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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 1, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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this is theten o'clock news . >> bringing major problems for problem coming back home after the long thanksgiving holiday. today is one of the busiest travel days of the year. and sfo more than 500 flights were delayed today. and 100 flights were canceled. good evening everyone, i'm frank. >> and tonight, we want to give you alive look, you can see the rain covering the lands of our
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camera. a wind advisory is in effect for most of the bay area until three this morning. >> how drivers are dealing with a wet roads and all the rain. first, we go to chief meteorologist bill. >> does not like dallas, chicago, lots of trouble traveling. our rain has been falling heaviest rain is really been in the south bay or south towards the santa cruz mountains and if you look, i got some -- the this things are moving. that's just what they were hour and half ago. down here, san francisco is right here, that's where this things is doing his work. we have seen nearly two bit of
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rain. special in the wednesday. we have with advisory for 3m. the winter blowing pretty significantly. open right now is 23. that's a sustained wind. blowing 23 pretty consistently and somewhere when. we got 28 mile an hour @is a. that's a gust. but that significant. it happened that winter blowing, breezy on the register more. a little bit a wet. again, most of this wet is south of san francisco. when i come back we will time it out. greg is has more. >> reporter: frank here in walnut creek, literally it just started raining.
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about six or seven minutes ago. this storm obviously brought what conditions throughout the bay area but i can tell you, here in the east bay at least, in terms of actual rainfall, it has been on and on. wet roads greeted the area returning home from there thanks giving it away. the storm which is sporadic rain throughout the region has causing drivers to be a bit more cautious on slick roads. >> i think especially when you drive a car i have to be a bit slower. >> reporter: traffic and rain were light. when driver filling up her tank she says she feels safer during our the day with a storms were away. >> at night, definitely i don't feel comfortable but here in the daytime it rains hard it's okay with me. >> reporter: evidence in plain
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sight the drivers have been preparing to deal with the with weather. >> people are coming in and buy a ton of wiper blades, headlights, they're coming in -- we have some rain repellent. >> reporter: morning glory farms tree lot was buzzing with us this sunday evening. black friday the owner said they usually sell about 100 trees. this year, 300, the weather may be responsible for their good fortune. >> everybody was seeing the weather forecast for rains on saturday and sunday so they came out on friday and really had us on expect that. >> reporter: matthew brought up his son this evening but he says because of rain earlier in the day, he waited for breaking the clouds. >> i'm looking forward to the holiday season. so i stop by
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and picked up a tree. >> reporter: in terms of how on and off the rain has been, i can report to you that flood control have a rain gauge on top of mount diablo. there only has been a quarter inch of rain. live in walnut creek, ktvu, fox 2 news. high winds sending flights in and out of san francisco international. winds reaching 50 to 20 miles per hour with gusts up to 25 miles per hour. the national service of severe turbulence and at warnings remain until 12:22 am. as if it was only bay area airport that was affected with 500 delays. there were no cancellations or delays at oakland international and no cancellations at the others either. ktvu's martines has more
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>> reporter: is not in office, is at the center cisco international airport making the best of it. >> i'm been sitting here about only 30 minutes. i was at the international airport until i get an email from them saying they were canceled my flight. >> reporter: he doesn't know why his flight was canceled but he needs to go to las vegas. >> we can give you a refund. that's not gonna work. >> reporter: he found another flight on united but it doesn't leave until after 730, sunday night. >> you can check your bags earlier than four hours i can't even go like inside the security , where there are restaurants.
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so i got a few hours. >> reporter: bad weather across the country is out of the cell some of the delays. the words air traffic control, meant that bad weather in san francisco was a cause on the ground. >> the change it when i got here. >> reporter: britney had to pay $200 for a hotel last night. >> we were supposed to be delayed 18 hours. we were in phoenix for seven hours i think yesterday. and then they rerouted us and now we are not leaving until 130. >> reporter: surprisingly, people remain good spirit. >> when you want to go home and have a toddler who was to go home, >> reporter: dressed like elves had a delay to chicago but were greeted by this united airlines santa team. >> and so, we found these ght w airport. >> and is a good thing that she did because you are surrounded
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by them. @to take photos >> reporter: they were pretty much expecting this since they were flying back during the holiday season. as long as they have chargers for the phone, ktvu, fox 2 news. and a reminder to download the ktvu weather app, there you can find the forecast for your area to make your weather photos. you can find it on your app store. two people were killed after a suspected dui crash early this morning. police have now arrested the suspect. they say that the think the suspecned on highway 101 north connector ramp interstate 280 in san jose. ktvu's has more on what happened. >> reporter: chb says the roads
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are wet at the time speed and alcohol is the main reason for the crash. that was 100% avoidable. 21-year-old man of san jose arrested for drunk drinking and driving responsible for killing two people and injuring five including himself. in this host thanks giving crash. investigators say around for 10 am sunday morning he was driving . a man was driving a dodge charger. he collided with the nissan rogue. causing the road to hit a guardrail and rolled over. this is what witnesses told chb. >> they have seen a dodge charger traveling and estimated speed close to 100.
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>> reporter: two people in the and mason road died. a 61-year- old woman died at the scene. a 34-year-old male driver died at the hospital. another passenger in the nissan and for people in the charger including him were taken to the hospital for various injuries. >> the road was wet, it was raining at that hour this morning. the predominant factors here were the speed, the dodge charger traveling with high risk speed and, intoxication of the driver. >> reporter: chb san have been far this thanksgiving weekend period in its jurisdiction. this arrest is the only one resulting in a fatality. >> to me, it's no difference in taking a gun and shooting it, you have a weapon it's 6000 pounds you're endangering many, many lives. >> reporter: 22-year-old son
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matt was killed by a drunk driver, she is pushing for legislation. drivers for certain call level before starting the car. >> paradigm on shift and our culture, he just had one too many, you don't drink and drive. >> reporter: as for this crash, no word on the identity of the victims. as for the suspect, he will be book on suspicion of driving under the influence and gross vehicle or manslaughter once he's out of the hospital. frank? it was a single car crash happened shortly after five this morning.
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on the on the 25th street offramp of southbound on interstate 280. highway patrol says the victim was ejected to the driver side window, lexus suv. investigators say he was not wearing a seatbelt. no one else was hurt, so far, no one or no word on what's a cause of the crash. shot and killed a six-year- old man who pulled a knife on his own parent. officers responded to the home around 1145 this morning on the way to his drive just west of oakland drove. the man's parents called 911 to see their son had a knife, plastic gun and was acting erratically, possibly from drugs and alcohol. officers trying to talk to the man but went inside the house, the then saw the father walked outside with serious injuries. and that point, they went inside the home. >> officers went inside the house and they saw the sun struggling his mother while holding the knife. to over our officers use their
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service weapons. >> the man was pronounced dead, his 90-year-old father and 85- year-old mother was taken to the hospital. they both have serious injuries. it was a game of the day, 49ers coming up, jason show us how down to the wire. hundreds gathered for the worlds a day. in san francisco at 1030. the latest from new orleans were 10 people were shot after an annual football game. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple.
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the game between the 49ers and lamar jackson in baltimore ravens came down to this in the final seconds, the raven scored a last-minute field goal that went 20-17. it was the second loss for 49ers. >> they were right at it at the very end. >> it's fun to wake up and watch this. it's an early game i think it should be the prime time game. but if you wake up and you had the teams played then a outscored the last three opponents 135-26. as the two teams battled in the driving rain of baltimore. raven scored bar quarterback. look at the move she pushed
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right here on k-1 williams. i think you call that ankle break. is in for the touchdown, raven's lead 14-7. jackson by the way the first data for quarterback rush for 100 right yards in a season. a career day for him. finds the big hole he is in for 40 yards out. the touchdown, tied at 14-14. tied at 17-17 late in the fourth quarter and that was where justin quarter 49 yards out. the most accurate field-goal kicker in history. ravens win 27-17. i was real proud of the team. >> the plate extra hard, all three phases, deafly gonna. get give credit to them. hopefully we can earn an
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opportunity to play with them some other time. >> if that happens, it would have to be february 2nd in miami for the super bowl 54. and of course, complete highlights. the seahawks game will be the last game of the season. the thanksgiving will be coming up next week. is gonna be big. another stretch of highway. close today. is of the danger of a mudslide. the gate at the slide has been closed since 5:00 last night. this morning, caltrans closed the gate at mud creek. the section of road has occasionally been closed, sometimes for weeks or months at a time. because of the dirt covering
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the highway. crews are going to inspect that area before the road can be open. it a long drive home for the holiday weekend. drivers had to deal with snow and sleet. right now, chains are required for parts of both highway 50 and interstate 80. it's exciting because we are getting into the ski season. there's a not enough for a good out of the. >> i talked with some folks there tonight. from lower snow level to higher snow levels. with the snow levels are right storms coming in from the south, we've got wind that are blowing, a gust of 30. it just tomorrow to. it depends on where you are. put the loop on why, there's no
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frontal system with this. is just a bunch of moisture streaming up against. the coast. are getting so much water and in the north bay. we are seeing rainfall cumulation in half with the rain the last couple of days. san jose, this was at the 6:00 tonight flooding in late two of 11. over four inches. is pick up one more. four inches of standing water at the south of southbound. that's how goes tomorrow morning. high water now, are going to be high water again tomorrow morning. so let's pick get ready for that. new milliken day. how it goes tomorrow. you are going to wake up, it's going to be wet, his focus on
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the south bay. on the area south of san francisco and san jose, were seen showers -- look at eureka. it's really santa cruz mountains and even though like -- two things of an inch something like that on -- 15 miles away. six inches. six inches. it's really all about those coastal hills in the south bay hills. here we are tomorrow afternoon, partly cloudy, mostly cloudy, scattered showers , all thraindrops. not gonna be all bad but it's gonna be there. researchers at santa cruz elevated levels of mercury in mountain life. it was published last week and looked at 94 mountain lives in the santa cruz mountains. researcher says the mercury comes out of the ocean and into the at sphere.
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it has then pushed the coast by fog. the study found that the mercury level exceeded the toxic threshold for several of the mountain lines. coming up, response away from the white house to democrats about their involvement. a man who has been arrested after trying to siphon gas from a car in the east bay. the xavier guest feel the cost. and is giving today, fox 2 teams up with a hospital. >> the really do give things back to kids.
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arrested a 39-year-old man early this morning for siphoning gas from a car.
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an alert neighbor called police after seeing a man drive around the apartment complex looking in cars. police arrived and took the suspect into custody. they say that he drilled a hole in the car's gas tank. he was siphoning the gas out. the car was dripping gasoline in the bucket under the car was spilling over with gas. authorities say the gas bill was so bad that the fire department had to come out and clean it out. the man is currently on probation, he was arrested for several criminal violations. antigovernment protest continue in iraq. pope francis condemning the actions against civilians. the latest tonight. over the weekend submitted his resignation to parliament as body. discontinued to rock the country. the iraqi constitution now allows president barham to run the government for the next 15 days until a new prime minister is appointed and the new cabinet this form.
10:25 pm
over the past month, more than 400 people have been killed and thousands injured at antigovernment demonstrations. this weekend at least two people were killed. security forces used live ammunition and tear gas. the bodies were then carried to the street from the mosques to the graves. be chanted in arabic coat there's no god but allah. harsh response against civilians. the former rock prime minister has this affect. >> at the time to prevent the use of live bullets. multiple interferences and complications occur. this leaves to the fallen victims. >> reporter: security forces using ripple force a running back malicious are working to destabilize iraq that's according to security expert's. those experts also worrying that current clashes between
10:26 pm
iraqi forces and iranian munitions good destabilize the region. you can see huge crowd could be seen marching near the water by victoria harbor today. there demanding more democracy and investigation into the police force that was used to crackdown on anti-government demonstration. hong kong have seen relatively calm last sunday when pro- democracy candidates claim that overwhelming victory but today, police used tear gases. and made several arrests. london remembers the victims of friday's terror attack. i molly, i got those details and what's steps to be taken to prevent future violence, coming up. and later in sports we've heard about the 49ers but we will talk about the raiders as they continue to struggle into brutal road games.
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people mark world a.i.d.s. day all over the world today. it was a very emotional day today. he lunches longtime part back in 1994. when it comes to using data, everyone is different.
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people around the world marks today as world a.i.d.s. day. on on the fred, loved one, who illustrates. >> talk to the president of the warriors he lost his longtime part are the a.i.d.s. and had to deal with it in secret because at that point, he had an come out yet. >> reporter: golden gate park to mark world a.i.d.s. day. the eight memorial, the site of the annual ceremony. with several speakers and performances. the first panel were created 32 ago. >> it was originally created in a small store in castro district in the darkest days, the of the epidemic.
10:31 pm
>> reporter: now there's more than 50,000 panels. it was from atlanta but was back home in san francisco. each panel holds personal memories, some includes pieces of clothing, photos, or other mementos. >> was created because there was a lack of response that people were afraid that their loved ones will not be remembered and just be forgotten. four hispanic is for arnie, the partner of warriors president rick watts. they were together 17 years. tim died in 1994. >> i came in a very difficult time for me because i was still in the closet. i had to go through the loss of a partner knowing my work environment new. what's was honored with the national recognition award. he was one of the first male executives in professional sports to come out publicly. this is his first time seeing the panel in 23 years.
10:32 pm
it so special this time around because bringing it home. >> reporter: outside the posted in silence. some left flowers and drop battles in the path to the living tribute. >> we are all here today. ♪ like memorial church held the service to mark the world each day. it focuses on the word on were a.i.d.s. patients were treated. during the a.i.d.s. crisis, the offered hiv screening. >> it's one of the first ministers to go to hospitals when people were donning full hazmat suits.
10:33 pm
. alyssa harrington, ktvu news. concert was held today to mark three years since the deadly goshen fire in oakland. 36 people were killed on december 2nd, 2016. after flames broke out during a music party at the warehouse. the group called voices of silicon valley organize a memorial which was held at the methodist church. musicians were friends with artist were there. >> 10 people were shot earlier today in the city of the french quarter. police say one person was detained but not arrested for the shooting. two of the 10 people were shot are in critical condition. police didn't release any information about any other of the victims. shooting happened around 320 on
10:34 pm
canal street. where a large group of people were partying after the annual by classic football. officers were already in the area to make sure that they can keep an eye on the crowd. >> we have officers right there within that very block. they actually thought that they are being fired upon. they took a position to respond to this. >> you trying to figure out the motive for the shooting, this isn't the first time that people have been shut just hours after the annual bayou classic. back in 2016, shortly after the game killed one person and injured nine others. british authorities today released new information about the terrorist attack that happened last friday including the names of two victims. politicians there says more needs to be done in this types of violence. >> reporter: traditional enforcement identifying the victims of friday's terror attack. they were killed when a terrorist went on a stabbing spree in london. three others were injured during the attack.
10:35 pm
>> this is an attack on our community in many ways. it was attended as such. >> reporter: the victims will be remembered across the city. >> those who are injured and are in the hospital. and those who died. >> reporter: the suspect is a 20-year-old man was released from prison just last year. he had served six years for terrorism related charges. he was released without an assessment from the parole board. prime minister boris johnson is calling for an end to early release. >> when people are convicted of very serious violent crimes, that they receive the estate deal sentencing. >> reporter: in the past two years, a terrorist have occurred in the uk. labour party leader jeremy carvin claims recent got back
10:36 pm
to government program for the rise in violence. >> that can lead to missed chances to intervene in the lives of people will go on to commit an excusable ask. or two they plan to review of more than 70 crimes. the white house informed house democrats that they are not going to take art in the judiciary hearings here later on this week. they are set to begin on wednesday with four legal experts discussing where president trump's case rises to the level of impeachment. congressman doug collins is top of public and in the house judiciary committee and he says the first person who he wants to call to testify his house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff. >> it's easy to hide behind the reports, and intelligence community behind closed door meeting.
10:37 pm
about what is happening here. how he on wednesday will come one day after the intelligence community. item ships impeachment report which makes the case for removing president trump from office. the justices will hear arguments tomorrow challenging new york city law that restricts removing firearms outside of the home. the national rifle association and its allies are trying to get more for this for years. the new conservative majority on the court could use this case to expand second amendment rights. and other state, was to join california by creating stricter rules for youth football. the tackling band. lawmakers are proposing in your. we're tracking the forecast of rain out there, now there's going to be rain on and off all week. honor today in alabama, 64
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years after he refused to give up on a public fun. he could've just been the middle class kid who made good. but mike bloomberg became the guy who did good. after building a business that created thousands of jobs he took charge of a city still reeling from 9/11 a three-term mayor who helped bring it back from the ashes bringing jobs and thousands of affordable housing units with it. after witnessing the terrible toll of gun violence... he helped create a movement to protect families across america. and stood up to the coal lobby and this administration to protect this planet from climate change. and now, he's taking on... him. to rebuild a country
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here, it all starts withello! hi!... how can i help? a data plan for everyone. everyone? everyone. let's send to everyone! wifi up there? uhh. sure, why not? how'd he get out?! a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your local xfinity store today. lawmakers in new york wants to establish stricter guidelines. the could be other options to keep the sport safe. fox news has more.
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>> reporter: proposed legislation in new york aims to bend tackle football for kids 12 and under. concert of concussion damage among athletes. democratic says the sport can permanently hurt the young person's brain. there's no reason for it but critics of the balances kids are too small to cause damage when hitting one another. they believe lawmakers aren't looking at the benefits of the sport. >> it takes away the discipline that comes with football. the sportsmanship, >> reporter: a recent study from boston university who play tackle football can develop cognitive and behavioral issues at the time. the risk for developing your degenerative increased 30% for every year. you your exposing them to very
10:42 pm
abnormal repetitive trauma. your can join california in setting stricter guidelines. beside the legislation in august limiting full contact practices to twice per week. new coaches in new york consider similar turnips. >> i think we should ensure that all coaches think proper tackle and to ask as well as condition, the players to be strong and ready to play football. olivia jade posted today first you should he says that the demanded four months whether to return to stilted videos nearly 2 million followers. her parents actress lori locklin and accused of paying $500,000 together two dollars
10:43 pm
into usc. even though neither of them road. locklin and her husband pleaded not guilty to the charges, their 20-year-old daughter says she's not going to discuss the case on youtube because she's legally not allowed to do so. a new home for a bay area nonprofit, how a church is helping a shelter for homeless, looks like the rain is here to stay. the five-day forecast is coming up.
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10:46 pm
stand up for kids is this and is a nonprofit that helps homeless teenagers and now they have a new place to call home. all things to some creative thinking by a local church. kitty views on ruben tells us they are trying to find the building after the lease on their old space was in renewed. >> reporter: the deadline was confirmed. center for kids a nonprofit that helps with teens. the release wasn't renewed, they were about to be homeless. >> it was beyond stressful. i don't want to have to do that again. >> reporter: proved nearly impossible. they've all been given up when they got a call. they had an idea. >> k, we have the space, and
10:47 pm
help them. >> reporter: envision turning old building to a center for nonprofit. and thought stand up for kids might be there first candidate. >> i was like, i think this can work. >> it was meant to be. >> i think -- we were so excited when i announced last sunday that we had signed the contract, we had a standing ovation in church. >> reporter: the kids got the news last night. >> i think this not gonna be disruption the place. >> reporter: instead of marking and of an era, it's a new beginning for them. volunteers are scrambling to one. ld place. >> it could've b day was not. that is what i'm thinking for.
10:48 pm
>> reporter: it's also hoping to build a shower and laundry room here as quickly as possible but they plan to be open for the kids by monday evening. in san jose, and ruben, ktvu fox 2 news. rosa parks was dedicated in montgomery, alabama. this is the 64th anniversary to give up the seat to a white man. parks was arrested in the incident in montgomery a pivotal part of civil rights movement. today mark the second annual in alabama. the legislature approved last year. parks died in 2005 at the age of 92. it's what all over the bay area. tomorrow morning it's going to sure. santa cruz mountains right now reports because they are pretty impressive.
10:49 pm
a tree blocking both lanes that was in 330 this afternoon on thunderstorms damage. lot of high rainfall. have been. right now you can see some heavy rain in fremont in san mateo it's going to be all night. you will see it when i show you the model. you will see how it is and how most of the energy really from this atmosphere will gelatine.. and in this area, this is where the big rainfall. some significant numbers there but really, this thing especially into tuesday and wednesday the santa cruz mountains off. so if you're up in santa rosa just over the som
10:50 pm
foot. so tomorrow morning, the snow -- it's just a firehose just like water and there's no real strong dynamic to lifted so i can find the front for you look at what it does. . tuesday. how do you do with that. and then boom, a little bit a slide here and tuesday evening in the afternoon commute and then you just see this on wednesday. so that's kind of i think the focus of this on the south bay. the timing. when you see that tomorrow, it will be
10:51 pm
ready. the chance of showers on tuesday and wednesday, thursday, friday we will write it up. but suffice to say, it's an umbrella this week is that the model they by the. as we know tomorrow, scattered showers a lot like today. especially south. >> this the animated frozen has set a new things giving record. >> far away, as not as we can go, one stood on enchanted forest. >> that is the highest thanks giving weekend box office in history. and emily say it trying to track 1 billion globally. with we can take off $20 million. four versus ferrari a beautiful day in the neighborhood. this is the first weekend of the holiday tradition here
10:52 pm
at ktvu. we have been partnered with the one warm coat drive for 17 years. and we would like to ask if you have spare coats that you can donate. if so, you can go to for a list of drop off locations. include santana row and san jose. on warm coat drive runs until the end of this month. up next, in sports, it has been holiday. possible super bowl preview. hear from drivers long delays to get back home from the holiday weekend. when it comes to using data, everyone is different.
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welcome back, joining us in sports it was a again today. waiting for the big deal but sadly they just couldn't pull it. >> they live up to the high. >> it was a close. >> i think it did, it was a heavyweight battle. i think it was a super bowl preview. showed both teams belong among the nfl elite. it was nasty. 49ers draw first blood.
10:56 pm
4-2, goes up top, nice play by samuel. 7-0 san francisco. later in the first, a fumble, lamar jackson, i'm gonna dial up this one. mark andrews for the touchdown. 20 yards, 7-7 tie. second-quarter now, jackson on the play fake and it keeps him to himself go for the touchdown. that a 13 play drive. jackson 16 carries 101 yards rushing. niners exposition, he had a career in have time. huge hole. makes the move, 40 yard touchdown. finished with 19 carries and 146 yards. tied at 17-17 in the fourth after beginning with:00 down. as time expires, and the most accurate field goal kicker in
10:57 pm
history is good so both teams are 10-2 as richard sherman and jimmy spoke after the game. >> as long as you get everything you got. it's fun. it's fun, it's a fun game. like i told you bus before you learn a lot more, we are getting some good directions here. >> i like the minds of the guys out there. this one hurts we will bounce back from it. >> you just, badges on the raiders. good news first, the held the chiefs just 259 total yards the bad news is to give up 40 points today. patrick mahomes three yard touchdown. then after the raiders turned it over to my homes, drops back.
10:58 pm
i'm gonna run it end and that's what he does. 13 yard touchdown. just make bad decisions. on thornhill takes it back 46 yards for the pick six. chiefs going on the wind 40-9. raiders drop to six and six. and the game back in the wild car race. got to learn from this and i got a ticket for myself. turnovers are two things that will do me on begins. in december. when everything's on the line. despite being majorly shorthanded, the warriors have played better basketball this past five games. however, just one went to show for it, the angela russell missed his 70. magic up on with finishes with
10:59 pm
a layup, he had 32 points for the magic. warriors down to now. time running out. alex burks, no. no good from three. magic hang on 119 to four and 17 the worst record in the nba. on the other side, stanford playing from a good basketball. first half against wilmington, good ball movement. tyrell perry da silva, gendered home, 72-54 and eight and one. young fence as the gail hosted the omaha mavericks, such as fire four of six from beyond the arc uild a little cushion for the gail.
11:00 pm
he had a game-high 19 points and later in the second half it's cutting jordan ford st. mary's also along with stanford improves eight and one and have 1130 scott reeves will john.


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