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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  November 11, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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didn't. sfo does not. i mean you don't have to go far to find it. didn't have to. >> it was all the way in for me. >> reporter: i hope sal backs me up it's not as bad as it was at 4 in the morning. forecast for tonight, looks pretty good. starting off kick off 07 degrees and let's face it, it gets dark early now. so halftime 64b u maybe a jacket and otherwise the breeze is not that bad in the higher elevation but north of 33 at mount diablo. mount st. what lena had 37. up in the oakland berkeley about 17 to 25. and little less up in the marin county hills and northridge. 60s, 70s almost will 0 livermore. the fog dense fog pocket of it. we have seen other mornings in the last week where it's more widespread and covers a bigger ground of area and reduced visibility. from 5 to 10 miles but not far away reduced visibility for some of the these.
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40s on the temps and 50s east bay temps. 43 san ramon. 47 martinez and 47 in lafayette. and fog and low clouds will keep the coast in the 50s and around the bay to 60s. inland a few 79 degrees. pattern looks quiet. no rain for right now. this week is dry but cooler by wednesday and thursday. sal is here to talk about fog and what else? a crash that was blocking a lane southbound 101 near oakland road and san jose. southbound, about the northbound delay was there because people were slowing to look at it. northbound 101 is very slow. and even though the northbound lanes were opened but i would use 2 will 208 instead. that's better than 101. san mateo bridge westbound 92 traffic is moving along very
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nicely. with no major issues. 880 north at the same thing as well. and at the bay bridge we don't have a big backup today is veterans day as you know. and some federal workers most of them as a matter of fact, are not going. and most state workers have the day off. 6:02 now back to the desk. . >> thank you. our time is 6:02. san francisco police searching for four men involved in vicious beatings in chinatown and it was captured on video. ktvu alyssa hairington is in san francisco right now. good morning alyssa. >> reporter: good morning. that attack happened at the edge of sport smith square and video was taken from a tall building on the edge of the park. it's hard to watch. but i want to show you what happened. you will see a man he walks up and starts to beat a person at the intersection of clay street and walter lum place and the person punches an elderly man. that victim is knocked out cold. and hit his head on the cement.
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and three people total were attacked. two had to be treated at the hospital. this is one of the several recent attacks in chinatown. back in july, 57-year-old chinatown resident walter wong was beaten and robbed on stockton and pacific. only a few days later's man used a broom to break windshields of cars stopped in traffic. and official held a meeting to discuss safety concerns with residents police told ktvu they would add extra foot patrols around the area and the city planned to install a additional security cameras around chinatown. it's unclear what the motive was in this most recent attack. but according to the san francisco chronicle, police were called to the area for a robbery and then when they arrived they called an ambulance. reporting live in san francisco a. elissa harington. >> thank you. we have developing news out of vallejo there was a shooting witnesses say an off-duty richmond police officer shot and killed a man near a val are yogas station a short distance
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from six flags discovery kingdom. the shooting happened at about 5:30 last night. witnesses say there was some kind of confrontation but police are not saying if they know what it was about. neighbors tell us they heard the gunfire. . >> the kids came back from the store buying ice cream. and we heard five, six shots you know. rapidly. and so, you know, the kids just walk into the house. so, we looked outside and there were police officers coming and we went outside and saw the gentleman laying on the street over there. . >> police have not released the man's name but people on the scene said they knew him as eric reason who was in his late 30s and had six children. the vallejo police department and is a llano county district torn's office is investigating. this is the third police- involved killing in vallejo this year. it's 6:04. two man attacked with bows and arrows at a homeless encampment
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are recovering. it happened fright. >> i. police searching for the attacker who fired several bow arrows at richmond homeless encampment hitting the victims in the abdomen and leg. the attack shocked bay area homeless advocates because the homeless people are so vulnerable. . >> people are on the streets and facing the elements and anything can happen to them. people can target them and they have no recourse on nothing they can do about it. . >> now this point the police believe the attacker knew the victims but don't think he lived in that homeless encampment. san francisco police are investigating after a body was discovered at at lincoln park golf course. now we want to show you video posted on the citizens app when the body was found on saturday. police and the coroner were on scene for much of the day. still no word on the cause of death and the authorities have not released any information about the body. but investigators are calling the deaths suspicious. . the body of a 35-year-old man who had been missing for a
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month has been identified. the contra costa coroner says the body found last week in east bay park is kyle beard. high a hiker in the remote part of the park found the body. beard from the east bay city of pittsburg had been missing since october 8th when he left without his glasses cell phone or identification. san francisco newly elected district attorney chesa boudin hopes to start before the term begins in january. he pulled off an upset and beat interim district attorney candidate suzy loftus by more that 2800 votes e urged. urged the mayor to appoint winner days before his victory. the mayor appointed loftus to fill out the remainder of the term. she told the examiner the details of the transition still need to be worked out. boudin is a former deputy will you be public defender and worked to overhaul the cash bail system and created the
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officers pretrial release unit which reviews case before arraignment. if he is not named interim da, he will have to wait until january. we will talk about all this later on this morning when he joins us live from san francisco coming up on the 9. time is 6:07. san francisco police office airs social spent more than a half million dollars on ads opposing boudin as district attorney. james taylor a professor of politics at the university of san francisco says the new da and the police have to get over the election results and put the city of san francisco first. . >> there's an mossity. it's public. and so how they reckon size sile is the game of politics. what they have to do is figure out how to get over the hurt feelings and personal offenses and work together for the good of the city. . >> dr. taylor also believes this won't create big changes in the types of cases the police bring to the da. or change the number of
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casesthe da chooses to prosecute. public hearings starts wednesday morning into the impeachment ire inquiry into the president. democrats are in charge of the witness list and they say they want to keep the investigation focused on president trump's actions. and the whistle blower is entitled to protection. . >> well, we want the public to see everything that we saw except for tiny bits of classified information. >> it's a wish list and well thought out. we didn't want to put down names of people they would call anyway we wanted to talk to because we know they will probably be coming up. >> this is the only the fourth time in u.s. history the house of representatives has started an impeachment inquiry. once again the public hearings on the indwyer-quarey begins oninwirey ons wednesday.
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we will have live uninterrupted coverage on ktvu plus. and it's 6:08. we expect a final decision of the white house on vaping products. president trump is suggested increasing the legal aid from 18age from 18 to 21. on fright cdc announced a connection between vitamin e acetate and vaping illnesses. more than 2,000 people have been affected by a vaping related lung disease. . it's now 6:09 and shocking moments in new jersey in a deadly car crash. we will show you how a porsche crashed into the second story of a building. >> a rare event in space today. how you can see mercury see that black dot. crossing in front of the sun. . >> good morning. we can see traffic is moving along pretty well. if you are driving on northbound280 off highway 17. . >> well some fog around.
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not thicker or as the past couple days or weeks. but there's areas where it shows up and others where it doesn't. what about rain? any rain this week? we will take a look. ♪
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. today is veterans day. it's a day to honor our military veterans and there are some things you should know about. all federal, state county and city offices and courts are closed today. thanks another financial
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institutions are closed. post offices are closed and there is no mail delivery. the holidays affecting a few transit schedules. bart is reducing service on the antioch line sam tran on a normal schedule except school bus routes. those are canceled. and golden gate transit, san francisco muni and ac transit contra costa county connection vta cal train and ace and martsmart are running normal schedules. no free meters. san francisco parking meters are being enforced. . president trump will be in new york for the city's 100th veterans day parade. he will kick off the parade which is set to begin in just about an hour after his remarks the president will lay a wreath at eternal light memorial in madison square park. 6:13. officially veterans day is today, some people in san francisco marked it yesterday. there was a big parade along san francisco's embarcadero. people from all over the bay area cheered on the veterans and enjoyed the military bands.
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erin joined the army and is about to be deployed and was happy to see people who understand the importance of the military. >> a lot people don't have the positive view of the military but knowing people that see the good means a lot to hear they are supporting. >> this was san francisco's 99th annual veterans day parade and organizers hope for bigger turnout next year. . happening right now, there is a rare event going on in our solar system to morning. mercury is visible as it crosses between the earth and the sun. ktvu cristina rendon is live in oakland where they are watching as this takes place. good morning. >> reporter: yeah. gad morning to you. yeah, it's cool event. very rare event from what we understand. we are at the space and science center in oakland. it's inviting the public to come out this morning when mercury is going to be visible around 7:00 this morning. so just about an hour to go. joining us is one of the
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astronomers here. thanks for joining news you are welcome. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i know it's early. but this is a very rare event. how rare are we talking? >> well, transit like this happens maybe 13 to 16 times a century so it's rare event for those of us here in the bay area. we won't be able to see another one until 2049. so, this is a good chance to get up and look at it. >> reporter: it start around 4:30 and i think we have a live look from canary island where it is now. we can't see it until around 7. is this going to be an event you are going to study something or is it just cool for people to look at. >> well, it's really cool. this reminds us that we are not you know just here on earth. we are part of a solar system and universe. so it's cool for people to see and helps astronomers understand how well they can calculate orbits of planets and lets them look at the sun a little bit and understand how the sun affects the planets and
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so forth. so, there's science here as well but mostly just really cool. >> reporter: and i want to show you these you remember these the last time we had a solar eclipse. solar eclipse glasses. they are warning you to wear something like this. however, gerald is telling us we need to telescope. >> you need a telescope. mercury is small again the background of the sun. so, the eclipse glasses are good if you want to look at the sun without a telescope. but you probably are not going see it because mercury is so small. you need some kind of magnification like with a telescope like we have up here at. >> reporter: sounds good thanks. appreciate it. so that's why they are inviting the public because they have the telescopes with those filters onto protect your eyes from the sun. and the event starts around 7 this morning. it will run until 10. tickets are $800 coffee and pastries and cool event so come down here. you will get some of the glasses but you will have access to the cool telescopes that you get to see mercury and transit and we will document it
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all morning. cristina rendon. >> fun. thanks cristina great assignment if you haven't about to the cabot space and cabot space and science center you ned to go. sal i don't know if you took your kids we have field trips and they have great memorabilia there. >> it is great. let's break down the traffic this morning. it might be confusing for you it could be foggy and northbound 101 a showdown driving into san jose. but on a day like today, there's a lot of good alternate routes. north wound 101 is getting better but 280 is the best bet knot west valley because it's holiday for lot of people and the only slow down was on 101 so use 280 instead.
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san mateo bridge traffic continues to look very good. no major issues on interstate 880. we have slow downs but since it's veterans day and a lot of federal and state workers, in fact most of those workers do not have to go it's a better day for you driving anywhere in the bay. the fog that was here steve at the toll plaza you saw that, it's gone. i think a breeze picked up, sal. that takes care of it. pretty good gusts in the higher elevations with you it looks like some has made it and that would make a difference. i don't see issues with the football forecast. 7-day kick off halftime quarter skies and there's nothing going on. what's going on is the plunge of arthic air. this is where all the active weather is. denver is 11. bismarck 7. fargo single digits. national phos chicago has snow.
6:19 am
minneapolis 13. there's going to be records set after everything is said and done. see the line of show stretching from kansas city omaha and chicago and towards detroit cloveland and toronto and buffalo. how about us? nothing this week. your friend and mine hints as something on the 17th but there's a consensus around the 25th and 26th and 27th. there's oscillation and circulation globally turning more in our favor after around the 21 things are brewing but not this week. we are dry for 7 to 8 days. so some of the higher gusts getting gusts 30 miles an hour mount deand be low. after that it's not bad. 15 to 20, 25 just in days you up in the higher hills. 60s, 70s to 80. fretty close on both. some of the dense fog which was a lot worse at 4:00 in the
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morning. seems to be being tossed around by a puff of a breeze. there's one. sfo says 6 miles. most locations are 6 to 10 but half-moon bay a mile and half. livermore and hey washed and san jose say 10 miles visibility. 40s and 50s on the temps. low 40th atherton and. look at los altos hills. 61. there's inversion. very warm air aloft trapping the fog at surface. 40s and 50s for others. and that fog will keep 50, 60s by the coast but hazy sunshine and upper 70s to few near 80 today. no rain right now but the warm will turn as we say. be positive. 50, 60s, 70s to upper 70s. fairfield and livermore. overall cooler will take us wednesday and thursday as the little system brushes us no big deal and slight warmup but
6:21 am
quiet. >> thanks 6:20 is the time. christmas muse sick starting to play at some stores but one shop is saying no to cheesy christmas songs we will tell you why. and if you are staying home for thanksgiving and christmas this year, you are not alone. the reason many americans are skipping a winter vacation.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. tributes to kaiser permanente crest o bernard tyson is pouring in. he tied died in his sleep yesterday. he rose to the corporate ranks before take top job six years ago. politician and business leaders say his death at the age of 60 is a surprise and leaves a huge hole in the leadership of the company. . >> i hope everyone realizes what a profound loss this is. because bernard was not just a leader of the kaiser permanente organization. he was a leading voice in the country for more effective health care. >> magic johnson tweeted one of the only african american ceos of a major company. bernard played a important role in the community. marc ceo of sales force where tyson served on board of
6:25 am
directors said a light unto the world has gone out. he did so much for others ants world. one of the world's greatest ceos. now 1,000 kaiser permanente mental health workers were supposed to picket today over staffing issues but it has been put on hold to mourn and remember tyson. it would have shut down mental health services at more than 100 kaiser clinics and medical facilities across the state a new date for the strike has not been set. with the rising price of cars many people are finding themselves with under water car loans. in some case, car buyers are trading in cars they have not paid off yet and rolling the unpaid balance into the next loan. according to the wall street journal it's like housing crisis where consume kers make a payment on a loan that exceeds the car's value. the journal says easy lending standards are contributing to the problem with lenders making car loans with low or no down payment and they can last 7 years or longer. the average american works more than anyone else in the world and new study says more
6:26 am
people can't afford to take a vacation. wallet hub found 33 million people do not have extra money to spend on a trip. many americans have too much credit card debt another study conduct by nerd wallet shows many people who took a vacation last year are still spaying it off. instagram planning to hide the number of likes on each photo for more users starting this week. users will be able to see how many likes their own photos receive but you won't be able to see that number for other users photos. the idea is to push followers to focus more on content rather than recognition. this week we will see the first of several public hearings in the impeachment inquiry at least three people are scheduled to testify this week. we have a live report on impeachment hearings in minutes. 49ers looking to remain undefeated in the season. we are live at levi stadium this morning with a preview of their nfc west showdown with the seattle seahawks. right now, we want to show
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mornings on 2. . >> and there it is live the opening bell and on this veterans day we have had the united states marine corps u.s. coast guard and u.s. knave crane u.s. army all representing and ringing that bell for you this morning. new york regulators looking into the apple credit card for alleged gender bias and who is approved. we will have all that coming up today in our dollars and scents but happy create veterans day to the veterans and families. they are all taking part in serving. >> we salute them good morning thanks for joining us on mornings on 2 monday morning. november 11th. i am dave clark. good morning i am pam cook. thanks for joining us this morning. and some events planned around the bay area. what is the weather going to be like? let's check this with steve. not bad after we get through the fog. >> okay. >> is the market opened all day. >> i thought they weren't opened. >> i thought they were closed. >> i thought they were closed as well. we do have some pockets of fog but it was a lot worse can
6:31 am
a curse how many ago and the football forecast levi stadium we are looking for mostly clear skies. and i don't think there's going to be any issues there. ate starts off miepped mild a cools off rapidly but i think we are good to a go. thick fog in the morning for pockets not as much as there with a. a little breeze is kicked up here. low clouds will be on the move by midweek. wednesday and thursday for a cooler pattern inland. and no rain this week. there's hints around 25th,26th, 27. we will see. there's more of a consensus on that. gusts 30 miles per hour is not showing up. above oakland north 15 to 25 with gusts mount diablo at 30a few in the higher elevations. 60s, 70s to 80. 79 for livermore. 65, 50 for the city. average 64. 51. visibility is in a vato novato is the worst. most locations are 5 # to 10 although it's a lot worse not too long ago. 40s and 50s on temps to the
6:32 am
santa clara valleys. 40 at felton and mid-40s around cupertino and saratoga and campbell. fog gives way and we will have 50s and 60s by the coast. upper 70s for a few inland. so on the mild to warm side if you are away from the coast. sal is here 6:32 seeing less fog my good friend. less fog that-when we started. this picture we have of the east shore freeway we couldn't see far enough to just -- we do show you five cars at time and now the fog is gone. so, it's definitely changing this morning. look at the bay bridge. i think you remember if you were with us yerl they are morning. we could barely see the toll plaza and now i can see all the way out to oakland hill. so that has changed. and by the way, the traffic is a little lighter. since it's veterans day workers are not going. federal and state workers
6:33 am
mostly have holidays. that is look at the commute. you don't see a lot of red including in the south bay where we had earlier issues thatcleared up. now back to the des he can. san francisco police busy searching for four men involved in vicious beatings in chinatown and it was caught on video and i have to warm you it may be disturbing. this is video from saturday night. taken from a roof top next toportion mouth square showing a man pun aching older man in the street and punches another older man who falls and seems to hit his head on concrete. the man in the sweat pants and three other men with him then jumped into a waiting suv and they drive away. police confirm that it was a robbery. the two men who were beaten were rushed to a hospital. the police say their injuries are nonlife-threatening injuries. . meantime, investigators in vallejo are look into a deadly confrontation between a man and off duty police officer.
6:34 am
witnesses say an off-duty richmond police officer shot and killed a man near a valerio gas station not far from six flags discovery kingdom. police and da's office are investigating. . the city of oakland made several traffic say. improvements where a woman was killed last month. 45-year-old hong strong was walking her 4-year-old niece when they were hit by a car making a left turn. witnesses say the woman and girl were in a crosswalk but the driver did not stop. the woman died and the girl was hurt and authorities say there have been several safety complaints in that section of foothill boulevard. the city workers installed poles designed to keep drivers from making quick turns. it's 6:34. coast guard now suspending a search for missing man off the sonoma county coast. he was among 4 people in the 54 foot fishing boat that capsized saturday night about 30 miles north of bodega bay. coast guard believes video of
6:35 am
thee survivors being rescued. two men and a woman pulled from the water said the other man was wearing a life jacket. but after 16 hours, that search was called off. the first public impeachment hearings begins on wednesday on capitol hill and doug luzader joins us live. who what can you tell about who will testify this week. >> reporter: we know how some will play out but there's questions and possibilities of some real wild cards and whether republicans will be able to hear from some of their own witnesses. this is going to be ground zero for the a impeachment inquiry the way and means hearing room with the guest list is tbd. >> i consider any impeachment in the house that doesn't allow us to know who the whistle blower is to be invalid because without the whistle blower complaint we wouldn't be talking about any of this. >> reporter: republicans want to hear from a number of within
6:36 am
but these are the big ones whistle blower who drew attention to the president's dealings with ukraine and hunder biden the son of joe bide hone worked for ukrainian energy firm is a central gop complaint. >>waywant to stay focused on the ukraine call, and having hunter biden come in is unrelated to the ukraine call. and that becomes irrelevant the whistle blower mass protection. >> reporter: democrats are object to having either testify and they control the agenda. their star within this is week, three state department officials including the most recent ambassador to ukraine who are expected to testify about what they saw as president trump's efforts to pressure the president of ukraine to investigate hunter biden an alleged interference in the 2016 election. the hearings will generate enorm us a amount of attention this week and that's why democrats have chosen one of
6:37 am
the largest hearing rooms here on capitol hill. to hold them. back to you guys. >> thank you. once again the public hearings and impeachment inquiry begin wednesday morning and we will have live uninterrupted live coverage of the hearings on ktvu plus beginning at 7 a.m. and we will have live updates right here on mornings on 2. time is 6:37. the supreme court will decide if the trump administration's plan to enter the daca program is constitutional. daca is the obama era program that allows some undocumented immigrants who were brought here to the u.s. as children to get a renewable two-year reprieve from pk deported. also it allows them to be eligible for work permit. on friday, supporters of the policy rallied outside of the supreme court. .>> i was brought here when i was 6 months old and raised in mesa arizona almost my whole life and i know nothing about this country so, i consider this my home. . >> now the trump administration
6:38 am
announced plans in 2017 to phase out the program. but the federal courts blocked that effort. . 49ers and dominant defense will be put to the test tonight when they host russell wilson and the seat sea hogs. sara zendehnam joins us now. >> reporter: it's quiet and calm here right now. but later today 63,000 fans are expected to pack levi stadium. the parking lot opens at 1:45 and gets a open at 3:15 for the 5:15 game that's arguably one of the biggest games played here since levi stadium opened in 2014. this matchup is a big one between the undefeated 49ers and 7-2 seahawks competing for the tom top. nfc west. it's the first time they will face-off since december 2018. niners won 26-23 in overtime. we heard from richard sherman about tonight's game and his
6:39 am
thoughts onerousel wilson. . >> i mean, you have the scout team quarterback run around and you the receivers run around a little bit it's backyard football. >> they switched up back and forth but cj strand his back doing it yesterday so it was nick today. but you can talk to cj about that it was funny it was not funny because he hurt himself but it's like that's not your game. >> reporter: santa clara county warning traffic will be bad around the stadium. plan to get here early or take public transportation. there's a lot to look forward to on this veterans day. navy sales parachute team called the leap frog will start offpregame entertainment. war veteran will perform the nationalling at um and a band will perform in the halftime show and a purple heart recipient is the week's hometown hoareo that will be honor for her service. there are tickets available for
6:40 am
the game. we checked seat and there are tickets for as low as $260 so it's pricey but if you cop to the game, every fan in attendance gets one of the salute to service valley towels in honor of veterans day. can i off is 5:15 kick off is at 5:15. . thank you time is 6:40. the san francisco giants will introduce scott haris as the tam's new general manager. harris was assistant gm for cubs the last 7 years and cubs went through a rebuilding leading to a world series championship in 2016. now, the giants can find replacement for bruce bochy. in a press release harris said, i am humbled by the opportunity to help bring the next world championship to giants fans in san francisco. a city that is always held a special place in my heart. that's because harris is a native of redwood city.
6:41 am
. 6:40 is the time. we are talking about affordable high speed internet beamed down from space up next a look at a company's plan to provide internet to the world. >> plus, very intense wild fires in australia. what's being done to save lives and protect properties across most of australia's east coast. >> first we have what sells coming up on mornings on 2. good morning. >> good morning. and when i join you in minutes we will start with major concerns about a critical piece of our country's infrastructure that is overlooked. how a new investigation is sounding the alarm about dangerous damns. where dam failures have proven deadly and how many billions it would take to bring them all up to par. and a multi million dollar mistake by a group that owns burger king restaurants. what happened that cuffed customers got the deal but the restaurant lost $1.50 on everymeal when they made the
6:42 am
right paring with whopers fries and a drink.
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so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack.
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♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. . we come back to mornings on 2 of:44 is the time antigovernment demonstration in hong kong are bombing more violent we want to warn you
6:45 am
some of the new video from today may be disturbing. . now this is today in hong kong police officer working to break up a traffic blockade opened fire on protesters at least one person was shot. it is the third time police have shot demonstrators since the political unrest started 6 month ago. demonstrators say they are fighting for the civil rights and they are calling for hong kong's chief executive resignation. time is 6:45. mention gan can government- sighting the fbi to joint investigation into the attack where 9 americans were killed in a mormon community just south of the arizona border. fbi will be allowed to accompany federal investigators probing the deadly shooting by a drug cartel where three women and 6 children were murdered. some members of the mormon community say they are now leaving mexico. they don't feel safe. >> i think generally people
6:46 am
were devastated and angry because they call them night angels you know. women and kids. you can't understand that leal of evil. firefighters are battling more than 100 wild fires 3 people have been killed and they are warning of catastrophic fire conditions in the coming days. forcasters say a combination of strong winds low humidity and high temperaturess could push the fires towards populated areas more than 150 homes have been destroyed by the fires so far. . >> it's the worst thing i fire was coming at us and nothing you could do about it. i mean most a few friends in the fire and poe segs and possession are nothing but it's the people that count. . >> it's not just people in
6:47 am
danger as well and animal shelter is taking in kangaroos to help them escape the flames. our time 6:46. police in new jersey still investigating a bizarre deadly crash. a porsche was speeding early yesterday morning and the driver lost control and hit a ditch and the car flew through the air and crashed into the second floor both men with killed. no one was insideed building at time it's 6:46. three people recovering in the hospital and they were trampled during a stampede and video poston instagram shows fans knocking down a barricade rushing to get into the astro world music festival featuring the rapper travis scott. three people suffered lig injuries and police did make at least one arrest for public intoxication. . one of the most popular tv shows in the world is marking its golden anniversary.
6:48 am
it's been 50 years since sesame street introduced children to big bird, oscar and the grouch. now, it is seen by a million children every day learning about life as well as their abcs and 70 languages and 150 countries around the world. sesame street's president says he is proud the show and characters survive the test of time. >> we are helping to educate kids and make thief them stronger smarter and kinder. what changed is media and how kids consume media, and what it means to help them. . >> the show has continued to grow since it launched and it has now has characters dealing with autism and homelessness creators say it's part of the mission to educate all children. >> it never grows old. >> love sesame street. it's 6:48. there's a story in england getting rid of christmas songs.
6:49 am
hear that song? it is a officially banning modern christmas songs. instead, customers will hear old songs like this. see. then it stops. songs by binge crosby and ella fitzgerald and instrumentals songs you grew up hearing. the shop owner says they lovedchristmas but banning christmas music for the sake of the staff morale. you will hear this. . >> it's kind of scramble in particular this year because fewer shopping days between thanksgiving and christmas. thanksgiving is late. but we can enjoy the fall and thanksgiving. >> we will fill in the gaps sal. >> you know what i. like what they are doing. >> yeah. >> because that's what i play at my house. i don't play as much as i think it's funny like grandma got run over by a reindeer that's what they are banning but playing old binge crosby and frank
6:50 am
sinatra 1960s music. >> that's nice to have playing in the house. the classics only. that's pretty good. >> good morning let's take look and you may i did disagree withme. it's good commute today. it's veterans day and many if not early -- federal employees and most federal and state employees have the day off. and that makes it easier for us so the community you can see the traffic is moving along pretty well. and this is a look at 680 southbound from concord to walnut creek. a stalled vehicle causing slow traffic but look at highway 4 there's not a lot of slogan so it's going to be a pleasant commute if you have to go. a lot of people do have to go but when you take 20 to 30% of people off the road this is what you are left with. so there you go. northbound 101 an accident right near tule road. so watch for that. that's a good way to get around it is 85.
6:51 am
6:50. let's bring in steve back in. >> thank you, sir. >> you are welcome. >> we will get to it we have a quiet pattern fog is worse earlier. the football forecast easy one for us. except get on cooler side. but we start off clear skies and about 70 at kick off and remember it is dark pretty fast now. and halftime 64 overall i don't see issues there. and quiet week for us. maybe a little cooler wednesdaythursday and any rain there's hint one forecast model gfs on 19th that probably won't make it but there are many indications now not just a few that are around the 25s and 26 st and 27th that could be more favorable for us here's a number of factors that are showing signs of returning rain to california. so, in the forecast models they are picking up on that. so maybe in the near future won't be this week. 65 in the city. a cool, cool pattern in san francisco. and 64 saturday. and sunday. 63 saturday and they were stuck on 60 wednesday, thursday and
6:52 am
friday. and temperatures most locations are running above average here. the fog is sfo half mile novato a half mile but most low cages are 8 to 10 and you can see zero visibility at half-moon bay so it dances around a little bit. it was worst earlier than it was right now. but there's pockets of thick fog. 40s, 50s a few 30s but once the fog restreets burns off, it means 50s, 60s by the coast. hazy sun upper 70s for a few inland and pattern again there's no rain. this week, and maybe signs coming up in the next 10 to 14 days. more positive for us. 50, 60, 70s because we need it. cooler wednesday and thursday and a little rebound going into the weekend dave. thanks. time is 6:5 # 2. a man in vallejo shot and killed by a off duty police officer coming up at 7:00 what witnesses say happened we will hear from the victims family plus, san francisco is interim district
6:53 am
attorney suzy loftus concede defeat to chesa boudin why the police officer association apross oppose the da elect and we are minutes away from a this. spacex rocket is about to launch we will tell you what's on that could one day change how the world communicates. you are watching a live picture of the launch pad mornings on 2 will be back in minutes. es. don't miss the grand opening
6:54 am
of the new floor & decor in milpitas. if you have never been to a floor & decor, you have to go to the grand opening. hardwoods, laminates, tile or stone. holy smokes, this place is huge! i'm on a budget and i was able to go to floor & decor, and save a lot of money. you will be blown away by this experience. the pros come here. i come here. if you love your wallet, and you love your home, you have to go. floor & decor. opening november 14th in milpitas,
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off the 880 freeway on north mccarthy blvd.
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6:57 am
there is that call. coming up next is a rapid succession of events starting off with main engine cutoff over the area plus state separation, the separation of the first stage from the second stage and the lighting of our
6:58 am
second stage engine, which we call second engine startup or this name here. that is coming up and 45 seconds. we have a great view with some pretty clear blue skies and the earth is in the background. if you are just joining us, we are 30 seconds away from main engine cutoff. ff. what you see on your screen, you should be able to see them separate in about 10 seconds here.
6:59 am
>> separation confirmed. >> as you saw on your left scream we have stage separation. on your right, we should see the second engine startup. >> mornings on 2, watching this. >> there is the second stage engine glowing bright red. >> spacex just launched a rocket, the second of 24 launches and the goal is to send 1400 satellites into space to provide affordable high- speed internet and you watch it live right here with us.
7:00 am
>> frightening video from san francisco after a weekend attack sends multiple people to the hospital. we are in chinatown with a look at what happened and how the victims are recovering. two attacked with bows and arrows at a homeless encampment. we have the latest on their condition as police are searching for who did it. a man shot and killed by a police officer according to investigators. the latest on the shooting as the family demands answers from police. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. it is november 11. >> i am dave clark. >> i see you brought the cold weather with you. >> the fog is not as bad. go to cape canaveral sometime. it was fabulous. i used to live there. >> there is some fog but not as widespread. a lot of it is clearing. some of it was around the bay but it looks all right. steve is showing it clear


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