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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  December 2, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PST

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include today as they try to get home. we will have an update on the snow in our mountains and on the roads. thank you for joining us. on monday morning, december 2. good morning. i am dave clark. and steve paulson says three words. rain and rain and rain. for some, not for all. some areas are not getting it. other areas are getting a lot of we will take a look at some of the totals. some of these are we totals in summer 24 hours. in san jose along the peninsula, really kind of missing out. oakland is getting some but a 3rd of it into sfo and 24 hours is correct. some other totals. in sleepy hollow these are one week totals. over 7 inches of rain. vacaville is 24 hours. vallejo 1.67 and that is a storm total. some areas pretty good.
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the santa cruz mountains and marin county and rushing river. snow is good but it is a wet snow now. the snow levels going up and mainly above the lake level. south lake tahoe is rain and blue canyon is all rain. it will funnel in moisture throughout the morning decreasing by tonight and then decreasing more so tomorrow. we should get a break wednesday and thursday in the neck system comes in. santa cruz mountains looks like the bull's-eye. a little warmer on the thames. it is going to be slow although people are doing pretty well considering. a normal-looking commute so we have slow at the bay bridge and slowing here and there. and he is going to shape up like a typical morning commute. we have had a lot of fender benders but i am trying to ce myself it is onday. the traffic on the bridges okay. we have had a number of fender benders. because of the wet or correlated with the wet weather and this is northbound 101.
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more than 280 traffic looking good and wet downtown san jose. let's go back to the desk. stormy weather here in the bay area and around the country. implicated the plans for a lot of people were getting home after the long thanksgiving holiday. rains made it hard to drive around the bay area and chp says for the most part drivers took it easy and many headed for the auto parts store to stock up on important things for the start to the rainy season. >> people are coming in buying a ton of wiper blades and headlights and they are coming in and we have some rain x, like rain repellent that you spray on your windows and it makes the rain bounce off. >> in the meantime, others used breaks in the stormy weather to shop for a christmas tree and in dublin one christmas tree former was surprised by the number of people who brought
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trees on friday because they wanted to get them before the big storm hit and take the time decorating it during the worst of the weekend weather. in lake tahoe those who spent the holiday there had a long drive coming home. dealing with snow, sleet and rain. most of the day yesterday. snowplows kept the major highways open but it still took more than three hours last night to go from truck into the bay area and the people who waited until this morning still have to deal with snow chains or for will drive is still required on interstate 80 and highways 50, 88, 89 and 4 in the sierra in the sierra foothills. flights in the bay area affected by weather delays at airports all over the country. alyssa harrington is at sfo when out with the latest on the situation out there. good morning. i just got into update here at sfo and so for this morning there are 33 flight delays and 14 cancellations. some of the flight delays are pretty long. about two hours and 40 minutes. the reason for this pickup at
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the airport is because of the weather. we are seeing a lot of rain, a lot of way in another part of the country even worse than that. there is no in ice in the airport to been busy because of people traveling for the thanksgiving holiday. now that the weekend is over a lot of people trying to head home and he is going to be busy. some passengers had a bumpy ride yesterday afternoon. the national weather service issued a severe turbulence morning. high winds impacted several flights going in and out of sfo. winds reach 50-25 miles per hour with wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour. sfo there were 165 cancellations and 514 delays. i've been sitting here now i think only about 30 minutes. i was in the international terminal i guess that is where frontier flies out of until i got an email saying they were canceling my flight. >> we were supposed to be delayed for 18 hours. we were in phoenix for seven hours and then they rerouted us
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to today and we were supposed to leave at 11:15 and that were not leaving until like 1:30. >> reporter: more than a foot of snow is expected to follow new york. there is icy conditions in parts of pennsylvania. hundreds of flights across the country have either been canceled or delayed and others of been diverted. if you are flying today or if you have a connecting flight of course keep an eye on your flight status because the winter storms or impacting airports across the country. reporting live, alyssa harrington. ktvu 2 news. people who were arrested in front of oakland city hall over a protest of the handling of the homeless cluster holding a news conference. the 22 protesters who were arrested in the early morning hours of november 25 say they will continue to speak out against the cities treatment of homeless people in oakland. the news conference is scheduled for 9:00 at 14th and broadway. also today in san
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francisco, a news conference by people who want the san francisco board of supervisors to pass legislation to protect more renters against evictions. the rules committee of the board of supervisors is scheduled to vote today on whether to expand just cause eviction protection to apartment buildings built after 1979. right now only apartments built before 1979 covered by the just cause eviction protection. the news conference is set for 915 this morning on the steps of city hall. contra costa county das office now investigating after to conquer police officer shot and killed a man accused of attacking his parents with a knife. police brush to the home on oasis drive. the man's parents called 911 saying that her son had a knife, a plastic gun and was acting while. police tried talking to the man inside the house. >> our officers went inside the house.
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and they saw the sun straddling two of the officers use their service weapons. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. his 90-year-old father and his 85-year-old mother were taken to the hospital. police tape both have serious injuries. new this morning, firefighters in danville are cleaning up after a small fire field a homeless mug. that happened shortly before 3 am this morning near greenberg drive. firefighters are trying to figure out how the fire started. it is been three years since the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. on the state three years ago a fire tore through the open warehouse killing 36 for unpermitted concerts and was also an living space for artists and other people.
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two men were charged following the deadly fire. jury acquitted max hears about 36 charges of involuntary manslaughter. the church cannot come up with a verdict for the second defendant. derrick alemena, who will go on trial again in march. yesterday a concert was held to honor the victims of the ghost ship fire. the voices of silicon valley organize the memorial concert that was held at lake merritt united methodist church. musicians who were friends with artists at the ghost ship were also there. another presidential campaign is ending. democratic presidential candidate steve bullock is ending his campaign. the governor of montana made the announcement claiming it is clear he will be able to break into the top tier of a crowded democratic primary. he got a late start announcing his candidacy in may. then his struggle to raise money and try to rise in the polls to qualify for the democratic debate. let's check back in was out and hopefully no big problems for the commute and hopefully people are slowing it down. have to go slower and we have
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fewer crashes. you are serious crashes. people are going slow but on a morning like this if you can give you self at the time. let's go to the bay bridge. it is pretty typical and normal for back to work on the monday after thanksgiving. pretty much everyone has to go in there is a backup here. that is helping north and southbound 88. but i think people have been able to deal with that. silicon valley commute, you can take advantage of a decent to me. it doesn't look like people are going yet and this happened in the 6:00 hour. this is your window of opportunity to get back into the west valley. let's brings the i can with today's weather. some are a week long and we will try to get to these. there has been rain shadowing.h
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rain radiant. for a.m. sunday in san francisco .29. san jose and i certainly plea because sfo is showing 24 hours. petaluma with the storm total of 2.25. socal over 3 1/2. those are 24 hour totals of over format. these are seven-day totals on the rainfalls. vacaville is a 24 hour. three point three. vallejo 1.67 sfo .31 so there you go. it is been really ready for some. snow levels going up. rainey in south lake tahoe in blue canyon and truckee has
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light snow in a winter storm warning until 6:00 but a lot of this is above lake level so if you going at 50 or 80 it will mainly be rain. to you get up close to like level on some of the passes. there will be heavy wet snow but the snow level has been going up and the rain mix again. strong low driving south it will take a lot of this moisture but not until tonight. some areas will get enhancement. also told santa cruz. that is a pretty good set up to get a lot of rain and also in the monterey. strong easterly or southeast when matt continues with gusts up to 35. temperatures have gone up for most. 50s on the temps are upper 40s and we have modified the air mass and look for often on rain. occasionally heavy and driving southward. into cheesesteak will see a decrease. it is the first time back to work. for a lot of people in the bay area. coming up, what is happening right now at the international space station and why this
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baseball took three years to happen. and did you start taking your house for the holidays. the first lady shows us around a very festive white house.
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track china is suspending all this is by u.s. naval ships to hong kong and imposing sanctions on several pro- democracy organizations. chinese official said the actions are in response to what it calls reasonable behavior
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and serious interference in china's internal affairs by the u.s.. the actions, after president donald trump signed the law calling for sanctions on chinese and hong kong officials who carry out human rights abuses. after the latest terror attack in london. the british prime minister boris johnson wants and into early releases of inmates in prison. two stabbing victim's last week , saskia jones and jack merritt, killed and three others were hurt in friday stabbing spree. the suspect 28-year-old usman khan, was released from prison just last year. he had served six years for terror -related charges. he was released from prison without an assessment from the parole board. very important when people are convicted in very serious and violent crimes. that they receive the custodial
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sentences. >> in the past two years eight terror attacks have occurred in the united kingdom. the uk ministry of justice wants a review of more than 70 convicted terrorists who have been released early from prison. new video captures the sounds of a gunfight that killed 20 people in via union mexico that is just near eagle pass texas, there was a shootout between up security forces. authorities sake mexican security forces killed at least five suspected cartel gunmen. today the 19th circuit court of appeals in san francisco will hear arguments on the trump administration's 3rd country assignable. that rule locks most immigrants
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from requesting asylum in the u.s. if they pass through a 3rd country on the way to the u.s. border but did not request the solomon that country. in september, the supreme court allowed the ban to take effect until all appeals are complete. the time is 6:17. fisher at the white house, christmas will be patriotic. first lady melania trump unveiled the decorations late last night in a tweet. it included a minute long video. the thing this year, the spirit of america. workaround. the video shows the first lady walking through the white house in the middle of christmas trees decked out with bright lights and fake snow. the first lady said she is share this beautiful at is a lo and you'll have years of it? >> i haven't even purchased yet. >> i was waiting for sal to get start a debate. white lights or colored lights. that is a big debate. colorful lights. you saw at t
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house and white lights. some people saw the red and blue lights. >> that is kind of nice. >> good morning everyone. a fun little debate you can have with your christmas tree if you celebrate. this is a look at the richmond commute. richmond bridge westbound and you could see traffic is moving along okay. there have been no major problems coming across but it is rainy and a little more rainey at the richmond bridge than it is at the bay bridge. you will seek interstate 880 traffic is moderate and where it is not raining the commute is better like on the san mateo a word of problem with caltrain in it may be significant getting into mountain view because of the collision trying to run that down and get confirmation but we did have one passenger tweet me that the trained number 305
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is currently stuck on the tracks and thanks for those tweets. we will run that down for you. 6:19. let's bring steve back in. remember when you do not visited our good friend kevin tender his fake tree had both. his fake tree. -- >> it with the switch of a button you could go colored lights. let's get to it. kenfield in grand county as usual one of the leaders in they are today, 24 hour total over format. the santa cruz mountains, i think you get the idea. rushing river as well as in their. santa rosa over 3. san jose .09 for a 24 hour total. sleepy hollow and rushing river in linn county and that is a seven-day total. vacaville, that is a 24 hour. vallejo is a today total sfo 24 hour total went in for some in santa clara it has been
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morethan rain. to get snow totals. and he is turning one out towards a winter snow in higher elevations. truck he still holding onto the snow and they will continue to get more strict throughout the morning and then it will increase the low driving southward of funneling it pretty good moisture and enhanced off the marin coast coming in and also towards the santa cruz mountains and down towards monterey. that will be the biggest focus. a pretty good priest out of the east or southeast. gusts about 25-35. gusts up to 35. 40s and 50s on temperatures. late 50s pittsburgh and britain work. nobody is getting much of a difference on the temperatures. moisture will slowly drift south throughout the day and we will get a break after wednesday and thursday and
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another system comes roaring in with rain friday into saturday. we have warmed up a little bit compared to what we were last week when it was really cold and showers into tuesday mostly cloudy. morning, friday and saturday. if you got up before your alarm clock because of the bedroom, actually might be something good. how the dreams may help you with difficult real-world situations. and parents are awaiting trial and the college admission scandal but lori loughlin starter is trying to make a comeback on youtube.
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grab your coffee or tea because we want to show you what is going on at the international space station. they are on a space walk for what nasa is calling an extremely complex mission to compare a $2 billion cosmic ray detector we are looking at that live clear video there. nasa compares the repair work to open heart surgery. some expensive science instrument aboard the space station was not designed to be serviced in orbit but this is the 3rd spacewalk in nearly 3 weeks for the astronauts to do that repair work so we wanted
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to take you up there live to keep an eye on that. world aids day will be celebrated today in the north bay by the sparse center that is committed to empowering the lgbtq's community. world aids day was officially yesterday. and many gathered at san francisco's golden gate park. >> ♪ panels from the aids memorial quilt cover the walls of the sprawling clear tent. for years it has been kept in atlanta but will come home to san francisco next year. is made of 50,000 panels and hold personal members like pieces of clothing, photos anof
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president rick welts. >> it came at a very difficult time for me. still in the closet as an executive at the nba and i had to go through the loss of a partner and knowing my work environment knew that i was that i had a partner for 17 years. >> the aids memorial grows, people stood in silence and read the names engraved on the circle of friends. some left flowers or dropped petals on a path through the living tribute. lori laughlin starter is back on youtube as her parents await trial in the college admission scandal. olivia jade was a successful youtube star with a slew of and partnerships before details of the scandal were made public back in march. her parents, actors lori laughlin and has been are accused of paying $500,000 to get their two daughters into usc as a members of the routine even though neither of them were rowers. olivia jadenrolled at usc and she posted a video yesterday saying she is returning to video blogging
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that is not legally allowed to talk about the criminal case. don't head out the door without an umbrella. rain still coming down in a lot of areas here in the bay area. show you what happened overnight. and what to expect later today and later this week. 49ers are staying on the east coast this week after losing to the ravens. what the players had to say before they left baltimore.
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track there is the opening bell right on time this morning. the retailers are the stocks to watch today coming off a black friday and beginning cyber monday. target and walmart giving amazon a run for its money. we will have all the details and stocks to watch coming up in today's dollars and cents. >> thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. monday, december 2. i am dave clark. i am pam cook. thank you for joining us. and talking about the rain and the weather and the roads. caltrans has shut down two gates along highway 1 along the big coast in monterey county. we have talked about this being a possibility. those are in areas prone to mudslides and bad weather in the gate that paul's slide and mud creek are shut but it is still possible to get to businesses and homes along the highway use highway 101, 68 and
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46. workers will need to inspect the area before they can reopen the gates. >> a lot of people saw as bad weather was good news for the resorts in lake tahoe. look at squaw valley. after a big storm dumped several feet of snow came just in time for the holiday weekend with lots of snowboarders and skiers like kim lawrence. anxious to get the fresh snow. the storm made it possible for several of the most popular resorts to open for snowboarders and skiers. long squaw valley, alpine meadows, sugar bowl and norstar and plaster county are open. kirkwood glen on the door county has lives running. heavenly mountain and sierra at tahoe and el dorado county is operating. and melrose in nevada has started in season but none of them have all trails open yet. with the next storm coming expect the number of lifts to be operating to increase out there. >> but if you are thinking maybe i should head up there this weekend.
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it is going to snow again on friday. >> friday and saturday looks a little tough. >> i have enough goright now but that will be friday. is coming in in the morning and that is the way it looks. we've had some really impressive totals. for some. up in lake county with the 2.59 over a 24 hour period. there have been some seven-day totals of over 7 inches of rain. in sleepy hollow in marin county. vacaville 24 hour total 3.3. sfo at .31. a mix of rain and snow in truckee still says no. both reporting rain. the snow level has been going up and winter storm warning until 6:00. the local send in or funneling bands of moisture throughout the day and by tonight it will drift south and will see a lot of the moisture drifting south. russian river in marin county. is little warmer. upper 50s to near 60. if you are looking at the
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screen and you will say -- >> we do have slowed traffic as you might imagine on a wet weather daylight today. if you can leave the house early and i know that is a tall order but i think you will need extra time. the usual slow traffic in the without a couple of fender benders along the way between concord and walnut creek and if you're driving on 80 westbound 34 minute drive. the bridges are going to be slow this morning including the bay bridge which is about 20 minutes. coming up we will tell you more about this commute and some of the others and out let's go back to the desk. expect a slow and soggy commute today. it will be wet with lots of spin out crashes and slowdowns because of our weather. allie rasmussen is near san pablo. what is it like up there now? >> reporter: is meant cold and breezy but were getting a
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little bit of a break from the rain. there is a very light sprinkle and you could see next to us to westbound 80 at mcbride avenue in san pablo. traffic is moving okay but it is pretty slow in this direction but that is not unusual for this time of the morning even on a dry day. roads are slick and visibility is poor in many places where it is raining much harder than this and that has led to several crashes as you heard sal mention. this is on southbound 880 in oakland at 5th street and that is where a car ended a big rig pick it up like a couple of the middle lanes but chp helped the drivers move off the freeway pretty quickly. those lanes were closed in about less than 15 minutes and luckily no one was injured. you can see some of the damage to the car as a drove slowly off the freeway. both vehicles were drivable and cleared within a matter of minutes and that was good news on southbound 880. on eastbound 880. this crash that spun another
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car completely around andway on driver was injured and was transported to the hospital but the rain is causing problems not just on the roads before a lot of people on the job. this was the scene overnight at the san jose regional medical center crews work to mop up what appeared to be a leaky roof. they were moving delicate electronic medical, equipment out-of-the-way. overall it is going to be a rainy soggy sort of day and if you are on the road drive carefully. we don't see any problems in this stretch of westbound 80 and this is in san pablo but the rain is still coming down and is pretty light to give yourself some extra time to drive slowly and carefully and give yourself a lot of extra space if you have to hit the brakes so you don't get the car in front of you. live in san pablo, ktvu 2 news. the 49ers will practice in florida this week getting ready for this weekend's game with the saints in new orleans. yesterday the nation watch the 49ers play the ravens. the two best teams in the nfl battling it out in rainy baltimore. 49ers took an early lead with the deep 4th down touchdown
6:36 am
pass to d both samuel and later garoppolo fumbles. that let baltimore tie the game. the game came down to the last possession and the ravens kicked the game-winning field goal and they one. 20-17. here is ktvu's joe phones with the post game reaction from baltimore. >> to the doubters the 49ers have certainly prevent they are one of the nfl's elite teams. they have also learned that when you play a team of that caliber you cannot make mistakes. a sack fumble they gave the ravens a short field was the difference. >> just covered the ball up and especially in these conditions you kind of -- i thought i had it locked up and got to punch it out of made a good play on it. >> we got all the pride ally believe on us and want to call as pretenders. >> i'm not okay with it but at the same time you have tpu
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a team and i feel like we can learn from this and keep getting better. >> the 49ers defense has dictated the temple of the game. that unit healthy scariest quarterback in the league well below his seasonal averages. and came away with nothing but respect. >> he is a great player. we knew that. you know he has special abilities and so he made the throws he needed to. a great player. >> he is a great player and a great dynamic player. office look, i mean he can run and pass. as impressed as the 49ers were with lamar jackson they would like very much to get another shot him soon. is is that could happen will be this february in miami. hopefully can opportunity to get a chance to play some other time. >> got willing to go to the indigo against him again. the raiders back in the bay
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area. getting ready to host the titans this coming sunday. yesterday the raiders struggled in kansas city. now they are two games behind the chiefs in the afc west. derek carr through two interceptions. the second was taken in for a touchdown. the chiefs beat the raiders 40- 9. after the game the head coach defended derek carr. >> yeah i think it is easy to look at the interceptions but it is all place to play. it's like a tough environment. cold and windy. and a good defense and we were behind most of the football game so all those things with bad field position, a long way to go are tough on quarterbacks. >> the raiders are still in the playoff. a very important game coming up against the titans who were also fighting for a wildcard spot. says:30 at the time and back to sail. i want to start off by reminding people that there are chain restrictions in the sierra
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on 80, 50, 88 and if you know someone who is coming down from the mountain they might be delayed. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is not raining hard right now so steve said the often on rain and with your commute it is going to be a little bit slower this morning. if it is not raining in might be closer to normal. if it is raining then usually it does slow down but look at the san mateo bridge. we are in the off period of the off-and-on brain that is good for the commute. you might want to go now. found we have a crash here so you might see some slow traffic but look at the south bay commute. plenty of room including 101 and 280 so far so if you want to get on the road sooner rather than later it will pay off. let's bring steve back in. heavy snow on the summit. know how to install those chains >> some of the rain totals for 24 hours and even seven days a very impressive. remember it's not all or
6:40 am
nothing in california ever most, not san jose with classic rain showers. canfield over 4. nevada 3.75. petaluma, that is the storm total at 2.25. napa 24 hour total 125. some seven-day totals of come in over 7 inches. snow is good and three feet for something continuing to go date winter storm warning dental 6:00. south lake tahoe is recovering rain in blue kenya. truckee reporting snow so the snow levels around lake level and much higher. as below sink south it will send moisture until the load gets to about the bay area and that it will start to drag a lot of the southward and will send in bands in the head just around santa cruz and the santa cruz mountains and towards
6:41 am
marin county. pretty decent southeast breeze it time for some but mostly the south or southeast breeze. gusts up to 35 in santa clara has been in there in gilroy as well. a little rain shower in the peninsula. 40s and 50s on the thames. was 50s for some. temperatures are not as cold as they were although it is pretty chilly and a lot of the moisture will start to drag southward as the logo southward and that will see a decrease in rain after about tuesday morning but there is another system barreling in for friday into saturday so were not doing it even though wednesday and thursday will get a break. a little warmer about where we should be. again off-and-on into tuesday decreasing. the supreme court will hear a very important gun-control cases morning. what is at the heart of that case and what sayroversial law governments. one woman is accused of coming up with an elaborate lot just to get a free upgrade on her flight. let's check in and see what morning. up in the 7:00 hour.
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welcome back. happening today the u.s. supreme court will take up its first gun rights case in nearly 10 years. the justices will hear arguments today from gun rights advocates challenging a new york city law that restricts licensed gun owners from transporting their guns outside city limits. that rule was repealed in july city too much power over gunowners. legal experts say the new
6:46 am
conservative majority on the court could use his case to expand second amendment rights. the white house projecting an invitation to take part in this week's house impeachment hearings. as democrats on the house judiciary committee prepared to lay the groundwork in the effort to remove president donald trump from office. a lot happening this week. state the house judiciary committee began to's review that will likely lead to articles of impeachment. president donald trump did not talk as he arrived last night for the thanksgiving break but one of his lawyer spoke volumes. he invited the president to have an attorney represent him this week for impeachment hearings. he said no. calling itticism. let's remember we have already gone through why all of a sudde compelled, are we compelled to
6:47 am
be the ones who have to answer whether we will send our attorneys. >> the democrats will now allow for. adam schiff will circulate its written report on impeachment. on wednesday, the judiciary committee led by new york's jerry nadler will begin the next step in creating a foundation to draft articles of impeachment. he will hear from legal experts about whether president donald trump's dealings with the president of ukraine crossed the line. >> this is about the undermining of the integrity of our elections and about betrayal and about the united states constitution. super people decide to do moving forward. republicans said the outcome is already determined. >> they want to get at this president right now for everybody completely cease through the processons for next all of this happens as the president will be out of the country. he is heading to a nato summit outside of london.
6:48 am
a two-week united nations environmental summit begins today in spain. at the opening of the summit un secretary-general antonio gutierrez says the board's efforts to stop climate change have been utterly inadequate so far. delegates from nearly 200 countries will try to put the finishing touches on the rules governing the 2015 paris, according to trump administration is pulling the u.s. out without agreement. our time is 6:48. new study about having bad dreams say they may be a good thing. the study says that dreams can help improve how your brain reacts to something scary when you are awake that is according to researchers from the university of wisconsin and doctors in switzerland. assigned to say the dreams can be a dress rehearsal that help you face to life dangerous but the state when a bad dream becomes a nightmare and upsets her sleep, it can have a negative effect in both the short and long-term. florida woman is facing charges after faking a medical
6:49 am
condition during a flight to get a bigger seat. the american airlines plane had just taken off from the pensacola airport when the woman reportedly told flight attendants that she was having trouble breathing which forced the pilot to declare an emergency and turned the plane around. now the flight crew says after the plane landed, the woman admitted she faked the episode to try to get an upgrade to first class. the woman initially refused the orders to get off the plane. in that prompted a full evacuation. of the plane. >> i'm sure she was in the midst of a lot of very unhappy people at that point. we are going to get you to where you need to go. salas right here watching our commute. was on a plane over the nda nice back. >> that is just a pro tempore there. from and to everyone in general. >> pam.
6:50 am
all right be kind. rewind. let's take a look at the committee. traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza is okay. you will see some slow traffic as you come up toward the area. it was raining hard and it is not raining anymore. you have heard states that it will be off-and-on rain. this is one of the off periods. you may want to get out the house and drive to work when it is not raining hard. this is a look at interstate 880. you can see traffic is going to be okay and it stopped running for now and that is making for a better c 280 and 85 are slow getting into cupertino and fortunately the rest of the commute is okay but getting slow all the way to the west valley. at 6:50 let's breathe bring state back in. you where you were
6:51 am
going. thank you sir. pretty good snow but snow levels going up in the sierra. at lake level it is a mix of rain and snow but there is a winter storm warning until 6:00. donner summit 30 degrees and heavy snow and calm. but the breeze has been filling in the state southerly way in the snow level is going up. there is a mix of green in there and also truckee has late tahoe has rains above snow level it is probably a mix of rain and snow. rainfall is pretty good. sleepy hollow also a seven-day total. vacaville is a 24-hour total. irv, that is correct. i cited two pieces of information tell me what you see there. that is a 24 hour total. some areas, look at sfo at three point one. how about in the next couple of half of the bay in morgan hill south. to the north of that not as much in this will take is in
6:52 am
the probably tuesday night and by wednesday a lot of us will be driving southward. big sur's hammer city and that is where the focus of some of the heaviest rain. they had over 8 inches of rain and another 3-4 were not surprise me. and also marin county, ca coming in. novato has had almost 4 inches in 24 hours and there are some areas that are set up in this kind of pattern. santa cruz and santa clara valley where they get a lot of rain and others do not. a pretty good easterly breeze or southeasterly breeze continues with gusts of 35 in santa clara and san jose. some pre-damage in santa clara thanks to brian for that. 50 some attempts will not change very much. they will be a little warmer and the system drive south by tuesday afternoon we should be on the driver side but then
6:53 am
another system is on tap for friday in the saturday for another round of rain. temperatures are bumping up. 50s to new 60 we will get a break most of wednesday and thursday. times 6:52. popular clothing coming has a new plan for dealing with growing environmental problems. coming up, the new service being tested by h&m and the reason why. plus it happened again. cruise ship passengers get sick for the second time in a week where it happened and the symptoms the passengers are getting. cyber monday today, one of amazon's biggest and most profitable days of the year but the company is scrambling. forced to keep several controversial christmas ornaments. right now though with a little music in the background, we are taking you in for a live picture. looking around the san francisco skyline. lit up. you are watching warnings on 2 on ktvu 2 news. there are those who will say that you're:
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6:55 am
too fat. too skinny. too hard. too soft. too old. too much. too unexpected. too limited. and to them we say too bad.
6:56 am
because at kaiser permanente, we believe that everyone deserves the right to thrive. welcome back. today millions of people were shot for deals from the privacy of home. today is cyber monday. online deals are all over the internet. retail giants like target and walmart had a head start releasing details of what you can find including discounts on ipads and air pots. the american people spent more money online on black friday this year.4 billion was measuring transactions from 80
6:57 am
of the top 100 retailers and there was less black friday brick-and-mortar shopping. according to preliminary data from shopper track, brick-and- mortar retail sales dropped by 6.2% compared to last year. into online protest led to amazon removing some christmas ornaments that had been for sale. these ornaments and other merchandise had images of the german world war ii death camps outfits. it included christmas ornaments, a bottle opener, and what was referred to as a massacre mass pad. the germans say the museum called the items listing quite not appropriate, disturbing and disrespectful. the museum says it is still calling on other online sales sites to stop selling the products. germany killed more than 1 million people, most of them jewish people at the
6:58 am
concentration camps in poland. back at home, standup for kids. nonprofit organization in san jose that helps homeless teenagers hopes to open his new location later today. they lost their lease at their old location and had to move out yesterday. they had all but given up hope of finding a new home when westminster presbyterian church offered its sunday school building. it had envisioned turning into a center for nonprofits. >> i was like, i think this could work. >> it was meant to be. >> i think, like we are so excited when i announced last sunday that we had signed the contract, we always had a standing ovation in church. >> the standup for kids is hoping to build a shower and laundry room at that center as quickly as possible but they plan to be open for the kids this evening. ktvu has been part of the one more one warm co-driver 17
6:59 am
years and this holiday season we want to ask you to consider going in your calls and see if you might have any spare coats or jackets that you want to donate. if you do, you can go to and see a list of the drop off locations for one warm coat including santana in san jose. bay street in emeryville and participating ups and big o tire stores. the one warm coat drive continues until the end of this month. get ready for a slow messy drive to work in school. as rain is hitting the bay area right now. how long the wet weather will stick around and went the next week storm is expected to hit. the stormy weather causing major flood today's delays airports around the country including in the bay area.
7:00 am
we are at san francisco international airport we will take a about the latest impact. police officer shoot and kill a man who they say was attacking his parents with a knife. where it happened in east bay and what led to the deadly confrontation. it is december 2 already and happy monday to you. good morning. i am dave clark. how was the riding this morning? >> was it difficult? >> usually at my hours, you know we don't have a lot of traffic on the roads but the rain makes it tough. >> the driver couldn't make today? >> is a little tough for some. some areas getting a lot of rain and the way is still a factor for some. mainly around san jose and santa clara up to san francisco but the rain totals, kenfield and novato and socal, 3-4+. petaluma is a today total. now but 24 hours in san jose. .09. that is correct. that is the rain shadow effect.


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