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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  December 2, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PST

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now moving into new homes.>> we never seen this many customers in the 10 years we have been open calling this early looking for christmas trees. spent more demand and shorter supplies means higher prices in the average price of a tree is $76 according to the national christmas tree association which represents sellers of live trees. but customers say they are not letting the shortage affect their tree buying experience.>> we make a special out of it. >> the tree buying season unofficially start on black friday and the national christmas tree association estimates the least access the data by atrios december 3 in los angeles christina coleman fox news. fox ne
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morning and thank you for joining us here. back to work monday after the holiday weekend december 2. i am pam cook. it is deafly wet and slippery on the roads right now. the paulsen is in his office with all the information about the rain >> did you hear what she said about the best time to buy a tree. >> december 3 >> but it is expensive. there are a lot of places that donate money that, a nonprofit for selling trees so if you are going to spend a lot of money on a treat at least give back. some of the rainfall totals have been while well. this is the total since everything started. 6 1/2. rushing river and vallejo, 1.67 inch and oakland about one 3rd
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inch. san francisco at .09. for some not much and for others it has been coming down. the low will march south in as it does we will take this moisture wrapping back around it will send in bands of often on rain. the heaviest by far down towards monterey. and also in the sierra. winter storm warning until 6:00 in the snow levels have gone up. 50s to near 60 degrees today 5:02 on monday and on the monday when it rains we have problems. we do have slowed traffic we have had similar issues because of the wet weather. let's take a look at the ultimate pass. approach to five 580. we have slowing getting out to dublin but not too bad. i look at the east bay community you could see traffic is eating busier. we come back i will give you a look at the silicon valley commute. let's go back to the desk stormy weather around the
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country complicated the plans for a lot of people were getting back home after the thanksgiving holiday. the rain and strong winds made hard to drive around the bay area which you probably know and ch pieces for the most part drivers took it easy and slow down and many headed for auto parts stores realizing debate areas rainy season is officially here. speak people are buying a ton of wiper braids and we have some rain x, like rain repellent you spray on your windows and it makes the rain bounce off. >> i have not heard of that. >> others meantime look ahead in the took breaks stopping for christmas trees. in dublin one christmas tree was surprised by the number of people who brought their trees on friday because they wanted to get the trees before the big storm hit and decorate the tree
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during the worst of the weekend weather. and in lake tahoe those who spent the holiday there had a long drive coming home. was snow, sleet and rain. most of yesterday. snowplows kept the major highways open but it still took more than three hours last night to go on truck you to back here into the bay area and the people who waited until this morning, you still have to deal with snow. chains are required right now on interstate 80 as well as highways 50, 88, 89 and 4 in the sierra in the sierra foothills. just a reminder, you can download our ktvu weather app you will find the forecast for our area and submit your weather photos for us to share. it is a free download. in other news people who were arrested in front of oakland city hall during a protest over the city's handling of the homeless crisis are holding a news conference. the 22 protesters who were arrested in the early morning
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hours of november 25 say they want to continue to speak out against the city's treatment of homeless people in oakland. the news conference is scheduled for 9:00 this morning at 14th and broadway. a news conference at 9:15 for people who want the san francisco board of supervisors to pass legislation to protect more interest against being evicted. they are due to vote today on whether to expand just called eviction protections to apartment buildings built after 1979. right now only apartments built before 1979 or covered by the just called eviction protections and again that news conference at work 9:15 this morning right on the steps of city hall. the fire near the entrance to san francisco's acre beach over the weekend. started about a:20 saturday morning. runoff el camino delmar. firefighters had it under control and about 20 minutes later, you could see how close the fire and smoke was to the
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homes but no buildings were burned and there were no injuries. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the contra costa county district attorney's office investigating after two police officers from concord shot and killed a 60-year-old man who they say attack his parents with a knife. the police rushed it to a home on oasis drive just west of oak grove road about noon sunday morning. police say the parents of the man called 911 and said her son had a knife, a plastic gun and was acting erratically, possibly because of drugs or alcohol. police tried talking to the man he ran back inside the house. police then saw the father come out of the house was serious injuries. at that point the police went inside the house. >> our officers went inside the house and they saw the sun stradling his mother holding a knife. two of our officers use their
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service weapons. >> the man was pronounced dead at the scene. his 90-year-old father and his 85-year-old mother were taken to the hospital. both have serious injuries. right now it is 5:07 want to check back in was sal. i'm sure you're checking in on the long commutes people have. we are looking at some of on one spam like the highway 4 commute, a little bit later we will look at that gilroy commute and the solano county can be a first of all highway 4 already has flowing in pittsburgh as you can see on westbound highway format 680 looks good and speaking of solano county, traffic continues to move along relatively well.slow on 37 but if you look it looks like it was rainy. it looks like it still is but you can look at the puddles and it looks like there is rain right there so that is what i look at and the bay village
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toll plaza you can see traffic is slowing down so give yourself plenty of extra time. it will take you a while to get to work today so be patient. let's bring stephen with today's weather. we do have rain continuing throughout the day and it will start to back off a little bit the heaviest is down towards santa cruz mountains and also in marin county. nevada three point 75. santa rosa 3.25. and that is correct san jose .09. not much there but that is called the rain shadow effect. the next 36 to 48 hours will see a decrease from to south as the loan drops outside morgan hill and maybe a little underdone and they don't take into account sometimes the santa cruz mountains but you get the trend.
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it will be to drive southward and the low continues to march southward. it is filling in some moisture and a cloudy, rainy day. windy at times and there will be some breaks but not continuous unless you are towards the santa cruz mountains and pretty much on the go. very few breaks. the heaviest is near san ray. is running a south lake tahoe. the snow levels around -- at snow level again, it is kind of a rain snow mix at the lake but it looks like it will go up and as were getting a pretty good south way, oakland gusting at 23. hang on if you, to morgan hill. probably make the time with the southeast way ever heading towards san jose. '50s on most of the temperatures. 50 in gilroy. everyone is very close. will continue to march toward central and southern california taking the moisture with it but that will be after toy..
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what more on that coming up a little later. hundreds gathered in san francisco to mark world aids day. up next, the events happening later today and also a story from workers president rick wells whose partner died from aids 25 years ago. it wasn't just about tough driving conditions. we take you to the sierra were some happy people enjoy the slopes that are covered with snow and waiting for more. there are those who will say that you're:
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democratic presidential candidate steve bullock is ending his presidential campaign. the montana governor made the announcement with a statement saying it had become clear he will be able to break into the top tier of a crowded primary. he got a late start announcing his candidacy in may and struggled to raise money and rise in the post to qualify for the democratic debate. happening today, world aids day will be celebrated in the north supporting and empowering the lgbtq community and will host a celebration tonight beginning at 5:30 but since world aids day was actually yesterday many gathered at san francisco's golden gate park. marking the day. >> ♪
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>> this is part of it and panels of from the aids memorial quilt cover the walls of a sprawling tent. for years it has been kept in atlanta but it will finally come home to san francisco next year. the quilt is made up of 50,000 panels each one holds personal memories like pieces of clothing, photos and personal mementos. one panel is for only 10, the late partner of workers president rick wells. it came at a very difficult time for me because i was still in the closet as an executive at the nba and i had to go through the loss of a partner and doing my work environment and that i was gait or second that i had a partner i had for 17 years. the aids memorial, people stood in silence. they read the names engraved on the circle of friends and some even left a flower or they dropped petals on the path to the living tribute.
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flights in the bay area are being affected by weather delays at airports around the country. alyssa harrington is live to talk about the latest on the situation there. good morning. first i should mention that it is already extremely busy at the airport and driving into sfo we were stuck in this traffic jam so you might want to give yourself extra time if you are flying today. let's take a look at the arrivals and departures. i just got an update from the duty manager and he said so far at sfo there are 33 delays and 14 cancellations. airports have been extremely busy this past week with people traveling for the thanksgiving holiday. some passengers also had a bumpy ride. yesterday afternoon the national weather service issued a severe turbulence morning. with had a lot of rain and wind in the bay area and high winds did impact several flights going in and out of sfo out of
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the weekend. winds reach 25 miles per hour with wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour. at sfo there were 165 cancellations and 514 delays. i've been sitting here i think only about 30 minutes. i was over in the international terminal because that is where frontier flies out of until i got an email saying they were canceling my flight. we were supposed to be delayed for 18 hours. we were at phoenix for seven hours. and they rerouted us to today. we were supposed to leave at about 1115 an hour not leaving until 130. the storm is moving into the northeast and hundreds of flights across the country have either been canceled or delayed more than what the of snow is expected to follow new york and there are icy conditions in parts of pennsylvania. the domino effect will continue to impact flights here in the bay area. reporting live in san francisco, alyssa harrington, ktvu news for the resorts
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at lake tahoe. look at squaw valley after a big storm dumped several feet of snow. came just in time for the holiday weekend with lots for snowboarders and skiers to enjoy. the storm made it possible for several of the most popular ski resorts to open for snowboarders and skiers along with squall valley. alpine meadows, sugar bowl and norstar are now open. would has lives running. heavily mountain in sierra at tahoe and el dorado county is operating. and mount rose in nevada has started is season but none of them have all trails open yet. of course the next storm that steve is talking about will likely increase the number of lives that are operating. steve mentioned rain at lake level. >> that is kind of nice for the driving conditions. if you have rain in the you can
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still get up to the snow on the chairlift. sometimes that is kind of nice. i think what we need at some point though is just a lot of snow) levy and dave? to get that base up even if it is a couple of days of bad driving. just so i can go skiing. thank you. let's go to the gilroy commute. i want to show you there is definitely no snow in gilroy.'s rain and snow in slow traffic already northbound 101 getting out of gilroy of to morgan hill and on highway 25 heading to 101 and we are busy and driving through sam martin getting into morgan hill and it will be slow. if you're driving into san jose it looks pretty decent but it is been raining and i will show you some of the pictures. eastbound 580 at 513 there clearing an accident so there have been some early-morning crashes out here on 80 westbound. there was a crash, i watch them clear that out. it looks like the windshield wipers on at the bay bridge
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toll plaza and there is already a backup. westbound coming up toward the pay gates. it is 5:18 am. is it going to rain all morning? >> do we get a new windshield wiper? >> san jose, in the rain shadow barely gets anything were as and that santa cruz mountain, four or five or 67 inches of rain. kentfield over four inches. and if you take this and say i've had more or less. i get it. believe me. areas not that far apart there can be a tremendous difference. it is called the microclimates but i'm showing what the information i have access to. the national weather service and also observers checking in. santa rosa 3.75 and petaluma 1.75. that is correct. that is a six-day total or 6 1/2. vacaville 3.3.
5:20 am
vallejo 1.67 and oakland and sfo .26 and .29 in 24 hours. next 24 hours, the 36 hours it will favor areas more to this out and i think it will be more than that but we will see a decrease from north to south as a load more towards central and southern california. it doesn't mean it won't right back around coming in a modified air mass in areas around marin county also in the santa cruz mountains take the bulk of it locally inside the that towards the senate she is it is slim city. for the sierra the snow level is going up. lake level or even higher. but they do have a winter storm warning that goes into 6:00 tonight but most of this is above 6500 foot level but truck he has a little snow and south lake tahoe. now but airport gusting almost 30 in santa fe at 35.
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a pretty good breeze in place. '50s on the thames with the south way and that means temperatures are being modified. everybody is in the low 50s in the low continues its march south and we will see a decrease in the rain throughout probably by tonight most the heaviest will be down towards the south but there is more on the wait for friday and saturday in the system looks pretty good. there will be really good rain going into friday night and saturday and that looks to be a little more north for everybody. 50s to 60 on the thames and we have warmed up a little bit and we will get a break after wednesday and thursday and the next system comes in. will violence near the u.s. mexico border of the weekend and up next video of another shootout. mexican authorities believe drug cartels are responsible. a lasting tribute to a civil rights leader. we will show you how alabama is memorializing rosa parks years after she took the important seat on a bus.
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have questions or want to enroll? visit us online, call us, or meet with an expert in your area. to be covered by january 1st, enroll by december 15th. this is video capturing the sound of a gunfight that killed 20 people in mexico which is about an hour southwest of eagle pass, texas. police say there was a shootout between security forces and a criminal group after cartel members stormed the town and its local government offices. authorities say mexican
5:25 am
security forces killed at least five suspected cartel gunmen. and london another terror attack prompted prime minister boris johnson to call for an in to early prison releases. two people, saskia jones and jack merritt, were killed and three others were injured in friday stabbing attack. the suspect, 28-year-old twin to usman khan was released from prison just last year. he had served seizures for terrorism -related charges. he was released without an assessment from the parole board. >> is very important that when people are convicted of any serious and violent crimes or potentially violent crimes that they receive the custodial sentences. >> in the past two years eight terrorist attacks have occurred in the uk in the ministry of justice plans to launch a review of the early prison releases of more than 70 convicted terrorists. years after her during protest, montgomery alabama is honoring rosa parks.
5:26 am
how the city with the civil rights movement started is recognizing her. >> no person ever stood so tall as did rosa parks. when she sat down. >> reporter: exactly 64 years after rosa parks refused to proceed on an alabama bus, lawmakers unveiled a life-size bronze statue of the civil rights icon in montgomery. about 400 spectators along with montgomery's first black mayor stephen reed, governor kivi and other key figures were on hand. as a parts was memorialized. on december 1, 1955. parks made history when she was arrested for refusing to surrender her seat to a white person. for refusal sparking the 13 month long montgomery bus boycott. >> it's my only fitting that we should establish a monument to her and the birthplace of the civil rights movement. >> reporter: four granite markers honor the plaintiffs in brown versus gilbert the court
5:27 am
case that ultimately led to the city of montgomery desegregating its buses. but only after the supreme court declared bus segregation unconstitutional. parts died of natural causes in 2005. she was 92. if you want shopping for your christmas tree, you might have noticed a big difference from last year. still ahead, the reason prices are up. and a new home for a bear and nonprofit. how a church is stepping in to help homeless teens in the nick of time.
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thousands of delayed and canceled flights affect people trying to get back home after the thanksgiving holiday but take a look at the storms making it harder for travelers all across the country. the white house says the president and his lawyers will not be participating in the hearing scheduled this week. we look at what this means for the impeachment inquiry moving forward. good morning. welcome back to morning sun 2. monday morning, december 2. good morning. i am pam cook. and it we going to get today. after today we will see a decrease. we are not done yet but after that there are signs that we
5:31 am
will get a little break and by then we will probably need one. remember it is all or nothing in california and right now it is all in marin county. down towards monterey. sleepy hollow, that is a seven- day total. christie kimball our observer and there have been sites west of hillsboro have seven inches of rain. i bet there has been more than that in gazza darrow. that was a couple of hours ago. vacaville a really good rain. vallejo 1.67 and storm total as well and sfo .29. san francisco and sfo and oakland and san jose missing out on the rain party but for others it has been nonstop. decreasing north to south and probably taking the brunt of this. is is being funneled in. this was a setup. classic setup from the west and southwest. the sierra is getting snow but the snow levels around lake level or higher. 56 and a little warmer here with a strong southeast breeze
5:32 am
especially in the santa clara valley. salas here and probably has multiple issues. we have a lot of slow traffic. want to show in solano county the commute is going to be a little slow. already in vallejo coming to 37 on interstate 80 it is very slow and part of the is the wet weather. you can see it is not usually this low but this morning is a rainy morning and when you get on the east shore freeway it looks good but when you get to the bay bridge there is a backup and coming up we will show you some of the other problems because of the rain. let's go back to the desk. we are checking in on the roads through the sierra after more than two feet of snow fell on the higher altitudes this snow, sleet and rain hit the major roads in the mountains and the foothills and as steve is mentioning expected to continue on and off through today. highway 50 and interstate open to cars but not the greeks and chains or for drive are required on the roads.
5:33 am
as well as highways for, 88 and 89 in the tahoe basin. the weather across the country has delayed hundreds of flights but the biggest problem is in the new york area. the flight tracking service flight aware says the last 24 hours there have been nearly 8000 flight delays. that is affecting hundreds of thousands of airline passengers. and that includes some people at o'hare in chicago. passaic they still face long delays getting back to work and school everywhere from the east coast to here in the bay area. when is the next flight? >> i'm flying out tomorrow evening. >> almost a full day's worth of delays. the balls will be too happy but if she sees me alone is right now i think she will believe me. >> hopefully she is a lease and. there are a number of delays and cancellations growing today. as the storm pounds in the east coast and about the time that close, we may be getting another strong storm here on the pacific coast. and we want to remind you, stay up to date by downloading that
5:34 am
ktvu weather app. you can find the forecast for your area and submit weather for those and it is a free download. it has been three years since oakland's deadly ghost ship warehouse fire where 36 people died. on this day, three years ago a deadly fire tore through that warehouse. it was used for unpermitted concerts and also a living space for artists and other people. two men were charged after that deadly fire. max harris was acquitted of all 36 charges of involuntary manslaughter. the jury could not reach a verdict for the second defendant who will go on trial again in march. yesterday a concert was held in memory of the victims of the ghost ship warehouse fire. the voices of silicon valley organize the memorial concert held at lake maren united methodist church. musicians who were friends with the artists were also there. happening today the u.s. supreme court will debate its
5:35 am
first gun rights case in almost a decade. the court will hear arguments today from gun rights advocates challenging a new york city law that restricted licensed gun owners from transporting their guns outside of city limits. that rule was repealed in july at the national rifle association and its allies say it still gives the city too much power over gun owners. legal experts say the new conservative majority on the supreme court may use this case to expand second amendment rights. and environmental some of begins today in spain. at the opening of the summit the secretary general said the world effort to stop climate change have been utterly inadequate so far. delegates from nearly 200 countries will try to put the finishing touches on the rules governing the 2015 paris, court. the trump administration is pulling the u.s. out of that agreement. president donald trump is
5:36 am
traveling to london today where he will attend a nato summit beginning tomorrow. the military alliances facing the challenges as it celebrates its 70th anniversary. the french president called the alliance brain dead because of american unpredictability. under president trump. other nato members have also criticized turkish president recep tayyip erdogan for sending troops into syria. the white house has rejected into invitation to take part in the houses impeachment hearings this week. we are in washington as democrats on the house judiciary committee are preparing to lay the groundwork for removing president donald trump from office. a lot happening this week. the house judiciary committee begins his review that will likely lead to article of impeachment. president donald trump did not talk as he arrived from his thanksgiving break but one of his lawyers spoke volumes.
5:37 am
responding to democrats on capitol hill who invited the president to have an attorney represent him this week for impeachment hearings. he is calling it a baseless and highly partisan inquiry. that follows days of white house skepticism. >> we have already gone through months and months of a rigged process. while all of a sudden are we compelled, are we compelled to be the ones who have to answer whether we will send our attorneys. >> the democrats will plow forward. the house intelligence committee circulate its written report on impeachment. on wednesday the judiciary committee led by new york's jerry nadler will begin the next step creating a foundation to draft articles of impeachment. he will hear from legal experts about whether president donald trump's dealings with the president of the train crossed the line. >> this is about the undermining of the integrity of our elections in about betrayal in about the united states constitution. we will see what people decide to do moving forward. republican say the outcome
5:38 am
is already determined. it is an internal timeframe to try to finish this out by the end of the year because they want to get at this president right now before everybody completely cease to the process sham of the elections. and all of this happened as the president will be out of the country is heading to a nato summit outside of london. monday morning. let's check in on the commute with sal. good morning. we are back in we do have some slow traffic out there because of the wet weather. you wion the east shore freeway getting out to the macarthur maze and about a 20 minute drive that is not too bad. as you head out toward macarthur . we are backed up for a typical delay. no major issues getting onto the span but the wet weather will slow you down and i would just say as a rule, if you can add 15 or 20 minutes to stay on schedule.
5:39 am
it doesn't mean you will get to work early but it means it will take that much extra time for you and as you can see the red on the maps beginning to show up in a lot of spots on the golden gate bridge traffic is doing well and we don't have a lot of slowing in san jose and that commute gets going a little bit later on. 5:39 let's bring stephen with today's rainy weather. that is such a tall order. will get to some of the rainfall. some are a weeks worth. santa cruz mountain at novato 3.75. santa rosa 3.25. petaluma 1.73. san jose .09. sleepy hollow that is a week total in marin county. has a darrow 6.55 and vacaville and sacramento had really good rain. vallejo 1.67 and that is a
5:40 am
total. and f .29. snowfall again, this is the heavier with and fluffier than we had last week. things have really changed because the temperature has gone up. there is a winter storm warning out but it is a mix of rain incident lake levels of most of this is above six 200 feet and mainly around 65 to 7000 feet. below dropping down and there it is. you can take a picture because it is a beauty. is that wraps the moisture and funnels it back in from the west and southwest. some enhancement is taking place to the west in marin county and i think another round is moving in towards mount tam and parts of the coast from point breaksanta cruz. that is a nice setup. sometimes you can get too much out of the setup. pretty good southeast way and even though there is no wind
5:41 am
advisory. 35. santa clara ha well. a lot of trees down around santa clara. '50s on the 10th for most in the system will continue to slide southward as it does it will take some of the rain with in the heaviest rain is towards monterey and after tuesday or early wednesday we will get a break but another system will move in friday in the saturday. 50s on the temperatures. we will warming up a little bit. we are finished with black friday shopping. so now cyber monday shopping gearing up to shop till i drop online. coming up with the lookout for when you shop online and the warning from police about thieves. and the packages you have delivered to your house. and the game of the date on football sunday. the 49ers and the baltimore ravens running up. how the game came down to the last be placed in plus what the players are saying about that matchup you know when you're at ross and you realize it's time
5:42 am
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. welcome back. the 49ers will practice this week in florida. they are getting ready for the weekend game with the saints in new orleans. yesterday the nationwide, the 49ers and baltimore ravens, the best teams in the nfl battling out and rainy weather. the 49ers took an early lead
5:45 am
with a touchdown pass but then in the first, jimmy garoppolo fumbles and allows baltimore to tie the game and it came down to the us. his last position. baltimore tips the game-winning field goal. and the ravens win. 20-17. here is the post game reaction from baltimore. to the doubters the 49ers have certainly proven they are one of the nfl's elite teams. they have also learned that when you play a team of that caliber you cannot make mistakes. >> a sack bumbled and gave the ravens a short field. what is the difference. >> covered the ball up especially in these conditions like this. it kind of thought i had it locked up. and punched it out and made a good play. we believe in ourselves. even with people outside of the locker room don't really believe in a simple the call as pretenders. >> not okay with it but at the
5:46 am
know we grew as a amwe can learn from this. off-season the 49er defense hasn't dictated the tempo of the game. that help the scariest quarterback in the league well below his seasonal averages and came away with nothing but respect. he is a great player and we knew that. he has special abilities and he made the throat as he needed to. a great player. he is a great player. great dynamic player. office look, he can run the past. as impressed as the 49ers work with lamar jackson, they would like very much to get another shot at him soon. the soonest that could happen would be this february in miami. we can earn an opportunity to get a chance to play him some other time again. >> hopefully go against him again. the raiders are back in the
5:47 am
bay area. they are getting ready to host the titans this coming sunday. yesterday the raiders struggled in kansas city. now they are two games behind in the afc west. derek carr with two interceptions. the second was returned all the way for a touchdown and achieves one. 40-9. the raiders coach defended derek carr. i think it is easy to look at the interceptions but it is a place to play. tough environment. cold and windy. the defense. and we were behind most of the football games i'm all of these things with bad field position a long way to go are tough on quarterback. the raiders are on the playoff hunt. an important game coming up against the titans who are fighting for a wildcard spot. a san jose nonprofit that helps homeless teens. and ruben shows us it is all thanks to some creative thinking by a local church.
5:48 am
>> reporter: the deadline was firm. standup for kids pick a nonprofit that helps homeless teens set to pack up by the end of november. the lease was not being renewed and they were about to be homeless themselves. >> it was beyond stressful. i don't ever want to have to do that again. >> reporter: finding a new home in san jose proved nearly impossible. they had all but given up hope when they got a call. westminster presbyterian church had an idea. >> i said hey, we have the space and we have this vision. reach out to this community and help them. >> they envision turning their old sunday school building into a center for nonprofits. that thought standoff for kids might be the first tenant. >> i was like i think this can work. >> it was meant to be. >> we are so excited. when i announced last sunday that we had signed the contract, we almost had a
5:49 am
standing ovation in church. >> they were not the only ones who were excited. the kids got the news last night at the nonprofit thanksgiving dinner. >> i think everyone decided there would not be a disruption in a place for them to come. instead of marking the end of a tiara, thanksgiving is a new beginning for stand up for kids. now volunteers are scrambling to pack up the old place and get settled into the new one. >> it could've been a very sad day and i am so so grateful that it was not. that is what i am thankful for. >> reporter: the nonprofit is also hoping to build a shower and laundry room. as quickly as possible but they plan to be open for the kids by monday evening. something else to think about. ktvu has been part of the one warm co-driver 17 years and this holiday season we would like you to consider looking in your closets to see if you or maybe your kids have a spare
5:50 am
coat or jacket that you can donate.if so you can go to for a list of drop off locations and they include santana road in san jose, bay street in emeryville and participating ups and big o tire stores. the one warm co-driver lasts until the end of the month. one of your favorite events. the time is 5:50 and we all know the roads are wet and it is slippery out there. salas back and can you fix this? >> in peerk well i don't know if i can fix it. i can help you get on the road a little earlier. let's try that. we are looking at a commute that is going to be tough. i want to mention were going to start off here on the east bay that some sort the north a commute because we have some slowing on southbound 101 coming to petaluma getting down even before you get to novato there is slowed traffic through the narrows in petaluma and on the other side you can see some slow traffic on 80 there have been a couple of different
5:51 am
things here on 80 that makes it tough driving. 22 minutes and still not bad for this time. it is almost 6:00 in the morning. they bridges backed up and we have some slowed traffic here. 880 at oakland looks all right and we have had some slowing there as we look at contra costa county we have some slowing as well and today is the day where you need to give yourself plenty of extra time. as you look at the south bay here is something that is nice. we don't have a lot of traffic there yet so you might want to get on the road early to be the ground. 5:51 and let's bring stevie and. thanks we will get some of the rain totals. some of these are 48 and i will try and decipher that. there have been some pretty good totals. kentfield 4.25. southern cal 3.5. today totals for petaluma is like 2.25 and san jose .09.
5:52 am
7.25 sleepy hollow and marin county and sleepy hollow in that is a weeks worth of rain. 7 inches. in vacaville amazing rain. aleo a storm total of 1.67 in sfo that is correct. .31. that is it. some areas are getting more way than rain and that will be from about santa clara along the peninsula for sfo and the peninsula. the snow level is going up. south lake tahoe and snow at truck he the last hour in the temperature 38 at south lake tahoe so mainly about the 6500 foot level and above 8000 you can find a ton of wet stuff. that goes until 6:00 tonight and again the snow level has gone up. you can see the low as it takes a turn and starts to drive southward. it will eventually take this with you but probably not until
5:53 am
this evening or tonight and we will have some areas of enhancement. the bulk of this is monterey and big sur. 23 miles to the southeast at the oakland airport. 35 at san jose. roaring coming in from gilroy and santa clara. 40s for a few 50s. kelsey bill is at 42. let 50s for the most. petaluma a 51. a pretty good rain in the morning and throughout the afternoon and tapering off a little bit tonight. we will hold on to some activity tomorrow but a lot will start to push southward and we will get a break wednesday and thursday but another system, roaring in as we head towards fridayd we have up a little bit. the hermas modified with the warmer air mass and mostly wednesday and thursday and friday and saturday. thomas 5:53. space mission. three years in the making ,
5:54 am
happening 240 miles the weather is the major story of the day. we will have an update on the snow in the sierra and when we will get a break from the rain. but first, the price of christmas trees and how the financial crisis of 2008 is affecting christmas tree sales right now. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance,
5:55 am
so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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cyber monday. millions will shop for deals on home or wherever you are on cyber monday. online deals are all over the internet. retail giants like target and walmart got a head start yesterday releasing information on what you can find including discounts on ipads and air pods to name a few. and was cyber monday comes a big warning about thieves stealing from your porch. local law enforcement agencies one shoppers if you buy anything that will be delivered to your house stay alert. watch out for thieves like these folks throughout the holiday season. they recommend you in short your packages and prepare for in person delivery or use a self service storage locker if you can. install the security camera and that can deter porch pirates. if you still didn't bite your christmas to yet you may have some sticker shock when you do. christina coleman tells us why
5:58 am
prices for christmas trees are up this year. >> reporter: the perfect christmas tri usethey are cutti less trees than last year. >> reporter: grower say it is due to the 2008 procession. a tree takes nearly 10 years to grow and customers bought fewer trees during the financial crisis. as a result growers did not plant as many seeds leading to fewer trees this year. >> it is very expensive and a long term investment and when we got into that recession, many people decided they couldn't do it anymore. >> also affecting supplies, snowstorms in the midwest. but a report from the national christmas tree association finds the demand is higher. last year that was a 20% increase in the purchase of trees. many of the buyers millennial's who are now moving into new homes. >> we have never seen this many customers in the 10 years we've been open calling looking for a christmas tree. spec
5:59 am
the average price of a tree this year is $76 according to the national christmas tree association that represents sellers of live trees but customer said they are not letting the shortage affect their tree buying experience. >> we make a spectacle out of it and argue about what christmas trees were going to get. >> the season unofficially started on black friday. the national christmas tree association estimates the least expensive date is december 3. pass mac the bay area heads back to work after a long and wet thanksgiving holiday weekend. rain in the forecast for today and what to expect later this week. and for some people in the sierra the holiday weekend will include today as they try to get home. we will have an update on the snow in our mountains and on the roads.
6:00 am
thank you for joining us. on monday morning, december 2. good morning. i am dave clark. and steve paulson says three words. rain and rain and rain. for some, not for all. some areas are not getting it. other areas are getting a lot of we will take a look at some of the totals. some of these are we totals in summer 24 hours. in san jose along the peninsula, really kind of missing out. oakland is getting some but a 3rd of it into sfo and 24 hours is correct. some other totals. in sleepy hollow these are one week totals. over 7 inches of rain. vacaville is 24 hours. vallejo 1.67 and that is a storm total. some areas


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