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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  November 28, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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10 pm through 9 am and we are looking at temperatures in the 20s and a frost advisory for the east bay and south bay and along the north bay coastline for temperatures in the 30s. this is what the temperatures are going to be tonight. a low of 24 in santa rosa. 31 and livermore, 31 in livermore in san jose. many people below freezing will make it tuff out there. make sure you are being careful. we have already had a cool day as temperatures in the 40s right now. what is coming our way could get dangerous for those who are facing the 20s. we will talk more when i come back about the next system that will deliver more rain and i will be back with that. of new snow. this is video from squaw valley saying that they have gotten 18 inches that has fallen at the base with more than seven inches falling in the past 24 hours. squaw then posted this picture
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showing a break in the snow and blue skies above the mountains. you can download the ktvu weather ap which lets you track temperatures for your area and submit weather photos. it is free in the app store. a missing elderly woman from fairfield and her young grandkids were found today thanks to an alert from a worker at a gas station. sandra young and her two grandchildren who are seven and nine hadn't been heard from or seen since sunday. they were reported missing on tuesday by family members. the three were considered at risk because young is 75 years old and has medical issues. this morning police who had been searching for them got some help from a shell station worker. >> the amber alert came across my phone and showed a picture of a lady and her two kids that were missing from fairfield. 10 minutes later she walked in the door. she asked if she could use the restroom.
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>> please declined to say where they had been what they had been doing for the past three days. the grandmother has been caring for the kids since her parents died in a car crash. >>en who were reported misfrom novato were found safe this afternoon. jonathan and madeleine were reported missing last night after they had an argument with her parents. police say they looked through the night and couldn't find the kids but just before 1 am both kids were found safe in san rafael. there is no word on where they were after they left home last night. sheriff's deputies arrested two suspects after an attempted burglary in alamo. the sheriff's department was called to a home shortly after 3 am. a canine unit help them arrest the two suspects who were carrying items that they stole from the home. the two men reportedly suffered minor injuries during the arrest and they were taken to the hospital before being booked on charges of burglary and possession of stolen property. seven people have been displaced after a fire in an
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apartment building in fairfield broke out before 11 pm on gregory lane. two units suffered significant fire damage and to others had water damage. another unit was damaged when fire crews tried to get to the flames. the red cross is helping the adult and kids to find housing. no one was injured and fire officials say the fire was an accident and was not related to thanksgiving cooking. tens of thousands of runners and walkers were out bright and early on the streets of san jose this thanksgiving morning. they braved the chilly weather as they took part in the turkey trot. the holiday fun run has raised nearly $10 million during the past 15 years. >> we are here at the 15th annual silicon valley turkey trot so we can build community , help needy families and start our holidays in a fun and healthy way. 22,000 people supported by 2300
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volunteers. >> thanks giving morning street races are becoming more common in cities across the u.s. the turkey trot in downtown san jose is believed to be the nation's largest. as jesse gary reports this active giving is designed to transform lives beyond the holiday. >> reporter: this holiday of giving thanks starts with the day of doing good for san jose volunteers. for six hours from 11 am until 5 pm thanksgiving dinner is served for the less fortunate. >> we want this to be there place of normal living. we want to get them off the streets. >> reporter: the executive chef cooking up a traditional turkey meal with all the trimmings. beneficiaries of the all-you- can-eat sitdown service some of
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san jose's estimated 1500 residents. >> this is wonderful. this is my second plate. this is a great meal. thank you. >> reporter: in addition to food, services such as haircuts, footbaths and clothing giveaways are on the table. >> thanksgiving is a day we don't want people to feel isolated or alone. we want them to know they have somewhere they can come to and be loved on and be provided for. >> reporter: 700 and 800 people received food and care from city team san jose. it is not just the immediate needs they are looking after the long-term needs that can transform lives. >> a year ago i was sitting in jail for selling methamphetamines. >> reporter: richard spent thanksgiving 2018 locked away from family and kids. after 12 months in a recovery program he is helping others this holiday season who strayed onto the wrong path. >> it is great giving back to
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those who helped and giving back to a community that i took from a long time ago. >> everyone has greatness on the inside of them and sometimes people lose sight of that. it takes those coming around them and encouraging them and seeing the potential when they don't see it themselves. >> reporter: these types of success stories coupled with care and a hot meal can transform the thanksgiving holiday into the first step on the road to rebuilding lives. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. first responders teamed up today to help repair, serve and deliver holiday meals to thousands of seniors. sheriff's deputies and city firefighters all served a turkey the lady shaw senior center today. the command staff carved the turkey and everyone pitched in to serve the food. those who couldn't make it to the feast had a meal delivered to their home. >> we are delivering meals to
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seniors which may not be as mobile. we are driving throughout the city and hand delivering meals. each of us have a route that we are taking. >> this is organized first responders and self help for the elderly. 3700 seniors and homebound seniors in san francisco had meals delivered to them today thanks to the salvation army. volunteers were up at 4:30 am preparing 1600 pounds of turkey and 1300 pounds of stuffing. there was also plenty of gravy, yams, greens, cranberry sauce and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. the entire meal was prepared in the harbor light kitchen which is staffed largely by graduates of the salvation army's drug and alcohol recovery program. dozens of people gathered at a hayward swimming pool this morning for the 18th annual turkey swim inmemory of karen gordon. she was a lifeguard at the hayward pool and an intern here at ktvu.
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she was killed in 2001 by a drunk driver. that was on her 19th birthday. the driver was trying to get away from police in a stolen van. in karen's honor the hayward plunge holds an open swim every thanksgiving and asks for a five dollar donation. all of the money raised helps pay for swimming lessons for low income children and creates a scholarship fund for lifeguards. >> we have given away probably close to $40,000 in college scholarships and swim lessons for kids. >> the family awarded the scholarships in a ceremony today to two young lifeguards. one from pleasanton and the other from hayward. coming up, a massive snowstorm slams a large portion of the united states as millions travel for the holiday. it was touch and go for a while. how close the macy's thanksgiving day parade came to
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grounding its famous balloons. a look at thanksgiving day traffic. this is interstate 80 in berkeley. the university avenue is at the top of your screen and you can see it is slow tonight in both directions. ah, mr. resourceful,
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authorities have reopened i- 5 through the grapevine after heavy snow forced authorities to close it early this morning. you can see here a blanket of snow covered the roads but around 130 this afternoon the
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chp began escorting traffic along the southbound lanes before finally reopening both directions by 3 pm. flood warnings and advisories are still in effect for parts of southern california today. rough weather is moving to other parts of the country impacting thousands of people traveling over the holiday. brian hanna shows us the damage from storms in the midwest. >> reporter: 55 million americans are traveling this holiday as they make their way to the destination all things to major storm systems wreaking havoc through large portions of the country. >> all the parking garages are closed , or full three miles out from the air >> reproter: in illinois windy conditions were felt knocking over a sign at this taco bell. in colorado more than 30 inches of snow were reported but some people aren't letting it bother there holiday weekend.
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>> it is a little slippery. >> reporter: on the west coast a bomb cyclone leaving driver stranded in california and oregon forcing some to sleep in their car. >> i'm still getting traction but chains required. be careful. don't do anything rash and don't make decisions. just give lots of space. don't cut off the trucks. >> reporter: travel delays caused by powerful storms could have a ripple effect that could last for days. >> when you have consistent storms coming through you will see a pile up of delays that will have a domino effect going forward. you may get delayed or canceled today and you might get on a flight until friday. high winds making their way to new york city in time for the macy's day parade. the balloons were given the all clear to fly. in new york city, fox news. as brian mentioned despite the weather the famous balloons were permitted to fly at the
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annual macy's day thanksgiving parade in new york city. but they flew lower than usual after high winds threatened to ground them. the balloons are not supposed to fly if gusts exceed 34 miles an hour and they got pretty close to that. gusts of 32 miles an hour were recorded in central park shortly before the parade. the balloons have only been grounded one other time for weather related reasons and that was back in 1971. they were lucky today. we had a very chilly day here today. you are taking a live look at oakland where the high today was just 50 degrees. by the way that was warm by comparison because livermore was only a high of 45 today. it sounds almost like east coast temperatures. we had a high of just 48 degrees in san francisco. 48 in mountain view. oregon hill came in at 49 degrees today. it was chilly out there.
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a live look outside at san francisco. current temperatures are in the 40s. santa rosa expecting 20s tonight. oakland 46 and 45 in livermore and san jose. the wind is nice and calm and that helps. nine miles an hour at sfo. you start to get feels like temperatures with wind blowing. miles an hour in santa rosa and you can see, in concord the wind is fine. taking look at the radar there are clouds in moisture around us. a few pops here in mount hamilton. sing a few snowflakes. for the most part you have to head over to modesto to see the rain. if you really want to see where all the action is that low pressure system has dropped a little bit to the south and it is driving incredible rain down into southern california today. this is the last 12 hours and it roared in with all these heavy showers. these are the temperatures we
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are talking about. a freeze warning in the north bay and temperatures dropping down to 24 degrees in santa rosa. 30 in napa and you see below freezing in san jose and morgan hero. livermore will be 31. that is to say it will be a rough night out there. be careful and make sure you bring pets inside tonight. freeze warning for the north bay. temperatures drop into the 20s and low 30s. that is 10 pm tonight for 9 am thursday. frost advisory for east bay and south bay valley and they will see some 30s. it will be a cold one out there. we will start off chilly tomorrow and temperatures will pick up a little tomorrow still below average. 49 of the coast and 55 inland which will be a big improvement. then we have another system coming our way as we head to the weekend. heavy rain and wind and we will talk more about that when i come back in a bit and we do your extended forecast.
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the storm door is open as they say. we will talk about that when i come back. air-quality managers are asking bay area residents to hold off on burning wood in fireplaces over the weekend to help prevent poor air quality. the air quality management district said woodsmoke is a major source of air pollution. the agency isn't issuing a burn ban but is reminding residents that forgoing a fire will have everyone breathe easier especially those with respiratory issues. president trump makes a surprise visit to afghanistan. a pro-democracy protest in hong kong hold thanksgiving rallies to show appreciation to the u.s.
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the taliban wants to make a deal and it needs to be a real deal and we will see.
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if want to make a deal and they only want to make a deal because you are doing a great job. >> reporter: president trump praises u.s. troops as he makes an unannounced thanksgiving visit to afghanistan. he has now reopened peace negotiations with the taliban. he made that comment at an air base. the new talks are the president's latest effort to try to end the 18 year war in afghanistan. >> reporter: president trump spending thanksgiving in afghanistan making a surprise trip to bagram air base where he spent the holiday with troops. the commander-in-chief thanking troops for their service overseas. >> hopefully everyone can get some well-deserved rest this holiday. your family is home and they love you so much. >> reporter: the president has repeatedly called to bring u.s. forces who have been stationed abroad for many years home. he called the efforts in afghanistan an endless war. to that end there are still about 12,000 military personnel stationed in afghanistan. also today the president
6:22 pm
announced a resumption of talks with the taliban. >> this evening as millions of families sit down at their dinner tables back home they will be saying a prayer for the men and women serving our nation in afghanistan. and deployed all around the globe . great men and women all around the globe. many are coming home. >> reporter: at home the trump administration has until sunday evening to determine if they will take part in the house judiciary committee hearings next week. those meetings are expected to start wednesday and expected to cover the historical context for previous impeachment efforts. much of the focus remains on rudy giuliani amid new reports that he pursued a business deal in ukraine while pushing for investigations into the bidens, a claim he denied. >> reporter: the intelligence committee is wrapping up the investigative version of the impeachment inquiry preparing
6:23 pm
to send that report over to judiciary. we are told by adam schiff that report could be prepared and sent as soon as house members return from thanksgiving break. in west palm beach florida, i'm kevin corke , fox news. two of the democratic candidates for president spent the day in des moines iowa. kamala harris cheered on turkey trot runners. the 5k and five-mile event had runners making their way across the city in what is called the largest thanksgiving tradition in iowa. also senator amy klobuchar took part in a thanksgiving service project at the south des moines community center. protesters in hong kong held a thanksgiving rally to thank the united states for its support. hundreds of pro-democracy protesters gathered to express their appreciation after president trump signed two bills into law in support of their efforts. china has condemned the law saying the bills interfered with the internal affairs of hong kong and china and violates international law.
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up next we take a look at how one bay area city looks at how -- that has nothing, they are trying to get people who live on the streets into some warmer places so they don't get cold at night. we will be right back. ♪
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♪ ♪
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a grandmother from fairfield and her two young grandchildren have been found safe. sandra young has legal custody of the kids. she hadn't been heard from since sunday. they were reported missing on tuesday by family members. this morning police say a gas station worker recognize them and called police. authorities declined to say where young had been. president trump made a surprise visit to afghanistan to deliver a message to u.s. troops. he thanked the soldiers that bog from air force for their sacrifice and he announced he has reopened peace negotiations with the taliban.
6:28 pm
the cold and wet weather system moving through northern california is dumping snow in the sierra. squaw valley has gotten a foot and a half since the storm started and seven inches in the last 24 hours. you are watching ktvu news at 6:30 pm. those chilly temperatures can be dangerous for people all around the bay area winning on the streets. allison rodriguez was in the >> i didn't have somewhere warm city to see how people are to go during the day so here i keeping people out of am. the cold. >> reporter: john kelly is waiting for the overnight warming location to open here in san jose. he is a few hours early so he will wait along with charles who knows firsthand what it is like to battle the elements. >> it's just incredible. some have had a difficult time going through this and it is very difficult. >> the community centers will open to help people living on the streets get somewhere warm after temperatures plummeted. >> these are the coldest
6:29 pm
temperatures we have seen so far this year. >> reporter: spencer said the city of san jose is under a frost advisory tonight with potential lows dropping into the mid-20s. >> you could get hypothermia or frostbite if you are in temperatures that cold for a long period of time without warm clothing. >> reporter: officials will extend inclement weather services until tuesday due to the cold weather. it is why the organization home first is helping to run the shelter. shelters they run will house 200 guests at a time. one man told her the moment he decided to seek out help. >> he woke up one morning and the cup he left out was a solid block of ice. >> reporter: there's not much you can do when it gets this cold. >> i am just trying to get as many things as far as gloves as possible.
6:30 pm
>> reporter: those want to come need to have a referral. in the spirit of thanksgiving all home first thanksgiving will give out traditional dinners tonight. they want people to know that there are places to go because another bout of cold and rain is just around the corner. >> if there is any way for people to get shelter and get out of the rain and get warm, that is our biggest recommendation. >> reporter: anyone who needs the shelter can call 211 in this area to find a location nearest them and we have learned that the san francisco winter shelter program is now in effect so you can call 311 to find a shelter there. in san jose, allison rodriguez, ktvu fox 2 news. the 96th annual turkeybowl played out in san francisco earlier today. the lincoln high school mustangs took on the balboa buccaneers for the san francisco section title. it is a holiday tradition that drew 50,000 football fans when
6:31 pm
it began in the 1920s. they lost most of those seats during a remodel 19 years ago. today were a few hundred fans watching the game. >> it is a very special thing to see. i have my sun here. we are enjoying it even though it is cold. lots of fun. >> the mustangs beat the buccaneers 10-0. the turkey bowl has been canceled twice since it was first played. in 1963 due to the assassination of john f. kennedy. two years ago the game was canceled because of northern california wildfires. we will tell you what tim carved out the victory coming up later in sports. the highway patrol maximum enforcement. is underway tonight. chp that all available officers will be on the road all over the state looking for impaired or distracted drivers, unsafe speed and people who fail to buckle up. last year over the thanksgiving holiday highway patrol arrested
6:32 pm
more than 900 people on suspicion of dui statewide. a federal appeals court ruled in favor of a venture capitalist who has been arguing for a decade that he got the public owns the only road down to the beach south of half moon bay. legal experts say this court ruling provides a boost to the plans to get a permit to reinstall a gate on the property. east bay regional parks district is waiving fees for activities at their parks to encourage people to spend the day outdoors incident shopping. they are calling it green friday as part of the opt out side movement that started when rei closed its doors on black friday to encourage its employees to spend time with their families outdoors. coming up, to social media giants go down today. the glitch that caused big
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richard sherman donated more than $7400 to a middle school in santa clara. the cornerback personally handed the check to the principal on saturday. garber works as a docent at the 49ers museum where sherman pulled him aside.
6:36 pm
the money is to cover the schools cafeteria debt. in a letter sherman's foundation said eliminating one step is one way to help families relieve some of the stress that comes with going to school. it was a little harder to share thanksgiving memories in social media today after instagram and facebook global outages this morning. instagram's newsfeed was low to refresh and there were problems when users try to upload photos. facebook resolved the issue around noon. there was an issue with a central software system. president trump's trade war with china has storeowners keeping a wary eye on washington as higher tariffs that affect their bottom line. ray bogan takes a look at what all of this could mean for holiday shoppers. >> reporter: every black friday bargain hunters look for deals on things at the top of so many christmas list. electronics and toys. but this year there's a plot
6:37 pm
twist. >> if we don't make a deal with china i will raise tariffs even higher. >> reporter: toys and electronics made in china are high on president trump's list of tariffs that are set to go up in december if the trade deal is and hammered out by then. those tariffs were on president trump's mind as he toured an apple computer factory last week in texas. >> when you build in united states will have to worry about tariffs. >> reporter: >> reporter: the economy is still in strong shape and analyst expect consumers to spend more this holiday season, almost 4%. >> an all time record 1.1 trillion november, december, january. >> reporter: we haven't had a holiday season with so much uncertainty. whether it be jobs, tariffs, the elections or something unexpected americans have a lot to consider before they open their wallets. >> reporter: what about the prospect of impeachment? wall street and consumers have largely shrugged it off so far but that could change. and regardless of how the drama plays out, president trump's
6:38 pm
job will still be on the line in 2020 especially if tariffs send prices spiking. >> the president has an interest in solving it because as long as the economy stay strong in a trade deal gets done, the president is in better shape for reelection standpoint. >> reporter: for those braving the cold and the crowds, a chance at the best deals could come with a bonus, beating the tariffs. in washington, ray bogan fox news. black friday say that -- when you drive a car you don't think abou doing it but black friday shopping becomes dangerous when shopping becomes automatic. the brain lightens up turning off the that thinks things through. they say the best advice is to take a breather before the big purchase and make a budget before you head into the stores.
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amazon is adding a new feature to the alexa speaker to make her sound lifelike. alexa will now be able to speak with emotion. that means that she will be able to speak in different tones and including excitement and disappointment. i am just getting the giggles a little bit. she will be able to have a low octave for expressing different tones. we will go to kyla in the weather center. all right, we have low temperatures and a freeze warning in the north bay. we will talk about the next big francisco auto show. some incredible cars. we will be right back and we won't be laughing when we come
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in oakland the winner of the hit tv show chopped prepared the meal for thanksgiving for dozens of hungry people. armstead owns two restaurants in the east bay but today he
6:43 pm
was helping out outside of fitzgerald park in west oakland. the morning feast was hosted by mikey's meals which began feeding the less fortunate for 11 years and has since served more than 10,000 meals in the west oakland community. this year mike is meals is expanding its services as well to provide hotel vouchers to homeless people. >> we are starting a program where we can give hotel rooms to the homeless so on christmas and thanksgiving they can have a nice warm bed and they can wear down y down and take a shower. >> mikey's meals was started by mikey carraway junior. he had a liver transplant several years ago and wanted to help others as a way of giving back. san francisco's glide hosted its annual thanksgiving celebration today. they served thousands of meals for the homeless at its location in the tenderloin. alyssa harrington has the story.
6:44 pm
daniel maxwell from san francisco has been volunteering at glides thanksgiving day celebration for 18 years. maxwell and hundreds of others spent thursday morning carving turkeys and hams preparing potatoes and salad for thousands of the city's homeless. >> a lot of people are separated from their families so glide gives the opportunity to create your own family. >> reporter: glide has been hosting the community meal for more than 50 years. city officials including mayor london breed served plates of food. the event is also a way to raise awareness. >> we want to bring attention to a lot of the issues that people are struggling with from food insecurity, one in four people in our city are struggling . to the growing challenges of addiction and homelessness. >> reproter: glide expects to serve over 9000 meals. they will serve those meals here in the main dining area and will make deliveries to other parts of the city. >> the need in the city is expanding and changing.
6:45 pm
glide is now starting to step up in new ways and more ways to reach more people. >> reporter: all the food and money for the event is donated. >> it is my honor. >> reporter: one man loaded up a truck full of turkey, milk, fruit, and 100 pumpkin pies. he made large donations every year for the past 13 years. >> to me thanksgiving means to help others. and i love to do that. and i hope i can help people who are homeless. >> reporter: glides anksgiving performance from the glide ensemble. the feast kicked off a month long series of events including a senior luncheon, the grocery bag giveaway and a christmas day celebration. alyssa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. the bay areas largest autoshow is underway at the moscone center.
6:46 pm
it began this morning and runs until monday. it features many of the new 2020 model your cars trucks and suvs. has a bunch of exotics like this one. the director of the event said the autoshow is the perfect thanksgiving weekend destination for families. that is the toyota supra. >> if you are in the market for a new car in the next 60 days to a year and you have five choices and you looked at the internet and all of that, you come down here and you bring the family, now you can get in these cars, sit in them, does it fit your family's needs? >> the san francischow also features a large number of classic cars as long as state- of-the-art hybrid and all electric cars as well. time to talk about the cold weather. kyla grogan is in with bill tonight and it is chilly out
6:47 pm
there. >> we had a cold day and now we will see temperatures plummet and that is why there is a freeze warning for the north bay tonight. kicks in at 10 pm tonight. it is all the area you can see in purple in the north bay valleys and it is a freeze warning. laces like santa rosa and napa you will get down to the 20s for some spots. we have a frost advisory as we move over to the east bay and down in the south bay and some valleys there that kicks in at 10 pm until 9 am tomorrow morning. here is why, look at the numbers here. 24 degrees for a low in santa rosa. 34 napa and 34 for concord. 31 for livermore and 31 in san jose and livermore. it is a night to make sure you bring pets inside. if you have plans outside you will want to bring them in for sure tonight. 46 degrees in san francisco and it has been a day of 40s out there. barely 50s for many spots.
6:48 pm
42 in novato and 45 in . we are starting chilly and we will get even cooler. take a look at this brought the state of california. santa barbara at 47 degrees. 48 in los angeles where they have been dealing with rain down there. long beach set a record today of 2.1 seven inches of rain. they have had snow in places like palmdale where they are having snowball fights, not the normal thing to do this time of year. in the bay area we stay dry. we stay dry for the rest of tonight and we get into tomorrow similar to today only a few more degrees warmer. we are looking at a high of 53 for those in san francisco. 55 in santa rosa. 53 and redwood city. 54 in concord and 50 in fremont and 53 in san jose. a very below-average day but a little warmer. this is the next thing coming our way. it will be dropping in and it is a rainmaker. this one will be very powerful as it rolled in saturday and
6:49 pm
sunday potentially into monday. we are looking out for showers on your saturday. went will be a component of this and that keeps on in sunday and monday. tomorrow another nice day similar to today. we will have clouds out there that we should stay dry. this is 10 am and as we work our way into friday you start to see moisture coming in. this is saturday morning so it is 8 am and by saturday afternoon we have widespread showers throughout the bay area and looking at more snow for the sierra and here it is pretty heavy saturday at 5 pm and it continues as we get into sunday and monday. looking out an inch to two inches of rain. this will be a significant one. the storm and that means we have this rainy pattern coming our way. take a look at the extended forecast. we don't have 20s tomorrow night so we will see temperatures rise up as we head across the next five days. if you have things you need to get done outside tomorrow is your day to do it.
6:50 pm
if you want to drive to the sierra where they have resorts opening this weekend and they have a base of 20-25 inches in most spots tomorrow is your day to drive. once that system comes in will get ugly again and you will not want to get stuck in the snow. >> we saw what happened a couple days ago. we had one guy who was stuck in traffic for about 17 hours. >> they were closing the roads back and forth. >> if you want to go up there and you are not up there already it will be fantastic skiing. do it tomorrow. tomorrow is your opportunity before we get into that next system which will be a big one and it will last longer. the woman believed to be the oldest living person in the united states has died. she turned 114 years old back in july. she was born in north carolina in 1905 but lived in new york city's harlem neighborhood since the 1920s. her family said she has
6:51 pm
credited her longevity to god and being a good person. the nfl took over today with their traditional thanksgiving schedule games. scott reese will have all of today's action coming up next in sports. ♪ limu emu & doug and now for their service to the community, we present limu emu & doug with this key to the city. [ applause ] it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. and now we need to get back to work. [ applause and band playing ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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6:54 pm
scott is here now with football. it is a day of football and as tradition it is on thanksgiving. did you have the games on today? >> watching detroit and chicago. >> the cowboys, it is always in detroit in dallas. dallas usually embraces the turkey day spotlight. things aren't exactly dunkin pie in the sky these days. dallas coming off an embarrassing performance against the patriots and the head coaches seat is getting hotter as the weather gets hotter. the first drive of the game went okay. eight yards to jason witten. 7-0 dallas. jerry jones and we are all happy. in the second quarter josh allen to former cowboy cole beasley. 25 yards and it is 7-7 and you start to see plumes of smoke coming from jerry's head.
6:55 pm
late in the second quarter i smell trickery. the wide receiver, his first ever nfl pass is a touchdown to devin singletary. 13-7 at the half. a penny for your thoughts? 3rd quarter 16-7 allen. and using the legs. a nice block. he threw for 231 and ran for 43. the bills win and jerry just had enough leaving the building. buffaloes 9-2 and jason garrett's seat got hotter. how about those bears and lions? 1st quarter david blau making his nfl debut. looked good early. 7-0 chicago until somebody forgot to cover somebody. 75 yards to the song. he caught four balls rmer cal s marvin jones in for the eight
6:56 pm
yard score. 17-10 at the half. turkey for you, turkey for you. mitchell trubisky to jesper horse said. what a catch, he pins it against the facemask and that is crafty. 20-17 in the fourth quarter. and mitchell trubisky goes through yards to david montgomery. chicago takes the lead at 24-20. on fourth and 22 the prayer was not answered. the pass was intercepted eddie jackson. prayers went 2420 and improve to 6-6 on the year. this is all just a warm-up to maybe the game of the regular season. maybe a super bowl preview. 49ers and ravens on sunday in baltimore. before heading east 19 minor players and members of their family served up a thanksgiving meal to 275 people in san jose.
6:57 pm
eric armstead, fred warner and george kittle all of whom very much in the holiday relishing the fans and those in need. >> thanksgiving has had a special place in my heart even back when i was a kid my dad was in a homeless shelter and it is something i have always done and just be happy to have my entire family out here and celebrate thanks giving. >> i'm thankful for how the season has gone. thankful that i have my health right now and that we are doing so well. >> you spend a little time with the family and at the end of the day you have a job to do on sunday. prepare throughout the week as you normally do. handle your business. >> i have a turkey head on order for you. another local tradition back on the field. the 96th annual turkey day game with the san francisco section championship on the line. balboa or lincoln would be giving things for a title.
6:58 pm
the crowd braving the elements out there. just before halftime frank of itch to barnett. breaks a tackle 45 years later it is the only touchdown of the game. 7-0 lincoln. mustang defense. a little razzle-dazzle here. jaylon smith throws downfield but guys were wearing other jerseys. interception. lincoln went 10-0 and winds the san francisco section championship and earns a norcal playoff berth. a lot of football at every level. >> a tuff schedule right now but they are surviving. see you later everyone. it's not real. yes, it is.
6:59 pm
yeah... uh, look. it is scientifically impossible for a person to tip a cow. even you, with your stocky build and lumberjack shoulders, you couldn't do it. it's horrible. why would you push a cow over? they're sacred. oh, stop it. i've seen you eat, like, a million hamburgers. hey, an animal can be both sacred and delicious. look, i'm telling you i've done it, okay? i clearly remember the cow standing up and then the cow on its side. were you drunk? i was 16 in nebraska. what do you think? i think you're the one who fell over. that would explain why the sky was also on its side. hey. howard. cow tipping: real or not? mmm. i'm gonna say... not. that's just based on me trying to roll my mom over when she's snoring. speaking of that big side of beef, uh, she's invited all of you to thanksgiving at her house. aw. mmm. you know, i've been told that a bald refusal
7:00 pm
of an invitation is rude and one must instead offer up a polite excuse, so... i'd love to go, but, unfortunately, that sounds awful. come on, it'll be fun. uh, we were actually gonna do it here. please? bernadette's bringing her dad 'cause her mom's out of town, and i never have anything to say to that guy. oh, since you put it that way, i'd love to go, but that sounds even more awful. it'd actually be nice to not hear sheldon complain about my cooking all day. uh, excuse me, but every year you prepare a terrible meal and every year i criticize it. do our traditions mean nothing to you? i want to go. yeah, me, too. i'm in. sheldon. ugh, fine, i'll go. but if her food is delicious, thanksgiving is ruined, and it's on you. ♪ our whole universe was in a hot, dense state ♪ ♪ then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started... wait! ♪ ♪ the earth began to cool


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