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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  November 12, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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police chief said he needs to regain the trust of the community. >> i do solemnly swear. >> reporter: shawnee williams was born in as a layhill's first african-american police chief. >> today we begin a new journey that will have forward thinking, utilizing principles of 21st- century policing, accountability, transparency and inclusion. >> reporter: williams says he believes in accountability. >> i will serve you honorably and selflessly, faithfully and i am confident and certain that the men and women of the vallejo police department do the same. >> reporter: williams is inheriting a department coping with divinity follow over deadly shootings and use of force by officers. >> sadly the reputation of the police department suffered. two on sunday the police department officer shot and killed a man. the sergeant
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opened fire after the man blocked him in and brandished a gun with an extended magazine. critics say vallejo police gave special treatment to the sergeant. they say he wasn't handcuffed or treated as a suspect. williams said he doesn't have enough information about incidents that happened before his first day. i asked how he would bridge the gap between police and residents. >> my first goal is to create dialogue. we create dialogue by engaging with the community and listening. i want to have a big ear little mouth philosophy. i want to listen to what the community wants and needs. >> reporter: those at the ceremony included fellow police chiefs, officers and colleagues from san jose pd where he rose through the ranks to become deputy chief. he retired vallejo officer is now the mayor. >> we have moved beyond the stereotype of a white male governing our pd. this is a different time for us. >> reporter: williams was sworn
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in on his 29th wedding anniversary. >> it is very special. i can tell you how proud i am for my husband. >> reporter: also there the chiefs aunt who is 102 years old. >> he will. you can depend on him. >> reporter: after the ceremony today the chief got the rest of the day off. he will spend the first couple weeks getting to know the community he will be serving. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. we have new information about a deadly officer involved shooting on a south bay freeway over the weekend. as maureen naylor reports police say the shooting happened after an intense struggle between the police and the suspect who was reaching for a loaded gun. >> reporter: police chief eddie garcia identified the suspect killed by san jose police as a 29-year-old man who served two stints in prison by being a felon in possession of a weapon
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and he was armed with a loaded nine millimeter handgun when he was shot and killed. >> i feel frustration as i address you today. another incident with a convicted felon in possession of a handgun was not previously held accountable. >> reporter: the shooting was saturday afternoon. police have been looking for the 29-year-old suspect since an incident in october when they say the same man backed into a patrol car and let police on a brief chase. saturday police pulled the suspect over as a passenger in this lexus suv and say the suspects father who was driving complied with officer's orders to get out of the car but his son did not. >> one of the officers reached into the car to pull the suspect out and the officer observed the suspect turn and reach to his waistband. the suspect pulled the gun from his waistband and raised it in the direction of the officer. >> reporter: one officer was struggling with the suspect and a second officer deployed his taser which did not work.
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>> the suspect was trying to grab the second officer's gun as he struggled in the car. the second officer fired one shot striking the suspect. >> reporter: the 29-year-old man was shot once and died at the scene. the coroner has not released his name. >> my heart goes out to his father who was there. it was a traumatic incident. the individual was not going to get up. this individual was armed once again with a firearm with an extended magazine with a round in the chamber. >> reporter: the chief said the officer who fired the shot has 18 years law enforcement experience including 14 here at san jose police. he has been placed on paid administrative leave while the district attorney and detectives launch a joint criminal investigation. in san jose, maureen naylor. ktvu fox 2 news. people living and working in chinatown in san francisco say they are fed up with violent attack targeting seniors. this afternoon dozens of community members gathered at portsmouth square where three
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senior citizens were attacked over the weekend in an apparent attempted robbery. community leaders say this is nothing new and that senior citizens in chinatown have long been victims of crime. >> an incident like this continues to separate our community. there should be no violence on seniors, on our children or anyone for that matter. >> the heart of san francisco is right here is hurting. we will work hard and we will do something this time. >> reporter: near london breed and newly elected district attorney were both at the event as well. community members are calling everyone to help make chinatown more safe. survivors of the gilroy garlic festival are taking legal action. they went to san francisco to file a lawsuit against festival organizers saying they didn't do enough to protect them.
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christien kafton has more. >> reporter: the physical injuries for though who survived the gilroy garlic festival ours hill healing and families are recovering emotionally as well. >> i was under the impression that all things were safe and under control. and it has been hard to think that we weren't safe out there. >> reporter: some of those families have joined together hiring a lawyer and filing a lawsuit against the gilroy garlic festival organizers. the attorney saying festival organizers didn't do enough to keep festivalgoers safe. the gunmen avoided at all detectors by cutting through a fence. the attorney saying festival organizers should have had better fencing and made sure it surrounded the entire venue and there should have been guards monitoring the fence and who was coming and going ready to stop or alert authorities about the gunmen. >> as you read the complaint you will see that there were
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numerous lapses, absolute lapses by the security at the event. >> reporter: so far five people shot at the festival have joined the lawsuit and a sixth has indicated she will join as well. the attorneys saying the victims have racked up millions of dollars in medical bills but their primary focus is on holding festival organizers accountable. >> the people who run the garlic festival, i hope that they plan to make safety measures and improvements in the future. >> reporter: the gilroy garlic festival association released a statement saying the lawsuit filed today stemming from a horrific act of domestic terrorism is not unexpected andwe will respond to the appropriate legal channels. as a nonprofit organization we must remain focused on our mission, fundraising for the entire community of gilroy and the more than 150 charities that rely on us. live in san francisco, christien kafton. ktvu fox 2 news. u.s. supreme court has
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heard arguments to and daca. the program protects nearly 700,000 immigrants deportation. christina ran down shows us the scene as hundreds of people gathered in front of the high court. >> reporter: dozens of dreamers in washington fighting for their future. >> never lose your hope, never lose your fire. >> reporter: daca reporters and others came together on the steps of the supreme court as they heard arguments on the president's decision to end daca. one of the state attorneys general fighting to keep daca in place. >> the federal government tried to terminate the daca program the wrong way. >> the daca policy was lawful and constitutional. so the reason why the attorney general and the administration said that they were terminating it because it was unlawful is that they did not want to take ownership of the decisions.
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>> reporter: the trump administration tried phasing out daca two years ago saying the program interferes with immigration enforcement efforts but that action has been held up in federal courts. president trump wrote on twitter if the supreme court remedies were over turned, a deal will be made with dems to stay. >> i don't know if democrats will work with it. it may be so poisoned that they don't want to work with them on anything. >> reporter: daca was created under president obama and created work permits to some undocumented immigrants. right now protections shield 700,000 people from deportation who came to the country as children. >> we all are fighting in our own ways so that people and our families and communities don't get left behind. we are creating pathways of opportunity that we could have never imagined when we were still living in the shadows. >> reporter: the scotus opinion is expected next june and it
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could have an impact on next year's presidential election. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. similar rallies were held around the bay area. in san jose dozens of students walked out of school in support of daca. the immigration rights group siren organized the event at hillview park as part of daca day of action. >> i personally believe in the right of the immigrant children and a lot of the youth here because a lot of them don't have a clear pathway to citizenship in the united states and as an immigrant myself, i really find this something i resonate with so i care about this cause. in san francisco students and educators at the university of san francisco held a vigil to show support for the daca program. they held signs that said defend daca. it was a solemn event. no music or chanting, just speakers including daca recipients themselves who spoke with their personal experiences of the daca program.
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one of the inmates was found in tijuana after escaping the monterey county jail was back in court today. but the district attorney says about possible new charges against him. a homicide investigation underway in castro valley after a call for a welfare check leads police to the discovery of a body. back with the forecast, pretty foggy in the avenues but not so inland where we have temperature's in the 60s. i will be back with the forecast for the rest of the week. the first step in recovery and rebuilding after the kincaid fire in sonoma county got underway today. we will tell you about the cleanup process and what homeowners need to know. taking a live look at the tuesday evening commute on 880 in oakland. ktvu news at 6 will be right back.
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♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss, into the sun ♪ all we need is somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ a bankruptcy court today approved the extension of the deadline for some fire victims to file claims against pg&e. the new deadline has been set for december 31. those eligible for the extension are victims of fires that happened before this year. the deadline was set for this october and the extension does not apply to claims unrelated to the northern california fires. the first phase of a two fire cleanup has begun in north bay. the kincaid fire destroyed 374 structures in sonoma county
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including 174 combs homes. tom vacar has details. >> reporter: in the first cleanup phase property owners must allow hazmat crews to remove all hazardous materials such as paint, pesticides, fuel, batteries and other items must be recycled or retired to a dumpsite for toxics. homeowners should not do the removal. >> there will be about 40 people that will go parcel by parcel collecting anything that is of obvious danger. >> reporter: the materials will be hauled away at no cost to property owners and it should take 2-3 weeks to complete. once the lot is cleaned comes the far more difficult phase 2 when property owners may hire a cleanup contractor to remove ashes and debris from the lot. if the foundations have been weakened, they will be removed. >> people should talk to their contractor about that issue. >> reporter: because this was not a federally declared disaster property owners are not entitled to a cost free
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cleanup. the county will seek to help those who are under or uninsured to get some form of loans, grants or other aid but that is not guaranteed. many straw strainers are needed to protect rain and larger environment once the rain comes. >> they will deploy things like wattles that are a clear threat to streams. >> reporter: property owners want to enter the premise are urged to wear protective clothing and masks because ashes and debris are laden with toxins that can make them ill. >> it is important that people get back on the property but we want them to be safe. >> reporter: once completed all that will be left is fully clean and re-buildable lots. >> we want to see it done by the beginning of summer and we think that is doable. >> reporter: the county expects that as close to full recovery
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can be and will take about three years to get it all done. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. hope you had a nice day back at work. maybe you had a long weekend and today was kind of your monday even though it is tuesday. the weather was cooperating except for the coast where it is foggy as all get out. in the inland valleys like fairfield, almost 80 degrees. today was a 20 degrees bread from coast to inland which is more typical of the summer months when you get a 60 here and and 80 there, that is 20 degrees across 40 miles. often times we will see more than that but this time of year i am not used to seeing a 20 degrees bread from coast to inland. it is a slightly unusual coast from the front. i am an optimist. when you see a lot of activity in the aleutians, things are
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generating and that is the key. they get made up there. there's a lot of activity in the pacific right now. it is not coming our way for rain but hopefully something will break loose as we get into the next week or so. the next five days will be dry. tomorrow fog back at the coast. clouds in the sky, rightly cloudy mostly sunny's. highs almost exactly like what we had today. mid and upper 70s in some of the inland valleys. a bit of a change comes on thursday. we will talk about that when you we see you next. police in castro valley are investigating a suspected homicide. they were called to a home on san miguel avenue for a welfare check. while they were looking outside the home deputies looked into a window and saw a man on the floor. they went into the house and found the victim's injury consistent with homicide. a person of interest has been detained. neither the victim nor the suspect's name have been released.
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oakland police say man was shot by an intruder who broke into his home this morning at 12:30 am at a home in the 1900 block of crosby avenue. the victim was shot once and is in stable condition. the man and his family were asleep in the home. the man heard a noise and confronted the burglar. no one else was injured. police did not say how the burglar got into the home. police in san francisco are investigating a shooting near third street in the city's bayview neighborhood. it happened at 9:20 am. one person was taken to the hospital and there were reports of additional victims but officers did not locate any. >> several streets in the area were closed while police investigated the scene. uni service was also affected. no arrests have been made. london breed and two supervisors announced they reached an agreement on how to
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reform the city's mental health care system. the mayor along with supervisors hillary roman and matt haney announced a mental health initiative called mental health sf. after introducing dueling initiative lawmakers were able to come to a compromise to create the first universal mental health, and substance healthcare system in the country. >> if you are homeless, uninsured or on medi-cal and have a severe mental illness, mental health sf will treat you. create a plan and a path toward a stable and healthy life and guide you to stay on that path. >> the mayor and supervisors will drop competing ballot measures from the march ballot and come together on this single bond measure set for the november 2020 ballot. once up and running the program will offer a wide variety of services including a team of mobile clinicians who are available 24 hours a day seven days a week. the owner of the bay area
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. the owners of berkeley farms has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. the business which has roots that stretch back hundred years in the bay area has taken a huge financial hit as more and more americans are choosing alternatives to dairy like products such as soy and almond milk. dairy farmers of america report from 2017 to 2018 dairy sales dropped more than $1 billion. juul plans to cut 650 jobs and cut $1 billion in spending
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in 2020. the company has been trying to restructure amid health concerns of vaping. the layoffs will affect 16% of employees. the san francisco-based company said they will phase out their chief marketing officer position. the cuts come as juul prepares to take a major hit in sales after they stopped making some of their more popular flavored pods. today the contra costa county board of supervisors unanimously approved an ordinance banning the sale of e- cigarettes and flavored vaping and tobacco products. the ordinance applies to both tobacco and cannabis vaping products but only applies to unincorporated areas of the county. county leaders are hoping that abm will reduce the number of young people who are hooked on vaping and reduce lung disease and death. ktvu news at 6:30 pm is next with an increased feeling feeling of safety at an elementary school. we will show you new barriers
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installed to better protect pedestrians following a deadly crash there. the 49ers suffered their first loss against the seahawks and the bad news continues with the latest injuries they suffered in last night's defeat. a new tech startup is offering workers $10,000 to move out of the bay area that there's a catch. details on that offer aimed at drawing employees away from silicon valley. it is designed to get your attention. and bring attention to our mission of developing jobs and opportunities in places other than dense urban areas. don't miss the grand opening
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now to our top stories, by people who were shot at the gilroy garlic festival are suing the event organizers. their attorney said not enough was done to protect people that attended. the gunmen avoided metal detectors at the entrance by cutting a hole at the fence to get inside and a sixth victim
6:30 pm
may soon join the lawsuit. there are new details involving a deadly officer involved shooting. it happened saturday on highway 85 in san jose when the passenger in a car pulled out a handgun. he was shot at least once and died at the scene. investigators say the 29-year- old man was wanted on an outstanding warrant. vallejo's first black to leaf g -- black police chief was sworn in. he worked in san jose for 26 years. williams is inheriting a department dealing with community fallout over deadly shooting and use of force by officers. williams is committed to transparency and accountability. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 pm. parents and children walk to school in east oakland say crosswalks have become safer thanks to new barriers that the city in stalled. the changes, in the wake of her pedestrian accident that left one woman dead as she was
6:31 pm
crossing the street with her niece. we talked with the transportation director and the school principal about the fix and what else needs to be done. >> reporter: parents say they are starting to feel safer crossing the street near garfield elementary school in east oakland these days. >> people are slowing down. >> reporter: the reason these yellow rubber and plastic barriers recently installed along foothill boulevard called hardened center barriers. the city said they are the first of the kind designed to make cars making left turns to swing wider giving them a better view of pedestrians in the crossing lane. >> it is a next level of treatment that gets people to slow down and to see a gap in oncoming traffic and to make sure that pedestrians are clear of the crosswalk. >> when you make a turn it is
6:32 pm
safer for them to. >> reporter: the barriers were born out of sadness. last month a woman was walking home from pre-k with her four- year-old niece when she was struck and killed as they crossed 23rd avenue. the child survived her injuries. >> i have been at garfield as principal for four years. every year there is a student that is hit by a car. this is the first year where there was a fatality. >> reporter: the school principal said safety measures don't go far enough. >> i would give it a c grade. the reason is because it is about average. it was a quick fix. >> reporter: the city said it is planning on doing more. >> we are studying additional improvements such as signal improvements and crossing enhancements. >> reporter: the principal said she is grateful that the city is paying attention to school crossings but unfortunately it took a tragedy for that to happen. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. new at 6:30 pm the oakland
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unified school district may for a second time this month may ban the public from its meeting tomorrow night. the move comes after protesters at last month's meeting jumped over and pushed through barricade that was set up for board safety. protesters clashed with police before six people were arrested. the protest stemmed from the boards decision to close a neighborhood school and merge it with one further away. the board may again close the meeting to the public but allow them to gather in a nearby auditorium and use a microphone to comment on agenda items. police have arrested a boy for making online threats against high school. the threats were vague and they said something was planned for wednesday and november 25. detectives working with social media companies were able to figure out who the accounts making the threats belonged to. the suspect was arrested and booked into marin county juvenile hall. all fraternities at san diego state university have
6:34 pm
been suspended following the death of a freshman. dylan hernandez was taken to the hospital early thursday after he attended a fraternity event at phi gamma delta. authorities say he died sunday. no word on the cause of death at san diego state president said they are investigating whether alcohol or hazing contributed to his death. >> i know he he was on the top bunk and he fell over and cracked his skull in the middle the night. >> the university said that of the 14 fraternities on campus, were already suspended and four were under investigation before last week's incident. the widow of a man who died in a fiery dive vote disaster that killed 34 people is suing the boats owners. the claim was filed in court yesterday. the lawsuit against truth aquatics is the first from a relative of those who died on the vote. the fire is the subject of ongoing criminal and safety
6:35 pm
inquiries by federal authorities. the cause of the fire hasn't bent determined. new details about one of the men that escaped from the monterey county jail. today 20-year-old jonathan salazar was in court for status hearing. he is awaiting trial on murder charges which is expected to begin in january. salazar is accused in a 2017 gang-related murder. the monterey county district attorney has yet to file charges against salazar for last week's 200 mile escape to tijuana. the da does expect to receive the report from the sheriff's office tomorrow and will review it to determine what charges to file. bernie sanders is getting ready to return for another swing through california. where he will be in the bay area this friday during his three-day visit. democrats and republicans prepare for the first public hearings in the impeachment inquiry. i am revoking in washington with the latest on the party strategies coming up.
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the first open hearings of the impeachment inquiry will take place in capitol hill tomorrow. lawmakers will publicly question a senior state department official and the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine. ray bogan is in washington tonight with the latest. >> reporter: less than 24 hours before the hearing both sides are strategizing on how to win over the public. president trump put out a barrage of tweets bashing the impeachment inquiry and its witnesses. he is urging people to read the transcript of his phone call
6:39 pm
and said he will release a transcript of his original april call with ukraine's leader by the end of the week. >> he doesn't need to do this. these calls with foreign leaders are classified. >> it is a pretty thin defense to say that on one particular phone call i did not try to bribe a foreign government even if i might have on another one. >> reporter: adam schiff sent out a memo laying out the hearings ground rules. it said the chair and ranking member may conduct extended rounds of questioning for periods of up to 90 minutes. split evenly between the two sides. >> hearing them testify and being cross-examined its power behind the statements. >> reporter: house republicans are circulating their own memo sharing key points of exculpatory evidence. it notes the july 25 call summary shows no evidence of pressure and the presidents have both said there was no pressure on the call. >> we want to attack the allegations that they are
6:40 pm
making and the specifics. there are problems with everything they are saying and they are not credible witnesses. >> reporter: the acting white house chief of staff has blocked the lawsuit to block a congressional subpoena for his testimony. he will rely on the presidents direction and justice department's legal counsel opinion to justify his absence. ray bogan, fox news. bernie sanders will be visiting the bay area and other california cities next week. the three-day visit will include stops in oakland, fresno, long beach in east los angeles. on friday he will appear at the national nurses united offices on grand street in oakland. he has five campaign offices in the state. the camp said latino and young voters will deliver victories for their candidates in california. jimmy carter is recovering in a hospital in atlanta after undergoing emergency surgery. a spokesperson said the surgery was to relieve pressure on his brain and likely related to two
6:41 pm
falls he had this year. his wife is at the hospital with the former president. mr. carter has suffered from a series of health issues in recent years. he is 95 years old and he will remain at emory university hospital for observation. it is cold out in the avenues right now. a lot of fog. temperatures inland got near 80 degrees. what happens tomorrow and beyond that? a cooldown to talk about. we will see you back here. elledge savage joins us in the newsroom with some of the stories we are working on for the 7 pm news on ktvu plus. kanye west announces a new partnership in his recent conversion to christianity. the superstar rapper plans to join forces with one of the morse most famous christian pastors in the world. disney plus launched today and we will tell you why some critics are calling it disney minas. we will have those stories
6:42 pm
coming up tonight live at 7 pm on ktvu plus. after the break of a loved san francisco donut shop expanding for the first time in 60 years. we will tell you where the second bob's donuts will be located when it opens next week. a live look outside right now as santana gets ready to perform at the chase hunter.
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a bay area exodus caused by the high cost of living is giving birth to an economic opportunity. one new tech startup is offering workers $10,000 to leave the bay area. as jesse gary tells us there's a catch. >> reporter: in a small, shared office space in downtown san jose the latest startup takes flight tuesday morning. main street ceo said his company is offering perspective bay area workers $10,000 to leave and work elsewhere
6:46 pm
remotely. >> it is designed to get your attention and bring attention to our mission of developing jobs and opportunities in places other than dense urban areas. >> reporter: for the majority of bay residents, out of reach housing prices coupled with hours long commutes have tarnished living in the golden state. >> it is very expensive. affording a house is a pipe dream for a lot of us and that is just the way the bay area is. >> reporter: mainstreet seeks to pair willing participants to live in smaller cities with employers willing to have remote workers. the collaborative combination would infuse rural america with economic growth. >> my goal is you never have to leave your home town to get a great job. >> reporter: getting 10 grand to move to a smaller city and work with a bay area salary sounds pretty appealing. you would have to work for a year before you get the $10,000 deposited into your account. experts say this is an idea that could be successful over the long haul.
6:47 pm
>> will this create an exodus? >> we already have an exodus. >> reporter: doctor robert chapman is a professor at san jose state university. >> i talked to a number of younger people including some in my church who already moved out of the area for these reasons. giving people a system for how to deal with that is a perfectly reasonable business. >> reporter: the lure of the bay area will keep people moving here in the short term but increasing the out migration will provide a better life in as many as 500 rural towns and perhaps lessen the painful things that drive people away in the first place. downtown san jose, jesse gary ktvu fox 2 news. preparations are underway for the dream force convention that begins next week. today howard street between third and fourth will be closed. the dream force convention is one of the world's largest tech conferences held at moscone he
6:48 pm
center in downtown san francisco. it starts one week from today. time to talk about the weather. it is chilly out there. we have been looking at pictures with a lot of fog at the coast. >> a lot of clouds overhead, too. partly sunny, and mostly sunny. a little cooler today. on the east coast it is cold. check out this map that is showing you temperatures. 11 degrees in chicago. 18 degrees in buffalo. 34 degrees in washington. this pattern is locked in just as our pattern is locked in here. you can see the rich and the trough. we are staying the same and they are staying the same. until something switches here it is going to be cold there and nice here. that's okay with me as long as we don't see strong winds. right now everything is pretty much doing okay. we are not seeing any big indications of red flag warnings or wind event.
6:49 pm
and no rain, too. not for the next five days. and maybe even beyond that. one of the long range models created rain somewhere down around thanksgiving. hopefully something sooner than that. i have been optimistic because look at the pacific. there's lots of energy out there. that energy will tweak this ridge a little bit and knock it down so we might see a little drizzle on thursday and a little cooler. it is a minor fluctuation but the idea being things are happening. when things happen in the pacific and lows get strong enough they will knock down the high. we are seeing some indication that is not too far off. 58 degrees in napa, 62 in fairfield and beautiful in san francisco. the inversion is super shallow and the fog is almost on the deck of the bridge. 220 feet. dense fog in the avenues and really dense fog in half moon bay and pacifica. overnight lows continue and
6:50 pm
forecast highs tomorrow continue that way as well. as you look at your balmy temperatures for tomorrow know the east coast, if you are traveling out there you want to think about checking with your carriers. we have seen some icing issues and snow on runways in chicago. washington dc will be below freezing. there's a lot of opportunities for flight delays. i don't fly a lot but if you are flying a bunch and flights get balled up, you are done for. when chicago gets behind schedule that messes with everybody. check that tomorrow and the next day. in the meantime enjoy the weather we have and we will keep looking for the rain. bob's donuts in san francisco is set to open a second location at baker and fulton. the 24-hour polk street location will remain open and continue to operate 24 hours a day. >> that looks good. >> bob's on baker will have a more limited schedule. it will be open from 7 am to 11
6:51 pm
pm. the expansion is the first for the donut shop in its 60 year history. haven't tried those? have you tried them? >> i haven't, but i love donuts. who doesn't? >> they are always delicious. >> yes they are. the 49ers lost their first game against the seahawks and they suffered more injuries. mark will tell us who is in and who is out next in sports. here is a look at tonight's primetime lineup on fox. at 8 pm it is the resident followed by empire and 9 pm. then join us for the 10 pm and 11 pm news right here on ktvu. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ blow a kiss, into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on
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mark is here now was sports. it was a heartbreaking loss last night for the 49ers after the seahawks eat them and now the injuries are stacking up, too. >> when you talk about what is going on with the 49ers and the warriors have reached the point of ridiculousness. it is a laundry list, week after week and night after night. if we are not talking about the final score of the game, we are talking about the latest player to be injured. first joe staley suffered a finger fracture and this is big compared to that.
6:55 pm
ronald blair chasing russell wilson sustained a torn acl and he is done for the year. that hurts the depth of the defensive line. also d.j. jones suffered a groin strain and he will definitely miss sunday's game against arizona. and the beat goes on. watch emmanuel sanders here. he will grab his ribs right after that incomplete pass. he came off the field and didn't return. he is the guy who came over in the trade for denver and has made an immediate impact and they say he is day today, it is not a fracture of the ribs but there is cartilage damage. and then it all comes down to the quarterbacks. last night the seattle seahawks had the better guy. russell wilson and mvp candidates, probably having the best season of his career. a big reason the niners have lost 11 of the last 12 games to
6:56 pm
seattle. it also didn't help jimmy garoppolo that his receivers dropped an incredible nine passes along the way and their reactions to this incredible monday night game basically polar opposites. >> it is the craziest game i have ever been a part of. talking about the monday night football game, it felt like an nfc championship game. >> we had too many self-imposed mistakes and that is what hurt us. when you put yourself behind it is hard to catch up. little things we have to clean up. >> that is an amazing moment, most amazing game i have been a part of for sure. >> that is his version of camel color. there is another quarterback in the news, 49er fans do remember a guy by the name of colin kaepernick? why is he in the news? he has notified nfl teams today that he will hold a private
6:57 pm
workout this weekend in atlanta. he will have an on-field workout followed by an interview process. he has been reportedly working out five times per week for the last three years. he is now 32 years old. he last played in an nfl game in 2016. obviously he would like to resume his nfl career which at this point you have to say is a long shot. it is major-league baseball awards week. awards like the mvp and cy young will come wednesday and thursday. today managers of the year, american leak is rocco who had never managed on any level and he takes over the twins. they had a record 307 home runs and he went to the playoffs before being eliminated for the yankees. bob melvin finished fourth in the american league. over to the national league your manager of the year is the st. louis cardinals mike and he had a great second half as they
6:58 pm
were just about 500 ball at midseason before he got a hold of them and woke them up and they made it to the postseason and the nlcs. it is time to check this out. i think you're going to like this. keep your eye on the ice cream cone. this is in the post game. the guy looks around. watch it again. they don't know each other. >> they set that up. >> no. not a set up. >> they set that up. >> this is the dominican republic and this is called the flying squirrel at home plate. watch it again. come on what's going on in there? >> those were great. see you later everyone. >> big bang theory is next.
6:59 pm
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