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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  December 3, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PST

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led to the deadly incident. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. we have a wee bit of fog in that area. 51 degree morning for leak -- upper 40s and 50s in the marin county and the same thing in napa county. hope valley at 44. around highway 29 -- we are
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getting a break this morning but this global send in some 50 answer did agree temps and i think some rain mainly to the south later on today. 701, he will talk about this. that we figure out what that is on the bay bridge? >> it was crash new treasure island and you can see -- i'm sorry you were talking about what's happening at the toll plaza . damage just someone trying to cut in line. people do that unfortunately and you can see it happening but the crash on the bay bridges nearing the life and it's a minor crash but that means you are going to be in a little bit of a bigger back up at the bay bridge we will keep looking at it. it doesn't sound like a serious crash but anything on the bay bridge slows things down. in san francisco northbound 101
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traffic is ok approaching the 80s but pick san mateo but not a bad option. looks all right heading to the area and there been no problems on 880 south. i want to mention that this topic commute is beginning to get slow on all the approaches to the west valley pit 7:02. let's go back to the death. roads around the area dry air this morning including in the south bay where there are some big problems last night. take a look at the expressway. near coleman road. water backed up and there was several inches yesterday. in japan town, pending water in front of several condominiums cause a road hazard. the road crews had to get under the surface of the water to find out what was blocking the drain. >> water doesn't go anywhere if it doesn't have anywhere to go pick it's full. so we have to go downstream and see where it is not for.'s blood down there somewhere. >> it turned out about 250 gallons of water was blocked by debris and leaves in the pipes. the workers called in one of
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the big trucks. this one here coming into clear out the cloud section. san jose division of the chp says whether was also responsible for at least 40 traffic collisions. dublin school board members are promising to fix up and aging elementary school after students and teachers were faced with a leaky roof and flooding classrooms this week. our reporter is like in dublin and you say some parents have been asking for these upgrades for years. >> reporter:, we know that for the immediate future they will make repairs to some of the classrooms. and behind us you can see we saw what looks like a work truck pull up to dublin elementary. we reach out to the school district to get more information about the repairs being made right now but we know it is part of a long-term fix. dublin school board has promised, they promised last night, to set aside $30 million to modernize the school. student came back from the thanksgiving break to see this in some of the classrooms.
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ceiling tiles in at least two classrooms have all and in and water from the rain letting parts of the building. parents of kids here at dublin elementary say they have complained about the school meeting upgrades and repairs for years. but by measures voters path in the past directed money to the new schools and not focusing on repairing the older ones for the elementary school, it is about 60 years old. >> they should not have to learn and work in an environment where ceiling tiles and water can fall on them at any point in a day. >> i would not my what my kid to have water falling on their head every day. that's not right. >> reporter: parents met with the school board last night to voice some of their frustrations and that is when the board promised to earmark between $30 million-$40 million to update the school. of course, that is a long-term fix and it will take several years for that to happen but the school board also mentioned that they want to put forward a bond measure this coming march
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to voters to bring in about $290 million to the district for other construction and repair priorities to live in dublin, allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. circuit two teenagers may face charges after an incident in emeryville with an off-duty chp officer in the shopping area. it was caught on security camera. take a look. the video shows the teenagers attacking the officer after he tried to help a woman whose phone had been stolen. that officer who only wants to be identified as greg b said he tried to run away from them but they surrounded him, beat him, and choked him and almost to the point of unconsciousness. >> i know that when i let them go they swung any. i let them go and i pushed up and sure enough he turns around and swings at me and i backup and that is when one of his friends came up behind me and struck me in the back of the head. >> that often the officer was armed that he never pulled out
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his gun. look at these pictures. mall security officers intervened eventually and officers -- he suffered a concussion, broken finger and bruises. we are told the teenagers were arrested are 14 and 16 years old. investigators are searching for the other teens who were involved. police are looking for a man who shot another man after the two got into a car accident. it happened on fruitville and harold just before 10:00 last night. police reports a button and got out of their vehicle and then one of them shot the other in the neck. they say the shooter then got back in his car and took off. police found the suspect's car about two blocks away from the shootings he. near the intersection of montana and champion street. police have not released any details on the attacker. it has been three years since oakland's deadly go ship warehouse fire were 36 people died. and effective at midnight early this morning, the statute of limitations ran out for prosecutors to criminally charge the where's house owners. the da can no longer charge
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chor ng 29 with negligent involuntary manslaughter. the same charges derek ellman mx harris facebook max harris was acquitted and derek ellman is due to be retried in march. while 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. say the owners knew about the code violations notices it warned about dangerous conditions and life- threatening safety at that warehouse. derek will be sitting at the defense table alone. two investigates reached out to the district attorney's office to respond to us on this matter remains an active case with future court dates and they made no further comment. and update now on the deadly car crash in san jose. the two people killed have been identified as a mother and son.
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chb says rosa and francisco garza were heading southbound when a drunk driver plowed into the back of their carpet they identify the driver as 21 year is about him in his 50s was booked into the santa clara county jail on charges of l.e.d. light and gross specular manslaughter. our time now is 7:08. sal is back and he will tell us what's happening on the roads. >> good morning. right now, we have some wet roads out there that may affect the commute. i'm looking at the bay bridge slowing down because of a problem there tried to clear on the upper deck of the bay bridge. you can tell that the traffic is slowing down. in fact i just saw a picture of the macarthur maze that i can show you here. i will hop switch to the macarthur maze approach and definitely it is showing some slowing coming around the corner. 32 minutes to get there. not looking at highway 24, a lot of people are heading towards the tunnel and back to the bay bridge and the carpool
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lanes are getting ill. if you're driving into san francisco it looks ok unearthed bell 101 and looks mostly dry. san mateo bridge traffic is ok and we see e traffic on 580 at 880 beginning to get busy but 580 is still a pretty good stretch from castro valley all the way into oakland. 7:09. let's go back to steve who has today's weather. >> it sounds like an infirmary over there what's going on? >> it's flu season but everyone's ok. >> we do have a little break in the rain. there will be some scattered showers, partly cloudy this morning and the 24 hour total affect over happiness -- over half an inch in inverness. some of the total so far are through the roof. a lot of rain in some areas. nine inches at big sur, santa rosa 6.92, santa cruz 6.35 and
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in the city .63. sfo down to san jose airport did not have a lot but around santa teresa and blossom hill they did. they had over an inch of rain. there are big differences in and around san jose. to visit emily a quarter of a mile -- 29, -- it really doesn't do anything until it hits marin county and most of this is waiting for the cloud cover to lift northward. some of the models bring rain tomorrow morning but not so much today but i think that is something to watch. that wind funnels in a lot of moisture. but there is a lot there that has to move northward and some of that around hollister and toured the monterey peninsula, so that's something to watch. there's a pretty good breeze in the hills on the water temps in the low 80s.
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this is normal for early december. 40s and 50s under temps. 47 at the napa airport, 46 in alamo, low 50s in albany and el cerrito. 32 in truckee. 51 down in monterey. looked at the cloud cover pickets very close and widely scattered showers today but some of the moisture will be going north and give us an opportunity for rain later tonight and into tomorrow morning pick the nexus and coming across will be here friday into saturday and that looks a like a pretty good rain producer. 50s, 60s today, scattered showers and more opportunity for rain. closer to the plume of moisture but i think wednesday is looking more like a rain date and we will break thursday, next rain friday and saturday. 7:11. holidays shoppers and online purchases take a while to reach
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her doorstep. coming up the challenges delivery companies are facing that could keep your holiday package from arriving on time. plus the because at a car repair shop during the thanksgiving holiday weekend, what was stolen and who police are searching for.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. at 7:14. right now president trump is in london at the nato summit.
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it is a 70th anniversary of nato and as you see the president here and there is a lot of tension within nato and the alliance as the president of france recently said nato is becoming brain-dead. and your needs to wake up because it can no longer depend on the united states. today during a meeting with nato secretary-general resident trump called president macron's comments dangerous. saying he was insulting, nato, and is affected to have meetings with both president macron and german president today. happening today the house intelligence committee is expected to vote on a report on his findings in the ongoing impeachment inquiry pickets a probe -- it will head to the judiciary committee and democrats say the report speaks for itself . as to impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors but the republicans say it is, quote at up -- the vote is happened 3:00 this afternoon the judiciary committee will
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hold a meeting tomorrow as it considers whether to recommend articles of impeachment to the full house. we hope you stay with ktvu as we bring you the latest on the impeachment hearing scheduled for tomorrow morning will bring your live uninterrupted coverage starting at 7 am on ktvuplus. is now 7:16. former president jimmy carter is back in the hospital getting treatment for a urinary tract infection. mr. carter is 95 years old and was admitted over the weekend. a spokeswoman says he is feeling better and wants to go home soon. a former president was in the hospital last fall for hip replacement surgery and then in october he fell and hit his head and needed stitches. later that month he fractured his pelvis and another paul. the owner of a san jose auto repair shop says he may have to get a loan after thieves got into a shop over the thanksgiving holiday. the owner of aaa collision repair says the thieves broke a lock to get past the gate then broke open a vent to get into the building. and stole equipment including
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power tools, a camera, a laptop computer, and a stack of blank checks. yesterday two check-cashing stores called them to report someone try to cash those checks. >> i'm worried about everything. i'm worried about not being pay my employees, i'm not -- we need to get a loan or something. >> security cameras from a business xor showed someone in a black suv pulling up early friday morning the driver checks the cars outside and then gets into the body shop and comes out 50 minutes later. the body shop does have insurance covering damage to the cars and customers but the owner is not sure if that insurance covers break-ins at the body shop. today's drive ship be much easier for most of us. is that what you're finding? >> can i say something. you guys look really sharp
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today. look at that tie and that dress. >> 95% of it is his part. >> my producer is saying let's go. let's go. let's take a look at the commute. i want to show you the traffic on the east bay. the approach is slow. there was a crash on the bridge in the top traffic is slow and what happens is they slow the metering likes down a little bit driving onto the bridge. you can even see some of the carpool lanes are slowing down. i wouldn't say it's an accident will make you change your plans but just at five or 10 minutes if you can. san francisco northbound 101 looking ok and san mateo bridge traffic is fine. as you look at the east bay i really like 580. usually gets lower but right now you have an opportunity to get from castro valley to lakeshore and if you look at this out they commute we have not filled in just yet. there's still a little bit window for you to get out there in front of the crowd if you leave the house soon. 7:18. i like 580. you don't hear that very often.
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leave it alone. we have more of an issue with fog this morning to the north then rain. but it's moving back in the picture. that being the rain. a lot of humidity with calmer conditions at the surface. 94 to 100% humidity and we are 96%. the napa airport has gone from a quarter mile to 10 miles so like that the fog is gone and better towards petaluma. have mild visibility at santa rosa. 101, 37, 29 could have some fog. most everything is continuing to go from south to north but off the coast although it clips parts of the area, there still a little bit but look at the cloud cover sneaking northward. there's a lot down in southern california. that line, some of that ray picking up a little bit to the south. i would think santa cruz
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mountains, santa clara valley in-line today and the low looks a punch in central california tomorrow which will funnel back in cloud cover and rain. it's very close. there is a pretty good easement or northeast wind in the hills. not in the surface are at the surface water temps are right where they should be this time of year. 50s for some, 40s for others. there's not much of a temperature strength -- look at that cloud cover pick if you're down towards monterey, santa clara valley, gilroy, i would keep an eye on things pickets very close. southern california is getting some of that but a lot of this will be rotating from south to north over us by tomorrow. i think we are still in line for rain tomorrow and we will break thursday connexus system friday looks pretty good coming in friday into saturday pick it is and 60s, scattered showers today, partly sunny in the
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morning and turning mostly cloudy. clouds, rain tomorrow, the forecast models are saying it's coming back. we will see a break but i don't think so. the measured system on friday and saturday should kick out sunday morning. 7:21. up next the controversial proposal by the trump administration. why the white house wants to photograph and scan all the faces of travelers including american citizens. here why some groups are can supplant. plus, a warning for makeup lovers. there is something that could be looking at what you use every day. we will tell you the three items harboring the most bacteria that are probably in your makeup bag.
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tens of thousands of people in the philippines headed for safety and higher come this morning before a powerful typhoon made landfall. the storm brought 150 mile an hour winds and heavy rains for at least 12 hours. it destroyed homes and damaged the manila airport which was close. more than 300,000 people were evacuated from their homes. authorities are warning of storm surge up to three feet and floods and landslides in mountainous areas. new this morning north korea's is warning the white house to receive an unwelcome christmas gift north korea repeated its assertion that the trump administration is running out of time to salvage nuclear negotiations. the talks upper have been nothing but, quote a field phylicia. is giving united states until the end of the year to come up with the new approach to talks
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and to offer concessions in return for young eggs decision to and testing. underreport find sexual harassment complaints are up. despite efforts to reduce them. according to the mercury news and annual title 9 report says stanford received 279 reports of sexual harassment and gender discrimination between september, 2018, and august of this year. that's up by almost 70 during the same period the previous year. the complaints involve faculty, staff, and students. and blue tranrape -- bebop . now to health check but as researchers have a warning for people who use makeup. they say beware of what's in your makeup bag. a new study shows potentially life-threatening bacteria in 90% of all the makeup bags they swapped. that included bacteria that
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cause staph infections and e. coli. scientist at aspen university in england say the newer beauty blender sponges had the highest number of bacteria. many of the makeup bag owners admitted they never cleaned those sponges even after dropping them on the floor. other bacteria magnets were mascara, and lipgloss. the department of homeland security will proposed new rules that call for a scans of all travelers entering or leaving the united states. the proposed regulation is expected to be issued in july of next year. it would be part of a broader system to track travelers including u.s. citizens. the plan already has critics that have policy analysts and the aclu were citizen should not have to submit to biometric scans simply as a condition of exercising their constitutional right to travel. the trump administration says the face can require more crackdown on travelers with fake documents and help authorities identify criminals. today is getting giving tuesday and a movement that encourages people and organizations worldwide to help
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make a difference in their community. coming up we will show you how those at the children's hospital oakland are making it a little easier for children recovering in the icu. dr. plus, a pipe blakes and floods units at a storage facility. find out how long the cleanup will take and why some of the items destroyed simply cannot be replaced.
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is been called one of the most intense storms i've ever seen as emergency declarations are in effect along the east coast. what they are doing to help people manage all the snow. a growing problem in san francisco and now there's a
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push for a new system to keep streets in san francisco clean from human waste. where in san francisco live this morning and we will tell you who's behind the plan and the very popular neighborhood that it is targeting. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. >> friday you will need your rain boots. weather is lifting a little bit and some rain lines are moving north. there were some good rain. one of our viewers says the rain total here was 2.4. that's pretty good rain pleasantville. also laura, added another 2/10 of an inch. it seem like it rained most of the day. i would agree with that.
7:31 am
it was one of those persistent, not heavy, rain. look at this. starting to line up a little bit. that's out around santa clara valley and south of monterey. some of this is lifting northward. the main floor has -- the lois will tap into deep moisture and funnel it northward. upper 50s and 60s with scattered showers and i think brain tumor earns -- we had an earlier problem on the bay bridge and then added to the delay. we also have delays getting to the bridge on interstate 80. it will take about 36 minutes to get from the cockiness bridge to the spot and from this spot on about 25 minutes on to the bridge. it's moving better than it was. san mateo bridges ok and we also have traffic on the east
7:32 am
bay. it's getting slower on 582 san leandro. let's go back to the death. there are emergency declaration declares alone is close from maine to west virginia. the forecast calls for more snow at least through tonight. new york's governor andrew cuomo deployed hundreds of national guardsmen to help remove snow. he told nonessential state workers stay home today. more than a foot of snow has already fallen in upstate new york and some people who live there say this is one of the most intense storms they have ever seen. >> even though i shoveled it out last night and i'm buried again. >> i know what that is like. officials are warning wind gusts could cause big power outages. there is a massive cleanup effort underway at au hosts the facility. management says they notify tenants about a pipe that broke and flooded many storage units
7:33 am
on thanksgiving day. the company called in crews to help them move their things to eat dry units or nearby warehouse and one woman tells us some of the items in her unit cannot be replaced. >> i have some books in there that were written, given to my great, great grandmother, and they were autographed by the author of the book. and they were limited editions. those are all wet. >> another person told us there are so many damaged units that the work is too much for the crews brought in to help. only some of the tenants had insurance and they say it doesn't cover everything they lost. happening today the san francisco da's office will announce it they will retry the case of josi ines garcia zarate. he is a man who fatally shot kate snyder in 2017 as she walked along a san francisco pier with her father. the suspect was already acquitted of murder, manslaughter and assault in the case. but he was convicted of being a felon in possession of a gun.
7:34 am
and appeals court overturned that conviction because the trial judge gave what it called improper instruction to the jury. that da's office could decide to retry that part of the case or drop the charge. san francisco neighborhood is launching a new effort to combat a problem on city sidewalks. our reporter is live to detail the plan by supervisor matt haiti. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's actually a 35% increase in the number of complaints in the city. that's according to online the website did a study with data from a major homelessness problem in the city which lead to a human problem. today supervisor matt haney will announce an increase in pressure washing sidewalks in the tenderloin. the tenderloin community is stepping up its pressure cleaning from once a month to once a week on every block of
7:35 am
the boundaries. he represents the tenderloin and secured a $260,000 in funds during the budget process for cleaning within the district. it is part of his 10 point plan for clean and healthy streets. in 2018 contender line had called to three one for cleanup. that's an 11% drop from the previous year but it's still an issue. >> it is gross and unappealing. it doesn't make a city that people want to come visit. >> broke up something also, the new more bathroom took the supervisor presented a pilot program. it will have toilets that are clean and monitor. the news conference announcing this new pressure washing system will start at 11:00 this morning and we will be there and bring you all the details from that conference at noon. in san francisco, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news in
7:36 am
west oakland hamlets advocates want big logs removed from the streets claiming the logs were put there to keep out the homeless. the logs were placed anonymously along the two block stretch of poplar street between 18th street and west grand avenue and homeless advocates say it is aimed at keeping out the homeless and the people who are living in their cars and rvs. one homeless man says the logs were put there months ago but they will not solve the homeless crisis. >> when you block off the road, they'll just move somewhere else. there is not enough blogs that they can block off everything. >> we don't know if the city will remove them but in a phone interview a councilwomen told us that the logs are, quote, manifestation of frustration to a crisis we are not responding to. tuesday, a break in the rain. things will be better. >> things right now are better than they were yesterday.
7:37 am
because it's not raining like it was and i can show you a picture of highway 24 westbound right now and show you what were looking at. and people want to know what you're looking at. while i am looking at this. i can put it up for you and i can also see a bunch of stuff. you can see the easter freeway from the macarthur or to the macarthur maze from the cockiness bridge and then another 25 minutes on the bridge and you can tell by looking at the traffic it's gone. san mateo bridge traffic is moderately heavy and there have been no problems. 580 is getting slower. it took about a half hour and we are getting a slowdown getting over to oakland and northbound 880 is slowing as well. as we go down to the silicon valley that is filling in on the way to the westbound 737s up 7:37. here is today's weather. >> what i hear is do you stand in front a big reporter something like that? see, you cannot wear your lime green suit.
7:38 am
>> that's a shame because i wish i could. >> that's correct. you can see it. let's get to this. we have a little bit of fog and maria says there is some towards st. helena. beautiful st. helena. napa airport had some and greta is in middletown and yesterday they had three quarters of an inch making the total 7.52. that's pretty good. that's in line with others like terra linda and they had 7 1/2. this wasn't much, the san francisco, send it -- the layout over to petaluma over three as well and we get a break but look at this. these last few images. it started to creep from the south-southwest and there is a line visiting point raise and a couple scattered showers but mostly it's been offshore. below has funneled in some deep,
7:39 am
deep moisture off the southern cala and that is taking a turn. around hollister, gilroy, it's getting close. i think that plays into the santa cruz mountains and santa clara valley today. there could be a breeze in the hills but not so much at the surface. that there are still some gusts about 2000 or 1500 feet or so. low 50s in upper 40s but not much of a change. 32 in truckee and a decrease in the activity in the mountains but things are picking up. a lot of the moisture is lifting northward. southern california is getting what we had a couple days but i don't think we are done yet. it's kind of a false alarm. the lobo funnel some of that moisture up here tonight into tomorrow and we will get a break there's a the nexus and comes across and give us good rain. i think it will be heavier north of the golden gate on friday. 50s and 60s on the temps. the best break, cloudy with
7:40 am
rain on wednesday, rain on friday to saturday and clearing out on a cooler sunday. the new year is almost here and the new boeing planes are expected to be flying in january. coming up, what had to be done to make sure the planes can fly and who will be inspecting the new 737 max jeff. construction work on san francisco's haight street is being put on hold at least for now. when the hiatus will pick up and why many businesses are being -- oakland mayor libby -- joins us live and were talking about the plan to address the homeless crisis and also a tradition in the city of oakland and how you can get back to the community just in time for the holidays. how would you like to run onto a football game but after the kickoff. will let you know about their foundation today holiday
7:41 am
auction and what other items are on the list and how it benefits at risk youth because you scratch the area. we are back after the break. we all have things we love and long for. a place, a feeling, a moment. but only kerrygold can take you there. to ireland's lush, green pastures. where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk for the most delicious taste imaginable. that's no ordinary cheese. no. it's kerrygold. kerrygold. the taste that takes you there.
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welcome back. huge losses on wall street. investors are responding to president talk about trey. we have a look at dollars and cents. a big day on the downside. the president meeting with the french president. threats to raise tariffs on imports by as much as 100%. combined with him announcing that a trade deal with china may have to wait until after the presidential election, all of that taking stock down this
7:44 am
morning. it started right when the opening bell rang this morning. in particular, with china, affecting tech knowledge he stocks, but retailers as well. right now a live look at the dow jones. down a little less than but it went over that 400 mark on the downside. almost 1 1/2% as you can see. the s&p 500 and the nasdaq also dropped right off the bat. the s&p 500 at 3082 and down a full for percentage for the same for the nasdaq. 8477. u.s. census bureau is getting ready to fill half 1 million positions including 5000 here in the bay area as it prepares for the 2020 census. excess local workers will earn anywhere from $21-$30 an hour and have flexible hours. they will help the bureau collect data for its 10 year count of every person living in
7:45 am
the u.s. to apply applicants must be at least 18 and pass a background check. ahead of the faa they will be more questions answered a bout the boeing 737 max jets. the house transportation committee is holding another hearing next week. it was grounded around the world after two deadly crashes. boeing expected to have them flying again before the end of this year but it is taking longer to update the flight software and computers i create a new training course for pilot . the faa has already said that all new 737 max jets will be approved by its inspectors rather than relying on the work done by boeing employees. some of the record-breaking cyber monday approaches this could take longer to upright because of some holiday staffing shortages. usa today reports many delivery and warehouse companies fell short of their seasonal hiring goals this year most of the major retailers are fully staffed by smallish up say
7:46 am
they're having a hard time competing with the pay and benefits and the analyst say it's also creating slower fulfillment times because even the stores have the staff, they need to get it through the system at the centers. >> we ordered two bicycles and they arrived on saturday night at 11:30 p.m. well past the ups delivery time. i thought these are hard- working guys. >> we have a good friend who works for ups and they are out there late, late, late. extra people in the truck as well this time of year. >> thank you. today is also giving tuesday. it is a worldwide movement encouraging people to help make a difference in the community and this morning we are sharing the story of a local children who will be spending the holidays in an intensive care unit. our cloudy while shows us how people who work at ucsf children's hospital oakland using medicine and music to
7:47 am
help young patient. will be back. all right. ♪ >> reporter: it's a therapy session that incorporates both body and mind. he came to children's hospital suffering from gdot cam barre syndrome is a disorder that affects the nervous system and his ability to move. recovery can take months or even years. >> initially, you know, in an intensive care unit it's a very, very stressful place and being able to provide a sense of comfort and normal sense of safety, within a trusting relationship. >> reporter: he is the music therapist and -- music therapy
7:48 am
at children's hospital oakland offers individual and group sessions as part of treatment. and brandon's case it is physical. >> the patient can use the right hand to hold the mallet and hit a jump. can they gradually try to increase their endurance and use of the arm. for this particular patient it was being able to provide a sense of socialization and connection with meaning. but also working on the function. basically the whole spectrum of
7:49 am
a person. >> reporter: for other patients music therapy can look different. they can play their own instrument, write their own songs, and use music as a way to smooth out the rough spots in their journey. >> when they are playing on an instrument or really putting themselves into the experience, they are not focusing on the pain but also the idea about bringing in a lot of improvisation and songwriting and being able to promote resiliency. >> reporter: brandon's father who did not want to go on camera says he has spent months here with his son and watched him improve. brandon is finally off the ventilator and working hard every day. hand in hand, medicine and music paving his road to recovery. in oakland, cloudy while, ktvu fox 2 news. throughout the day we will
7:50 am
be highlighting some of the other programs hospitals are offering and you can find more information about children's hospital day of giving at our website throughout this holiday season we would like to ask you to consider looking in your closet to see if you have a spare coat or jacket you can donate tickets for the one warm coat drive. we are proud to be part of it again this season for the 17th your anaerobic had to to find a list of drop off locations including pastry, and participating ups and tire store strict the one warm coat drive is happening right now and last until the end of the month. and we have the added bonus of a clean closet. >> that's a good way to interact with other people. as you bring in the co-. what's happening out there? >> it is a slow but i like this
7:51 am
commute for several reasons. i don't like the slow part but i like we haven't had any super serious crashes. 43 minutes at this time of the morning to drive from the cockiness bridge to the maze is pretty good. it's about normal and you will see the traffic will be slow. driving through the area. there have been no major issues driving through. i do want to mention the richmond san rafael bridge is extra heavy because of a stalled vehicle moving from the richmond bridge. of you driving to san rafael give yourself an extra time and looking at the san mateo dunbarton fridge is not too bad. you can see some slowing on both of those spans and on the peninsula were pretty normal. if you drive every day and you see the normal commute, you will have the chance up north i want to one, 280 and 285 slow getting into the west valley in san jose. 7:51. your steve with the weather. we will get right to some
7:52 am
of the visibility. it looks like it is improving. the fog is lifting to the south. not too bad at all. san jose had some fog. so all good there. some activity, mostly sunny skies for some and activity beginning to make a move from south to north. look at the cloud cover. look at the areas lighting up south of monterey. you can see a couple cells that are there. some of it will lift northward and we have a pretty good breeze in the higher elevations. 40s and 50s on the temps around the bay.
7:53 am
not much of a difference in the areas. sunny, partly sunny this morning and turning clottey to mostly cloudy with rain developing tonight taking us into tomorrow morning. there is another system on the way for the weekend. another round a pretty good rain. time is 7:53. would you believe you may not be able to get price with your broker because of a possible french by shortage? i'm not kidding. coming up in the next hour what is causing a problem for french fries which almost everybody loves. plus, which item is among the most popular items sold on black friday. first, it's now official, marvels black widow has a movie. we will show a sneak peak of the trailer for the long- awaited teacher movie about that mysterious heroine.
7:54 am
7:55 am
hbut mike bloomberg became thele clasguy whoho mdid good. after building a business that created thousands of jobs he took charge of a city still reeling from 9/11 a three-term mayor who helped bring it back from the ashes bringing jobs and thousands of affordable housing units with it. after witnessing the terrible toll of gun violence... he helped create a movement to protect families across america. and stood up to the coal lobby and this administration to protect this planet from climate change. and now, he's taking on... him. to rebuild a country and restore faith in the dream that defines us. where the wealthy will pay more in taxes
7:56 am
and the middle class get their fair share. everyone without health insurance can get it and everyone who likes theirs keep it. and where jobs won't just help you get by, but get ahead. and on all those things mike blomberg intends to make good. jobs creator. leader. problem solver. mike bloomberg for president. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. a san francisco man who uses an electric wheelchair says he cannot get around now because the wheelchair was stolen. 62-year-old doug hosterman says he needs a wheelchair because he has arthritis. bad knees and a bad back also and breathing problems ricky got the wheelchair seven months ago but last week in san jose the wheelchair was stolen. he was visiting a friend for thanksgiving. >> he didn't only screwed up my
7:57 am
life you screwed up other peoples because they are having to help me and are worried about me or what to try and put together some money to get me another one. >> he says he used the chain to lock the wheelchair to a deadbolt the thieves stole it anyway. he filed a police report with the police and his friends are trying to spread the word about it but for now he says he just wants his wheelchair back. no questions asked. the time is 7:57. construction work on haight street now on hold for the holidays. construction equipment has been cleared off the street for the first time in months to allow for more parking. the city's department of public works says they realize the holidays are very important to businesses especially small businesses. the owner of the book smith emphasizes how critical this time of the year is for her store. >> the month of december, we do three times any other month. and the 10 days before
7:58 am
christmas, they are like 10 times normal. so this is basically what we make a good portion of our money that helps us continue through the new year. >> the construction hiatus will continue until january. then the improvement project will resume on january 2. san francisco giants cut their ties to outfielder kevin palardy who was a key part of the roster. is now a free agent. the giant did not offer him a new contract. he let the giant in homeruns, rbis, runs scored and stolen bases last season. the giants did reach a one-year $925,000 deal with the outfielder nickerson. they acquired him knit midseason from san diego. >> reporter: in oakland the a's traded infielder to the san diego padres for catcher austin allen. and the player to be named he played in 34 games with the padres for his first major- league experience.
7:59 am
he's 25 years old and made his debut at the aaa level last season. he has had at least 20 homers in each of his last three seasons in the minors. and the trailer for the next avengers movie is out. it has a marvel hero, black widow, in the spotlight. >> it scarlett johansson, the black widow. a reminder that marvel is not done yet even though the avengers made story light ended in "avengers: endgame". black widow is a standalone movie focusing on the characters bloodstains past. black widow is due to hit movie theaters on may 1. a break in the rain today but another big storm is on the way. the problem some people in the south they are working on right
8:00 am
now before the next system blows into town. >> parents are upset after the students return to finally give up and flooded classrooms after school. what the school board has pledged to do at dublin elementary. and off-duty officer attacked in the east bay. where this happened and what led up to the potentially deadly incident. from ktvu fox 2 news this is mornings on 2. good morning. welcome back pick it is tuesday, december 3. we have sun behind us and this is not the case yesterday. >> i don't think it will last very long but for now it will. we do have a little bit of a break here. the issue this morning was fog. otherwise we have mostly sunny skies. there has been a break with some rain off the coast but the low is not gone yet. it is tapping into more moisture. some of that is lifting north. visibility has gotten better. it was a quarter mile or less at the napa airport pick still
8:01 am
dicey around santa rosa. may be 37, 101, 29, something to watch but it should live soon. anyway we have is offshore but there is plenty coming in. that's an increase in the cloud cover and may be some rain. i think we'll get some tonight and more so tomorrow. high today i mostly sunny morning. we do have traffic that is going to be busy 43 minutes from the vallejo area down to the macarthur maze. isn't that slow compared to what we normally have pickets right about average, and we dodged a bad situation on the bridge. they had an accident that they removed it quickly. san mateo bridge traffic and the dumbarton bridge is ok the peninsula traffic has been fine. northbound 880, they are clearing a crash and that has really slow traffic down. we will give you a little more of a view coming up next time
8:02 am
but you can see the traffic is slow. back to the death. let's go roads are drier this morning including the south day where there were problems last night. water backed up and was several inches deep. >> the water had nowhere to go. it's full. we have to go downstream and see where it is not all pickets plugged down there somewhere. >> it turns out 250 gallons of water was blocked by debris. workers needed one of their trucks to come in and clear out the cloud section. the highway patrol also reports the weather played a role in at least 40 traffic collision. the school board is promising to set aside money to fix up an aging elementary school after students and teachers were faced with the
8:03 am
leaky roof and flooded classrooms. our reporter is live in dublin for what is next and that's for that school. >> reporter: dublin elementary is about 60 years old and parents are upset for a long time that the school is in need of some repairs and that is exactly what the school board let you do last night. in fact here's video from earlier this morning. roofers arrived to make some repairs. fixing the leaky roof picked this is after the parents came back to class on monday to see is like this. to classrooms had ceiling tiles on the floor and water flooded parts of the building. they are doing the repairs but for a long-term fix the school board set aside $33 million to modernize dublin elementary. they made a promise last night after parents expressed her frustrations at a special board meeting. >> it is been around for some time so it needs funding for sure. their spending more on the east
8:04 am
side than the west side. >> i am happy. hopefully more is coming soon. >> reporter: parents and students at the schools that they complained about it needing upgrades and repairs for years but the bond measure passed in the past with directing money to new schools. instead of repairing the older ones again they promised to earmark between $30-$40 million to update the school and it will take several years for that to happen but in the meantime the school board has proposed a bond measure for dublin residence in march and that could generate funds to use for construction. at least two teenagers could face charges after a violent incident involving an off-duty officer. security camera video shows teenagers attacking the officer after he tried to help a woman
8:05 am
whose phone had been stolen. the officer who want to be identified only as greg b. tried to run away but they surrounded him and beat and choked him almost to the point of unconsciousness. >> i know that when i let him go he was going to swing at me. so i let him go and pushed him and sure enough he swung at me and i backed up and that is when one of his friends came up behind me and took me in the back of the head. >> the off-duty officer was armed but he never pulled out his gun. all security officers intervened and he said he suffered a concussion, broken finger, bruises and we are told the teenagers who were arrested are 14 and 16 years old investigators are currently looking for the other teenagers who were involved. police are looking for a man who shot another man after they got into a car accident. it happen just before 10:00 last night. police reports say both men got out of their vehicles and one of them shot the other in the neck. they said the shooter got back in his car and took off. oakland police found the suspect's car about two blocks away from the shooting scene. police have not released any
8:06 am
details on the attacker. it has been three years since the go ship fire in oakland and affected this morning the fact is the limitations that ran out for prosecutors to charge the landlord. they can no longer charge chor ng and her two children kai and eva ng with negligent and voluntary manslaughter. derek will be sitting at the defense table alone. >> twos investigates reach out to the das office and it said the matter remains an active case with future court dates and it declined to comment further. and update on a car crash
8:07 am
in san jose. the two people killed have been identified as a mother and son. chb says road san francisco garza are heading north bound on 101 when a drunk driver plowed into the back of their car. the chp identified the driver as 21-year-old asked about gimenez. he was booked into jail on charges of felony dui and gross nuclear manslaughter. we have a look at the tuesday morning commute. >> let's start with contra costa county. i want to show you that it will be slow here on highway 4 which is -- this is slow here -- traffic at the bay bridge approach, sunshine here and that's good. it's helping our commute.
8:08 am
it was mostly rainy yesterday. 880 north, there clearing a crash and i want to mention if you're driving north on 880 it up the camera and show you that it's low pass the coliseum heading north. let's bring see back in. we get a break this morning with some moisture and cloud cover moving out. below continues to send up these bands and most are staying offshore for now but some could sneak in later. coming up in central california monterey there is some activity. that will lift north will start to play into santa cruz, the santa cruz mountains and santa clara valley. there's still a decent breeze
8:09 am
in the hills. 28 in marin county and 40s and 50s on the temps. not too much of difference. east winds up to 57 and that clubber is inching northward even though we have mostly sunny skies there's a lot that has to move north and i think that will give us a cloudy to the mostly cloudy evening. more rain developing and a couple systems will impact one tomorrow morning m the next one coming across will be here on friday night into saturday and early sunday. this one looks to be more northward than south on friday and saturday. 50s and 60s on the temps. i think we get some activity later on today. holiday shopper is on a roll after a record-breaking black friday and cyber monday.
8:10 am
coming up we will tell you which item was among the most popular sold a black friday. but first, the oakland mayor is live in the studio to talk about the city's plan to address the homeless crisis and tradition in the city of oakland and how you can get back to the community just in time for the holidays. shouldn't mean a change in standards. that's why - thanks to you -
8:11 am
we're rated number one in customer satisfaction by j.d. power.
8:12 am
as officials across the bay area grapple with the growing homelessness crisis, oakland is releasing a framework meant to keep more people from falling into homelessness and help people who already have nowhere to go home. were happy to cooling welcome back okland mayor libby schaaf. the talk about your framework. i would like to get your reaction to two items we saw pop up in the news.
8:13 am
i will start with what's happening in west oakland. this is where neighbors a someone who hasn't come forward has been placing large logs in the street. they think it is meant to keep either homeless people or people camping out in their rvs from coming into their neighborhood. what you think of this sort of display by oakland nurse and does the city have a plan to remove the locks? >> we do not condone blocking the public's right of way. that is against city laws and that is something that we can respond to if we receive a complaint. so far we have not received a complaint about these logs. >> but if you get a call you have to do something. >> that's it, we really recognize how frustrated people are. with homelessness. it is a sole scathing experience for all oakland nurse. all people in large cities who have seen this huge explosion.
8:14 am
that's why we are focused on fixing it but i will say there are some who are advocating for more sanctioned encampments. i do not support that. i believe we need to take our very limited resources and invest them first in preventing people from falling into homelessness and second, getting every house as quickly as possible. >> let's talk about some more anger resell bubble up in front of years front yard at city hall. we saw 22 people get arrested after protesters took over the front part of city hall they pitched tents and said they were upset about the crisis in oakland so some referred directly to the communities that you have been bringing up in oakland. there is a visceral anger and frustration among many people here in oakland. how do you respond to that and the protesters? >> oakland has always celebrated free speech and even protest. and certainly it is the right of protesters to engage in civil disobedience.
8:15 am
and that's what we had. again, i respect it and i very much agree with the passion and the issue that they have around homelessness. >> do you support the 22 arrest that they may? >> yes, i do and that is because there was activity that really was going beyond protest. people were starting to construct structures that were highly about flammable on city hall. so the plaza. and that is something that we cannot condone. when it rises to a level of safety, that is what we do need to balance our support of free speech and protest with the need to maintain public safety. >> let's talk about your past framework. you've alluded to three points. you said to prevent people from slipping into homelessness. it is easier to stop someone from going and then pull someone out. >> we have learned a lot about
8:16 am
how to be more focused and targeted in that prevention. we have a public/private partnership called keep oakland house and its first kept 1800 households from getting displaced. but we want to go further upstream. and while people have been house in lester focus on people facing eviction, we now know from an analysis of our data that so many people fall into homelessness from couch surfing or staying in hotels. or of course so many people living in their cars. so we are actually adjusting this program to help people that are aren't facing an eviction but are truly at risk of falling into homelessness. the other thing we have learned and this is exciting, by the end of this year we will have doubled our shelter capacity. we will have doubled the number of shelter beds in oakland from just two years ago. so roughly, from 800 to 1600.
8:17 am
but now we have to focus on making those beds much more efficient and short-lived. we want to rehouse people. and that requires investment in housing navigators and helping people subsidize the rent until the income is stabilized, and providing them support as they move back into housing. that is a big, big focus of this next stage for oakland. so that homelessness is something that is brief. if it happens at all. >> let's talk about one of the best parts of being mayor pick you get to take part in one of the big toy drive. >> absolutely. i need everyone to go out and buy toys. there are families that are struggling in oakland and you can absolutely make someone's christmas dream come true. you can be sent to yourself. please ring new unwrapped toys for kids 12 and under, no guns, nothing violent, but please bring them to city hall or any
8:18 am
fire station across the whole city. we really have so many families that need this help this holiday season. master we serve 8000 families and we are hoping to break that record this year so please participate in this great tradition. the mayors toy drive. >> oakland is can do it. quickly, -- thank you for joining us okland mayor libby schaaf. and happy holidays. let's get you caught up with weather and traffic we say hello to sal castaneda once again. >> we do have traffic that is going to be of normal and better than yesterday than it was raining. let's take a look at the worst commute on the east shore. 43 minutes from the bridge to the maze. the toll plaza backed up for 20
8:19 am
minutes in slow traffic because of a crash and the normal morning commute getting into downtown san francisco. san mateo bridge traffic is ok and is you had across the peninsula agency traffic is slow. as we go to steve at 8:18 it looks like sfo is back on his normal landing pattern. >> for now it looks good. maybe by this evening that will change but we do have a little break for the morning. mostly sunny, partly sunny, cloud cover is on the way. that lowell has tapped into some pretty deep tropical moisture and it will eventually move up here. we get a break from the rain and it's not far away. it is down there by the monterey peninsula and knocking on the door of the santa cruz mountains. i think you get there eventually. we get a break this morning but i will look for some rain to move back in this afternoon and tonight and we will get a break on thursday for 40s and 50s on the temps and again mostly sunny to the north but will turn cloudy to the south. central and southern california in on some pretty deep moisture and rain. the low will give us rain tomorrow. to date sun and clouds and rain.
8:20 am
50s and 60s on the 10th another system arrives on friday and on saturday. next, a controversial proposal from the trump administration. coming up why the white house was to photograph and scan all the faces of travelers including u.s. citizens. and hear why some groups are against this plan. plus a warning for makeup lovers pick a potentially ever deadly superbug could be lurking in something use every day. will let you know about the three popular items harboring the bacteria that is likely in your makeup bag.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
in our health check bridges research have a warning now for people who use makeup they say be aware of what's in your makeup bag. a new study shows the potentially life-threatening bacteria are in 90% of all the makeup bags they swapped. that included bacteria that can cause staph infection and e. coli. scientist said the new beauty blender sponges had the highest number of bacteria. many of the owners admit they never cleaned the sponges even after dropping them on the floor. the bacteria magnets were mascara, and lipgloss. the department of homeland security will propose new rules that call for face scans of all travelers entering or leaving the united dates.
8:24 am
the proposed regulation is expected to be issued in july of next year. it would be part of a broader system to track travelers including u.s. citizens. it already has critics. an analyst for the aclu says citizens should not have to submit to invasive biometric scan simply as a condition of exercising their constitutional right to travel. the trump administration says the requirement would crackdown on travelers with fake documents and also help authorities identify criminals. president trump is in london at the nato summit and it is the seventh anniversary of nato but there's a lot of tension as the president of france recently said, quote, nato is becoming brain-dead and that europe needs to wake up because it can no longer depend on the u.s. end quote.
8:25 am
during a meeting with nato secretary-general president trump called president macron's worms dangerous and think he was insulting the organization. the two leaders are expected to meet sometime today. the house intelligence committee is expected to vote on a report of its findings on the impeachment inquiry. of the fruit it will head to the judiciary committee and democrats say the report speaks for itself. republicans argue it is an orchestrated campaign to upend our political system. the bull is scheduled to happen at 3:00 this afternoon. the committee will hold a hearing tomorrow and it considers to recommend articles of impeachment to the full house. we hope you stay with us as we bring you the latest on the hearing scheduled for tomorrow morning. we will bring you live coverage starting at 7 am on ktvuplus. new this morning a federal appeals court ruled that capitol one and deutsche bank and hand over years of president trump's financial records in compliance with house democrats a . the case is likely destined for the supreme court where the president has already appealed to other lower court rulings requiring him to share his financial documents. former president jimmy
8:26 am
carter is back in the hospital being treated for a urinary tract infection. he is 95 years old and was admitted over the weekend. a spokesman says he is doing better i want to come home soon. he was in the hospital for a fall recently and a hip replacement surgery in the fall and in october he fell and hit his head and needed stitches. later that month he tractor his pelvis and -- a movement encouraging people at organizations worldwide to make a difference in the community, coming up we will take you to the children's hospital oakland who has their celebration and helping children in the hospital. a pipe breaks causing a blood at a u-haul storage facility. how long the cleanup will take.
8:27 am
8:28 am
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8:29 am
startup is being called one of the stronger stors to hit the east coast. the emergency declarations in
8:30 am
effect and what is being done to help people manage all the snow. it's a growing problem and a push for a new system aimed at keeping human waste offer san francisco streets. where live with who's behind the proposal and the neighborhood is targeting. from ktvu fox 2 news this is mornings on 2. while come back. let's get you caught up with traffic and weather. i didn't get a chance to tell you yesterday, seven inches at the house over the weekend pick >> there was some heavy north of the golding great. seven to nine is total so i'm not surprised. also in the santa cruz mountains. we get a break right now fog wise, in and around napa and santa rosa, i know sonoma, highway 12, 116, 121, 101, 37 watch out for fog but it looks to be better for some. you can find some thick fog t far away. that's one issue to the north. right now we have a break but cloud cover is on the move. temps in the 50s and low to
8:31 am
40s. a few scattered showers popping up at the cloud cover is inching northward. right there, there's plenty going on just south of santa cruz, santa cruz mountains, santa clara valley and some of that play into our weather tonight and into tomorrow. 50s and 60s on the temps. it is slow out there on the bay bridge approach. nothing out of the ordinary but it's not a walk in the park as you can see. i went back a little too quick. traffic is slow. 880 is also slow because of a crash near 23rd north down. san mateo bridge is busy. will check out the commutes and have more on the south they commute in just a few minutes. let's go back to the death. we have to give you some breaking news we just got in to our newsroom. a student and a police officer were hurt this morning in another shooting at a wisconsin high school. it happened at oshkosh west high school. oshkosh police say an arm student confronted a school
8:32 am
resources officer and the officer fired. both the student and the officer were hurt and transported to the hospital. we do not know the extent of their injuries at this time. today the shooting follows a similar shooting at a high school in a milwaukee suburb yesterday morning when a police officer shot an armed male student inside a classroom. officials say that student pointed a handgun at officers took the 17-year-old boy was injured. in the tenderloin district one city supervisor says he wants to help keep the sidewalks free of human waste. the new program increases how often they are clean. our reporter is live with the problem and the proposed solution. >> reporter: good morning. the last few hours we have been here we have seen a street cleaner going up and down the street and we see people picking up trash. today something new will be announced to keep the cleanup tenderloin. this -- the tenderloin
8:33 am
community benefit district is stepping up its pressure cleaning for more than a month from once a week. for every block of the boundaries. there's a 35% increase in the number of feces complaints in the city according to online we'll talk company read the website did a study with data and in 2018 the teerloin saw 3000 calls 2311 for pcs can appear that an 11% drop from the previous year but still an issue. haney who represents the tenderloin obtained fundings during the budget process for cleaning within the district who gets part of his 10 point plan are clean and healthy streets. we spoke to a man who lived in the tenderloin for eight years and he says the problem has gotten worse. >> there's a lot of not belongings but there's a lot of defecation here on the streets. you see people doing that. >> reporter: something else to
8:34 am
help, more bathrooms. supervisor haney extended a pilot program for portable bathrooms call pitstops. that gives homeless option throughout the night. they are cleaned and monitored at all hours. the new comp -- the press conference is at 11:00 this morning and we will be there and bring you all the details. emergencies were declared along the east coast from maine to west virginia as the forecast calls for more snow at least through tonight. new york governor andrew cuomo deployed the national guard to remove the snow and told nonessential state workers to actually stay home today. more than a foot of snow has fallen in upstate new york and officials are warning strong gusty winds could cause a large power outage. today is giving tuesday and the children's hospital hopes you can help some of the patients in the bay area. our reporter joins us live from oakland with a look at what's
8:35 am
happening there today. >> reporter: good to be here. we have been consuming the last few days with black friday and cyber monday, today is a chance to get back. it is giving tuesday and by the way this is the second busiest most giving day of the year outside of new year's eve. we are here at ucsf children's hospital and teaming up with them to help out their foundation and we've got some company. folks at 96.5 point radio, business music is playing on that station, they are helping out with the radiothon all to raise a little bit of money for the work they do here in pediatric care. let's bring over the president of the hospital. dr. michael anderson. tell us, what is this all about? >> this is an important day for us. we take care of thousands of kids every year and we don't care where they come from or their background and their
8:36 am
ability to pay. we depend on philanthropy like giving tuesday for us to do this important work so really, -- >> i apologize. it looks like we lost the signal. it's a big deal and we work on getting him back so he can tell you about all the good things happening. let's get you caught back up with the toy tuesday morning commute. >> i was just looking up here from my phone and i do see that we have a couple new alerts i want to talk about. first of all let's take a look at the approaches to the bay bridge. 43 minutes. i put that up there, average speed 27 miles an hour. that's better than yesterday. this time yesterday we had our commute so a little bit less rain makes a huge difference for the morning commute. the toll plaza is back up for a 20 minute delay. it's sunny and that helps the commute. 880 northbound is slow. we had an earlier crash that is finally cleared up but it
8:37 am
doesn't look good at all. san mateo bridge traffic is ok. i was just checking in with n francisco airport. every time i look at this picture reminds me of the airport approach that they are doing the normal in and out and that will help flights today. there is a map of 880 but there's also the map of 580. .880 get slow look at 58 is solid from san leandro into the lakeshore area. over to the wise, leave earlier if you can. 8:37. let's go to see. are many it's already a sun break for others cloud cover is working its way. san jose south to north, some low clouds but fog has been dancing around 101, santa rosa, 37 and around sonoma. also 29. it went from a quarter mile at 10:00. petaluma down to a mile. any others' highways in that area, watch out for some fog.
8:38 am
at you live shortly. 40s for a few but that these for most right now. made the low 50s and low is moving south but tapping into some tropical moisture and funneling that to the north. we get a break from the shower activity and rain but it's not far away. take a look. some of that beginning to work its way from monterey heading toward santa cruz, santa cruz mountains, santa clara valley and i think san jose antispam peninsula later today and tonight so our system continues to tap into that moisture this is our best opportunity because by tomorrow morning it looks like we are back into some rain as the low begins to make his move to the east. you will not go all the way down to southern california so we will get a little bit of rain from that but then another system on friday and saturday and it looks like a pretty good rainmaker. 50s and 60s on your temps. a little break this morning and were cloud cover this evening. a break thursday and one more round of rain friday into
8:39 am
saturday. many workers at children's hospital are working to try ma's patient's lives a little bit easier coming up we will introduce you to a four-legged employee who plays a crucial part in keeping children smiling at the hospital. also find out where the first detection camera for texting and driving is being used and how it works.
8:40 am
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too much. too unexpected. too limited. and to them we say too bad. because at kaiser permanente, we believe that everyone deserves the right to thrive. several businesses are being evacuated due to a propane leak on rogers avenue near junction avenue just west of 101, just west of 880 right before you get to 101 in san jose. crews are working to secure the area and telling people to stay back. propane is used as a fuel and is highly flammable. we are gathering information trying to learn what led to the leak and how soon it will normalize. will keep you updated.
8:43 am
san francisco's official christmas tree will be lit today for the 90th time. it is a monterey cypress plaintiff more than a century ago by the first park superintended. it stands in front of its former home in golden gate park it begins at 4:00 and includes carnival rides, a play area, music and a special visit from santa. hundreds of workers walked the halls of the hospital every day but only a handful can actually put a smile on someone's face without saying one word. >> on this giving tuesday, our reporter shows us the four- legged employees to play a crucial role at the hospital. >> reporter: a slight giggle and soft site and you can feel the pressure in the room drop when the 3-year-old comes into curl up. >> she's very calm and cuddly. and saw. >> she just changes the energy and the pipe in whatever environment she's intricate >> she is a yellow lab golden
8:44 am
retriever mix. she's not just a pet but an employee at the hospital in san francisco. she even has her own badge. >> her job is to be a dog. the best well behaved dog she can be. >> she is one of two dogs at the hospital soothing and supporting and snuggling patients as part of her profession. >> helping with mobility after recovering from surgery, they can help regulate stress. today she is visiting with a 14- year-old patient and for the teen it's a welcome distraction. >> it makes me feel happy. because being here is not fun. on her mom hopes to have her home and will in a few days but for now >> pets bring happiness i think. even to the adults and parents in the room. they get to love on the dog also. >> the dog completed a few months of training and she knows 40 commands.
8:45 am
she's a pro at finding ways to connect. there was a little 2-year-old who was recovering from heart surgery who could not utilize her hands but would pet her with her toes. so, she just has a way of impacting and affecting each person she comes across. >> reporter: the dogs are provided by the child life services department and the program is funded through donations. medical staff, parents and patient say the benefits are priceless. >> it improves their outcome allotted times and their human process. she is a form of medicine. >> a form of medicine less chemical and more cuddly to help patients on the road to recovery. this is just one way ucsf children's hospital is making stays a bit easier for children
8:46 am
throughout the day we will highlight some of the other programs they offer and you can find information about children's hospitals they are giving on our website at a massive cleanup effort is underway after u-haul facility flooded. if was on thanksgiving day. the company called in crews to help them move their things to vacant lots or nearby warehouse but only some had insurance and they say it doesn't cover everything they lost. the commute is winding down. at last check you said there were new alerts popping up. >> this commute is a little better than yesterday. and i apologize for all the noise. let me turn the radios that i've been listening to chp talk about some things on the radio. and it looks like my computer maybe having issues so we will see what we get. highway 4 westbound and 680 south bend, slows still with no major issues.
8:47 am
traffic is moving along ok. we do see that it is a little slow at the bay bridge toll plaza. there have been no major issues on the freeways on 880 north although there was an earlier problem. 80 will be slow as well. steve, you will have to take it away. >> it doesn't show up for all here but we have some fog being reported around san jose. also up towards the north around napa and santa rosa. at the airport there was a quarter-mile visibility
8:48 am
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