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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  November 19, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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closed. police consider it part of the extended crime scene. there are technicians still collecting evidence. this all happened about 1 pm inside a bart train bound for warm springs. the bart interim police chief said an altercation between two passengers that began as the train was pulling out of the station ended with one of them dead. >> reporter: the fight continued through our hayward station. at which point a knife was introduced into the fight between the two males. as the train approached south hayward our hayward police department responded to the call along with the bart lease department and we were on the platform, walked onto the train and determined that there was a victim on the train that was bleeding and was possibly the victim of a stabbing. police say a man with h
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hayward station. police arrested him about a block away on tennyson after some interaction at a car dealership. the two men are described as in their 40s. this may explain the next comment from the interim police chief. >> the knife was introduced into the fight at that moment. our riders have a safe system. the fact that that was a rare occurrence speaks for itself. >> reporter: for passengers, the south hayward station does remain closed so no trains are stopping here. they are doing single tracking through and there are bus bridges going around the south hayward station. we expect the situation to be going on for at least another hour or more. >> rob roth at the south hayward station tonight, thank you. pg&e is scaling back tomorrow's potential shut off.
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they told people living in alameda, contra costa, marin, san mateo, santa clara, and santa cruz counties they will not lose power. that leaves the northbay to still lose power. tom vacar went to orinda and found a business owner who is relieved his lights will stay on. >> reporter: this morning eight bay area counties were facing power shut off. that was devastating news for the europa business >> keep the lights on. in contra costa county. >> reporter: the co-owner said a third power shut off could kill his business. >> twice i have had to throw away about $5000 worth of food. in god's name you are going to shut me down during thanksgiving week? >> >> we has reservations next week for
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i'm going to call 60 people up and ruin their thanksgiving? in the name of god i can not do that. >> reporter: several hours later we were glad to return to give them the good news. only napa, solano and sonoma counties were to be shut off. >> god bless america. what i said about what gavin needs to do is protect the small businessman. >> reporter: in the bay area pg& e says about 3400 customers known as medical baseline customers who depend on electrical devices to treat their medical conditions , that can be dangerous and life- threatening. >> what do we do if something happens? my elderly neighbor had to move out of the area, had to go to a hotel because his wife is on oxygen and she has alzheimer's. it is not right. >> reporter: pg&e that contacts every household by text message, email, telephone, and if necessary in person to warn
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them of the pending shutoffs. but contra costa county's health officer said pg&e's customers depending on electric power is understated. >> there are many people with electrical equipment that have not signed up with pg&e so it underestimates the total number. >> reporter: the county has taken to contact all the medical machine users whether pg&e medical baseline or not. >> it is important because this is happening so often that we work year-round to work with our clients to inform them , help them make a plan in advance. >> reporter: even with all those counties removed the remaining counties in the bay area , sonoma, solano, and napa still have 1500 people that are medically dependent on electronic devices. they are going to be left in the dark. reporting live, tom vacar ktvu fox 2 news. for the latest on the timing of the outages go to our
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website, where we will keep you updated. it was day three of the public impeachment hearings and it has been a long day. the hearings began early this morning and they are still going on right now. today's witnesses include three officials who sat in on the president's call with ukraine. great glee monitor the hearing and he joins us now with today's big takeaways. >> a marathon day of testimony. this started at 6 am. for witnesses testifying before the house intelligence midi. this afternoon's hearing focusing on two officials republicans wanted to hear from. >> i did not know of any linkage between the hold on security assistance and ukraine pursuing investigations. >> reporter: kurt volker testified he was left out of major moments that led to the impeachment inquiry. in the afternoon session of today's public hearing he said he wasn't on the july 25 call and thought allegations raised by rudy giuliani that former vice president joe biden acted inappropriately in ukraine were
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conspiracy theories. >> in hindsight i understand that others saw the idea of investigating corruption involving a ukrainian company as the equivalent of investigating former vice president biden. i saw them as different. the former being appropriate and unremarkable and the latter unacceptable. >> reporter: he said he should have seen the connection differently. he said he was never involved in anything he saw as bribery or extortion . at issue the democrats believe president trump pressured ukraine to investigate joe and hunter biden by withholding military aid. tim morrison was on the president's july call with ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky. he said nothing about the call concerned him. he did testify gordon sondland believed the aid was contingent on an investigation. >> at that point did you understand the statement related to biden in the 2016 investigations? >> i think i did, yes.
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>> and that that was a condition for the security assistance to be released? >> i understood that is what ambassador sondland believed >> after speaking with president trump? >> you testified in your disposition that you did not know the whistleblower. >> reporter: tense moments this morning as lieutenant colonel alexander vindman and jennifer williams testified. two senior officials who were both on the call as well. >> it is improper for the president of the united states to demand a foreign government investigate a u.s. citizen and political opponent. >> i found the phone call unusual because in contrast to other presidential calls i had observed, it involved discussion of what appeared to be a domestic political matter. >> reporter: they questioned the loyalty and judgment. >> your boss had concerns about your judgment. your colleagues had concerns about your judgment and your colleagues felt that there were times when you leaked information.
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>> reporter: he responded with a performance review calling him a top 1% military officer. republicans continue to call the inquiry a partisan charade designed to attack the president. >> it is obvious the democrats are trying to topple the president because they despise him. they promised since election day to impeach him and because they are afraid he will win reelection. >> i just got to watch and the republicans are absolutely killing it. they are doing so well. because it is a scam. >> reporter: now related to ms. williams testimony, mike pence pushes chief of staff said they heard nothing wrong on the call and she never reported any concerns to them. this morning president zelensky was asked if he was ready to make an announcement about an investigation and he said everyone in the country is tired of hearing about burisma, the company hunter biden was linked to. >> did the republicans gain any ground?
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did the republicans gain any ground? >> reporter: today was a tuff day. we are on our 11 of the testimony. a new poll said 70% said it is improper for the president ask a foreign power to investigate a public rival. 44%, only 44% saying that is enough to impeach and remove the president. you are seeing this partisan effect of people digging in their heels. >> looking ahead to tomorrow, gordon sondland is expected to testify. what should we look for with that? >> reporter: i think this is what it all is leading up to. you couldn't go five minutes in any three days of the hearing without hearing gordon sondland's name. the way he has been painted is the pressure point. he had direct conduct with the president and he would then pressure ukraine to do the things the president wanted. he was the go-between and everyone is putting a lot of stress on him. there will be a lot of pointed questions for him that will hopefully yield answers. >> he has already changed his
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testimony once? >> reporter: kurt volker changed his hearing from the private deposition to the public hearing satan the meeting before the phone call and happen . today during public hearing the bombshell was that he said the bombshell was things brought up by gordon sondland. what about john bolton? everyone has said that john bolton is just like sondland, a total insider who knows everything. is it likely do you think that he will testify? >> he said that he wouldn't and that the court wouldn't come back with a decision until late december. the democrats are hoping to have a vote on the articles of impeachment hopefully before christmas. john bolton was quoted in that meeting that gordon sondland was talking about saying this was a drug deal, referencing a drug deal and withholding aid from ukraine in lieu of of an investigation. >> thank you.
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prosecutors decide not to file charges. coming up tonight more details on the decision to release the suspects who were arrested in a halloween night shooting in orinda. police trying to figure out how a five-year-old boy could get hit and killed by an amtrak train. both sides are ready for tomorrow, and coulter is coming back to uc berkeley. the bay area cooling off and winds are starting to increase and that will soon increase our fire danger. we will have details on another red flag fire warning. don't miss the grand opening of the new floor & decor in milpitas. if you have never been to a floor & decor, you have to go to the grand opening. hardwoods, laminates, tile or stone. holy smokes, this place is huge!
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about an hour ago officials in santa clara identified a
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five-year-old boy who was hit and killed by an amtrak train as he was walking alone along the tracks. leonardo was pronounced dead at the scene. now to law enforcement agencies are trying to determine how and why he got onto those tracks unsupervised. jesse gary has more. >> reporter: santa clara police investigators say the collision happened late saturday afternoon near lafayette street and the 101 underpass. the freeway runs below the tracks. >> a lot of us have kids and it is something that really has a pit in our stomach. >> reporter: the captain said around for 20 p.m. his department started receiving calls about a small boy unsupervised near the tracks. then a 911 call saying a northbound amtrak train hit the child. first responders arrived and found five-year-old leonardo
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and he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> the collision appears to be an accident. whether there is any other negligence involved in how the child got out there is the subject of our investigation. >> it don't make no sense why a kid is out here running around alone. >> reporter: area neighbors voiced the question facing investigators. how could a five-year-old boy wind up walking along active freight and passenger train tracks? an industrial area dotted by arby's, gravel and busy streets. investigators and residents say there are incidences of adults being hit by a train, they can't remember the last time a young child was hit. >> i have never seen note children out here by themselves. you don't even see any teenagers. it is a business district. >> reporter: investigators say amtrak police are investigating details of the collision while they continue looking into how the five-year-old got on the tracks without supervision. findings will be turned over to the county da for possible
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prosecution. fox two news. tensions are growing at uc berkeley where and coulter is set to talk tonight. the student group, the berkeley college republicans is hosting the event. it will focus on the current immigration debate in the united states. the appearance comes two years after a similar plant visit to the uc berkeley campus was killed because of security concerns. and there are growing concerns about safety when she appears at cal tomorrow night with a large protest expected. >> uc berkeley has opened its doors to ann coulter to speak here. >> the university and the police department have been cooperative and helpful in this event. we hope that the people that are upset that she is coming purchase a ticket and come and ask her a question. let them come and speak.
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>> she is set to speak at 9 pm at the wheeler hall auditorium. police will be in force to provide security. i cannot remember a pattern like this where we are talking about a red flag warning, and a winter warning advisory in the sierras. the key headline for us is a fire danger with winds increasing in the north and the sierra could pick up 1-3 inches of snowfall from 7000 feet over the next day or so. here is more information on the red flag warning. all the areas in red near mendocino, lake county, and north bay and east bay hills. we could have guessed above 50 miles an hour and gusts above 30 miles an hour across the bay area hills. even closer to sea level winds going up 25-30 miles an hour tomorrow. we will keep an eye on strong
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wind speeds. this will be a concern with increasing fire danger still critically dry in terms of the brush and when you add the wind to the mix that will be somewhat of a concern. here's our forecast model. notice bright colors indicating stronger wind beads. this is wednesday morning and wednesday evening winds still somewhat of a factor. early wednesday morning we will scale back on wind speeds at tomorrow will be the strongest wind event of the period. satellite showing you this. showers and thunderstorms approaching the sierra. for us we have patchy low clouds and fog trying to regroup and low clouds a factor near the coast and pushing back into the bay. we have santa rosa 60, san jose in the upper 50s. we are starting to see the winds kicked up out north and northwest.
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that is a gust of 22 miles an hour in santa rosa. sfo has a stronger wind gusting at 38 miles per hour. outside right now we have a few clouds developing. we could have a slight sprinkle or slight chance of a sprinkle pop up for tomorrow night and into tomorrow morning. you can see this area of low pressure not approaching the bay area in terms of rainfall but it could bring rainfall to our south and the sierra snowfall. we are worried about northerly wind picking up tomorrow with winds going up above 20 and 30 miles per hour. here's the forecast model. the strongest winds will be tomorrow and even into wednesday night they could pick up once again by this time tomorrow and finally die off as we head into your thursday forecast. highs for tomorrow talking about 60s and 70s. san jose 67. half moon bay 63 degrees. we are looking for rainfall and
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the bay area stuck in a quiet weather pattern. the winds a big concern for tomorrow and wednesday night. into the weekend we should be dry. the 49ers junior training camp reached a milestone. the program worked with 100,000 children since it started. the team staff and players traveled to robert sanders elementary school in san jose. the goal is to help reverse the trend of childhood obesity. camp officials say they work with students for 60-90 minutes and teach them drills and exercises hoping to help the kids create healthy habits. >> this program started off in 2007 and we ran 10 camps per year. we increased our commitment and for the past four years we are doing hundred camps per year. >> the 49ers have designated a full-time staff to the program. camps are open to boys and girls between the ages of seven and 14. it is san francisco's
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biggest annual convention. we will take you inside dream force 2019. coming up at 6 we are expecting an update from pg&e about tomorrow's preemptive power shut off. when it happens we will bring it to you live.
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dream force 2019 iis live w the convention brought 170,000 people to san francisco.
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>> reporter: as you might imagine it has a major impact on the city of san francisco. we are standing on howard street between third and fourth. the street has been transformed. the street closed off as thousands meet here to talk about the sales software giant, salesforce. >> good morning everyone. welcome to dream force 2019. >> reporter: san francisco's biggest annual conference got underway with the keynote software by the cofounder. >> as we travel the world and as we have spoken to all of you there is one word that continues to come up over and over again and it is the word we are all anchored to today and at this conference and it is together. >> reporter: salesforce 2019 wasn't without some controversy. protesters interrupted repeatedly. the cofounder having them time to make their point before having them
5:25 pm
escorted out. activists rallied saying salesforce provides technology to customs and border protection. >> customs and border patrol is using that technology to track people. they are using that to detain people. >> reporter: inside leaders highlighted in school 70 exclusivity as one of their -- he had training on how to use salesforce. he is at tech consultant now. >> they might not have those skills to compete in the workforce. but salesforce accelerates you. if you learn the platform and you do well, you will be rewarded. >> reporter: on the convention floor one company switched to using salesforce software and dream force as an opportunity to learn and share best practices. >> just because there are different industries that use the platform but they want to solve the same type of propositions and business
5:26 pm
problems that we have as well. that is why it is a cool conference. >> reporter: we shifted to give you a look down howard street. the conference runs through friday. with the conventioneers set to leave on friday that is setting up a situation. this is right before the thanks giving holiday. sfo saying with all the conventioneers leaving on friday and people trying to get out to see family on friday they are predicting it will be one of the busiest days ever at sfo. live in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. fleetwood mac performs tomorrow. do you know the schedule for other speakers? >> fleetwood mac goes tomorrow. president obama will be part of the address on thursday. that will be another big draw here. there is a lot going on down here right now. evil coming and going. a lot of the businesses are very happy. we touched on some
5:27 pm
of that last week. all the conventioneers in town means big business for a lot of folks. >> thank you. the cofounder of uber has sold a large chunk of his shares. he was ousted as ceo but he is still on the board of directors. according to filings with the sec he sold $880 million worth of uber stock this month. he is using some of that windfall to launch a new startup called cloud kitchen. it rents space to restaurants that would offer delivery only service. on wall street stocks were lower due to losses in energy and retail. the dow lost 102 points. shares in kohl's dropped 20%. nasdaq set another record due to gains in chip makers. snp was down one point.
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no charges filed which means suspects are free to go. coming up next what we are learning about the investigation into the halloween night massacre in orinda one day after suspects were let go. another lawsuit against juul. the state takes the lead against vaping. i will have details coming up. a california gang takedown. details on the bus after a three month long investigation. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple. case in point, if you get xfinity internet and mobile together, big savings on your wireless bill.
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♪ ♪ ♪ itreat them all as if, they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out
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and keep the public safe. the kincaid fire is one of the latest fires in which pgn equipment they have been involved. there is new information tonight in the halloween gang shootout at a party in orinda that left five people dead. four out of those five people arrested in the case have been released from jail. henry lee joining us from orinda on why prosecutors rejected the case at least for now. >> reporter: a very stunning decision by the da not to file charges against the suspects in the massacre.
5:32 pm
i learned that investigators are still looking for other possible suspects. of the five men arrested in connection with a deadly halloween shooting in orinda only one is still behind bars. lebron wallace is no longer being held on suspicion of murder and conspiracy but he is being held for probation violation. three other men were released as well as a man booked in for accessory for allegedly promoting the party. all five were arrested on probable cause warrants before charges were filed by the da. sources tell me the suspects who were arrested may not be the main ones wanted in connection. police hope to interview those in custody to build a case. it is unclear whether any suspect agreed to speak to investigators. s are concerned >> having a gun doesn't necessarily mean that you went
5:33 pm
somewhere intending to use it. it may have been more of self- defense and look what happened here. >> reporter: an attorney representing the families of three victims who died. one of them has a criminal record. >> your past or what your history may be doesn't mean that it is open season on your life. >> reporter: some are uneasy over the fact that the suspects were released. >> it is kind of scary to know there are people out there that possibly did the crime. we don't know for sure. >> the contra costa sheriff's offices provides police services and tonight they are expected to give an announcement and an update on the status of the investigation which is by no means back at square one. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> sources are telling you that the five people arrested may not be the main ones that did the killings? they may still be out there?
5:34 pm
>> reporter: yes, there might be other suspects and the suspects who were released, at least four of them have not said whether or not all of them fired guns. four of them were arrested on suspicion of murder. they have to untangle the noodle so to speak to determine who fired the shots, whether it was self-defense and go from there. >> henry lee, thank you. we spoke with michael cardoza last hour on the four. he said the release of the suspects means investigators probably didn't have enough evidence to bring them to trial. >> say you have one witness that said i saw him shoot at this person. all right, you have that but how do you know it wasn't in self-defense? what more do we have here? and the da always wants more. >> he said some witnesses in the crime may be reluctant to come forward because of the possibility of retaliation. more now on the ordinance
5:35 pm
being considered by the orlinda city council. it would prohibit short-term rentals if the host is not on the property. city council approved a 45 day auditorium. the vote would give counsel two years to impose a permanent ordinance. the meeting is set to get underway at 7 pm at the library auditorium. the man to continues for two gunmen wanted in a sunday night shooting. for killed and six wounded when gunfire broke out during a backyard football watching party at a home near fresno state university. homicide investigators say victims were all members of fresno's close-knit hmong community. investigators say they think all of the victims were targeted but so far there is still no official word on the motive for the attack. authorities arrested 50 gang members and seized dozens of weapons and 25 pounds of drugs. california attorney general announced the arrest today following a three-month
5:36 pm
investigation. authorities say the operation targeted members of a street gang. members were wanted for attempted murder, robbery, and on weapons and narcotics charges. >> i saw every day what they were doing. every day they were intent on committing harm. they were intent on killing people and purchasing illegal weapons and selling and transporting guns. intent on trafficking people. these are individuals that have to be removed from society because they pose a great harm and risk to all of us. >> the police department and the california highway patrol were part of the investigation. the attorney general of new york state announced a lawsuit against juul. this comes just one day after the state of california filed a similar lawsuit. >> reporter: another state is joining a series of lawsuits against the biggest name in vaping. the new york attorney general announcing a new lawsuit
5:37 pm
against juul labs alleging the company has been marketing its products to children helping ignite a public health crisis that caused dozens of deaths across the country. >> juul basically took a page from big tobacco's playbook by marketing its manner that was appealing to underage youth. >> reporter: juul controls 70% of the vaping market and it is becoming a popular target for the state. today's announcement comes one day after california's attorney general filed a lawsuit against juul which he claims had been less meeting customers misleading customer since day one. >> juul failed to warn its customers about health harms. >> reporter: juul denied the company targeted minors as consumers and said they are working cooperatively with attorneys general regulators, health officials and other stakeholders to combat underage use and convert adult smokers from combustible cigarettes.
5:38 pm
but, it may be too late for the company to rehabilitate its image. with vape stores reporting a steep decline in sales of more illnesses and deaths are reported. >> in the last month it has gone from $1000 a day to $300 a day on average. today's announcement comes as president trump appears to be backing down from a nationwide ban on vaping flavors. in new york, foxbusiness. the american medical association is calling for an immediate ban on all electronic cigarettes and vaping devices. they adopted the sweeping stance today at his policymaking meeting in san diego. the group said it plans on lobbying for laws, regulations or legal action to achieve the van. they expect the e-cigarette industry to fight back. and engine exploded midflight killing a woman on board. what the ntsb told boeing today about making their debts safer. the death of jeffrey epstein makes it all the way to congress. why two guards on duty the night of the death are facing
5:39 pm
criminal charges.
5:40 pm
5:41 pm
federal officials say boeing needs to redesign its engine covers on some planes after a deadly accident last year. ntsb made the recommendation at its meeting today. a passenger on a southwest flight was killed after a blade and engine fan during flight causing the engine to blow apart. debris shattered the window
5:42 pm
next to the woman partially sucking her out of the plane. several other passengers were hurt. ntsb said the broken fan blade was old and cracked. boeing said it plans to implement enhancements that address safety recommendations. the head of the federal prison bureau was interviewed in the death of jeffrey epstein. back in august while he was awaiting trial on six trafficking charges. he was able to kill himself in his cell. two guards who were supposed to monitor him are facing criminal charges for failing to conduct routine rounds and falsifying records to show that they do check on him. they are accused of sitting at their desks and taking naps instead of doing their rounds including mandatory counts of prisoners. >> we have some bad staff. we want rid of those that staff who don't do their job. we want them gone one way or another either by prosecution or termination. >> reporter: an attorney for
5:43 pm
one of the guards said both of them and are being scapegoated for the death of epstein because he was such a high- profile inmate. the taliban released two hostages in southern afghanistan ending three years in captivity. the family of kevin king said he is with u.s. officials in afghanistan getting medical care ahead of his return home. king and australian timothy weeks were kidnapped in august 2016 by the taliban. they were both professors at the american university of kabul. the release comes hours after the afghan governor freed three taliban prisoners. hundreds of students have given up the fight in the standoff with riot police here at hong kong polytechnic. a few hard-core protesters appear to be preparing a last stand. i will have details coming up. and bay area whether we are clearing out this evening. we are tracking a wind event.
5:44 pm
the timing of the strongest winds that will move into the area. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ if you're living with a condition, kaiser permanente's integrated care team will help you get through life without missing a beat. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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antigovernment protesters are holed up inside hong kong polytechnic university. are abo university possibly preparing for a last stand. jonathan hunt with more. >> reporter: dozens of exhausted protesters streamed out of the campus of hong kong polytechnic university tuesday
5:47 pm
short of food and water, there fighting spirit zapped by a three-day police siege. police arrested those over 18 the minute they stepped off the campus. the remaining students worried about the treatment by police and their prospects for a fare trial. >> i just want to live here. >> reporter: standoff led to some of the worst violence we have seen since the protests began in june. police firing tear gas and rubber bullets and protesters throwing firebombs to drive police back. officials say anyone involved and anyone who helped them will have to face justice. >> no one is above the law. no excuse. it cannot spare anyone from legal liability. yields keep the increase in violence prompting strong criticism of the hong kong and chinese authorities from secretary of state mike pompeo on monday.
5:48 pm
and in turn drawing a sharp response from beijing. warning the u.s. not to interfere. >> translator: china urges the u.s. to earnestly respect china's sovereignty, stop making remarks and stop interference into hong kong affairs. >> reporter: the majority of protesters have given up the battle at the university, they say the war for what they believe are there democratic rights and it will go on. jonathan hunt, ktvu fox 2 news. amnesty international is reporting security forces in iran they have killed more than 100 protesters as part of the crackdown on demonstrations. the protest began friday in response to iran's nationwide shutdown the minute. the government acknowledged five deaths including four members of their security forces and they blamed the protest on foreign saboteurs. amnesty international said at least 106 demonstrators have been killed and 21 iranian
5:49 pm
cities. major ski resorts in the lake tahoe area are preparing for a possible power outage. pg&e turned off the lights at many ski resorts during a massive power outage three weeks ago and there is a chance of another plant power outage as early as tomorrow due to the expected dangerous fire conditions. there is concern and confusion at sugar bowl and add their and other ski resorts. >> we can't run snowmaking machines without power. they have not given us a definitive data. >> reporter: there are concerns a power outage could delay opening day at sugar bowl. ski season is officially set to begin on november 29 which is black friday. bill is off tonight and is what you think about the winds tomorrow particularly here in the north bay. >> winds will be above 40 miles an hour. every time we have offshore wind events it drives things up
5:50 pm
more. the only thing that gets rid of fire danger is rainfall. it is such an interesting pattern. we have snow in the forecast for the sierra, rain in southern california but no rain for us. we have the red flag fire warning. we heard about the sierra with resorts possibly losing power. mother nature will help out a little bit. a winter weather advisory with snow above 7500 feet. 2-4 inches. this is in place until 7 pm wednesday evening. for us closer to home winds will continue to be the big story and the big concern with the red flag fire warning in place. northbay and east bay hills. about 3500 feet we could have winds going above 50 miles an hour. in the valleys, santa rosa and napa as well we could have got gusts above 30 miles an hour.
5:51 pm
4 am until 7 am on thursday winds will continue to pick up. right now it is breezy but not that dangerous. winds will move around overnight. gusts possibly over 40 miles an hour. it is still very dry. relative humidity could be coming down to around 10%. we will show you a bunch of numbers but keep an eye on the colors. they link up to stronger winds. as we head into wednesday the strongest winds focus in the northbay. this is tomorrow morning at 7 am. red flag warning in place. this is 5 pm and still winds stick around into wednesday night. finally on thursday we will get a bit of a break. the red flag warning, we noticed if a fire were to start it would spread rapidly and that is the key concern with the winds increasing out of the north and east. we are showing you this forecast model. the winds are picking up
5:52 pm
tomorrow and backing off as we head into thursday with improving conditions by that time. satellite showing you this where we have clear skies and patchy fog. snow showers could develop out in the sierra and current numbers right now, we have san francisco 55. santa rosa 60 and wind speeds are picking up at the surface. fairfield at 15 and sfo gusting at 38 miles an hour. outside some patchy fog trying to regroup near portions of the coastline. here we go with overnight lows. a chill in the air with 40s 250 degrees. this is a system that will set up the wind event and also some rain down to ourselves. the distance between high pressure offshore and low pressure to the south will set up that wind event. look at this rainfall forecast. rain towards los angeles and san diego. for us in the bay area we have clear skies and winds will be a factor all day wednesday, wednesday night and into thursday morning.
5:53 pm
highs tomorrow most areas in the 60s. winds back off thursday and remains dry as we head to the weekend. a specially equipped airplane is transporting a giant panda from washington dc all the way to china. beibei was born at the national zoo in washington four years ago. his name translates to treasure. under an agreement with the chinese government every panda born here must be returned to china by age 4. at age 6 they join china's breeding program. >> when we save a giant panda and their habitat we are saving everything that lives there and we are saving ourselves because we need nature to function in a way that provisions us with clean air, water and food. when we support pandas we are supporting ourselves. >> reporter: the giant panda was once on the endangered vichy's list. because of breeding efforts it was classified as vulnerable. there are 1800 pandas that live in the wild.
5:54 pm
all of them are located in southwestern china. for the first time in a year the land in paradise is clear. coming up tonight what california leaders announced today about debris removal following the devastating camp fire. coming up at 6 we are expecting an update from pg&e about the scheduled power shut off tomorrow. we will carry it live as soon as it begins.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
a big milestone in butte county or the state said they completed the cleanup of debris from that massive camp fire. marley martinez tells us the removal of tons of debris lifted the spirits of many people who live in paradise and neighboring communities. >> reporter: for the first time
5:57 pm
in a year acres upon acres of open, cleared land in paradise. today the state announcing its debris removal program in butte county is complete. the cleanup of destroyed homes paving the way for new ones. >> none of those people would be able to rebuild houses without this program. it is huge and the first step in our recovery. >> reporter: the california office of emergency services, cal recycle and fema banding together after the state most destructive wildfire clearing 11,000 properties and removing 3.6 million tons of debris equivalent to four golden gate bridges or 16 crew ships. >> it is truly the phoenix of the fire where we can have and help the community rebuild in an effective way. >> reporter: the project completed early and under audit. they called the feet given the challenges.
5:58 pm
>> each parcel is someone's respective life and we need to be sensitive to that. going through these properties as a level of complexity. field ski 500 people have submitted building permits. >> i have walls and trusses are delivered on thursday. >> reporter: the mayor of paradise says the next focus is tree removal. >> you can look at the house behind me and see dead trees that are hanging over that house. they will have forrester's and arborist who will determine which trees are alive and which are hazards. >> reporter: 5000 people helped with a dump truck. >> he lived at the base camp away from his family to help clean up our town. that is the story of lots of folks who have helped. i'm grateful. >> reporter: locals thankful for help from near and far.
5:59 pm
this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6. a fight in a bart train ends in a deadly stabbing. the bart police chief tries to reassure the public that part is safe. >> it wasn't a random attack. it was a fight involving two individuals that engage each other and the knife was introduced in the fight at that moment. >> the police chief said it started at a fight on the train. when the officers got on the man was dead. >> it started just before one this morning. we have been following breaking news and we have the latest developments. >> reporter: the victim was found here at the south hayward bart station with davlin's on the part train. the station just reopened within the last half hour. bart said delays will continue for some time.
6:00 pm
all of this happened around 1 pm when two men described in their 40s got into some sort of altercation on bart starting at the bay fare station. sometime during the fight the suspect pulled out a knife. when police approached the south hayward station they found the victim on the train and the suspect ran. the suspect was arrested a block away on tennyson and mission. i spoke with a worker at a car dealership at that intersection . he tells me the suspect tried to steal a dodge minivan from the dealership. the worker fought with the suspect to get his keys back. >> you look like a homeless guy. i thought it was one of the normal homeless people here. at that point it started happening. he swung at me and i swung at him again. that time i got mad and said i want my key back. as soon as i got right here, i started fighting with him


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