the future. maybe an offense of lineman. >> see you later, everyone. big bang theory is up next. howie? howie, wake up.
6:59 pm
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