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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  December 2, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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neighborhood" rounded off the top five films at the thanksgiving weekend box office. rain-soaked highways causing slowdowns for drivers across the bay area. how long the wet weather will linger and when the next big storm is coming around. plus, from the middle of the country, the roads buried under feet of snow. how travelers in those areas are braving the bad weather. and putting up big bucks to find alternative ways to power their homes. we'll let you know how much some people in the bay area are willing to pay to ditch pg&e. it's monday. back to work. back to school. people get used to good things rather quickly. and those four-day weekends, those are good. i had the whole week off. >> you sure did. >> i sure did. so i went out of the country for the first time ever, ever, on thanksgiving. went to a resort in mexico.
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and there were all kinds of bays at many of the resorts in mexico. >> i south of here. anyway. i'm glad to be back. i'm glad to see you guys. it's been kind of a weird weather week. >> this weather has been the opposite of what we were in the middle of maybe two weeks ago. stormy, rainy, very, very cold. and it's not just here in the bay area. it's really happening all across the country. and the stormy weather nationwide complicated plans for many people trying to get back home after the long thanksgiving holiday. rain and heavy wind made it hard to drive around the bay area and the chp says for the most part, drivers listed to sal's advice. they took it easy. they slowed down. i left 10 minutes early and i needed every minute this morning. now to tha home from tahoe, in lake tahoe, people who spent the holiday there had a very long drive coming home. they dealt with snow, sleet, and rain for much day
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yesterday. snow plows kept the major highways open but it took hours to get back to the bay area. for people who waited till this morning, they're dealing with snow again now. chains are still required on interstate 80 as well as highway 50, 88, 89, and 4 in the sierra and sierra foothills. let's check in with steve paulson. i think i would have taken monday and tuesday off, made it a five or six-day holiday. came down the hill tomorrow. >> frank, you go right ahead. [ laughter ] i'm sure it will be approved. no problem. >> i know what you mean. the snow level is going up. mainly above lake level. it was down there and now it's heading up. some of the rain is really intense around san jose, santa cruz mountains. other areas not so much. luckily this dog is not interested in going out in the rain. weidnight. it wasn't heavy but it was very persistent and just kept going and going. there was some really heavy rain, russian river in and
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around marin county. even out to vacaville, believe it or not, in sacramento there were pretty hefty totals. other locations couldn't get too much rain. san francisco, oakland. along the peninsula, down the san jose airport. around san jose there's been over 1" totals where the airport can't even get a quarter of an inch. we call it a shadow effect, this kind of pattern. pretty intense. santa cruz mountains, lifting a little bit now. back up toward parts of the peninsula, also fremont, san jose valley. 24 hours, really impressive totals. some of them i can update again and i will here. over 4" kentfield. santa rosa, gilroy. there's blossom hill. santa theresa had an inch of rain. sleepy hollow, those were seven-day totals. seven-plus. they've had more than that now. scotts valley, 6 inches. lower lake, 2 1/2.
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sfo only got .3 of an inch. you can add some of these totals. there's been three to four feet, but the snow level is going up if you're heading to the mountains, the snow level, it's been raining parts of tahoe, truckee. looks like some of that is turning over. most of this is above lake level the rain will drift over to the south over the next couple days. still you can get brief heavy rain in there. other areas looks like it's letting up a little bit to the north. highs today a little warmer, 50 to 60. back to you guys. the stormy weather is causing delays and cancellations around the country. that's affecting flights here in the bay area. at sfo there are already some cancellations and delays. >> good morning. we're seeing a lot of this at the airport today. people sitting around waiting for their flights because for some, it's a long wait. what we've learned this morning is there's already 75 cance and. many of those shorthaul flights to smaller airports and 153
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delays because of the the easten seaboard which is improving air travel across the country. one man in seattle has been waiting at the airport for hours and still has not boarded. >> we settled right here in the san francisco airport, and like there were so many flights that had to get rescheduled and canceled, that's why we left here. we left my grandma's house that we were staying at at like 3:00 in the morning and so when it was still dark out, and i was exhausted, it was crazy. >> and your flight is delayed? >> yeah. so right now we have 153 delays. a lot of it due to weather. as well as in the northeast, we're having laguardia and boston low ceilings and ice issues over there also. that's what's contributing to a lot of the delays and cancellations today. >> delays at sfo can last more
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than two hours. this past weekend, stormy weather canceled 165 flights to and from sfo. there were more than 500 delays. wind gusts then reached 45 miles per hour. in the northeast today, there's snow. there's icy weather in both new york and philadelphia. schools are closed. airports there are a mess. here at sfo, there are special booking counters if your flight is canceled so travelers can find something new. airport officials i talked to advised getting here early and checking with your airline before you leave the house. new this morning, a vallejo police department involved in two deadly shootings has been placed on paid administrative leave. officer ryan mcmann fatally shot foster last year during an altercation after he stopped him for alledgedly driving recklessly on a bicycle. mcmann, along with five other vallejo police officers, were also involved in a fatal
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shooting of willy mccoy in february at a taco bell drive-thru. vallejo officials are not giving information on why mcmann was placed on leave or whether it has anything to do with the foster or the mccoy cases. the cal train tracks are open after one of its trains struck and killed a person north of the sunnyville station. this happened after 6:00 this morning. about 170 people were onboard the train at the time of the crash. all trains in the area were stopped for about an hour. no other injuries were reported. this is caltrain's 16th fatality in 2019. people want the san francisco board of supervisors to pass legislation to protect more renters against evictions. the board of supervisors is set to vote today on whether to expand just cause evictions to apartment buildings built after 1979. only apartments built before 1979 are protected by the rules
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in place. a shooting sent 10 people to the hospital with critical injuries. police say one person has now been detained, but not arrested for the shooting. it happened just after 3:00 sunday morning on canal street where a large group of people were partying after the annual bayou classic football game, college football game. officers were already in the area keeping an eye on the crowd. >> we had officers right there within that very block that actually thought that they were being fired upon and took a position to respond to this. >> this is not the first time people have been shot hours after the annual bayou, in 2016 a shooting after the game killed one person, injured nine others. it's been three years since oakland. on this day three years ago a fire tore through the building in oakland's fruitvale district. 36 people died. the building was used as an
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illegal living space. two men were charged following the deadly fire. a jury acquitted max harris on 36 charges of involuntary manslaughter. the jury could not come up with the verdict for the second defendant, derek almena. be retried in march. a memorial concert was organized at lake merit united methodist church to honor the victims of the ghost ship fire. musicians friends with artists at the ghost ship were among those there. new this morning, firefighters in danville are cleaning up after a small fire filled a home with smoke near greenbrook drive. firefighters are still trying to figure out how it started. as people in the bay area look for alternative sources of power to keep the lights on during pg&e shut-offs, it could lead to moremic inequality. bloomberg reports wealthy people are rushing to pay tens of thousands of dollars for whole-house generators or solar and battery packages.
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and that could lead to a situation where pg&e shuts the power off to prevent wildfires. affluent owners will still have electricity while lower income families will continue to suffer through those outages. coming up in a minute on mornings on 2 on the 9, we'll take you live to the amazon fulfillment center in tracy. why amazon is facing some early competition for your dollars this year. also, once your purchases are sent out, we'll tell you how to prevent porch pirates from stealing your goodies. you know when you go to ross for a few gifts and realize... oh yeah! you should've gotten a cart? that's yes for less. get gifts for everyone on your list and save 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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happening today, cyber monday is already on track to break a record. by 6:00 this morning, shoppers had already spent $473 million online. and according to a survey of 80 of the top 100 retailers in the united states, that trend will continue. cyber monday online sales are on track to hit $9.4 billion this year which would be a 19% increase over last year. retail giants such as target and walmart got a head start yesterday, releasing details on deals, including discounts on ipads and airpods. once you click to buy when you're on amazon, there's a good chance your order will be processed at the amazon fulfillment center in tracy. this morning it's all hands on
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deck there. happy to be joined this morning from our super bowl, cyber monday. >> i was going to say. i see the packages in boxes going behind you. is today truly the busiest day of the year for amazon? or does that come between now and christmas? >> it's a huge day for us at amazon. we're in in a 1 million square foot fiment, to pick, pack, and ship packages to customers all over the world. it's going to be a great day. >> the first two weeks in november, we saw walmart and target make huge gains over last year's online sales, something like 50% to amazon's 32% increase. is amazon shifting its strategy to beat back retailers that are making gains? >> we stay 100% focused on our customers, not just during the holiday season but throughout the year. as long as we a getting
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customers affordable prices, convenient shipping options, and fast packages, we know we're doing the right thing. >> let's talk about what i see behind you. an awful lot of packages. i hear the hum of machinery. i don't see or hear a lot of people. what's the breakdown between the work gets done by people and machines? >> we have more than 4,000 full-time associates working in this building. it's the size of 28 football fields. you're only seeing a tiny slice of the pie so to speak. we do have robots at this facility but they're just a way for associates to do their job more efficiently. >> is there always a push, not just for lower prices, but i imagine even faster and more free shipping? >> absolutely. there are three things we know will never change about our customers. they're always going to want more affordable prices. they're always going to want more selection and faster shipping time.
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>> what about consumers who start with amazon, as many of them do, and use it as a comparison tool? a lot of us want to buy from our neighborhood mom and pop shop. but they first started amazon to see how low could this deal go. >> that's the perfect way to use amazon. i would also let folks know that 50% sold come from a small or medium size business. we also have an entire section called hand-made. you can find those really special curated mom and shop type gifts you mentioned and still get the convenience of the super fast shipping times from amazon. >> i don't know if you're able to track what people are buying right now but what are some of the hot items people are buying on this cyber monday? >> kids stuff is always a bigho. i always l kiddos in m during the
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holidays. we've got 50% off hasbro toys. 30% off 1 consoles. if you're shopping on, you can be the hero in your family this year if you're shopping for kids. amazon devices are always hot items. the fire tv stick with alexa voice remote was one of our biggest sellers on black friday. for $25, we expect it will be another big seller. >> molly wade live in tracy. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. and of course with cyber monday comes a warning about those porch pirates. local law enforcement agencies are warning shoppers buying anything that will be delivered to stay alert for package thieves throughout the holiday season. authorities are recommending you ensure your packages, prepare for an in-person delivery, or use a self-service storage locker if possible. installing a security camera can also deter porch pirates.
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americans spent more money online this year on black friday than ever before. that's according to adobe analytics. $7.4 billion was spent. there was less black friday brick and mortar shopping, according to preliminary data from shoppers track. brick and mortar retail sales fell by 6.2% compared to last year. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, new concerns about the effect soda can have on a body. why doctors say a new study shows all that added sugar in soda can lead to more hip fractures, and how many sodas it took to see the difference. a violent shoot-out caught on tape as people were scrambling for cover.
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deadly attacks as cartels battle for control of the drug trade in northern mexico. locals say that government is
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not doing enough. >> the truth is they're killing us in mexico. there have been plenty of cases. we don't see results. we don't see a security strategy. >> via union is 35 miles south of the texas border. with president trump moving to label mexican cartels as terrorist organizations, mexico's president is under increasing pressure to contain the violence. he rejects any intervention from the u.s. as the drug war grinds on. >> the mexican government will fulfill its responsibility to get justice. we do not accept any kind of intervention. we're a free sovereign country. >> the attack came hours before mexican officials arrested several men, alledgedly connected to the killing of nine american mormons living in mexico. relatives of those military shoo more to help civilians caught in the crossfire. >> if we are not capable of defending life in our country, we are never going to become a
9:23 am
civilized country, much less a free country. >> attorney general william barr is expected to visit mexico this week to discuss how the u.s. can help maintain the cartels consistent of the policies. following the latest terror attack in london, prime minister boris johnson is calling for an end to early release. two were killed and three injured in friday's stabbing attack. the suspect, 28-year-old khan was released from prison last year. he served six years for terrorism related charges. he was released without an assessment from the parole board. the 9th circuit court of appeals in san francisco will hear arguments on trump administration's third country asylum rule. the rule blocks most immigrants from requesting asylum in the united states if they pass through a third country on the qua to the u.s. border butsylumt country. in september, the supreme court allowed the ban to take effect until all appeals have been
9:24 am
completed. new this morning, democratic presidential candidate steve bullock is ending his presidential campaign. the montana governor made the announcement with a statement claiming it's been clear he won't be able to break into the top tier of a crowded primary. bullock got a late start, announcing his candidacy in may and struggled to raise money and rise in the polls for the democratic debate. the impeachment inquiry enters its next stage in the process as the house judiciary committee prepares for its first hearings this week. the white house says it has no plans to participate. >> it's a disgrace for our country. >> reporter: the president, ahead of his trip to the uk, for a nato summit, weighing in on the next stage of the impeachment inquiry. >> there was breaking news today. the ukrainian president came out and said strongly that president trump did absolutely nothing wrong. >> reporter: his remarks coming after the white house announced
9:25 am
in a letter sunday it will not participate in the first judiciary committee hearing wednesday, saying witnesses are yet to be named and it remains unclear whether the committee will afford the president a fair process. >> welcome back to the judiciary committee. the show that never ends and the side show that never stops. >> reporter: house intelligence committee members are reviewing the report behind closed doors this monday. one day before a vote to send it to judiciary. >> i have been extremely troubled and disappointed by the behavior of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle. their refusal to hold this president accountable is troubling to me and i believe it's troubling to the american people. >> democrats are aiming for a final house vote by christmas which would set the stage for a senate trial come january. meantime, the president will be in london for the next three days. his third visit to the british
9:26 am
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welcome back to the 9. the bay area's own credence clearwater revival. right out of the east bay. good knowledge there. i've seen the rain. i saw it this morning. we're going to see more of that according to steve paulson and steve, you said off and on rain. it was mostly off for the commute in the north bay. >> mostly. he also hangs out in scottsdale. yes, some off and on rain. not san jose though. it's really picked up there around marin county, 5 to 7, 8 inches of rain. 9. for the sierra, we finally got a
9:30 am
late start but we're going here. norden picked up 20 inches of snow in the last 24 hours. normal is 20 inches so i'd say we're doing pretty well. a winter storm warning goes until 6:00 tonight though it's more of a sierra cement now after the dry powder last week. the temps have gone up so there could be some rain-snow mix. not the case for santa cruz. san jose is picking up out to the valley. as it begins to move south of the bay area, it will draw that moisture southward. we'll see decreasing rain from north to south but it's still going to be pretty good there. livermore, stockton. highway 5. then, of course, santa clara
9:31 am
valley. 50s on most of the temps. 55, redwood city. low 50s to the north. still some cool air but not as cool as last week. morgan hill, 101. santa cruz. that's really getting hit hard. we'll see a decrease and still some activity into early wednesday then a break rest of wednesday and thursday. friday another system is on the way. more widespread rain with 2" to 3" amounts. a little warmer in the temps. wednesday, thursday looks pretty good. friday, saturday looks wet. >> back in it again. parts of the bay area are getting a slight break from this morning's rain. it's a tough slow drive because of the weather. it looks like it's relative dry where you are now. >> yes. no rain and it hasn't rained here for the last hour or so, so
9:32 am
some folks in the east bay getting a little bit of a break. you can see patches of blue sky amidst those looming storm clouds. we're not completely out of the woods yet. we're expecting scattered showers throughout the day and week. traffic has gotten a little bit lighter here at the bay bridge toll plaza off in the distance. roads are still slick. visibility may be poor. it's always a good reminder to give yourself plenty of space in these weather conditions to hit the brakes on those slick roads and avoid hitting the car or vehicle in front of you. this car rear ended a box truck earlier this morning. no one was hurt. luckily the drivers of both vehicles were able to safely drive off the road after the crash. you can see the damage caused the red car. we've seen spin-out crashes throughout the morning. drivers who were injured and had to go to the hospital like this crash that happened on eastbound
9:33 am
80. bay area drivers say overall it's been a challenging monday morning commute. >> it's going to be very tough. it was like this before 6:30 in the morning. slow it down. the roads are slick. >> it was a rough way to start the morning for some folks behind the wheel but we're expecting rain and scattered showers in the afternoon commute as well. expect a repeat of the challenging driving conditions in this wet weather later in the afternoon and throughout the week. allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. post thanksgiving weather leaving would-be travelers going nowhere back east. in boston we find molly where roads are a slippery dangerous mess. >> reporter: the region's first significant storm of the season this year, beginning with the
9:34 am
flakes falling then slushy snow. >> we stuck here until 5:00. >> so now we literally have to wait for two days. >> a weekend storm brought travel to a screeching halt. the weekend after thanksgiving is always a busy time but add in cancellations and weather and it's a recipe for disaster. >> i've been keeping an eye on it, making sure i get home well before any storm hits. >> back in the northeast, they spent the early morning trying to keep up with the snowfall. for commuters, there was no avoiding the miserable monday rush after the long holiday weekend. >> you want to be cozied up by the fire but you're not so you have to deal with it.
9:35 am
>> even more rough weather is expected monday night into tuesday. happening today, the u.s. supreme court will take up its first gun rights case in nearly a decade. they'll hear arguments from gun rights advocates, challenging a new york city law that restricted licensed gun owners from transporting their guns outside city limits. the rule was appealed in july but the national rifle association and its allies say the regulations still give the city too much power over gun owners. legal experts say the new conservative majority on the court could use this case to expand second amendment rights. a two-week united nations environmental summit begins in spain. the u.n. secretary general said the world's efforts to stop climate change have, quote, been utterly inadequate so far. delegates from 200 countries
9:36 am
will try to put the finishing touches on the rules. the trump administration is pulling the united states out of that agreement. president trump is traveling to london today where attend a nato summit beginning tomorrow. the military alliance is facing new challenges as it celebrates its 70th anniversary. french president emmanuel macron called the alliance, quote, brain dead, because of america's unpredictability under president trump. other nato members have criticized the turkish president for sending troops into syria. trouble aboard the norwegian cruise ship joy. 19 people reported having flu-like symptoms when the ship pulled into port in los angeles. paramedics evaluated all those passengers and none of them wanted to go to the hospital. the cruise line says it's going through stringent sanitation procedures. the los angeles times reports they responded today the same ship a week earlier after four people reported feeling sick and
9:37 am
those passengers went to the hospital. a new study finds a link between the high consumption of soft drinks and an increase in hip fractures among women. they looked at data from 75,000 post menopausal women. it focused on a variety of factors including diet and their intake of caffeinated soda and caffeine-free drinks. they found women who consume more than two servings of soda per day had a 26% increase in the risk of hip fracture. researchers think the added sugar in the beverages has a negative impact on mineral and calcium balance christmas tree just yet, you may have a little sticker shock when you do. it's all due to the 2008 recession. a tree takes 10 years to grow and customers bought fewer trees during the financial crisis, and as a result, growers didn't put seedlings in, leading to fewer trees this year.
9:38 am
>> it's very expensive and it's a long-term investment to grow a christmas tree. when we got into the recession, many people decided they couldn't do it anymore. >> national christmas tree association says last year there was a 20% increase in the purchase of real trees. more demand and a short supply, you know that means higher prices. average price of a tree is $76 this year. and in san francisco, it is the 48th annual tree lighting ceremony on knob hill. the mayor, london breed, other city officials will lead the countdown to light up the trees. they're hosting the event at huntington park. the free event begins at 5:30 tonight with live music. and the tree lighting will follow at 6:00. knob hill association is asking those who attend to bring a toy to support the fire department toy drive. san jose sharks foundation will be giving back to the community. the groups will help nonprofit loaves and fishes family kitchen
9:39 am
serve up holiday theme meals to more than 100 homeless and low income people in san jose. the event starts at 3:00 and san jose sharks evander kane will be there at 4:30 this afternoon. it's happening at the east side neighborhood center on allen rock avenue in san jose. leaders of a san jose nonprofit. this helps homeless teenagers. they hope to open a new location today. they had to move out yesterday. leaders say they'd all given up hope when the church opened up its sunday school building which it had a vision turning into a center for nonprofits. >> i was like, i think this can work. >> it was meant to be. >> we are so excited. when i announced last sunday that we signed the contract, we almost had a standing ovation in church. >> it plans to be open for teens this evening. the organization is working to
9:40 am
build a shower and laundry room at the center as soon as possible. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, recognized decades after his first protest, coming up in minutes, we'll let you know how civil rights activist rosa parks is being honored in montgomery, alabama. at hertz, we know that a change of scenery
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if you're living with a condition, kaiser permanente's integrated care team will help you get through life without missing a beat. kaiser permanente. thrive. right now astronauts on the international space station are out for a space walk. they call it a complex mission to repair a cosmic ray detector. nasa compares the r to open heart surgery aboardstatio. it's the third space walk in nearly three weeks for the astronauts doing the repair work. world aids day will be celebrated today in the north bay, devoted to supporting and empowering the lgbtq community. the center will host a
9:44 am
celebration later tonight starting at 5:30. worlds a.i.d.s. day was officially yesterday so many gathered at san francisco's golden gate park. banners covered the walls of the sprawling clear tent. for years it's been kept in atlanta. it is made up of 50,000 different panels and each holds personal memories like pieces of clothing, photos, and personal mementos. one is for chen, the late partner of rick welts. >> came at a very difficult time for me because i was still in the closet as an executive and i had to go through the loss of a partner when no one in my work environment know i was gay or that i had a partner for 17 years. >> in the a.i.d.s.
9:45 am
memorial, people stood in silence and read the names ingrooveed on the circle of friends. some left flowers or dropped petals on a path through a living tribute. honoring civil rights icon rosa parks. lawmakers unveiled a life size bronze statue. her refusal and arrest for not giving her seat to a white person sparked a 13-month long bus boycott. >> he was a contributor to equality and did so with a quiet humility that is an example for all of us. this will inspire future generations to push toward the path of righteousness, strength, courage, and equality. >> rosa parks died in 2005 at the age of 92. east bay chefs are giving back to the community in oakland. they're joining our own dave clark. dave is just outside the mobile
9:46 am
kitchen. it's called the rig. >> this is the feel good story of the day. this is the rig. it's in our ktvu parking lot. it's a mobile kitchen. through this kitchen, they go all over oakland. they feed about 8500 people, homeless encampments, wherever people need help. it's put together by an organization called feeding opportunities for oakland dependents. but a lot of people the hip hop mobile kitchen. i'm going to take you inside. i want you to meet the two ladies who wrote to me and told me about what they're doing, what they've been doing for a couple years. this is the entrance of the mobile kitchen right here. come on inside. these are the ladies. i've got chef nini. she's stirring up some grits. i'm telling you the food is
9:47 am
driving my mouth out of its mind. there's grits and eggs and toast and fried chicken and i want you to meet the executive director, i'm so glad you reached out to me. what drove you? what made this happen? >> we got this food truck. we're christian women and god told us to use this truck to feed his people. that's what we do. we go out to encampments. we have some partnerships where we do local feedings. people get to have a sit-down meal. >> you found this truck how? >> we found it in a horse pasture actually. my mother called me and said there's a food truck in a horse pasture. come up and look at it. >> i love you. i love what it is you and chef nini do. you have fed how many people? >> thus far we've fed 8500
9:48 am
people and counting. >> you can go anywhere. that's the idea. >> anywhere we can go. >> chef cindy, you're cooking fried chicken. tell me why this is important to you. >> i'm from dt oakland. we're right now rooted in east oak. east oakland is underserved. i'm from there so it's important for me to give back to the people i love and know. >> i love what it is you do. you people want to help, people already reaching out, saying dave, how can we help? what do you say to them? >> we do have a website. it's called and our phone number is 510-859-5267. so they can reach out to us and we can tell them how we need help. >> you know what the truck looks like. think about chef nini and chef cindy and the grits, the eggs,
9:49 am
the bacon. i'm going to eat sal and frank'. >> oh, come on, dave. >> you'll have to come get it. but again, and gasia, i'm not leaving you out. >> going to eat your share too. [ laughter ] >> we'll be down there in like 10 months. >> this is so perfect. and beyond the fact the food is good, it is the spirit behind it. these are two christian women who are doing something for the people of oakland and we just had to tell you about it. so now you know. chef cindy and chef nini, they're doing great things. you can hear more about it. the hip hop. it's good. i'll leave you because i have work to do here in the kitchen. >> i bet you do have work to do. >> should i go down there and check on him? [ laughter ] >> thank you, dave. >> thank you, ladies.
9:50 am
i appreciate you both. >> thank you so much. >> back to you in the thank you. easy there, dave. we also want to let you know ktvu has been part of the one warm coat drive for 17 years, and this holiday season we'd like to ask you to consider looking into your closet to see if you might have any spare coats or jackets you could donate. if so, you can go to for a list of drop-off locations. they include bay street in emeryville and participating u.p.s., big o tires stores. that's u.p.s. and big o tires stores. the one warm coat drive lasts until the end of this month. coming up next here on mornings on 2 the 9, after a growing nationwide concern of concussion injuries among athletes, lawmakers in one state want stricter guidelines for youth tackle football.
9:51 am
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welcome back to the 9. trade tensions flare with china. tech stocks are the biggest drag on the market. you can see the dow jones is down by 230-plus points. we'll see if today's cyber monday strong sales pull these numbers up in the coming hours and only is the dow down. the s&p is down percentage-wise the same. nasdaq is down by almost 1 1/4%. efforts are underway to eliminate youth tackle football or establish stricter guidelines similar to what we have here in california. it's all meant to keep children safe. proposed legislation in new york aims to ban tackle football for children 12 and under. the bill comes amid a nationwide concern about concussion damage
9:55 am
could set stricter guidelines for youth f twice a week. >> you literally change who they become because you're exposing them to very abnormal repetitive brain trauma. >> i think we should ensure all coaches teach proper tackle and techniques as well as condition the players to be strong and be ready to play football. >> new york lawmakers are expected to consider the bill in january. 49ers will practice this week in florida preparing for this weekend's game against the saints and new orleans. yesterday the nation watched the 9ers and the ravens, the best two teams in the nfl, battle it out on some soggy turf in baltimore. the 9ers took an early lead with a deep fourth down touchdown pass. jimmy garoppolo fumbled. game came down to the last possession. baltimore had the ball and made the game winning field goal as
9:56 am
the seconds game. ravens win it by a field goal 20-17. postgame reaction from baltimore. >> reporter: to the doubters, the 49ers have certainly proven they're one of the nfl's elite teams. they've also learned when you play a team of that caliber, you can't make mistakes. a sack fumble that gave the ravens a short field was the difference. >> just covering the ball up especially in these conditions like this. you kind of thought i had it locked up and punched it out and made a good play on it. >> we've got all the pride in the world. we believe in ourselves even when people outside of the locker room don't really believe in us and want to call us pretenders. >> i'm not okay with it, but at the same time you got to find the positives out of everything. so i feel like we grew as a team and i feel like we can learn from this and keep getting better. >> reporter: all season the 49er defense has dictated the tempo of the game. that unit held the scariest
9:57 am
quarterback in the league well below his seasonal averages and came away with nothing but respect. >> he's a great player. great player. we knew that. got some special accounts. rare speed for the position. made the throws he needed to. great player. >> he's a great player. great dynamic player obviously. you guys saw he could run, pass. he's one of a kind. >> reporter: as impressed as the 49ers were with lamar jackson, they'd like very much to get another shot at him soon. the soonest that could happen could be this february in miami. >> hopefully we can earn an opportunity to play again. hopefully we go against them again. >> in baltimore, joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2 news. >> justin tucker is on my fantasy team. i'm just saying. raiders are back in the bay area as they prepare to host the titans this upcoming sunday. yesterday the raiders struggled and that's a kind word there against the chiefs. now two games behind the chiefs in the afc west.
9:58 am
derek carr did not have a good game. he threw two picks. the second was returned all the way to the house. chiefs go on to win 40-9. after the game, coach jon gruden said his players, he defended his quarterbacks and said the players will rebound. >> derek carr is on my fantasy team. didn't work out too well this weekend. how about some basketball. the warriors will play the hawks. yesterday in orlando we watched them overcome a 12-point deficit. that was a brief moment. hung on to win. they came back. they win it by 4. 100-96. rookie eric pascal has been a bright spot on this young team. today's game in atlanta will tip off our time 4:30. >> i do not have a fantasy team. >> why does that not surprise me? >> it's not just monday. it's good old fashioned mug right now starts your chance to win a ktvu fox 2 news mug.
9:59 am
to enter and see the official head over t our page and you cn learn all about putting your name in the hat. entries are now till 1:00. don't miss your chance to win. they do double duty. ktvu fox 2 news on one side and ktvu plus on the other. we always ask people to take a picture with their mug and send it to us. we have a winner to share with you. congratulations to recent winner of mug money, cassie from petaluma. who is that handsome young gentleman? >> that's me in the background. but the tv of me. >> oh, it is a tv of you. >> good. i appreciate that people are drinking from their fox 2 mugs. look how gray and windy and cool it is outside. the weather has changed. it's not what you had last week. >> no, it's not. maybe a hot cup of tea today. >> or coffee. i hear there might be some friday chicken in the newsroom. let's see if those two hardworking women brought their
10:00 am
wares inside. we're back at noon. keep in mind that wendy williams is up next. >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." ♪ now, here's wendy! ♪ [cheers and applause] >> wendy: hi. thanks for watching my show. and say hello to my cohost, my studio audience. [cheers and


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