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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  November 5, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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so scary to me and i feel horrible for those parents. >> reporter: one of those incidences happened on lincoln avenue outside love elementary. >> it was early enough where everyone saw the ambulance and people were walking their kids to school. >> my son and i walking home several months ago had a close call where a car was about an inch from hitting him. >> reporter: no one has been seriously injured. the district is working with the city to address these incidents. there are two school crossing signs but more is needed. >> we have four major corners that are crossed every day in only one corner has a crossing guard. >> reporter: the immediate plan is to have a team of experts that the intersections to see if there are traffic or engineering issues. a higher police presence in those areas. >> they are going to be looking at crosswalks and speed and they will be ticketing before
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and after school hours at random schools. >> reporter: parents plan to rally around to bring attention before the city council meeting. city council said they plan to talk about the cities vision zero policy which they are using to work to eliminate and reduce the amount of serious and fatal traffic accidents. >> in alameda tonight, thank you. we have new information on that halloween shooting, that mass shooting in orinda that left five people dead. new details are emerging. one of the victims was tied to a gang and that rival gangs could have opened fire on each other at the party. henry lee has the latest on the investigation live from orinda. >> reporter: sources tell me that mass shooting may be the result of rivalry. one group from san francisco and another frommarin coming to t party on halloween night and that is when guns came out.
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>> everybody fooled everybody. and then all broke loose. >> reporter: ktvu learned of a possible motive in the halloween night massacre in orinda that left four men and a woman dead. there was a recent fight between two groups, one from san francisco and the other from marin city. people from both groups are among the hundred people who showed up at a orinda gathering advertised as an airbnb mansion party. guns were pulled out in the kitchen and there was gunfire. brandon duckworth was at the party and escaped out the front door after hearing 20 gunshots. >> we go from smiling and talking to a girl to survival mode. you have to watch your surroundings and run away from where you are hearing them coming from. >> reporter: one of the victims was caught in the crossfire and shot went to shooters were aiming for each other.
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orinda in san francisco police are not commenting on the investigation. >> it would be nice if they can say more but they have 100 people they are trying to track down and this just happened last thursday. i believe they are making progress. >> reporter: police are looking into the backgrounds of partygoers as well as the dead. tiyon farley is the brother of lee farley who was charged in a drupal homicide in hayes valley. another victim of the shooting, ramon hill junior was a known gang member. he had an assault conviction and has been facing weapons charges after being accused in a 2016 drive-by shooting in san francisco. now the das office and the fbi all helping orinda police which is part of the contra costa county sheriff's office. none of the agencies have provided comments but tonight c be giving an update. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news.
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>> a complex investigation. thank you. city leaders tonight will consider changes to the cities short-term rental ordinance. councilmembers say they may consider restrictions or an outright ban on short-term rentals. the city manager is expecting a large turnout for that meeting that starts at 7 pm tonight at the orinda library. three suspects have been erected -- arrested. two men armed with rifles robbed a loomis armored car outside of a wells fargo bank back in june. it happened at the foothills square shopping center. police say a were able to arrest both suspects plus the alleged getaway driver after serving several search warrants and months of investigating. officers seized nearly a dozen weapons. all three suspects are facing a number of felony charges. one of the inmates who escaped from monterey county jail was reportedly spotted at a motel on the central coast.
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the sheriff's office to have evacuated the motel 6 and marina and surrounded the area. authorities have been searching for santos samuel and 20-year- old jonathan salazar since they escaped from the monterey county jail in salinas on monday. the two were awaiting trial on murder cases in separate cases. the inmates escaped from a 22 inch hole that they cut in a bathroom ceiling. the whole was in a blind spot in the housing unit surveillance system. authorities are offering a $5000 reward for information leading to their capture. we are learning a man who was shot and killed by san jose police had a long criminal history, a warrant for his arrest and many run-ins with law enforcement. that incident began thursday near independence high school as classes were letting out. investigators say officers ordered the man to drop what appeared to be a weapon several times but he refused. he appeared to be drawing the gun and an officer shot him. the weapon turned out to be a
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replica gun. police identified that man as 33-year-old francis colony. the man had been placed on many previous psychiatric hold and was said he wanted to commit suicide by cop. >> this incident and loss of life are examples of the tremendous need for additional mental health services, drug treatment and intervention in our community. police officers are too often placed in these situations. i speak to all my officers after these tragedies and i know it is difficult for them as well. >> last week's incident was the third officer involved shooting by san jose police this year. pg&e ceo, executives in bankruptcy attorney who met with governor gavin newsom this morning at the state capital. the gathering came in response to the governor's call for all parties to get together to try to speed up pg&e's bankruptcy process.
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the governor spelled out in vivid detail the blackouts represented people prevented people from refilling lifesaving prescriptions and power breathing machines. afterwards pg&e new ceo said i came to california with one basic purpose, let's make sure we don't kill anybody at our operation. i think we achieved that this year. i understand the hardship and i apologize for it, but for me safety has to come first. sam accardo is leading the charge to have pg&e structured into a customer owned utility. >> we will first be able to align the financial interest of the company with the public interest. and second we will be able to create the company that has access to capital markets that will be critically needed for this utility to get back on its feet.
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>> a letter was sent out today for leaders representing 5 million californians calling on the cpuc to put customers before investors. this comes ahead of a review of proposed ideas for reorganizing pg andy as it has to bankruptcy court. federal bankruptcy code and state law require the cpuc to approve any plan for reorganization for pg&e. oakland mayor libby shaft is another city leader who supports restructuring pg&e. >> let's take the profit motivations out of it. power is to valuable and critical a resource for people to have it be influenced by investor decisions. we need to take control of this valuable resource. >> pg&e estimates they need to invest tens of billions of dollars over the next decade that creates a utility to protect the public against wildfires and that money that
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you the utility simply doesn't have. that is why they say a restructuring of pg&e is in order. there are new developments in connection with the impeachment inquiry of president trump. newly released transcripts show an ambassador at the center of the probe changed his testimony. ray bogan is in washington with details. >> reporter: on monday the attorney for the eu investigator ambassador sent revisions to his testimony. the transcript suggests the link between military aid and ukraine's cooperation with the public statement into a corruption investigation. gordon said i said that resumption of the u.s. aid would likely not occur until ukraine provided the public anticorruption statement. he also testified he called president trump and asked him what you want from ukraine? the president spotted "i want nothing, i want no quid pro
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quo." >> anytime there were direct conversations with the president there was no link. any linkage that has been alleged obviously is based on many times second or third hand information. >> reporter: the chairs of the three committees said in a joint statement the testimony shows the progression of efforts by the president and his agent to use the state department to press ukraine to announce investigations beneficial to the presidents personal and political interests. lawmakers also release the transcript of the former u.s. envoy to ukraine. kurt volker testified he warned the ukrainians about dealing with the presidents personal attorney. he said in august because of conversations with rudy giuliani i wanted to make sure that i was cautioning the ukrainians don't get sucked in. as the inquiry continues impeachment investigators are requesting testimony from acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney friday
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morning. in washington, ray bogan. dryer there was drama today during jury selection in the criminal case against roger stone. the court room was cleared when a court observer passed out. proceedings were stopped altogether and stone left early telling the judge he was suffering from food poisoning. he is accused of lying to lawmakers about his involvement to exploit russian hacked emails from hillary clinton for political gain. stone has denied all charges calling them politically motivated. mike pence will be in the bay area a week from tomorrow. he will make stops in santa ana and monterey before he heads up to mountain view. the next day he is scheduled to tour the ames nasa research center and deliver remarks to over 200 nasa employees. it is election night in the bay area and we are keeping our eye on some of the key races. at 5:30 pm we will go to san francisco where they will pick
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a mayor and decide on an e- cigarette man. still to come tonight what investigators are saying after three women and six children were gunned down in a cartel ambush in mexico. help for those with severe mental health problems. the county pushing conservatorship for those who would benefit. looking up the fog along the coast. you will see that when we come back as well as the five day forecast taking us through the rest of the week.
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cleanup is underway in a lot in west oakland that has been come to be home for people living in tents. the area became a dumping ground for abandoned vehicles
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and trash. the city was concerned about unsanitary conditions so they came to an agreement with the property owner to have the lot cleaned. homeless advocates say it is unfair for the city to force those living on the lot to relocate without providing them somewhere else to go. >> today the city of oakland is trying to displace almost 100 residents of this encampment without an alternative other than the curb. >> this and is to have the site cleared and repaved before it turns into a safe rv sight. fencing and electricity will be added. the board of supervisors is investigating possible ways to help homeless people are mentally ill. this comes after council members urged the supervisors to take action. jesse gary has the story. >> reporter: santa clara county officials say 11,000 residents are classified as homeless and a lesser number are in need of
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help that can only come from conservatorship. >> our mentally ill homeless need intensive services. services the city cannot provide. >> reporter: at san jose city hall district councilman johnny and raul urged the county board of supervisors to act each arguing mental health issues have reached crisis proportions. matt knows the problem personally will helping a friend suffering from bipolar disorder. >> his family and i intervened and got him into a long-term mental health facility. if we had not he would quite possibly be one of the people we see on the streets today. >> reporter: the councilman are part of leaders in the county who penned a letter to the board of supervisors asking members of that body to enact laura's law. and allow for conservative ship of the severely mentally challenged who would benefit. officials say five bay area counties have already done so
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with a high degree of success. >> it is an affirmation and we appreciate that. >> reporter: cindy chavez says she is empathetic but says laura's law may not be the right vehicle. >> for many people they will need permanent placement. what laura's law is is a temporary law for assertive outpatient treatment. >> reporter: chavez and other supervisors passed a measure asking staffers to study the issue and how effective laura's law might be for homeless who are mentally challenged. supervisors will wait for staffers to get back to them for celestine's suggestions and possible solutions. they need to get a handle on how many people are in need of this kind of help. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. to foster county sheriff's deputies are being praised for helping a black bear free himself from a dumpster.
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it was yesterday in kings beach. the bear in the deputies nicknamed t-shirt was apparently looking for food when he became trapped. deputies kept their distance while using sticks to undo a chain lock and helped open the dumpsters later. the bear appeared to be in a hurry to get back on solid ground. he is a big guy. he continued his search for food. >> look at him. that is not a typical black bear, that is a huge black bear. >> maybe he is getting lots of food in the dumpster. >> i can't stop looking at those claws. >> do it again. >> look how strong he is. the mac is getting ready for winter, right? he is loading up. they start eating everything before they hibernate. >> is almost the size of the dumpster. >> that is one big bear. >> black bears are not that big really.
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they are big but not like that. but they are so strong. >> what's going on with the weather? i am looking at the golden gate and looks beautiful. >> a little bit of fog but it is getting dark. that time of night. be safe driving home. kids are out and about steel and you are not used to the extra darkness. you can see fog funneling in through the gate. it has been at the coast most of the day but it is now returning. tomorrow will essentially be the same way. it is beautiful, isn't it? >> there's no bad angle. >> i always thought it would be cool to have a 90 inch plasma and just have a live camera. wouldn't it be beautiful to have in your living room? >> it is nice looking at it from this angle. >> that is why it cost so much
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to live here. that is so beautiful. >> the nights are getting chilly though. >> temperatures in the 30s and 40s. it will be the same way tomorrow night. beautiful night out there. the next couple of days will stay the same. this is in direct contrast to the week before that. we were on whether high alert day after day with red flag warnings. we are always concerned with fire this time of year. the pattern is kind of flat which is nice. we are not seeing red flag warnings and spare the air days. a few clouds moving in and fog at the coast. it would be terrifying right now and we have seen it before you can get wind events into november and december sometimes. we are not looking at anything like that. we are not looking at frame right away and no strong pressure gradient. fog along the coast and it is back tomorrow. it has been getting chilly and the nights are getting longer. overnight lows even in a place like san jose or in the upper
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40s and low 50s so that is chilly in an urban area. more of the same tomorrow. we had 70s and low 80s. tomorrow will be about the same. the fog is clipping right there. a little bit of fog and it is creeping through the gate. the plan the next couple of days is what we saw yesterday and what we will see tomorrow and beyond that. there are no big changes coming. there's nothing really big. the fog is kind of a big story and cooler overnight lows. when we come back we look specifically at forecasted highs. >> thank you. the la chargers are dismissing reports that the team is moving to london. there owner spoke out today after a report from the athletic of the chargers and the nfl are interested in relocating the team. the story said nfl owners would support a move to london if the chargers want to go there.
5:22 pm
the chargers are not as popular as the la rams. chargers owner said la is their home and the team has no plans on leaving. this thursday the chargers will be in the bay area to take on the oakland raiders. it is thursday night football in the coliseum. you can watch it live right here on ktvu. the game starts shortly after five. following the game you can watch the point after. family members left to wonder why. a burnt out bullet riddled suv, nine dead americans were gunned down by mexican cartels. a violent carjacking suspect charged after investigators day she and a male accomplice hit a victim with rocks and slammed her face into the asphalt. tonight police are searching for the suspects partner. a police officer in the north bay injures himself and crashes his car into driver.
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six children are dead at the hands of mexican cartels including three adults. they are from the same family and lived in a mormon community in mexico. a group of armed suspects ambushed three suvs. eight children escaped were found alive hiding in the
5:26 pm
brush. five were hurt and taken to the u.s. for treatment. investigators say the group was traveling between the mexican states of sonora and chihuahua not for far from u.s. border when they were attacked. it is believed that the attackers may have mistaken the families large suvs for a rival gang. >> reporter: at least three women and six children gunned down in a drug cartel ambush in mexico monday. all american citizens. members of an extended family living in a mormon community 70 miles south of the arizona border. the moms were traveling in three separate vehicles miles apart when the assault took place. the heartbroken relatives sharing video of a burned out and bullet riddled suv. containing the remains of anita miller and for poor children. >> this is for the record. i need a and four of my grandchildren are burnt. and shut up. >> reporter: the body of donna
5:27 pm
langford and her two sons were found in her car. a gunman killed christina langford johnson after she jumped out of her van and waved her hands to show she wasn't a threat. her infant daughter faith was found in her car seat unharmed. >> the fbi is investigating the massacre. a family member who lives in utah and did not want to be identified believes the women and children were caught in the crossfire of a turf war between drug cartels. >> these women happen to be caught in the middle. >> reporter: president trump pleaded to help mexico wage war against the drug cartels and wipe them off the face of the war. >> i agree with the president that they have to knuckle down and go after some cartels and stop this escalating violence. >> reporter: eight children escaped and five were injured and taken to the u.s. for treatment. in los angeles, fox news. it is election day across the u.s. coming up next we will
5:28 pm
go live to san francisco to take a look at what turnout is like as the city votes on a mayor, district attorney and cigarette man. protesters are fighting against the law that says if they don't have an employer they can drive a truck. the city shows up to remember one of their own and a grieving father talks about his son who was killed last week in the line of duty. there are those who will say that you're:
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a bay area political contrition continued in san francisco. former mayor hosted a free election day lunch at john's grill on ellis street. the lunch was billed as a nonpartisan event and everyone was welcome including voters, candidates and campaign workers. the lunches hosted on election day to allow folks to take a break together after getting up early and encouraging everyone
5:32 pm
to get out and vote. tonight we are following a number of high-profile races and issues on the ballot. four candidates are in the running for district attorney, city public defender chesa boudin, deputy attorney general , leif dautch, police commission president, suzy loftus who served controversy when she was chosen by mayor breed to serve as interim da and alameda county prosecutor, nancy tung. there are six candidates for san francisco mayor. london breed is hoping to win her first full term. she was called to fill the rest of the term of ed lee. also on the ballot, paul robertson, jewel, and robert jordan. >> san francisco voters will also decide on proposition c. they hope to overturn the van on vaping products. juul dropped its support for the measure and no vote would allow the band to go into
5:33 pm
effect january 1. christien kafton is that the department of elections with how the voting is going so far. >> take a look down here. a lot of activity. you can see a lot of voters filling out their ballots. just beyond that pull workers and election workers taking those ballots and processing them using the cities image scan system. it takes a photo of every ballot. it is a more accurate system and has the benefit of more transparency. it is planning on wiping personal data off the photos and posting them online so everyone can see the results. they have received around 16,000 ballots this morning. they are estimating voter turnout at about 16% and they are anticipating a surge of voters now that the workday is over. >> we will have to wait to the morning and in the evening we
5:34 pm
will see a surge. they come to city hall and go to their polling places. as for the races, mayor breed in the race for mayor, she is the heavy favorite to win. it typically brings 5055% turnout. the other big races district attorney. the last poll had as many as 40% of san franciscans undecided in that race. really that is one of the races we will watch very carefully. we are just going to walk you through how the ballot is going to look. if you look you can see that this year instead of having a fill in the line system, san francisco has a bubble system. it is also a grid system. you say your first choice is glacier, you fill that in and that is your first choice. your second choice let's say you pick desert and so on.
5:35 pm
you fill out your ballot this way. it looks like a grid system. the aim of it is to try to make sure that there are no costly runoffs. this system allows them to process ballot right away. second, third choice and so on so they can figure out what they are doing. the aim is to try to have results as quickly as possible and avoid the possibility of a costly runoff. we will continue to monitor races and issues in san francisco. you touched earlier on the issue of the vape band in san francisco. we are watching a couple of affordable housing bond issues in san francisco. a lot of big issues. live in city hall, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. >> you mentioned they want to get results out as soon as possible. will we perhaps get a decision tonight in the race for da and the issue involving juul and vaping?
5:36 pm
>> reporter: polls close around 8 pm and they are hoping to post the initial results at around 8:45. those will be the ballots they have processed and that have come in to city hall like the ones that came in this morning. votes by mail ballots and ballots that people have dropped off. they essentially flip the switch and they can get the results from those machines. first results around 8:45. it is a bit of a numbers game. they are going to have to see what the numbers are. at some point in time becomes mathematically impossible for one candidate to win or another. it is unclear as to when we will get definitive results. we expect to get first results around 8:45. we have a little more time to go before results are certified by the department of elections. that has to be done by december 5. they anticipate before december 5 but that gives you a time range. that is the latest state that we could have final results.
5:37 pm
>> christien kafton, thank you. republicans that are hoping to win governorships in three deep red states that have voted for democrats in the past. president trump held a rally in kentucky last night helping to help when reelection or for the governor. there were long lines at polling places as well as louisiana. stay with us throughout the night and we will update you on election results once we have them. there is a new tool to combat sophisticated deep fake nails as we get closer to the election. uc berkeley school of -- they have joined other experts from around the world to create an app called reality defender 2020. it is a real tool for people to use to detect deep fakes. here's an example from comedy central. it uses the real elizabeth
5:38 pm
warrmade fake using a quote from comedian kate gibbons. >> i'm fighting for medicare for all. i'm like monday night raw. i am fighting for the middle class. i am fighting for medicare for all. i'm like if monday night raw was hosted by terry gross. >> any campaign can upload or put two videos they feel is suspicious. we have automated ai algorithms to scan the videos looking for signs of manipulation and we have a team of experts that can further analyze it beyond that. >> everything is shared with everyone and can be widely published to create a more fare and truthful upcoming campaign. it can also battle all kinds of scams, blackmail and other crimes to those who are watching. independent truckers are staging a statewide weeklong protest. they want exemption from a law that will take effect soon.
5:39 pm
that law is a b5 and it would force them to find an employer instead of being independent contractors. tom vacar is here now with a look at the protest and the desire to be their own boss. >> reporter: even as california struggles to get enough chuckles, a b5 a law that becomes effective new year's day could force as many as 70,000 independent truckers out of their driver seat. today in front of the huge state building in oakland, independent truckers gathered for a second day to say that the law that would make more independent workers real employees is bad business for them. >> think about us. we are families and if we cannot drive our trucks what are we going to do? >> they have chosen to be independent. they are not employees. they didn't want to be. they wanted to be their own boss. >> many professions are exempted from a b5.
5:40 pm
truckers have not been exempted. the problem is many want to be independent contractors. something that has been true trucking since trucking began. >> we want our jobs to stay intact. we have people from being independent construction owners for one year all the way to 50 years. >> the average independent trucker has spent $200,000 or more on their truck to be fully compliant with all federal and state equipment, safety and pollution regulations. >> they carry their own insurance and they pay their own taxes. they have chosen to be independent. >> that includes paying your own healthcare, accounting and scheduling. truckers are wondering with their profession developed over many generations who will step forward to hire them? >> we do a majority of all of the work that is being done out here. the unions and the contractors can't possibly that many trucks
5:41 pm
for the people. >> reporter: oceanside assemblywoman, the bill's authors said we will not in good conscience allow free riding businesses to profit des from basic employee rights that lead to a middle-class job. independent truckers ask is a critical truck shortage better? >> the oceanside assemblywoman, the bill's author said it will not be good in conscience to allow free riding businesses to profit off depriving millions of workers from basic employee's rights that lead to a middle-class job. independent truckers ask the question are soup lines and a critical truck shortage in california white better? tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. they were pulled from the sky following two deadly crashes. when the 737 max jet could return to the air carrying
5:42 pm
passengers? a deadly fight over a chicken sandwich. but investigators say let up to a stabbing at a popeye's.
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
in maryland police a man was stabbed to death in a fight over a popeye's chicken sandwich. two men were waiting in line last night when one man accused the other of cutting in front of him to order the recently
5:45 pm
released sandwich. the fight moved outside where the 28-year-old victim was stabbed. he died at the hospital an hour later and police have released a picture of the suspect hoping that someone out there will be able to identify him. boeing 737 max jet could return to the skies during the first quarter of next year. boeing said they expected the jets to be back in service by the end of this year. european safety officials said they don't expect to approve the jet until january. for national authorities and european airlines need to sign off on the jets safety. the 737 max jets have been grounded since last march after two deadly crashes. investigators continue to search for a missing student from alabama college. blanchard vanished two weeks ago. her car was found a few days later badly damaged. police now think she was harmed based on evidence found in her
5:46 pm
car. >> the main focus right now is to keep everybody hopeful that we will find her a lot. >> friends and family say they know the missing college student is out there somewhere. the 19-year-old disappeared nearly 2 weeks ago. last seen on surveillance video leaving a convenience store in auburn. on the night of october 23. blanchard reportedly sent the friend a message just before midnight suggesting she was going to see a man she had met on a dating app. however her stepfather, ufc fighter walt harris said it would be out of character for her. >> for her to meet somebody on her own after the fact, i just don't think that knowing like i know her that is something she would have done. >> reporter: two days after leaving the store blanchard was found outside a montgomery apartment complex. 55 miles away with noticeable
5:47 pm
damage. police say they believe she was harmed and is considered to be a victim of foul play. that claim is based on unspecified evidence found in her vehicle. the community has rallied around blanchard with multiple prayer vigils. >> no matter hard it might look we still have faith. >> please, if you know anything we have to have her back. >> reporter: at least 60 investigators from local state and federal law enforcement are involved in the search. in atlanta, steve harrigan fox news. a community joins a family in warning. >> your daddy is a hero. coming up next remembering deputy brian ishmael who was shot and killed in the line of duty. coming back with the five day forecast and a beautiful sunset. we will see you back here in a few minutes.
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to throw a baseball... to throw yourself into the unknown. to lose fear, to create hope. we believe that it takes a village of over 200-thousand dedicated, passionate, driven medical and non-medical professionals to deliver on our belief in total health for all. we are kaiser permanente. thrive.
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5:50 pm
the streets of roseville were lined with people this morning saying goodbye to a slain deputy. el dorado county deputy brian ishmael was shot to death responding to a call most two weeks ago. today a procession of law enforcement officers led from the bayside church to foster bill were deputy ishmael was born. deputy ishmael was ambushed while responding to a call about stolen marijuana. poor people are now under arrest in connection with his death.
5:51 pm
the deputy's father describes him as the perfect son and as a devoted dad. the final farewell to a hometown hero. deputy brian ishmael served the community he served with. cues were packed and those who knew and loved him remanded remembered his life. >> i am here to tell you about brian. and not too much deputy ishmael but about brian himself. he was one of those perfect, perfect sons. he would do anything i asked him to which was a lot. i can't climb underneath houses and all that stuff. >> i have a few things hereon t
5:52 pm
he proudly shared about his sons who had a big smile and a big heart. >> little buddy, i know you are throwing that ball again for your dog. have fun and we will see you again. >> the el dorado county sheriff also spoke. >> i'm extremely sad for all of us while at the same time very angry. >> reporter: deputy ishmael's ultimate sacrifice felt deeply. the sheriff talked to his wife and three children left without a father. >> from this day forward we can't replace brian but any need you have, and the shoulder you want to shed a tear on we will be here. your daddy is a hero. >> deputy brian ishmael, el
5:53 pm
dorado county sheriff's office. end of watch wednesday, october 23 2019. let's take a look at the temperatures from today. it was 80 in santa rosa. temperatures a little warmer than yesterday. 77 in napa. temperatures the next couple of days are going to hold right here in the 70s and low 80s. not bad. then there is a live camera shot. it is getting shot across the bay. the inversion is shallow. it is pretty stable environment. you will not get rain. you are not seeing offshore wind.
5:54 pm
you have fog right now in san francisco in the bayview district. current temperatures in the low 70s and tomorrow you're looking at green and yellow, 60s and 70s. there is fog along the coast. tomorrow is almost a duplicate of what we have today. overnight lows on the mild side. you can see high pressure over here. the forecast for tomorrow there it is. you can see high temperatures. here is the five day forecast. not a bad one. there is fire danger but it is not like it was the last couple weeks. they lost everything in last year's fire in paradise. they just regained security and a place to live when tragedy hit again. a family that has now lost a second house to fire within one year. this portion of ktvu news
5:55 pm
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this friday marks one year since devastating campfire that destroyed 11,000 homes in paradise alone most destroying the entire town. for one family incredibly tragedy struck again after they lost everything a year ago. the family's new house burned dealing them a big setback and they are taking steps to try to get through it. >> reporter: again, it happened to pamela howell and her family again. >> i am shocked. >> my stepmom sent me a text saying it's emergency. i literally said there's a fire. i called it. and then they told me and i couldn't think. >> reporter: too wrap his mind around. one year since his family
5:58 pm
suffered what they thought would be the biggest loss of their lifetime. fire consuming their home that used to stand here in paradise. speed me >> we walked outside and went from daylight to naptime. i went and left a box of important paperwork. all of the souvenirs which were christmas presents in the box next to that and walked out. >> reporter: a girlfriend and their sons had gained a small measure of their sense of security was made uninhabitable . two fires in to novembers would be more than enough to deal with. howells son's birthday is also in november. the family couldn't pull together braxton's yearly birthday dinner celebration as he became a teenager. with 28 days to go until he turned 14, fire snatched away the hope of the family tradition resuming along with
5:59 pm
the sleepover party for friends at home. they are sad an unsettled and in search of home again but mom has an idea to make this birthday not just salvageable but stellar. she is asking the whole world to send braxton a birthday card. >> it is good to know that people are rallying behind us and giving words of encouragement. >> reporter: looking ahead to the next year what are your hopes for 14? >> a permanent house. >> reporter: fox news. this is ktvu news at 6. the president and ceo of pg&e was meeting with governor newsom. getting out of bankruptcy and the future of the company. >> it turns out the governor and us have the same interest which is a safe and reliable utility. catastrophic wildfires take center stage at the state
6:00 pm
capital. the intense closed-door meeting between the utility and the governor's office also included wildfire victims and shareholders. entrie senior here now with what's at stake. >> this comes on the same day we hear from several big area mares that formed a coalition that want to see the utility public owned. >> we are here today at the invitation of the governor. >> reporter: fans were summoned to meet with governor newsom and they want the company to speed up their bankruptcy case connected to the camp fire so the company can be restructured. >> we need to make sure that all the claims are resolved particularly the fire victims. the meeting comes as the san jose mayor leads the campaign to buy out pg&e. >> by trading a customer owned utility you will first be able to align the financial interest of the company with the public interest. >> the latest


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