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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  November 29, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PST

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good morning. freezing temperatures settling in around the bay area. temperatures coming our way for this holiday weekend. >> plus morning's black friday deals. families looking for holiday gifts. as the president gets ready to raise tariffs in the trade war with china. >> from ktvu fox 2 news this is mornings on 2. >> well good morning. thank you for joining us and welcome to mornings on 2. friday morning november 29th i'm dave clark. pam cook is off today and it's cold this morning. a cold winter-like storm is moving through the sierra dumping up to 3' of new snow and more snow is expected through the weekend. change on interstate 80. beginning at 4:00a.m. tomorrow through sunday afternoon. pay attention to the forecast. cold storms moved around much of the western u.s. and moved
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up to the northeast. ask if you need shelter from the cold and rain in santa clara county you can go to one of the county's warming centers now. several centers are open an the county because of the rain and the cold temperatures. the warming centers will be open day and night. let's talk more about our weather. rosemary is here with all the information. >> below freezing in many locations. we've got 20s out there in our north bay valley. 28 reported in napa. 43 degrees for you this morning livermore and 30s and 40s around the bay. low 40s in the east bay of oakland and 44 right now in
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downtown san francisco. visibility not bad in most locations. let's take a look at a few more numbers in the north bay. upper 20s for windsor and 29 degrees in novato. take it very careful out there. make sure you bring in your pet ifs you have one and of course cover those plants. here's a look at the advisory it goes until 9:00 this morning only slightly better. temperatures in the afternoon another cool one. widespread 50s.  a few scattered showers possibility. i have details coming up. time is 4:32 here's a look at some of the top stories this morning. snow down in santa barbara county is helping firefighters battling the big cave fire. it started monday afternoon and has burned 3100 acres. right now it is 40% contained. in san francisco three
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water main breaks and kansas and california streets. right now the water service is out in some areas as those repairs are being made. the national retail federation predicts more than 115 million people will be shopping today. and more than 165 million people will be shopping during the 5-day weekend between thanksgiving day and cyber monday. stores around the country are busy this morning. business owners are closely watching tariffs on how if it
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will affect them. >> electronics and toys. but this year there's a. toys and electronics are high on president trump's list of tariffs that are set to go up in december if a trade deal isn't hammered out by then. . >> when you bill to the united states you don't have to worry about tariffs. >> analysts expect consumers to spend even more this holiday season, almost 4% more. >> we think 3.5 but still all- time record 1.1 trillion $1.1 season recently with so much
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uncertainty . whether it be jobs, tariffs, americans have a their wallets. >> and what about the process of impeachment. that could dhaeng. regardless of how that drama plays out president trump's job will still be on the line in 2020 especially if tariffs send prices spiking. >> as long as the economy stays strong and a trade deal gets done i think the president's in shape from a re- election standpoint. >> but for those braving the crowds. ray boga fox news. >> police have ended a blockade at a university. so no re found inside or were arrested.
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that standoff was one dramatic part of almost six months of political protests. protesters were also celebrating a u.s. bill that president trump signed into law. congress is considering a second bill that would require the state to review the trading status. >> hong kong is china's hong kong. hong kong affairs are purely china's internal affairs. no foreign organization, foreign government, or foreign individual has the right to interfere. >> the protesters are calling for fully democratic elections and also protests started back in june. president trump spend his holiday weekend in
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florida. here's how this is a surprise trip by the president is also reviving peace talks. >> after a 50,000 mile flight. >> we love them. >> a welcome treat for troops on a day when we all pause to give thanks. >> this evening as manies of families sit down at their dinner tables back home they'll be saying a prayer for the men and women serving our nation in afghanistan and deployed around the globe. >> plenty of photos and of course service by the commander
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and chief to those when being here have already sacrificed so much. a stronger than ever military. the removal of terrorists. the president also used his first trip to afghanistan. announcing the u.s. and taliban have restarted peace talks but the u.s. insisted on a cease fire. >> the taliban wants to make a deal and we're meeting with them and we're saying it has to be a cease fire. >> this after the u.s. abruptly withdrew from the by lateral peace talks in december. to draw down american troop levels substantially to about 8600. >> that's the number people are talking about, yes. >> that's the number of people we can go much further than that. >> aware that the future will fend for itself.
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this is a day it will remain much in the present. a chance to cap a journey slouted in sececy. >> there's no place i'd rather celebrate thanksgiving. >> currently there are between 12,000 and 13,000 troops in afghanistan. the president made it very clear today the u.s. will remain in afghanistan unless it has a deal or achieve some victory. our time now 4:39. today, the day after thanksgiving is not government altered with their schedules. bart and mumi are running on modified services. the postal service will be open. mail will be delivered today.
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most major banks will be open today as well. and the markets on wall street will be open but they will close early time is now 4:40. let's check your weather again. >> yes. i agree dave. very cold out there. mid 20s to mid 30s for inland locations today. mid 30s or mid 40s around the bay. 26 for you low 40s in oakland. 34 in livermore and san jose also a cold one for you at 40 degrees. giving you a live look at sfo. partly cloudy. as we get moo the afternoon we may have a few scattered showers and that's about it. it's not going to be a big deal. mainly dry for your bay area friday. here's a look at the cooler temperatures down by 8 degrees in napa. osa.
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visibility is looking fwood for both. novato has dropped down about 1/4 mile. you kind of expect a little bit of ground fog to get through. as far as the conditions around the bay area again mainly dry. take a look at the sier with an advisory in place until noontime today. we do have that going. the winter weather advisory all the way down into the sierra foothills this morning. this aspires at lunchtime and then you'll have a 24, 30-hour window before the next advisory moves in. if you are thinking about driving into the sierra. here's a look at the future cast model into the afternoon. a few pop up showers as i mentioned a moment ago. and into the afternoon more of the same. in had and out of the clouds, the cool conditions. the scattered shower activity. areas of the south bay may squeeze out a few showers as
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well. a jacket. giving of getting into the weeken stor bring with it wind, another advisory for flooding and our north bay i have details in the extended forecast doming up dave. time is 4:42. some people here in the bay area are living out on the water trying to avoid paying rent. coming up why authorities say so-called boat squatters are a threat to public safety. >> and the san francisco auto show is under way now. we're going to show you some of these incredible cars on display this weekend. and speaking of cars, with a little holiday music as well. live pictures. we're looking out at interstate 880. i see no problem among the cars out there. we're down there near the arena right now. you're watching mornings on 2
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on ktvu fox 2 news.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 4:45. the bay area's biggest car show is under way. the 66th annual internation auto show opened yesterday. it continues through monday. show casing model carses, trucks and suvs. of the director says it's the
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perfect thanksgiving weekend destination. if you're looking for a new car. >> what we like to think of if you're in the market for a new car in the next 60 days here you've got five choices you've kind of looked at the internet and all that. you come down here sit in one of these cars. does it fit your family's feeds. >> also featuring classic cars along with hybrids and electric vehicles. home prices in california keep going up many can't afford to go out on land. authorities are now cracking down on what they're calling an illegal trend saying it's a public safety issue. reporter claud in sausalito.
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>> some boat owners are living on the bay rent-free. >> jimmy macontosh is a so- called anchor route. >> it's impossible making what i make working full time to live on land. the deposits and the dogs, and the dog deposits and it just gets to be almost $8,000 to move into a studio. can't afford that. >> the problem is it's illy. >> it's a safety issue for responding, first responders fire or police if if we have to go on board but also safety hazard for the people that live on it. >> boats break anchoring storms one land-based homeowner says anchor routes are n naught
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clooe inexperienced. >> they're really coming over with a lethal weapon, a very heavy boat that smashes into our docks. >> richardson bay is managed by regional and state agencies.' it's a complex partnership. that means different waters have different rules. officials say in the past two years they've gotten rid of 70 out of 90 illegal vessels admitting some just sailed somewhere else. >> as with any housing problem is if you kick people out where do they go? that is a question local leaders are struggling to answer. people who been here for decades like jimmy who know how to keep their boats safe. claudia cowan ktvu fox 2 news. the warriors and the chase center offering various dealing including no fees on tickets
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for any of the remaining home games. also there are special discounts for hooptopia and basketball camps. it looks like the brand new state of the art chase center in san francisco needs repairs already. tearing up and replacing the hard wood. there was also some damage after water from a broken pipe seeped into several rooms and offices on tuesday. that was quickly repaired. the practice facility is expected to be open before the warriors next home game on december 9th. the raiders say their new will have its roof in place by april. it's expected to be finished the stadium itself by the end of july in time for the beginning of the 2020 nfl season.
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the chief contractor says more than a,000 people are working around the six days a week and he's confident the construction of the 65,000 seat stadium for the raiders will be finished ahead of schedule. time is 4:50. the lincoln high school mustangs were the big winners at the annual turkey bowl in san francisco. the mustangs beat the balboa buccaneers 10-0 yesterday claiming the san francisco section title and a nor-cal playoff bird. this is the 96th annual turkey bowl. the mustangs won in double overtime during the regular season. >> that's a very special thing. you see i got my son here. we're just enjoying it, even though it is cold, lots of fun. >> now this was lincoln's second straight turkey bowl victory. and their 12 win overall.
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time is now 4:51. runners and walkers hit the streets of downtown jose for a very popular race. yeah, it was cold out there but look they were running had their hats on braving chilly temperatures. this is part of the annual silicon valley turkey trot. this has raised almost 15 $15 million since it began 15 years ago. speaking about cold temperatures here's rosemayor. >> yes, going to be a chilly one in the morning hours. mainly dry for today. another storm moving in for tomorrow. giving you a look at the sierras. the snow continues to fall so well into the sierra
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foothills. we've got that snow line. for us, we are looking at just a few pop up showers of possibility. here's a look at your future cast and we'll come back and take a look at our afternoon highs today. here's a look at again as we get into the afternoon a little bit of moisture hanging around. doesn't really look like a big deal. just in case if you are concerned about it. here's a look at saturday morning when we are already beginning to see the transition once again and by the afternoon, this system is moving through. it is going to bring with it the rainfall, it's going to bring with it wind and an advisory for flooding over our north bay locations downstream of the kincade fire. here is a look at the sierra, where there will be some calm time new mexico between advisories about the afternoon today and into tomorrow morning if you are thinking about traveling.
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rainfall amount s 2" to 4". it looks like pretty soggy weather last week at least until the start of next week. and we could all said and done 2" to 4" for the urban areas. here's a look at the advisory for the north bay valley. and those areas downstream. we also have a high wind warning that will take or watch that will take place along the coastline in our valley locations around the bay. so starting tomorrow and lasting all the way into early morning it's going to be wet and windy, here's a look at the advisory for the sierra, it starts tomorrow afternoon and we'll go late into the weekend. temperatures this morning under dry conditions. 34 in downtown san francisco. upper 40s to low 50s for the afternoon. so you may need the jacket the entire day and the extended forecast shows you rain and wind on saturday.
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rainy on sunday. monday, but the chance on tuesday, temperatures are going to be slightly warmer. >> all right. thank you. . not even used to putting on the heat. >> well i'm sorry, it's time to turn up the heater and bundle up. cold weather is coming to the bay area. right now the area is under a freeze warning this morning. plus in southern california the snow storms moving south bringing much needed help to firefighters down there and their families this weekend. and an alternative to black friday shopping. we'll tell you all about what's free today for green friday. but first... kravng up the music. this is a live picture we're at the toll plaza. there's no traffic out there. you're watching mornings on 2 on ktvu fox 2 news.
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a a families that want to bring home a new pet can get any
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adult pet. the neighborhood adoption center in the petco store. now this program continues through january 5th. it highlights animals that have been with the humane's society for a long time or they have special needs. dufrjtszs of people gathered at a swimming pool in hayward. in memory of karen gordon. karen gordon was a life guard at the hayward plunge. she was also an intern with us here at ktvu. karen was killed in 200 win by a drunk driver on -- 2001 by a drunk driver on her 19th birthday. that driver was trying to es came cape from police in a van. they ask for a minimum $5 doe notion.
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the money that's raised helps pay for swimming lessons for low income children. this lovely lady, a woman the oldest woman in the united states. 114 years old. she turned 114 in july but she lived in new york city's harlem since the 1920s. she credited her long life to god and being a good person. . several water main breaks in san francisco. flooding streets causing traffic jams and even some thanksgiving night crashes. >> plus. >> i have a whole list. >> black friday shoppers out in full force.
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waiting to snap up deals as a cold front is moving through the areaing good morning i'm sarah zendanom. >> it's cold. >> it is very cold here in the bay area. >> crazy right. so we had 100 -degree weather over the summer and now it's freezing. >> he woke up and the water was a solid block of ice. he said i'm not doing this anymore. >>. >> we're


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