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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  November 20, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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shore freeway. 60 minute drive but there and when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza there is a little bit of slowing there. let's go back to the desk. pg&e has scaled back today's public safety power shut off after a change in the planned outages starting at scheduled to start in sonoma county at 4:00 all other bay area counties will not be affected. also today the state public utilities commission is holding a hearing related to last months planned power outages. commissioners have called executives from communication companies to explain their actions during the october shutoffs. that includes cable and cell phone service providers. cpuc members say they want to know how the companies coordinated with emergency officials and how service can be improved in the future. state senator steve glazer over/under plans to introduce
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legislation that could improve communication during powder shutoffs. he will propose requiring cell phone towers be equipped with backup generators. he also wants to have utilities provide battery packs to all customers who need electricity for life-saving medical devices. stay with us here at ktvu for the latest on today's power shut off. you can also get updates on website, here's a look some of the top stories this morning. new rules for short-term rental owners in orinda. city leaders unanimously passed a 45 day ordinance that requires the host to personally greet the guests and stay there on the property. it also requires a two night minimum stay. the orinda city council will meet again december 17 and may extend the ordinance or make it permanent. >> conservative commentator ann coulter scheduled to speak at
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uc berkeley tonight. the berkeley college republicans hosting the event in a speech call, adios america. people opposed coulter say they will stage a protest outside wheeler hall tonight. 10 democratic presidential candidates will debate tonight in georgia for the fifth debate of the 2020 presidential campaign. the latest national polls have joe biden leading the pack among democrats but pete buttigieg is leading in that important caucus state of iowa. tonight's debate starts at 6:00 and it will be moderated by a panel of all females. the most anticipated witness in the impeachment hearings in washington is due to testify this morning. as doug luzader reports, ambassador gordon sondland was closely involved in negotiations with ukraine that are at the heart of the investigation.ter: au ambassado gordon sondland is the wild card here. he has already changed his story once.
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will he do it again today? by a number of accounts gordon sondland had the ear of the president. the u.s. ambassador to the european union and trump daughter was part of the so- called three amigos, described as the team behind a second he has already had to correct earlier testimony acknowledging he did in fact tell an aide to the president of ukraine that usaid would probably float if that country launched corruption investigations that president trump was pushing for. >> will ann rubin now say i forgot about that? i want to tell you is there anything else is forgotten? that will be interesting to watch. >> reporter: >> i was concerned by the call. what is an appropriate agreement yesterday witnesses who listen to the fungal between president trump and the president of ukraine said they were concerned when the president brought up investigations into former vice president joe biden. in the democrat leading the impeachment inquiry slammed republicans fixed the obstructionist he got caught their objection is someone blew the whistle. >> reporter: but republicans took their own shots. >> did either of you ever have any evidence a quid pro quo? >> no, ma'am.
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>> i did not. >> any evidence of bribery? >> no, ma'am. >> no, ma'am. >> any evidence of treason? >> no, ma'am. >> what's going on is a disgrace and it's an embarrassment to our nation. >> reporter: in a cabinet meeting yesterday president trump made it clear that he is keeping tabs on the proceedings and maybe watching them closely today. beyond sondland there two other witnesses. david hill and pentagon official mark cooper. in washington, doug luzader. witness testimony in the between hearings continues at 6:00 this morning. we will have live updates here on mornings on 2 and will also carry the hearings live and on interrupted on ktvu plus. alsod.c. house speaker nanc and other members of congress will mark universal day of the child with a call for support of immigrant children. the congressional members will join a group called, the
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butterfly effect. the group created a visual representation of the thousands of immigrant children who have been or are in u.s. detention facilities. nearly 70,000 immigrant children have been held in government custody so far this year. happening today in sacramento state lawmakers will hold a hearing on california's paid family leave program. the state passed the nation's first paid family leave program in 2004 and it provides six weeks of partial wage replacement to care for a newborn baby or a seriously ill family member. next july the number of weeks of paid family leave will go up from six weeks to eight weeks. some lawmakers are concerned about that that low and middle income workers just can't afford to take advantage of the full program because of a cut in pay. passed a ban on the sale of all flavored tobacco products. councilmembers pass the ordinance at last night's meeting. the ban applies to flavored e cigarette products and menthol
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cigarettes. businesses that sell any tobacco product will also not be required to get a permit every year. stores will also not be allowed to sell tobacco within 1000 feet of a school and within 500 feet of another tobacco retailer. that law goes into effect in july. the american medical association. >> there calling for an immediate ban on all electric cigarettes and vaping devices. the group said the recent outbreak of lung illnesses and deaths linked to vaping shows how little is known about the health consequences. most of those got sick as the vaped products containing thc, the high end's ingredient in marijuana. today city leaders in martinez are considering bringing a pro baseball team back to martinez. the city council meets tonight and will go over a letter of intent from the martinez macro. the team was to begin playing in time for next year's season as part of the pecos league. the martinez clippers disbanded and broke apart earlier this year after its owner dc solar
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file for bankruptcy. the company was also rated as part of a ponzi scheme investigation involving the owners. san francisco international airport watching a pilot program for premium uber passengers. over the two month holiday season. starting today passengers who choose comfort selector xl service that domestic terminals will get picked up curbside passengers who choose others will be picked up at the designated locations in the domestic garage. write your pick is that the international terminal will remain on the departure level. lyft will not be participating. a pilot program will last for two months. they will see how it goes but i have to say i've used both here in lax and walking over to another spot to grab the car and go, it makes it nicer for families who are driving in to pick up i it to
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sfo. you walk across the street into that parking garage and that's where they all are. they know where to go. it wasn't hard at all. good morning, everyone. if i can figure it out, you can. gilroy to san jose looks pretty good. gilroy all the way up into san jose is a nice-looking drive. let's take a look at 152, 125 and also some of the freeways they look good driving into san martin and eventually into san jose all the way up to the valley. off to a good start for the silicon valley commutes. this is 280 in san jose. no major issues on interstate 880 in oakland or for that matter getting out of the bay bridge. a little backup but very little. 4:38 am.let's go to steve . thank you. red flag started at 4 am and i will take is until 7:00 the wind is picking up. relative humidity is good but heading downward as two systems, one hickton from baja
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into southern california and arizona. the other one went over us last night and did produce mount diablo, 50 miles per hour . mount tam, 41. novato hills, 40 miles per hour . by travis , 40 miles per hour . sfo, 32. use of the multiple systems impacting much of the west coast. over us it was mainly a dry system but there was a little bit of rain in lake county and maybe northern napa into sonoma and marin county. mainly sonoma county. it went from land to sea and now has moved up. northwest at 41 for middle peak near mount tam. 41 and mount diablo that is due north in you can see north at santa rosa and napa. gusting up to 30 at fairfield. you can find gusts to 40 not far away. 90% humidity in livermore but
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it is going to continue to go down. 40s to 60s. 60s to 70s today. santa rosa will be one of the warmer locations. in southern carrizal dash there is a winter weather advisory for the sierra for a couple inches of snow. there are simpler is up there mainly above 7500 but that could get down to lake level. 60s and 70s on the temperatures. warmest temperatures to the north. after tomorrow things are quiet. the meme wind may pick up again late sunday. and butte county a major milestone after the deadly camp fire. next, what cleanup crews there have now done that opens things up for rebuilding. dreamforce continues today but the protest will continue as well. we tell you about the actions some took to try to derail opening day.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the sump relief for people and butte county. state officials say it has completed the removal of debris after the deadly camp fire. ne 11,000 propertequivalent to four golden gate bridge's. >> none of those people would be able to rebuild their houses without this program.
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it's huge. it's really the first step in our recovery. >> more than 500 people have submitted building permits in paradise including the mayor for her own home. now that the debris has been removed from the mayor says the next step is removing the dead trees. the marin county board of supervisors approved a ballot measure for creating a new, wildfire prevention authority. this would include 19 fire agencies in the county and to pay for it the county will put a parcel tax measure on the march 2020 ballot. if approved, it would add $180 in taxes on a typical 1800 square foot home. officials expect it would raise about $21 million per year for vegetation management, wildfire detection and evacuation system improvements. san francisco supervisor's have declared a state of emergency to expand its emergency firefighting water system. supervisors want to make sure if a major fire earthquake
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hits, the entire city will be protected. the current water system covers about one third of the city. both the west and south sides of san francisco remain vulnerable. some supervisors say the pace of the expansion is not enough and it needs to be expedited. the first water system was put in place after the 1906 earthquake. one person in the hospital after a fire at a home in san francisco's sunset district just after 6:30 pm last night at a two-story building at 35th and noriega. the downstairs loud, boom, and his door was knocked off the hinges. he was able to make it into the garage where he found his upstairs neighbor had been burned. >> firefighters were confronted with live powerlines that were down in front of the building and the side of the building as well as the inside gas leak,
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residential gas leak in the building. >> officials say the burn victim was sent to a burn center. the fire itself was contained to one building. the investigation continues into the cause. three people and a dog were displaced. lawmakers from across the state plan to call on the governor to visit oil and gas drilling today. berkeley was the first city in the country to ban the installation of gas lines in new homes. now the mayor and officials from nearly 50 other counties are pushing for a statewide environmental effort. the non-partisan group called elected leaders to protect california will be making the public plea to governor newsom at noon in front of berkeley city hall. governor newsom may need to peters activist to the punch. yesterday the hall to the approval of hundreds of new fracking permits until independent scientists can review them. governor newsom said the move is part of his effort to reduce the state's dependence on fossil fuels for environmentalists have condemned fracking which uses water and chemicals at high pressure to extract oil and natural gas.
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the santa cruz county board of supervisors approved an ordinance that requires businesses to charge $.25 for single use disposable cups. this takes effect july 1, 2020 and only applies to unincorporated parts of the county. the santa cruz county officials estimate 50 million disposable cups are thrown away every year in that county. governor newsom has named san francisco superior court judge terry jackson to the states 1st district court of appeal. if confirmed she would be the first african-american woman to serve on the appellate court based in san francisco. jackson has served as a superior court judge for 17 years and her career has also included positions in the san mateo and san francisco district attorney's office as well as teaching at uc hastings and usf law school. in oakland jack london square may finally get something the people there one for a long time. the public food hall which is being called oakland assembly will overlook the oakland estuary and have a big , a stag
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future as many as 25 chefs on the ground floor. the second floor will be designed as a banquet hall. oakland assembly is expected to open this coming summer. the annual convention for salesforce continues in san francisco today with a fleetwood mac concert capping off the events. on the first day the company ceo deliver the keynote address. >> good morning, everybody and welcome to dreamforce 2019. >> and as we have spoken to all of you, there is one word that continues to come up over and over again and it is the word that we are all anchored to today and at this conference and it is together. >> but there was controversy. protesters repeatedly interrupted cofounder and co- ceo marc benioff's speech before they were escorted out of the center.
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immigrant rights activists rallied outside the conference saying that salesforce provides technology to customs and border protection but inside salesforce leaders highlighted inclusivity as one of their core principles. one of the speakers who took the stage was a navy that who said the platform gave him new opportunities. >> veterans coming out they may not have those skills to compete in the workforce but salesforce accelerates you because if you learn the platform and you do well, you see me the conference runs through friday. with all the commissioners set to leave before the thanksgiving holiday. let's get you to where you need to go. sal is here and he can take care of that. yes. here i am. had to put my glasses on. i feel like my dad. what is that you said ? >> i do the same things. >> do you see clearly now ? >> and the rain is gone. >> i knew there was a song there. good morning. let's take a look at what we have now because i can see all
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obstacles in your way here and there is just bit of slow traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. and all of the dark clouds are gone now, steve. this is a look at the golden gate bridge. traffic is moving along well heading south. no major problems here if you're driving. the wind, i will ask steve about the wind in a bit but i want to mention the traffic has been doing well from petaluma down to san rafael and from vallejo to richmond. even highway 4 does not have a big slowdown yet. we will leave it alone. we won't say much until the traffic does let's bring steve in. i saw what you did there, sal. nice job. okay. not as bad as when you say where are my glasses and they are on your head. a red flag wanting is out in a winter weather advisory for sierra snow. strong wind has developed. up to about 60 miles per hour at mount st. helena.
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that is at 4300 feet but the red flag warning will take us until 7 am tomorrow. the wind should taper off late tonight and tomorrow. 35-40 miles per hour at the surface already . these are some of the observed gusts i've had time to look up at mount st. helena, 59. your mount tam, 41. novato hills, 40. near travis, 40 in sfo has had gusts of 32. it is rain city for las vegas in phoenix and san diego. del mar had a lot of rain yesterday. flooding in the streets. some of that pushing off. two systems impacting them. we had rain last night and that was to the north. san jose had 0.05 and that was a lightning strike observed in the santa cruz mountains around midnight. this low had a little energy and there were some forecast model that hinted at it. northwest it mount tam near 41. diablo at 40-45. there is your 30th travis. north at napa, santa rosa oakland and novato.
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humidity is going down. still good. 80% for some but 39% in fairfield. 40s, 50s and 60s due to that north wind. it's warm in fairfield and vacaville. you can find some cooler temperatures. 60s today. 74 in santa rosa today. that system will produce widespread rain. moderate to heavy in the desert southwest in southern california. there is the system wrapping is for the sierra mainly above lake level but there's been a dusting and mixed precip and truckee. that winter weather advisory go through today. most of this is above 7000 feet but 2-4, ysleta 6-8 above 7500. 60s and 70s today. the warmest temperatures will be the north wind. breezy and cooler and then quiet until another wind event sunday and monday. just a reminder. download the ktvu weather app d forecast and an easy feature to upload your weather and
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videos. the ktvu weather app is free to download for your smart phone or tablet. some new render for airbnb rentals coming up. new requirements for rentals after the deadly halloween night shootings at a party. plus, how the field of top democratic presidential candidates is tightening as they get ready to debate tonight in georgia. first, we want to show you the panel of celebrities who were dancing during the lakers' halftime show performance. ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a kidnapped goat in the central valley has been found and has been returned. we're talking about bella the goat. seen on surveillance video being stolen sunday night from a farm and that sarah's unified school district. it took them a while but these kidnappers stole 10-month-old bella but hours later bella was return. that these are still on the loose. >> i was worried they weren't getting her properly or giving her water or if they fetter something poisonous. i wasn't sure and i was scared for her. >> tried to right a wrong. he did make an attempt to fix what they had done.
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>> it's not the first time an animal had been stolen from this particular school. in the last year there have been three separate thefts. since then administrators have installed security cameras. we have a happy update to a sad holiday story we told you about yesterday morning. 18 from san jose's christmas in the park event spent yesterday putting up new holiday decorations at the home of shelley gimenez. thieves stole her elaborate christmas display that she built for her son who has a terminal illness. these new holiday decorations filled the entire front yard at her home. san jose police are hoping home surveillance video will help capture the thieves. the san jose sharks's six- game winning streak is over after a 5-to loss at the hands of the oilers. the division leading edmonton oilers score the first goal just minutes in the first period.
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the sharks never caught up. the only scored once in the first and again in the third. now the sharks head to las vegas to play their fierce rivals, the golden knights, tomorrow night. the warriors won and now they will play the second night of a back-to-back tonight in dallas against the mavericks. last night against the grizzlies alex burch led the warriors with 29 points. draymond green was just two points short of another triple- double and the warriors won their third game of the season- 114-95. tonight's game against the mavericks starts at 4:30 pm. retired new england patriot rob gronkowski is sending spending some of his free time perfecting his dance moves. there is gronk right there just cutting loose last night during the halftime show at the lakers game. he wasn't the only celebrity there. this is james corden. the late-night talkshow host dancing with the lakers' girls and yes that is venus williams. yes. looking good. at the end everyone got
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together at half court and took a picture. >> please, please, please, be alert and have a plan. power shut off the expected this morning but the scope of the outages significantly smaller. we will show you which areas may still go dark. a fight on the bart train overshoes leads to a deadly stabbing. how a man who tried to break up the fight became a victim in the confrontation. good morning in thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. wednesday, november 20. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. happening as we speak right now the bay area is under a red flag fire warning that will stay in effect until 7:00 tomorrow morning. this covers the north bay mountains, the east bay hills and the diablo range from the higher elevations in solano county to santa clara county. that fire danger is rising
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because of looking nudity and there are strong winds. speaking of the wind let's check in with steve paulson on this red flag warning and the weather. is started at 4 am and goes until tomorrow. most of the strongest gusts will be today in higher elevations but working gusts of 40 miles per hour yes, there is some sierra snow and he winter weather advisory out until 7:00 but it's all about the wind. there is the system that did produce rain to the north and ford said that to crews mountains which picked up some in san jose did as well. that system is pushed out and the wind is picking in. gust of 40 miles per hour at fairfield, north at napa . 40s and 50s to 60 at the napa airport. that's a north wind kicking in their mind. all the rain is in southern california and for us today highs in the 60s to 74 in san jose. we do


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