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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  November 11, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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not saying what led up to the shreveport police sources tell me the man who was killed brandished a gun. >> he didn't deserve that. he didn't deserve to die like that. >> reporter: her sun were shot and killed by an off-duty richmond police sergeant at the gas station in vallejo. >> i've never been through this in my 38-year-old sun and i'm devastated. i don't know what to do.. >> reporter: family & friends are more distressed by reports that the two men had gotten into an argument over parking space go. >> the dispute was all over a parking situation. >> >> reporter: you have been before 5:30 sunday at this valero gas station that's
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within two men crossed paths one of them was eric reason, father of six and construction worker. the other that was off-duty richmond police sergeant virgil thomas, 23 department veteran and husband of the rich and placement. reason was armed with a gun and brandished it at the sergeant who opened fire. reza's mother says she doesn't know her sun had a gun. >> if that's the case i think it still wasn't necessary. >> being armed does not warrant an execution. >> reporter: family & friends held a prayer circle at the gas station. among them was melissa no, civil rights attorney. she says the police sergeant was a main aggressor. >> when you have a license police officer who is escalating into a parking dispute in a crowded area we are concerned how that can happen. >> the placement said unfortunately when the police officers confronted with a felon armed with a firearm
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deadly force may be necessary. please reserve judgment until the investigation is finished. richmond police are conducting an internal review. >> police in san jose plan to hold a news conference tomorrow about a different officer involved shooting. officers made a traffic stop saturday on highway 85 when a man in the passenger seat pulled out a handgun. an officer fired killing the passenger. please did not release the identity but say he had a warrant out for his relentless. and officers were injured during the season hopes to have a smooth transition following a contentious election. a former deputy public defender
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and was strongly opposed by san francisco mayor london breed in the san francisco police officers association. we talked with putin this morning on the nine. he told us he had a productive meeting with the mayor and the two are looking forward to working together. bodine said he's ready to put the fight with the poa behind him and already reached out to leadership in the police department. >> i think the poa attacks on me throughout the race and frankly their history of being on the wrong side of some the political issues in san francisco politics show so disconnected the poa leadership is from the principles and values of senses of scope but voters themselves. are not going to hold a grudge. i look forward working with the poa. i reached out to leadership and various law enforcement agencies and asked to have a sitdown. i want to hear their input and get their ideas and learn from their experience. we can't do this alone. >> bodine says his mission is to run the victims first
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district attorney's office and has lobbied to take over the post immediately. he and city leaders will meet later this week to formalize the transition process. >> this is a video of an interaction between a bar police officer in the man. he was eating a breakfast sandwich last friday and a pleasant platform. the gm says the officer was investigating another call and asked the man to stop eating. he said he believed the interaction should have ended there but it did not. the officer cuffed him and issued a citation. officers need to do a better job of investing certain situations and he's disappointed how it went down. his talk to the interim police chief and independent police auditor and now conducting an investigation. police are concerned firming a body found saturday on a lincoln park golf course
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was an infant but investigation into who's responsible continues and police say they fear for the health of the mother. allison rodricus is at the golf course tonight with more. >> reporter: the heartbreaking discovery was made near the 13th hole saturday afternoon i spoke with a man who is here when police showed up to investigate and he says he's trying to wrap his head around what happened here. >> it was very strange. it was a sad feeling. >> reporter: andrea work was at the golf course san francisco with the spent saturday and spoke to us over the phone about the moment they realized something was off. >> we noticed there was a very distinct smell. we could emplace it. >>reporter: police confirming they were called out to the court before: 30 p.m. please tell us they found the body and the body was that of an infant. that news shocking those who see the area is only been quiet
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and safe. >> unbelievable. i couldn't imagine. >> reporter: now all that's left is a police crime scene tape as detectives in the examiner's office take over the investigation. the ground seemingly back to normal now it's something that works as he won't soon forget and in a way has brought them closer to his family. >> i spent time with my brother's family because it was such an emotional thing. >> reporter: police say they are concerned about the health of the mother of the infant but they are hoping anybody with information will give them a call and they want to remind everyone that they can leave a tip anonymously. reporting live in san francisco, allison rodricus. and a new court filing today governor newsom asked a federal judge to delay approval of pg&e's proposed settlement
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to pay insurance companies $11 billion for wildfire claims but the governor said it's premature given the uncertainty related to the efforts to reorganize the bankrupt company ferguson fire victims have also filed a lawsuit against pg&e insisting they get paid before insurers. under state law wildfire victims must be fully compensated before insurers can collect on a settlement. pg&e is battling to keep its reorganization plan alive in court, with the plan is based in part on a settlement proposal. >> pg&e likely cost nearly 2000 fires in the last five years, far more than the fires you've heard about the last month. our investigative team obtain details through a public records request showing all of the fires pg&e reported to regulators since 2014. these are fires the company believes its own equipment may have ignited. the most common equipment
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involved is that pg&e conductor which is the copper wiring that carries electricity. the equipment failure made it more than one third of the suspected events to spark flames. >> i'm totally shocked. >> he goes back to repairs and maintenance and being responsible to the people for whom they provide services. pg&e says it's working with regulators to address the risks and improve safety. coming up at 10 watch the full investigation. public hearings are set to begin on wednesday and the impeachment inquiry again >>. republicans want to hear from the whistleblower and hunter biden. joe biden's sun. the fox reporter ray bogan tells us democrats are pushing back against the two request. >> reporter: this week three witnesses and house impeachment inquiry will testify publicly but marks a new stage in investigation the house lawmakers expect more witnesses to come forward. and associate rudy giuliani concern become the next witness to talk with impeachment
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investigators. fox news confirms he told representative of ukraine's government in may to announce an investigation into the bidens or the united states with brief military aid to the claim ukrainian officials have said publicly underscores witness testimony alleging giuliani was leading the shadow diplomacy. >> this is a real problem because a puts a private attorney of the president directly in the middle of our policy towards one of the most important countries in your. >> reporter: the report comes of the first public it inquiry. republicans with listing nine witnesses they want to appear including hunter biden and the whistleblower. german adam schiff responding in a letter saturday say having the whistleblower testified would be redundant and unnecessary. >> it's impossible to conduct an impeachment inquiry with the chief complained witness is unknown to the president not
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subject to cross-examination. >>reporter: in it letter the whistleblower's lawyers say their client remains ready, willing and able to cooperate by providing written answers to questions.'s an offer gop lawmakers have so far rejected. once again the public hearing in the impeachment inquiry begin on wednesday and we will have uninterrupted live coverage of the hearings on ktvu plus beginning at 7 am and live updates during mornings on 2. three men attacked and beaten in chinatown and it was all caught on camera. why police believe this isn't the first time the suspects have struck in san francisco. raking barriers and pixar. an important message. honoring americans of veterans have the south bay use veterans day to highlight years long battle with how the vets struggling with homelessness. we are back after the break with a beautiful sunset and temperatures, it will be cooler
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honoring veterans for their service and their sacrifice. president trump was in new york today where you get off the 100 veterans day parade he made history on the first sitting president to attend the annual event about 25,000 people took part in the largest commemoration of service in the nation including veterans and active duty military. >> for a moment, just pause, think of what veterans have done for this country, what
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they are doing right now. and when you see one, she her hand, tell them thank you for their service. >> reporter: vice president mike pence later read the two of the unknown shoulder. soldier. veterans day parades attributes around the bay area. but there is a different flight happening in the south. veterans day marks a turning point in a long battle to eliminate the number of beds having on the streets. are south bay reporter jesse gary has the story tonight. >> reporter: sold by age and scoliosis, 66-year-old michael ben penza had been living on san jose streets the past four years. was an unwanted fate for the former an abc mentored class certain vietnam. now he rents a room in downtown due in large part to the efforts of the home first project to get homeless vets of the streets. >> they saw my vietnam had.
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i got this place, the company will chair. >> in san jose and you veterans day parade city council and nonprofit leaders announce a number of homeless vets is on the decline but this marks the first positive step for the for that was started in 2015. >> the rate at which we are getting hundreds house is faster and the rate in which they're getting pushed out the door. are met today just over 1600 homeless vets have been linked with permanent housing via the all the way home project. >> we really worked with the veteran community and partnered with local veterans and getting the word out that we also very early on partnered with landlords. >> reporter: officials say this but an uphill struggle to convince landlords helping homeless vets the demand of heroism, not headache in the making. army national guard colonel ray watts signed up for the program
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and has had jeffrey living in his in law unit the past two years. >> i extended out a helping hand in this been a great tenant. my way has been supportive of everything i've done especially in support of the military. >> officials hope others will enter the new call to serve drop other vets and welcoming home. >> you imagine how many people are out there. it's messed up. room officials with home first say there are still 653 homeless vets living on the streets of san jose and expect the numbers show gradual decline in the coming years if current trends hold. southwest airlines says they will speed up discussions on the fleet to be explained after federal regulators threaten to ground the jets but the issue involves 80 implants at southwest bought for more than a dozen foreign airlines over the past six years.
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the faa so southwest has been slow to respond to the request to provide safety and repair documentation on these planes. the faa says southwest has now agreed to completely inspection by january 31. technically it's still fall but much of the countries under winter weather alerts but the arctic air mass is bringing snow in frigid temperatures to an area stretching from the rocky mountains to northern new england. stuff all totals can reach up to a foot or more and parts of the midwest. in chicago at o'hare international airport a plate ended up on the slide after it set off an icy runway. no one was her. hurt. we made a loop for 20 minutes then that was the second , as soon as we landed we can start filling something off and then we try to do a turn and that's when we started going sideways. treney tweedy and icy conditions are leading to hundreds of flights being canceled and airports in the chicago area. to lend to that story i
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want to point out so here is the jet stream. there's the ridge so that's over the top of us. there's a big trough. what we've been talking about this pattern, this is looking down at the river of error. if you're in an airplane looking at a meandering river. this is a big guy right here so that is higher fire danger and we chatted for a while. the pattern stuck so on an alternative in the trough it is cold as all get out, look at the air coming out out of the canadian continent so temperatures in the next few days are going to go freezing subfreezing for parts of the ohio, mississippi valley. when the pattern sticks up when it gets stuck, we get stuck with it, they get stuck with that. conversely when it happens when we get the trough we sometimes are flooding conditions in the winter. if you have travel plans, east
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coast, ice, snow and way cooler than you think all the way south to atlanta in areas like that. is going to be chilly one the next few days. i big 4 is and its early. high-pressure for us. the clouds coming up in the high pressures and fair weather system the high clouds if you look out your window you will see them, they are way up there. though clouds are going to linger so that's why it's partly cloudy, probably sunday under high pressure is a and that's where we are now and that's where we go tomorrow and more clearing as we go to the week but it's this pattern it is stuck. when patterns are stuck in its nothing much is going to change and that is the case. we might see patchy fog return to the coast. the thing we noticed today, it was warmer today especially around the bay and that the coast. 73 fairfield, 74 in concord. the temperatures concord, napa, oakland, they'll 9 degrees above the average.
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fairfield is 73. anyway, temperatures today warmer. temperatures tomorrow will be a few degrees cooler. as you look out on the beautiful bay area you can see it looks like a man trying to get up there come almost full and you can see the lack of fog in the city by the bay. we have a nice forecast ahead. fortunately were not looking at a lot of high fire danger, just more of the same but no rain. that's part of it as well. still to come, breaking down barriers in a new film from pixar. i don't know if people resonates with people. i hope it does. i think it will. >> meet the filmmaker at the center of a new film, it's all about accepting differences and for the first time they're using leading characters. coming up, work is wrapping up on a massive mural of climate activists in san francisco.
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make sure this mural is eco- friendly. >> google is working on a secret project gathering the personal health information of millions of americans. what we know so far about project nightingale. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ blow a kiss, into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss, into the sun ♪ all we need is somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪
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the filmmaker from pixar is about to release his first animated short film tomorrow disney plus. that's a new streaming service also launches tomorrow.
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it's about a father who has a sun who is different. is notable because it's pixar's first animated film whose leading characters are filipino- american. rob ross went to pixar and spoke with the film's creator. >> reporter: here at pixar studios bobby rubio is understandably excited. the first film he's ever written or directed is about to premiere on disney's new streaming service called disney plus on tuesday. >> i don't know if people resonates with people. i hope it does. i think it will. but there is the voice behind the back of your head going will people like it? >> reporter: the new short animated film is caused load it 's minutes. >> it's about a father and sun and the sun floats which is makes them different from the other children. >>reporter: the story was inspired by his sun who was born with special needs and review his own reaction to that. >> you have to learn to accept
5:25 pm
and encourage his sun and eventually celebrate him for the difference that he is. >> reporter: what makes it unique is animated short feature are the main characters are filipino-american. while his characters happen to be filipino-american he hopes his story care is a universal message, a message about accepting those with the differences. when he first conceived the idea eight years ago he soon the father and sun would be caucasian but his coworkers on a particular said something that made him reconsider. >> she said how is your sun going to feel? when he looks up and he sees it's not a filipino-american? it hit me. >> reporter: he's a storyboard artist at pixar who worked on such smashes is up in toy story four, float is 14 short films from pixar's shorts program that is dropping on this day plus. >> it's great we can get a little bit more grittier and more explore different ways and modes of filmmaking in
5:26 pm
different themes so i hope that for pixar this does open the door to have people tell really personal stories and meaningful stories. >> reporter: he showed his film to a sun who is now 12 years old. >> he likes it. my sun is quirky so he said it's all right, dad. >>reporter: as any parent with a preteen nose, that is high praise indeed. at pixar, rob roth. coming up confinement attack caught on camera. still had the search for the suspects who assaulted multiple people in san francisco's chinatown and took off in a black suv. to accusations of gender discrimination against apple and the new credit card. what apples cofounder is saying about the credit limit that he and his wife are given. a family heirloom stolen from a car show over the weekend. street had the unique car at the center of this case in one man's plea to get her back. is
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calling 811 can get your lines marked. it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines. we provide you the information so you will dig safely.
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itreat them all as if, they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. trim and a stunning crime
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caught on video. damon beaten him, one knocked to the ground apparently out cold. all this happened over the weekend in chinatown in san francisco. christien kafton is in the city with new information on the investigation and we are learning this may have been the second of two attacks by the same group over the weekend. >> reporter: the supervisor for the district telling me san francisco police are looking to see if the same group of suspects are responsible for the two incidents that happened in the sense for cisco chinatown. we noticed a much increased presence of police officers around the square. the amateur video is shocking. group of men launching a violent attack in moments one man is knocked to the ground. he stopped moving apparently unconscious. that police are looking for the men who raced away from the scene and then suv. supervisor saying he talked to police leadership and the district attorney elect and says the attack may be linked
5:31 pm
to another attack on friday night. a violent purse snatching in front of the bakery on jackson street. the supervisor saying the incident was captured on video. >> the car that the perpetrator jumped into appears to be the same car that the individuals jumped into at this corner that was filmed from up above. >> reporter: providing new details about saturday's chinatown attack the victims were three men ages 63, 67 and 68 and despite the violence of the attack none was left with major injuries. >> i've seen the same video you've seen how the individuals got roundhouse, punched and hit the curb, did not suffer any profound injuries. >> reporter: today community members let the silent meditation reflecting on the recent act of violence. supporters saying attacks like
5:32 pm
this happen impacts on everyone who lives, works and visits the city. >> it doesn't matter which community and which part of the neighborhood, we are all targeted. >> reporter: community members say many of the homes in the area are small with no living room so portsmouth square functions as a community space but the vet weakens attacks left many feeling vulnerable. >> they are worried but about where they could go. there live around here. there is no living room so even though what happened when they get scared but what can you do? >>reporter: supervisor telling us again that police have video of both of the incidents strong leads an investigation and hoping to make an arrest. the supervisor sending a clear message he says violence like this will not be tolerated in the city of san francisco. just great that none of them were seriously hurt. apples new credit card is
5:33 pm
drawing accusations of gender discrimination. two tech entrepreneurs as well as a cofounder said there were given larger credit limits and their wives. with more on the story. >> reporter: think about it, apple's history has been to disrupt and revolutionize industries from computers to music even to violence. now it's trying to attempt to do that with credit cards but the bump they fit is largely of their own making. >> apple card was created by apple and built on principles that we stand for. >> reporter: by far the most famous complaint against apple card is apple cofounder steve wozniak. he treated apple granted him credit line 10 times greater than that of his wife got. another talk entrepreneur said his limit was set at 20 times his wife's even though they are married, lived together in a community property state. >> this is an example where they are way outside of the
5:34 pm
area of expertise. >> >> reporter: tech analyst says apple relies on the financial giant goldman sachs to grant credit on the basis of credit scores and computer analyses. >> it depends on how they got the algorithm. i'm sure it wasn't done by hand. failed to understand the couple to couple should be treated equally if they are applying for credit together. >>reporter: goldman sachs says it only shows apple card's two individuals that denies it ever uses gender and the determination of credit worthiness. it will now consider ways to include family members and apple card. >> branding is important and if apple will venture into the credit card business it has to do in a classy way that's more than just having fancy titanium cards and integrating them to an app, it has to be user- friendly and fair so and have something like this even if it's the fault of a partner company reflects badly on them.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: to the extent that this is a goldman sachs operation consider this, when apple announced apple card apple specifically stated it was a new kind of credit card created by apple, not a bank. so apple created it's coming now owns the controversy and the company offered no statement today for an interview. it is singles day in china and chinese e-commerce leader ali baba reported more than $38 billion in sales. singles day has become the world's biggest online shopping day but it was created by university students in the 1990s as an alternative valentine's day for people without romantic partners. it was adopted by ali baba as a marketing tool for great falls on november 11 because the day is written with four singles, 1111. >> it was a mixed day with dow ended up with 10 points. nasdaq lost 11 and the s&p
5:36 pm
dipped 6 points. 1000 workers for kaiser permanente throughout the state were supposed to go on strike today over staffing issues but that's now been put on hold to mourn and remember ceo bernard tyson who died unexpectedly yesterday. he was seen by many as a visionary and a champion for affordable healthcare. had the strike happened it would've shut down adult services at more than 100 kaiser clinics and medical facilities across the state. a new date for the strike hasn't been set, still no word on what caused tyson's death. instagram announced it will begin the test of hiding likes on pictures and post for users in the united states. starting next week instagram users to be able to see how many likes her own photos and post received what they want to be able to see the number of likes on other users content. changes are meant to push users especially in people's focus more on the content rather than the recognition they receive.
5:37 pm
earlier today we spoke about the upcoming changes with dr. michael stanton, professor of health sciences at cal state east bay. >> if you're talking about mental health of young people, young people have growing brains that are very changing and changeable so the idea that there actually constantly comparing themselves to others and having that constant comparison might not be the most healthy. instagram has been testing hiding likes since seven other countries including canada, ireland and australia. the young emigrants will have their eyes on the spring court starting tomorrow. coming up the high-profile immigration case that the supreme court will be taking on. to us at the office skywach is rather well. what they looked up to see for the last time until the years 2049.
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tomorrow the u.s. supreme court is set to hear oral arguments among the trump administration efforts in the daca program. the federal courts blocked the efforts of the obama era program allows american illegal
5:41 pm
immigrants to see for 2 you reprieve from deportation. it also allows the so-called dreamers to be eligible for work permits. state attorney general javier officer said says dr. carolyn protects 700,000 young people come to the thousand whom live in california. the trump administration has long argued president obama never had the right to post the policy in the first place. decision from the court is expected to take months. the fbi says they'll help the mexican government investigate the masker last week of nine american women and children of the u.s. board. the fbi says it's committed to help bring justice to the perpetrators of this heinous act of violence. is believed the drug cartel carried out the ambush. we haven't in broad daylight on a remote dirt road in northern mexico. three mothers and six children were all killed in the attack. to hong kong's leader is pledging to spare no effort to in the month of protest after tensions between police and demonstrators soared over the weekend pick one man was shot by police. >> if there's still any wishful
5:42 pm
thinking that by escalating violence, the government will use the pressure to satisfy the so-called political demands. i making this statement clear and loud here. that will not happen. the police shooting was caught on video and another incident a man was doused in the flammable liquid and set on fire after he confronted a group of protesters. both men are said to be in critical condition. u.s. military leaders say some 600 to 700 american forces are expected to remain in syria to prevent an islamic state resurgence. that's down from the 1200. troops were seen repositioning themselves around crucial oil fields in eastern syria region this weekend. last month >> abruptly announced the pullout of u.s. forces from
5:43 pm
northern syria. to make the move came as turkey was preparing to a military mission to fight the same critters shoulders soldiers swept american forces by the isis. a family heirloom stolen and the owner isn't sure if he will ever get it back. coming up, they restored car an old porsche the center of the case. coming up the area begins for the san francisco giants and it starts the new general manager. with the bay area native. >> we will talk about what you can expect for the rest of the week back here. don't miss the grand opening of the new floor & decor in milpitas. if you have never been to a floor & decor, you have to go to the grand opening. hardwoods, laminates, tile or stone. holy smokes, this place is huge! i'm on a budget and i was able to go to floor & decor, and save a lot of money. you will be blown away by this experience.
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the san francisco giants filled one of their two high- profile front-office openings today for the hurt scott harris is the new general manager. is only 32 years old makes him the youngest gm in major league baseball and happens to be from the bay area. scott reis was there for his introduction. >> reporter: a new era in giants baseball is upon us. >> we are turning the page but in an exciting way. >> reporter: scott harris introduced as the 10th general manager in franchise history. >> i grew up in rapid city and i remember learning what the game looks like at the highest level. by watching generations of giants players come through this part. it's a privilege to work for a flagship organization with such a passionate and deserving sand base fan base. >> reporter: highly regarded as one of the games up and comers.
5:47 pm
he honed his craft under renowned baseball genus you epstein in chicago he was part of the cubs 2016 championship front-office. >> scott really stood out to observe what he's been able to accomplish in this time in chicago. thought a very highly but the people whose work with their and as we got to know each other through the process this was really impressed with the person, the character of the creativity, the thought process. >> he loves baseball. you get every move along the way he's immersed himself and he's been very successful. >> reporter: you will look to transfer this success to a giants team in transition, straddling the line between veteran holdovers from the recent glory days in emerging talent that would take the steam into the future. for right now it's just about settling in. >> this is day one and a half so i'm going to spend the next
5:48 pm
30 days and beyond trying to listen a lot and trying to learn so i would need to come in with any opinions or any biases going into this. one thing i will say about my experience at chicago is can happen really fast. it did for us going from 2014 to 2015 and that is the goal for us and we will try to compete as much as possible on and off the field. >> reporter: this the first of two announcements expected by the giants but the other being who will replace bruce fauci as field manager. fisher's will have an answer to that question by the end of this week. data released from an investigation into the safety of the nation's name shows some serious results experts say roughly 2000 dams across the country and puerto rico are considered highly hazardous. giving thousand two live downstream at risk. damages in hawaii in the center dam and nebraska have already proved to be fatal. >> they are unfortunately continued to be a lot of dams that are inspected and problems are identified the dam owner is either unwilling or unable to
5:49 pm
make those repairs. the or an estimated 90,000 dams in the u.s., the cost to repair the mall around $70 billion. the investigation was conducted by the associated press over a two-year period. california has the largest dam safety program in the country. its budget was increased from $13-$20 million following the orville dam scare. 20,000 people had to be evacuated when part of the dam spillway failed to an investigation found regulators and the dam industry ignored warning signs. the cost the state more than $1 billion for repairs. in cape canaveral florida today space x launched 60 many satellites. was a second batch of an orbit
5:50 pm
network but to be down affordable high-speed internet all over the world. the compact panel satellites will join 60 that were launched back in may. spacex founder and chief executive elon musk plans to start service next year and in northern u.s. in canada global coverage for populated areas as expected to start after 24 more launches. track this guy put on a show at sunrise this morning as mercury passed between the earth and the sun more than 500 people look through binoculars and telescopes in oakland. the cat a glimpse of the planet and it's pretty rare only happening about 13 to 16 times a century. because mercury is so small it appeared as a tiny black. , small spec through the lens but a reminder that we are part of a much bigger universe. >> it's a black dot because you are seeing the shadow side of mercury. is one for the one planets i haven't yet been able to see because i don't like mornings.
5:51 pm
but it was really cool. we won't get this opportunity again until 2049. there will be other transits before then but mercury won't be visible from the bay area during any of those. as we head into this week's weather pattern we've got a very similar what we had last week with the temperatures in the 70s and low 80s possible tomorrow but i think it's more about 70s. the pattern as such you can see it early but look at the east coast. if you have travel plans for the east, look at the trough so that's cool cold air. it is frigid out there. i anticipate chicago, the head delays today, a story about a plane slipping off the runway because of snow. chicago, washington, all the big carriers, all the big airports in the east, east of the ohio mississippi valley will have issues tomorrow even down to dallas they're having issues. flying around tomorrow, kind of
5:52 pm
messy the next couple of days. for us it gives us more of the same. not high fire danger. increased fire danger but not real high, it is not big wins. you can see the clouds filtering in over the top of the system and those are fairweather clouds so it's not going to rain and we are not expecting rain for quite a while but the high-pressure loves it to stay the same. the pattern is locked. the east coast although, the trough across the midsection of the country, that is stuck. our ridge is stuck so they will keep getting that and we will keep getting this. that's how it goes. 73 in fairfield. 73 in livermore. temperatures warmer than yesterday. some cases 8 to 10 degrees so warmer, a little bit of fog trying to reform. i wouldn't be surprised. the high-pressure here so if the winds aren't blowing, sometimes the fog is not ready to reset itself backup.
5:53 pm
overnight lows tonight there there are and there they go. here's the forecast tomorrow. it's there, it's not there and there. i think will be more not there then there tomorrow but it's going to be playing tag. the temperatures generally are going to be in his 70s tomorrow. tomorrow looks a lot like today with less high clouds. san francisco in the morning, a few high clouds. 76 in napa. 79 in fairfield. wednesday slightly cooler and the five day temperature dips a little bit. it's not cold, it is just mild or mellow. nice-looking weekend ahead. no big changes. until we change come east coast is going to stay the same too. i will see you back here at 6:00. it's a love story that dates back 47 years. >> it's unique kind of car.
5:54 pm
you don't see too many. coming up he drove his 1960 porsche to awaken car show, hasn't seen it since and he's worried he will never see it again. coming up, huber ceo trying to walk back comments about the slaying of saudi writer, what he originally said about forgiveness as he now tries to retract. we are learning more about one of the women killed last week's deadly drug cartel and push in mexico. her ties to california.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
there's veterans day and event who lives on the pole until it is hoping that someone that it extremely sentimental 10 will be returned. is restored porsche was stolen from outside car show over the
5:57 pm
weekend. it's worth a small fortune. rainy the reports that the thief may have stolen an expensive car but not the many memories. >> reporter: to some this 1960 porsche roadster is a car. to army veteran it's his baby. >> it's unique kind of car. >> reporter: the relationship started in 1972 when the man saw the for sale listing typed on an index card, the asking price $2300. >> it's the memories for me. i've had it so long. >> reporter: 47 years to be exact. so long his picture of the 350 6b model roadster range from black and white prints and it was silver to color polaroids when it was painted black but everything changed saturday while the 78-year-old was attending the good guys car show at the alameda county fairgrounds in pleasanton. >> i'm seeing it going off to
5:58 pm
different places. >> reporter: the retiree had planned to drive this other class car but a friend convinced him to drive his beloved porsche that morning the parked in a lot across from the fairgrounds entrance and when they returned a few hours later he found his car gone and another in its place. >> that's not my car. i was trying to be calm. we walked up and down. looked on all the rows. not there. >> reporter: it took six years and three paint jobs to restore the roadster which he says is really between $125,000 and $180,000. all that he has now is a convertible top and some spare parts for the rear model porsche he bought for his wife. the wife of the car owner didn't want to speak on camera but tells us he may not seem up set but that he really is saying he poured his heart and soul into the vehicle that was
5:59 pm
a family heirloom. he has filed a police report but doubts he will see the car again. if he doesn't get it back he has one wish for his baby. >> if they sell it sell it to somebody who is going to take care of its. police have limited information because of the holiday but they tell us that they took the reports of stolen cars from the alameda county fairgrounds area on saturday. a community on edge after two violent attacks that happen days apart and people who live in chinatown in san francisco i worried a specific group is being targeted. >> they tried to rob -- it seems like it's more seniors. san francisco police are increasing patrol in the area of portsmouth square in chinatown. good evening.
6:00 pm
the beating happened over the weekend and was caught on camera. christian casper tells us investigators are trying to determine if the attempted robbery is connected to a purse snatching a day before. >> reporter: the amateur video is shocking, a group of men launching a violent attack and moment one man is not to the ground and stop moving apparently unconscious. that police are looking for the man who raised away from the scene and the dark-colored attribute goes supervisor aaron peskin said he's talked with police leadership and the district attorney elect and said the attack may be linked to another attack on friday night. a violent purse snatching in front of this bakery on jackson street. the supervisor saying the incident was also captured on video. >> the car that the perpetrator jumped into appears to be the same car that the individuals jumped into as this


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