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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 11, 2019 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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11:00. >> why her? why is it always the good people that go? >> reporter: friends and family in mourning tonight after a pregnant woman was shot and killed outside her home. that mother was five months pregnant expecting her third child. hello again everyone, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. misty smith walton was a beloved mother, a member of her community, and president of the pta. amber lee here with her story. friends suspect that she was shot during an attempted car theft and car break in? >> that's what it looked like to them. neighbors and friends describe this as a woman who took care of her family and community. she worked as a caregiver for the elderly. they will always remember her selflessness and service to others. >> misty is someone who has a big heart and laughs so hard.
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>> shock, sadness, anger as they mourn the sudden loss. a memorial now marks that spot where the 29-year-old was shot and killed in front of her apartment complex on 65th avenue in east oakland's neighborhood. >> she is intelligent and smart. she will find out. >> reporter: but on saturday around 8:00 p.m., friends say misty and her husband heard the alarm go off in his car parked outside their apartment complex. they went outside to check and were shot multiple times. >> there were two rounds from one gun and sounded like a separate gun of a different caliber. fired some rounds as well. >> reporter: this neighbor asked us not to identify her. she and others came out of their homes and saw misty on the ground. >> and everybody was in so much shock that it was just very numb of a feeling. >> reporter: misty was five months pregnant and died at the scene. her husband was wounded, but expected to survive. witnesses say they suspect that
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the couple was shot because they had interrupted whoever was trying to break in to their car. >> i called her. she wouldn't pick up the phone and that is just real. she's gone. g joanna hurtado shared with us this video. feisty, always ready to take on challenges. excited about having a third child, a girl she longed for, a baby she had already named. she was the mother of two sons. ages 11-8. she was an active and engaged mom, serving a second year as president of the pta at the elementary. >> she made everyone feel welcome. and had a huge percent and a huge spirit and a great laugh. >> of all the people in the world, why her? why is it always the good people that go? >> reporter: her sister is now caring for her two young sons. the family is work on details for a memorial service.
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misty and her husband were set to celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary on friday. reporting live, amber lee, ktvu fox 2news. former president jimmy carter in the hospital in atlanta tonight, scheduled to undergo that procedure to release pressure on the brain. the carter center issued a statement saying the bleeding was caused by two recent falls. mr. carter received stitches after falling last month and broke his rib during the other fall back in may. the operation is scheduled for tomorrow morning and carter is 95 years old and the longest living u.s. president in history. people are already camping outside the u.s. supreme court ahead of tomorrow's oral argument. the trump administration would announce plans to phase out the program back in 2017. the federal courts would block that effort. the obama era program would allow some illegal immigrants who came to the u.s. as children to receive a renewable two-year reprieve from
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deportation. allowing the so-called dreamers to be eligible for work permit. tonight a san francisco environmental group addressed criticism for honoring activists. some claim it is not eco friendly. talking to a group that commissioned that work that is set to be unveiled tomorrow, excuse me. >> a work of art has been taking shape in the shadows. >> i had no idea. >> the faith of a 16-year-old girl. activists, occupying the side of this native building at mason and post. commissioned by the environmental non-profit one atmosphere. >> and the objective is to amplify her message to get people to think about what she is trying to share with people. >> launching a youth environmental issue, taking them to the halls of congress.
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the artist, who goes by the name cobre agrees to do the work for free. attacks on social media accusing the artist of using hundreds of spray paint cans and noneco-friendly paints are not based on the facts according to one atmosphere and the executive director says that they hand rolled most of the paint on the wall and as for the spray paint. >> we need that in order to do the details of the painting, but not using any spray tans. >> the team also a used an electric lift not diesel and the materials are being recycled, turned into the art piece. now the lighting ceremony will be planned for tuesday evening with the musical tribute by the local artist. >> composed the fanfare for greta. >> the mural is the first in what one atmosphere hopes will be a series of public art honoring climate activists. passer-byes look forward to seeing the mural this late. >> i think san francisco is
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known as a forward thinking city. >> i think the mural and the story behind greta is beautiful. i think it is a big point to make especially right now. >> the ceremony will begin at 6:00 tuesday evening and then at 6:30 they will come outside to mason street where they will light up the mural of greta and play the fanfare in her honor. reporting from san francisco, jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2news. the general manager issued an apology today involving a passenger who was handcuffed for eating a sandwich. he is disappointed with how the situation unfolded. investigating the case. a bart police officer cited passenger steve foster for eating on the platform at the pleasant hill station after repeatedly asking him not to. and it is a state law that people are not i a lowed to eat on trains or on platforms. a video went viral and sparked
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outrage among many who watched it. in a statement he said the officer was doing his job, but context is key. we have to read each situation and allow people to get to where they are going on time and safely. the police officer association was less where in a statement they said we talked to people 100 times a day about not eating on the platform or the train and the vast majority of the time they're understanding and simply stop what they're doing. this person apparently had an ax to grind with police. in vallejo the shooting death of a 26-year-old man by an off duty police sergeant would all begin over a parking space. he's a 23-year department and former president of the police chief union. he shot and killed eric reason. but both men pull the out guns,
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but friends and family say because he might have been armed doesn't justify the fact that he was shot to death. >> if that is the case, then i still think this wasn't necessary. >> reporter: being armed in and of itself does not warrant an execution. >> vallejo police and the solano district attorney's office, investing the case while they conduct an internal review. still ahead tonight a violent attempted robbery showing a man getting knocked unconscious in san francisco's chinatown. the possible connection to another crime just the day before. it was an epic battle, but in the end the 49ers couldn't keep their winning streaks alive. mark will have highlights from tonight's incredible game against the seahawks. it's a little sad about the loss, but what can you say? it is what it is.
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police are increasing patrols in san francisco's
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chinatown. christien kafton tells us investigators are trying to figure out if the attempted robbery is connected to a purse snatching just the day before. >> reporter: the amateur video is shocking. one man is knocked to the ground and stops moving apparently unconscious. now police are looking for the men who raced away in a dark colored suv. the supervisor saying he has talked to police leadership and the district attorney's elect and says the attack might be linked. that incident was also caught on video. >> the car appears to be the same car that they would jump into at this corner that was known from up above. >> reporter: supervisor peace peace peskin also revealing details. ages 63, 67, 68.
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despite the violence of the attack, none were left with major injuries. >> i've seen the same video that you've all seen and how the profound injuries happened. >> reporter: at portsmouth square today, community members reflecting on the recent acts of violence. supporters are saying attacks like this would happen on everyone who lives, works, and visits the city. >> it does not matter which community and which part of this neighborhood. we're all targeted. >> reporter: many of the homes in the area are small with no living rooms. so portsmouth square will function as a community safe. but this weekend's attacks have left many worry. >> there is no living room. so even what happens, they
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might get scared. but what can you do? >> reporter: the supervisor peskin telling us they have video of both incidents and the strong leads, hoping to make an arrest in this case. but the supervisor says staying violent will like will not be tolerated in the city. atoday police crime scene tape could still be seen there near the 13th and the 14th hole where that baby was found. san francisco police and a coroner's van called to the scene on saturday afternoon. the golfer andrew o'rourke was at the course with a friend when they realized something was terribly wrong. >> we noticed there was a distinct smell. we couldn't place it. >> reporter: police say they are hoping to find the mother of the baby. they're worried she could need medical attention. still ahead here honoring service members lost at sea.
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she's a public consultant and once a candidate. across the nation, veterans were honored today for their service and sacrifice. kicking off the 100 veterans day parade in new york making history as the first sitting president to attend the annual event. it's the largest commemoration of service in the nation. for a moment just pause. think of what veterans have
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done for this country. when you see one, shake their hand. >> vice president mike pence laid a wreath of the tomb of the unknown soldiers. all taking place today in the u.k. and throughout europe celebrating 101 years since world war i came to an end. honoring 65 submarines and their crews to over the past century went down at sea never to return home. nine miles off the coast of sarasota florida. the artificial wreath is set up to mimic arlington national cemetery with the roads and columns. a film maker from pixar in emeryville is about to release his first short feature tomorrow. it's called float and it's the first pixar film where the leading characters are filipino- american. ktvu rob roth went to pixar
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today to speak to those of the film. >> he is understandly directed. the first film is about to premier on the new streaming service called disney plus on tuesday. >> i don't know if it will resonate with people. i mean i hope it does. i think it will. but there's that little voice behind the pack of your head saying well, people, they like him. >> reporter: the new short animated film is called flows, running seven minutes. it's about a father and a son. and the son will float, which will make them different from the other children. >> reporter: the story is inspired by his son who was born with special needs. and rubio's own reaction to that. >> yes, i will learn to accept. encourage his son. then eventually celebrate him with. >> what makes them ewe knee is
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the fact that they were african americans. >> he hopes his story will carry the universal message. a message about accepting those with differences. when rubio first conceived of the idea eight years ago, he assumed the father and son would be caucasian, but his co- worker made them reconsider. >> she said how is your son going to feel when he looks up and he sees it's not a filipino- american. and it hit me. >> reporter: rubio is a story board artist at pixar who worked on smash hits such as up and toy story sparks on disney plus. >> we could get a little grittier and more exploring on the different forms of film making. i hope for pixar this does open up the door to have people tell really personal stories and real meaningful stories. >> reporter: rubio showed that story to his son who is now 12
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years old. >> and he looks it, yeah. he's a little quirky. >> reporter: any parent with a preteen knows that is high praise indeed. at pixar, emeryville, rob roth, fox 2news. so we will head into tuesday is and hope you have the day off today. i'll get out to enjoy myself. high pressure area is sticking around with more nice weather. no rain in this forecast and not for the next few weeks actually. if you look at the long range stuff. that could change. but in the meantime we have a pattern with a bunch of clouds. it's a fair weather and looks stormy out there. yeah, look at autol clouds. but you can see all these clouds coming in to that high pressure ridge as they would really need to feed it up to make for a nice filtered sunshine that type of thing. now with that said we've got a little bit of fog catching up to the coast with temperatures outside tonight. that will be generally in the 40s and maybe some upper 30s. but right now we're 48 in
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fairfield and 48 in napa. nice night. and that will suit you or your monday night. tuesday night looks a lot like this with maybe a little patchy fog at the coast. these are the overnight lows for the forecast as you could see where they have been and the last couple of nights. again this pattern will be stuck as you look at that forecast for tomorrow and the fog will kind of wait from the coast and the yellows are the 70s. the pattern is not such a way until they move or budges, we don't change too much. and that is the plan. we're not going to change much. day-to-day you'll see it in the five-day forecast. air quality is pretty good with that pattern and fire danger is not ridiculously bad or good and it is not horribly bad. then we have a five-day forecast that, you know, looks pretty much like what we have been seeing with a few clouds and in response to the ridge that is feeding some of the cloud cover into our area. it's dry cloud stuff. it's not rain. and then sunday, there it is warmer still. and the pattern will be very
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similar. you need to be ready for very cold and inclimate weather. their patterns were stuck. delays possible. and at all the major airports certainly east of chicago. even dallas had some flight delays today. east coast is getting it. and we are just enjoying it with the nice weather. coming up in sports, a tough overtime loss for the 49ers tonight. next in sports, mark will show us how the seahawks got the best of the niners in an epic battle at levi stadium.
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mark is here. what a game tonight. 49ers, seahawks, came down to the final seconds. both teams had an opportunity and missed the opportunities. >> that is the thing when you're an objective. you don't care who wins.
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it's a great game and knocking your head against the wall. >> so many chances to win that game that will go to overtime. right on the heels. undefeated no longer the big name that will come through with russell wilson and taking a selfie before the game to get off to a great start. the recipient of the touchdown pass from garoppolo. with the second quarter, he is hit by reid and picks it up and enthis rumbles in that guy was a man child out there. niners lead. then in the third period, wilson will begin with show off action on his touch right there and that tight end over the
11:27 pm
defense. they built it up with a huge play a a loose ball and as it will be punched out. the four of them will pick it up and rumble in hitting the two-point conversion and suddenly the 49ers, 21-18, hawks are looking ready to win it as they would drive down that field. ill advised pass, picked up off of dre and he brings it back with a lot of lockers in front of him. puts them in possession. george kittle i'll pay for everything that was injured badly. he helped send it to overtime and that miss will give seattle too many chances. russell wilson with a great run to set up the case of the field goal. all to win it 27-24.
11:28 pm
they're pumped as they do it again at levi and the rookie, nick bosa, will learn a little something about dealing with one russell wilson. >> this is pretty crazy and you never know how they would serve that ball at any time. that it seems like it will be a part of the plan to look at them down the field and to tuck it and to find that gap and then they could blitz. so we just needed to rush better to stay in our lanes and to contain them. >> yes. the mvp candidate, russell wilson. in the meantime the guy who won the mvp, steps up saying forget all about the rumor. as he would talk to his brother- in-law, lee. russell doing it again with not much help defensively from the warrior, but he had 33 including thlone three that would have everybody in that
11:29 pm
good mood momentarily. down to 23 for the jazz and no inside presence for the warriors at all. michael connolly leaving it for rudy goebbert. warriors have left four in a row. 122-108 is the final there. this is just unbelievable that this happened. st. mary's ranked. in no. 18 in the country. a little small school will come in, winthrop, from rock hill, south carolina. and wait them down. it's malik fitz working for the bucket to get in enough trailing by two and then winthrop will come down and misses that free throw here. seven seconds left in that game. when jordan ford will not be able to convert to possibly send that game to overtime. winding up on the short end 61- 59. usf a winner over yale. 84-79, just amazing that st. mary's lost that game.
11:30 pm
>> to winthrop, for god's sake. >> we'll be talking about the 49ers game for days to come. >> yes. mark, thank you. see you later everyone. have a good night. >> good night. no! i'm freaked because i just found out that i'm pregnant. and yes, i am a little mad at you, because this is serious, and the only thing that you can think about is combining our names into the perfect baby name. well, now we know it's either hayden or dyley. look, this is a beautiful thing. a product of our love. it is a product of our love, right? yes, dylan, i did the math. last time we did the math, we accidentally left a $300 tip. oh, i don't know what to do. -(sighs) -how about this? haley gwendolyn dunphy... will you marry me? are you kidding me right now? picture us walking down the aisle, a breathtaking vision in virginal white and you wearing whatever you want. -i'm not marrying you! -okay. okay, one step at a time. we'll put you on vitamins and a healthy diet. you'll be eating for one now.


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