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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  November 21, 2019 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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rider to death on a train is facing a judge in court. what we are learning about his violent interaction with a paramedic before the killing. former president barack obama draws a big crowd as he delivers the keynote address at the dreamforce convention. >> just hearing him speak, just to be in the same room as him. >> for ktvu fox 2 news, this is the 4. a former russia expert on the national security council and a political counselor at the u.s. embassy in ukraine testified on this, day five, of the house impeachment hearings. today's hearing is the last one scheduled for now in the impeachment inquiry into president trump. welcome. i am heather holmes. >> and i am alex savidge. new details on how the pressure campaign against ukraine was carried out.
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before today's hearing, president trump attacked house democrats. more on what we learned from today's witnesses. >> the president called democrats "human scum." this wraps up hours of testimony for now. both sides, digging in an making their case to the american public. >> some of you on this committee appear to believe that russia and its security services did not conduct a campaign against our country, and that perhaps, somehow, for some reason, ukraine did. this is a fictional narrative. >> reporter: dr. fiona hill, opening her testimony by condemning claims by president trump and republicans that ukraine meddled in the 2016 election. at issue, the allegation that president trump withheld military aid and a white house visit to pressure ukraine to
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investigate joe and hunter biden. republicans say, they never questioned russia's role. >> it's entirely possible for two separate countries to engage in meddling at the same time. >> reporter: dr. hill noted the political chaos. >> this is exactly what the russian government was hoping for. >> reporter: david holmes, the top staffer at the embassy of ukraine said he overheard conversations between sondland and the president. >> ambassador sondland stated that the president only cares about big stuff. i noted there was big stuff going on in ukraine, like a war with russia. ambassador sondland replied that he meant big stuff that benefits the president, like the biden investigation. >> reporter: republicans asked why it took until now for him to come forward, and posted to his testimony, it was his
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impression that aid was tied to the investigations. both witnesses say personal attorney rudy giuliani headed up the push involving sondland. >> he was being involved in a domestic political errand, and we will being involved in national security foreign policies. >> reporter: republicans dismissed the testimony and continued to say, there is no evidence of an impeachable offense. >> what you've seen in this room over the last two weeks is a show trial. the plant result of three years of political operations and dirty tricks. >> reporter: president trump tweeted throughout the hearing, questioning the account of the phone call, saying, "never have i been watching a person make a call which was not on speakerphone and be able to hear or understand a conversation." lawmakers are set to break for the thanksgiving holiday. republicans say they've been left in the dark about what's next in the process. we will see if and when democrats are ready to go to
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the house judiciary committee to present evidence. regularly, ktvu fox 2 news. >> we will have more on the hearing when we head over to ktvu plus at 4:30. has started safety inspections to restore power for over 60,000 customers affected by the latest rounds of shutoffs. power has been restored to more than half of those customers, including 67% of people in napa county and 97% in sonoma county. pg&e says it has more than 5500 employees on the ground right now, inspecting equipment and lines, as well as 45 helicopters offering assistance in the air. the winds have died down. for a look at current conditions, let's bring in meteorologist mark tamayo. a little relief that high-flyer conditions have expired. >> those dangerous offshore winds have worried us for the last couple of days. they have been backing off quite a bit. red flag warning has been allowed to expire. that's a nice development. most areas, around 10 to 20
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miles-per-hour. the system responsible for all of the stormy weather, down toward southern california and for our wind event is scooting east. we still have somewhat of an offshore flow out there. fire dangers are still elevated, but not as critically high as yesterday at this time. as we come in closer to the bay area, clear to partly cloudy skies, patchy fog mere the coastline of santa cruz county. temperatures right now, san francisco, 59 degrees. santa rosa, checking in at 65, and san jose, 64. here is our live camera looking out toward sfo. i am looking at that tree or bush on the bottom of your screen. there's a breeze out there, but the winds have not completely relaxed. still, a dramatic improvement compared to yesterday. overnight lows will be chilly.
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the cool spots, close to 30. 33, clear, and cool for santa rosa. patchy fog around the inland valleys and the bay. we get a break in terms of those winds backing off in your friday forecast. possibly, another offshore wind event and possibly rain chances into next week. we will have more on that forecast coming up in just a little bit. the man accused of stabbing a good samaritan to death on a b.a.r.t. train made his first court appearance today. but henry lee is at the courthouse with more on what happened today. >> reporter: the suspect did not answer with a plea to the murder charge. the entire attack was caught on video aboard the b.a.r.t. train. a witness says the suspect attacked the victim with his knife, after trying to steal his shoes. jermaine brim hid behind a wall
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during his first court appearance. prosecutors charged brim with murder for a deadly fight on tuesday. new details are emerging about what happened. the entire incident was caught on surveillance video on the train. sources say, brim removed a shoe from a sleeping passenger and tried to grab the other shoe. williams tried to stop him, and they began to fight. that's when the suspect tried to rub the good samaritan of his shoes. after struggling for several minutes, the victim took out a knife from his pocket. brim overpowered him, and stabbed him in his neck with his own knife. he tried to wash off the blood from the attack before carjacking two cars. hours before, brim had attacked a paramedic for a psychiatric evaluation, but he walked away from the hospital. san leandro hospital was designated one of few facilities where patients
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needing psychiatric evaluations can be held. sergeant ray kelly said, it's not unheard of for psychiatric patients to leave a hospital, especially if they are not under arrest. >> there would be no officers on the street if we stayed at every psychiatric hold in this state. >> reporter: the suspect is being held without bail. he will be back in court on december six that. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. we have more information on brim's court appearance and the investigation into that deadly stabbing on our homepage at still to come at 4:00, investigators released the type of gun that was used in that southern california high school shooting, bringing up a lot more questions about build- it-yourself firearms. we will take you to dreamforce, where president trump inspired thousands.
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. attendees of dreamforce lined up early this morning, hoping to hear former president barack obama. >> christien kafton was in the room as the former president spoke. the crowd, telling you, he didn't disappoint. >> reporter: the former president and salesforce co-ceo talked for about an hour. they didn't talk about current
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politics, but they did talk about big issues. those who attended said they found them inspiring. thousands lined up outside dreamforce, waiting for hours to sit in on a fireside chat between salesforce ceo mark benioff, and former president barack obama. the former president of what it directly talking about former politics, but indirectly the former president joked about the debunked birther conspiracy theory saying, "these are strange times we live in, aren't they?" he spent more time talking about broad issues that he is coidchange is at the top. "there is such a thing as too late." he also said the widening gap between the rich and poor, and the info age that allows people to avoid challenging ideas. the former president also said inclusivity and empowering women
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will be the key to problem solving in business going forward saying, "diversity is not charity, not something you do to be nice. if you are running a business, and you have no african- american, latino, or asian americans, you are missing a market." >> it's about compassionate capitalism, where you really have to not just look to make a dollar, but you have to do well by doing good. >> reporter: attendees, saying the former president was inspirational. >> extremely inspiring. he addressed very important things. he addressed everybody. >> reporter: the former president also had one more broad message for people attending today. he said, the same message he has for his own daughters is to be kind and to be useful. he says, if you are kind and
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you are useful, you will find like-minded people who will work with you to solve even the biggest problems. christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. the california supreme court has just blocked a law that would require presidential candidates to release their tax returns. that decision means president trump is not required to release his taxes in order to appear on the state primary ballot. the bill was authored by senator scott weiner and mayor scott mcguire. governor newsom signed the law back in july. all seven judges ruled against the law, which would have required presidential candidates to submit their last five years of tax returns. the ruling says the law is unconstitutional. the weapon used in last week's santa clarita school gho gun. the sheriff confirmed it was assembled from parts and didn't have a registration number. detectives are trying to determine if the 16-ar-old shooter built the 45 caliber handgun or received some help
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putting it together. two students were killed and three others were injured in the shooting. the gun and then shot himself and died one day later. police at uc berkeley arrested five people during the demonstration last night on campus. they were protesting an appearance by conservative columnist ann coulter. more than 4500 students gathered outside of wheeler hall. they say she spreads a message of division. protesters tried to stop the event, but they were not successful. some harassed people trying to enter the building to hear coulter. campus officials say, they were pleased they were able to protect free speech on all sides of the issue. >> it was an event where people got to listen to her or protest her if that's what they wanted to do. for myself, i view it as being a successful event.
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but most of the five arrests were for failure to obey police. one person was taken into custody for attacking an officer. coming up, some of the very first evacuees from the kincade fire are some of the very last to return home. we will hear from some of them after the break.
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dedicated, passionate, driven medical and non-medical professionals to deliver on our belief in total health for all. we are kaiser permanente. thrive. the kincade fire burned nearly 8000 acres.
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>> it was contained weeks ago, but residents of a senior living center in windsor just returned home today. tom baker has more on the emotional homecoming. >> reporter: a most welcome homecoming for the 55 residents of the beautiful and fully restored brookdale windsor senior assisted living community. the seniors, some for the second time, were evacuated on october 26 as the raging, out- of-control kincade fire took direct aim at windsor. >> we went through this in 2017. we got very little notice. basically, i knew i had 20 minutes. >> reporter: while some residents spent the time with family or friends, the majority were taken to santa rosa. it turns out only for one night because that community was also
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evacuated. they were bused to another brookdale facility far away from smoke and fire to scotts valley, 135 miles away, where they've been living for almost a month. >> the team from windsor did travel on the bus. they did have our staff caring for them in scotts valley, so they knew the nurses and caregivers. i was there. they had familiar faces the entire time. >> reporter: the majority of the time was so that heavy smoke damage could be sanitized, repaired, repainted, and retested. the staff decided a brookdale welcome back party was very much in order. >> i have made good friends here and i feel comfortable here. it's a beautiful place, and it's just good. >> we talked about it all the time. we said we wished we were back there. we really did. >> we felt
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pretty trapped down there, but we finally got our act together, got our buses together, and here we are. >> i think it's nothing short of a miracle that windsor is still here. we owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the fire department and first responders. >> this is not just a homecoming. it's home. >> reporter: they are home for the holidays. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. weatherwise, we have dialed back on those winds, thankfully as we give you a live look outside. right there, the golden gate bridge. what a gorgeous shot, looking off toward marin county. the other thing folks now are going to be looking forward to is the possibility, the slight possibility that the storm door is cracked open ever so slightly. >> maybe just a little bit. as a forecaster, you can never promise anything.
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next week, increasing the probability that we do have some rainfall in the forecast. take a look at the wimps for higher elevations. yesterday, helena with gusts over 70 miles-per-hour. right now, just 4 miles-per- hour. the conditions have really backed off and the red flag warning was allowed to expire this morning. that's a nice development. our old system, at least the one that produced the showers, the snow showers in the sierra, southern california rainfall, is kind of scooting east. that was one of the components that helped produce stronger winds yesterday. clear to partly cloudy skies across a portion of the bay area. santa rosa, 65. oakland, 65. san francisco and half moon bay, both in the upper 50s. san jose, currently 64 degrees. most areas in the 60s right
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now. that will be the case not only for tomorrow but into the weekend. as for wind speeds closer to the surface, these numbers have come down quite a bit. you can see three to 7 miles- per-hour. sfo, a calm wind. san jose, winds out of the northwest at about 8 miles-per- hour. looking forward sfo this afternoon, we have mostly clear skies and a little hayes, but we are hanging onto a dry weather pattern. some patchy fog could form near the coast and portions of the bay, even some of the inland valley's. this forecast isn't showing it, but whenever you have a stable pattern like this, it could lead to fog. into the afternoon hours, lots of 60s by about 3:00. in san francisco, partly cloudy. patchy fog tomorrow. lots of sunshine for your friday afternoon. temperatures on track to reach 63 degrees. here's the set up in the
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pacific. this area of high pressure is offshore, so that dry weather pattern remains in place for friday and into the weekend with hazy sunshine expected. a bit of sunshine ushers in changes next week. there could be another round of offshore winds. we will see what that does with fire danger. that will be somewhat of a concern into monday. after that, quickly on its heels, we have a system out. . that could lead to rainfall as early as tuesday afternoon. a better bet by tuesday afternoon. in the short-term, so clear skies, patchy fog could be a factor tomorrow morning, and then lots of sunshine in your friday's forecast. over the weekend, not too much even if tuesday starts out dry. later tuesday, this is tuesday night, talking about rain chances into wednesday. i know wednesday is a big travel day. we could still have a shower
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chance into thursday for thanksgiving. a lot can change between now and then, but by tuesday night, we watched those rain chances in the bay area forecast. the forecast hi should stay mainly in the 60s. san francisco, 63. san jose, 65. all right, in the upper 60s. it's pretty quiet over the next few days. pretty chilly mornings tomorrow morning into saturday. look at that strange thing tuesday. >> what is that? >> i had to search for the graphic. >> you haven't used it in a long time. >> any amount will be a needed amount. >> a quarter to a half inch. coverage of thursday night football is coming up next, right here on ktvu. the battle for the first place in the afc south with the texans hosting the colts. >> the colts won the first
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round in indianapolis. tonight's match is in houston. kristina pink has more. >> reporter: this week's matchup is a battle of afc south rivals. both the colts and texans are six-4, but the colts are coming off of a victory. it was a ground game that powered them to a victory last week. now, that is on the shelf, but williams is hoping for an encore performance in houston. speaking of houston, justin houston is a problem with eight sacks on the season. he is well on his way to a double digits year. the texans are angry and they want a rebound after getting thrown out by the baltimore ravens. deshaun watson, with his arm and his leg, will be a threat.
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that's all on thursday night football on fox. >> it is. be sure to stick around after the game for a full wrapup of thursday night sports. again, that is coming up right after the game here on ktvu. we are heading over to ktvu plus to continue our news coverage. we will have more on today's top stories. we hope you will join us there. coming up next on ktvu, we are taking you to houston for thursday night football on fox. the texans, taking on the indianapolis colts of next here on ktvu. on ktvu. ok, network inspection. -ok. connected to wifi, protected from threats. thermostat - connected, protected. speaker, space vacuum... [ whispering ] connected, protected. shh. eh, this is not connected or protected. but, that's a family heirloom. and, it's a family security breach. it's gotta go. with xfinity xfi, if it's connected, it's protected. pull the truck around.
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. >> when things go wrong as they sometimes do and the road seems all uphill. >> the hardest decision in my life. >> j.j. watt went to the locker room. >> you want to smile but you have to sigh. when care is pressing down, rest if you must. but don't you quit. >> this is the nfl, let's go. >> life is strange with its twists and turns as every one of us sometimes learns. >> 0-0. >> success is failure turned
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