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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  November 25, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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what happened. he joins us now in our newsroom. >> reporter: well, julie, this chilling new video shows at least two shooters opened fire. the gunfire killed two boys and a minivan. one, only 11 years old. >> this is dangerous. we have a lot of businesses, we have children, muscle lighting up the night showing the moment to boys ages 11 and 14 were gunned down in a parking lot of a union city elementary school. >> i heard like for or five banks. it was super loud. you could hear it echo in the sky. >> reporter: the securities camera captioned what happened about 1:30 saturday morning. in the video, you see two pairs of headlight. the vehicle on the right, the minivan with the victims inside. at least two people's opened fire. the minivan takes off it crashes into a tree. a memorial now sits outside the
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school, honoring the victims identified only as kevin, who was 11, and sean, who was 14. >> it was really shocking, knowing that they were just that younger men they weren't even most likely not even in high school. not even an adult yet. it was really sad. >> we are heartbroken, and outraged. that the lives of an 11 and 14- year-olds were taken away from their friends and their family. and we have no idea if they were targeted. or if they come were there to meet somebody. >> reporter: union city police say a motive is unclear. investigators are trying to build a timeline leading up to the shooting. >> we don't know how long these two juveniles were together. what they have been doing throughout the day. and what led them to the actual parking lot, and why they were there. >> reporter: some have questioned why the boys were out in the middle of the night. >> it doesn't matter what these kids were doing before. it doesn't matter what they had done in the past. there were kids. and i just want to know why,
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what was the motive, for shooting them and just leaving them? >> reporter: police have boosted patrols in the area. they say some people may be reluctant to come forward. police say they need all the help they can get to solve this case. and really, ktvu. >> do we know anything about whether they were alone in the car or if there were other young people in that van with them? >> reporter: the police are not telling us if they know whether other people were in the van. they also tell me the ban was not stolen, they know who it belongs to. >> henry lee can our newsroom tonight. a 29-year-old man was arrested last week in connection with a mass shooting on halloween night in orinda. he appeared in court today. the man pleaded not rom being a felon in possession of a gun. and, a felon in possession of ammunition. cameras weren't allowed inside the contra costa county courtroom for his arraignment. investigators have not said exactly how he is related to the shooting that left five people dead. prosecutors are asking the
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public for more help. >> this is, again a extremely sensitive and complicated investigation. any help we can get from anybody who has any information is extremely valuable. i can tell you that there are a lot of resources going into this investigation. >> along with jones, another man was also arrested last week on charges related to the shooting. he has not yet appeared in court. the arrest came days after five other men were taken into custody on suspicion of murder. four of those men were later released. the district attorney's office at prosecutors didn't think they had enough evidence to file criminal charges. oakland police are investigating a botched robbery of a coin shop. the suspects exact and a stray bullet shock a person inside their home. ktvu's allison rodriguez joins us now. with more on how that person is doing tonight. >> reporter: julie, we are told that person was taken to the hospital. they are listed in stable
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condition at this time. it all started at this point exchange behind me. those gunshots, fired just a block away. one neighbor told me she normally walk through this area but she decided to go a different route this morning. >> it does make me feel kind of like, questions, maybe it isn't as safe as i thought. >> reporter: fortunately, she wasn't around when all of this happened. oakland police say around 10:00 this morning, they received a call about an armed robbery at the northern california corn exchange. they say the owner told them two men armed with guns walked in and demanded collectibles and other items. and when they got the merchandise, they ran out of the door, and down the street. that's when the store owner decided to go after them. actually, track them down just about a block away down ellwood. that is when the two sides exchanged gunfire. they say also when the stray bullet went through a home, striking the person who was inside. >> this is dangerous.
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we have a lot of businesses, we have children, we have a lot of pedestrians, vehicle traffic, bicycle traffic, this is a very busy area. we are talking about a gunshot, that is a concern for all of us. >> reporter: police say those two men dropped what they had taken and they got away. authorities were able to recover the stolen items, they are still looking for the suspects. now, the business remains close tonight, and police say they have been searching through surveillance video in this area, they continue the investigation. but, they are asking for everybody out there to do their part. they say if you know anything about this, please give them a call. reporting live in oakland, allison rodriguez, ktvu. and we are learning that a man who is 100 one years old was killed in a fire in the community of rossmoor in walnut creek over the weekend. the fire broke out on saturday night in a residential complex with eight units.
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the corners office says that arthur gertz died in the only unit that actually burned in the fire. investigators say three other units had smoke and water damage. obviously, forcing several residents to find temporary housing. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. rossmoor is an adult community for people who are 55 and older. now to washington where house intelligence committee german adam schiff says his committee plans to submit its impeachment report to the judiciary committee after congress returns from the thanksgiving recess. the highest ranking republican on the intelligence committee, devon nunez, is denying a report that he met indian of with a former ukrainian prosecutor to discuss investigating the bidens. as fox news ray boykin tells us, he is threatening to sue the media outlets that published those reports. >> reporter: nearly a year ago, california economists and devon nunez reportedly traveled to europe with three of his age. now, there are questions about who he met, and if he was partly there to dig up dirt on
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the bidens. >> they ran with a story that they should be racing to retract right now. >> reporter: new york congressman lee duncan defending the ranking member of the house intelligence committee, saying he believed devon nunez, that his story first reported righted by cnn and the daily beef is false. he says he plans to sue both media outlets in federal court when congress returns after reports nunez met with ukrainian prosecutors last year to push for an investigation into the bidens. both stories setting the attorney, an associate of rudy giuliani's, who is currently under house arrest. and i'm the last guy don't want to go into the court. but, the media has become totally corrupt. but now they are willing to actually engage and help with criminals. indicted criminal. >> reporter: however, nunez says he is grateful for all the media coverage over the past two weeks. that showed the impeachment inquiry public hearings. he says it gave americans an opportunity to see that the investigation is a hoax. house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff
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disagreeing, saying the panel is finalizing a report on the investigations finding. >> the facts are really not contested. it's really not congested with the president did. what is open to questions whether members of congress are going to do their duty. >> reporter: wants the impeachment report is completed, it will go to the house judiciary committee. democrats will then decide whether to draft articles of impeachment. in washington, ray bogan, fox news. and late today, a federal judge in washington ordered former white house counsel don began to appear before congress. he was a key member in the russia investigation. democrats want to question him about possible obstruction of justice by the president. the ruling could be two subpoenas for other high- ranking administration officials. including former national security advisor, john bolton. the white house is expected to appeal. today president trump is defending his decision to fire maybe secretary richard spencer.
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mark mester asked for spencer's resignation yesterday because of his handling of the eddie gallagher controversy. gallagher is the navy s.e.a.l. who was tried for war crimes including killing and isis captain in iraq. it was only convicted for taking a picture with a dead body. the navy then announced a full review of the case. to determine whether to strip gallagher of his seal status. a decision the president did not agree with. >> i think what i'm doing is sticking up for our armed forces. and, there has never been a president that is going to stick up for them and has like i have. including the fact that we spent 2 1/2 trillion dollars on rebuilding our armed forces. and, some very unfair things were happening. >> reporter: secretary richard spencer and was asked for his resignation over his handling of the eddie gallagher controversy controversy and in a letter submitted on his way out, spencer said he and the president did not agree on quote, the key principle of good order and discipline. and said he was given an order
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that he could not obey. two pedestrians killed in a span of just six hours. coming up at 5:30, new data that shows despite efforts to reduce deadly traffic convictions, the numbers are not getting any better. >> reporter: plus amazon, adding hundreds of jobs in the bay area. details about the two new distribution centers that amazon is opening here. and plus, it's a good start to finally put the fire season, and the power shut off behind us. although south bay is preparing for the first storm this fall. and whether back in the news in terms of rain and fire danger going away. we'll have the details on what you can expect as we go into tuesday. ♪
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the combined companies are expected to move their main
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offices to the dollar ft. worth area. charles schwab and td ameritrade are among the largest brokerages in the online financial world. if approved by regulators, the two companies will serve 24 million clients with more than $5 trillion in client assets. the schwab td ameritrade deal helped stocks move higher today. the dow gained 190 point. nasdaq rose 112. the s&p was up 23. investors were also encouraged by new talks between the u.s. and china. the first storm this season is expected to hit the bay area this week. that'll certainly help with fire danger and power shut off. los gatos, was one of many cities that had the power to last month. >> reporter: several businesses here on main street lost their power twice ri recent power shut off. this incoming rain for employees here means some relief for the threat when it comes to another one. it's beginning to feel more like fall around the bay area.
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and i kind of like it when it's a little colder outside. because, when it's 90 degrees, when it is november. [ laughter ] i want to be in fall close. >> reporter: the wind with palm trees and flag the like on a cool, and breezy november morning. >> it's a reason to bundle up and get a little warmer. i just walked outside my front door and it was like, hit me in the face. and now, big or weather changes are in the forecast with the seasons first rain expected tuesday evening into wednesday morning. >> i'm welcoming it. keep doing your rain them. >> reporter: welcomed news for employees at the los gatos coppell rotating company. which lost power twice during the power safety shut up this paul. >> our whole business runs off being able to have refrigerated dairy product. we lost a lot of products, a lot of business, and so did everyone else. and firefighters want the fire danger remains hike until the rain moved in. and even then, say this is a beginning of a new chapter, not a new era.
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>> we are looking at this rain as a short-term kind of reprieve from fire danger. and, i think that is the same way that we would look at the ps ps event. we are still prepared for them. we are still working with pg&e to stay informed on their plans for ps ps event. it definitely doesn't eliminate the possibility of having those further throughout the year. >> reporter: as for storm preparations, on the east side of san jose, this two man crew cleaned out dozens of storm drains monday. after each cleaning, they spray- painted a white arrow. >> so we know where the mouth is at. that is where the water is going to blow. if it does get clogged up, instead of shoving a rod in there, look at the aero, it's going to give you the direction of the flow. >> er: we asked pg&e what the incoming rain means for the likelihood of any future power shut off. the utility told us it is monitoring the incoming storm, saying they want to see how much rain and snow actually arrives. at this point they would only
5:17 pm
say there is no power shut off plan for the next week. they would not elaborate beyond that. back to you. >> maureen miller in los gatos tonight. thank you. and chp is warning people heading up to the sierras tomorrow and thursday, expect heavy traffic and delays as that storm moves into the mound. they said chain controls are likely and there could even be freeway closures. officers are advising people to make sure that you are carrying chains and an emergency kit. >> we are expecting snow nobles to get extremely low. below 2000 feet there is really high winds or casted with the storm that could lead to wideouts. it could also lead to holds on the freeway as well. >> hopefully you're on the road already. today is your last best travel window. >> the chp says all available officers will be on duty to keep traffic running smoothly. caltrans is also moving snowplows into place to keep the roads clear. and you can feel the weather changing today. breezy, cool, and rain on the way. it is definitely changing.
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you felt that today. the winds were coming up, and one of the things with the snack system, i think the headline may end up being win. especially up on the north coast where wind gusts can gartner 100 mile-per-hour up around arcata and point arena area. 60-70 mile-per-hour. during the bay area, 50 miles per hour. this is tomorrow night into wednesday morning. that is the plan. so, we got rain developing tomorrow afternoon. we got rain and snow, snow levels will be down on wednesday. all day, on and off. the main event really is going to be tuesday night into wednesday early morning. and then, thanks giving, some scattered showers, in the offing. so, when gus around here, it is a big low. when we talk about it, i talked about it a little b basically covering from vancouver island all the way down to baja california. in terms of inclement weather. there is a lot of pressure gradient with this. this isn't a fire wind situation. this is a wind wind situation. trees down, branches down, when
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you have wind like this. like we are going to get, and you have a lot of leaves left on the trees. which we do. the trees have, you break a lot of limbs off. you have a lot more resistance to the wind. pretty impressive wind event. tomorrow afternoon, made event will be, you'll notice the wind, midnight, 10:00, midnight tomorrow night. it's going to blow. the rain will be coming in as well. in the mountains, the winter storm warning will be in effect. it will stay up. this is one of those deals where in the five-day forecast i got a little rain, then a break, then a little bit of rain. in the mountains that she is going to go. all the clouds, and all the moisture, everything just line supplement west slope and stays put. when i show you a five day, next time you see me, we are going to look at that and you'll go you're getting some breaks. not the mountains. it's not going to be hard to get 4 feet of snow in the mountains by sunday night or even into monday. so, that sort of the other weather headline. the third weather headline, is everybody else. because, this bad boy is going to come, there's already some trouble out here in the planes. in this bad boy, our storm is
5:20 pm
going to come in, it's going to follow the same path, there is already flight delays in denver from this guy. the next system comes in bigger, stronger. so, traveling thanks giving,., wednesday, thursday, and a little bit into friday morning, nasty. boston, new york, chicago, so travel plans, be aware, take precautions and just pay attention to your carrier. check out the timing and the delays, because there are going to be lots of delays. nationwide. >> thank you. holiday week with rain and snow in the forecast. bill was just talking about it, flight delays. the rain is expected to arrive as we just heard in the bay area tomorrow. anyone who has ever traveled in and out of sfo knows just how quickly those delays and cancellations can add up. sfo estimates about 6.9 million travelers will pass through the airport from now through new year's day. the airport recommends you arrive at least two hours in advance for domestic flights,
5:21 pm
and three hours if you are playing international. and all three bay area airports made a top 10 list of the worst airports for traveling on thanks giving. chicago's midway ranks as the worst airport, with 57% of holiday flights delayed. oakland came in fifth, with 45%. sfo was eight, with 41%. and san jose ranked ninth with 40%. the retailer tree topia conducted the survey. it's research found that bay area airports are essentially too small to handle the growing number of holiday travelers, especially when there is bad weather. still ahead tonight, it is a chronic problem that makes national headlines. >> for a couple million dollars, we can address this issue of filthy, dirty streets. which we know is an embarrassment. it's getting worse. coming up, the plans some are calling for to help clean the human waste off of san francisco streets. coming up on the news at
5:22 pm
6:00, police investigating a suspicious package in the library at san francisco state. we'll have the latest information. and also ahead, police in southern california shoot and kill a robbery suspect who was seen chasing an officer with a machete. thanksgiving, 6pm to midnight. reopening friday at 7am. ...with extended hours saturday and sunday. yes for less.
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and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. you know when you're at ross yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. and a pilot program to keep portable bathrooms open around the clock in san francisco is now going to be extended. >> one supervisor says the current number of bathrooms is not enough and is asking for more. christien kafton reports. >> reporter: in san francisco,
5:25 pm
timberline regular say this they twice a day ritual. crews sprang down the streets partly to get rid of any human waste that has accumulated. it's an ongoing concern for those in the neighborhood. including, the cree senior center. >> you come to a place like this which is a incredible senior center. it's a safe place to come, engage, socialize. but, you might have to walk through human excrement to get there. is that going to stop you from getting there? it might. >> do we want 24 hour bathrooms? >> yes. and the need is so great that supervisor matt haney held a rally advocating for more 24- hour pitstops like this one. in august, the city lost a pilot program at three pitstop restrooms. the supervisor says the results speak for themselves. the pitstop saw thousands of uses in the areas around them were cleaner. he wants the city to spend about $2 million to open more pitstops 24/7. and says the money could partially be offset by a decrease in the number of steam
5:26 pm
pleadings that people have to use the street to go to the bathroom. >> left open them all. for a couple million dollars, we can address this issue of filthy, dirty street. which we know is an embarrassment, it's getting worse. and we can also provide access to what should be a basic human right. >> reporter: the mayor's office has announced it will be extending the pilot program at least through june. something pitstop users say would go a long way to cleaner street. and returning dignity to those homeless sometimes have no other option than to go on the sidewalk. >> i think we had more restrooms, it would just be an obvious fix to the last pc situation. it needs to be addressed immediately. >> reporter: the mayor's office is going forward it will continue to keep those pitstops that are open 24/7 staff least through june. after that, the mayor's office is a will try to identify funding to keep those pitstops open past that date. and possibly even open more. in san francisco, kristin capron ktvu fox 2 news.
5:27 pm
activists have spent years trying to reduce the numbers of deadly accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles. despite their efforts, the numbers are not going down in san jose. coming up, why one person says a booming south bay economy may be to blame. and protesters arrested outside city hall in oakland. details about the movement to bring attention to the homeless, and the cities tuff shed program. which they say isn't working. plus more than a century of history and memories may be lost due to fire. coming up, one bay area congregation says this won't be the end of their church.
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in san jose, two pedestrians are dead after separate, unrelated accidents involving drivers. as jesse gary tells us, while this is unusual, the booming economy may have something to do with it. >> reporter: investigators say the first loss of life happened sunday evening around 6:30. mn was crossing almaden expressway an ellis garden
5:31 pm
avenue. hit by a woman driving a 2007 toyota camry, southbound on the expressway. he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> it is said that you have people that are on the roadways, not paying attention to traffic flows. it's a dangerous situation. >> reporter: roughly 6 1/2 hours later, a second pedestrian killed in a fatal collision with a motorist. this time, the accident happened just before 1:00 a.m. monday. on quimby road near south white road. the man was crossing quimby outside the crosswalk when he was hit by a man driving eastbound on white road. san jose police say in both cases, the driver stayed at the scene and are cooperating with the investigation. this marks the 50th fatal pedestrian collision so far this year. which is one ahead of last year, and we still have five weeks to go in this year. >> it's an absolute travesty that we have had two pedestrian deaths in less than 24 hours in our area. it's not typical. >> reporter: this woman is
5:32 pm
executive director of the minetta transportation institute. in analyzing stats provided by police investigators, she says the number of fatal traffic collisions, now at 50, the number of victims annually between 52-60, and the number of vehicles hitting pedestrians in san jose, in the low 20s, has remained constant despite efforts to do such occurrences. she believed the reason is linked to the continued growth of the area. more vehicles on the road, more people unaware of their surroundings. >> a healthy and growing economy, certainly one that has rebounded from the great recession, is an blessing. it means there are more people on the road, which means there is sometimes, higher accident and injury rates. and experts say other factors such as time of day and clothing worn by the victims could also play a role. the caution both drivers and pedestrians, should always be aware, and on guard. no matter who has the right-of- way. in downtown san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news.
5:33 pm
>> san jose mayor, joined us during mornings on 2 this morning. we asked him about his proposal to make pg and d a community owned authority. he is leading the effort. mayors of more than 20 cities and a handful of county supervisors have joined his effort. they signed a letter urging state regulators to consider that option. >> there are tens of billions of dollars that this system needs in investment, in maintenance, and upgrades, and hardening. the ability for a customer owned utility to get access to capital markets at far lower costs than investor owned utility. it means it will be billions of dollars more that can be invested in the system rather than sent off to shareholders. >> for it pg&e says it has no intention of transitioning into a customer owned utility. homeless activists stage and overnight rally. police moved in and cleared out the demonstrators. he made more than 1000 addresses. the group was demanding the city do more, to solve the
5:34 pm
homeless crisis. >> reporter: preston walker is back outside oakland city hall hours after police cleared out a protest on homelessness. and people two option. >> go to santa rita, or go to st. vincent for the night. i chose to go to st. vincent. i was the only one out the group that shows that. at least 20 people i watched go to jail. >> reporter: oakland police say they spent hours negotiating and asking protesters to leave the unpermitted event. protesters stayed past the plaza's 10:00 p.m. closure. 22 people were taken into custody for resisting or delaying the rest. some, physically carried out. >> the protest came because there are a bunch of empty homes. and a bunch of homeless people. i think that people should have homes. >> there's just been an increase in eviction. over the last two years. there still hasn't been any type of solution. to this homelessness problem. >> reporter: the protest started sunday morning. called the housing justice village.
5:35 pm
many are either homeless or on the verge of becoming homeless. some feel oakland's community cabin program isn't working. walker stayed in a cabin for two months, but said he left because his roommate was using meth and heroin. >> at least outside i can watch my back. open up public land and let people come immunities build structures, tiny homes. i believe in tiny homes. as you got your own bed. >> reporter: in a statement, oakland mayor says housing and homelessness are the most urgent crises facing our community, region, and state. our shared priority is to create more safe spaces for our residents. and more housing immediately. oakland supports every residence right to free speech and to protest peacefully in our city. the group is demanding that the city an outside eviction, and not to destroy their property when encampments are cleared out. in oakland, rick christina rendell, ktvu fox 2 news. and now to san jose, where volunteers for sacred heart community service were up early this morning handing out food boxes.
5:36 pm
organizers say they expect to find 44,000 food boxes for those in need. between today and things giving. each one contains about 100 hours worth of groceries. families can also take home a holiday turkey, chicken, or ham. however, sacred heart says they still need several thousand turkey donations to reach their goal. >> we are actually seeing record numbers of families that are coming to us in desperate need. especially as the housing crisis continues to clobber families in our community. we are excited to have all the food boxes that we packed this past weekend. we are going to get them out the door to families between now and wednesday. >> reporter: the food boxes are also filled with canned goods, fresh produce, pasta and other items to prepare a complete with a meal. back thospital, coming up next and i, an update on supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg after she spent the weekend in the hospital. 's campaign is officially off and running, details about michael bloomberg's plan in the democratic primaries.
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former new york mayor michael bloomberg has hit the campaign trail. he made a stop in norfolk, virginia today. one day after entering the democratic presidential race. his campaign's website is up and running and so are his television ad. lindbergh has already spent more than $30 million on tv ads. >> i'll outline plan for creating good paying jobs.
5:40 pm
providing quality healthcare for every american. stopping gun violence. >> bloomberg is 77 years old with an estimated net worth of $53 billion. his critics accused him of trying to buy the election. he plans to bypass the first four states on the primary calendar, iowa, new hampshire, nevada and south carolina and focus instead on the states that vote on super tuesday and beyond. and a huge victory for the pro- democracy movement in hong kong. pro-democracy district candidates to win's in a record turnout yesterday. today, pro-democracy politicians called for an end to the police search at the polytechnic university. to let the protesters leave. yesterday's voting was peaceful, which is a stark contrast to the weeks of violent protest. probation candidates lost in part because of the large number of young people who turned out to vote. pro-democracy protesters hope the election results force hong kong's leader, and beijing to get more freedom and
5:41 pm
protection. a new report is out about alleged human rights violations involving china. financial documents released to a group of international journalists, show that beijing has detained more than 1 million muslims and other ethnic minorities. the document say they are placed in detention camps, and then forced to learn mandarin and communist ideologist. the document say the detainees are confined, and guards use strict surveillance to prevent escapes. china has dismissed the report calling it a fabrication. the trial is expected to begin next year for two prison guards that were on duty the night jeffrey epstein died. the guards were in federal court in new york today when the judge announced that their trial would begin in april. both of them have pleaded not guilty. they did so last week to falsifying present document. according to a grand jury indictment, both were supposed to check on epstein every half hour, but failed to do so. epstein, your recall was found dead inside his cell in august. while awaiting trial on sex
5:42 pm
trafficking charges. new york's medical examiner has fueled epstein stay a suicide. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg returned to work today after spending the weekend in the hospital. supreme court says the 86-year- old attending an animal fall classical music program this afternoon. she loved classical music. she has provided over the event for more than 10 years. ginsburg was taken to the hospital friday, after experiencing chills and a fever. she was treated for a possible infection, and was released yesterday. it been part of the community in the north bay since 1879. >> driving over the memories that flowed through my mind and my times here. coming up next, an early morning fire nearly destroys 140 years of history. what church members say is going to happen next. we are back here with a significant winter storm. our first of the year coming in. we'll have the timing on it.
5:43 pm
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5:45 pm
the sonoma county town of floresville, an early morning fire ravaged a church that is 140 years old. no one was injured, but the damage is extensive. >> rob roth spoke with parishioners about what the church means to them and what happens next. >> reporter: just last month, the church of christ in forestville celebrated its it's >> when you see something like this, it hits home, and occurred. >> reporter: firefighters began receiving calls just after 6:00
5:46 pm
monday morning. the fire had plenty of fuel feeding it. >> in the library part, sunday school part, there was a lot of fire loaded books. and the other part, it was just well involved fire. and the outside of the church appears intact, inside little looks salvageable. fire investigators are trying to determine how the fire started. because it is a church, federal authorities are also looking into it. the church is part of town history, the church's website claimed it hasn't missed holding a sunday service since it opened in 1879. >> driving over the memories that flowed through my mind of my times here. >> reporter: it is believed the oldest church of christ west of the mississippi. >> back in the beginning, when the church had like two enter week long meetings here. people would walk from petaluma. way back when. and spend the time, they camp over at the russian river and attend those two or three week meetings here. >> reporter: only a handful of
5:47 pm
people here are members. many are connected to it to their own history. >> my father was married here in 1983. >> reporter: this man used to come with his family when he was a boy. >> it will be heartbreaking to everybody. who is connected with it. and parishioners say this is not the end of this old church. they are vowing to rebuild, they say they will just congregate somewhere else. until it is ready. in forestville, rob roth, ktvu fox2 news. >> all right, looking through the forecast, we are looking at some wet weather. and we have got a wind advisory going into effect tomorrow. that wind advisory will usher in some significant wins for the bay area. figure winds to the north. they could go 70, 80 miles an hour. 100 mile-per-hour. for us goss of 50 mile-per-hour. on tuesday night, tomorrow night into wednesday morning. and in the mountains, that winter storm warning we talked about that, snow levels, about that is pretty low for this time of year. when all is said and done, i
5:48 pm
wouldn't be surprised to see, with that going on, you have got the national weather, and we've got this area coming up over the ridge. that's our system. it's also going to jet out into the plains and out into ohio, mississippi valley, for thanks giving. wednesday, and into 30, and a little into friday, it is going to cause massive travel delays. it's a big storm, it's deftly going to hit everybody. we are all going to get some. from portland, and seattle, all the way south to los angeles, san diego. and all the way out towards denver and chicago. so, it's that time of year. the current temperatures, there they are. mostly in the 50s. tomorrow will be a little cooler than today. there is no fog on the coat. beautiful, beautiful night out tonight. tomorrow starts out pretty utfor the most part. late in the day, i think the afternoon commute gets a little bit wet. eyes tomorrow are going to be generally in the 60s, low 60s. here is the timing.
5:49 pm
tuesday at 3:00, so that is tomorrow about, yeah, so that's afternoon to root, right? let's look at it one more time. so yeah, about 2:00, 3:00, it starts raining in the north bay. the model just updated. you'll see it keep going through another pop at 8:00 tomorrow night. that is kind of when the winds will start up. this instability, 7:00 a.m. on wednesday morning. wet morning commute. not as wet as tuesday morning, but it looks like wednesday morning will have scattered showers. he lingers into wednesday night, and thursday. some scattered showers in the area. but right now, thanks giving, at least based on this model, looks very dry. so, it's a long way to go is what we are getting at here. with a long way to go, that means lots can change, and the timing. so, to pinpoint it now, let's just, we know that tomorrow afternoon might see a little bit wet on the morning, or in the afternoon commute. we will look closely, more closely tonight and tomorrow
5:50 pm
morning at the timing on the model. there is the five-day forecast. i'll pop in, let's pop in sunday because we got a chance, more chance of rain. it's on-again, off-again stuff. it's real winter. winter storm warning, 4 feet of snow in the mountains maybe by sunday or monday. i think the wind may be the headliner on the third especially on the north coast where they have issued a hurricane force wind warning. is not a hurricane, it's just they are expecting gus that could go to hurricane strength. and i remember hearing the chb guy saying they may have to close the freeways. there could be white out condition. and in the mounds, i absolutely. this all falls on, and during the week and everybody is traveling. on skinning day is a looking pretty? >> around here, probably okay. nationally, these things kind of move up into the middle of the country, i'm telling you, the travel is going to be about as bad as we have seen for thanksgiving. chicago, new york, boston, dallas. >> it sounds like it starts
5:51 pm
tomorrow, and will last for quite a while. and it is going to start feeling like winter real quick. >> thank you. and a time-honored tradition at the nation's capital today. a horse-drawn carriage delivered the white house christmas tree this morning. and presented it to first lady melania trump. the first lady greeted the owner of the tree farm in pennsylvania that grew the 16 foot tall douglas fir. it will become a centerpiece for the holidays in the blue room of the white house. and, it is a big week for two of the luckiest turkeys in america. the birds named bread and butter from north carolina will compete for an official pardon from president trump. tonight the turkeys are getting five-star treatment at the willard intercontinental hotel. according to tradition, a poll will decide which turkey will be selected at the national thanks giving turkey, and which will be its sidekick >> they got ready this year by getting used to camera, lights, dealing with all you people. they also listened to music. they really like classic rock.
5:52 pm
>> classic rock,? >> that man, willie jackson, in clinton, north carolina raised red and butter, so he should know, right? under the supervision of the national turkey foundation. after the pardon, the birds will live out the rest of their lives at a place called travelers rest on the campus of virginia tech. the presidential turkey pardoning will be held tomorrow. okay, still to come here, a major european city seemingly tells you you're the need to get out. coming up next, white river max license to operate in london expires at midnight. they're coming up on ktvu news at 6:00, one person detained as people police investigate a suspicious package at san francisco state. and an update on a little seal pup that was discovered in a parking garage yesterday. we'll tell you how he is doing tonight. ♪
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the dog that helped kill isis leader abu bakr al baghdadi was honored at the white house today. the president called the dog a special animal that help execute a flawless attack. the dog is named conan, and chase down abu bakr al baghdadi through a tunnel in northwest syria during the u.s.-led raid last month. the dog was slightly injured during the mission after abu bakr al baghdadi detonated his suicide vest, but conan is now fully recovered and has returned to active duty. london's transit authority has refused to renew uber's license to operate following several high profile security incident. that is putting huber's in doub regiment hall with more tonight from london. >> reporter: huber's license to operate in the british capital expires at midnight. the ride-share giant suffering a major blow on monday, after
5:56 pm
london transportation authority's declined to renew their license. saying huber doesn't meet the fit and proper standard for taxi operation in the city. specifically setting multiple incidents up with passenger safety at risk. including a data breach that allowed drivers to steal passengers. resulting in thousands of trips where passengers were picked up by someone other than the assigned driver. >> drivers have had their license suspended, or dismissed have manipulated huber's system. to carry on driving people around. they are taking a real risk with londoners safety and security. >> reporter: uber has artie said it will appeal the ruling. reading a statement quote, we have robust systems and checks identity of drivers. and will soon be introducing a new facial matching process. some londoners, especially taxi drivers aren't convinced the company deserves another chance. and i just think it's the right thing to do. they should get their license back. >> reporter: but london is one
5:57 pm
of uber biggest market. with 3 1/2 million users, and 45,000 drivers. customers say regulated made the wrong call. and i think it's a shame. i mean, everyone that i know uses it. >> obviously it is going to be a big blow for a lot of people who find and so much more efficient and cheaper than taxis. >> reporter: uber has 21 days to file an appeal. during which time they can continue operating in the city. in london, benjamin hall, fox news. 's reeves in jeremy carried out priceless treasures from one of the oldest museums in the world. investigators say the burglars struck early this morning targeting the green ball. a secure room in a royal palace of reston. the heist reportedly started when the thieves cut the power to the vault. security footage shows two hooded folders entering the room. they then broke open a glass case containing three sets of burr oak jewelry.
5:58 pm
initial reports suggest the thieves made away with jewels and other treasures worth up to $1 billion. >> i don't have to tell you how shocked we are. as you know, we are talking about values of incalculable artistic and historical work. >> police say the entire crime took only a few minutes to carry out. they have established a special investigation team to try to solve the case. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00. major changes in the forecast as we brace for our first winter like storm of the season bringing rain to the bay area, and snow to the sierras. travelers are being warned that conditions are about to change dramatically. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and frank somerville. the rain and wind is expected to begin tomorrow. bill martin is tracking the time. it is going to get wet around here. it's going to get cool, and it's going to last for a little while. when, we
5:59 pm
are going to see rain, the mounds are going to see significant snowfall. is not a unusual big storm. is just a big storm. we haven't had one. it is unusual, we are going to get some wind with it. some big wind. in terms of this time of year, yes, we expect rain. we are going to get rain starting tomorrow afternoon. it kind of lingers right to the bay area weekend. i think the headline may end up being some of the winds. leaves on trees, wind blowing up to 50 miles per hour, easy, not just at high elevation. down on the bridges. when you're driving into work. wednesday morning, or coming home late tuesday night, you're going to notice those wins. down low, not apply. they are more impactful that way in the mountains, a winter storm warning in effect. that winter storm warning would get snow, snow level down to 2500 feet for a time. it's going to keep snowing. i think 4 feet of snow is not out of the question by the time they get to sunday. the system i am tracking. it is coming up over the horn, we know that our holiday week is going to be impacted by
6:00 pm
weather. sfo flight delays, those possibilities. the beast that adds into this, as it races out across the country, the jet stream is set up, it is kind of a zonal flow. it is going to allow that system to move quickly. the midwest, the central part of the country, east coast, thanks giving, the day after thanks giving, wednesday, thursday, and friday, are going to be nasty travel days. across much of the country. from san diego all the way to new york. the travel plans are going to be impacted. not just here, but across the country. the big travel weekend. we'll timeout the weather and what you can expect and when you can expect it. the first major storm of the season, obviously welcomed relief after all those wildfires and power shut off last month. maureen naylor reports that the reprieve from high fire danger though isn't permanent. >> reporter: it's beginning to feel more like fall around the bay area. >> i kind of like it when it's a little colder outside. because, one is 90 degrees, and


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