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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  November 8, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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together to show their resilience and move forward. >> okay this had been a terrible event that we have to move forward. we can take the next step to rebuild paradise and rebuild our lives and respect the people that were so brave and lost theirs. >> over 80 lives, tragedy that will be forgotten. signs of healing and recovery abound. good evening to you. today several ceremonies were held to commemorate the anniversary. at 1108 people gathered in the town of paradise pausing pretty five seconds to remember 85 lives lost the camp fire is the most deadly fire in state history. the victims rage in ainge from 39 to 99. these are pictures of them and their stories. to this day all but one of the victims has been identified. many have physical disabilities and couldn't escape the fire while many others refused to leave. still there are heart-wrenching
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stories of desperate calls for help. last i love youse and some found just outside their front doors. cal fire determined the fire was caused by a faulty pg&e transmission line. it destroyed roughly 19,000 buildings with most of the damage occurring in the first four hours. the day the fire broke out the town of paradise had a population of 26,000 people. so far only 3000 have moved back and one year later the number of destroyed homes that have been rebuilt stands at 11. the future paradise is bright. city officials say the rebuilding of 450 more homes is in the pipeline. alex savidge has been in paradise all day and he joins us live with much more. >> reporter: there certainly is a lot of construction happening all over the town of paradise and surrounding communities. tonight we are here at the paradise alliance church where fire survivors are gathering to honor the lives that were lost one year ago in the camp fire.
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while this is a somber day, a lot of people are also very hopeful, expressing a lot of optimism about the future of paradise as the rebuilding process slowly begins. let me give you an example of the progress made in the community over the past year. here is some video. on the left-hand side of your screen are shots showing what paradise look like shortly after the camp fire swept through in november 2018. devastation everywhere you looked. on the right-hand side of your screen there is chopper video that was taken earlier today. you can see what a difference it makes. all those lots no long covered in debris from the homes that burned. you have lots that have been cleared and a lot of construction happening. this town well on its way in terms of recovery. earlier today there was a groundbreaking ceremony for what is going to become hope plaza. it is a garden park that will
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be built on an old parking lot in the middle of town and it will pay tribute to the victims of the camp fire and the first responders who fought that fire. >> the city and some people involved asked us to come and design a park that would represent what happened here and where the community is going in the future. for me as a designer me and my team feel privileged to do that. at the same time it is going to be one of the most important projects i have. it will be an incredible event for us. the main part about the project was to really respect the people that were a part of the fire and those events a year ago. with a lot of the design we want it to represent and pay homage to all the first responders and all the people that were the heroes. we have a hero plaza and on the other side we wanted a sanctuary.
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we call it the forest sanctuary. you can come in and get outside of all the noise and walk through a water feature. now inside that space you have rushing water. you don't hear the background. you can reflect on love once you lost. people that were lost in the fire and they will be etched onto the actual stainless steel trees that is our forest in the background. all the names of the deceased will be etched on their and they will be located with her family members or friends. we are integrating with the families to make that happen. so they are not just randomly put on their there's reason behind it. >> reporter: hope plaza will be paid for entirely with donations made through a variety of foundations here in butte county and the designers are expecting to have hope plaza open to the public one year from now. a lot of other tributes to the people who lost their life in the camp fire one year ago.
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let me show you a very special sculpture that was unveiled earlier on today. this is called ridge key phoenix. when you take a closer look at the sculpture you will see it is made up of 12,000 individual keys. all of those keys were collected from various homes that were destroyed the camp fire one year ago. the artist on this project is jessica mercer and she said she wanted to turn those keys into this phoenix that is rising from the ashes. >> there is so much depth to each key and its legacy. generationally or individually. it is pretty profound. and the trust that people gave me for a year, i don't know how to say thank you except what i did was give it right back to the people. i never owned it, we owned it. i look forward today to letting everyone have it back.
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and i want to bring people home. i just hope like my father today when he finally gets up here that some of us that are coming back for the first time on this beautiful day that they will know that here you are safe in the space. >> reporter: a truly moving tribute to those who lost their lives in the camp fire and the ridge key phoenix sculpture sits at the building resiliency center right in central paradise. again, just one of many tributes to the people who lost their lives and to those firefighters and all the first responders who work so hard to save lives one year ago as the fire swept through this community. >> i was at the kincaid fire last week and i noticed so many people seems like they took the lessons from the camp fire evacuating and getting out of the way in time. one of the folks that survived the camp fire telling me about preparations and living in this era where wildfires will be numerous.
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>> reporter: in a conversation i had with the mayor here in paradise that is one of the big takeaways that she and other emergency officials have from the camp fire. it is trying to get those evacuation warnings out earlier. obviously the camp fire behaved in a way that firefighters have not seen another fire behaved. it was here in town before they even really knew what hit them. in a lot of ways there wasn't a whole lot they could do. but there is a lot of talk about having redundancies built into the emergency alert system. what happened here in paradise is early on those cell phone towers went down. they were destroyed i the fire and all of a sudden there was no way to warn people about this inferno that was closing in on the town. the mayor wants to build some redundancies into the system. she's also talking about potentially putting some sirens in town to give people enough warning in case there is a fire in the future. >> thank you so much.
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we will check back later on. they with us for continuing coverage as we mark one year since the camp fire. at 6:30 pm we will hear from a camp fire survivor who lost friends in that blaze as he talks about how his town is forever changed. now to san francisco where the police department says that police use of force has dropped nearly in half and three and half years. christien kafton tells us the department said that officers are learning how to de-escalate situations before they turned violent. >> reporter: by the nature of their jobs officers encounter high stress situations and people in distress. the san francisco police department latest orderly report said use of force is down 24% over the same period just last year with 500 reported uses of force out of 200,000 calls for service. since july 2016 the department said there has been a 47% decrease in use of force. the department following a mandate to safeguard human life and dignity.
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>> it highlights our use of force policy which highlights the sanctity of life and de- escalation, communications concepts that we have gathered through talking to other agencies across the country and best practices. >> the department credit decreasing use of force and ongoing training on how to de- escalate high stress situations with crisis intervention training. in some cases officers can diffuse the situation by changing their language. instead of demands use questions. >> the question of dropped the knife, drop the knife can turn into when you have the knife? and start dialogue and conversations with the person they are encountering to find out why they have a knife. >> reporter: paul henderson had a police accountability said numbers are encouraging. >> it is a great beginning of the conversation to have information like the things we interested in seeing his accurate reflection of where that information is coming from. >> henderson said more needs to be done to sift through those
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numbers to see how the department is arriving at those results particularly for an agency responsible for reporting on their cell. >> how can we make it more transparent and accurate? how can we make it influential in making sure that the trend to diminish use of force continues? >> reporter: the city requires the police department to file quarterly reports in the use of force. the department highlighted that there has not been a fatal officer involved shooting in the city of san francisco since june 2018. christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. now to new developments in san francisco's district attorney race that has a new leader tonight. chesa boudin leads that race with 50.05% of the vote. compare that to 49.05% for suzy loftus. that is a difference of 1/10 of a percent. he is ahead by 156 votes. yesterday loftus was in the
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lead. there are more than 15,000 ballots left to count. police say they have shut down a massive cell phone ring that included robbing merchandise across the state. stolen goods were shipped abroad for resale. last month tremont police along with other law enforcement agencies served search warrants in 10 locations including at burst wireless in hayward. that was the largest front for stolen electronics in the bay area. police arrested eight people and seized 1800 electronic devices. $350,000 in cash, two shotguns and two handguns. at this time four of eight suspects have been charged with multiple robberies and grand theft. investigators say the ected to in 31 cities across the state and stole nearly $1 million worth of merchandise. coming up, sparking new interest in bay area cold cases. we will tell you what several south bay police department are
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doing to generate leads. honored during their quick action at a shoot out last summer. today two army recruiters who help the injured. a cool two mile day across most areas and right now fogg is making a comeback pushing into the bay. we will have your weekend forcast after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪
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of the new floor & decor don't miin milpitas. opening if you have never been to a floor & decor, you have to go to tile or stone.ds, , holy smokes, this place is huge! i'm on a budget and i was able to go to floor & decor, and save a lot of money. you will be blown away by this experience. the pros come here. i come here. if you love your wallet, and you love your home, you have to go. floor & decor. opening november 14th in milpitas, off the 880 freeway on north mccarthy blvd. santa clara police are asking for the public's help to solve the coldest other cold cases. they are highlightinghopes that
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generate new in as ann rubin explains they are hoping the more views and shares they get the closer they will get to cracking these cases. >> most of this wall is not found. >> reporter: these boxes represent decades of dead ends. in 1994 matthew florez was gunned down execution style in the parking lot of applied materials. it would have been his ninth day on the job. there were 20 witnesses who saw nothing in the shooting happened out of you of surveillance cameras. a suspicious ford explorer was spotted leaving the scene. >> you learn to deal with the heartache and everything else. nothing will bring him back. >> reporter: santa clara police haven't given up the search for answers. they are revisiting some of their coldest cases in the hopes that the passage of time and advances in technology and work in their favor. the information is also posted on their website and social media pages.
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>> given the fact that the internet is so popular and so much information can be shared easily we wanted to put these cases out for anyone to look at at any time. >> reporter: in mountain view police are creating a cold case podcast launching early next year. new york city has had success with something similar. >> we are always hopeful that something will come of these types of stories and that some information will come to us that will help us break the case. matthew florez was an army veteran and a new father at the time of his murder. >> reporter: his family says they hold out hope that someday they will get justice. >> one little break and i will tell you you can go home and pop the champagne. but i pray for that. >> reporter: in the matthew florez case applied materials is still honoring the $100,000 reward they started offering back in 1994. there are also smaller rewards being offered in other cold cases. in santa clar ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news.
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two army recruiters were honored for heroic actions during last summer's shootout at the san bruno. staff sergeant isaiah and they were awarded medals. army recruiters rushed to help injured when gunfire erupted inside the mall in july. >> these soldiers ran to the sound of gunfire to administer aid and save lives. this is what we do in our army. we serve our nation no matter where it is. it could be in a mall or anywhere but we are here to serve. >> survey did indeed. two people were wounded in gunfire which investigators say involved rival gangs. police arrested four teenage suspects in connection with the shooting. a man charged with shooting out security lights at a san jose elementary school gun to shoot security cameras in two separate incidents. prosecutors say he destroyed cameras at a high school. mercury news reports his
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defense hopes for privation and therapy. prosecutors argued that or cano or cano or connor o'connor did not show remorse. is conviction stems from a 2000 robbery of a restaurant in san francisco. afterward he pushed his girlfriend out of the getaway car on the golden gate bridge. she was hit and killed by another car. brown's attorney was expected to ask the san francisco superior court judge to reconsider his sentence citing a new law that took effect this year. bay area weather, we are just locked in this dry weather pattern and almost a summerlike weather pattern with low clouds anmorning hours clearing back near the coastline. not too much has changed over the past few hours. fog pushing into the bay and that will impact saturday morning forecast. take a look at the highs from
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this afternoon. a chilly 57 in pacifica. need a sweater or jacket. lots of 70s inland and the warm spot 83 degrees out toward the fairfield area. satellite we have a storm track. it has been so dry in california that there is actually a storm track in the pacific. it is arcing up to our north. the dry weather stretch will continue. right now we continue to watch the fog push into the bay. we will wake up to some gray tomorrow morning and a few patches well inland. we are pulling things off as you would expect right now. san francisco 52. napa 54 in san jose in the upper 50s. here's our live camera looking out to the bay bridge and a bit of some haze in this picture and cloud cover will make a comeback over the next few hours. tomorrow morning areas of fog and temperatures to start out the day upper 30s to upper 40s. forecast. francisco. temperaturesdegrees.
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in the afternoon hours skies becoming partly sunny and temperatures on track to reach the lower 60s. tomorrow morning near the coast in the bay. clearing to the shoreline and temperatures not a big change from today. upper 50s for the coast. lots of 70s and warm spot around 80 degrees. we will have more on the rest of your weekend coming up in a little bit. coming up a conference aimed at diversifying the tech industry. we will tell you about the event drawing more than 10,000 people of color to oakland this weekend. taking a live look at the friday evening commute on the east shore freeway. you can see all of those brake lights, slow and go. ktvu news at 6 will be right back. ess. stop stealing mine... never. holiday gifts everyone's sure to love at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. the city of oakland hosting the fourth annual afro conference. the event draws thousands of people from all over the country to the bay area. as paul chambers shows us the conference is for techies of
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color but it is open to everyone. this weekend in oakland more than 10,000 people of color will take part in a weekend long conference called afro tech. >> i worked in tech for over 10 years. and there is not a ton of diversity in many of the places i worked. >> reporter: in 2016 a media company targeting black millennial's decided it was time to seek out and empower people of color in the field of technology. and afro tech was created. >> offer times you don't see yourself reflected in mainstream media or news, even some don't cover our stories. yoe first three are in sao. this year they crossed the bay techies and entrepreneurs a place they can feel at home and be seen by people who look like them in their selected field. >> it is so important we are able to have that access and share with one another and that we are pushing the culture forward. >> to bring more people to get
6:25 pm
into tech spaces and ensure diversity within these companies. we are all about wrecking down these barriers and adding more representation to content and stories and creating more platforms for us by us. >> reporter: there are more than 100 partners and vendors taking part or they are teaching people everything from artificial intelligence to building a startup to recruiting more people of color into a field that is predominantly caucasian. >> we are focused on making sure that our workforce is diverse and inclusive. and we are particularly interested in getting more black people to work. >> afro we focus and design the experience for black techies but we welcome everyone. >> the conference itself is sold out but the community part is free everyone and it runs until saturday at 5 pm. in oakland, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu news at 6:30 pm starts next as we head live to the town of paradise . we will hear
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from one of the first firefighters on the scene as he describes that fateful day after the break. conflicting reports that stefan curry's scene is over. we will hear what the head coach had to say on that matter. cracking down on san francisco trouble spots. the federal and local call for action from one supervisor to clean up federal plaza. cleanup
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now to our stop top story, fremont police shut down a massive cell phone fencing ring that involved robbing merchandise from delivery drivers across the state. they were then shipped abroad for resale. eight people have been arrested and they are connected to 62 robberies in 31 cities across the state and stole nearly $1 million worth of merchandise. >> the san francisco police department said there has been a 47% decrease in use of force since july 2016. the report said there has not been an officer involved
6:30 pm
shooting or someone died since june 2018. the department credits the focus on crisis intervention training. >> residents of the butte county town of paradise stopped to remember the lives lost one year ago. they stayed silent this morning for 85 seconds, one second for each person killed in the camp fire. the fire also destroyed nearly 19,000 structures and almost wiped out the town of paradise. you are watching ktvu news at 6:30. it has been a day of healing and celebrations in the town of paradise. let's go out to alex savidge who has been there all day and spoke to people about what this day means and what can be learned going forward. >> reporter: sarah, andre, certainly this is a somber anniversary year and a ton of paradise as this community reflects on the people who were killed in the camp fire one year ago and the devastation that was caused in this town and many of the surrounding communities. this is also a day when
6:31 pm
firefighters and first responders are looking back on what was a harrowing day for them. i had a chance to talk to one of the first firefighters to respond to the camp fire. this started off as a small brush fire several miles outside of town but given the strong winds they had that day this fire was quickly spotting in the town of paradise and it quickly overwhelmed fire crews. >> the amber past was starting fires and they were becoming hundreds of acres very quickly. once they got a receptive you'll bed they spread exponentially. so we are getting new spot fires that are creating their own fir of a perfect storm that overwhelmed us. it did overwhelm us. and you don't want to play monday morning quarterback but i don't know what could have absolutely been done unless there was a fire engine sitting
6:32 pm
where the fire started at that exact moment to suppress the fire. >> reporter: why was it so challenging to get everyone out of the town of paradise? >> there are four main thoroughfares that come from the valley. and all of them when the town got told to evacuate, all of them were impacted. you are talking not only people in paradise but up above and trying to get out. the amount of people, human nature, i am comfortable driving through that stuff. but you or the public sees fire or smoke and the human hesitation for the human nature might be to stop. well if you stop, everyone behind you will stop. i'm not blaming those people because it was a harrowing situation. but you have to take that into consideration also. it worked well on the standpoint that we got close to 30,000 people off there, 30-
6:33 pm
50,000 people evacuated. it could have been absolutely a disaster of monumental proportions if it happened on a sunday morning at 3 am. and thankfully if we could find a silver lining it happened at 6:30 am on a thursday, parents are getting their kids ready to go to school and go to work so everyone is up. people were somewhat cognizant seeing smoke in the air or sing with their neighbors are doing and able to turn the radio on or turn the tv on or get text messages of some capacity. my biggest fear was if it happened early in the a.m. on a weekend when traditionally people sleep in and everyone is their day, i think it could have been oh, geez,lutely horri life. >> reporter: what are the biggest takeaways from the camp fire? >> we have the resources.
6:34 pm
but we went in to rescue instead of what we traditionally like to do. we want to protect property. i think that was the biggest challenge for us is that, not that we didn't want to save lives but while we are saving lives and doing good, we are losing property. so, that is probably the biggest challenge is trying to get communities and people aware and being able to leave when asked to leave. >> reporter: as this fire just swept through the town of paradise with little to no warning at all, thousands of people had to suddenly evacuate and as you heard the cal fire captain talk about there were only a few evacuation routes to get out of town and those roads were clogged. there were flames on both sides and it was an absolutely frightening day for so many people who were trying to
6:35 pm
escape the camp fire. we had a chance to talk earlier today with a survivor of the fire returned to paradise today on the anniversary. >> it has changed everybody. people barely got out with their lives appear. and they don't understand, people don't understand how horrific that fire was and how scary it was. it changed people. it changed this town. people aren't the same. there is nothing here anymore. it is a big ball of ash up here. why be here? so, i here because of the anniversary. >> reporter: there are certainly a fare number of people who in all likelihood were forced to leave paradise, lost their homes and may not return. by the same token there are a whole lot of people and i talked to many of them today and tonight here at this commemoration ceremony in paradise, a whole lot of people
6:36 pm
who are in the process of returning here and in the process of rebuilding and all of them say the same thing. they say there is nowhere else but i would want to be. live tonight in paradise, alex savage, ktvu fox 2 news. coming growing problem of trash and drug addicts. how one san francisco supervisor is calling for help from the feds and local police. it is the end of an era for an iconic bay area record store as they close their final location.
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san francisco's south of market neighborhood has been known for popular restaurants and exciting nightlife. it is another nightlife in an unexpected place that is causing fear and anger among many residents. tom vacar explains. during daylight plaza but as part of the san francisco federal building at seventh and mission is mostly empty across its white space. but supervisor matt haney says when it starts to get dark and until the wee hours of the morning for the last few months it has become far different. >> there are hundreds of people out there, many of whom are selling drugs or using drugs. serious health needs their, trash spread out through the plaza. it really has a ripple effect of the whole neighborhood. >> reporter: there are many apartment buildings and residential hotels throw the area filled with people who are just sick of it.
6:40 pm
>> we don't come out here at night. when it is mike foley go home. no one comes out this way. >> what surprised me is all the filth around here. right outside the federal building. i lived in the city all my life born and raised and it is getting outrageous. >> there's no one there to help. no security, no foot patrol no cleaning, no maintenance from the federal government. >> reporter: you might think that this nightly assemblage must have rules and indeed there are. in fact it says no disturbances, no narcotics drugs alcoholic beverages soliciting vending, debt collection explosives or weapons. well, that is what it says. >> i am seeing crack addicts and people shooting heroin in the middle of the street. i am seeing people that do not care about their lives. >> reporter: the supervisor wrote 13 federal and local officials requesting a multipronged solution. that includes private and or
6:41 pm
federal security daily. regular maintenance and cleaning of the plaza, access to healthcare and most especially better san francisco police prioritization of the plaza and more foot patrols. add to that regular outreach by the homeless outreach team, more high definition security cameras and a sped up redesign of the plaza itself. the federal government sent a statement that said it is aware of the problem, is concerned for public safety, has federal law enforcement working with local police and supports outreach to get help for these people. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. an iconic bay area record store chain is closing its last location in san francisco. employees were told today that the store will shut down its haight-ashbury location. the store opened six years ago and was a popular spot to buy music, books and dvds and it was part of a popular chain that began in berkeley in 1971.
6:42 pm
the rest beaten on haight street is among the growing number of san francisco businesses with increased rent and payroll cost. in bay area whether we are tracking the fog pushing back into the bay area. your weekend is almost here and we will have that forecast coming up. let's go to heather holmes in a newsroom with a look at some stories we are working on for the 7 pm news on ktvu plus. online backlash over this video showing a man getting questioned and then handcuffed for violating state law by eating a sandwich on a bart platform. what bart is saying about the incident. messages fr expertav the explanation behind mysterious text messages that thousands of people received this week. those stories and more coming up live tonight over on ktvu plus. messages of thanks as the town of fellsburg returns to normal after the kincaid fire.
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residents of healdsburg are trying to get their lives back to normal after the community was forced to evacuate from the approaching kincaid fire.
6:46 pm
rob roth went to healdsburg today for a celebration. >> reporter: residents and business owners gathered at the town plaza to hold a belated trick-or-treat and to thank the first responders for saving the town from the kincaid fire. people wrote messages of gratitude on a giant whiteboard in multiple languages. >> thank you for everything. when we left town on thursday we didn't know we would be back. the fire came within a quarter- mile of our house. >> reporter: after and during an evacuation of the entire town, healdsburg is trying to climb back to normalcy. open for business signs are all over downtown as our messages of appreciation. at matteo's restaurant to the owner had to throw away $12,000 worth of food spoiled during evacuation. >> having all this food this lamb, beef, veal going to the garbage that is heartbreaking.
6:47 pm
but more important community and people are safe. >> reporter: he said he won't keep that much inventory on hand anymore especially during fire season. >> a small menu so we do locally. if we run out of something we say we have something else. learning how to live in california. two of the boutique hotel, cancellations are up and occupancy down. >> there is a little bit of fear in the traveler at this point and the safety of being in a beautiful place like this. we are just trying to reassure everybody that we are safe place to come to. >> reporter: many believe national media coverage has given the perception the entire region is on fire and it is hard to fight perception. the healdsburg chamber of commerce is looking to get the message out. >> we are hopefully doing a campaign to go back out and a healdsburg open for business. residents are starting to settle into daily routines. >> the biggest thing was getting the kids back in school. for all the parents that is the first step to normal. >> reporter: every resident
6:48 pm
shares the same experience. each had to evacuate not knowing what if anything would be here when they returned. and they say that bond has made this town stronger than it has ever been. in healdsburg, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. meteorologist mark tamayo is here as we remember the kincaid fire and the camp fire from last year. we are still not out of the woods yet fire danger. >> that is a good reminder. you think about these huge fires and we were kind of getting past them but still fire is a reality for us. thankfully we are not talking about any extreme offshore wind events but the winds could increase sunday night into monday morning and will elevate the fire danger. winds around 15-25 miles per hour. not a strong event but something to watch as we head into monday morning. november has been dry so far. what happens into next week, we remain dry.
6:49 pm
maybe a week from today, forecast models have been hinting at a few showers approaching the bay area but they have been going back and forth with an exact pattern into next week but we will be watching. for this weekend the storm track is way up here. in the bay area we have a pattern that resembles june or july. low clouds and fog near the coast near portions of the bank and the fog is already pushing back into the bay for tonight. san jose 57, san francisco a chilly 52. santa rosa 53 and napa 54 degrees. here's our live camera above san francisco where we have a bit of haze and not much in the way of fog. the fog will eventually win out as we head into saturday morning. here's the forecast model showing you some gray in the clouds clear back near the coastline. temperatures not moving from the highs we have today. hazy sunshine for tomorrow in your saturday forecast. as far as rain as we have been
6:50 pm
talking about this area of high pressure out here in the storm track is here keeping us dry. not only in the bay area but up and down the state and in the pacific northwest. this is the weekend and there may be some rainfall near portland and seattle. as we put this into next week november 13 still a dry day and this is the 14th. thursday still dry but maybe into friday it is not much rainfall but we could be tracking more clouds and a few sprinkles as we head's to work head toward friday next week. a lot can change between now and then. in terms of significant rainfall nothing is showing up just yet. san francisco 63 degrees. the coast in the upper 50s and maybe flirting with 60 tomorrow afternoon. san jose the lower 70s. your five day forecast, i think i have been saying the same thing every day all week long. and has been a quiet weather pattern.
6:51 pm
the next event will warm us up into monday and that could bring in winds that were well elevate the wind. the long wait is over for visitors on the marin county coast. the 149-year-old point reyes lighthouse is open for visitors after a nearly $6 million restoration. the lighthouse was commissioned in 1870. over the course of time the salt, air, wind and moisture have taken their toll. the 13 month-long makeover included restoring the lighthouse lens, replacing roofing and creating accessible pathway. a tuff test for the 49ers in a primetime matchup with the seahawks. and why steve kerr squashed the news that stefan curry would miss the remainder of the season. that is up next in sports.
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6:54 pm
a lot of warriors fans stressed out about steph curry's injuries. what is going on? >> sometimes you have to wonder where this stuff is come from. the storylines are different on the warriors this year. the latest in a string of devastating injuries came last week as a result of this fall by steph curry. he broke a bone in his hand, had surgery a week ago.
6:55 pm
today a report surfaced that someone inside the organization that a fracture was worse than reported and it is likely curry would be lost a whole season. tonight steve kerr did not agree with that assessment. >> the plan is for him to be back out on the court playing the minute he is deemed ready to go by our training staff. >> is going to be bored. he is dying to play. we were confused by who the source was. because really i would be a good source. i'm just telling you now is your source, nothing has changed. >> the nfl's only undefeated team is playing a high profile game on monday night. it is the 49ers against the seattle seahawks on monday night football. when you play seattle you know you will be dealing with one of the scariest quarterback in the league. russell wilson is having an mvp season. 22 touchdown passes, one interception combined with incredible mobility and accuracy
6:56 pm
, his tuff to prepare for and practice because it is hard to find someone on your own team to simulate what he does. >> you have the scout team quarterback run around a little bit. the receivers run around a little bit and it is just backyard football. they switch up back and forth. cj strained his back doing it yesterday. it was nick today. i can talk to cj about that, that was funny. it is not funny because he hurt himself, the game. >> it may be time to rethink the oakland raiders. i winning two games in five days they put themselves in position to challenge for a playoff spot in the final two months of the season. their 26-24 when moved the raiders into sole possession of second place in the afc west just one game behind kansas city. the raiders put it away late with an 18 yard run by josh jacobs. with three timeouts left there was plenty of time for philip
6:57 pm
rivers to drive the chargers into field-goal range but the chargers last threat was snuffed out by karl joseph who picked off rivers last chance on fourth and 10. with cincinnati in the jet up next for oakland maybe it is time to rethink this team. >> the team is a lot better than we get credit for. and i think you see that now. it is going to be interesting to see how it will go and see how we do next week. >> i'm sure everybody was counting us out as they do week in and week out. but we rose above all the noise and played our game. >> the raiders did make a roster move today. forced on them by a couple of injuries last night. they signed d.j. swearinger. he has been a well traveled player with stops in houston, arizona, tampa, washington, and back to arizona. he played four games with the cardinals this year. joseph injured his foot on that
6:58 pm
interception. joiners left the game with a leg injury. here's one for you to check out on this friday night. halftime on tuesday nights utah nevada game. a nevada student has some high stakes. make the half-time shot and he gets free tuition for a year. no way, he got it. if he is an in-state student that saved him $7000. if he is out of state it saved him $21,000. >> that is unbelievable. >> free tuition, baby. i would have choked on that easily. >> he is so happy. >> his parents might be happier. >> thank you so much. bang theory is next and live news continues over on ktvu plus. if bruce banner's driving a rental car and turns into the hulk, do you think he's covered or does he need to add the hulk as an additional driver?
6:59 pm
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