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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 27, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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the kids to the school. the fact that she not here and missing, it is crazy to me. >> a woman and her grandchildren haven't been seen for days. >> the 11:00 p.m. news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> the grandma has no cell phone and left no indication as to where they would have gone. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. the children are 7 and 9-years- old. ktvu's debora villalon is at the police department with the latest on the investigation. there she is. >> reporter: it is tough for police not being able to track a cell phone ping. relatives are mystified and so are her neighbors. >> usually she home. >> reporter: this neighbor said
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the 75-year-old and her grandchildren live in the apartment above her in a fairfield complex. young parks her car in this spot. >> being home every single day, every single not. >> reporter: young is active. up and down the stairs and running the kids to school. she raised them after their parents died in a car in a car crash. >> just haven't been heard or seen from. >> reporter: young is legal guardian. she seemed fine on the phone sunday making plans for her sister to drop off a turkey here but she missed her with no explanation. >>vehicle ey are associated with popped up around the alamo, denver and
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walnut creek area. >> the vehicle is connected to them. if we could find the vehicle, hopefully it will help us find her. >> reporter: her son said she has dementia and she likes to shop. he has been cruising the mall looking for her car. >> she has never seen confused to me. she really independent. she takes care of the kids by herself. >> the kids would be smart enough to know to get help. >> reporter: taken the kids on a trip, possible, but not characteristic. >> seems scary. anything could have happened. >> reporter: here is the car to
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watch out for. sandia young drives a 2000 green acura tl with california license plate 5hlm514. anyone who spots her should call police to bring the family hope safely. >> her license plate was logged miles away, are they saying where it was seen? >> reporter: well, on public streets in alamo, walnut creek. license plate readers that, you know, streets decided to put up, they catch the plate but they may not have the camera see who is driving or who is in the car that is why there is uncertainty with what that means. >> debora villalon live in fairfield, thank you. new in night shooting is now out of jail. the 29-year-old was leased on bail. he and another man were
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arrested on friday. they were charged with being felons in possession of guns and ammunition but not for the shootings. police are investigating an armed home invasion robbery last night. three men wearing hospital masks entered the home through an open garage door at 7:30 p.m. last night. they pistol whipped the man who lives them and they tied up the man and his wife. a neighbor said this is all pretty scary. >> it is alarming. we have the security people upgrading our systems but it is definitely upsetting. >> this is the second hin less the contra costa county sheriff's department announced added patrols. a carjacking suspect died today after deputies tried to subdue him. the sheriff's office said deputies tried to stop the man
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before 6:00 a.m. this morning. and they were able to box him in. officials say the driver got violent with deputies. they used a taser on him but he kept biting and they tried a restraint hold. after deputies got the man into handcuffs he had a medical emergency. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. his name has not been released. the california highway patrol says all available officers will be on the roads all over the state looking for impaired or distracted driving, unsafe speed and people who fail to buckle up. last year the california highway patrol arrested more than 900 people throughout the state. the enforcement period ends sunday at midnight. the holiday weekend is upon us and many people are getting
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ready for tomorrow. ktvu's azenith smith spoke to some people who are making last minute runs. minute runs. [no audio] >> the day before thanksgiving was all about shopping.
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>> my wife is already preparing all the dishes for tomorrow. my kids -- >> reporter: they are counting their blessings. >> i am thankful for having my parents and having help. >> i lost my mom this year. i am thankful my kids will be
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together for thanksgiving. >> reporter: if you didn't get everything you needed for thanksgiving, some stores are open tomorrow. in san jose, azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. a restaurant fulfilled their mission offering free prethanksgivings meals. people from all over came to take advantage. the owners started the tradition 31 years ago to give back to the community. 42 people came to the first dinner. at 10:00 p.m. the owner told us tonight more than 1500 people showed up. >> no matter how rich they are, how poor they are, everything on the house. no donation.
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no charges. >> the owner says the tradition will continue for as long as he is alive. glide in san francisco has been busy today preparing thanksgiving meals, also for the homeless. they kirked 70 turkeys and 100 hams and 1500 meals in all. most will be served at glide but 200 will be given to people on the streets. >> glide and the volunteers and our partners, everybody that helps support us are able to know we are doing our part for a community that needs it and i can't think of anything more rewarding right now. >> reporter: 500 volunteers will be helping out tomorrow, including san francisco mayor. thanksgiving is the second
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. finishing up for the san francisco international auto show tomorrow on thanksgiving. filled with cars. the show features hybrids, electric cars, cars and exotic cars. >> tickets for adults cost $10.
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children 12 and under are free with an adult. the show runs through -- man. >> i think you need to go. >> through december 2. san francisco muni is reporting a drop in crime as it announces its new chief security officer. crime plunged 48% from 2014 to 2018. they have improved security on buses and trains, including secure cameras and enhanced fair gates. the salvation army red kettles have been the targets of thieves. two were stolen in less than a week. the added safety measures they are now taking. >> reporter: salvation army started raising money for the holidays but that is what
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thieves were banking on when they targeted volunteers twice in the east bay. >> reporter: a man was posing as a salvation army worker at the lucky grocery store saturday. the thief made off with hundreds of dollars. money meant to help the community. >> shocking. i nearly cried. >> reporter: tuesday afternoon, another blow, a woman was attacked. a man throwing greasy liquid on her before taking the kettle
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and getting away. >> be alert. watch out. you know, look around. >> reporter: this is his second year as a bell ringer. >> i talked to my family and it is hard times. >> reporter: police say no suspects are in custody at this time and they don't believe the crimes are related. he says safety wasn't a concern before but that change. >> it has never been an issue. >> reporter: now salvation retu >> if they need help we can
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help them. giving a helping hand during the holidays. how the san jose police department is serving the community this thanksgiving and why they say it is so important. >> all right. a cold one tomorrow morning with more rain in the forecast for the holiday weekend. >> and a storm hits thousands of people across the midwest. how it is affecting holiday travel coming up. he could've just been the middle class kid who made good.
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but mike bloomberg became the guy who did good. after building a business that created thousands of jobs he took charge of a city still reeling from 9/11 a three-term mayor who helped bring it back from the ashes bringing jobs and thousands of affordable housing units with it. after witnessing the terrible toll of gun violence... he helped create a movement to protect families across america. and stood up to the coal lobby and this administration to protect this planet from climate change. and now, he's taking on... him. to rebuild a country and restore faith in the dream that defines us. where the wealthy will pay more in taxes and the middle class get their fair share. everyone without health insurance can get it and everyone who likes theirs keep it. and where jobs won't just help you get by, but get ahead. and on all those things mike blomberg intends to make good. jobs creator. problem solv. mike bloomberg for president.
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i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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. san jose is marking a milestone, the day before thanksgiving, this morning the mayor helped put the finishing touches on tiny homes. each home is 80 square feet with a bed, a desk and a heating unit. the mayor assisted with the installation of the desks. >> this is really important. we are trying to demonstrate the tiny home communities with work, they could be good neighbors. we need many more than just this community of 40 tiny homes. but we have another one under construction and we will have many more throughout the city to get more people off the street. >> the mayor said the first 40 homeless people will move in by
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mid-december and a secondopen e year. police asked recruits to serve meals to the homeless to build bridges and improve relationships with the homeless community. he helped out around san jose. the hope is everyone will learn something from this experience. >> we are people and not everyone wants to be out here. lot of us are here because we are victims of circumstance. >> to see the person behind the badge, to see we are people too. >> the chief has been holding round table discussions with homeless advocates looking for ways to reach out now to our weather.
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a very snowy yosemite. our chief meteorologist bill martin, it is cold out there and more rain over the weekend? >> more rain on the weekend and maybe a thunderstorm. we will hail here at channel 2, lightning in the central valley and the mountains. the winter storm warning has been dropped but it will keep snowing up all there. it will be an unsettled next 48 hours. the current rain, oakland moderate rainfall. cool overnight lows. what happens tomorrow and friday, kind of like today with scattered showers, and cool. temperatures in the low 50s. then saturday and that is when the rain starts again. tomorrow and friday, your days. after that saturday looks like it shuts down. sunday wet. and then monday, looks like it will be real wet. there is the forecast. overnight lows are chilly. it will be a bit of a hit and
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miss thing tomorrow. there is tomorrow morning. here we are. right? just general area. that is tomorrow morning. right? here comes friday morning. maybe saturday. next 48 hours are kind of dry. mostly dry. and then the clouds -- there it is. saturday morning. saturday afternoon. boom. and then it is unsettled sunday and then it gets going even more on monday with more rainfall. forecast highs tomorrow, 49 fairfield. these are overnight lows, right? that is how cold -- unstable the air mass is. highs in the 40s in november. when you look at weekend, sunday a chance to do things and then monday rain gets going again. >> thank you very much. the wintery weather is causing power outages and travel delays across the mid- west. it knocked out electricity to
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thousands of people and forced the cancellation of hundreds of flights from denver to chicago. it could scrabble holiday plans during one of the busiest travel times of the year. >> unfortunately when you have consistent storms coming through that you will see a pile up of -- of delays that is going to have a domino effect going forward. you may find you can't get on a flight until friday. >> in new york city, high winds could keep the balloons from flying in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. crews inflated the balloons today. officials will make the decision early tomorrow morning. the warriors welcome back draymond green tonight. looks like it made all the difference in the world. next in sports, mark shows us the highlights. >> you are watching the 11:00 p.m. news on ktvu. we will be right back. be right back.
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kaiser permanente's integrated care team will help you get through life without missing a beat. kaiser permanente. thrive. . first, the warriors. they won. >> they had draymond green in. call him the closer. tonight he helped put the clamps down on chicago in san
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francisco. klay thompson takes over the mic. 36 points for the bulls to keep them in it. the rookie continues to shine. 29 points and looking good. 16-2 run. the warriors stabilize, hold on. spellman, 13 points, 11 rebounds. looking good. here is draymond green with a very nice assist. down the lane. 23 points. fourth win of the year for the
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golden state warriors. they will take it. the sharks, they won three connective games, all in overtime. tonight it didn't work out at the tank, no less. we are lit and ready to go. ahead of the pack. weaving and making it happen. 1-0. it didn't last long. winnipeg with five unanswered goals. three sharks defenders there. none able to stop that goal. and a 5-1 final. >> we showed you clips of klay thompson taking over the mic. he the mic away from the
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interviewer. check this out after the game. >> how are you feeling out there? that was something special. >> felt great just to compete with my guys and come out with the win. >> that was special, keep doing it. thank you. >> i mean, he made that look a little too easy. probably out for the entire season with a torn acl. i saw him dancing around on the sideline. take it slow, but the warriors fourth win of the year. you feel like that would be the first week of the season. >> yeah. >> they have scrappers, they have young players to keep an eye on. looking good. that is the sporting life.
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>> see you later everyone. >> thank you for joining us. have a great thanksgiving. that's two meals away. (phone ringing) hello. hey, colonel, what's up? mommy, could ivan come for dinner? no, señor, 'cause tonight the whole family is coming over for dinner, 'cause we're gonna vote on where we're going on vacation this year. a vote with a moral stain on it, since ballots are reserved for land-owning adults. because nobody wants to go to the birthplace of edgar allan poe. jay: damn colonel screwed me and took his name off my petition. i'm trying to overturn this dumb rule the club passed banning cigars within 40 feet of the main lodge. when my country passed a law that allowed them to draft 14 year olds, you said, "these things happen." i just bought a box of el conquistador especiales. and they deserve to be smoked in a fine leather chair, not out by the fountain in some heavily-spidered area. i don't want this in my house. can't smoke at home, can't smoke at the club.


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